The Most Important Day in My World

I try not to date my vlogs very often so that they can be watched at any time and still have a universal message, but sometimes I do state the date. Today is one of those days. Today is the most important day on the calendar in my world. August 9th is THE DAY for me. It’s not my birthday, it’s not my wedding anniversary, it’s not the birthdays of any of my kids, it’s not my mother’s birthday, it’s not my father’s birthday…but it is the most important day for me. August 9th happens to fall on vlog Wednesday this year, so this is my chance to reflect.

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  1. Lois

    I was getting tired of seeing just you in all the videos. But now I think your beautiful and look forward to you in my life. Thank you for being real.

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  2. Todd

    You are so authentic! Thank you!

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  3. Helen Spingola

    A super blog. Gripping at times but always real. A keeper for sure.

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  4. Kathy

    Your genuineness is so refreshing. It makes me
    Know that if you did this then I can do this as


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  5. Janice Smith

    So wonderful to know I am connected with someone who is real. The question ‘How are you?’ is a very lame question for many people who really don’t care how I am. Most times I don’t answer the question when asked. Thank you Susan!

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  6. DIana Cooper

    I’m so interested in finding out more.. I think it’s the solution !

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  7. Suzi

    I still get your emails for webinars, but I no longer get the emails for the weekly blogs. I really miss them. Can you hook me up?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hey, Suzi. Thanks for reaching out. Email our Customer Support Team through They can add you back to the Vlog list. 🙂
      Take Care

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  8. Jacqueline Cross

    Susan, you are truly an extraordinary human. Thank you so much for persevering through your journey because you would not be who you are today without it and you wouldn’t have touched so many so deeply! Thanks, prayers and love, Jacque

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  9. Kim

    Your work is amazing and has been missing in the weight loss industry. Healthy living is the focus with you. Thank you so much for your expertise.

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  10. Jarka

    Omg! 😄 Yeah, let’s get real! I’m EXACTLY the same, about the superficial ‘how are you’ s! Keep up doing the great amazing work, and being you. Love you! 😊

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  11. Evelyn Reinig

    Happy Anniversary, Susan. Your Amazing! I’ve been in BLE . since June 2016. The first 3 months I lost 18 lbs. Then it just stop. I lost my twins sisters, my friend Rosie, My like a brother , Tim. , all within 6 months, It’s finally stopped,of loved ones leaving the planet God is helping me to let go of all this grief. My weight is now 14 lbs lost. I need to get back on track. Can you help? Thank you. I’m so thankful the the weight I”ve been able to keep off.

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  12. Micheline

    Happy Anniversary and Thank You for being You and for being Real!!! It is so refreshing and your words feel connected to the brain and heart !! I just love it !!!

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  13. Carlos J Martínez G

    Solo por hoy Susanita, gracias por compartir tu experiencia !!

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  14. Kerry

    You are such a positive person ,I have your book ,though not implemented it yet! Found it fascinating.. Still struggling with the food and alcohol but feel I can do this ..the trouble is I’m not huge ..and I am a function alcoholic.. But I have massive issues and need to address them inspire hope !! Thank you

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  15. Susan Edwards

    I want to meet you some day and I will. I am 75 years old. I have been told many times that I need to write a book. DO NOT like to write. I like to talk, but I am putting this is writing NOW. I will start writing on August 19th; pen to paper. God has been good to me. A Master’s Degree with only one year of college in 1959!!! AND a Licensed Clinical Social Worker without ever even having a course in psychology and a successful private practice psychotherapist for over 30 years. BTW I weigh less TODAY than I have in 29 years. Have lost 33 pounds since March after 14-Day Boot Camp and BLE. First success EVER in my life in 60 YEARS!!! Bless you and your prophetic message.

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  16. Sue

    You raise the bar to being human, Thank you

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  17. Mildred Carroll

    I am sad that you are so flippant about your swearing. I understand that this is a habit that needs to be broken like any other destructive habit – and you’ve broken a lot and are helping others break a lot of habits. Unfortunately, by basically excusing yourself from that one and saying, “if you don’t like it you can leave” you are alienating a whole section of society. please rethink that particular aspect of your life.

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  18. Pam

    Congrats on your 23rd anniversary! I am so happy to have found you and the BLE program in the last month. It seems to be “spot on” with my overweight journey of 50 plus years. I feel that I am going through a life-changing experience now and I have you to thank for it!

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  19. Cilla

    Susan, you are amazing. Keep up the swearing – it is meant to be good for you!!!
    Love the vlog as usual. XXX

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  20. Mary

    Dearest Susan,
    Happy Anniversary! I want you to know that I am immensely grateful for your Bright Line Eating program . Since February, I have lost almost fifty pounds! I love you, and can’t thank you enough. I even started a support group at my church for people with food issues. Many of the participants have also tried your program because of my success, and they are having success , as well! But I wanted to let you know that I can’t show some of your videos at church, because of the profanity in them! I wanted to make you aware of this. It seems to me that you could reach more people if you left that out. Many of us don’t want our kids and grandkids hearing that type of language , so we have to make sure they aren’t around when we watch you! I know there are a lot of people who talk like that, but there are also a lot of us who don’t . I just wanted to share this with you. Thanks again for everything!

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  21. Arbella

    Dear Susan,
    I adore you and your program and you have changed my life.. I watch and rewatch your blogs often and sorry but this was a swing and a miss. It was a lot about Susan and I kept waiting for it to tie into everyone else but in my opinion it never did.
    The part that I most want to mention was how you went to a meeting as a drug and alcohol user and as you say, never drank or used again after that meeting . While that is amazing for you, I wish you had acknowledged that it is by no means the norm. As you know, people struggle for a lifetime to stop using drugs or drinking. You made it sound like it was so easy, which I imagine was not your intention, but as a mental health practitioner, I took issue with it.
    I say this with much respect and gratitude to you.

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  22. Monica

    Dear Susan, there’s someone who deeply admires you from a little country far away…. Switzerland. Through wellnessmama I found your blog and am thrilled as I signed up for bootcamp yesterday and started my journey to finally loose those difficult 20 pounds.
    Keep up your great job and stay as sparkling as you are forever 🙂
    I wish you Happy Anniversary and lots of happy days in your future life.

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    1. Sheri K

      Monica – there is a group of BLE’ers in Switzerland that meet up. You should be able to find them through your bootcamp if you’re interested.

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  23. Dina Grossman

    Dating a blog doesn’t make it “dated”… in fact, having dates on great stuff often helps to create a kind of context that enriches the readers.

    And otherwise … thank you.

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  24. pat

    Are you considering a book?

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  25. Regina

    Oh man, Susan, you drive me nuts!
    Another tempting offering? I so do want to do the inner work. I have a friend who keeps talking about the 12 steps and how she feels so free after only having completed four steps.
    But we have just started the Positive Psychology course, and I am afraid I cannot take all of this in.
    Arrghhh. You drive me nuts!
    I love the course. I have just read the first two chapters of the Primer in Positive Psychology, and am happy at goal weight, all thanks to you.
    So indebted.
    I guess my question is: If I do not sign up for Bright Line Healing now, when is my next chance to do so?

    You are crazy. You must work such long hours. Just crazy. I love you. You are awesome. But work a little less. So you give me space to work a little more intense on what’s on offer and then take the next step, all in sequence and relaxation and space to think inbetween.

    Ok, I guess it is time to take charge of my own life – haha!

    Thanks for this wonderful vlog. I so look forward to the time when we all go to parties and noone is raising an eyebrow or trying to talk us into eating or drinking something we have just politely declined. What a beautiful world of belonging whilst being ourselves. Thank you!

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    1. Megha

      Hey Susan – Happy Anniversary. Since Jan 29, 2016, I have listened to EVERY single VLOG. I’m a member of BLE March 2016 Harbor House. I never looked back at sugar and flour but still struggle with portions once those 10 pounds I wanted to remove went away. I keep on truckin. This Vlog delighted me, as most of all of them do. I will “see” you on the webinar. Congrats, love, and thanks from a fellow Positive Psychology teacher and BLE-er. HUGS!

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  26. Dani

    Susan…you are a gem! Congratulations for getting shit in order…you are an anomaly b/c not many people would have made it as far away from the Life you had at 19…August 9th is your birthday & I am looking forward to seeing what Bright Line Healing is all about. I am a 10 on the susceptibility scale with food, drugs(mostly pot)& when I’m really feeling low, alcohol & sex too…i am also a certified health coach, but I’m weighing in at 240lbs nowadays … so it’s a lot a lot a lot, but watching your videos and hearing your real-ness makes me smile each and every time and am grateful to be among those 300K+ who don’t give 2 fucks about you saying fuck and am very happy & thankful to hear your weekly blogs & the inspiration you are to me. I Love you, Lady…happy you made it!!! 🙂

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  27. Heike

    Dear Susan, congratulations! I have been follwing you for a year and you have given me so much energy and strength. Your knowledge about our mind and food addiction. is uncredible. Thank you very much! I wish you, your loved ones and your team o lot of sunshine in your life.

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  28. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    My day is January 4. Summer day, beautiful morning, my daughter tells me: “Look at what Mauro shared on Facebook”. It was the What the Hell Effect vlog. My life changed. Thank you, Susan. I love you.

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  29. Janine

    Here in South Africa we celebrate Woman’s Day on the 9 August and I dedicate this day to YOU!! Wow I love your VLOGS because they are REAL as you are as was the f bomb. Well done!

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  30. Deborah E Hope

    Thank you, Susan. Aug 9 is my DAY 1, as well. The tec challenges have been worked our for the most part and I have had a clean day. I plan to have another clean day today. Blessings to you and our tribe.

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  31. Kathleen Gelatt

    Encouraged Thank You!. But shocked to here” f—ing!”. Twelve step program for language inner work, maybe?

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  32. Daphne

    Congratulations Susan for your deep inner work, for your spirituality, for your honesty but most of all congratulations for your precious and generous vulnerability! I suppose you are so real because you processed the fogginess of the past – what you call the neutral state. Happy 23d, August 9th!! Let many more anniversary years come and meet your beautiful life!!!

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  33. Nancy Lewis-Wattsi

    Susan! Don’t you dare stop swearing! It is not a “problem”. And I’m so sick of the judgement behind those who don’t!!! Love ❤️ your vid and YOU. See you Saturday for your healing 🤠

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  34. Andrea


    Your Vlog hit a nerve with me tonight. I have been procrastinating starting on my journey but you inspired me to get it going. Thanks for the push in the right direction. Please keep up what you are doing. People like me need people like you.

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  35. Jo Ann G.


    Man, I love your spirit!!I know that I’ve said this before, but I truly love the fact that you’re so real and honest. You are a true gift to so many people. Keeping doing what you’re doing… f’bombs and all… 😉 Happy Anniversary…. ❤️👍

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  36. Marcie Brink-Chaney

    Congratulations! I didn’t know that it was just three years ago. I think I started knowing about the program and your work a year or so ago. Keep on keeping on. A lot of people are being encouraged and helped by what you are doing.

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  37. Wendelyn Kinnard

    Susan, Your honesty is so refreshing! I am so tired of people trying to display fake portraits of perfection of their daily lives.(Facebook, etc.) , which just makes others feel less! Your book and blogs and vlogs have changed my life forever! I have passed your book and testimony along to friends and family and we are all seeing results! Congrats. On your anniversary! Don’t give up ever! You are helping thousands now and soon even more. Love your spirituality! Without God in our lives we are lost. You are wonderful Susan!!,

    Sincerely’ Wendelyn from Wisconsin

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  38. Jan

    Love you Susan! ❤️ BLE is changing my life. Thank you!
    I will rejoice with you when you get your swearing under control. 😉
    Not a fan of the fbombs, but definitely a fan of YOU and your work!

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  39. Caroline

    Susan, just love your honesty!!
    Don’t believe in luck or coincidences.
    To me you are living a miracle…..not everyone gets that upswing of life, success and purpose.
    Most of all I will remember your love because that’s what invited me….and that’s what motivates necessary change.
    Love brings all that is good,true,meaningful,real,….yes has its pain…but take love out of the mix, it loses the spark of life!
    That fluff talk is so boring….thanks for letting us get to know you!

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  40. Paul Beaulieu

    Appreciate all you do., as a self described introvert, I may not say much. Caught the first intro at the summit, and found the book and read it now twice, eased into the process and officially started 50 days ago. Down 1/4 of the initial goal heading confidently toward bmi perfection from 247.5, blood numbers are improved. Official results next week. Keep up the vblogs because they help support my journey.

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  41. Paul Beaulieu

    Appreciate all you do., as a self described introvert, I may not say much. Caught the first intro at the summit, and found the book and read it now twice, eased into the process and officially started 50 days ago. Down 1/4 of the initial goal heading confidently toward bmi perfection from 247.5, blood numbers are improved. Official results next week. Keep up the vblogs because they help support my journey. Blessing and peace all.

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  42. Sylvia

    You are the best thank you again xo

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  43. Victoria

    I too just abhor trivial chit chat and need the nitty gritty realness in my interactions. You touched me deeply and I feel blessed to have found you and your program. You’re a true inspiration, thanks just isn’t enough. xo

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  44. Roberta Walters

    You ate the change this world needs…thanks for being real!!!!

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  45. Lynne J.

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

    Mine is August 14, 2014. You’re right, it’s the most important date on my yearly calendar, too.

    Thank you for saying ‘fucking’ during this vlog — I needed to hear that word from you! 😀

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  46. Mel

    I’m reading your book, Bright Line Eating, so it’s lovely to meet you through your vlog now. I enjoy your honesty. My fear is that you have had a much bigger struggle than I have and so I’m worried that you have more of a reason/drive to ‘get better’ than I do as a result of not having your kind of history. Does that make sense?! I hope I can do this! I’m sure as hell gonna try! #sugaraddict

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  47. Janet

    Really well said, you did nail it as always. Thanks for being so real, and sharing.

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  48. Debbie

    Congratulations on this very special day! Susan I absolutely love you! Did February 2016 boot camp..lost 40lbs…I am happy, thin and free! You changed my world and for that I thank you and am ever grateful! You $#@& rock!!!! Thank you for keeping it real❤

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  49. Kathy

    I love your honesty! Happy clean and sober day! I am coming up to 10 years clean and sober and I am tackling the eating addiction. Read your book, it was fantastic. Loved all the information about the brain! Mays so much sense. Lent your book to my daughter and within 5 days, she was all in, doing the bright line eating! Its a life saver for her. So thank you so very much. Looking forward to the webinar and seeing your solution to the 12 steps. I have been down that road, and have worked them numerous times. I am leading a group for women with issues with addiction.

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  50. Lynne

    Congrats on a special remembrance

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  51. Karen

    Truly inspirational! Thank you!

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  52. Valerie

    Susan, I have not yet viewed the vlog and already have goose bumps!…thinking in advance what you might have to say. You are cherished. Thank You. 🙂

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  53. Nancy Wilson

    Love you Susan, you are refreshing and amazing.
    The real deal. I look forward to your blog every
    week. Thank you for sharing your life with all
    of us. You give me hope and lots of inspiration.

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    1. Nancy Wilson

      Oops I sent two replies

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  54. Nancy Wilson

    Love you Susan, you are amazing and refreshing.
    The real deal. I love your blogs and I tune in every time.
    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

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  55. Ronna Berezin

    You stand as a good example of the results of hard work, commitment , courage in the face diversity., and most importantly fearlessness… all attributes wanting in todays culture.

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  56. Susan Richlin

    susan you are one very special person .. you have helped me and so many others .. you have so much to celebrate today . i send you blessings and gratitude and thanks 🙏🏻

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  57. Kim

    Happy Aug9th!!!!
    And Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
    Your honesty helps all of us heal– it helps us to look in our own dark corners where we are afraid to look…
    You are truly inspiring. Your message needs to get out to as many people as possible.
    Thank you so much for sharing yourself and BLE with the world!

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  58. Barbara Dulong

    I looooooove you! Clean and sober since September 23, 2007…began BLE June 18, 2017.

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  59. Nancy

    Happy Anniversary, Susan! Your spirt is infectious! I look forward to the Inner Work Webinar. Thanks for all you do!

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  60. DW

    Happy sobriety birthday!

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  61. Batsheva Nelson

    Happy anniversary Susan! This was just awesome and so inspiring!
    Thank you!!

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  62. jillian

    Dear dear Susan. I have said this before. It takes a lot to impress me, and you always do. There is not much I admire more than honesty, intelligence, and a willingness to courageously grow. You have all of this in spades. I don’t know if I could stand up and tell the world I had been a drug addict and prostitute. (I haven’t, but still) You make it possible for anyone to move into the light from almost anyplace they are and for this I wish you the best there is. This is truly the work of spirit in the world.

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  63. Monica

    My favorite blog for sure and you are so real. Love you, Susan! Is it a coincidence that I’m building a website for Inner Work Training?! Great minds think alike. You are right – when you do the Inner Work the struggles get less and less.

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  64. Amy Campbell

    Ah Susan – every Wed, no matter what, I know I’m going to be smiling from ear to ear because of your vlog. (Sometimes I cry – the Priority made me cry – but good tears!) Today was no different. CONGRATS on the big 2-3 birthday! I just celebrated 11 years of sobriety from alcohol and drugs on July 23rd and you are right – that day is the BIGGEST day of my life because everything that I have gained and lost is a direct result of July 23rd, 2006. I can’t wait to hear about Bright Line Healing and hear what the ‘question’ is that levels you out. I no longer attend meetings because of some of the religious overtones (I’m in the South and in my experiences, organized religion tends to be a bit more dominant in many meetings) – my religion is LOVE. And I LOVE you and all that you stand for, all of us who you STAND UP FOR, and for bringing obesity and the overweight epidemics to the front lines. You have helped me realize that sugar and flour do not serve me – just as alcohol and drugs never served me. I can relish in the peace that BLE has given me. And you are the conduit to that peace. Your energy is what we need. You were called to do this and it shows. Thank you for all that you are and congratulations on your REAL birth-day! All of us addicts know what that re-BIRTH feels like!

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  65. Ellen

    Susan, Your message of victory is so important to so many who struggle with addiction of any kind. It can surely bring hope to them in the battle for life itself. As a result of watching my little friend’s pain living with alchoholic parents, I made a commitment to myself to never enter the snare that smoking, drinking, drugs lays for people . I did not, however, realize that sugar could be addictive so have been cleaning the sugar and flour out of my life. It would not have happened if I had not started the BLE program. I am grateful to be free of that trap but know I must battle it at every turn in life. It has helped me understand others caught in any form of addition as leaving sugar and flour out of my life is no breeze! Thank you for getting the message out!
    Please leave that nasty word out of your blogs. You have a tremendous, expressive vocabulary to draw from without it!!


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  66. Nancy

    Congrats on your 23 years!

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  67. Patsy King

    Your best blog to date!! Just what I needed to hear today on so many levels….can hardly wait for Inner Work!! Thank you for being you. I find myself smiling back at you on your vlogs. And congrats on the anniversary of your beginning your Inner Work!!

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  68. Stephanie Starrs

    Awesome! Happy 23rd sobriety birthday! Loved your share. I go to 3 different 12 step programs myself.
    I am currently doing your 14 day challenge. I was already whole food plant-based but I hit a plateau after loosing 55lbs. Your challenge is helping me too focus on what I need to eat and I’ve lost 4lb so far and I’m on day 5.

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  69. Michele

    God’s grace swooped you up., and today you ar unstoppable!! Congratulations!

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  70. Tina Olson

    Happy Anniversary Susan! Thank you for all you do to help everyone, it’s awsome knowing you know how all of us who have addiction problems feel and what we are going through because you can speak from you heart. Thank you

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  71. Lori

    Thank you Susan! Your honesty, vulnerability and wisdom carries with it a liberating, contagious, powerful energy. I signed up for the Boot Camp a couple of weeks ago and “coincidentally” today is my Day 1:)
    Congratulations on 23 years- abstinence- 3 years of Brightline Eating and your success at the conference- so much to celebrate!!!

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  72. Brandie

    Keep being yourself!! Thank you so much for sharing and caring!! Love you!!

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  73. Mary

    Thank you for giving me so much first of all and now for a great way to say it – the most important day in my world!

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  74. Maureen

    YES, God Bless you! What an inspiration and joy and delight you are. Thank you for everything you’ve done for yourself and for me.

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  75. Toni LaChine

    Dear Susan, Although I haven’t joined BLE yet, I so appreciate your honesty and good works. Thank you . I look forward to your vlogs weekly. Congratulations on your 23 years of sobriety. ❤️ Toni

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  76. Jeanne Dow

    You are amazing Susan Peirce Thompson. Thank you for keep telling your story to wake up the world. Thank you for accepting the call 23 years ago and each time you said yes to get you where you are today. I’m so behind you and partner with you to change the world.

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  77. Steven Vandervoet

    Susan, again thank you for being a real person. I don’t work the bright line eating program, I have cut done on the flour and sugar. I watch your blog because I am in recovery for alcohol and listing to you for me is some what like going to an AA meeting. I will be 60 this coming October and your blog this week helped me to reflect back over my life to try to find if I ever had a moment of clarity. I was first introduced to AA in 1984, but I knew nothing about alcoholism, and fact I had never heard of a drunk all I knew is that when i went to sign the bottom of my time card my hands were shaking so much I couldn’t write my name. I will be 4 years sober September 18th, and sense following you and trying just a little I have lost 20lbs. Thanks for this weeks blog and happy 23rd year.

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  78. kiyomi

    Susan, Love your spirit…love your message.

    In your thrust to be honest, I will too… Hate your swearing. I actually would love for you to take that message of change and infuse life in this problematic area as well. Would simply make it easier on the ears.

    That being said, I still agree with the core of your vision and what is visible about your love to deliver others from various bondages. Truly a blessing.

    Happy August 9th! It’s happy for me as well. A small milestone…my birthday.

    Best to you and Thank you for your transparency and joy!

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  79. Deborah Paine

    Thank you for being the change.

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  80. Christi Wallander

    Your just fun!

    Reply ·
  81. Karen

    Thank You. You continue to amaze me.
    I try and learn from you & hope I can be as strong as you.
    Happy Aug 9th.

    Reply ·
  82. Sandra

    Beautiful Susan! Happy Happy anniversary! That was perfection.

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  83. Patty Church

    I love your approach. I am so in need of something to get this weight off. I signed up for the healing seminar but now I have to work. Will the link work after the seminar? I also heard on one of the emails about a boot camp. How do I get more information about the boot camp. Does the boot camp include the healing webinars also?

    Reply ·
    1. Sheri K

      Hi Patty – The links to Susan’s 14-day challenge and the boot camp are on this page =>

      You would sign up for the boot camp and Bright Line Healing separately.

      Hope that helps! -Sheri

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  84. Wesley Palmer

    I am glad to report that I landed on my goal weight today, August 9, 2017. Thanks for making it all possible through BLE and congratulations on all that August 9th means to you.

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      OMG!!! Happy goal weight day!!!!
      Sooooo proud of you.
      Keep being unstoppaBLE. 😉
      Your sister in special dates,

      Reply ·
  85. Gloria Thomas

    I love you Susan! Happy Happy August 9th!!! You are doing so much good in the world. God bless you forever and ever.

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  86. Christa

    Congrats on 23 years. Also kudos for your successful talk. Good work! Reality says that Caffeine is a drug and will distort your good gut balance. Using the drug companies definition that vitamins are not drugs, you might consider 5 to 15 mg of sublingual B12 for energy and clarity instead of the caffeine. That way you can still honestly say you are drug free. Thank you for the education you share. It is still possible to learn even when one has no money. I have stuck to your program since October ’16 because it is so close to my Candida program (which has even less food choices). The cancer is gone but I have not lost any of the 80 lbs I need to loose. I find myself cheating once per week now. Not gaining but not losing either.

    From your program I learned : to restart my meditation; to start every day with thanks/gratitude,; healthy portion sizes; and that even one person can make a difference. I have no funds to further my education with you but will continue to devour whatever you send me. Thank you!

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  87. Angeliki

    Hi Susan,
    Great vlog. Happy 9th August.
    Ever since I stumbled upon your videos nothing has made more sense than your explanations about my own experiences with food.
    I am a surgeon myself and I am convinced that bariatric surgery is a great mistake but nobody is brave enough to say it. I look forward to seeing scientists prove this and also do something about it.
    In the meantime I am trying to find the strength to commit to bright line eating. Like you say eating is my crutch and it’s scary to give it up. Especially without a different support mechanism. Will definitely be looking at bright line healing. Thanks for the thought provocing vlogs.

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  88. jackie

    you are awesome. keep up the great work. thank you so much for sharing and letting everyone know they are not alone.

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  89. Julia S

    I’m sure I speak for the majority who at around 11:30 mins in went wild with cheers of congrats: (“And I fuckin’ nailed it. Boom.”) Right on, you rock! Can’t wait for inner work w/Molly and congrats on 23 years!

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  90. Alison

    Great Vlog. The point about there being a moment in life when something opens up and you see the opening and walk through it. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  91. Katherine

    Hello to you Susan,🌈

    All I want to say is… you brought tears to my eyes !!!!
    Thank you for being a live!
    May you always feel within yourself satisfaction for your existence.
    You are a bubble of joy for me.
    Always stay on that line 😊 that line of endless time.♥️🌺♥️

    From one line to another,

    Reply ·
  92. Joseph

    You can’t get more real than that! Thank you Susan!
    Joseph in Missoula

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  93. Bunnie C

    You F’ing nailed it! Love you! I would love to have seen that presentation!!!!!! Your honesty and openness is not TMI. It is necessary to create change! “Coincidences” – no – the universe had plans for you my dear! You give people hope by sharing your success along with your struggles. And the occasional F-bomb never hurt! Looking forward to BLH. Happy Anniversary! <3

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  94. Florice Harris

    Happy AWESOME Anniversary–and THANK YOU for doing the work and for sharing it with so many–ENJOY this day–you deserve it–

    Reply ·
  95. Margaret Terris

    Love your smile ….through thick and thin your a strong resuluent great ladie xxx bless you xxxx

    Reply ·
  96. Tzivia Tyler

    Your honesty and sharing is such a blessing for those who feel hopeless and in a destructive rut.
    “Coincidences???”I don’t think so……
    Bless you and your endeavors.

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