Bright Line Eating vs. Nutrisystem vs. Optifast

There are some popular diets that aim to establish automaticity just like Bright Line Eating™, but in the long run, they don’t work. Watch this week’s vlog to learn why.


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  1. Vicki Girard

    I enjoy the vlogs and the comments… because I’d seen someone else’s success rate with it. In November I invested in Isagenix products. I didn’t like ingredients when I looked at them and sugar was a big part of every single product. But I tried them and found that I did not feel good with them I felt draggie and down not energized like it was supposed to do. Trying it for several days I have decided that this product just wasn’t going to be working for me because in my heart of hearts I knew that I needed to go with no sugar and no flour if I was ever going to get better lose weight and feel good. Thank you Susan Peirce Thompson and Bright Line Eating I’m just starting but I’m very excited and looking forward to the transformation.

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  2. rosemary foster

    I have been doing BLE with Weight Watchers and since I can “choose” what I want to eat with WW, it has been working for me. I just avoid the sugar and flour options in my “real food world”. Thank you for this clarification about the other programs.

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  3. Cindy Petri

    I enjoy your informative vlogs, Susan, and thank you for sharing them. I agree with all of the above comments except for packaging BLE food. That’s our job! We are responsible for preparing any food that might be taken with us or for making extra quantities for easier & quicker meal prep. So glad that I was introduced to BLE and am now on the road to a happier, healthier, thinner body that is free from all the mental anguish and chatter between meals of what to eat next. This BLE lifestyle is finally giving me what I have strived for my whole adult life. Thank you!

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  4. Jon Silks

    Thank you for answering my question Susan. I was hoping you would use it for a vlog and your answer was excellent.

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  5. Kathy Hallinan

    Thank you so much for this!!! It’s just what I needed to hear. I have done all of the above diets, and nothing works long term. Lots of love and support for what you are doing!!!

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  6. Joanne Hinsperger-Scott

    #POWER #RESPONSIBILITY — In listening to this, I realized that another aspect of why those other systems don’t work long term is because in having ready made meals delivered to one’s door, a person has given his/her power away. They have empowered someone else to decide what is best for them as far as their nutrition, food portion sizes and diet are concerned. They have relinquished responsibility. It is like giving up your rights as an adult to make intelligent decisions on your own and becoming like a young child who has no say in what is on the menu for the day. With BLE, when I weigh and measure my veggies, fruits, grains, proteins and fats in their appropriate proportions and record these amounts I am actively participating in the commitment to my health. I take full responsibility what I choose to eat, how much I eat, and when. I would assume for people who have done one of those, ‘Delivered-to-their-door’ meal systems have not learned: WHAT to eat, WHY those foods, HOW much, WHEN, and the SCIENITIFIC KNOWNLEDGE of what happens to the brain and body when we consume certain foods and drinks.

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  7. Mary Shy

    Excellent Vlog this week! Any plan that will work MUST allow a person to eat socially anywhere! Susan, you are the best!

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  8. Ellen Christine Storm

    Tomorrow is my first day of Bright Line Eating. Excited and hopeful!
    Lifestyle change, big time. Your book inspired me, challenged me, gave me all the right reasons to take better care of my body.
    This Vlog and the comments from so many others is the best encouragement to starting the Bright Lines tomorrow morning

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  9. Ann DuBois

    Bright Line Eating is teaching me the right foods to eat, at the right times, and in the right quantities so I will be able to follow this way of life forever. While on nutrisystem, I would save my sugar/flour snacks for days so that I could still practice my binge-disorderd ways. I have not only lost weight, I have learned how to control my eating in a healthy way. My brain is healing. My body is healing. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been in my whole life.

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  10. Kathy Meyer

    Susan, taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your diet research and your effective way of presenting it! I always have the image of the three piles of ‘white stuff’ in my mind when I remember to avoid foods with sugar, flour…our cocaine equivalents! And my success, and continued maintenance are PROOF that it works…I have tried every approach over about 30 years, and the 25# that I have lost since May 1 2017 is one of the best things that has happened to me! I feel so much better, more confidant, younger, hopeful…and healthy! I am looking for the easiest way to refer others to your program and thought this VLOG might be a good start. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!!!!!

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  11. Alvalyn Lancaster


    I love your Vlogs and BLÉ Bootcamp. I did Nutrisystem and you are correct. The food was NOT good and I gained all the weight back plus some. Even more than the physical toll of gaining all the weight back, was the emotional and mental toll of another failed attempt to find peace around my weight and my relationship with food. Where BLÉ is soooo different aside from eating no flour and sugar and real whole food, is the mental, emotional, and spiritual support you, your team, and the BLÉ community provide. I am going to sum it up with one word LOVE. I know this word gets overused but not when it comes to the type of energy and empathy you provide. I thank Divine Loving Presence every day for bringing me to this program. This program has changed my life on every level. Your ability to connect with your tribe is unsurpassed. What a wonderful thing to witness. Seeing YOU do what YOU were put here to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  12. Tasha

    Susan you are AMAZING! I have tried a shake type diet – it was MISERY,!! I knew I couldn’t stick with it, if not because of taste because of EXPENSE!! I wanted to lose weigh so bad I ignored my smarter self and jumped in hook line and sinker. Well a year later I have regained the 10 I lost and have a lot less $$ in my pocket. The food tasted so bad I actually threw it up one morning. It’s insane the lengths I was willing to go to in order to lose weight. On top of that I was being a horrible example to my children (shame on me). I love and RESPECT you so much for not making BLE type foods for sale, because even if they are “healthy” they aren’t “right” (Uber processed) – I now have absolutely no doubt which path is correct and I literally thank God for you and your wisdom/guidance. You are an Angel – Thank you Susan!!!

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  13. Robyn Shapiro


    Having done Nutrisystem, the financial commitment became too much, however they do offer a maintenance program to teach you how to eat without their foods. However I think the real difference in success of your program is that, what hit home to me, we can not ever go back to the way we were eating prior to BLE. We are only adding extra food once we are in maintenance . Yes, Nutrisysemt has a lot of processed food and I have found for me that giving that up has calmed my inner person. I still am amazed that in 10 months I have lost 56 pounds!! Another positive that BLE offers is all of the support, both educational and emotional that you offer. All of the other programs do not have a 24/7 opportunity if needed.

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  14. Karen Wilt

    Thanks for the vlog….you are so right on! I’ve never done those diets…sort of knew instinctively they’d be a waste of time and money. A friend of mine has used Nutri system over and over again and it doesn’t even work anymore for her. She’s not only gained weight back, but, like you said, much more. It’s kind of a no brainer when you think of it….once you’re off what they give you and go back to eating normally, you’re going to go back to the way you ate before cause that’s all you know. It doesn’t teach you how to eat, or how to heal your brain, or new ways of eating naturally. I’ve lost 20 pounds so far on your BLE program and have been learning about natural ways of eating thru the Food Revolution network and Katie Mae and Learning as well. It’s all so interesting, fun and I feel so much better physically than I have in a long time. Thank you for your program and all the work you’ve put into it.

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  15. Paula

    Thank you for this vlog. It is consistent with all that we’ve learned already. If all those methods had worked Susan wouldn’t have strived to figure out the BLE program.
    I have another question though, about Isagenix. Is anyone familiar with that program? I have several friends really involved in it and none of them read any of the independent reviews of it and I think they are really being hoodwinked. It also has a ‘pyramid’ scheme type strategy to get people involved and you end up making money…
    Does anyone know about this program?

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  16. Carol

    Yep, been there done those other diets/ Real food and being responsible for planning and buying it is worth it.

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  17. dennis de maria

    being a former box. processed diet coach I found it was virtually impossible for any of my clients keep the weight off for any period of time The toughest part was going from box to the real world. which presents the question where do we go from here—— yes it works while i’m on it but what do i do when i’m back in the real world. well i’ll tell you they all gain it back and are pressured to back on the program again . the basic eating habits never change

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  18. Mariah Perkins

    I am loving ALL of the above comments. Susan and BLE really, really do rock it.

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  19. Jessica

    Thank you Susan, I look forward to your vlog every week. I appreciate your point about BLE not selling food, but I think there’s an opportunity in lowering the BLE barrier to entry for people who are very short on time. I used to do Plated and Blue Apron, and I loved them – I would happily sign up for a similar BLE service. They provide real whole food, not shakes and bars, but they remove the deciding, the shopping and the apportioning. I’ve also paid for meal planning services (I loved weelicious). When I fall “off the wagon” it’s almost always because of a time crunch. If you ever get into that kind of business, I’ll be your first customer!

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  20. Carolyn in Ariziona

    Go Susan. This was a great Vlog. I have tried lots of diets including the diets mentioned above. I too lost a lot of weight but gained it all back. I have lost almost 20 lbs. in 4 months on This BLE journey, I feel great and have bought smaller size cloths…………but the real take away is I’m so much healthier.

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  21. Richard Pozzuto

    I’ve been doing BLE since May and I gotta say, I’ve never had this much sustained success ever with all the gimmicky and even not so gimmicky stuff. Weight Watchers was a nightmare. I’d gain and lose the same 30 pounds over and over and over until my weight finally peaked from the last go round as an overall gain of 50 pounds… this is over 2 years most recently. I’ve lost 65 pounds since May 1 and it’s been amazing to go from XXL to just “L” … I can’t believe I can buy larges now!!! IT’s actually a little traumatic and I’m trying to catch up to myself. 7 inches off my wast with no exercise. Who woulda thunk. SPT is right about everything. She represents the program well and I’m very guru sensitive. Ha!

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  22. Terry Wolfe

    I recall you stating that Optifast affects the dieter’s hormones such that their hormones show signs of starvation a year after the weight is lost (thus mandating the brain to {over}feed the body, as referenced in your interview with Ari Whitten). That is further evidence of the dismal long term effects of such a diet. Yeah for BLE and the transformation being experienced by so many overweight and/or sugar/flour addicted people.

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  23. Jana Warner

    Right on, Susan!! Hope you don’t get sued over your answer.

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  24. Stephanie

    Extremely low calorie diets are not healthy. They do not supply enough protein. A lady my son knows went on of the low calorie liquid diets.
    He said she lost the weight but she did not look healthy. My opinion is if you cannot pronounce the ingredients you should not eat it.

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  25. Stephanie

    My male supervisor did Nutrisystem. They supply food but he was also required to add food. It was not very balanced. He did loose weight.
    I have known several people who did Weight Watchers. They loss to the point of emaciation and gained most of it back.

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  26. Sandra

    The preparing, touching, chopping, washing of the food is part of partaking of the meal. Prepackaged stuff will knock down a hunger pang or two, but it is not ingageing with the fuel you prepare for your wonderful body.

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  27. Lorna

    The ingredients in those foods, as well as other prepackaged, frozen dinners, don’t support the good bacteria in your gut microbiome. They feed the bad bacteria and will adversely affect long-term health and weight loss.

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  28. Ann

    BLE allows us to choose from an almost infinite variety of real foods, thereby having the potential to put together a fantastic variety of wholesome and satisfying foods. It is NOT a boring eating plan! We have the potential to learn menu planning and cooking skills, expanding our food repertoire and palate. I have found myself to be totally satisfied with the portions, and no longer binge eating all day long because I am FULL! As you say in this video, Susan, it teaches real skills for the real world, so I do believe I am developing the skills necessary to be successful in the long run. I lost nearly 60 lb using a sugar detox eating plan and a vintage low-fat diet from the 80’s, but had gained 15 lb back because of being lax.( I NEED boundaries!) I am starting Week 7 of BLE and have lost 13.4 lb. YIPPEE!!! Almost back to my lowest weight of two years ago, and hoping to keep going. Really, the 80’s low-fat diet and the sugar detox eating plan were an outstanding foundation for what I am learning in BLE. Between the two of them, they incorporated all that is good in BLE. But I found the same thing–when I stopped using the plans, I had no compass for eating in real life. Through BLE, I am learning that I will not starve between meals, and can be satisfied until I eat again. I am sure this is how thin people eat. So that piece is new to me, and I know that portion control as well will serve me well going forward. Thank you!!!

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  29. Dina Grossman

    Another important point about why BLE is so superior to “diets”: Real food often takes chewing, and chewing is very good for our nervous systems!

    And one more – about living in the real world: We need to learn to take responsibility for self-care … and it takes a lot of practice and support!

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  30. Michelle

    Hi Susan, Thank you for this blog. I too lost and regained weight on Optifast (remember when Oprah went on that diet?). I was so diligent not eating any solid foods for 6 months. I threw away everything in my kitchen (even the spices) and was an A+ student, but when real food was reintroduced (which was terrifying), the weight came back on almost as fast as I lost it before because my metabolism was now used to less than 500 calories per day. I was also now drinking diet sodas like crazy because that is what they told us to mix the shakes with (they taste terrible). I feel like that diet did irreparable harm to me, but I was so desperate, I would have done anything. Recently, my doctors recommended the same diet to me again, but I knew better. I’m so grateful to have a better option with BLE.

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  31. Debbie

    Diets don’t change your brain. They don’t change your view of food. They don’t address the relationship between us and food. They only offer a short cut to getting to your goal and once you’ve reached it –you’re on your own. I love the correlation you, Susan, have explained about our relationship, both physically and emotionally, with food and how food affects our brains. It was a great to have my epiphanies about food justified by your information.

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  32. Margaret Terris

    Rock on Susan great blog xxx

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  33. Sunshine

    Thank you, thank you! Loving the vlogs. They help keep me on track. Today I went from obese to overweight – so, on the right road to a right size body.

    On a separate note, I loved the lighting in the studio last week, the backdrop was very nice and your skin tone looked great. I’m wondering if the red background might be the wrong color red for you, as it doesn’t bring out the pinks in your skin. Details, details and so very ocd of me. I think it especially clashes with the beautiful purple clothing you wear on occassion. So, maybe your team can help you get a more neutral background, or different lighting, or maybe just ignore me. Again -loving the vlog and all the information you lovingly share with us.

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  34. Annie Green

    Thanks, Susan,
    I agree with everything you said. I would add, the support from like-minded people is invaluable! I rate it at least as high as whole food weighed and measured.

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  35. Paula in San Diego

    Hi Susan! Great vlog. I’ve had experience with both of the programs you’ve mentioned and they are NOT sustainable over long periods of time. They do not teach the correct way of eating real food, so welcome to BLE which does teach that real food is sustainable vs “fake food.” Besides the fact that the aforementioned “fake foods” taste nasty, I like food too much to eat “nasty!” 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

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