Slowing Down

Sometimes you have to hit a bottom to be truly willing to make a change in your life. The question is, once you’ve decided to change, how do you make it stick? Watch this week’s vlog to find out.


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  1. Helen McDonnell

    Thank you Susan for sharing yourself remaining open and continuing to feel like my best friend!
    It’s so good to know that even you are human and we can learn from you.
    You are the perfect mentor and my final answer after years of searching.
    So happy that you continue to teach us how to nurture ourselves through your journey of self care💕

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  2. Susie


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  3. Lisa

    Amen SPT! That’s what’s real! I know the truth of slowing down however I gobble down ‘too much to do’ just like I did food. Frenzied, have it all. Reminds me of a line from a son, “every bite ain’t worth chewin”…

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  4. Caroline

    Always enjoy your transmissions Susan!
    Must say you are really looking sculpted, such defined cheek hollows and facial features.
    It’s great to define ourselves by who we are and not what we do….that being said, what we do or don’t do does say something
    about ourselves !🤓❤️
    Let’s smell the roses along the way….when we’re 90 we can reflect on the fragrance much more clearly❤️

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  5. andrea

    Thank you, I’ve been ‘off plans big time for a couple of months, due to ‘stuff’ around me getting me down, and this was just what I needed to hear to start me back to my lines. Thank you. Going to plan my food now ☺ x

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  6. Bea

    So happy you got to this point, dear Susan! I was always wondering how you could be multitasking during eating. For myself focussing on eating was always very important to keep the bright lines I set for myself intact. I didn’t even have to weigh my food. Sitting outside enjoying the huge salads and stuff that I allowed myself to eat, no sugar, no flour, prevented me to follow the food addiction. I’m a happy person through the gift of what I got from bright line eating. Happy, slowly getting thinner, -23kilos and soon ina perfect bmi, free, even from weighing but applying what I took from bright line eating. Just thank you, dear Susan!

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  7. Cindy Hauffe

    So good. Glad to hear it. I so love your blogs but lately you were rambling like a whirling dervish. Happy you got the message & are back on track. You are so sweet. 🙂

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  8. Kate George

    This resonates so much with me. I’ve just spent a few days with my 85 yr old mother in law who is really very negative about everything (she’s a frustrated lady who is used to helping others and can’t any more) and I want to hug her hard (she doesn’t do hugs comfortably!) and tell her to remember she has a family who love her dearly, that her garden looks great, that now is the time to receive all she deserves …. I’m really looking forward to starting the BLE journey and gaining some control instead of food dictating to me forever. Slow down, appreciate the scenery. Thank you so much for reinforcing the very things I’ve been thinking recently.

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  9. Nicole Gibson

    Amazing Vlog !!! LOVED that you have brought the consciousness of eating more into our awareness and also amazing how you’re noticing that your environment is mirroring back to you what you’ve been saying about your busy busy self!! I really would love to hear a follow-up Vlog within the next few weeks of what shifts you’ve noticed in your external environment and around your BL’s since this new awareness has come in. I loved the idea of adding the conscious meals to the checklist as well – THANK YOU for your inspiration!! xox

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  10. Helen

    Keeping on program is essential to feelings of peace, serenity, happiness as opposed to feelings of anxiety, uneasiness, aggravation as I have found when I
    stupidly go off program and of course the guilt is overwhelming, This vlog is a keeper – to keep me Happy, Thin and Free. T.hanks much for this

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  11. Thurza

    You are awesome! Thanks for sharing such a heartfelt story!

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  12. Daniela

    Susan, that was a very inspirational vlog! I totally agree with you that there is a culture for busyness nowadays…and that’s how one forgets to also enjoy the small things in life. And I guess if someone like you can do it (someone who has been truly busy), I think also others can. But let’s not forget that keeping busy is also often an excuse not to stick to things that one should do (am facing it myself at the moment).
    Thank you for starting this move. I’m so close 🙌🏼 to joining you.

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  13. Cindy P.

    Susan, thank you for being open about what you’re experienced with busy-ness. Many experience this same thing and I’m glad you addressed it. I use to do the same thing when our children were young and our homelife was in disarray and stress was high. Even though the things I was involved in were honorable and there was a need for someone to lead or help with it. I was over committed and hardly ever at home. I knew this wasn’t what life was supposed to be like but didn’t know what to do since there was a need in those areas.
    The light went on when I heard a preacher say that it is okay to say “no” and that a need does not constitute a calling on YOUR life to fill it. Whoosh! The weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have a gift of “helps” so I was always trying to help every time I heard of a need or someone asked me. He went on to say that when we try to fill every need that isn’t meant for us, we are robbing someone else the blessing of serving and using their gifts in that role. My life got so much more balanced when I prayed and asked God to show me the things He wanted me to be a part of and I experienced real joy in those roles. I also prayed for the person to come forward who was meant to fill those roles that were not meant for me. I apologized to my family for being over committed. Freedom and peace!
    BTW, I agree with the others, you look lovely in the purple lace. 😊

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  14. Beth K.

    You certainly have no reason to apologize to any of us! You have helped us all, in more ways than I can count. So glad you’re taking time for you and your family.

    p.s. That color looks great on you!!

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  15. Sylvia

    Wow , thank you for this. I feel that you understang the that is enough ,,,and in the same way that we make me feel that we can ‘t be perfect all time.but still when we stick to the food plan .I feels I did my best and is good.we do have to live the present moment to live it. Hey you are the best .xox

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  16. Suzy

    WOW. So timely. Thank you.

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  17. Janna van Leusden

    Thank you Susan. I needed this. I am still trying to get out of the waves. This message was for me today. Nick Orthner thought me, ” All is Well” when ever you go in a panic just say these 3 words. Now I get your advice. Thank you Susan!!!

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  18. Alice

    It’s funny that I have been feeling like I am living my life in fast=forward this week…and so your message is timely for me. Thanks for being human and sharing yourself with the rest of us 🙂 .

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  19. Diane

    I am thrilled for you! Twenty years ago I felt much the same while raising our children, working nights and searching for my own identity. Through much soul searching over the years I am so happy with who I am. I am especially blessed to be on this BLE journey with a terrific community of support. Thank you….thank you.

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  20. Haynalka (Honey) Peter

    Suzan, You are like am open book… Your genuine way of sharing ,your sincere smile and deep message… ,make me feel that I have known you for ever . You inspire so much trust and create comfort …. Thank you Suzanfor EXISTING!!!

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  21. Hope Williams

    Many thanks for your clarity, insight, and honesty. You have made my day.

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  22. Tammy Bee

    This message is EXACTLY what I needed to hear! Oh my gosh. Thank you. I was in a really bad place with stress today, and this message just calmed me down. I had a “me too” moment, and then reminded myself that I don’t have to “do it all”….not the first time I’ve reached this conclusion, but apparently I’ve been stuck. I have a trip this weekend that I’m NOT looking forward to, so the message that I can keep it simple on the trip and I don’t have to DO all of the STUFF with everybody is fabulous!
    Thank you , thank you, thank you!

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  23. Horatio Nelson

    Well, I’d have taken my work activity with me to the hospital and could have thus completed all my obligations and duties in one swoop. Not a bad idea methinks. Secondly, I found interesting the fact that this diet form or Bright Line or whatever obviously demands CONSTANT adherence as do ALL diet forms. Hmmm. Interesting. Thirdly, the zip fastner shown in the vlog was also quite interesting. Quite a doozy I think it’s termed in the US. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

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  24. Lillian

    Susan, @ just the right time AGAIN! I’m forsaking self-righteousness & feeling
    healed…. After seeing The Heart of Man, I realize there’s another strategy to getting
    my life “right:” lust for knowledge. I’m constantly overwhelmed & busy seeking
    expert healthy life advise. This leads to piles of notes & plans that have to be curried.
    …& no time to execute much if any of them. Then there are the piles of ongoing
    projects everywhere stimying my efforts to get a simple minimal life. I am not one of
    those has many plates in the air & able to maintain them! I’m off now to 1) purge & 2)
    ID checks: How am I doing? 😉

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  25. Fran

    Your blog has given me permission to validate my own slow down and saying no. I love the dress. So glad you are chiding to slow down. I was one of those concerned about you as a nurse who sees what stress can do. Your daughters & husband are more important than all of us. My prayers for you. You role model support systems well. This is an area I’m weak in.

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  26. Laura

    I’m so happy you were able to detach from the busy-ness, Susan.
    A life filled with presence in every moment is the true definition of living.
    Much love and gratitude to you.

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  27. Josie Orams

    You and me both Susan. Maybe there was something in the stars this week?! I also had a life-shifting epiphany a couple of days ago, after a wave of anxiety and reaching out to my loved ones. I realised that at 41 I am finally DONE with formal eduction and I’ve cancelled a study course that I only just started . This is a biggy for me. Typically, it took a very frank talking to from my Mum to slap me into shape! Time to focus on the life that is in front of me, instead of forging ahead all the time. Looking forward to reconnecting with myself through the bootcamp meditations and yoga practice at home. It’s so funny though…when I read the title of this weeks vlog I thought “Has Susan just read my brightlineeating Instagram breakfast post??!!”. Love to you. Hope you stay on track with stepping back. xx

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  28. Michelle Martin

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shirt! I want to see the whole thing, and I want to know where you got it!!

    Also, amazing self-awareness. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I keep thinking about your girls and what this change must mean for them. Oh, happy day!

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  29. Deborah Garrard

    As an Eating Psychology Coach, I encourage replacing the word ‘busy’ with the word ‘full.’ I would so much prefer to have a life that is full and full-filling than a busy life. Just the word ‘busy’ implies stress. In China, if you ask someone how they are, I’ve been told that they want to answer ‘I’m busy.’ because it means they’re important. Being busy equates with being important. Busy is the new cool. But not so fast, I say! Let’s change the language, as SPT says, to ourselves and then to the world. I am grateful for a life that is FULL and FULL-filling. The choice is mine – and yours. How we live and how we speak about how we live. Full. Full-filling. Ahhhhhhh . . . Blessings all. Bee Well Serve Well.

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    1. Tammy Bee

      I like that! ….”full”. I’m going to use that!! Thank you.

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  30. Kathy Cottle

    Susan, I thank God for the day I found your web site! I have started the 14 day challenge and so far, I feel wonderful and in charge. I also have found out about being too busy. I had a “nervous breakdown ” a few years ago. It all boils down to if you don’t take care of yourself – who will? Please continue to watch yourself. I’m praying for you! You’re my inspiration!

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  31. Kerry Thorson

    Wow, was this timely for me. I have for the past 10 days, been taking care of two granddaughters age 11 and 14, while their parents are out of town. The 14 yo has anorexia, depression and anxiety which she is being treated for, but is fragile. This involves driving to different schools and activities and appointments. Along with that, I have a husband with a chronic illness who has had a flare up and am trying to help him. To top it off, my mother-in-law, who is 97 and lives independently recently went blind,(hopefully temporarily), and my oldest sister has terminal cancer. I am trying to help them both. My sister is fairly stable right now, but I have been going with her to chemo most weeks (she lives 100 miles away.)

    Bright Line eating has been my anchor and kept me sane, but the other things you suggested, mindful eating, breathing, cutting back where I can, are important reminders to help me with this. I can chose to move through all these things with ease rather than stressed, overburdened, and in a hurry. Thanks so much! Hang in there yourself. You are amazing!

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  32. Megan LaCross

    This couldn’t be more relevant for me right now and I definitely take it as a message from God to me! thank you for sharing.

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  33. Linda

    I’m very new to Bright Line Eating and I am really grateful for this vlog. It is so good to know that everyone can get it wrong sometimes but the trick is to notice, take a breathe and allow yourself to get back to it because though we may not be perfect, we are UNSTOPPABLE. I think you always look really lovely by the way.

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  34. cheryl coan

    Simplify, Susan more people need to slow down, people are to busy trying make more, spend more, get more, how much does it really take to make a person happy? There are so many things that we can live without, but they have such a hold on our lives. Your life was given to you and only you, and no one has the right or authority to govern it but you, God bless sweet lady.

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  35. Katie Lacy

    I can so relate to this, Susan, as I am a homeschooling mother of 3, and a professional musician with an outside-of-the-home job (Gregorian Chant is AWESOME!). Thank you for reminding me what my mother has been telling me all these years—SLOW DOWN!!!

    Here’s a little old-fashioned poem one of my sisters shared with me years ago (now I know what this all means as a mother watching her children grow up):

    Babies Don’t Keep

    Mother, O Mother, come shake out your cloth,
    Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
    Hang out the washing, make up the bed,
    Sew on a button and butter the bread.

    Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
    She’s up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

    Oh, I’ve grown as shiftless as Little Boy Blue,
    Lullabye, rockabye, lullabye loo.
    Dishes are waiting and bills are past due
    Pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo

    The shopping’s not done and there’s nothing for stew
    And out in the yard there’s a hullabaloo
    But I’m playing Kanga and this is my Roo
    Look! Aren’t his eyes the most wonderful hue?
    Lullabye, rockaby lullabye loo.

    The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
    But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
    I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.
    Author: Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

    I am in Dallas! Would love to meet you! Can you make an “appearance” at the Whole Foods you’re visiting? Maybe give a short talk? Let us all know here in Tx! There are a lot of folks who would love to meet you and give you a big hug!


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    1. Sue

      Thanks so much for sharing the poem! I did a cross stitch of the last verse while on bedrest during a rocky pregnancy. (That baby is now 33 and mother of 3 herself.)

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  36. Marianne


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  37. ute ihsan

    Hello Susan,
    I ve only done this Programm now for 22 days with your book and then 13 with the 14 day challenge. It is just such an amazing overwhelming peaceful happy Environment, which this creates in my mind. the Food fog is gone, i can concentrate for much longer periods. I do not Need to run to buy Food every day, since I know I got what it takes in the house for several days.
    This is such an amazing System! I already lost 3 kg in those few days. and can even hope to get my after meno pause bust back to a reasonable size.
    but mostly it is about the freedom it creates, the space it gives. I would not trade it for anything else in the world and I think I am going to stick with it for good.
    and it does give a structure, and it does take the rush out of life, as it makes life so much more simple and true.

    with love,

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  38. Yolandi

    Thank you Susan I love that dress😍 stay relaxed😇

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  39. Tony

    Hi Susan, I have not been involved in your BLE program but I’m trying to include some of the principles in my life. I have been watching your video blog sessions and I’m impressed. The current one, Slowing Down,” is very refreshing and says a lot about setting aside time for living in the moment. Your approach is a lot healthier than burning out — something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Thanks so much for sharing your epiphany with others. You are doing a lot of good for others by sharing your stories. Last but certainly not least, you look great in that dress.

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  40. Oria

    Thank you Susan for your honesty and opennes. I really enjoy reading your mails and watching your vlogs. The information is always thought provoking and beneficial-even though I am not trying to lose weight…

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  41. Monica

    Wow Susan so good you have learnt to realize what’s important for you. My congratulations. God I wish I would have realized that you don’t need to make everyone happy when my kids were little.

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  42. Kirsten

    Love this so much. Thank you for being honest and real and sharing your life with us!

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  43. Melintha

    Years ago I had a friend who would tell me, “I have all the time in the world.” He said that anytime I stopped by to chat, (unload), even if he was busy. I’ve always wanted to be able to feel that way in life. I loved Susan’s blog today. Great reminder to know what’s important and honor our need for self care.

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    1. Kaitlyn

      That’s a great mantra Melintha… I have all the time in the world. I like that.

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  44. Dyanna

    WONDERFUL Susan! So glad I don’t have to worry about you anymore! Love you so so much. Dyanna

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  45. Jeannie

    Cute top!

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  46. Anne

    Hi Sue, thank you very much for this vlog. You were the VOICE and the FACE and the mother of BLE the last years. And this ist so important when you are giving birth to a project like this. Just let me share an impression I hade watching your video. Wouldn’t it be great to show the world that this great project not even has a mother but, aunts, oncles, friends? Maybee there are peoples who can help you promote your baby? For me it would be great to hear from others as well. And this baby has a strenght and pronounced caracter and others can perhaps make a spot on part that baby doesn’t show to mam? Love!

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  47. Marilyn

    You rock, Susan! Thank you. Everything you shared went straight to my heart, and your suggestions for how to pull in the reins and still have your life function were excellent.

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  48. Lura

    What timing! I have reached the same conclusion this week! I just have to figure out why I can’t seem to take the first step and get started for real. Finished all the getting ready videos and started the getting started videos but couldn’t write down what I was going to eat the next day. Hopefully by canceling some things I’ll find the ease to go forward. Thanks for passing on your epiphany!

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    1. Sue

      I put off starting, too, and finally just plunged in before even reading the book. To be honest, after 2 months of following the food guidelines, I quit the journaling and nonfood stuff when it became a burden. I’m able to stick to the guidelines without planning my meals (while making sure the right foods are available to choose from). My weight is down 25# and the pounds are coming off at a slow but steady rate. This approach won’t work for most people but it does for me. Good luck on your journey.

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  49. Gwen

    Personally, I’m fascinated by her collar bones, so Susan can show them aaaallll she wants! Beautiful comments, Devon!

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  50. Heather

    Love this so much. Thank you.

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  51. Janice

    This was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing and being open. I am sure it touched a lot of people. It has only been 2 months for me but my life has truly changed through following the BLE. The book and 14 day challenge was so invaluable and I know that it was an answer to prayer. I have reached a weighti never thought I could reach ever again. And all the blogs and videos continue to encourage and help us grow even more in all areas of our lives. This isn’t just about an eating plan. It’s about a life change and freedom and knowing ourselves and living a better life. Your blogs help us to do that. Thank you. You have a platform to reach so many. I am so blessed to be part of it all.

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  52. Arden Detweiler

    😃 great insights Devon.

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  53. Arden Detweiler

    😃 great insights Devon.

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  54. Arden Detweiler

    What are you trying to say?i think it’s strange that you would choose to offer this albeit well intentioned advice after a vlog that has nothing to do with appearance. Trust that Susan and her team have ghses vlogs well managed….including her appearance. She is a radiant woman.

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  55. Arden Detweiler

    What are you trying to say?

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  56. Emily O'Dea

    As a health coach I see the problems caused by rushing- it is the epidemic of our times and is culturally reinforced. Sitting down for 3 meals a day undistracted is often the first challenge for my clients. To start with I do not worry too much about the content of the food, just focus on getting the rhythm established. It can take many steps to get to this point but when they do, many other of their life problems resolve and they are then in a position to tweak the content of their food. I love the honesty of this video and you make such a good point very well. Thank you.

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  57. Sherrie

    Thank you. I’m left with my own question about how I can change my narrative. A great idea for all of us to explore. I would love to hear more from you on this deep topic.

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  58. Paul Beauliey

    Quiet blessings and peace. With gratitude.

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  59. Joan

    First clog for me, just starting with bright line eating and I truly appreciate the work and research you have done and your willingness to share your journey. I love the freedom this program provides as my world seems to revolve around what we would be eating for our I will have it written down, measured, etc. huge time saving and hope to have more me time now. Thank you

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  60. Arden Detweiler

    Bravo for you Susan. Great, great insights. We love you more than BLE…..I think I am speaking for us all😊 i was so happy for YOU with these insights that now I have to listen with ME in mind. Greatwords of wisdom lady!!!!!!!and that dress is gorgeous on you!

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  61. dink

    has Susan employed you as a wardrobe consultant?

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    1. Gwen

      It’s getting snarky in here ladies! Slow Down, be mindful of our words (oh, how Important they are), Breathe. Praise God, he chose to make each and every one of of us different, tho similar, and different strokes for different folks. Free will, tho choices we don’t have to make without him.
      If you saw My wardrobe, at My age, you’d croak. But, I believe I gotta do what I gotta do for Me and I’m okay with it First! Love yall !
      Very grateful to have heard this message this morning. Thank You!

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  62. Bev

    This program is too strict for me.

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    1. Gwen

      Do you have a ‘next plan’ Bev?

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  63. Almas Taufiq

    Awesome, as always! And the best part is, you come across as truly genuine. 👍

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  64. Stefi

    Love this vlog Susan !! Agreed!! ENOUGH!! You go girl!! 🤗

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  65. Stefi

    Are you freaking kidding? Her neckline is fine!! If she did as you suggest she’d have her bosom hitting your face on camera!!

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  66. Sathyaprakash


    Reply ·
    1. Arden Detweiler


      Reply ·
    2. Gwen

      Money?? Care to expound, for we who are obtuse? Thanks!

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  67. Valerie Wilkinson

    Dear Shining Light,Susan, sharing the path with us, thank you for your heartfelt and mindful blog.
    When I learned and found and fell into what you learned, I had felt the need for some key words:
    “” is what I got. I probably shouldn’t tell you about it, because they do not encourage proselytes and promotion. They are the International Institute of Not Doing Much, and please don’t tell them I told you. Thank you from spacious world of hammocks and reading books comfortably and so on.

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  68. Cynthia Fleming

    Your blog brought a lump to my throat. I feel that what you have “birthed” into the world with BLE has saved my life and my sanity and will help millions eventually. But, more importantly, it is made twice as effective in my opinion by the authenticity you bring to the project. You don’t try to hide your human failings and that vulnerability is such a strength and so inspiring. The “slow down” message is so relevant for me. The “don’t multi-task and eat” message is spot on. You have hit the nail sqare on. So, I have decided that along with my placemat and cloth napkin I am going to light a candle as part of my food time to remind me of the sacred time of self- healing with my food. Thank you for a great vlog!

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  69. Anna Maria

    This was great insight. I have been thinking the same, that I am rushing through my life, and I love the idea of finding that one habit that matters to me that will let me know if I’m rushing or not. For me I think it might be writing in my journal. If I take 15 minutes to write in my journal every day, there is no way I could be rushing.

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  70. Emily

    This was a great vlog. Thank you. I hear you. I have recommitted myself to slowing down these past six months and it is amazing. I’ve been eating with bright lines since the end of July and I love it. I lost 20 pounds in the first 7 weeks. Then I got diagnosed with breast cancer in September and have had one major surgery and two smaller surgeries (in less than 4 weeks). My body is finally tired. 🙂 But I have stuck to my bright lines 95% of the time through this. I eat a perfect breakfast and lunch every day. I have struggled with dinner: either not being able to eat the extra 6 oz of veggies, or maybe having a bite of something out of bounds before dinner, or adding extra avocado… just not perfect about dinner. I get tired of salads…. how do you do it for 14 years straight? I’ve gained 4 pounds. But I am not going to stop. I love how I feel and I still want to lose about another 15 pounds. Slowing down to allow my body to heal (before I begin radiation soon) is important for me. I’m healing from a double mastectomy and reconstruction, lymph node surgery, and a third surgery to repair a burn. But I believe my recovery has been so good due to my bright lines. I love weighing my food; it makes me feel so happy! It has made a big difference for me–knowing the boundaries. Thank you so much! Love your honesty. It’s refreshing.

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    1. Gwen

      God Bless you for your tenacity and wonderful attitude! You did a great thing for yourself. It’s like God was preparing you for the trial you had ahead. And look how you are on this side of it! I Know you’ll persevere with your health. Yes, you have more ahead, but you’ve already been preparing; Susan is reinforcing! You keep forging right ahead, Emily. Someone else is going to need your experience expertise to know they’re not alone. You’re Happy!! It’s wonderful! Many, many blessings.

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  71. Christi Wallander

    Very sweet vlog. You’re scrumptious, real , motivating. You are simply heart-felt with what you say. I’m going to apply the slow down to my driving, which has become more and more frantic. Thank you Susan

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    1. Arden Detweiler

      I like this one! Nice note Christi!😊

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  72. Louise Marinier

    Wow! This is totally fantastic! It is nice to see you taking over your time and allowing to get out of too much business and, saying no to some activities or invitations that are not essential right now. Congrats and thank you for giving a good example to all of us. Hugs

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  73. carol perfect

    Great vlog, Susan! I was getting worried about you with so much going on in your business. Accolades and money don’t replace family time so glad you will hopefully take more time with the family. Their memories are going to be of the time you spent with them. I worked 3-4 jobs off and on supporting myself and son for about 10 years but I was able to stop at the end of the day to be with my son and we took road trips all over the United states each year, one was am 8-state/8,000 miles…memories. Make them. 🙂
    Glad you are taking time for yourself as well. My junk food life before BLE I transferred to my son, and I hope your children can feel they can eat without being restricted.
    You are a great presenter and of all the health messages I have heard over the last year, yours are the best for me so thank you!
    Keep the effort going to relax more and enjoy yoirself and your family! 🙂

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  74. Maria Carnibella

    Ever so grateful to hear your honest raw expresion.
    Im going to start right now to be less busy…in a super relaxed state of mind.
    Thank you Susan..
    You are amazing!!!

    Reply ·
  75. Jack

    I’m sorry your giving up on the boot camp thing. I didn’t attend but I was hopeing to convince my wife to sign up. I gave her your book but I can’t get her to read it. I read it and have lost40 plus pounds on the way to 80 ! Maybe when I weigh less than her I’ll be able to atleast talk her into reading the book.
    Last week I cheeted and ate a box of Zebra cakes (13 oz ) and it made me sick to my stomach.Eating right changes you. I can’t take all that sugar any more.

    Reply ·
    1. Arden Detweiler

      She’s not giving up on “the boot camp thing”. Where did you get that idea?

      Reply ·
  76. Barb Grey

    Boy-oh-boy, I’m relatively new to retirement, but I was caught up in the busy-busy mindset for so long during my career similar to how you described it. I could totally feel it again. So happy for you to be changing your story. I was worried about you, too!!! You really had a great epiphany and pivoted beautifully!!! Love you!

    Reply ·
  77. Roxann from Michigan

    Susan, I give you a lot of credit for being so real and so down to earth, even though you have been the most busy lady that I know of…lol. I mean, sometimes people get so caught up in their busy lifestyle, they can’t seem to put their feet on the ground anymore.
    I noticed the deep sigh as you told us about going to have the pampering . I would too! You so deserve a break from time to time, just like the rest of us.
    Thank you for sharing this turn of events in your life. I find you very interesting, loving, kind, generous and just a lovely person in general, and I haven’t even met you yet 🙂

    Reply ·
  78. Rebecca Henson

    I’m so happy to hear that you will still be coming to the conference in San Diego! I am a Registered Dietitian and a big fan of yours and I can’t wait to see you there. I have referred a few of my clients to you & one is taking your Boot Camp right now. Thank you for “taking the time” to do what you do and most importantly be sure to take care of yourself so that you can do this for many many more years to come.

    Reply ·
  79. Kelly

    Great vlog. Advice we all need to follow. You mentioned you were going to move. Please move to the Dallas area so I can apply to be your assistant. I know I would be perfect for the job but live in Texas!

    Reply ·
  80. Angela Cook

    Thank you, Susan –I am just beginning the BLE journey with my husband, and needed the reminder to give myself permission to say: “I’m not that busy” (even though I feel that there is far too much to do all the time). Blessings for you as you savor the moments of your life!

    Reply ·
  81. Nancy

    Great. Vlog. !!

    Reply ·
  82. Deanna Storms

    Your hair looks really cute Susan! You sound more relaxed!

    Reply ·
  83. Jacqueline Hilton

    A wonderful vlog–it is a soulful message to all of us. We can all benefit from the wisdom of slowing down and savoring life’s moments, big and small. Pause and remember that there are no butterflies or flowers in the fast lane of life.

    Reply ·
  84. Terry

    I love the way you are so open and speak about your own problems which we all experience also. You are there to help us and in the meantime we are also helping you. Thanks for everything.

    Reply ·
  85. Eileen Lass

    Susan, this is wonderful! I’d like to recommend the best book I’ve read in 25 years (besides the Bible). It’s called Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives by Richard Swenson. So much wisdom, so much life, so much peace! I’m your proofreader from beautiful Central Virginia and I have twelve children, ages 33 to 13 (the last being twin daughters!). In fact, MY first book will be called “Margin for Mothers” because if a mother of twelve can carve out margin in her life, I think I have a message to share!

    Reply ·
    1. Gwen

      Amen Eileen! You certainly Do have a message. Will be looking forward to it! Get busy. Or not! Just one page at a time and they all stack up!!
      P.S. LOVE Virginia! Have much family still there. My parents met in Blacksburg when my dad was going to VaTech!
      Great place to write your first book!

      Reply ·
  86. Ronna Berezin

    Excuse spelling: Farewell

    Reply ·
  87. Ronna Berezin

    Hooray! You’ve said fRewell to ‘busynomics”! Ronna Berezin. Thx for sharing

    Reply ·
  88. Maureen

    Oops! Vlogs not blogs!! 😉

    Reply ·
  89. Maureen

    Love you Susan! I think a lot of people say yes to too many things because we don’t want to let anyone down. That’s such a common trait of a perfectionist. I definitely have a hard time saying no but I honestly think it can sometimes be more uplifting and empowering to say no than to feel the weight of saying yes to too many people and feeling totally exhausted and overwhelmed. When that happens we tend to snap at those close to us. There’s nothing wrong with having a little bit of spare time and some “me” time! We need to give ourselves permission to say “sorry but I can’t”, and truly be at peace with that. It’s not easy but it will make our lives calmer and less stressful. Speaking of calm, I’ve said this before but your voice is so soothing I wish you’d record a meditation session.

    Love your blogs and look forward to every one! You’re an inspiration!

    Reply ·
  90. Ella

    Susan-if you’re going to San Diego get a hepatitis A vaccine first. Wash your hands A lot! Enjoy the beautiful weather with peace of mind.

    Reply ·
    1. Gwen

      A Hep A vac because of going to San Diego in particular or in general!?? Inquiring minds…

      Reply ·
  91. Amy

    You’re my hero!
    I feel so happy for you that you were able to notice this and start slowing down. Yes you are right – we all do worry about you.
    I am so relieved that you are going to feel the free that you taught us to feel! You deserve this!!!
    I feel like you are my long-lost best friend from childhood because so many of your stories are mine as well.
    I’m just so happy for You!
    Much love so much love!!!
    Thank you for being you!!!

    Reply ·
  92. JoAnn Campbell-Rice

    Really appreciated this concept that because I’m such a 10+ my food being in order is essential to my life being right. I’ve been wonky and off for the past couple weeks and it’s out of integrity and time to come on back. I also know that I need more support and just committed with my mastermind group to text them each night about following all the bright lines. That should really help. As always, your clarity and openness is tremendously helpful. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  93. Lisa

    Thanks for reminder. I get to choose my narrative. Akways.

    Reply ·
  94. Jeanne Fontaine

    Cudos to you, Susan. You are an inspiration to us all, not only because of your weight loss success or for your recovery from a tumultuous youth, but you exemplify humility and sincere caring for others. I feel very blessed to have connected with you through this program and I hope to get to know you even more personally as I journey towards a life that is Happy, Thin and Free!

    Reply ·
  95. Michele

    Susan, this week’s blog goes along with the current book I am reading by Glynis Whitwer – Doing Busy Better. You might enjoy it as well. It confirms your thoughts and gives practical tips on making a calmer lifestyle happen.

    Reply ·
    1. Arden Detweiler

      I just ordered it for my kindle as per your suggestion. It is a great book! Thank you!

      Reply ·
  96. Judith Gisser

    Good for you! Words that spoke to me the most: “Change the way you talk about your life.” and “Build ease into each day.” Been thinking along similar lines. Intend to do that myself. Thank you!!

    Reply ·
  97. Gina Heese

    That was SUCH A GREAT VLOG! Such good advice. Thank
    You SPT!

    Reply ·
  98. Karen

    Thank you for this information. I needed to hear this at this time..My brightline have been broken this crazy pass week and half. The pep talk about saying no is a must . Thank you so much I needed to hear this.

    Reply ·
  99. Dianna Blakley

    I thought of this while listening to you:

    What I Learned From My Semi-Orgasmic Birth

    by Teray Garchitorena Kunishi, ND | Dec 13, 2016 Since then I’ve reflected on the factors that made a scary and potentially painful event not only bearable, but transcendent. I’m sharing this with you because it applies to the difficult, destructive experience you might be having right now, on the road to transformation.
    Here’s what I learned from my semi-orgasmic birth:

    1. What you tell yourself about the experience matters. Suggestions to replace the word “pain” with “intensity”, and “contractions” with “surges” felt awkward at first, but it allowed my mind to create different assumptions about birth.
    2. Practicing relaxation comes in really handy when you need it. More than a feeling, relaxation is a skill that can be learned by repetition.
    3. Expand your concept of what is possible. Years ago I learned about orgasmic birth – something I never even knew existed. Seed planted.
    4. Have a plan, then let go. Trust that you can respond to anything that needs to happen.
    5. Recruit allies who support you. I had a doula for emotional help, an OBGYN to make sure we were medically safe, and my husband as a reassuring presence.
    6. When you release fear, anxiety turns into exhilaration.

    If you’re going through deep challenges right now, I invite you to question your assumptions about how you’re supposed to feel.

    Without judging or minimizing your genuine experience, is there a space where you can breathe into it, or float above it in such a way that you remain anchored to it, but it doesn’t overwhelm you.

    Love you and BLE, Dianna

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Awwww! I love Dr. Teray! She’s a dear friend. I’d never read this before. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      Reply ·
  100. Cheryl Fogg

    Thank you for sharing on such a deeply personal level on such an important topic. As a type A I learned to slow down years ago but I’m new to Bright Lines and was glad to hear the two concepts combined. I’m also thrilled to learn about Ocean’s movement as I’m a 14 month breast cancer survivor who uses a very healthy diet as part of my daily work to keep the cancer gone. Thanks so much for the great, healthy work that you’re doing. I really appreciate you.

    Reply ·
  101. Joseph

    This one blew me away Susan! Thank you!

    Reply ·
  102. Mariah Perkins

    Lovely! Lovely! Very mindful, and heartfelt, and real. Thanks.

    Reply ·
  103. François

    I am glad you learned to say no before the burnout. I didn’t, but it’s ok now. 🙂
    Great dress bye the way ! It seems fit for the occasion. 🙂

    Reply ·
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