Four Tips for Navigating Halloween

The holidays are upon us. Is your saboteur kicking into high gear? If so, you’re not alone. In this week’s vlog, I offer four key tips to help you make it through the first holiday of the season.


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  1. Hara MADERICH

    This is my 2nd year of holidays and I so appreciated Susan’s recap of what to do. I am hosting a big Halloween bash, a huge Thanksgiving covered dish and New Years Eve!
    I intend to get through the rest of 2018 with my Bright Lines shiny and start next year at goal.
    Happy Holidays everyone!

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  2. Nadya

    I’ve gone to a friends Halloween party for the last decade plus, as she was in a popular street, so had 200-300 ToT kids! So I got the costumes and fun, not the “leftovers” She’s moved to a quieter street, so I may need another option …
    My mom’s doc in the 60s talked about holidays and reentry – she was on crutches from having had polio, and her weight was edging up – he recommended portion control, eating only at meals, cutting way back on desserts, and “budgeting” for holidays (including smaller potions there as well) it worked, for her, and she didn’t go into a wheelchair till 85, with balance (not weight) issues. I remember appreciating his wisdom in talking holidays into consideration.
    Nov 5 is closer to the cross quarter Samhaim, the beginning of the Northern Celtic year (halfway between Equinox and solstice, and in S hemisphere, Beltane)

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  3. Sheryl

    The whole reentry idea makes sense. I hadn’t eaten sugar for a year when I made a homemade coconut cake for my daughter’s birthday party. I didn’t eat it during the party, but when everyone left I had “just a taste”. I thought I deserved it because I had spent hours on the cake and it was expensive. That was enough to end my commitment to being sugar free. I still haven’t recovered.

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  4. Kathy

    Great that you take into account different counties and cultures! Thanks

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  5. Kathy

    Thanks Susan for remembering to talk to non-Americans and those of us living in different cultures and countries!

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  6. Leslie

    I went to my first party/event & I did very well. It was a baby shower & I am so proud of myself. I didn’t know what they’d be serving so I just ate before I got there & packed my meal to eat afterwards. I was tempted for a brief moment to eat something because they had BLE friendly foods. However, I knew it wasn’t the right time to eat so I made the right choice to wait.

    Another interesting thing is that there were creative looking cupcakes there. I didn’t even think about eating them, but I did appreciate the artistic part of them. I was even comfortable listening to the cook talk about how she made them. I felt free from it because it was not my food.

    Thank you Susan for this video, all your research & hard work. I have been trying to get family to get on board but no luck yet. However, they have all been supportive since I have had “the talk” with them.

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  7. Pamela Cole

    Totally doable! This will be year 9 for me. Great practical tips in this vlog.

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  8. Joan Miller

    I have not started the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp as of yet, but my first day will be on Monday. I am lucky that we don’t have to worry about the candy around our place for Halloween since we live way out in the country. I loved listening to your video because everything that I have heard so far is helping me to overcome my issues with the breads and sweets. Can’t wait to get started!

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  9. Mary Patterson

    Since I know sugar is bad for me…I know it is bad for the kids! We have decided to give out Halloween pencils instead. It is something they can use for school. The money idea is good too.

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  10. cheryl coan

    I will give out candy that I Do NOT LIKE, which is most generic sugar, I’ve tried it, it taste like chemicals after going without for so long. so I have no problem, I’m just not real comfortable giving to the kids, but most parents don’t really give it a second thought. This is not one of my most favorite holidays.

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  11. Alma Negrete

    This is my 11th day of boot camp. Last night was the Halloween party at the kids school which I could not avoid but, I stuck to my BLE guidelines and was proud to avoid candy, cookies, cake pizza!! It is so much easy for me now to say no to those type of foods, well most of the time but I understand that it is a choice and that if I don’t eat that I will be fine and will feel much better afterwards!!
    I look forward to your videos every day to keep me motivated!

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  12. Pamela Emard

    Love you SPT.
    I’m a Happening House woman.
    Down 48 lbs. 16 more to go.
    I really needed this encouragement and 4 tips.
    Thank you…

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  13. Valerie

    Today is day 749 of BLE and Day 619 of Living in my “Right Size Body” which translates into me being in my Third year of BLE! The last two seasons of Holidays have been very Successful and this Season will also be Successful!!

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  14. Toni

    Thanks for these weekly vlogs, very supportive. It was my cousin’s bridal shower two weeks ago and these were lots and lots of starchy food and diary all over the place. I simple picked options that wer healthy and freshly prepared, measured them by my helping sizes making sure to get most flavors lie pungent, sweet sour, bitter, crunchy and spicy. That way my brain has no n d to crave foods out of my eating plan. I graciously declined offers of alcohol and cakes, and there wasn’t an atom of regret in my heart. I happily went home with a surge of dopamine and my system.

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  15. Beverly Zuchlewski

    I am currently on day 19 and this will be my first holiday. Perfect tips and pep talk!!
    I truly appreciate your suggestions. I feel strong, happy and ready!
    Thank you so much for your amazing knowledge and guidance.

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  16. Hara Maderich

    This will be my second Holiday season, bootcamp started last year October 1st so that carried me and Sabby through New Years and then some. This year I’ve committed to being in service. Volunteering for Breast Cancer Awareness fund raiser in October. Hosting a BLE Dinner of Gratitude for 25 in Nov. Collecting toys and clothing for kids affected by Storm Nate in December.

    A million thank yous to Susan, Bright Lifers and Hazel House for my new framework, strength of purpose and right sized body!! Will there be challenges? Sure, but I have means to deal with them now.

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  17. Arbella parrot

    This will be my first holiday season so I’m concerned as I just celebrated my birthday for first time under BLE guidelines. Made it thru the bday fine but the days after were a mess! Wasn’t prepared for that so this video was helpful to think aboUt it being more than just the day of that is challenging.

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  18. Jacqueline Abel Cochran

    I lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers 3 times and every year I fell off the program between Halloween and New Year. So this year I am doubly committed to stay on my bright lines..This time my saboteur will not get my hard won victory away from me!! Thank you for the vlog

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  19. Kathy Froggett

    Love the Octoberlyfest idea, can’t wait to hear the challenge for November and December

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  20. Marsie

    This is great! We’ve been lights out for years and will continue, but we’ll have all kids and grandchildren here for Thanksgiving, so I have been thinking constantly about the food we will be serving. My focus for Thanksgiving, though, has always been my gratitude for all of my loved ones right by my side. I do love your tricks and tips…I know they will work!
    Thank you, Susan, for always being absolutely wonderful and awesome! You are a treasure for all of us, and it’s amazing to have you in our lives!

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  21. Marcy

    Susan, this was a wonderful vlog and was right on target. My saboteur has been on my shoulder as I pass the bags of halloween candy in the grocery store. What’s worse is the stores putting out candy 6 weeks before…constant pressure leading up to halloween. “NOT MY FOOD.” Those words, my three meals and your vlogs… Will get me through. Thank you. I am so grateful you are with us.

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  22. Karen Barry

    Today was my last day on the 14 day challenge and tomorrow is the big weigh-in! Halloween is not a biggie for me as my children are grown and we live in a rural community and have not had any little ghosts or goblins trick-or-treating so we go out to dinner and I will be brightlining! I really look forward to these vlogs as they help keep me on the straight and narrow. Thank you Susan for everything you have taught me , Abundant blessings to you and those you love.

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  23. Karen

    I wanted to let all those that are wondering if it is really possible to enjoy the holidays without the sweets, that it is SO possible and it’s so freeing.!!! This will be my second holiday season and I feel great. I don’t have the cravings. I know at the end of the season I will still feel great. I get to enjoy all the people and beauty of the holidays without worrying about how I will feel after eating the sweets. Remember at the end of the day, you are the one that matters. You deserve to eat healthy!!!!

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  24. Margret Boris

    I did the challenge in the end of June and I’m loving the results. I’ve lost 22 pounds since my heaviest weight at the beginning of the year. I plan on sticking with BLE for life. Luckily Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday and I have to work that night so no temptation. I really like the concept of reentry. Keep the positive messages coming, I look forward to the weekly vlog.

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  25. Eileen Lass

    I stopped eating sugar and flour in July 2016 and was in the October 2016 Boot Camp! I consider it miraculous that I made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, Valentine’s Day and Easter without flour and sugar, and it wasn’t that hard! But when my daughter was graduating in June, I offered to make our family’s traditional celebratory foods, and ate the Not-My-Foods! UGH!

    I intend to keep my Bright Lines nice and bright for all the major holidays coming up!

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  26. Judy

    Thank you for this vlog Susan! This is my first holiday season with ble and my saboteur is already calling. I am also blessed with a double whammy – not only is there the celebration of Halloween but it is also my birthday 😳. Your vlogs give me strength so I will carry on – one day at a time.

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  27. Jennifer

    Wow! I really needed that grounded inspiration as Halloween approaches. Thanks!

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  28. Horatio Nelson

    I’ve been given a pumpkin as a present but won’t make any pie out of it. You see, it resembles far too closely Bernie Sanders, HRC and Harves Weinstein …. all in one! Regards, Horatio Nelson.

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  29. Clausene

    Yes, it is possible! This set of holidays is year three
    with sticking to my Bright Lines. It is actually freeing
    to have a holiday that you don’t overeat!

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  30. Victoria

    Susan, I am not a bright liner but I love your vlogs and think you are great! I usually can transfer your words to my various shortcomings, so I am so grateful to you for your wisdom and willingness to share it!

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  31. Robyn Julian ( currently, book- bright liner)

    My husband and i are passing out hotdogs and water bottles to our neighbor hood. We also bought a Halloween photo back drop to put on our garage so people can take pics!!!! no candy at our home. And so looking forward to a fun night

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  32. Geni

    This is my THIRD holiday season (which includes my birthday between Halloween and TG) with BLE. When trying to decide whether to do the October 2015 boot camp, I could barely imagine what it would be like to give up sugar and flour right before the holidays. I thought I must be crazy and I almost decided to wait until after the holidays to start. I am SO GLAD I didn’t wait. On January 1, 2016, my weight was down a considerable amount and I felt great! I was so proud of myself and any “sacrifice” I made over the holidays had already faded into oblivion. And now that I have two successful holiday seasons in the rear view mirror, I KNOW I will make it through the third and countless more. I can never adequately express what BLE has done for me and how much I LOVE it!

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  33. Wiley McCarthy

    I have always disliked EVERYTHING about Halloween. No more kids at home, so I buy candy I DO NOT LIKE AT ALL the last day or so before 10/31. I put it out on my porch in a big bowl, which I refill once, don’t answer door. And that’s that. Works great, and never any leftovers because some jerky kid always empties the bowl into his (I’ve watched—always a boy) bag.

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    1. Janet

      I agree with you, Wiley, as I have no time for Halloween! Susan’s description at about 9 minutes explained to me why that is – I do not like the attributes she lists with Halloween. We would buy little cards at the Christian bookstore that would have a little saying or play on words, and then a Bible verse and throw that in their bag with a little candy bar. Years later, one mom told me her teen age daughter still had that card taped to her bedroom mirror. That’s a win!

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  34. billie

    You have great ideas, Susan, and I love to watch you (except your opening). Try watching it yourself. It is the head wobble that starts me off distracted. My problem, but annoying.

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  35. Susan

    After our kids grew up, we would put out a plastic bowl with little pretzel bags for the kids to take as they wanted, then go out to a movie. We did it because the doorbell ringing so much upset the dogs. But now we have small grandchildren who like to Trick or Treat on my street. My strategy will be to buy treats that don’t tempt me, like non food little toys .

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    1. Wendie

      I do the same thing, big bowl of candy on the front porch with the light on and leave town or go to the movies. I had German Shepherds who didn’t like the costumes and commotion. I lost my sweet dog last year just before Halloween but I think I’ll just leave the lights out this year.

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  36. Joanne Hinsperger-Scott

    My hubby and I have skipped Halloween in the past by going to the movies. – and that was before I even heard of Bright Line Eating. The sad part is coming home to a house that has been egged — meaning, someone has thrown fresh eggs at at the house. Egg is not the easiest thing to wash off in colder temperatures but there are worse things in life. At having ones house egged can happen whether we are home or not on any day of the year. This year Halloween will be spent travelling…approximately 4-hour flight heading towards home. I have never been in an airport on Halloween before so this will be a first.

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    1. Kaitlyn Thayer

      I was in Germany this year for Halloween. They celebrated with costumes, not candy. I turned off all our lights before we left, brought in my outdoor Halloween decorations and put a plaque on my door that said, “The Witch Is Out!” We plan on doing something similar to this from now on.

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  37. Coralee Shearer

    This is my first fall season and I only have been with this a month. So far so good. I just finished the book and the two week challenge….I’m hooked 🙂

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  38. Evelyn

    Hello SPT and BLEers!!!! Spooky, spooky!!! My dad’s birthday was October 31st. He was my hero. I dedicate my NMF and NMD Halloween to my dad! I know he would be so happy to see me happy, thin and free. I’m not there yet, but on my way! I inherited my indomitable will from my dad! He was a Horatio Alger type, the first in his family to go to college as well as the first in his family to stay away from alcohol and keep all of us kids safe from the ravages of alcohol he witnessed in his own family. My dad as a child had to drag his dad out of bars where his dad was spending the family’s paycheck. My dad never had one drink of alcohol his whole life. He maintained that Bright Line and was unstoppable. He taught high school while going to law school at night with five kids. He loved this country and served in the army in Japan during WWII. He raised us all to be good citizens and successful adults. He was my hero. So I dedicate my BLE on Halloween, his birthday to my dad!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! Ooooh I miss him soooo much!

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    1. Coralee Shearer

      How wonderful, what a model to live by he left you. They were the great generation. My dad was in WWII also. I miss his wisdom every day.

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    2. E.T.

      Your dad is my hero, too!

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    3. E.T.

      Your dad is my hero, too! Amazing story.

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    4. Susan Hanley

      Evelyn, Although we didn’t have drinking issues in our family history, your Dad’s character SO mimics my Dad’s. My Dad was such a wonderful good-hearted man whose work ethic was like no other. I recall him working two full-time jobs when he reired from the Air Force. He always did what was right. God bless you. ✝️

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  39. Hal Rappaport

    I am NOT Skipping Halloween! Sorry, Susan.
    You had me up until then.
    4 weeks on BLE and down 22 lbs.
    Not eating Candy!
    Sticking to my bright lines, but I love the holiday too much.
    I set up a giant Halloween display.
    To me, the fun of Halloween is the “spooky nature” and the costumes. That’s my fun!
    I wish they would stop the damned candy commercials, but you can’t have everything.
    Sincere best of luck to everyone on Halloween and Samhain!

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  40. Kathy

    I love BrightLine Eating. Have had a lot of peace around food in the last 35 days. And almost 10 pounds down. I still don’t get why SPT starts the vlog this way. It looks and sounds like “Debbie Downer” does a vlog. So different than how she starts the uplifting other videos! But great content after the first intro line! We attach so much value to food at the holidays. No saboteur is allowed in the door for the holidays!

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  41. Cori Wright

    Thank you Susan, I had not thought of the re-entry concept. I will be working on that. I am not a BLE member, but, follow you anyway. I saw a friend who mentioned this program, and so, I looked you up. I am learning things about food, and my self, that I didn’t put together before.

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  42. Jody Bennett

    Good video and tips! Thank you!
    This may sound a bit silly, but I’ve never been so glad to live in an over 55s community where we don’t get trick or treaters! 😉
    Makes it much easier for me!

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  43. Heather Reed

    Susan, tjis is such an empowering, posotive, motivating message delivered at the perfect time😙when my sabbateur is masquerading about trying to knock me off course! Thank you for sharing!

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  44. Malinda Giannetti

    Thank you for this Vlog!!! I was getting a bit anxious about Halloween, and thereafter!
    You mentioned that you can leave the house and not give out NMF. You can also give out money. I’ve done that when I have run out of NMF, and it’s fine.

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  45. Cindy M.

    I am so thankful for Bright Line Eating automaticity after eight months now of bright and shiny lines–and 50 pounds weight loss. I can cruise right through these food occasions with only reasonable cautions. No cravings, no white-knuckling. This program works like nothing else I’ve ever done before.

    Convinced Bright Lifer

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  46. Trish

    The concept of “re-entry” – Genius!

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  47. Verna Kershaw

    This is my first holiday season with BLE. I wanted to share one thing I started with Halloween a few years ago. I used to buy chocolate bars to give to the children. First I should say I do not live in a neighborhood where I would get over 100 children.
    One year I did not get as many children as usual and when the evening was over I still had lots of chocolate bars left. In a very short period of time I ate all of them because I only purchased bars I liked. Several pounds later I was very upset with myself.
    The following year I thought I did not want to repeat what had been happening for several years in a row. My logic was this, a chocolate bar cost 49 cents. I decided to give the children 50 cents each. The children were very excited to get “money” and when the evening was over I had parking money instead of extra pounds. One year I did run out of quarters so then I just shut the lights off.

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    1. Marion Schleusener

      I like this!

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    2. Paula

      Thanks for the good idea — money for Halloween! I was thinking apples — maybe I’ll do both!

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    3. Lisa

      Great Idea, I buy candy that I do not like so I can’t be tempted. There is a dentist in my town who is buying back candy from the kids. Another great way to get rid of the extra candy by giving that money to a child you know .

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    4. Kathy

      Great sharing – thanks for the ideas!

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  48. Connie Sullivan

    This is my second holiday season with BLE and so happy!

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    1. Rebecca Stark

      ME TOO !!!
      I’VE LOST 108 POUNDS SINCE SEPT. 26, 2016 & OCT. ’16 BOOTCAMP.

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    2. Geni


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