I just got back from three weeks of hard traveling, and I was pretty wrecked. There was one thing I really needed in order to feel better, and I had a hard time giving it to myself. I have the feeling I’m not alone in this, so I recorded this week’s vlog about it.


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  1. Leslie Worf

    Loved this and all so true – especially at the end when you said ‘when I’m struggling, up the support’. Look. If we were meant to do this alone, to do anything alone, to do life alone, then there wouldn’t be any other people on the planet! They’re here for a reason and that reason is that we need them and they need us. It has to be.

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  2. Deborah Morrison

    omgosh, discombobulated is really a word.. love you, Susan 🙂

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  3. Michelle Morneau

    I love your willingness to share what you’re experiencing Susan. And to unravel the beliefs and expectations that our beautiful minds offer. Frequently there is the underlying assumption that the “leader” or originator be perfect and infallible. How beautiful to “just” to be in the moment, open to what you’re experiencing, open to the resistance and allowing what is there to be……softening to what is. So excited to begin this journey!

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  4. Nancy

    This week’s vlog so made my isolation and addiction so real for me. I live alone, struggle with that and have for many years. I am planning on starting the 14 day program Monday but could so use a support team as I have no one but me…anyone out there wilingl to be a part of a support team for me? Anyone live in the LA area? TY <3

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  5. Shirley J.

    On the whole, most respondents are sympathetic or empathetic with Susan’s comments. As stated in other comments, I have followed Susan for nearly 3 years. Love her. Love her program. There is no arguing the benefits of fasting. The question is whether or not it is for those of us struggling w/food related disorders. Many of us have fasted hoping to achieve that magic number on the scale. Overtime, we have achieved that magic number many times. We have failed over and over and over again. Like Susan, I also have tried so many ways to lose weight (I am surprised I can still remember them). For 50 years I have struggled with food and food restriction. Twelve step programs and Susan’s BLE plan was to be my final attempt at maintaining a sane approach to eating and living. I never not even for a second believed Susan was perfect, or that her plan was flawless. But Susan was the authority. Susan was the leader because she not only talked and walked the addicted life, she knew and understood our struggles, and had maintained her weight loss for over a decade. She was one of us. Susan is not one of us. Susan is the creator and implementer of this program. We are not and cannot be her supporters. We are her followers. We follow her program. And her program is a mixture of different weight-loss programs that she has tweaked and now pedals to a very vulnerable and susceptible population. That’s okay. What is not okay is for Susan to deny our reality. Susan an admitted food addict, a person who is a 10 on her Susceptible Scale, tried fasting to rid herself of the extra pounds and bloating that she just couldn’t shed. She did not want the others – the slim trim others, to see her w/her extra weight. A rigorous travel schedule, a husband fasting or peer pressure did not cause Susan to want to fast. The nature of our disease is what caused Susan to want to try this desperate move. There are things food addicts cannot do. We want to believe we can do them or that one day we will arrive and be able to do them. We can’t. And until someone comes up with a treatment that permanently closes off that bumpy road in our brain, we must accept our lot in life, we are addicts, or a more acceptable term is we are susceptible. We can’t experiment, rationalize, intellectualize, or even fast it away. When you do not understand the addictive process you try to help the person by giving reason or sympathy for their behavior. These persons are called enablers. They benefit from the addicts continued inappropriate behavior. Susan’s staff tried to explain her behavior – she was experimenting. Members of her tribe supported her behavior they empathized and sympathized with her. I can’t do either of those things because what was missing from this Vlog, was Susan telling us how she used her BLE tools for travel, chapter 12 in her book, or her EAP, because this was a dire situation. In her book “From the First Bite”, Kay Sheppard tells of her mother’s struggle with food addiction and how she surrendered to the disease and died at age 65, having just “given up”. I haven’t given-up, but I am tired of this food and weight battle. People are hurting. They don’t need a plan that works on paper but is not doable. I pray Susan will either do as she has taught others to do or go back to her research and create a new plan that is workable for all her followers and for her. Blessings.

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  6. Ginny Jensen

    Finally got around to listening to this and it was just what I needed. Thanks for speaking truth to us!

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  7. Danuta Fadanelli

    I love you, Susan. Your raw honesty is what we need. Exactly! You are on point. That saboteur you are talking about, exists in other areas of our lives- if you are struggling as a single parent, a church member, a professional – your saboteur says you have to appear as if you are totally in control; so don’t share. But we are so happy you did!

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  8. Debbie

    Good to be honest, share the burden too. Works for me every time. Just a short mention of the fast though would love to hear more about that? Would you do it again. Did you feel a benefit? Love to hear your thoughts.

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  9. Monnae

    Thank you Susan. I so connect to this VLOG and continue to appreciate your openess and availability. My question/comment is not about isolation. I am finding that many days I am really hungry and I am on week 4 1/2. I started to check what I was eating and sometimes it was barely 1000 calories- sometimes maybe slightly more with all the food quantities included. No wonder. Is there something you recommend to make sure we get the calories we need? I started using Cronometer as a guide, because I was fascinated with what was actually happening. Oh by the way I have been releasing consistently 3 or slightly more like 3.33 pounds per week. 2011- 197 now. I truly appreciate your gift to the world and have been spreading “the gospel”

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  10. Meena

    Hi Susan

    Thankyou for sharing. It is nice to hear honesty. I very just starting to lose weight and beginning my journey. I’m fed of people telling I’m the only one struggling and made to feel out of place.
    Reality is everyone is struggling There are hip crocuses out there who don’t tell you the truth.
    Isolation is a real threat as I think about food too much.
    I know I need to break the habit. It’s the thoughts that drive you.
    I need to be hanging out with people like myself.
    You are human and can’t change that .We have to juggle do much and our body obviously has limitations.

    Thanks for sharing
    Let’s keep going


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  11. Jennifer Redwine

    Wow! You ARE human- lol. Like you, I just returned from 3 weeks of intermittent travel.
    The first thing to go was the quantities, but I didn’t pig out. So good to hear
    the concept of isolation. I wasn’t aware that I say some of the same things to myself too.
    Looking forward to hearing your summation on the trial of fasting.

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  12. Becca

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for your honesty. Made me love you even more and appreciate the courage it took. You are AMAZING XXX

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  13. Jan

    *That’s words , , not works . .

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  14. Jan

    “Wonky” has just become one of my new favorite works . . .right after “automaticity”! Love it!!

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  15. pb

    Water fasting is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse your ‘shame’, your mind, your body – but most of all cleansing your blood!
    People drink way too little water as is. Doing this water fast is a mindful way to consume an adequate amount and hopefully more water to nourish and hydrate your body.

    Go girl Go!!! Ypu ROCK!

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  16. Tracy

    I think it’s fantastic that you’re being honest about your journey. Giving that inner voice volume helps everyone to know that it’s ok to not be perfect & it’s ok to lean on others. Thanks Susan, I look forward to your next vlog.💜

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  17. Horatio Nelson

    YOUR eating habits can become and indeed ARE “off track”?! How come? I was labouring under the impression that Bright Line success was the final paradisical unshakeable stage. Well, well ……….

    Regards, Horatio Nelson.

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  18. Monica

    Dearest Susan a big BRAVO for your courage and honesty. I deeply admire your openness. Keep going the way you are ! Than you so much for everything.

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  19. Katya

    Hey Susan,
    What a great share. I really love this because it exemplifies a kind of leadership we all need – if you were perfect and never went wrong, we wouldn’t have a model for how to get back on track and, as a therapist of mine has said and as I’ve written on my blog, falling and getting up is what makes us stronger. Aho sista.

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  20. Janann

    Wow!!! Just what I needed today!

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  21. Tricia B

    This blog is exactly what makes Susan a great and solid leader in a food addiction journey! I fully respect the human aspects that Susan brings to her book, blog, and posts; this is exactly why a movement has begun and so many of us feel the power of taking a difficult journey together. Personally, I’d much rather follow the on-going battles and bumps of a human being than a perfect robot! Here’s to not staying in isolation and owning our humanity! Cheers and Bravo Susan!

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  22. Kaye Sitko

    Thank you for your honesty and showing us you’re human. It takes a strong person to publicly admit weakness. In my eyes, this made you a better, stronger, and stable leader.
    The saying goes: Teach through example and that you do. You are an awesome teacher. Rock on!

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  23. Michaela Marie Holey

    Authenticity is a gift you give to me. Your honesty allows….EMPOWERS me to be gentle with my own humanity and take it one breath at a time. Blessings back to you!

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  24. Jena Walter

    Dearest Susan,
    Your deep and fearless honesty IS the bright light of this program!!! The very thing that we are all afraid of-the vulnerability, the shame the feelings of loss of control-your bravery in facing those things and TALKING about them-THAT is the thing that truly lights the path for us all.

    It’s not being perfect, it’s being human with courage to be vulnerable that really gives us all wings. Love you.

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  25. Trae McNeill

    Oh Susan, Thank You for being so open with us! I’ve learned so much from your book and from the 14 day challenge ( I’m on day 65 today – so tomorrow it becomes a habit, hugh?!?) and am now a BLM student. I love it that you too have struggles – it makes this process so real. Thanks for being human and allowing us to be as well. I’ve learned that BLE is not an all or nothing existence. There are ups and downs. I’m so glad I stumbled onto BLE. I needed this and am working toward being Happy, Thin, and Free – THANKS TO YOU!!!

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  26. Judy Carver

    Susan, sorry your trip to Oregon was hazardous. Our state is on fire EVERYWHERE. I just joined an OA group and reading everything they have on anything. Your VLOG fit right into my biggest hurdle I’m having and that is getting a sponsor, talking w/others, trying to get out of my head that I can just do this alone. I so heard your saboteur as it is mine also, oh that won’t hurt, so you don’t weight/measure, blah blah. Your words this morning will get me thinking more about opening up to someone and surrounding myself w/more folks who know and care. Thank you, and God Bless!

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  27. DeLacey Gilmore

    Ah Susan! This is so me. In all reality I have been struggling on and off since January. Thank you for the reminder to not let our saboteur keep us isolated. I need to find a group I can really be honest and open with and keep myself accountable. Thank you

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  28. Diana Miller

    Dear Susan – as I was listening to your VLOG today a thought I’ve had before came up again. I wonder what the percentage of introverts are in the food addict community as compared to people as a whole? My memory of the percentage of introverts to extraverts is that the introverts are way fewer than extraverts in the general population. hmmmm – just wondering about this?? I guess if I were gong to do some research on this I’d posit that there are a greater number of introverts in the food addict community than extraverts!!! Interesting thought – inquiring minds!!

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  29. Jillian

    Thanks for sharing as always. I see nothing wrong with trying health options such as fasting ( I like the idea of juice fasting more) if you feel interested in it. It is a healthy thing to do and you are all about the health! Also, re: isolation. This is just me…I would not enjoy an online weight program because it is still isolated. Time with people online is still time without other living people actually present. Since I tend to be alone a lot that is something I need to deal with. It seems very illusory to be so involved in a program that is really a computer relationship. Live boot camps, weekly live meetings etc would be another story. Again, this is just me, I know so many love BLE the way they are doing it and it is also helping many.

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  30. Gina Heese

    Wow! The analogy of the sabby flying out the window when you open it from your isolation just drove
    This message home!! I too, am the “leader” of a group of friends who have the book and I feel I cannot slip up once bc I will fail them! So I keep some of that to myself as well! This VLOG speaks volumes to me and I am SO glad you posted it ! Perfect timing :).

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  31. Linda

    Listening to you helps me and offers the support and recentering I need. I I needed to hear this. So true, even though I am only off a tad. It will keep me on track. So true about not thinking I can’t share. I feel guilty when I am not perfect even tough I am 99’to 95% on track. This is a recent stage and easily corrected. Thank you, Susan!

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  32. Janet

    Susan, there is nothing wrong with fasting!!!! You have to remember that you are not perfect, you are imperfect!! I have been told on my group, stop being hard on yourself. I agree with what you said about feeling you let the group down, when they are encouraging you. But isn’t this the readon you have BLE to encourage ones to stay on track?

    You are no different, in my opinion you sharing your feelings only helps to enforce that we all have the same struggles and we all need to continue to encourage each other .

    In my opinion ,it took humility and courage to share your feeling of failure , but you didn’t fail you conquered !! Because you still stayed away from NMF . So good for you. A weight off your shoulders 😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    1. Judy Carver

      I see nothing wrong w/fasting. Gives your body a break and a chance to purge. I think it actually loves the reset from food.

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  33. Peg

    Timely, as they always seem to be, Susan! Just got shot down by someone I reached out to – that stings! – so am especially relishing the comments and commenters here but need to expand my own circle. As so many
    have noted, your honesty is a tonic! =) Blessings!

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  34. Lena

    I love your honesty! If it was all smooth sailing for you, I would be discouraged with my own mistakes and weaknesses. Thank you for being honest and human!

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  35. Akita

    Thank you Susan for sharing and inspiring me to share with a tribe of people in my life. I oftentimes alsi feel like I need to suffer in isolation, with many things. You’ve given me the courage to say that it ia ok to share. I’m nit looking for answers, pitty or support. I kust want to freedom to breath and say YES I’m human and I too struggle!!

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  36. Lale

    Thank you for being open.

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  37. Diane Fox

    This was very timely for me. I had been traveling – did fairly well the first week. The second week got a little off, and the first week home was rough. I was definitely feeling that isolation and not wanting anyone to know but Tuesday, I started committing my food to my friend and BLE buddy, again, and that has helped. This blog helped me recognize what was going on and put it all in perspective. Thanks!

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  38. Brenda

    Hello Susan,

    I somehow got on to your blogs even though I do not follow bright line eating per se, I get so much from your openness, and wanted to let you know.
    I have a daughter who is struggling big time with her health, and has been unable to get a diagnosis( she may be close to one )
    As someone who has come through a cancer that no one bought I would survive, I have a little fear for my daughters around this.
    For some reason there is a culture of secrecy in my family which I now realize is not all that helpful.
    I have found myself wanting to retreat , away from other family, friends, events etc., although I know this just serves to make me more anxious and fearful
    I have never met anyone quite so open and honest as you, and listening to you r blogs, especially this blog on isolation for some reason, brings me great hope for the future of my kids and grandkids
    You cannot know how many people you touch not just in your “tribe”, but in places you may not be aware of
    So, thank you, and bless you on your journey, you are indeed a bright light in a sometimes dark world

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  39. Kathy Froggett

    I look forward to listening to you ever week. You are so honest and communicate your thoughts so welll.
    Thank you Kathy

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  40. Riad ghanma

    i have the right to pass judgments?

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  41. Riad ghanma

    thank you for all you do for everybody,
    an addict playing hero, is suicidal hero.
    could you please stop counting on resilience, reduce experimenting.
    i can do some experimenting, but not you.

    thank you again, this video, like all your other videos, is very useful, but this one is exceptionally enlightening

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  42. Nancy

    Wow ! I was curious about this human aspect of you Susan and was wondering when you were going to address it about yourself. This video makes me feel lucky 🍀 and gives me/us the green light to come out of our caves!! Way to change the world one video at a time LOL ❤️❤️❤️

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  43. Toni Whitmont

    “When I am struggling, get more support.” – yes and yes. Thank you Susan for your honesty and openess, and your courage as always.

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  44. Alex

    Thank you for your inspiring honesty and courage in sharing this – really insightful for those of us struggling with any addiction.

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  45. Debbie

    Dear Susan, your honesty just blows me away. My shame and self-loathing when I fall down (which is often), isolates me from people and keeps the vicious spiral going. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” (Thoreau). The phenomenal growth of BLE shows that you are addressing a massive unspoken problem that impacts hundreds of thousands of people in America alone. I must be honest, I was seriously discouraged when I had freshly joined BLE and you confessed that you had binged after the election results came out. At first, I thought, if it doesn’t work for you, how can it work for me? Then I thought about it and realized that our mistakes and missteps are our best teachers. you have been given this mountain so that you can show that it can be moved. What the world needs, is hope. All your struggles, triumphs, pitfalls, years of therapy, seeing what works and what doesn’t work, combined with your studies, have enabled you to put the pieces of the puzzle together and give us a roadmap out of the maze. You are such a phenomenal teacher because know our struggle. You are the Bright (light) of BLE. If you were perfect, it would have been more difficult to follow you. We (the tribe) are all human and we fall down all the time. We would end up thinking only perfect people (like you) can do this. Please remember this when your saboteur tries to tell you you need to be perfect for your tribe. Your perfection gives us hope, and your imperfection gives us courage. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  46. Pat

    It’s almost as if you have ‘seeing’ powers and know so many of us are in this state of mind at this time in space! I needed this vlog! Thank you.

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  47. Dorothea

    Dear Susan!
    I think we all know this periods of time when we kind of hate ourselves and instead of reaching out for support going into isolation. Please don’t be to upset about it. I also think that waterfasting has an influence on the mind and maybe a good experience whether you do bright line eating or not. I’m sure you will easily find your way back to your personal bright lines. You have thousands of people living and supporting you – including myself.
    Lots of love from Klagenfurt, take care Dorothea 🐬

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  48. Sonja Tomiuk

    I think it takes real courage to be able to share with others when we are having a challenging time. Sometimes we feel embarrassed to share those challenges with others because we think that we should be better, we should perhaps have not fallen, yet we must remember we are human and not every day will be the same as the day before it or after it. I appreciate your honesty with how you were feeling when you got home from your trip. I think that when we share our challenges with others there always seems to be something in what we say that helps others with their challenges. MORE POWER TO YOU SUSAN for being so out there and sharing. I just love it. Thank you so much.

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  49. Micheline

    Thank you to Abigail who wrote exactly what I want to say to you. Welcome to being a Human and for sharing it with us so openly.
    What you did today was giving everyone permission to be human as you are allowing yourself to be.
    THANK YOU for sharing and take the time to Re-Zoom !!! We are there for you, just like you are there for everyone with all the work you are doing that is helping so many !!!

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  50. Andrea

    Thanks so much for sharing! I really look forward to these weekly Vlogs! I was hoping to hear how the water fast went and how it worked in conjunction with BLE. Darn – I guess we’ll have to wait until next time you try it for a more conclusive report. When I heard you were in San Francisco last week, I yelled at my iPad, ” what – you were here!!!?” I would love to hear you speak in person so I hope you’ll publish any speaking engagements or other events if and when you come back. Double darn.

    That stuff about your ” saboteur ” rings so true! I call mine “the little voice” and the rationalizations it makes can be very compelling. It takes major impulse control not to act on those ratioalizations especially when the environment is set up for failure out on the road -when those controlled conditions at home are not supporting the ease of compliance.

    I get what you’re saying because you’ve been at this for such a long time and know you can bounce back.

    Just remember “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! ” That’s my mantra and shuts down the little voice instantly.

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  51. Valentina

    Thank you, Susan, so much for sharing. Everything you said spoke to me. My automatic reaction is to isolate myself when I break my Bright Lines because I feel like a failure and feeling shame. It’s good to be reminded that I need support not isolation. Going for the extra support from now on. Thank you.

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  52. Pam

    Susan, you have just given us all a gift! I can pretty confidently say that many of us food addicted Dear Ones are also tinged, if not slammed, with perfectionism and it’s pretty dang easy to look at someone like you and assume that you have it all together, all the time. Now my higher self knows that everyone is human and we all have our moments but it’s awfully easy to get into the place of “Oh, look how great that person is, doing their food perfectly all the time and here I am, struggling, and if only I could be like them and how could I ever admit to someone that I am struggling” and on and on and on…so human and yet so unloving to ourselves!
    So you have just shown us that there is no perfect here. You are, Dear One, to use a 12-step phrase, just another bozo on the bus. How refreshing! How brave of you to share that and clearly, from the comments, has made you only more lovable. Thank you from the bottom of my imperfect heart!!

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  53. S B

    I so totally feel for you & admire your courage to literally reach out to that next level of humanity: support.

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  54. Carol

    Your raw honest sharing is such a gift. Please know that your vulnerability does so much more for me than a veneer of perfection!

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  55. Terri

    Thanks for staying real – It’s helps us all remember we’re human!

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  56. Charlotte

    Good job Susan. I love your openness.

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  57. Alison

    Thank you. You moved us all a bit forward by being honest about the shame of small failures which, if kept hidden, grow like cancer. So, it appears that isolation affects introverts and extroverts equally. Your worth is not in being perfect. Your worth is in being you. And in being charmingly articulate . That’s your secret sauce. Hang in there Mom/Wife/Intellectual/Entrepreneur. We accept you for who you are. A favor returned. Alison

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  58. Ginny

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks for this post!

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  59. Tracy Fowler

    “Nailed It”!! Thank you so much for this vlog. Very powerful. It jreally made an impact on me. All addicts can relate with this.

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  60. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Susan, if you were not an addict to food, you wouldn’t have come up with BLE. This exists because of your addiction journey and recovery when you were 20, because of your obesity, because of the 12 step program you were in. But mainly, because you know what it means to be down there, deep in the dark zone of NMF. To show your weaknesses makes this method stronger.
    My life as a food addict changed for ever when I learnt about BLE, Then it changed again when I found my facebook group and when I buddied up with my buddy Janie, she in Texas and I in Buenos Aires.
    Tell your saboteur that Brightline Eating without social support is nothing. It is just one more diet.
    I love you, Susan.

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  61. Linda Rudnick

    Hi Susan: I wish I knew that you were in Portland, Breitenbush and at the Oregon coast. I was there for the beautiful eclipse and live in Beaverton, Oregon. My brother lives in Rochester and you two have met before. His name is Mike Rudnick and he used to have a radio show on nutrition and health.

    I think a fundamental challenge is the fear of being judged by others. I applaud your willingness to be authentic and truthful about your struggles. Having been in OA for eight years I’ve learned that if you can’t be honest with yourself and others you are at an extreme disadvantage. The Navajo women intentionally wove “errors” into their rugs to demonstrate their humanness. Your sharing demonstrated your humanness. Bravo.

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  62. Joanne

    I was wondering about the water fast and the traveling. Thanks for the vlog.

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    1. Mercedes (from Argentina)

      Granny Stark, I love Susan and now I love you too!

      Reply ·

        IT’S GREAT TO BE LOVED !!!
        RIGHT BACK AT YA !!!
        XO OX

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    2. Sharon Swanson

      O Dear Granny Stark our hearts are so sad for your tragedy. I Praise GOD for your strong spirit and phenomenal Achievements!! Lost 10,000 homes here in Nashville. TN in ’04 and have seen what water damage does on a much smaller scale. FOR YOUR DIGESTION and tummy health, have you tried 2-4 oz. Aloe Vera Inner Filet Juice by Lily of the Desert?
      Please permit me to pray for you.
      Dear Good Shepard You promised to meet every need for Your “sheep” Ps. 23:2. Also to be our Strength, Hope, and Rock of Refuge (comfort & courage). For the glory of Your most precious and Holy name and by the power and authority of Your Word, please let Granny Stark see victory in her life, her physical needs and the transformation of TX & LA. Amen

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  64. Anne

    Thank you for this post! It is very timely for me…. I did your 14 day plan a little while ago and felt great, but lately my eating has been”wonky” as well. I totally identify with your statement about how you feel that you can’t share your struggles because of your role as the leader of Bright Line Eating. I work as a dietitian, and appear (on the outside) to have my eating and weight in check…. But I struggle immensely in my own head. Do you have any suggestions for where I could find some support if I haven’t officially been through a boot camp? Thanks again for a great post!

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  65. Ronna Berezin

    You need to buy Daniel Amen’s newest book ( a tually a children’s book) which is a story about ANTS( translation: AutomaticNegative Thoughts) … and how the dragon poetically destroys the ANTS.. Go to his websitevor Amazon and read the open book or listen on his website as he is a very prominent Psychiatrist who has helped many many welkbown people. His wife Tanya is also great and she takes part in many of his interviews. Do it , Yew won’t be sorry! What sold me on system was when he asked his 4 yeear old who was hysterical bc she couldn’t get her esrs pierced until she was 5 and she is4, “How would you feel if you didn’t get upset? Silent at first , she replied, ‘Peaceful.”. And the story goes on from there! Pow-er- ful stuff!

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  66. Natalie Moga

    Thank you for your honestly and acknowledging that you are human.

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  67. Jane

    Thank you just what I needed to hear. How do I join BLifers???

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      You do the Boot Camp and the invitation comes at the end of that.

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  68. Abigail Stewart

    Dear Susan, I’m not big on these comment things. However, your book, the platform you have provided has helped change my life for the better and I am so grateful for you and your work creating the Bright Line Eating platforms.
    When I hear that you are struggling, I just want to hug you and tell you it is going to be okay. My psychologist (who told me about your book, by the way) has written a few books and the traveling for book tours or like you have done, going to the Food Revolution conference, is very challenging. I read about your water fast and my response is just – what’s the big deal? If you had needed to water fast for a medical procedure, it wouldn’t be a big deal. You tried it. You may try it again. And, you being you will probably share it with us.
    When so many of us have benefitted from your experiences, which allowed you to turn some serious challenges into this great Bright Line Eating program and all that comes with it, why would anyone need to criticize you for sharing that you tried a 3 day water fast? You didn’t tell us to do it, you just shared that you during all this traveling, and with your husband, were trying it. I say, “Great!” more research. The BLE program is still there. The book is there, the modules are there. This is just you being you. And that is great.
    Give yourself a break. Traveling is difficult if you are trying to do any kind of disciplined eat program. Years ago, for me, it was Macrobiotics. Traveling was such a stressor and often it took me awhile to get back on track.
    The downfall with Macrobiotics is that there was no Bright Lifers, there was no (for me) Hither House, where I could unload that I was off my game, recommit, rezoom, unload and ask for support.
    But with BLE – you created this wonderful support for all of us.
    You, my dear, are human. You are also fabulous!!!! Give yourself a break. Take some time, do what you are doing: talk it out, ask for support and rezoom (just like you would tell us to do).
    So, you are a little off your game with your food, your quantities, your program. Step by step, day by day, give yourself a break and get back to the program you created for all of us. Some may care, some may judge. I say, ignore them. Some people are just like that. It is their problem. But I will guarantee you that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people, who, if they see this vlog, will feel similarly.
    You are loved, supported and I know you can get it all back together. I know you are searching for a personal assistant and you need one. BLE is growing fast and you are at the head of all of it. From the job description, you may need more than one person to do all the of the tasks, an Executive Personal Assistant and an additional administrative assistant – but that is just my opinion. You may also benefit, when it is possible, from having a personal cook / chef who understands BLE and can take on that responsibility so you can teach, write, and continue building this amazing movement you are creating.
    In the meantime, please, take a break. You go at a pace that would take more than one person to keep up with all you do. Be good to yourself. Yes, we all look up to you and admire you. But you are a person, not a machine. You can do this, you will rezoom and it is going to be okay. Accept help and support that is offered to you. And please take good care of yourself.

    Reply ·
    1. Mercedes (from Argentina)

      Oh, Susan, I agree with Abigail! Take a break! We love you and we need you!

      Reply ·
      1. Riad ghanma

        take a break = isolate your self

        Reply ·
    2. Kaye Sitko

      Very well said..

      Reply ·
  69. Kellye

    I totally hear you on all of this. What doesn’t ring completely true to me is when you say that you need to be home to get your quantities back in line. I don’t believe you. I think that your saboteur is using traveling as an excuse to play it loose with your quantities. By this point I bet you could eyeball anything and recognize the 2, 4 and 6 oz. I have only been doing this for 4 months and I can. The other day I mistakenly measured 6 oz instead of 4 oz of rice – I don’t know what happened I just forgot it is 4 oz of a cooked grain. I measured it a second time and figured it out because honestly it looked like a shit ton of rice. All of this is to say, get wonky with your quantities when you travel or not, but don’t think you have to get back home to fix it. That’s my two cents!

    Reply ·
    1. Sharon Swanson

      Kellye, I could be wrong but I thought Susan was referring to doing a 3 day water fast while traveling. Thanks to her, I did a ” three day water fast “myself for the first time last week where a 1 day has been near impossible before. Not doing BLE , but love Susan’s free sharing, and being able to identify because I too tested as a 10+ Food addict. Could not have done 3 day water fast while “traveling in a cage”. I was at home, praying, meditating, w/ access to green tea, sparkling water, coffee, aloe-vera juice and bone broth that was recommended for me after-I researched this a little more. (Balch, Nutritional Healing and articles attached to Susan’s vlog) Also, I was able to exercise, take naps, and because I’m 80 and live alone, don’t watch TV & avoided kitchen. LOL, did seem my “saboteur” made certain I was inundated w/ fabulous recipes on FB!
      Susan, you hit a nail on the head w/ “Addiction thrives on Isolation” I’ve been divorced for almost 40 years and food became a problem after retirement and cutting back on physical activity. Activity/daily exercise are mandatory for maximized health and food-control I think. Sure appreciate all that you’re sharing. Thank You!!

      Reply ·
      1. Kellye

        I don’t think that that is what I am talking about, Sharon. She said several times that she knew her quantities were “wonky” both before and after the fast and that she knew she would have to get home to correct that. I think waiting until you get home is like waiting till Monday morning to start a diet. No time like the present to correct when things get wonky UNLESS you really don’t want to! I am going to do a water fast next week. I am looking forward to finding out if it takes away some aches I have recently had. And yes, I would only contemplate that when I was home with an empty schedule!!

        Reply ·
  70. Barbara Tunks

    Thank you, Susan for being so honest. This just shows me that you are human and normal like the rest of us. And I appreciate that. No ones life is always scheduled and organized all the time. I believe all the ups and downs of our life are part of our journey. And we try and do the best we can at the moment we are in. So, thank you for sharing with us. And I personally want to thank you for BLE. This is such a blessing to me. I am so happy! If you were standing in front of me now , I would give you a big hug!

    Reply ·
  71. Teresa Stratton

    Thank you for sharing this video as I am on day 7 of your 14 day plan and , although I felt guilty for adding an extra ounce of beans to my salad the past several days, it felt great to confess to a friend who introduced me to your plan. I told that friend today that I was losing 2 lbs a day duiring the first 3 days which I felt was too much too soon. I assumed the sudden rapid weight lioss was contributed to my strict vegan habits.

    Reply ·
  72. Loryn Ashley

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY!!!’ Of all the things I’ve heard you say, this resonated with me like nothing else. I’m isolated. I isolate myself in shame. I need to break out and ask for help, and you just gave me the courage to do that. I have a BLE buddy from heaven who will support me at every turn and I’m ashamed to tell her the truth. I think my life just changed. Bless you.
    with love,

    Reply ·
    1. Daphne

      Loryn, consider taking next year the Bright Line Healing seminar!!

      Reply ·
  73. Meg

    I find your reflection so on target, Susan…and solidly true for us introverted, journaling types, too (at least for this one). For myself, I can gain all kinds of clarity and resolve through meditation and self-reflection, but sharing the truth with another person is what finally dispels the power of the ‘wonkiness’ to call the shots. Thank you, Susan. Love you to the max, holding space for you thru re-entry.

    Reply ·
  74. Kay

    you got this!

    Reply ·
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