Wrapping Up 2017

Last night, I sat down to go through my journal and look back at 2017. What did I find? Watch this week’s vlog to find out.

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  1. Mona

    Hi Susan and her team! I never plan on starting a new wt lost program. But when I read the diet plan for two week in the Women World”, it made sense to me . I was over eating the flours in the name of “Ancian flour or breads . Good for “O” BLOOD TYPE but slowly gaining . Me sister started first, even do she was on weight watcher for many months notice something wrong . She was starting to gain. Since August’17 we both lost 40 lbs.On” Bright Line Eating”We have more energy every day,sleeping better and learning our limits. We need time to our self. To read , to journal and help other. New goal for 2018! We are twins, 61 years old ,recently retired. From Sudbury Area ,Northern Ontario,Canada.You are reaching us. Thank you to your team and yourself. Looking forward to more Vlogs. Lets have a great New Years in 2018!! The tribe has spoken. Keep the great work.

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  2. Lora

    I think there are always things we can challenge ourselves to do and goals to reach. It keeps us motivated, gracious and growing. Christmas Day is a wonderful time our family spends enjoying one on one time together bonding and being creative. Thanks for your vlog. One question, since the journal has such a small area to write, what do you write about? I was thinking of using it as a gratitude journal…

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  3. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    I love you, Susan. Have a great 2018!

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  4. Mona

    Enjoying all your videos! Making us look beyond the weight loss. It’s showing us doors that could and well open for all of us. One step at a time, one day , more important one meal at a time. Food we need to survive but adventures ,activities and sunshine that connect us with people, is all we really need. I have done yoga class , helping family members and have a lots of energy to clean , put things in other. I’m 61 year old ,lost 40lbs since Aug’17 and going strong . We have 3 family members on board and 2 friends. I have already bought 6 books and given most away.I ordered another one for myself . My wish to them ,that they read it and take this has a gift to start a new live and lifestyle. To get off the merry-go- round. Thank you! so much and have a great New Year! To you and your team. With GRATIDUDE and PEACE!
    Mona Fox,Chelmsford ,Ontario, Canada

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  5. Javkie G

    Glad you had a good year. Would have loved to have heard even a tiny teaser about what’s coming for BLE in 2018.

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  6. Alison

    Dear Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson:
    Happy New Year 2018.
    Thank you for all you have done,
    and are doing, to move fellow humans
    away from suar , flour, snacks
    and outsized portions.
    You are making a very significant positive
    difference in the health and happiness of thousands.
    My wish is for you to have health,
    health of those you love,
    peace ful moments and adventures to
    keep you energized.
    With appreciation,
    Alison Briggs,
    Tenants Harbor, Maine

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  7. Susan Nipper

    Susan, I am going into 2018 for the first time I can remember in my 59 years on the planet in a right-sized body and feeling happy, thin, and free! I am eternally grateful to you for creating Bright Line Eating, staying close to your tribe, and continuing to share your journey with such honesty. Without the constant food thoughts, I have time to pursue new interests while feeling fabulous in my own skin. I thank God for you every day! Here’s to an amazing 2018! <3

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  8. Cindy Marconi

    Thanks for everything. You are an absolute inspiration. Thanks for helping me release 54 pounds since Oct., 2016. I feel so happy, thin, and free. It’s such a relief to be un-enslaved by food and all the hoop-lah that surrounds it! I’ll be forever grateful to you for that. All the best to you, your family, and the BLE team for 2018. Thanks for predicting that 2018 will be “sparkly and glowy”. I love that and I love you, too!

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  9. Amy

    Susan…aww I just want to be your friend. You are incredible. My hero on all levels..
    Much love health and happiness always.
    Amy DiGiostar

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  10. Melissa Kerby

    You are just beautiful inside and out. Thank you.

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  11. Carole Loll

    Although 2017 has not been the best of years for me, I have grown wiser & thinner through BLE. Bless you, Dr. Susan, for this incredible life changing eating plan. Despite the anxiety, the horrendous stress of dealing with a deceased aunt & uncle’s over whelmingly hoarded estate & following through as personal representative for their financial assets, the loss of a very dear & close cousin first part of August & finally, the death of my dear Dad on Thanksgiving Day & handling his personal things & finances, I have gotten an education in dealing with estates & lawyers. Through all of this & because of BLE, I have really bonded with cousins & a former co-worker who encouraged me to try BLE which I have been following , to the best of my ability since the end of July. I am now 37 lbs. less & within 15 lbs. of reaching goal weight. It has become a way of life & one I hope to maintain. I did do the 14 Day Challenge & signed up for the 8 week Boot Camp but have yet to complete the checklist which I am still working on but cannot begin until we reach our winter destination in Texas. Trying to update my 5 yr. journal which I have been negligent in keeping up since my dad died & because of the holidays. But I am committed & determined to become a Bright Lifer & remain Happy, Thin & Free. 2018 just has to be a much better year than this one. Thanks for all Your support during this difficult time in my life. I do have my bunny slippers which make me feel comforted ascwell!

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  12. Sue Narten

    I love that you use your platform for making a difference and I am delighted to be able to participate too. Way back in the wild and crazy 1960s a saying that I embraced was – “You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.” You and Bright Line Eating are so clearly part of the solution! 2018 – here we come!!! xoxo

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  13. Iris Pearson

    I started Nov 7 and I have been successful. I am struggling and I know why. I have not committed my food. My plan is to start tracking/committing food and being faithful to myself. Thank you for all you do and I pray you have a very successful, happy 2018.

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  14. Diana

    Happy New Year Susan and the others in the BLE team and the entire BLE community too! It is so great to be part of this awesome movement!

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  15. Jessica Atkinson

    So happy you will continue vlogging! I look forward to it every week!:) Thank you for everything! I have been following you since July 2016 and am just in love! So grateful for your precious vlog and all you share. Your intelligence and your love! So I have been mulling it over and learning and noticing and experimenting with my food since then and
    I finally started my bright line eating journey on Thursday, December 7th 2017. I found an accountibility partner and hope to be able to do the bootcamp still one day. Day 21 down 16 pounds and roughly 16 more to go.
    What an absolute Godsend.
    And I read your book. I have a physical copy and digital and audio (thank goodness for audio!). You are one of my heriones and best digital friends!!!

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  16. Teressa

    Brightline is Brightline. We already knew why it tied in with this program. No explanation needed. I never questioned it once.

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  17. Emma Williams

    Happy new year to you Susan – you always make me smile and I also have a good feeling about 2018 – 8 being my favourite number
    All the best to you and your family
    Emma xx

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  18. Cilla

    SUSAN YOU ARE AMAZING! I just love you! I am nearly in my right-size body.
    I have lost 59 lbs and I am 69 years old.
    That is equivalent to 4 bags of dog food that I have been lugging around on my poor body!!!
    I can now get into size 12 pants!!!
    I am inspiring others and that is a tremendous spinoff too.
    I did go off my BLE a little at Christmas but stayed off the sugar and flour.
    Having done that though it made me realize how much I enjoy sticking to my Bright Lines!
    You totally rock girl!
    I am also looking forward to 2018. It is going to be a very interesting year.

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  19. Tammie

    Great recap of the year . Susan! I just wanted to mention the number 8 is symbolic of new beginnings. Thank you for all you do! Hugs to you !

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  20. Gail Thiedeman

    2018…I Think it will be a special year, too☮

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  21. Meri Fatin

    All good wishes for 2018 Susan and thank you for all the education you have provided me this year – you are doing SO much good in the world. Meri

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  22. Paul Beaulieu

    So sweet to share. Thinking back across the year with BLE, I agree that any resolution involving food is not necessary any more. The plan works so well. I think gratitude may be my new key. It so easy to forget what to be thankful for. For me, the new way of eating has brought confidence back into the picture. Thankful for 50 lbs gone, for blood panels in the normal range , for wonderful choices of new foods which I considered inedible before, wonderful tastes have exploded once s&f have been eliminated. Thank you BLE team for an amazing year. Blessings and peace go with you.

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  23. Suzy Curtin

    8 is the infinity symbol standing up for itself! 2018. It does have a good look like you said Susan. This thought about the infinity sign just popped in my hea.d. 💕

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  24. Sathyaprakash


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  25. Stefi

    Lovely vlog !! Happiness Health Love Prosperity and everything good for you & your family Susan in 2018 !! Happy New Year🙏❤️💫🎆🎉🎈🌠

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  26. Maria O

    *** “Let gratitude be a pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.”
    *** “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.”
    Thank you Susan for reminding us–Happy and Healthy 2018 to ALL!

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  27. Cathy

    I think giving back is totally part of the journey and being of service to others makes you feel good as well. Charity water is an amazing thing…I am grateful every day for the water we often use so unthinkingly. I challenge BLE members to turn off their water supply for a few hours and see how different life would be! A few years back we had a water scare …. something wrong and not enough filtration and giardia and a few other nasties got into the water supply in Sydney. Many people became sick many were children and the elderly and we were all very water conscious for some time…however we were able to buy filters and bottled water to sustain us. I think donating to helping everyone have clean water is a great idea Susan. Hope 2018 sees the world as a better spa e & place for everyone. And would love a new BLE book Susan …. BLE around the globe … the people’s stories would be great not just about weight loss but how it creates a ripple effect of change and spreads positivity to others. All the best to you and yours in 2018 Susan and thank you xxxxxx

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  28. Trisha Wall

    I think Charity Water is part of the “happy” of BLE. So glad you informed us, and so happy to be a part of it now.
    I showed it to all my children and asked my money earning teens to consider supporting monthly. My 10 year old asked me if he could give a one time $50 gift from his savings–how cool! : ) Thank you for using your platform, I. Trust. You.

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  29. Betty

    Thank you Dr. Thompson. You have changed my life this past year. I am 81 years old, and badly wanted to lose about 20 pounds. I was convinced that my age made that impossible. Well, I signed up for the 14 day challenge and lost seven pounds, and I just stayed with it and in about three months lost all that excess weight. Bright Line Eating is now a way of life! I am now happy, thin and free!!! You are awesome, and I love you.

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  30. Mary C Arpaia

    Happy New Year to you and your family. You are so sweet and your blogs are so inspiring. May 2018 be as inspiring as 2017.

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  31. Cecelia McCalman

    Love you Susan, thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 💕💕💕

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  32. Vieve

    What’s the tally so far for The Spring donations via SPT/BLE?
    Just curious.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hi Vieve, we’re at 811. That’s as of me posting this comment at 12:30 pm Eastern on Thursday 12/28.

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  33. Mickee Clay

    2017 was both the most challenging and the most rewarding year I’ve had in my life. I lost control of some things and gained control of others, my food being foremost. Thank you and your team for working so hard. Looking forward to a Bright 2018

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  34. Linda Kae

    I hope the app gets restarted as soon as money allows it. I’ve really been looking forward to it.

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  35. Marie

    Thank you Susan, you are the BEST! Your inspiration touches the lives of so many. Happy, Thin & Free, Gratitude and generosity are wonderful legacy to share and your honesty and openness shine through every time I listen to a talk. Much love to you, your family & team for a wonderful 2018. 💝

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  36. Peggy

    It’s called “ONE- PAGE A DAY”available on Amazon. I just started my second book! I ADORE being able to read what I did that day, years ago! Love the habit. So easy! ☺

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    1. Annie

      Hi Peggy…Can you send me the link to “One-Page a Day”? I can’t find it on Amazon. Thank you much.

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  37. Lori Friis

    You are absolutely adorable! I love your
    enthusiasm and your ability to communicate
    so articulately! You seem so ecstatic about
    your life and so at peace. I truly believe 2018
    will be an incredible year!

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  38. Jacqie

    Thank you Susan, you look soooo happy and so what if you wonder – pondering this magnificent year you have had to launch your book! I feel so tremendously blessed to be part of this BLE tribe and know I am on this journey to be Happy Thin and FREE! God Bless YOU to continue on your path leading us! I look so forward to seeing you at the Reunion in San Diego! Lots of Love and Blessings for 2018!

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  39. Linda VanderVeen

    Thanks so much for your program that has lost me 18 lbs so far. I am grateful for that and for the weekly vlog to inspire me more. I have lost my cravings and constant hunger! What a relief!
    Looking forward to a new year of Bright Line Eating. Hoping your 2018 will be bright too’
    Loveya, Linda

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  40. Jackie Richer

    Susan, may you be blessed in 2018 a thousand times over again!! I am so grateful for YOUR service…it has saved my life! Surrendering to the idea of being a true food addict, then actually learning tools to deal with it has been so amazing for me!! I love all your VLOGs (and Modules, and calls, etc.)! You are so down to earth and so real with us!! I feel like we are in the same living room chatting!! Your love radiates, and by the way, you look lovely today! You look like a goddess!!

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  41. Renee Berger

    2017 is turning out to one of the happiest years of my life. Susan – I don’t say how grateful I am to you enough. You have changed my life and I will hopefully be positioned to spend the rest of my life helping others find a way. Perhaps you have some idea of how impactful you have been but if not, let me remind you. You are changing thousands upon thousands of lives and will get to 1 million right sized Bright Lifers well before your original goal. Ever grateful. Happy New Year. 2018 will be even better

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  42. Tanya Neff

    I LOVED this Vlog- immensely…
    I enjoyed hearing about your journey and also your insights about accomplishments in 2017. I urge you to check out OLIO – it’s an App for food sharing based on geographic distance. It’s really quite brilliant in the way it addresses food waste. For someone starting their bright lines, this may be an ideal way to share the food that they are letting go of~ in an attempt to let go of weight (on so many levels)!
    It’s been a pleasure being part of the BLE Family & BLM Positive Psychology Course this year- it was a lifeline for me through some of life’s greatest challenges. Though I’m still taking my detailed notes (as I so enjoy while learning) while completing the lectures around a busy life as a single-Mom & high-school teacher – I’m grateful for you & your immense love, purpose & presence in our lives. You are an inspiration!!
    Lots of love & blessings to you & your family!
    ❤️Tanya Neff

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  43. Ronda Stocks

    Lovely assessment of an incredible year, Susan. 🙂 As a fellow working Mom, I totally understand. Our kids are terribly important to us and we do our best to meet everyones’ needs, squeezing ours in as much in as we can to refuel and recharge. I believe 2018 will be incredible. Let’s make it so!!

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  44. Lynda Hahn

    You should be darn proud of yourself and your VLOG to raise money for Charity Water. Also for Linden. Don’t ever put yourself down or worry what others think. Love you Susan. You are pretty amazing. xoxox

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  45. Erin

    Susan – can you share what actual journal you use? Thanks!

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  46. Roxy Rust

    Appreciate your weekly blogs and wonderful encouragement!!!!

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  47. Shannon

    Peace and blessings to you and yours in 2018, Susan. <3

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  48. Barbara Dulong

    I love BLE and everyone involved!

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  49. Nancy

    Bravo Susan, I love your vision. Keep up the good work–for humanity as a whole and for those of us who love to be happy, thin, and free.

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  50. Arline Nash

    2018 is sweet because 8 has a waistline! 😉

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    1. Jarka

      Haha! 😁 A good one! 👍

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    2. Becky

      Thanks for modeling how a sober woman takes risks. Your passion warms my heart and gives me hope.

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