The Break-Rezoom Merry-Go-Round

We’re heading into the 4th American Thanksgiving since Bright Line Eating™ was launched, and the 15th American Thanksgiving since I, personally, started this way of life. In this week’s VLOG I share what’s on my mind leading into the holiday, and what I think and hope will be on YOUR mind leading into the holiday. Even if you’re not American and Thanksgiving isn’t really what you’re thinking about these days, I think this VLOG will be timely.


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  1. Dhana Reichardt

    Wow! Supper vlog! Hit right at home! Thank you for this wonderful, life changing information!

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  2. Clare

    Thank you SPT from Australia. My husband and I have been doing BLE fo a few months since I read your book. It has improved our marriage so much. Over the past 4 years we have had 2 babies, put on 10+kgs each and delt with some serious undermining from my mother who has NPD. We had reached a point where we were staying together only for the fact that we new how good we could be together, not how good things were. Since starting BLE we are in love again! We have lost most of our excess weight and we are a TEAM again! I am still struggling with the resuming merigoround as I am much higher on the susceptibility scale than my husband (I am 10 plus with a history of bingeing and purging). BUT this is the closest to happy thin and free I have ever felt. This video has made me realise I cannot get away with the same social exceptions my husband can. I am a Clinical Neuropsychologist and I really appreciate the science behind your approach. It makes me realise why I can succeed at so much in my life and not be able to get on top of the control food has over my life. Once I am back at work from Maternity Leave I intend to join the boot camp with a view to long term support. You are also helping me be more open, as I have been conditioned by my upbringing to appear perfect at all costs. My refusal to do his anymore has lead to an emancipation from my mother, which sadly is for the best. For me BLE is about being Open, Happy and Free (as thanks to my purging and excessive exercise I have never actually been more than a few kgs over weight). Again thank you for being brave enough to start your own business and bringing BLE to us all. You deserve all the success it undoubly does and will bring you and your family.

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  3. psalmlady

    Brilliant! Thank you!

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  4. Holly Boca

    Everyone has already said what I’m going to say in some way or another, but I am compelled to write anyway. I never thought in my wildest dreams that something that I have been feeling and experiencing my whole life could be articulated and understood by another….others! It does something to the soul. Thank you.

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  5. Jarka

    Hi Susan! Ok, I finally have to write to you. Especially after this blog, when I see you’re heading the right/true direction 😉 [am refering to your ‘SolutionS’]
    I’ve been following you for 2 years now, love you and your work, and I’m one of those people who think of themselves as exception here (meaning don’t have to do your plan 100%) – yes, I am ‘only’ 8 on the susc. scale.
    My point #1: What help me most is more than 3 meals a day (my body needs more stable source of glucose, timewise – with less dips; I feel it restoring my glucose reserves in the liver & am not burdening my adrenals). Hence I redefine my automaticity to more than 3 meals (which doesn’t make it an exception, but an actual rule, which I clearly see works for me – healthy weight loss, no craziness around food/peace of mind….)
    My point #2: Your Hashimoto’s. I hope you’re aware of Anthony William/Medical Medium. If you still struggle with it, please get his book Thyroid Healing. Or even better – as you’re both Hay House authors! – get in touch with him.
    Love you! LL&P

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  6. Felice Serrano

    I cannot believe how apropos this video is. I am on this very merry go round as we speak and it was a complete fluke I visited the website and saw this. Unbelievable…..
    It’s just what I needed to hear and exactly what I’ve been feeling. I’m in no position to give myself permission to just have one bite or nibble of NMF. I’m an addict, pure and simple. I need to succumb/surrender to that and go back to when I was on track and remember how good it felt when I followed the plan and reached out for support. Thank you Susan, for your insight, compassion and support. It truly is a gift.

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  7. Ruth Harper

    Thank you Susan. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  8. Sherri

    Susan I can’t tell you how much this has resonated with me. This is exactly what I have been doing the past year and it got so bad that I didn’t want to live anymore. That is just bananas to me that food and alcohol and caffeine can bring me to a place of total madness. My sabby likes to remind me that to be normal is to be able to have a bite of nmf and a glass of nmd and be fine. So I have tried and tried to accomplish this with of course devastating results. With the help of therapy I am now making peace with the fact that THAT will never be my normal, my normal is that I have a badly behaving brain and I am a 10 ++++ on the susceptibility scale. I have to realize the voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough until I can successfully eat only 1 bite of nmf is my addiction talking to me and it is not telling my truth. If I get through my day sober with super shiny bright lines, then that is a success, that is my normal, that is good enough for me. Today I am on day 4 of my latest, but maybe strongest rezoom. Thank you Susan for all you do, I am proud and blessed to be apart of your tribe!

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  9. Rebecca

    Great vlog, Susan! So, so inspiring and helpful! Thank you!

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  10. Diane Wojtlowiak

    This Thanksgiving I am giving Thanks to God for my BLE friends. God bless us all.

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  11. Trisha Burrows

    This blog came at the exact right time I needed it; thank you❣️

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  12. Katelin Hampton

    Thank you so much Susan for the very helpful advice about Thanksgiving and the holidays. I am a 10 on the scale and I REALLY appreciate the pep talk. I have kept my bright lines since beginning 6 weeks ago, and I intend to continue. This lifestyle is such a lifesaver for me. Thanksgiving will be just another Thursday for me. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family (the personal one and the BLE one). My gratitude for BLE is unending.

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  13. Jodi tallmon

    SO good! It was such a relief to hear your comments about us all being individuals, and that we can still work the Bright Lines, albeit differently.

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  14. Susan

    I accept your double dog dare and commit to following bright lines and eating only what I write down! Every day this holiday season and particularly the holidays . You are so on target Susan! Thank you for your mission!

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  15. Patti

    My dear sweet Susan, you are an absolute genius. Every single word that you spoke, just now, is exactly what I needed to hear at this moment. I have been doing BLE for 23 months. I have lost 55 pounds. I am a 10 plus on the susceptibility scale. Recently, I have been having problems sticking to my, “Bright Lines”. Have been “Rezooming”, a lot. I was just ready to order a frosted coffee, (coffee over vanilla ice cream), yum. I decided to listen to your vlog first. After listening to your words of reason and seeing your beautiful, smiling face, I decided to get a bottle of water, instead. You are a huge part of why my body and brain are so……..HAPPY – HEALTHY – and FREE. I love you my dear sweet friend. Take care. Happiest of Holidays to you and your family and friends.

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  16. Judy F

    Terrific VLOG and comments from others! Thanksgiving Day dinner will be at my house this year (at least 6 adults & 5 children) and everyone will expect my grandmother’s apple dumpling dessert! I’ll make it, for those who think they HAVE to have it, but after listening to your message, today, I’m thinking about also attempting a new “dessert” of baked apples, by simply coring them and using cinnamon and nutmeg for added flavor, and maybe serving with a lemon slice to let the lemon juice also help bring out the flavor even more! My daughter and her 11yo daughter are gluten intolerant, so they may also want to try my BLE-way, baked, apple dessert! Thanks, again, Dr. Susan, for all you do! …and, Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

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  17. Crystal Wilson

    Enjoyed the message. You also look very pretty today. Keep up the good work,

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  18. Kathleen Oliver

    Thank you so much for BLES! I feel control around food for the first time in my life (I’m 53!)! I finally understand how my brain works! I’m a 10+++++ on the susceptibility scale and to understand that has been life changing! I gave up flour and sugar after I watched your first video in the free series. I got the book and started the plan a month later.
    I’m still struggling with writing my food down the day before. The other brightlines I’m sticking to and doing so well! Thank you and God bless you Susan!

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  19. stefi

    Love this vlog Susan! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!!🦃🍁✨🥦🍴🌅💗

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  20. beth

    You talked about people who alter their eating plans — you do what every day? — and I find after listening to this vlog, I’m curious about that. If you feel like it, could you give some context to that, some specifics? I’m around 6 on that susceptibility scale, I definitely don’t follow everything on this plan, but certain things I do follow (only eating 3 times per day, and pretty much eliminating flours). I’m curious about the others….

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  21. Kathleen Oliver

    This helped me so much! I have just started BLE I’m less than a month in, and eating at a Restaurant for thanksgiving. I am sticking to my plan for Thanksgiving!

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  22. Peg

    Best ever of many bests, as others have noted. Especially enjoyed your “sparkle” at the very end and am going to keep that/you in my mind’s eye as I “negotiate” – or try not to – with the Deadly S. =) Happy Thanksgiving, dear Susan!

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  23. Christina Moss

    This blog was so helpful, Susan. I accept your challenge to get off the resuming roller coaster and get back to having peace around food. I am so thankful for your encouragement each week! Blessings to you and your family.

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  24. Karen

    I’m looking forward to NOT being an overstuffed, sick, tired and lethargic person on Turkey Day. It’s always been my favorite holiday because of the food the permission to stuff myself until I’m sick and can’t move. I asked my mom to move the time to our regular lunch hour and I’ll make my own food and hopefully inspire some of my family members to get on the BLE train. The majority of my family is overweight, medicated or about to be. I don’t want that!!!

    Thank you Susan and the BLE community for continuing to inspire us and give us hope and practical tools for living free.

    As a side note, I’ve always had terrible, terrible mood swings/hormonal issues. I have a poor reputation in my family for going off the deep end every month. I’ve been in hospitals, rehabs, therapy, etc, etc, etc. I’m on Day 51 and I’ve never felt better in my entire 44 years that I can remember. My cycle came this month without a hitch, no hysterical crying, anger, fits of rage or anything. I did feel a bit annoyed a few days, but was able to slough it off pretty quickly. My whole life could have been different had I known it was my diet/lifestyle all along. Nothing is in moderation for me, it’s all or nothing.

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  25. Meg Braley

    So so so helpful to me. Right now. Today. At this very moment. (Did you write this for me perhaps?) I could write so much more – but for now, almost 8 weeks into bootcamp, let me say how deeply greatly I am to have you and BLE in the middle my life. I am trying to figure out how to (and get my nerve up to) get more BLE specific social support, as that’s the major component I’m missing. I do have one dear BLE friend here in Maine, but need a circle.
    Thank you thank you thank you for the broadness and depth of scope of all that we look at together.

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  26. Selena Coverdale

    Please STOP using the reference to Tribe. I am tribal and I cringe every time you say it. Try using Community as it surely better represents the worldwide BLE people.

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  27. Ann Marie Waters

    Awesome truthful VLOG! You are an inspiration 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you.

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  28. Ann

    Very good blog! We are going out of town to be w family, but it also a reminder that my stepson and family will never be w us because they go to her families! So besides the food, emotional hurts surface during the holidays! Christmas is the same., her family takes presidence and I am struggling to stay on this program. I know now that sugar and flour will not make me feel better, but it has been my go to since I was in hs and now I am retired!

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  29. joe corso

    Man, I needed to hear this. Bright Lines is not about “perfection.” I do clinical work with dual diagnosis patients. I tell my group members that Recovery and Relapse is a process. A lifelong process. I’m trying to see Bright Lines as this also, a process. Hope that makes sense. Thanks.

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  30. Jacqie

    Susan, God Bless YOu, I thought you were talking to me – I am a 10+++++++ and we had our Canadian Thanksgiving and I got through that unscathed and yes it did feel good. Now Christmas is coming and already my sabby is talking to me about all the Christmas food I used to make and eat. It’s my first Christmas in BLE so I am going to change my menus to fit and not eat what doesn’t fit BLE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experience and love with us. You are my hero! The perfect message for me today! Happy Happy Happy BLE Thanksgiving to you and all the American BLE folks!
    Love you!

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    1. Hiria

      I just got through a birthday unscathed too. First time ever without a problem. I weighed my food and ate with everyone, then they were all overloaded on “not my food”. and had food coma’s and i was feeling good. I am now more confident I can get through christmas. It will be my first BLE Christmas too. We will be great.

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    2. Maree

      Jackie, today while at the grocery , I looked at the huge display of items to purchase for making traditional treats. My heart filled with warm memories of sharing those items with family and friends. Last year I did not bake those sweet foods atthe holidays and passed on any that arrived at my home. In early December 2016, I found myself feeling very sad and then realized I was grieving because I would not be spending time in the kitchen baking. I especially missed my deceased mother because we really bonded in the kitchen. I could talk to her about anything while we were baking. It was like a dance as we deftly moved around each other to prepare items.

      Several years ago, my daughters and I decided to change our traditional holiday menu when we took note of the high carb meal. My daughters were concerned about health issues and we decided we could have a healthy meal and create holiday memories in other ways. Now we have some games we play in tournament fashion with one grandson making a diagram with brackets, etc. Someone always plans a unique craft. It’s interesting to see my children interact more with their nieces and nephews. The strong bond among our family will continue via a different choice of activities.

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  31. Beverly

    Susan, thank you so much for the vlog. I listen every Wednesday but this one just made the light bulb go off over my head. Right now I am listening to a documentary series called iThrive which hits close to home. Now I hear your vlog today and I know I have to get off this pity train and get on the stick. I am at rock bottom and want to live the rest of my life without pain. I have known for a while how much food contributes to your all over well being and just haven’t been thumped on the head enough times to where it hurts. Wish me luck this time and thank you again.

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  32. Mary Shy

    Susan, I am not a BLE’er but follow you each week as you message is so powerful and important to all of us in terms of the power food can have over us. This was a wonderful Vlog! As I go into Thanksgiving, I plan to focus on my family and being together. That is truly what it is all about.

    Thank you for the reminder!

    Mary Shy

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  33. Kathy

    Susan, you’ve left me with a smile and hope this morning.! May you be filled abundantly with blessings and joy this holiday season as you’ve been such a blessing and voice of hope for so many of us.

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  34. SarahBW

    This was one of the best vlogs you’ve done, Susan. So grateful for your presence and wisdom. This was the message I needed today.

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  35. Cynthia

    Susan, thanks especially for today’s vlog – one of your best ones ever! (and you’ve had a lot of best ones!) Your insight and articulation about this topic are just what I needed to refocus me during this holiday season. thanks for all you give and share…

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  36. Penny

    Wonderful vlog Susan! I have recently gotten off the rezoom merry go round only 3 weeks ago after being on it for 4 months!!! Lots of gratitude is abounding in my soul!!! Deception can run deep in that area where integrity is broken. For me, my trust in God and hope to exude the strength within me was so welcomed when I made the decision (again!) to not break my lines this time for the last time and eat only and exactly what I wrote down the day before. I appreciate this wonderful template and platform you have created for us in BLE. GRATITUDE, HUMAN CONNECTION, SHOWING UP FOR SERVICE TO OTHERS – sounds like an excellent prescription for my second Thanksgiving celebration. PS – my first one was an awesome BLE holiday as I used these tools as well – they work! Blessings

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  37. Mary

    Best blog ever! I’ve sent today’s email to several friends. The truths apply whether following BLE or another path. Thanks!

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    1. Kylie

      Isn’t it meant to be resume and not rezoom? Have one of your staff misspelled it?

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      1. Jesssica

        “Rezoom” is a Bright Line Eating pun, as in “get back on track QUICKLY” 🙂

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  38. Catriona

    Susan, this blog was very helpful, I’m one of those people who startand rezoom on a regular basis, and I’m sick and tired of being so weak willed. Can you please address in one of your blogs, the affects of high cortisol levels. My son works with my husband, and is going through some very stressful times in his relationship, especially when it comes. To raising their 17 month old daughter. He’s always been a very private person, but his frustrations are coming out against his dad during working hours, causing my husband to become even more stressed, and he doesn’t talk about it, but it’s causing me to worry excessively. He had multiple quadruple heart bypass surgery a few years ago and is a type 2 diabetic. Although he could afford to lose 10 lbs, he’s not overweight, but he also goes on a high snacking binge when stressed, which is my signal to get him to open up.. all this stress has become my excuse to drop my bright lines. Did you go back to teaching/research this fall at the university of Rochester? I seem to remember you saying you’d been accepted in one of your blogs. Is cortisol levels, something you’ve researched extensively.

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  39. Mimi

    Brilliant, SPT. I am grateful to you for sharing your insight and wisdom on this subject.

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