1 Million At Goal Weight

We just wrapped up Food Freedom 2017, and in this week’s vlog, I reflect on our ultimate mission here at Bright Line Eating™. Watch the vlog to find out what that mission is and what’s coming down the pike as 2017 comes to a close.


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  1. mira

    i am 46 years old, had a gastric band then removed it as it slipped, now i am hungry all the time. I had it removed in June, and now i am 8KG heavier, I am so scared and all i can think of is food all the time. I did not touch sugar or flour since my band slipped but I over eat on fruits and vegetables when i am hungry and i am hungry all the time. I always think of food. I am thinking of giving up and doing the operation again but i am so scared of dying, I support my two sons.

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  2. Natalie

    Wow! That’s awesome a app. Looking forward to this. Thank you Susan for your vlogs!

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  3. Jules

    I always look forward to your weekly vlogs. I always get something out of them.
    I’m glad that you mentioned the research. When I joined the June 2016 bootcamp, I signed up for the research study. I enjoyed participating. One of the things I was told was that there was no password needed. Bonus! I HATE keeping track of passwords. Sometime in 2017, that changed and a password was required. When I emailed support the first answer was , “Oh right, you shouldn’t need a password.” Then the next month I was asked for a password again, I emailed support, and I was told, “Yes, you need a password.”
    I don’t like it when rules change, so I quit the study. It makes me sad because I liked contributing to the research body – but I hate it when the rules change even more.

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  4. Deana R Watson

    I want to do the next boot camp but simply can’t afford 450$. I’m on disability. Is there a sponsorship program or the like? Thanks in advance for your time and encouragement and also through your vlog, teaching the science, etc.

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  5. Gill Gething

    Great blog Susan . How many people at goal weight at the moment ? ( I am one of them ) How far towards the one million goal ? ( I like statistics ) you are doing such a fantastic job ?xxxx

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  6. Lisa Dexter

    Dearest Susan, I am in Day 2 of Bootcamp and I already feel myself changing in ways I’ve never experienced before. I am a 10 on the susceptibility scale. A true flour and sugar addict through and through. If food was heroine I’m sure I would have overdosed time and time and time again. I’ve been an RN since 1982. I’ve been on diets and have lost and gained hundreds of pounds. Never ever, until you, have I truly begun to understand why no matter how much willpower I had, I would always self sabatoge with my binge eating disorder. I was never going to learn to modify. I now know abstinence is the only answer. I love you, I see you, I understand you and I thank you for holding my hand as I become happy, thin and free! I’m so motivated and excited. Thank you thank you thank you❤️

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  7. Ally Sabourin

    I too am not yet counted among your ble statistics. Doing really well with the information you have provided and so extremely grateful to you for sharing this. Not yet at goal weight. Have about 15-20 pounds more to go. Just want to express how grateful I am to you. Perhaps if you were to count the masses that have purchased a book and are following your weekly vlogs, the 1 million goal could be reached by 2020. I am looking forward to expanding into the ble community and excited for b-life

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  8. Jessica Atkinson

    Been with you since July 2016 the night before my husband and I were going to do a weight loss challenge together for the first time. There is no doubt in my mind finding you was an answer to my prayers. I found you through an interview you did with Ty Bollinger actually. I have been in a right size body since March 2017 (started eating wfpb since October 2017 and lost 44 lbs in 5 months then gained 15 over the summer:/) and still considering the boot camp and bright lifers community because the happy and free aren’t quite there. I LOVE your work and am such a fan. Sharing this with everyone I know. I am SO excited that Ocean found you and that so many people are being helped by your amazingness. I look forward to Wednesdays! I actually feel like it gives me so much strength to keep going.
    I Love you Susan!!
    P.s. are you thinking there is any way to include stats/results for the people who are following your vlog but have not done the boot camp?
    Love forever!!!

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  9. Karen Barry

    In the last couple of weeks I watched your videos and was so impressed with all the info and how the brain functions when one feeds it sugar and flour. It is no wonder all the diets I tried did not work! I signed up for the 14 day challenge tonight and am excited to get started, but, I”m going through anxiety and wanting to keep putting off the starting day….tomorrow I’ll start I keep telling myself and when tomorrow comes I want to wait another day. Sooo, I signed up for the challenge as a means to get me going! Susan, your vlogs are great! I love your personality and the warm that you radiate…I feel like you are a friend already. You are a busy gal, take care and many blessings.

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  10. Margret Boris

    Thank you for all you do. I look forward to your weekly Vlog and have been watching the past ones. The Vlogs are so uplifting. I read your book, twice, and took your 14 day challenge this past June. So far I’ve lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year! I’m on my way to being Happy, Thin, and Free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  11. Dian Shumway

    I so look forward to your vlogs and e-mails. Though I didn’t do the bootcamp, I KNOW that what you are teching is absolute truth. You are helping millions — me included by this information.

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  12. Heather

    Your so cool Susan! More power to you.

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  13. Helen McDonnell

    So excited! So proud! This all sounds so wonderful to be so supported in Maintainance!
    So thrilled to know on Day 43 of my Boot Camp and only a few pounds from goal I will get to become a BRIGHT LIFER💖 Someone knew this was my time! 15 pounds so far a big change for me since August
    Needed Brightline Eating can’t go back to a 200lb sad trapped soul
    Happy Thin and Free 😃💗💯

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  14. Laura

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Susan!
    After decades of struggling with BED (Binge Eating Disorder), food addiction, compulsive overeating, brutalizing my body with insane workouts to counterbalance my bingeing, and terribly low self-esteem because of my inability to stick to any diet plan, Bright Line Eating has been my light at the end of the tunnel.
    You’ve created a program that supports the healthiest way of eating I’ve ever encountered. I’m eating more than I typically do at any one meal and still dropping weight.
    The most amazing thing is NO CRAVINGS!!! None. Absolutely zero. I’ve been a slave to sugar cravings for 40 years. To wake up one day and be repulsed by the thought of ice cream or chocolate is so out of my realm of experience, I have to check in the mirror to make sure it’s still me having these thoughts.
    Of course, there’s less of me now, which is yet another unbelievable experience…but there it is. The mirror doesn’t lie. Bright Line Eating is my miracle. Thank you!!!!

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  15. Terri Goulding

    Thanks so much Susan. I’ve lost 10 pounds with Bright Line Eating and feeling great! My friends have noticed and are asking me how I did it. I’m telling them all about it. Keep up the good work! Love your videos the best.❤️

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  16. Horatio Nelson

    Mobile platform, maintenance module, 2030, 1 Million correct weighters, 2018, IOS, Android, workshop weeks, further research etc. etc. Oh indeed, it seems clear to me that the “absolutely simple” process of losing bodily weight requires effort. Endeavour. Dedication even. At the same time, it’s my personal feeling, it could be worth considering WHAT MOTIVATES many people to want to lose weight. What motivates them to undertake this leviathon eandeavour, mentally, physically and …………. financially? Isn’t it worth considering – OK, in each individual case (each for himself) – to what extent, WHETHER OR NOT a weight reduction is physically necessary? In his wish, is the individual again reacting to public demands (are there such things?), herd instinct, fashion, dreams …..? Fashion and dreams? Do we really need a “dream” result? What for? ABSOLUTELY necessary? To what extent do we need to satisfy our environment by means of our appearance? Does our environment give a d_ _n what sort of a figure we possess? Or, is one reacting to (dire) warnings from a physician? Could a profession or trade be jeopardised or even forfeited as a result of our “overweight”? In a nutshell, what are our individual priorities in life and what is their respective relative “weighting” (significance)? Can I lead an enjoyable and adequate life by living “normally” and physically exercising? Perhaps it’d be worth reflecting upon these types of aspects before cranking up massive modular research programmes which are, in many cases, doomed to failure and result in further unhappiness – or indeed worse, depression – in the individual concerned. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

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    1. Stephanie

      Have you tried the Susceptibility Quiz? Do you have a strong, positive body-image – by yourself, for yourself? And your parents really named you Horatio Nelson? You seem not to be struggling with the LIFETIME struggles of so many of these people, especially women. “Can I lead an enjoyable and adequate life by living “normally” and physically exercising?” Apparently you can… go gently in your world.

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    2. Joseph

      With the exception of a brief reference in passing, your statement ignores health. Body fat at isn’t primarily about fashion, but about the fact that more than half of us die prematurely from avoidable disease. Also, you utterly brush aside any psychological benefit that can be derived from taking charge of one’s life. And what better measurement for that than gaining control over feeding the face?
      Joseph in Missoula

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  17. D. Smith

    Thank you for the Vlog Susan!

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  18. Lily

    As I have said before, your BLE program has been the answer to my prayers! I’m now eight months in and lost 56 pounds and gliding down to goal weight in maintenance. I feel fantastic!!! Thank you I, Susan, and your team!

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  19. Bob Longwell

    WOW….. this seems to work… tried so hard at other things….. thank you… will let you know if I can hang in there and accomplish my goal….thank you😊👍

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  20. SarahBW

    I need that app. I’ve been on BLE since January and have hit a wall. Would love a great mobile platform to help me stay closer to the program. Thanks, Susan, for all you do.

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  21. Jane

    Hi Susan
    A friend put me on to BLE a little over 4 months ago. I am two thirds of my way to goal weight. It has felt so easy after a lifetime of yo yoing. I see myself remaining in a right size body after that. I would love to be part of your 1 million when it comes however I have minimal online/tech participation due to being electro hyper sensitive (sadly our numbers are growing exponentially too ). This means I have little to no exposure of wifi/mobile phones etc and go online as little as possible. My way into BLE was through your book and your vlogs. So I just wanted to make a shout out for those of us who, for whatever reason, are unable to part of Bootcamp or Bright Lifers and be included that way. I also wanted to thank you for writing the book as for me it has proved an invaluable alternative to being able to participate online.

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  22. Cynthia Fleming

    I bought the book, read it cover to cover and started immediately on the 20th of September. I was only going to “try” it to see if I could make it work for a few days when my husband was away on business. Those few days were transformational. I have always found that it takes about three days to go “cold turkey” whatever the drugs of choice may be. I have known for ages that sugar and flour are a disaster in my system so had already cut way back on those. My biggest banana skin was eating between meals. Because my portions at mealtimes were way too small (thank you digital scales for educating me!) I was always hungry before the next meal and would just pick at things. That ” a little won’t hurt” mentality is a big problem. So almost immediately I was in a better place with my food. I have been eating a real food diet for a few years already but the proportions were skewed as regards losing weight. I have tried so many different “diets” over 35 years and promised myself that I would never do another plan such as Weight Watchers after the last try at that because I was so miserable. I am happy to report that I feel really well, and really satisfied with my food, on this plan. Thank you Susan, from the bottom of my heart. 10 lbs released since 20 September. 70 to go!

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  23. Richelle Konshak

    When is the next physical (go someplace) boot camp?

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  24. Judith Christian

    Excellent plans for the future. I have been involved in the Food Revolution since 1996. I am participating now in the
    Boot Camp for one week, 7 more to go and it is just what I have been looking for…..something that has been so needed by me and so many others. Thank you for being so in tune with all of us….I know BLE has to change as it grows and I can’t think of a better person to be guiding the ship.

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    1. Judith Christian

      PS: Something tells me you will reach a million at GOAL WEIGHT way before 2030 too!

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  25. Brenda McBride

    I got dropped off the email list somewhere. (My husband forwarded this to me.) Would you please put me back on? Thanks so much!!

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  26. M Willis

    I’m guessing the partnership continues with Ocean Robbins. Wonderful.

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  27. M Willis

    Hoorah Ocean Robins. I’m guessing the partnership continues. Wonderful.

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  28. Gail

    Thank you, Susan and all of your team for the awesome work you are doing!!! Next year, 2018, sounds exciting! Unfortunately, I have not gotten started because I currently have too much on my plate emotionally to commit to the experience. I’m praying that my life is going to settle down to a bit of normalcy by the first of the year. Please keep up the GREAT work!!!

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  29. Thurza Bender

    Thanks for the great program and uplifting vlogs. Just finished your amazing book and I’m looking forward to starting your program.

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  30. Thurza Bender

    Thank you for your amazing program. Just finished your book and look forward to starting the mini boot camp Thank you for this sure program.

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  31. Karen A Rode

    Will the maintenance module be available anywhere to former boot campers who are not Bright Lifers? I was in the Oct 2016 boot camp. A little bit over a year later, and I have been at goal weight for 3 months now. 80 pounds gone. So I am part of that 1 million goal. I am in the research study already. A few more maintenance resources would really be nice to have.

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  32. Marty

    I am someone who is not a boot camper, neither have I done the 14 day challenge. I was inspired at first by my mother who did the challenge, bought the book and has lost a lot of weight. I was overweight. I bought the book and I and my husband have been following BLE since July – and we have both lost 25 + lbs. each and are on our way to goal weight. I will be at goal weight in 17 more lbs: 135 (I’m 5’7″). I have dropped four points on the BMI scale from 28 (overweight) to 24 (high side of normal). Because of this program, I. AM. FOREVER. CHANGED. Already, the weight where I am right now is less than what I weighed in high school (25 years ago). Already, I am a size that I haven’t seen in decades. Already I feel like a different person. Already I am healthier and happier and free, and there is more still to do. I’m giddy with anticipation of goal weight.

    Here is the best part: I am a professional solo singer – a classical musician, and I had silent reflux for decades, and because I am strong, I can push through things. I sang – not at my best, took medication when it was really bad, and did still earn a living performing as a soloist, not figuring out what it was I needed to change to get better. BUT NOW: the reflux is GONE. I have a new body, yes – but more, I HAVE MY PASSION BACK. I LOVE singing again in a way that I haven’t been able to access for years. My voice is flexible, my stamina is better, my sound is clear, my range is easy. I thought that these things were lost to me because of changes that occur through having a child or because of getting older. NOT TRUE. I will not stray from these bright lines because if I do: I will I mess up the work I have done on my body, I will mess up my health, but most of all I will lose the connection I have to my voice – my passion. Susan, you have literally given me back my voice – This flame, the thing that pulses through me like an ever present spark is brighter than ever before. Can I also just say: you are giving me my husband back too. He looks FANTASTIC, but more than that, he was pre-diabetic, and his numbers now are significantly better and he is looking at getting off medication soon that he has taken since I first met him. I am sitting here in brand new size 8 jeans (that are just a tad too tight…bought so I can grow down into them- yes I am now THAT confident), and looking forward to those future size 6 jeans that I plan to buy for myself right around the New Year. Add THAT to your statistics!! 😀

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    1. Judith Christian

      The miracle stories just go on and on, but, of all I have read so far……you take first prize.

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    2. Cathy

      Wonderful testimony to BLE.

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  33. Yvonne LH

    I’m so glad that I found your food freedom videos through a completely random set of events:) I’m now on Day 20 of BLE, immersed in the boot camp and totally loving it. You are a godsend. I’m so successful in other areas of my life, but couldn’t kick sugar. Now I know why- and feel amazing strength. No sugar and no cravings in almost three weeks- wow! Thank you!

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  34. Beverly Jones

    You are such a blessing to me and so many others! Thanks for all you do!

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  35. Carol Boyer

    OMG, SPT, I love, honor and appreciate you and your work. Thank you for over sharing, it inspires me. Thank you for your commitment to research, it keeps me on track. Thank you for creating a community of compassion rather than condemnation, it keeps me connected. I can hardly wait for the Android version of the app! Be your rich, dynamic, authentic self and continue to do what you have been given to do and we WILL see 1 million at goal weight and I will be one of them!

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  36. Victoria Romero

    Thanks Susan for helping me and so many other people be thinner, happier and more healthy than before . It´s been great to be part of this group for over a year now and participating in the research program I´m happy to hear that we will be getting information on the results of this investigation.

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  37. Judy Moore

    Wonderful, as always, Susan.

    You have inspired me to give up flour and sugar! The latter is easy for me but the flour not so easy. I know, however, that the longer one does it, the easier it gets, so when I feel a wobble coming on I just think of Susan !!

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  38. Susan Olsen

    Dear Susan and the whole BLE team…
    I am so excited to be a part of the FIRST million at goal weight.
    I’m from the Oct. 2016 boot camp, reached goal weight at 11 months and
    I am happy, thin and free.
    Bright Line Healing is awesome (Thank you Molly and Benjamin)
    And my MasterMind group is priceless (hello Hazelnuts)
    Looking forward to a Bright Line Future!
    Much love,
    Sue O.

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  39. Nancy

    Will start the 14 day challenge on 10/10. Even though my friends think I am thin, I have a hidden secret that food thoughts plague me.
    I am so tired of getting in bed at night and thinking did I eat badly, what will I do tomorrow, feeling that I have to put too much energy
    into staying thin. And, then I “go off the deep end” and just start eating anything for a time until I decide to get a grip again. ENOUGH!
    Very excited and so sure that this is my answer. Will keep you posted.

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  40. Nancy Lewis-Watts

    Always fab Susan!! You look extra radiant with this new backdrop!!

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  41. Barb Grey

    All very exciting, Susan! You have brought forth THE MISSING LINKS for so, so many of us — the brain science and post weight loss support for maintenance!

    When I discover BLE and knew it was “my answer” I admit to thinking that I was forfeiting a significant amount of “happiness” (by giving up flour and sugar) to achieve a healthy and right-sized body. I thought it would be a trade off, and that life would be dull!!! To my delight, instead behind my bright lines I quickly discovered a very Bright Life!

    Looking forward to B-Life — and Bright Line Eating becoming a household term! This IS a movement!!! Like you, I want the world to know!!!

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  42. Joanne DePinto

    SPT I love you & your vision for BLE maintenance success. U r my answer to the prison I have been in with myself for 61 years! My 62nd birthday present to myself was finding you and m6 newfound success & life. I love & adore u! Thank u for my new life of being happy, thin & free!

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  43. Gina

    Susan, thank you for being you! You are amazing! I have never had someone share as much information as you have for absolutely no cost. I get it it is part of service to others. I thank you! I have just started the 14 day challenge today. Weighing my food is so much fun. I never have eaten so much food and feel good about it!
    I have to be careful as I have a mechanical heart valve in place, going on one year. I am on Warfarin which as you know does not play together well with Vit.K. A lot of the vegetables have a huge amount of Vit.K, so I have to really pick and choose the ones to eat.. I did gain some weight after surgery, my joints became achy and stiff. I realized after listening to you what was causing this! It is FLOUR and SUGAR!
    Aside from my surgeon, you also saved my life, gave me the information and tools to Live “Happy, thin, and free!”
    In closing, Day one done! 13 more to go for a life time of Bright Line Eating!

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  44. Victoria

    As everyone else has said, it’s you’re well worth the wait! Thanks for your honesty, always. I’m so amazed by you!!

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  45. Cassandra Shrewsbury


    I don’t understand. I was just given access to the first video two days ago, and watched it with great interest. Awaiting the next ones, I received your email today about the vlog. However, now I am getting a message on the site that says the videos are gone, and references a Boot Camp that I haven’t even heard of. I just want to finish the video series-how could I do this?

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  46. Rachelle

    I can’t see the video.

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  47. Emaia Emaia

    Susan you are absolutely amazing. A real godsend! Thank you for the 14 day challenge. I was going to just get the book because I didn’t have the money for the boot camp but you have made it so that anyone that wants to love weight can finally. Thank you and bless you for this heart felt work you are bringing to the world!

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  48. Lynn Adey

    Hi from the UK. I have been doing BLE for 45 days and 20 lbs lost , just from reading your book! I am Happy and Free and hope to be Thin soon. I was wondering how I could contribute to your statistics but I guess there is no way of verifying our losses.

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  49. Cindy Marconi

    Oct., 2016 boot camper. Gave up 50 pounds and at goal weight. Thanks BLE!! Hey Susan: I’d rather wait for a vlog that comes from a clearheaded and rested you rather than a tired, frenzied you. I can wait! No problem!

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  50. Linda VanderVeen

    Just started your BLE plan and have already lost 2 lbs.! Bought the book and read it front to back already. I am 71 and have been a yo-yo dieter most of my life! I have tried everything but this plan explains the why of wt loss and makes perfect sense. Thank you for all your dedication. Can’t afford Boot camp right now but might try the 14 day Challenge. Loveya, Linda

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  51. Cathy Fairbairn

    Hi Susan, I am on Day 14 of the 14-Day challenge and I decided to commit to the Boot Camp. I feel so much better already! My mind is so much clearer and I have more time and energy now that I am not in the food. My inflammation is down, and so is my weight! (I am down 7 lbs, and I have about 50 more to go to goal weight.) The difference this time losing is that I am confident that I can keep the weight off forever. And that is huge (literally) because I have been down to my goal weight 7 times and each time the weight eventually came back and then some. Thank you on behalf of the many you have helped to be “happy, thin, and free.” We are so grateful to you!

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  52. Lena Stans

    I also would love to be part of your statistics! I read your book and did your 14 day challenge. I lost 23 lbs and am at my goal weight, so I never joined a boot camp. I’m happy, thin, and free and maintaining my weight. Five friends are currently doing BLE after asking me about my weight loss! I would hate for you to miss all the people who are following BLE outside the boot camps. We love you!

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  53. Dawn Dowd

    You do so much, I think LOTS of leeway would be a good thing under the circumstances. Rest, enjoy your children… get a life :-).

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  54. Al Proudfoot

    All: Boot Camp is amazing as it opens up an entire community of support and great information. It is a great investment in yourself! Do yourself a favor and jump in and totally commit! Cheers

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  55. Robin

    I bought the BLE book and have been following it and have lost 50lbs and regained my health!!!.( I had Hashimotos which turned into Graves disease)

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  56. Janet Potter

    I keep reading about the 14 Day Challenge – have not received my book, so haven’t a clue as to what that may entail…anyone send me to the place to find this information?

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  57. Sharon Gibson

    I’ve bought your book and listened to all your archived talks. I’ve
    been following BLE since about June this year and I’ve lost 24lbs
    so far. My doctor is impressed with my loss and my hugely
    improved numbers on cholesterol and triglycerides! Haven’t
    done 14 Day Challenge yet but doing great with what I am doing!
    God Bless You, Susan!

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  58. Patricia

    I started last week, after viewing your webinar. I got on the scale yesterday which was a week later, and I lost 10lbs!! I did not believe it! I look forward to seeing what next week brings! Oh yeah, I walked right past a birthday cake left in the break room for anyone who wanted a piece. I was not tempted at all! Amazing! Thank you Susan, you are a God sent!

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  59. Kelly

    I too have reached goal weight and been maintaining for 5 months but am not a part of your online community. There may be more like me out there! Thanks for all you do Susan!!

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  60. Lenie Visser

    Does anyone have problems watching the video, I cant watch it!!

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    1. Michelle

      The videos may have been taken down for a moment. I noticed it once the new boot camp started.

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  61. Janice

    Thanks Susan it has been a pleasure to get to Bright line Eating . This is the end of my third day of my first Boot Camp and I’m like it and I can see great things happening from this and I’m blessed to be a part of it thank you for doing what you do so well love and blessings Janice

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  62. Cecilia

    Thank you for all the information. It’s now up to me to try and lose the weight.

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  63. Michele Tobenkin

    Looking forward to the vlog! I’m so happy that you did not re-record tonight – what needs doing at home will serve your family and your own BLE journey. It’s a good lesson to all of us. Thank you for all of your amazing work and inspiration each and every day. Also, good choice not to put out incorrect information and then have to correct it. Quelle nightmare.

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  64. Marie Kemp

    You are awesome Susan. I did the 14 day challenge and dropped 14 lbs with 14 to go and am on 2nd day of boot camp. It is amazing to learn more to really rewire the brain for freedom at last. Love you and Thank you.

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  65. Laura Miller

    It is sooo comforting to know that a woman who has changed sooo many lives and created a miracle life style is also sooo very human!!! You’re just tooo good to be true!! Sleep peacefully “Wonder Woman”!!

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  66. Mireille

    Just take your time, Susan. It’s always a joy to watch and listen to your lively, warm and inspiring vlogs., but: first things first!

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  67. Lucinda Smith

    You are a rockstar 🌟🌟🌟

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  68. Paul Beaulieu

    Blessings dear one. Sleep well and be comforted that we all will be patient and excited for your release tomorrow

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  69. Helen Stahlke

    I’m in the complete dark – What is Sage Lavines’s book
    What is the Beta Version? What is this all about? I have no knowledge. I was in Oct 2016 Boot Camp was apart of the research. I have reach goal and way past it. I’m a Bright Lifer and I’m doing the Bright Line Mind course. This is ALL NEWS to me. Can some from from support fill me in please? Thank you very much. Blessings Helen – Stratford Canada

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    2. Stephanie

      Beta Version is a test version. It is used to find problems and glitches before it is released to the public.

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  70. Sharon Chamberlain

    Thank you for all you’ve done for thousands of people like me. Just explaining how the brain works is a huge breakthrough for me. I am 68,overweight all my life. After reading your book and following it faithfully for 5 months, I am 4 pounds from my goal. So I set it to 10 pounds lower, which would be a normal weight. I know that I can do it. I joined the boot camp because I know that I have a lot of trouble once I get to goal weight – by the way I’ve never weighed as low as I am now! I’m trying to get the hang of Facebook and learning how to navigate the home page, all unfamiliar to me. The other members are so welcoming, they all are so helpful. This is going to be such a great journey!

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  71. loretta

    Yes family first, everyone one else will be fine. Thanks for all you do.

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  72. Deb

    Thank you Susan! So grateful to be able to do your program.

    Reply ·
  73. Selina Jackson

    The saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. I came across your three free videos last week. I absolutely do not like watching videos, I’m a reader but something in my gut told me to watch them and wow! I signed up for the boot camp I am on day 3 and I’m blown away at the organisation of your program at the detail of your videos at the love that comes through you and is expressed in so many ways , and the quantity of food that I’m eating but the discipline I’m expressing. I am not eating between meals, and I’m eating breakfast. These are two massive hurdles. I’ve always considered myself an amazing eater and an avid exerciser and I have been carrying 60 extra pounds for 20 years and I’m done! Thank you Susan for following your heart and hearing your purpose and taking the steps as a teacher so that this student can learn

    Reply ·
    1. Connie Zacharkan

      OMG! This sounds like me! Starting tomorrow! Best of luck!

      Reply ·
      1. Janet Potter

        Me, as well! I have ordered the book and watched the first three videos – can’t wait to say good riddance to the forty plus pounds that have haunted me for ever!

        Reply ·
  74. Barbara


    Reply ·
  75. Beth

    I, too, am not a part of your Bootcamp Group but have thoroughly enjoyed your videos and have purchased your book. I am excited to get started on your program and finally achieve being thin and free–(I already am a mostly happy person). I look forward to seeing your app. Thank you for all your hard work and for caring.

    Reply ·
  76. Leanne Mollins

    I’m at goal weight also. I just followed the book, did not do a boot camp. There are likely many more of us out here who could add to your numbers.

    Reply ·
  77. Jennie McCluskey

    No problem!! Enjoy. I am still waiting for my pre-ordered book from Sage Lavine, its still not arrived. Go be home with those kids and hubby! Enjoy your time at home, we can wait!

    Reply ·
  78. Robin

    I also am not part of your group but have been doing great on your plan. 75 days and my doctor is very impressed. I have drop 7 points on the BMI scale and 2 points on my A1c. Dr said to keep it up. Thank you for your help and videos they help me so much.

    Reply ·
  79. Sara

    Is this your very last Bootcamp ? Or the last Bootcamp you are doing with Ocean ?
    Whatever the case may be, I look forward to discovering your 🐝 line App (sounds awesome, I’m really exited to discover that !) AND the very next stages of what you are going to put out into the world to reach your humongous Million Goal Weight Achievers Goal.

    Reply ·
  80. Juli

    What a wonderful inspiring goal for the Bright Line movement! Kudos for putting it out there boldly and I hope you achieve it far faster than you imagine! For all of our sakes! I have been following along for about 16 months based on the food Freedom videos and the book and am below my original goal weight – the one I NEVER dreamed I would see again. I thought it was outrageous to set that goal! Now approaching the second goal weight and thinking maybe that one is a little higher than it needs to be also. Feeling great, looking and feeling healthy, pleased to have unlocked the mystery of weight loss that had stumped my for at least 15 years. Loving the lifestyle and sharing with everyone who asks “How are you doing it?”.

    Reply ·
  81. M Willis

    Your sincere wish to help others always touches my heart.

    Reply ·
  82. Margaret Terris

    This is phanomanal x x x

    Reply ·
  83. Sue Schwass

    Thank you Susan for all you are doing to see 1 million at goal weight. Even though I have not joined a boot camp I have been following you for 18 months and have nearly reached my goal weigh (which has been dropping as I have reached previous goals) . So there may be others out there like me who are happy thin and free but not part of your statistics. I have been struggling to loose my last few kg which has been frustrating me but my husband pointed out that it doesn’t matter that I haven’t made it to my final goal, what matters is that I have learnt how to keep the weight off. And this achievement I can say is because of what you have taught me. Thank you once again. I look forward to you b-line app as I have found keeping track of my journey has been invaluable.

    Reply ·
    1. Margaret Terris

      Excellent achievement Sue from a very happy boot camper from Scotland who’s at her goal weight….keep smiling Sue and have a wonderful day my friend x

      Reply ·
    2. Lynette Frost

      I agree with you Sue. I have not joined a boot camp either but have been in this since May and have released 45lbs. The knowledge we have received from Susan has changed my life and I know so many others that haven’t been included in the statistical count. Good new happy thin and free life you!

      Reply ·
    3. Loran White

      Me too, Susan. I did do the 14 day challenge (but not the boot camp ), have a mastermind group and am at my goal weight. I could not say it better than you did. Thanks, sister!

      Reply ·
    4. Andrea Moss

      Same here! Susan has been a huge help in my continuing to keep off the weight I’ve lost!

      Reply ·
    5. Connie Zacharkan

      This is so inspiring! Congratulations!

      Reply ·
    6. Mel A.

      I wonder if keeping track of this type of weight-loss success could be of benefit to BLE.

      I have never participated in a boot camp either, but I did the 14-Day Challenge starting in February 2017 and have stuck with it since then. Eight months later, I am down 36 lbs, and getting very close to goal weight! (I’d say I’m within 5 to 10 lbs.)

      My weight loss journey started in the summer of 2014. I lost 74 lbs in a year and a half doing a “low-carb” diet, but then I got completely stuck. I stopped losing weight entirely, even though I was still about 25-30 lbs overweight. Then I slowly started gaining about 15 lbs over the next year. That’s when I started the 14-Day Challenge and it completely turned things around.

      I’ve been obese my entire life and was always trying to lose weight. This is the only program I have ever found that offers a way of living and eating that I can see myself doing forever to keep the weight off. It has solved what has been an unsolvable problem for me for 25 years! I’m so grateful for Susan and the BLE team’s work.

      Reply ·
      1. Sue Schwass

        Well done Mel. Because I was tracking my weight with a graph I could see immediately when I was getting off track and like you I did the 14 day challenge to get myself back on track. I have just listened to the vlog rerun and I thing the Be line app will be a good tool to help keep on track for most people but especially for those like us who haven’t done the boot camp.

        Reply ·
    7. Sue

      Yes, I wish there was some way we could register our weight loss from following BLE, although we didn’t join a boot camp. Credit where credit is due. I’m down 22 pounds today, 22 to go.

      Reply ·
    8. Maggie

      It is SO great to know there are other successfully losing their weight without taking the bootcamp! I read the book and did the 14 day challenge with my husband in August and we have both lost 30 pounds with no intention of stopping. We are committed and help each other. I actually lost 2 pounds over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend! I have another 100 pounds to lose and I have no doubts that I will achieve this…. this surety is one of the biggest changes BLE has given me. I think there are many undocumented people losing with BLE… and I think it is absolutely going to be a revolution once it makes its way into the mainstream.

      Reply ·
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