LIVE from Oslo – The International BLE Movement

This week, the VLOG comes to you from the gorgeous Opera House in Oslo, Norway. I’m joined by six Bright Lifers from Norway, England, and Romania…

I asked them whether working the Bright Line Eating™ program is different in a country other than the USA. Join us to hear their response, as well as an update on the Norwegian book launch (go Irina!!!) and the state of the BLE movement around the world.

P.S. – True story: at the end of the video, when the camera had just been turned off, two of them said, “Wait, was I just in a video that’s going to be seen by thousands of people? Was the camera not just on you?” A mild panic/laughing attack ensued. Had they known they were in the shot the whole time, they might not have had the guts to follow through. Sometimes what we don’t know can’t hurt us. 🙂


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  1. Terry

    It’s so great knowing that BLE is so popular in the USA and around different places around the world. I am new to it and are amazed to read all these comments. Good Luck to us all.

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  2. Stavanger BLE Camper

    This was fun to watch. I live in Stavanger, Norway and and just started my boot camp last week. I have to admit that I bought the original audio book,not the Norwegian one. However, I picked up your name, Susan, and BLE because of one of the articles you mentioned.
    I am from Germany originally, but have been living here for 18 years. Super excited to be part of this community, though still nervous as this is only my third day. How can I get in touch with others here in Norway?

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  3. Sandy

    hahaa – I am working with grams, and I have definitely had times where I’m pulling out a larger blueberry and replacing it with a smaller one lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Christine Brown

    Is French in the works for translation?

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  5. Susan Rein

    I would love to translate your book into French? How about it?

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  6. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    This is the first time we see your whole body. Skinny and balanced. But you are so so great, that you had never shown it. Because the idea is not “be skinny like me”, but “be happy thin and free” like me. You are amazing.

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  7. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Susan, Brightline Eating is a miracle. Yes, it is an international movement. I have my buddy, with whom I exchange voice messages on whatsapp every day (several times a day), who is in Texas while I am in Buenos Aires. My facebook group is international, and we feel there are no cultural diffeences thanks to BLE. I haven’t met many Spanish speakers yet, but they will come. I feel we are privileged to be at the inception of a revolution. I am like a preacher spreading the word in Spanish. Everybody has to know. Thank you, Susan. I love you.

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  8. Nicki

    I think it’s great that you ladies are starting your own private groups. Any weight loss buddies (you can get) will be so helpful. How fun! Nicki Joy, family from Oslo.

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  9. Helaine Ring

    I would love to know how to get the book published in Hebrew! I am a bright lifer from the jan.2016 bootcamp! You guys looked great and like you were having such a fantastic time being HAPPY thin & free!!

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  10. Carolyn in Az.

    To Susan and her team. I to am following the book and have lost weight. My book has all kinds of postit notes that make the pages easier to find. and I read the book twice and some sections many times. I would love to have a community I could call or talk with but I’m not on face book or any of those other sites. Can you help us ??? who are not into or comfortable with those sites.

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  11. Toni LaChine

    Love to all you ladies from around the globe

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  12. Lena

    Great vlog Susan. It was nice to see your whole body today as we usually only see the top part. You look great!! Enjoy your time in Oslo !

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  13. Betsy Renna

    That was pretty cool to wake up to all that excitement this AM. Seeing the global outreach of this has energized me n I go to grab my scale as I type this. I have shared the BLE with several friends and in a month we have lost aorox 85 lbs all together. I am thankful this is not a pyramid sale bc I can honestly share BLE with no alterior motives other than love!! I did not invest in the larger boot camp for financial reasons but so hope I can continue with the Wednesday Vlog. It’s a true blessing n gives me what I need to keep going. 👋🏼🔥

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  14. Rosalind Bubb

    I’ve been doing bright line eating, and keeping bright lines, since I watched the food freedom videos in January this year. I’ve been using the food plan since I did the 14 day challenge in April. I’m in England, and because I’ve only done the 14 day challenge (and not the Boot Camp, because I didn’t need to lose weight) I’m the only bright line eater I know, and it’s been very lonely indeed!!!
    So I felt heartened and cheered to watch your video . 🙂
    Is there a way to be part of the community, without doing the bootcamp?
    A friend of mine has read the book (and she doesn’t need to lose weight) and she and my husband have agreed to be my support community. I’ve been through the Permission to be Human Action Plan several times with them. (They are both 2s on the susceptibility scale, and I’m a 9.) But I would love to be part of the on-line community, if that were possible…

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    1. Lena

      Hi Roselind, I totally understand what you mean. I am in Holland and feel I am the only one doing this program here, and it can be very lonely indeed! I did the 14 days back in May without reading the book, BIG MISTAKE! Now I have almost finished the book and it all falls into place! On day 12 now and very motivated! xx

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      1. Sonja

        Hi Lena and Rosalind, as mentioned earlier in the comments there are several unofficial BLE Facebook groups. I belong to the one mentioned first up there and also an unofficial BLE recipe group. It’s truly great, reading and participating in the posting. Very supportive.

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    2. BLE Support

      Welcome, Rosalind! Unfortunately, the unofficial support groups are not affiliated or run by Bright Line Eating and we actually aren’t involved with them at all, which means there isn’t any support from our wonderful Bright Line Eating team in those groups. While you’re welcome to join those groups, we want to warn you that, since we don’t monitor them, there may be some misinformation given there.

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      1. Rosalind Bubb

        Thank you very much for replying to me 🙂 Apologies if I’ve missed this information, but as I haven’t done the bootcamp (as I am don’t need to lose weight) IS there somewhere I can turn for support? I’ve done the 14 day challenge. I’m generally doing very well, but I would feel happier if I knew there was somewhere to turn if I hit a rough patch…

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  15. Monika Meier

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! It feels amazing to be part of a wordwide movement, that is going to save thousands , maybe millions of lifes! Thank you Susan, thank you!

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  16. Paul Beaulieu

    Thank you all for making this possible, Blessings and peace.

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  17. Lori

    Love the Energy!

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  18. Hege L Brynildsen

    Great to have you in Norway! I’ll be there before the launch- I’ll bring flowers for the stage after work, enjoy a delicious BL- dinner and the presentation. Looking forward to meeting you! Enjoy sunny Oslo!

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  19. Lillan

    Enjoy Norway! Love Scandinavia. From Stockholm/Sweden and have lived in Hawaii close to 45 yrs.
    Congratulations to you Energy Bullet Susan! 🎆🎆🎆

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  20. Sheila P

    Great vlog, Susan! It truly is an international movement! I live in Mexico and this afternoon I called a wonderful new BLH friend in Philadelphia – we truly are all connected. I have free long-distance calling anywhere in the world with the exception of four countries. Also, have called a BLE friend in Bulgaria. It’s a small, small world after all!

    Congratulations to Irina for her courage and persistence in launching the Norwegian version of the book, ‘Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free.’

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  21. Shanda

    I can’t believe you didn’t introduce anyone besides Irina Lee. I wanted to know who these lovely ladies are, and where they’re from.

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    1. Shanda

      Sorry, that sounded harsh. I was just disappointed, because one looked very familiar and I wanted to know who it was.

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  22. Judy

    Wonderful happy blog!,
    Congratulations…very impressive achievements….and still going strong👏

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  23. Sara

    I didn’t notice you mentioning French… Is it translated into French ?
    If not, I’m totally bilingual (English-French), a retired English teacher and translator (I live in France, although I’m in the US right now), if you’d like me to tuck into the job, just say the word !

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Sara,
      Our publisher, Hay House, handles all the translations. The good news is that I’ve heard a French translation mentioned. We’ll be sure to share the news if a new translation is available! With love, xoxo

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  24. Leslee Feiwus

    You ladies all look fabulous! Love to you all!

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  25. Patricia Visser

    I didn’t know David is Norwegian. Tag!

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  26. Margaret Terris

    Awwww beautiful….how I wish I was there x x x

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  27. Karen

    I loved this Vlog! At this time in my life BLE is the best thing that has happened to me!! I have never felt so good. Thank You, Susan!! Enjoy Oslo!!

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  28. Deborah E Hope

    What a great country in which to launch BLE!
    Way to go!

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  29. Horatio Nelson

    Here again! In this video too …… where are any male Bright Liners?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Yes, Horatio, we most definitely have men in the Bright Line Eating Community. You are not alone! 🙂

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  30. Nancy

    Congrats and thank you.
    How does the online community work if you only purchased the book? I’m currently unemployed and not able to attend or purchase programs offered by BLE. I’ve been following the VLOGs and watching you tube videos intermittently. I’m down 48.5 lbs and find there are times I could use someone to talk to. Am I able to connect with others in BLE?

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    1. Glenda Dunham

      I am in the same situation as Nancy and am down 55 lbs from following the book and vlogs. I am in Nova Scotia and would love to connect with others for bad days and just to share encouragement. Maybe there could be a book group site created if not the one people pay into!??!

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      1. Shirley

        Nancy and Glenda, there is a large support group called “Support Group: Eating Our Way To The Brightest Path” on Facebook. They are very helpful and informative. Good luck.

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      2. Sharon

        Hi Glenda, congrats on the 55 lbs. I also just follow book and blogs. I’m down 16lbs.
        Dartmouth , Nova Scotia. Contact me if u wish. We. Can chat

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      3. Denise

        Hi Glenda. I’m in NB and thought I was the only BLEer in Atlantic Canada!! So great to find you!! There is another FB page called Brightest Rockstars that I’ve been in since it was formed. Lots of great support.

        Congratulations Nancy and Glenda on your awesome weight loss!!

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        1. Sylvia

          Hello Denise , I am from NB too, it would be real fun to have contacts. Also Susan it so fun to all community movement that very great . Amazing Susan.

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      4. BLE Support

        Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, the “Support Group: Eating Our Way To The Brightest Path” and “Brightest Rockstars” groups are not affiliated or run by Bright Line Eating and we actually aren’t involved with them at all, which means there isn’t any support from our wonderful Bright Line Eating team in those groups. While you’re welcome to join those groups, we want to warn you that, since we don’t monitor them, there may be some misinformation given there.

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Dear Nancy. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your truly fabulous success! You should be very proud! Bravo!!!
      While our online support community is currently linked to our Boot Camp, our Facebook Fan Page and Bright Line Eating Instagram Pages are growing rapidly. If you haven’t spent any time there, I highly recommend checking out both communities.
      Keep up the amazing work–you’re an inspiration! xoxo

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  31. Birgit Peet-Bleys

    Love it Susan!!!

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  32. Claire

    Such a privilege and a joy to be part of this amazing global movement, Susan. So much gratitude to you and BLE for turning my life around. 98 pounds released and truly Happy, Thin and Free! And now to be in a vlog too!! Honour beyond words. Thank you for being YOU! ❤️

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  33. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

    NOTE! AN ADDITION TO THE VLOG: I left out a major language when I listed the languages/countries where the Bright Line Eating book is being translated…..MANDARIN!!! The rights to the BLE book have also been reserved in Mandarin, so the book will be coming out in China soon. Between Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, and English, we have a whole lot of the speakers in the world covered. Not all of them, yet, but a whole bunch of them. 🙂

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    1. Jacke

      Really fun blog! Had you not come down from the tree you would have missed the excitement. HeeHee! Enjoy! 💕

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    2. Christine Brown


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    3. Kari Ross

      As I am born and live in Oslo! I was so happy to see you at the Operahouse.
      I just started my 14 days and I am glad to have the support team for all my questions. Thank you for sending videos. They is so much better than a piece of “paper”

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