Body Dysmorphia

In this week’s vlog, I answer a question from a former Boot Camper about body dysmorphia and explain how it relates to your Bright Line Eating™ journey.


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  1. Katherine Marine

    Thank you for doing this one! Just realized I have number 1, when I saw pictures of me. Horrible and yet my friends were saying how beautiful I was. Really helped me get a grip and come to BLE!

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  2. T. W.

    Funny, I started my 14 Day Challenge because of the last straw-seeing my body on a surveillance camera video with my boss. Really made me decide I wasn’t seeing myself as I really was which was overweight & unhealthy. My husband & I really love this healthy lifestyle of BLE now that I’ve reached my goal & am enjoying maintenance.

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  3. Deb

    I think that for me, it’s a matter of ‘believing ‘ that I am smaller and also believing that it can last. Too many times I’ve touched down at a great number but before I can integrate the new me, I’m on the way back up. So… I’ve come to see alll changes as transient. Hopefully, this time.

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  4. Helen Stahlke

    Its Sept 23, 2017 – I just watched this and the one about the lady how couldn’t stop loosing weight. I came to that same sort of place where I was loosing weight but eating and my mouth got sore very sore and dry. My gums inflamed. The Dr did’t believe me and said there was nothing wrong with my mouth. That same week I had to go to the dentist because i could not clean under my implants. If I did’nt do that I would lose them. So the Dentist started me on Antiboitics for 30 doses. My gums settled down. I could clean under my im[plant. But my mouth was still dry. I saw a Naturopathetic Dr who started me one even more supplements than I was taking BUT she got to have 2 Tblspns of Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 2 meals which are liquid VEGA one Mix and Almond Milk and lots of fruit berries and avocado. Plus Nutra Sea Omega 3 1 tsp daily. I also take 2 tsps of Coconut oil. I started BLEating 3 Oct 2016. I dropped to 121.2lbs. Having been 161lbs Sept 28, 2016. I’m now doing BLMind and due to lack of energy and pain in my extremities I’m running a little behind in the lectures. I’m still working on lecture #8 but I’m still doing my Gratitudes I’m a little behind in the WHY part and I know the Homework for #9 assignment. I’m working on a plan for my 75th birthday and 50 years in Canada. This will happen August 17, 2019. The Church I go to is in London Ontario and I live in Stratford so I have not been able to go for 2 weeks now. But someone is going to speak on my behalf and tell the Jewish Fable and start everyone who wants to attend my Birthday Day they have homework to do. Make a Gratitude list for 3 weeks, then share it with someone who could do with a little Happiness in their life. They are ALL then invited to this party. Which will be held at 120 Falcon Street Unit #6 London Ontario Canada N5W 4Z3. Start time to be determined. I want to invite Susan Pierce Thompson PhD to speak and Marty Seligman to have a talk on weight loss and Positive Psychology. Marty’s book Flourish is astoundingly good read and I’m only part way through it.
    Susan Pierce Thompson would you please come and speak to this group – it could turn out to be very BIG OUT OF THE BOX BIG. But I’m working on WOOP. I have spoken to you twice now on BL Mind Q&A Helen from Stratford Canada. THANK-YOU FOR YOUR INVESTMENT in my life. I’m so Grateful.
    I don’t do facebook very often and I am a BL Eating Lifer but have not been listening to your daily challenges. BUT I’m paying attention and how you see this BIG MESSAGE to you. I don’t know how to ask Marty to come on the 17 August 2019, if not him then one of his good students. I’m 73 yrs now and I’m on a fixed income but I believe in a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD WHO IS WELL ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY MORE ABUNDANTLY THAN WE CAN ASK OR THINK!!!!! So I’m putting my self out there and the plan goes into action on Sunday Sept 24, 2017. I have it all typed out for Joyce Noordam to say. My Pastor & wife Ivan & Isabel Allum have been given all the info but not the Fable story that Joyce will tell.
    I laughed so much hearing the story and then sharing with friends. When in bed so very very tired I would laugh and laugh then giggle then tell myself I had to go to sleep. This I have repeated so often. I have gone years not laughing. I have been slowly leaking out now I’m busting out. I saw my Psychiatrist on Thurs for a 22 min appn and he gave me an hour. My friend who drove me to Seaforth to see him thought he had lost me I was gone so long!!!!! I’m laughing as I watch his worried look look walking by the office and call out to him I’m here Vick. God IS SO GOOD. Thanks for reading and I hope answering me Susan Pierce Thompson PhD.. Blessings Helen

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  5. Antoinette Mary Lincoln

    Funny this weekly blog should show up on my return from my annual vacation in Sardinia (Italy). Fortunately, with BLE I manage to stick with the basic principles of not eating between meals and try to eat as healthily as possible, but, due to a cronically lazy bowel (especially when travelling) I was feeling bloated and I was not sticking strictly enough to my BLE food plan (I was drinking and binging a bit), I was sure I had put on weight. On Sunday, I plucked up enough courage to weigh myself and I had actually LOST WEIGHT. This obviously put me in a much better mood and I sort of realized that some kind of automatism had kicked in. Obviously, I’ve returned to my eating plan because I know there’s still quite a bit of weight to come off but it’s nice to know that it’s not just me that has this perception of things.
    Love, thanks,
    Antoinette (Italy)

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  6. Claude

    I would think taking a selfie & hooking it to your mirror every week or two would help with dysmorphia. You’ll gradually see the changes, instead of BEFORE & AFTER pics.

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  7. michelle deeb

    And then there is the all too REAL body dysmorphic disorder, bdd. The book The Broken Mirror helped me immensely, and, interestingly enough, my issues are from the face up.

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  8. Laura

    Loved this vlog 😘😘 dealing with this big time right now, so the timeliness of this is great! Hope it doesn’t take a year to move fully into my right size body-mentally, but if it does, that’s ok too as this program is a life changer for me! Thank you Susan!

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  9. Liz from SC

    Such an interesting topic. I also think our body image can get so confused and distorted by constant weight gain and loss. Until BLE, I literally spent my entire life either losing weight or gaining it. My mind needed some time and size consistency to catch up

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  10. Sylvia

    This is so good information . I didn’t thought to much about this. But yes happen to me too. Thank you Susan

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  11. Kari Ross

    I justgot out from the bathroom and saw another lady looking back at me in the mirror. I thought, maybe the mirror makes you look better.
    I have only done this for less than 2 weeks, but the lost weight shows already. I just love to get down to my match weight.
    Thank you for getting me started.

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  12. Darla I Gallew

    Body dysmorphia has been a saboteur for my weight loss before. This is the best explanation I’ve heard. Thank you, now I know what to do the next time it comes around.

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  13. Loretta Line

    This blog is so timely! Just yesterday I was walking downtown on my way to work and glanced at a store window reflection and did not recognize myself! I was shocked at the normal sized lady looking back at me! AND ALSO, my original goal weight, which I have achieved, BTW, is probably about 15 pounds off to the heavy side. I just told myself at the time that I would be happy if I could just do that much… never believing I really could. I have decided to loose that extra 15 pounds before I make any decisions about where to stop or begin thinking about maintenance. Now I KNOW I can get down to a true size that is fitting for this 64 year old who is feeling younger every day!

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  14. Laura

    You are changing my life! Thank you for sharing what you know .

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  15. Melanie

    Excellent topic! Glad to to know I’m not the only one. I come from a family of morbid obesity and have lost significant amounts of weight a few times in my life. It always seemed to take forever until my brain and my body synchronized. Now I know that a year or two is normal. I too have had that feeling that I’ve gained a lot of weight when I haven’t. My brain likes to keep my mental image fatter than I am. I’ve been in a size 4 for 6 years now (back to where I was before having 4 children), and I still don’t see myself as thin, but I’m happy where I am.

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  16. Raven

    I agree that anorexia is a problem. I would just caution you that when you do see people that you think are too thin, that you don’t automatically assume they are anorexic. When I was in high school and college, I weighed in the low 90s. I was not anorexic. In fact, I hated being that thin. I wanted to gain weight, but I was not able to. A friend of mine at the time used to joke that I ate way more than she did. I snacked all the time. I did eat smaller meals than most people (I still do), but I could only eat so much in one sitting before I would start to feel very uncomfortable, and then I would stop. A few times, I would try to eat more because I wanted to gain weight, but I always felt miserable afterwards, so didn’t do it very often. I never weighed myself, though. I thought I was ugly and “boyish” because I did not have any curves. One of the most hurtful comments was when I was in a mall, and I overheard a stranger ask, “So do you think she’s bulimic or anorexic?” and then both girls started laughing. That would be hurtful to someone actually dealing with anorexia, but for me it was hurtful, too, because I was trying so hard to gain weight. I don’t know the reason that I was healthy at such a low weight, but I was. Now, I have the opposite problem and I need to lose weight, but back then, I was thin just because I was thin.

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  17. Clare Rosa

    Is there any way to look at past blogs? I love the information I am getting. thank you for what you do.

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  18. robin dudley howes

    Thanks for answering this question Susan. My body dysmorphia aligns with 2 of the 3 minus the anorexia. I’ve shed 20 lbs in 4 months (I’m only 5′) and still have more to go but in the mean time I can’t see much of a difference when I look in the mirror or when I see pictures of myself, I just figure I need to keep loosing weight which I intend on doing. My clothes, however, tell me different and my body feels so much lighter when I exercise. Here’s to BLE one day at a time!

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  19. Suzi from Arizona

    Great ending! So cute! Is there any way to tell my bff that she’s way bigger than she thinks she is?

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  20. esther pearlman

    Hi I enjoy your weekly vlogs. When you go to a restaurant that has artificial things in it, do you eat the food anyway?. Do you avoid going to them. When your family and or friends want to go, how can you stop them. I have said to them, “I would rather go somewhere else” Most of the time I do not get my way. Is there a vitamin to take to avoid the bad food, before going there? Thank you for your help Susan.

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  21. Lydia

    That was fantastic information. I didn’t realise I had body dysmorphia as well. 1 & 3 definitely apply to me. So shocked when I see myself in photos both before and after BLE. People tell me I’m thinner, clothes in smaller size fit me but my mind is still in ‘large’ mode. I have a way to go both physiologically and mentally but am more accepting of my new lower weight. It’s almost like I’m giving myself permission or saying it’s ok to weigh less. Having suffered bulimia in the past this is a big statement cos thinner was never good enuf and I was a messed up individual as a result. Mantra is I accept myself fully and am deserving of love and abundance.

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