Granting Authority

Once we fall into a pattern of breaking our Bright Lines periodically, it can be remarkably hard to stop. How do we break this cycle? Watch this week’s vlog to find out.


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  1. Sheila Wingate

    You go Girl! No one gets to dictate what you deem beneficial for yourself!

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  2. Kathy Flanery

    I would just like to get on with this 😜

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  3. Kathy Flanery

    I just want to get on with it 😜

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  4. Dharmini Casey

    Another great vlog! Thank you for differentiating between a full life and an overwhelmingly busy life. For me that is the differentiation between “what” and “how”. I may still have some things I need to do but how I approach it matters . And saying no can be an enjoyable experience . As a mindfulness teacher focusing on stillness and using the breath to calm and soothe, I believe are core elements to my sanity. Can only do that when I slow down. The conscious awareness of the need for stillness and to slow down – – so essential. Really great message. I also really appreciated you talking about your bright lines /eating as the keystone to a feel good life , a peaceful life . For those of us high on the susceptibility scale I think that really needs to be articulated . I would suggest that’s across-the-board for everyone who’s high on the susceptibility scale. Really great info thank you!

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  5. Laura

    OMG Susan!! Thanks so much for this Vlog. I am a BLE Oct 2015 boot camper and I have /had released 70 pounds and then started blurring my lines this time last year. I have been struggling for months to get back on track but my weight kept creeping up (about 14 pounds). I did a 14 day challenge and that helped. Then I watched your vlog and asked a dear friend who I trust and respect to receive my daily food plan each morning and a check in with a success percentage each night. This is day 4 back on track. I feel happy and free again and thin isn’t too far away and I totally know I’ll get there because I’ve done it before. Thanks to you, BLE, and my dear friend.

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  6. Angiela

    I’ve been on the 14 day books camp and have onl lost one pound. I’m on day 11. I feel so much better but the weight is still there . Is this normal?

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  7. Sue

    This really answered a lot of issues for me. In our lives, teachers have authority and doctors have authority and parents for some of our lives have authority, without question. For me , now I am an adult, it depends on how important authority over myself is at the time. This is really adding a dimension to BLE that I need. I really want to listen and take action. Thankyou Susan.

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  8. Lis

    Thank You Susan,
    I love Your video’s and vlog the honesty, the wisdom, the reflection the presence, the feeling of being talk to as an equal person,🙏🙏🙏😊❤️,
    Touch my heart,
    All the best to You and your team, your all doing fantastic

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  9. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Interesting vlog, Susan. I had an interesting conversation with my psychoanalyst today. I told her that my mouth has its own life when it comes to bingeing. It eats by itself. And she replied: “imagine that your hand starts liking getting into other people’s purses. Would you tell people, Sorry, it´s my hand! I can’t control it! ” Clearly not. I am as responsible for my mouth as I am for my hand. I am in authority, I am responsible.

    I have a buddy, several groups, on whatsapp, in facebook, in English, in Spanish. And then… I binged today. I know, all this is contradictory. I can´t understand either.

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  10. Tina

    This Is my second round with BLE. I am someone who has a strong adverse reaction to being told what to do., and, consequently, reaching out for support. That said I am also driven to overcome my addiction’s. I am 31 years clean from drugs , almost 5 years sober, and my food addictions are the strongest of the three. When I stopped drinking, I went to one AA meeting and then decided I would do it solo. Cocaine combined with severe depression had me at in patient rehab for 8 weeks. These were both addictions I could never imagine overcoming!
    Now I’m facing food! I have spent my life worrying about my weight. And, like most of you, I’ve lived my life dieting. So the switch in mind set from diet(Short term commitment) , to BLE (forever commitment), is enormous.
    When I watched this video, my heart started racing with anxiety. Do I have to ask for someone else to help me do what I need to do to succeed? Am I capable of giving authority to someone over me? I don’t think so….. I’m just not that person. So by the end of the video I realized that I have always been my own higher power, and I have to make a choice: give in to needing another person to tell me not to make bad choices or be that authority over myself.
    Is a box of cookies stronger than I am? That thought had me imagining little cartoon characters of my food demons dancing around me, a full size human, saying “We are in control”. That made me laugh and started the road to gaining the empowerment to be stronger than those boxes of cookies, and home baked cakes. I am authority. But it’s good to know you are all out there as your travels have given me a road map.. thank you for that

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  11. Arden

    Hi Susan, I do not believe you mentioned that you were doing the 10 day water fast as having anything to do with the Hashimoto’s disease that you have. That would’ve been helpful. I think that if you’re going to do a fast like that you should keep it among your team and not tell the general audience about it because there are too many weaknesses having to do with food restriction out there already. It threw me off , Although I am OK today having resumed. I think the issue is that I am sold on your program, think it is the best thing out there and when I heard your flag I got the impression that that is not what you think anymore . I don’t think you want any of us fasting. To tell you the truth I was pretty worried about you. You don’t have a lot of weight on you to mess around with and I don’t want you thrown over into some kind of a restrictive eating mode that would be unhealthy for you. Nothing, including bright line eating is worth your Health. We love you Susan and I personally think your material is fantastic and it is working for me. Please address the reason that you did the 10 day fast perhaps on another blog so that people don’t get the impression that this is OK for them. Love you and all you do for us.

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  12. Katie

    Thanks Susan, this is something I’ve been thinking about too. My problem is I don’t feel accountable to anyone, not my MM group, not my buddies, not even you. What can we do to shore up our program if we don’t feel accountable to anyone? Part of the issue is that everyone in my BLE circles are so nice and kind and loving and the culture of permission to be human and simply resuming is just too easy for me. I’m a 7 on the SS so I “get away with” a lot, and when my weight creeps up it’s really hard for me to clean up my lines.

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    1. Tina

      I just posted a comment below you. You said what I feel much more succinctly.. thank you.

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  13. Bells

    I am not in the BLE program, therefore do not have access to other BLE-ers (is that a word?) Any ideas of who I can give authority to? I can’t give it to family as they don’t agree with my way of eating (i.e. non-processed whole foods. You read that right, they do not agree with the fact I eat non-processed whole foods). I can’t give it to co-workers, as I am the boss and in my field/position it just isn’t professional to have this personal discussion. All of my friends either eat what they want or are constantly on a diet…and always on cheat days.

    Should I write it in a journal? Should I pray about it? Should I say it out loud so I hear it? Thanks!

    {Regarding water fasts: there is amazing research about the health benefits of this. Perhaps Susan was doing a health boost! I would be more concerned if her vlog was reporting that her BLE was getting a bit wonky…and she used the water fast to make up for it. I appreciate her candor, as it may get others who believe they won’t be able to go back to BLE after a water fast to *not* try it. Conversely it may get others who know about the health benefits of a water fast and hear how it made Susan feel good and want to try it. Go Susan!]

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  14. Linda

    Susan, I wold love to know how your body’s needing more food after the fast relates to what has been called the Starvation Response. Is your body’s basic metabolic caloric use reduced now? I have the same questions about folks in the BLE community that have lost significant weight. Do we know yet whether doing BLE for awhile triggers the body to actually use less energy just to survive? I read every article you linked to regarding fasting ( and many more) and I am left wondering if there is any scientific evidence that the starvation response exists or does not exist? Is it the reduction of calories or the lack of insulin that triggers it?

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  15. Maria

    Wow – the water fasting really brought out some distressing comments! I am sorry, Susan, for this.

    I was really grateful for this vlog topic, because I just experienced something very similar & thought I was just weak or going crazy. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks back, and as I had listened to your previous vlog about water fasting I thought “well, during my prep I can’t (won’t) eat jello or fruit juice or whatever else the list gives as permissible for the prep, so I’ll just try a water & green tea fast and see how it goes.” Ack! What it did for me was very similar as what it did to you – my brain & my body started working OVERTIME as soon as I came home to try to make up for the days I didn’t eat. And once I started eating I felt afraid and sure that I was never going to be able to stop, and alternately repulsed at the thought of eating at all. And I’ve just been in really strange head space since then. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this too, but it makes me feel better that it wasn’t just me. And grateful that I now see that water fasting wouldn’t really in the long run help me on my journey.

    Thanks for being vulnerable, Susan. I appreciate it greatly.

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  16. sharen

    Hi Susan, I’m assuming you continued on thyroid meds [if you’re on them] during the fast?
    I’d love to know if thyroid antibodies decreased.
    I enjoyed you on Izabella Wentz’s interveiws!

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  17. Hope Williams

    This came at just the right time, I am following a ketogenic plan and most of the time hunger is not an issue. Just lately it has crept in again’t. Your authority idea makes sense to me. Grateful thanks Hope

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  18. Hope Williams

    This came at just three right time, I am following a ketogenic plan and most of the time hunger is not an issue. Just lately it has crept in again’t. Your authority idea makes sense to me. Grateful thanks Hope

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  19. Helga

    Yes yes yes. This vlog hit the nail on the head for me. As a bright lifer and in my second year I have slipped around on the lines and found it difficult to keep my resolve and resume and stay there. I need to give authority to someone and recommit. I did give authority to God but not to a person or people. I have joined the newest bootcamp and have given authority to it and the others who are doing it. I do not want to let them down or myself. I do not want to be left behind. I want to get to goal. I want to be on maintenance. I want to be in the sustainable goal weight group. I want to be accountable. Thank you Susan for your words of wisdom.

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  20. Laura

    I’ve done 3, 5, and 14 day water fasts. I once even did a 30 day fast for spiritual reasons. Each time, I came out cleaner and healthier than when I went in. There’s significant positive research on fasting, not to mention eons of historical data about religious fasting. IT CLEANS YOUR BODY OF TOXINS IN A WAY NOTHING ELSE CAN.
    Thank you for braving the storm of reactionary fear-based opinions and telling us your experience.
    Your are my hero!

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  21. Carol

    Susan – Definitely a thought provoking vlog. I love BLE for the community and camaraderie. Personally I’m resistant to granting the authority to anyone. When I listen to your coaching calls and hear you telling people what to do, I’m always astounded when they grant you authority and do it. I’m sure it’s because I had a very authoritative father, that I have this reaction. I just want to say, that it’s because I can break my bright lines and always be welcomed back, that has me saying “BLE is the program for me”, otherwise I’d probably be in FA.
    Thanks for creating and leading this amazing community and tribe!

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  22. Paula/San Diego

    Susan – Thank you for your VLOG. I likely will not ever do a fast for several days let alone 10 days! This takes a lot of courage in my view, so kudos to you for sharing your experiences. Even though I’m in a period of not much success (I’ve lost 20 lbs and have another 100 to go,) I am still holding on to continuing with BLE as this is the only way that I’ve been able to change my eating habits in a major way. I still have some NMD and NMF but compensate with adjustments to any other meals during the day to keep my calories in line. Some days are better than others. Seems like I’ve always been a slow starter, so keeping this aspect of my character in my consciousness! Life has always been and continues to be a learning experience! Best to you!

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  23. Donna

    One of Susan’s most powerful character traits is that she is transparent. We have all benefited from her past experiences and lessons learned, both painful ones and beneficial ones. The concept of fasting is such a scary thing for so many, but it is a practice/discipline that has been around for a very long time, especially for spiritual purposes. Now they know that it also can provide wonderful health benefits. I personally know people that have done extended water fasts, and it was very beneficial to them. Susan is not a newbie to BLE, she has been walking this walk for a long time. I am pretty sure that this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision to try. The very thing that we love about Susan…her transparency, her willingness to be real and share her life experiences so we can learn and benefit from them…is why she shared this with us. Some of her past experiences speak to me more than others. I’m a little surprised at some of the strong reactions being posted here. Susan is not our god, she is a human being that has a journey to walk just like we do. Her walk is not going to be perfectly in alignment with what we think it should be…and our walk is not going to be perfectly in alignment with what others think it should be. While this experience of Susan’s may not be something you can relate to, I guarantee you that it was helpful for others. If you’ve ever heard a vlog, been on a coaching or accountability call, etc…you know that Susan is full of grace in regards to our challenges and differences. May we be also.

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  24. Daphne

    As always Susan your vlog is very interesting! I would like to continue the conversation you started by admitting that I have an issue with authority. I feel accountable to certain people but I don’t think I give authority to anyone. So if someone needs something from me I will be accountable to that person but when I “commit” to what I will eat next day to someone, I don’t see why I should stick to my commitment since that doesn’t alter anything in the well being of the other person. Furthermore it actually annoys me to be “checked” by someone else. It is also very possible that I will do the exact opposite of what I’m expected to do just to prove my “free will”. It is childish behaviour, but it also is to strong to let it go. Any suggestions?

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  25. SUE BLUM

    OMG, what happened to being a warm, accepting, non-judgmental BLE community? No one seemed bothered by the hypocrisy that a woman who touts weighing food so as to consume exactly the correct amount was personally going without. Instead Susan was harangued for choosing to try a 10 day water fast. Perhaps not the wisest decision, but it won’t kill you. Folks with food issues are always aghast at the mere THOUGHT of not enough food. Oh pleeze…ENOUGH. Our problem is the opposite: eating too MUCH. I personally benefitted from hearing her story, for it revealed that even after all these years, Susan still struggles with food issues – as we all do. Show some love.

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  26. Catriona

    Why are so many people giving Susan such a hard time over fasting? How can she be true to herself and us if she becomes so automated in her life, as some expect her too, that she no longer researches things. Remember she is first and foremost an academic, research is in her blood. She is not telling her followers to fast, but explaining how she felt doing it. I’ve had a really hard time planning and sticking to the 3 meals a day bright line, because I too have some health issues, and I’m not a big veggie person. But working with my doctor I now have solved my problem, and I’m not recommending this for others, just explaining. I make my own green juices, and smoothies have a 16 oz. glass 2ce a day and follow BLE bright lines for dinner. The smoothies give me all the fibre I need, the juice at times when I’m feeling bloated., and I’ve never felt better. Please don’t let some people’s criticism stop you Susan, from continuing your research. If you never allow yourself to speak about how you feel, and what you are researching, that may or may not help, you may as well just do pre-recorded messages stating over and over the bright line way of living. I for one am more interested in your intelligence and humanity. Keep up the good work!

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  27. Jennifer

    Your blog was very helpful to me, as I’m getting started. I started the Bootcamp during a difficult and very busy time for me, so I’m doing the best I can! I’m hoping that you leave the videos up there, as I haven’t had time to watch the ones for Week 1 yet, but want to.

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  28. Sandy

    I do not think there is anyone to whom I would give this kind of authority. I like BLE and it has helped me enormously but this is one component that I can’t relate to. I have a strong sense of independence and just do not like the concept of this kind of authority.

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  29. Carolyn

    I always enjoy reading the comments posted from my BLE family . The diversity in thinking and perspective intrigues me. I am a Bright Lifer who highly respects the vulnerability that Susan exposes when she shares on such a deeply personal level … it takes courage. Years ago I heard someone comment that … “if you want to reach the people, you have to be a people”. To me, that statement says it all. Susan is a people. She has fought in the trenches with us and climbed the mountains with us. There is so much for us to learn, feel and embrace, when we take our blinders off and allow ourselves to experience the miracle of a change in our perspective.

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  30. cheryl coan

    You go girl, if you want to fast for 20 days it’s no one’s concern but yours. Somethings are better left unsaid sometimes.

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  31. Cat W

    This is just a suggestion for those as hard headed as I am. I understand losing yourself bit by bit when you don’t follow through on a variety of things and so eating just adds to it. This is my second boot camp and the first week I just had a temper tantrum or panic attack or I don’t know what but proceeded to eat more junk food in that one week than I probably have in 6 months. Put on 3 pounds the first week. I have no one else to do this for but me and so failing again. Then a young co-worker informed me that her doctor just told her that if she didn’t get her diabetes under control she would be on dialysis in less than 2 years. She just turned 23. I reached out to her and offered to be accountability partners with her. I’ve gently tried to guide her in the past without being too pushy. Now our commitment to each other is no flour, sugar or fast food. We are both on night shift (mine 12 hrs and hers 8 hrs) so fast food can become a staple in that lifestyle. I seemed unable to do it for myself but I have restarted here. For those out there like me who couldn’t seem to do it for themselves, maybe the accountability needs to be to help lead someone else who has way more to lose than you if they fail and they could use you as an example.

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  32. Suzi from Arizona

    Susan, you are one of the bravest people I know. Thank you for telling us that long term water fasting is dangerous for us who have food addiction if not fully supervised. Research shows that fasting has monumental benefits. So I commend you for wanting to get your Hashimoto’s under control. (Ps. You didn’t mention if your numbers have improved since you started filtering your water.) You are so lucky to have such a great supporting buddy, but if I was ever going to try it, I wouldn’t do it on my own, I’d find a professional to work with, especially when getting back on food. For now I’m sticking to BLE 3 meals within a 8 hour window. It’s called intermittent fasting, which also has tremendous research endorsing health benefits. Thanks again for putting yourself out there and being so brave!

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  33. Robin

    Susan, your vlog is Right On and demonstrates a tell-it-like-it-is wisdom that your hard won sobriety brings. With mixed feelings I dropped out of Boot Camp this week. A cluster of evidently cherished excuses and “character defects” make me isolated, stubborn, unaccountable and (ouch) evidently unwilling. I could not commit to myself or any body else enough to even reach Day One behaviors and commitments. All y’all, listen to Susan. I wish you well.

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    1. Paula/San Diego

      Hey Robin – I am experiencing a lot of what you wrote about (special coffee NMD’s) but what I’ve done is compensate with my food by reducing my calories in other areas. Now granted, I’ve maintained my weight loss since the boot camp in June (within about 3 lbs, up and down and still very far from goal weight,) but I know that I have a very difficult time with being accountable to anyone, including myself (we all have issues, eh?). Please don’t give up on BLE because you will find a way to make it work for yourself, for some of us these things take a bit longer. Once I’m able to find a job I believe life will be a bit easier, I’m just doing my best to be what I can be for this moment in time. I found the brain power ONCE to do BLE, I will find it again. Best to you (and anyone else in this same type of position!)

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  34. Suzi from Arizona

    What I know about my behavior is that there needs to a consequence. And that consequence is different for each person. Some times the shame of going to your buddy and saying “l messed up.” is enough of a consequence not to stray from your bright lines. But for me, it’s money. If I mess up I give $20 to my buddy. She can do whatever with the money. At first she was hesitant, but I told her that if taking the money made her uncomfortable that she could buy me a really nice Christmas present. We speak every day and if i messed up, no judgement on her part, just “you owe me 60 bucks this week or what ever the amount is… believe me when that number gets large I really start paying attention! We meet on Tuesdays for lunch and that’s when I pay her my fines. I pay her in $5 bills and I have to count out the money into her hand. The first week it was really tough, there were a lot of bills. The second week was more about my addiction, but there were still fines, not as many. Thankfully. Now there’s hardly any fines. I email my menu to her each evening with a standard subject line so she has it but after all this time I don’t think she reads them. My point is make your own consequence. Eat off your plan and you have to spend an hour cleaning your sister’s house or an extra hour of community service at your favorite charity. It doesn’t have to be about money, these examples are about time. Make it a consequence you’ll actually do and that has meaning for you. Good luck!

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  35. Renata

    I enjoyed this week’s topic especially that I am one of those people who has a hard time sticking to my food plan lately and committing to others has not worked. I don’t know if I am able to give that authority to anyone but the vlog made me stop and think what I am doing . I also enjoyed hearing the results of the water fast. I appreciate the honesty and SPT not being afraid to experiment. Susan you continue to be my inspiration!

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  36. Helen Spingola

    That 10-day water fast sounds dangerous to say the least. Wasn’t the 3-day fast enough??

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  37. Valentina Tkachuk

    Thank you Susan for this vlog. It really hit home for me as I keep breaking my BL. and rezoom over and over. It was one year ago that I started BL. I’ve lost only 24 lbs and have 20 more to go. I have a buddy and you are correct . . . I haven’t given her authority. I can think of no one else that I would give authority to. I would love to give authority to you. If not you, then someone on your team. I haven’t been able to be part of a Master Mind group (living in Canada). I almost want to quit because I’m so angry with myself. I know BL is for me. I feel great when I do it. I feel physically sick when I break it. Help!

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  38. Beth K.

    I loved this vlog! And, Susan, I love that you are ALWAYS ao open and upfront with us all! Please don’t change!

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  39. Jan

    I used to be able to forward certain vlogs that I felt would benefit my daughters and now I can’t see how to do that. Are we not able to forward anymore?

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  40. Adrienne

    I’m hoping that my daughter will take the two week challenge with me so that we can’support’ each other.
    For me that ‘support’ / accountability goes with the thought that if I fail, not only am I continueing down a road of bad health (arthritis, diabetes ….). But also I am contributing to her poor health.
    I don’t know how well this will work yet? But perhaps keeping the commitment for someone else you care about deeply as well as for youself adds a level of stick-to-it-ness?

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  41. Jennifer Yeo

    Reading through some of these comments I realize we live in such a judgemental society, we don’t know why Susan did a water fast…do we need to know? I’m sure she had her reasons. I am so glad she mentioned this in her vlog because I have experienced something very similar. I had been doing my bright lines for about 3 months with no problems, however because of some personal health issues I chose to do a 30 day cleanse. I look back now and wish I had never done it. It really screwed up my head. Just the thought of being deprived from protein sent me reeling! It was helpful to hear that I was probably having a normal reaction but I have been struggling to get back my bright lines ever sense. Thank you Susan for sharing your experience and the steps I need to take to get back on track.

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  42. Kathleen Hamilton

    We need to remember that Susan has been doing BLE for years. If she wants to try a water fast, and see if that’s compatible with BLE maintenance, that’s up to her. Part of the reason she knows so much is because she’s willing to try things herself, and pass on her experience and research to us. She did post some research and literature about water fasting on a previous blog.

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  43. Alexis

    For me this raises the question of self-authority. How do you coach someone to get from commiting to self through an outside authority, to committing to self directly.
    Thank you for also sharing your water fast story. Great example of why we need to keep away from fads and just eat real food!

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  44. Debra A Rutherford

    Can you address food apathy with the desire to chew? I have noticed that I want to chew but am not hungry. I tell myself to wait 15 minutes several times daily.

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  45. M Willis

    Thanks Susan for your honesty, sharing with us so that we can learn from whatever worked or didn’t work for you, and your way of expressing yourself is wonderful as ever. I found the topic very interesting. It was helpful.

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  46. Lori

    I was listening to this vlog and I could not believe what
    I was hearing. Up until now I felt Susan was such a strong
    and intelligent woman. She’s saying on one hand how
    most of her bootcampers or bright lifers need
    to commit their food to someone who they
    feel has authority. She realized that she is that
    “Authority” for many. She realizes that so many
    people look up to her. On the other hand,
    she is sharing with us about a TEN day fast!!
    We do not need to hear about EVERYTHING
    she does with her restrictions, especially since that
    is not BLE compliant at all. I feel she has way
    too much on her plate right now and this is her
    severe way of trying to control everything !
    I’m very disappointed that her staff did not
    screen this vlog and it was allowed to be
    heard by so many. I found this highly disturbing!!

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      My team has tried to screen my VLOGs and I don’t take too kindly to it. I’m afraid this is a forum for candor and authenticity. 😉

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      1. Sheila Wingate

        You go Girl!!! No one gets to dictate what you deem beneficial for yourself!

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  47. Leslie

    I, too, had a problem when I tried fasting. I was trying to do 2-day per week/400 calorie per day fasting. At first it felt great. I really believe what the science is showing about our cells being in cell-divide mode all the time with our consistently full diets – and needing to enter the cell-clean-up mode to get rid of cell production gone awry. My problem was that I was also trying to use it to loose weight, which sounds like what Susan might have been doing after her ‘quantity bright lines went bad after the 3-day fast while traveling.’ I cannot imagine doing a water-only full 10 day fast. I think that is way too hard on our bodies. After all, we’ve grown up on these steady diets. It’s like saying suddenly, I’m not going to wear shoes any more while running x miles because other people can do it. Well, those other people GREW UP running without shoes. That whole fad simply brought mega business to the podiatrists and physical therapists that had to fix the m (the runners who tried that) after all of the torn/strained Achilles tendons, not to mention the lawyers!

    Fasting should not be a punishment for overeating or a fix-all for whatever ails you. For me, sadly the fasting morphed into a ‘MUST DO TO UNDO THE BAD’ sort of obligation, which only caused me to eat more when I wasn’t fasting. It seemed like the after-hunger got worse each time I did it. I’m afraid to do it again now.

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  48. Kylie

    I don’t understand either why you did a water fast Susan. I thought you were a scientist. You should know it is not healthy to fast for 10 days. There are some theoretical benefits to short term intermittent fasting but it is normally just 24 hours and usually not suitable for fertile women and definitely not suitable for people with a food addiction. It seems to contradict the advice you give in your food freedom videos about never skipping any meals as it messes with your brain and triggers food cravings. It is also not setting a good example for the people in your community. ,

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hi Kylie,

      Check out the articles linked under my water fast VLOG, Kylie. The science is overwhelmingly strong on the benefits of fasting.

      I think it’s super questionable whether it’s advised for a food addict, and that’s where I wanted to get my own first-hand experience.

      With love,

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      1. Shirley J.

        Hi Susan,
        Thank you so very much for this VLOG. You are amazing. So often we look to leaders that we might imitate or emulate them. I have come to realize that we are all just everyday people living and learning; and we learn from everything. Many supporters of fasting will miss how you struggled to return to sane eating and living. Your story is like that of the Prodigal Son. Even after leaving the sanity of BLE and living in the far country of fasting, your accountability partner helped you to return. He met you where you were in your BLE journey. There was no hassle, judgement or condemnation, just acceptance and a willing heart to listen and help. I want one too, an accountability partner willing and able to be like your partner. Gods blessings to you Susan, your accountability partner and your followers.

        Reply ·
  49. Emily

    Thank you, Susan! How did you know this is exactly what I need?!! I feel like you know me oh so well! Here’s a big hug.

    Reply ·
  50. Jules

    I have been slipping with my bright lines – and it is hard to get back on track. However, I don’t trust giving someone authority over me. I suppose it comes from my background. What I am trying to do, however, is to implement more tools – I haven’t used all of the BLE tools yet, so I am going to see if that will help me stick to my bright lines with consistency.

    Reply ·
  51. Betty

    Oh boy! I too, have problems with SPT doing a water fast for TEN days. Why would a woman of her age, with her massive work load at present, having just convinced us that BLE is the way for us, with THREE LITTLE KIDS, put herself through TEN days of fasting, admitting that her brain was left ‘strange’ and was left with difficult food decisions to the point she had to get help from a good friend etc. etc. and stands before us – happy thin and totally NOT FREE. I do not get it, and at present I do not get her. Up til now I have been a total fan – but I think she goes too far – pushing her mind and body to extremes – for what? Has she not proved her point? What IS she trying to prove? Wasn’t a three day water fast enough for her? This is NOT the right time for this kind of physical punishment, when she’s already seeking an assistant to get her through her days! People go into a special ‘retreat’ for this kind of serious fasting What the heck is wrong with Bright Line Eating and what she is teaching us. It’s like “Stop the world, I want to get off”. So alright, already – it’s a personal choice, her choice, and Amen to that. But most of us are just normal human beings. Slow down Susan, slow down. We love you.

    Reply ·
  52. Vel

    Susan, you are simply wonderful. Well done on your honesty. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  53. Donna Plaski

    Hi Susan,

    just curious after listening to this vlog. Why did you choose a water fast over a juice fast? In my own experience, I have done a 5-day water fast at True North and felt “ok” afterwards. I’ve also done a 10-day juice fast and felt “phenomenal” If you don’t mind saying, what led you to choose one over the other?


    Reply ·
    1. Joseph

      There’s a lot of sugar in a glass of fruit juice. Susan doesn’t do sugar. It’s the first no-no in BLE.

      Reply ·
      1. Tish Gallagher

        Susan also does 3 meals a day of weighed and measured food. I think her water fasts send a mixed message -“here are all the rules and reasons for BLE but oh look, now I’m on a water fast”. I do get it but I think it might be difficult for those new to BLE to comprehend. A water fast just seems so opposite our carefully feeding our bodies the right foods in the right quantities every 4-6 hours mentality.

        Reply ·
      2. Nadia

        Most true juice fasts are mainly vegetable juice and low sugar. And though sugar is a no no, it’s still consumed in the form of fruit so 5g of sugar in a juice would not be breaking bright lines, in my opinion anyways.

        Reply ·
  54. Wenda McMahan

    I’m sorry, I love you to the max, Susan, but I think the 10-day water fast was really irresponsible, and I don’t understand why you did it. As a recovering addict … four years sober … I have quite a strong opinion about this.

    Reply ·
    1. Amy Marie

      I didn’t watch the original water fast vlog because I didn’t think that was something I ever wanted to know about; it seemed like a way to abuse food as an anorexic would. I was shocked as I listened to this too, Wenda . Maybe it’s easier to be on the outside but with every story Susan tells, if I were her confidant, I would never recommend she do anything else but BLE–she’s a wildcat. But maybe we care too much because she’s our leader, she’s lovely and smart and the answer to our prayers. IDK.

      Reply ·
  55. Karen Wilt

    I’m on day 2 of the 14 day challenge and am surprised that it’s not as hard as I thought it’d be. My main issue is planning the day before, what I’m going to eat the next day. I’m not a planner, lol. I have, though, been working up to this over the past 2 years by cutting out sugar, doing some detoxes and since the Food Revolution Network seminars and finding you, I’ve gotten much more information that truly ‘set me free’ from other things. This granting authority is very helpful, as many of your ideas in your vlogs are. Thanks for all you do.

    Reply ·
  56. Emily

    Great vlog, Susan. Thank you.
    Love, Emily Neblock

    Reply ·
  57. Nance

    Excellent vlog and very timely. Thank you…I appreciate your openness. Accountability parteners are a great idea and can be our buddy too.

    Reply ·
  58. Josie

    Very timely vlog for me, thanks Susan. After juggling maintenance for a while, things have slowly started slipping here and there just recently. I need to get back on track. Time to find someone to be accountable to!!

    Reply ·
  59. Karen Miller

    I don’t understand why you would want to even do a water fast. Was something in BLE not working? Can you explain?

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hey Karen,

      There’s a large body of science showing HUGE health benefits. I’m curious to see whether my Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism will benefit. I also have lots of people in the Bright Line community asking how to incorporate fasting into their program, and they want to try it because of the health benefits. I never had an informed answer for them, so I thought it was time I tried it myself.

      Hope this helps to clarify,

      Reply ·
      1. Ki

        Apologies if I missed it, but did you talk about the results of your water fast in regards to how/if it affected your Hashimoto’s? I would like to know if fasting influences Hashimoto’s…
        Thanks so much!!

        Reply ·
      2. Andrea

        Just adding my 2 cents. My doctor said OK for a 3-5 day fast. I managed 3 days. Hard but not horrible–no headaches. Actually seemed to help me get back to better bright lines. But I was really concerned about your going 10 days, given your history. Seems really extreme. Did your doctor say this was OK? I will do it again but really can’t see going more than 3-5. And truthfully, I never experienced all the great things that supposedly come from fasting. Maybe 3 days wasn’t long enough but I still can’t envision 10 days. Would love to hear more about your experience but maybe this is not the place. Thanks again for all that you do.

        Reply ·
      3. Jane Mussey

        Susan, I’m also hypothyroid. Interested in how it went. Did you monitor thyroid parameters before, during, after? I’m not convinced that standard testing methods have enough “resolution” or specificity to adequately assess thyroid effects of a 10-day fast. I’d love to resolve my skepticism. How did your thyroid fare? BTW, a few years back I went off replacement tx to see if my thyroid had recovered, after 20-some years on levothyroxine. Sadly, it had not. Perhaps my thyroid is simply “toast” and not affected by further inflammatory events so would not benefit from fasting (assuming the fast reduces inflammation). I have not done thyroid antibody testing. Maybe for me antibody testing would be a moot point. I do pretty well on replacement so have not been encouraged to look further. Wish I had a better delivery method than once-a-day oral levo. I’ve used liothyronine to no effect but perhaps did not stay on it long enough. Hope the fast helped your thyroid. If you want to share , I’d love to know. Thank you for the accountability video!

        Reply ·
  60. Annie

    Why would you want to kill two birds with one stone? There must be a nicer way of saying this is even in English. From Louise Hay I’ve learned to watch my words. And you, being a vegetarian, might maybe think about it, too. Love you.

    Reply ·
    1. Robin

      Annie, I always say “Feed two birds with one scone.” I can’t take credit as I heard it years ago and just loved it! 🙂

      Reply ·
      1. Marah

        Excellent – feed two birds with one scone! Love it! I have also heard “Release two birds with one hand”.

        Reply ·
  61. Liza Schaeffer

    This was actually a bit confusing to me – I am having difficulty reconciling your previous advice that we keep to our commitments to have integrity (to ourselves), and keeping to them based on giving an outside authority power.
    Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Joseph

      Let me try to answer that Liza. You raise two distinct questions. First, how we feel about ourselves is based on how we see ourselves. In the same way that we judge others by what we see them do or don’t do, we judge ourselves. We see ourselves. We know what we said we’d do and we then watch what we do, and when we don’t follow through, we lose some amount of self worth.
      The other question concerns how we go about fulfilling a commitment that we made to ourselves. What we do to get there. If getting there requires help from someone else, we should get that help. Basically, and within reason, whatever it takes works, as long as what we do matches our commitment. Because our integrity, how we see ourselves, depends on it.
      Joseph in Missoula

      Reply ·
      1. vicki

        What a great answer. I love the paragraph. Can I copy it for me? I have a little notebook that I use to boost me. Usually, I don’t go back and read but putting it there, knowing it’s there, gives me a helping hand.

        Reply ·
        1. Bridget

          I do the same thing Vicki. I am copying this paragraph to my document. It is succinct and clear.

          Reply ·
      2. Sally

        I agree that your reply was so nicely worded and helpful! Finding the right type of accountability (one to which you grant authority) is another tool in the toolbox. It helps us meet our commitments to our self.

        Reply ·
      3. Melissa

        Great answer Joe!

        Reply ·
  62. Ana

    Thank you so much! I needed this Vlog. I think that I need to find an accountability partner.

    Reply ·
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