Sane Choices

Sometimes life doesn’t allow us to predict where we’re going to find our next meal, so we can’t write down exactly what we’re going to eat the night before. In this week’s vlog, I answer a viewer question about how to make sane food choices while dealing with the unpredictability life brings.


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  1. Shari

    I don’t remember how to get to the place where you can ask questions about food. For example, does edamame count as a veggie or protein?

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    1. Judy


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  2. michelle Griffith

    How do I measure soup on BLE

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  3. Patty

    I never know what dinner will be, but I always know it will be a BLM. My husband cooks our dinners, and he plans the meal the same afternoon. He knows what my guidelines are and does his best to accommodate. I plan breakfast and lunch in more detail.

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  4. psalmlady

    Thank you, you are a voice of sanity and love in a world of crazy and control-freaky diet leaders. God bless you! I am so thankful to have found you.

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  5. Sylvia

    Great as always thank

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  6. Beth K.

    Love your vlogs Susan! I always get something out of them! I’m on day 48 with BLE and have lost 30 pounds!!! I CANNOT express how happy I am!! Thank you so much. God Bless. 🙂

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  7. Carrie

    Very timely, and I think the 4 questions will be very helpful. I already did a reset today and went back to writing down my food (I had stopped when I was at maintenance, and was fine for a long time).

    Got a little off track with dried fruit after a long trip to Europe where my food choices were limited (I do a combination of BLE and Nutritarian food choices), and I ate some dried fruit/nut bars just to keep starvation at bay. I lost a pound on my trip, and I definitely lost some of my automaticity.

    Thank you for another awesome vlog!

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  8. Carole

    Thanks Susan. I’ve been doing this by writing my quantities and the type of food, ie protein, veggies, etc on the days when I don’t know what I will be eating because I’m not in my usual routine. I have noticed my saboteur trying to get me to change an apple to a banana sometimes and I’ve been able to stick with what I’ve written and it’s gotten easier…this is such a revelation to me…how easy, pre BLE, it used to be to justify having that extra helping, that snack, that drink, etc even if I’d planned out my meals. Even though BLE is structured, it’s a consistent structure that has become routine in my life and in my head. Thank you thank you thank you!

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  9. Louise Glass

    I was on day 2 and and had my whole lemon in my bullet with water only when I got up I had lost 1 lb from day 1 eating bright line. I was so energized I cleaned my house till 11:30. I prepared my bl lunch to perfection. At supper time I ate my bl plan. I lost another pound. I am near my goal and haven’t been able to lose a pound in weeks. Does it matter what time you start your breakfast as long as you leave 4 or five hours between meals. I won’t do this every day. I am estatic about not having one taste of sweet in two days even a bite. I’m usually a one bite person through the day. I will have lemon water between meals.
    I0:00. 2:00. 6:00. Ok. I’m so loving the structure you provide and you motivational talks

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  10. Lisa Houde

    Hi Susan, WOW! This topic came up for me twice in the past week. Weird events (1. power outage due to New England storm 2. poorly planned time between home arrival and trick-or-treaters showing up – we had 372!!!) and I was beating myself up about not following the food plan I had created the night before. After some fantastic coaching from my lovely friends in Bravo House, I learned this: I did not cross any of my four bright lines either time – success! I made sane choices (and one crazy mistake that I forgive myself for, but still not outside the bright lines) – success! What I initially did experience though, was a kind of guilt over not being perfect. Ugh. It’s a thing for me, but I’m learning so much around this topic, including that that’s a way that “Old Sabby” might sneak in and try to work me over emotionally! Sorry, Bubb, you’re not welcome here! I’ve switched around my thinking to being HAPPY, and SUCCESSFUL in my split-second decisions. I’m currently on day 29 and I couldn’t be happier. I just couldn’t. Yes, I’ve lost over 10 pounds, and that’s great, but what’s REALLY fantastic is my level and happy moods, my food freedom, and my general enjoyment of all of life. Many, many thanks for this remarkable way to live. I love it! xoxo

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  11. Jeannie Greutert

    Thank you so much for this!! This is exactly what I learned during my year of experimentation!!

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  12. carol perfect

    Great vlog, Susan, and great question. I lost 30 lbs between May 1 and August 30 and have, luckily, kept it off but the last couple of months have been sliding back to my 7up and other sugars. So 1).the 4 questions hit me right on; and 2) when I have my meals at 10/2/6 sometimes it just seems like too much but if I do 11/5 or 6 do pretty good. Am retired now and volunteer 2 days a week so my schedule can be off normal. I get bored very easy with food choices and have kind of a nland palatr so that is another problem. So…thank you and this gave me kick that I needed. P.S. You always look nice but you looked very nice tonight…wish I was almost as thin as you but have 100+ to go…will keep on truckin’! 🙂

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  13. Michele Moore

    I so enjoy getting that magic email every Wednesday with your weekly vlog. And I especially appreciated your response to Susan in this one. Making sane choices. So important. The structure of BLE is essential. No argument there. But it helps to hear that life happens for everyone, and having the four questions to ask oneself . . . Do you have peace; is it healthy; does it mess with your weight; is it escalating . . . addresses the issue of those moments that creep up occasionally. And the beauty of it is they silence the saboteur! He’s a sly one! He will even use the good of BLE to try to trip us up. “Oh see, you messed up. You ate two meals instead of three. Now you really are a failure.” Instead we can face the saboteur and counter with sanity. Thank you for that! Have a spectacular week.

    P.S. I was in the Rochester area recently for my mother-in-law’s viewing and funeral. It was mid October, so when I could, I embraced the gift of Fall. A welcome respite from the heat and humidity here in Florida.

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  14. Kari Ross

    Thank you Susan. Your blogg is really helping me.

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  15. Jan Perez

    Also retired and having lost 20 lbs on BLE, I relaxed the strictness because I can estimate amounts fairly accurately. I have maintained at 126.4 for several months. One thing NOT mentioned in this blog is that many times you find yourself in a place where there are not many healthy choices available. Have decided to tighten up the rules again in anticipation of the holidays, but the real test will be next year’s long cruise. This is the main reason I started BLE–always felt horrible after cruising (flour & sugar & wine)–not to mention the 7-10 lbs. gained with every cruise.. No problem choosing fruits veggies and proteins but get hungrier with higher activity levels and many triggers. Would appreciate your addressing these issues as well, as this year’s cruise will be the “proof of the pudding” for staying with BLE. Retirement has its challenges! LOL!

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    1. Ivana Vasak

      Hi, I am on the BLE since this February and I lost even more than what I wanted to lose at the beginning, within first 2 months! Since then I have traveled to Europe for 2 months and I just came back from 22 day cruse (with unlimited booze to boot, because we bought it as my retirement present long before I started the diet), and on my return I weighed even less! And that without even measuring the amounts, because I forgot my scale! The thing is, there is always salads and steamed vegetables, bulk unflavored yogurt and fruit and oatmeal, and just meat in any of the venues they are offering on the ship! And for drinks I only had reasonable amount of Prosecco, Aperol or Campari and red wine, NO mixed drinks with any kind of sodas, orange juice (it is reconstituted with lots of sugar added anyway), or sweet after dinner wines or cognac:) So it was, for me at least even easier than doing it home:)
      I am 74 and been trying to lose weight for at least 8 years when I inexplicably started to gain, despite rigorous exercising and not eating differently than before! This program is the godsend and I only wish I had known about it earlier! I feel great with this way of eating and free from craving and feel great in any kind of clothes because nothing is where it shoudn’t be!!!:)

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  16. Sande

    Love this question. Like Susan, we are retired and our lifestyle is spontaneous. The Bright Line framework helps me to make to right choices.

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  17. Lost 78 lbs. so far since March.

    Lighting adjustment there is too bright on screen the past couple of videos. Always look forward to your videos. I can’t do without.

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  18. Joyce Domingez

    This was a very good question. There are times when I have had a late breakfast and I wasn’t really ready for lunch in an hour or two, but ate it anyway, not really experiencing hunger, I really thought you had to eat 3 times a day no matter what in order for the program to work. So your explanation was very helpful.

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  19. Gail

    So happy you receive this question, I have been feeling guilty for a few changes but they were still within my BLM. Now retired also and just at my 2weeks. I haven’t felt this good since I don’t know when, (well after the 1st week that is) I’m not hungry and a lot of the times feel stuffed. Sleep is so good now too. I was so worried because I am going on a 3 day weekend to see my nieces and daughter in Las Vegas and have been wondering how I would pull this off but now I know I can do the BLM and not feel bad about it..
    Thank You Susan!

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  20. Melissa

    Thank you for todays VLOG. I always know my breakfast and lunch for the next day, but never know where I may be for dinner with my work schedule. Now I don’t feel so guilty. I usually know what I need to eat for dinner. I have not broken any Brightlines since I started July 2017, it seems to be working, I am down about 31 pounds. Like you said life happens. Thanks so much for the support.

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  21. renee garcia

    Susan, I just finished the 14 day challange and lost inches. I lost 12 pounds, not water weight. I am going to continue, it works. {If u work it) This is the first time in my life that I have stuck to a all water diet ,also, what a difference it made, as far as some health issues I was having. My question is how late is late for your last meal? Some days I get a late start for breakfast , and then my meals seem to be to close only because I don’t feel comfortable eating after 5 oclock. I have a lot of other questions. Also I don’t like meat or nuts and I’m not crazy about eggs, this has been a real battle as far as making good choices. Thanks, Renee

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  22. stephanie nyland

    It was great to be reminded about the importance of committing to food the night before. I’ve done it 80% of the time in the last few months that I’ve been on BLE but I’ve been starting to think that maybe I could do without it. I guess because it’s not a Bright Line I started to think of it as “extra.” I’ll keep it up.

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  23. Mary Mc

    Great question and answer! The 4 questions will be so helpful in checking to be sure I’m making “sane choices”. I look forward to your vlogs. Thank you!

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  24. Teresa

    Thanks for the blog the 4 questions make really
    Good sense and sometimes I only eat two meals a day
    But should you increase the quantities so you
    Get enough protein?

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  25. Coralee Shearer

    This really helped. We eat out a lot and eat with some friends a few houses down. I have been sticking to no sugar and no flour and am doing well. We were on the road for a week and a half and I was able to make good choices. This was a helpful video 🙂

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  26. Marie Kemp

    Brilliant Susan. Thank you This helps me a great deal. Love you

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  27. Sherrie Sargent

    Thanks for blog. I’ve often felt this program was too legalistic for me. I have my own tendency towards approval and perfection (oldest child syndrome I suppose). When in the bootcamp phase and I learned that I had missed so much of the program info due to technical issues that didn’t get cleared up I just quit it all.

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    1. Sue

      Hi Sherri, as you’re watching Susan on the vlog, are you contemplating or dong BLE? What was your score on the susceptibility scale? It is a great program to get sanity around food. Good luck.

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  29. Anne St Pierre

    I have a question. I make a lot of soips. They don’t have sugar or flour and I make my own stock. Iusually make it in large batches. Is this out now or is there a way to figure it out.? Thanks in advance.

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    1. Maree

      I have soup and a fruit every day for lunch. Rather than make a large pot of soup, I prepare the soup in individual containers. For chicken bean vegetable soup, I measure one ounce of finely chopped chicken into each container. Add 4.5 ounces of cooked beans and eight ounces of cooked vegetables to each container. I label the containers and freeze. I make up the additional vegetable requirement with raw celery or carrots. I prepare chili and vegetable soup in a similar fashion. On a busy day, I may have soup again for dinner with additional vegetables.

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  30. Barbara

    Hi Susan, I´ve been on BLE since October 2016. I lost 40lbs and I have been keeping it off ever since however in the last few weeks my quantities have become a little out of line. So thank you for this vlog. I remember the four questions and your thoughts on the saboteur – you nailed it. Again. As you always do. 🙂 Only goes to say that you are right: Stay close to the mothership!


    So I would like to commit to you that I will get back to my 4th BL with my next meal.

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  31. Wiley McCarthy

    You look fabulous in that color, Susan. I am in the boot camp (day 29) and BLE is the BEST thing ever. I lover my Wednesdays, because I get a meditation, a Module , and a vlog. Thank you for figuring out this flour/sugar thing! And for guidance in talking to people about it. My schedule can sometimes get a little wacky, too, so this was god advice.

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  32. Debbie

    Thank you for covering this because I also was wondering this during my vacation last week.

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  33. Joyce

    I do this a lot. Being retired gives a lot of flexibility with my schedule. I just adjust as needed. But NEVER just because I feel like it.

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  34. marianne

    THANKS FOR THIS!!! I was wondering about all of this. I have a pretty unpredictable weekend schedule. Susan–I like the smokey eye look!

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