Going to Any Lengths

In this week’s vlog, I make some off-the-cuff comments that might seem harsh or offend some people in the community, so in case you’re incredibly sensitive to that sort of thing, I wanted you to know in advance.

P.S. – Make sure you watch the entire vlog through to the end—I recorded a quick follow-up in the Chicago airport that I don’t want you to miss.

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  1. Clare

    I so needed to hear your vlog without the added part thank you SPT

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  2. Sherri O'Lear

    Great comment! Thanks!!

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  3. robyn

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, YOU HONESTY!!!!! It keeps me coming back for more!!! So thankful that you say it as it is, choose…. your in or our out. I like it. Im on day 17, Im a Bright line book girl. Making it happen. Thank you Susan and your team 🙂

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  4. Devon Potgieter

    don’t be sensitive about this vlog.
    Its the best one (without the addendum) of your vlogs.by far.
    I have decided that it is compulsory watching for me every single day.
    thank you.

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  5. Lori Moroney

    I love you so much Susan! Thanks so much for tellin it like it is!…and for caring about our hearts and your impact on them so much!…it’s what got me into Bright Line Eating 10 months and 94 pounds ago and it is what keeps me here, beginning that I can really live this way long term!

    Love you so much!

    Lori from Ontario

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  6. Adrienne

    This past summer, I sat for 6 weeks with my mother on hospice. And this week I am sitting with her friend in the hospital.
    Both women 87 go from home, to hospital, to rehab to home…. Both put themselves and their lives into the hands of the medical system.
    Not into the hands of loved ones, or of a caring Dr., but into the hands of a system which makes decisions based on what insurance has appoved for pay, and what will avoid law suites. You have to have an advocate that is both a lawyer and a Dr. to glean the good from our great medical advances, and avoid the deadly and harmful pits of such a system. So watching them be poisioned by over use of meds, and bruiesed by constant injection and butchered by multiple (12) attempts to get IV’s in, and finally a pic line… I asked myself,
    WHY? WHY? wouldn’t these two otherwise, Wise and Wonderful and Intelegent and Enlightened women not do the conservative thing and have taken care of themselves. My mother spoke / preached ‘healthfood’; My friend tells me of her whole foods, whole community, natural healing of her childhood on the island she was born on. They know, but they don’t do it. WHY?
    Then, suddenly, I had to look at myself. Almost 60 now, Where am I heading, Why am i not doing it.

    I have absolutely beleived that I am addict for some time…. yet that wasn’t enough to give me more than a morning of stick to itness.
    I have admitted to myself and others oppenly, the list of harm I am doing to myself: Mood swings, Energy highs and lows, Dry skin, Hair falling out, female organs falling as the pressure from my weight pushes and sluggish bowls push on them, receeding gums, stiffness – probably the beginning of arthritis, embarrasment of my body at pool, and with sex. difficulty washing my feet…..
    What am I doing? Suddenly, a vivid image (where I see my mother and our friend now) of my projectory hit me, very fully.
    Why am I not doing the conservative thing, and Just Eating Right? Why would I Do this to MY Self.

    So, perhaps a key for making that decision firm; includes this hard look at the stark reality of ones own projectory, as well as
    the full beleif that one is acting completely irrationally because some chemicals in the brain are controlling their actions instead of thier will. Not the carrot of becoming healthy, beautiful, energetic vision, But the stick of where this addictive behavior is heading.
    Then comes the carrot: My skin is softening, My joints stopped aching and being stiff, I can wash my own feet, .etc…..
    But the horrible realization of my own projectory is what has given me staying power for these few days, without having made any promises to myself at all.
    Thankyou so much for your willingness to be honest and open with the public as if they were your intimate friend.
    You are very courageious and beautiful.

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  7. Yolande Wiggen

    Can I just say’ I love you. Not a little, but I just love you! You hit on it so perfectly.

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  8. Judy Carver

    Finally just got around to watching this VLOG. I LOL’d at the BS comment. It is so true. You can make a million excuses, but what is the truth. Do you want this or not? Will you make this happen or not? Thank you for this reality check. I need to make this happen.

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  9. Angeliki

    I have not yet made my decision to commit to BLE. But I feel I am almost there. I think Susan scientifically makes absolute sense and I am processing the realisation that I am addicted to sugar and flour.
    Before listening to the blog I was reflecting on why I find committing to the programme hard. The vlog could n’t have come at a better moment for me.
    I think the decision making process is different for all of us. It depends on how vulnerable we feel and how desperately reliant we are on food as a crutch. Also on whether we have properly worked out what the alternative support is going to be when we quit. But this is why the vlog helped me so much. Because it clarified that this is THE ISSUE. I am shit scared of commitong to BLE because I am frightened that there will be nothing to support me when I need help. When I am exhausted I eat, when I am stressed I eat, when I am angry I eat, when I am depressed I eat, when I want to reward myself I eat. I mean every emotion I experience leads to food. And I have done it all my life. How do I just wipe that out ? Well not quickly and not easily is my answer. Is a buddy going to solve all that? Really? I need 50 buddies? Or maybe 1 really amazing one…but who? Who knows what it is really like? Meditation? Great idea but it’s new to me. Journal writing? I look forward to it but again every time I’ve tried it on the past I start it and I stop.
    But the vlog said it. And I agree. Just do it. Find the support necessary and then just do it.
    So that’s what I will be working on on the next few hours days… getting he journal, getting the buddy and then never looking back.
    Thanks Susan – superbly timed blog for me.

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  10. Wenda McMahan

    Wow, I have so much respect for you, Susan. I see why a member of my group from Highland House thought this blog was so life-changing! Love you too!

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  11. Cathy turk

    You should tape all vlogs at 2:00AM! Perfect. I even appreciated the addendum – not that I needed it but because you chose to roll with the original vlog and then explain yourself later. Your willingness to be human allows the rest of us the same. Thank you

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  12. Anthea

    I disagree with the comments about decision making. I don’t believe that people who’ve joined a Boot Camp, or bought the book or who watch the vlogs, but are ‘so ready to jump off their Bright Lines’ have had trouble making a decision (a ‘REAL’ decision). I feel that these people (myself included) do not have the right tools, systems and support yet in place to cope when life feels hard (and what’s hard for one person is not necessarily hard for someone else).

    Have Bright Lifers forgotten the start of their BLE journeys? Or were your journeys so squeaky clean that you feel everyone else’s must be and if they’re not then they ‘haven’t truly made the decision’? Susan’s neuroscience talks about the addictive power of sugar and flour, and yet, if one gives into that addictive message then it’s because we haven’t made a proper decision? That doesn’t sound right to me.

    This isn’t going to be an easy process for so many people. Some people may find it easy and just need some tough love about making a decision to set them straight again – great. However, many people will need compassionate reminders of how to stay true to the Bright Lines in many different circumstances. As Dina mentioned in a post: Take a nap. Try to get more sleep. Set a timer for 20 minutes and observe what happens with the cravings (maybe a kind of meditation). Drink water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, sparkling water. Post in your support House. Use your Emergency Action Plan (“EAP” – if you don’t have one, make one). Call a buddy. Text a buddy. Write to a buddy. Love yourself.

    Also, what’s happening in a person’s life that their Bright Lines are wavering, or haven’t even been acted upon yet? Have they not grieved for the loss of being ‘normal’ with food, have they not learned how to get all their next day meals planned and ready, have they got a partner or family member in their ear about how ridiculous BLE is, but forgotten to contact their BLE support, are they tired with no chance of better sleep (eg mothers with newborns or poor sleepers)???

    In summary, I believe that everyone who has joined a Boot Camp, or bought a book, or watched the vlogs (of their own volition) with the intent to be Happy, Thin and Free has made a decision, and that they need more support to get there, rather than encouraged to somehow make a ‘proper’ decision.

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  13. Marietta Estep

    Felt like your vlog was speaking to me. Thank you for your help.

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  14. Marietta Estep

    Felt like your vlog was speaking to me. It is amazing what your program has meant to me!

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  15. Alyce Louise

    This was the most awesome vlog ever, because it gets at what differentiates BLE from everything else out there. I truly don’t know how I made the decision, but I do know I wasted many, many years believing I should make the decision, and not making it, or going through the motions of making the decision, only to not honor it when obstacles arose. Once I was able to truly make the decision, and let it go so deep that it is part of my self-definition, everything changed. I did it not because I should, not because it was important to other people, not even because I wanted to look good and be healthy, but because it was immensely important to me to be a person of integrity, who makes a deep life decision and abides by it. I wanted to do it for me, so I could look in the mirror and be at peace with what on the most innermost level, reflected back. Somehow, Susan, through your example, your support, your belief in all of us, and your love and compassion for all of us, and the compelling nature of that research, I was able to make that decision. And today, to be a spanking-new Bright Lifer, surrounded by people who have also made that decision, is unbelievably amazing. It just makes all the difference to be talking about how we will make sure we succeed in every situation, rather than will we succeed or not.

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  16. Lisa

    This is one of my favourite videos you’ve done. It makes so much sense. DO THIS, make the damn decision, and figure out the logistics of the lengths later. Black and white. No room for excuses and exceptions and nonsense.

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  17. Jill Bronson

    Just when I think your vlogs can’t get any better, they do! Others have so beautifully expressed how effective your vlog is this week, so I ditto all of these eloquent people before me. You are a wonderful role model and so inspiring; not just with BLE, but with how you are as a human being. I know that you are not perfect; but I greatly appreciate your authenticity, commitment, passion, and life work which is in service to others . Thank you for all of your hard work in creating BLE and keeping it moving forward. Much love to you and all of us on this journey together.

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  18. Shameka Brown Harrelson

    As a lifetime food-binger, I realize a little tough love goes a long way. I wish I could hug you right now Susan. This is a vlog that will challenge others to actually get off the fence!!!! You are an element of change. I wish I could hang out with you for a day and absorb your conviction to be changed forever! Food is a #1 killer in our society today. As broken as I am and as difficult as it has been for me to recover, I realize this truth. I have not been able to commit… Nope let me correct myself. I have not chosen to commit to BLE 100% yet. Honestly, I don’t believe I know how to commit to WHAT’S BEST FOR ME. (As an married and employed Mom of 4, its a struggle to see myself on any given day. ) But I do know that this – you havr cracked the code of the obesity mystery. You are such a role model and you live through your passion for saving lives. A little fight goes a long way. I was one of those people who needed this Vlog today. I need help. I need your help because I want to LIVE. I want to cut the BULLSHIT and become free. Thank you for being you, Susan…… With sincerest love, Meka

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  19. Lynn

    Wow this was powerful. Just this morning I was discussing the possibility of being able to drink alcohol on the weekends and doing BLE. So this was exactly what I needed to hear. It is what I like about the book, you are honest about how difficult it is going to be at first, how you have less energy when you are losing. I have given up on diets before because I thought I should not be finding it so difficult. Thanks for your honesty x

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  20. Paula Tartaglia

    This vlog is just what I need. BLE just for today. Thank you Susan I needed a kick in the butt.😀🙏🏻❤️

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  21. Cilla

    I so look forward to your weekly vlog!
    You are so honest and inspiring.
    I am carrying 52lbs less.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    Keep up the great work!

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  22. Shanda

    I’ve forgotten the product, but years ago there was a TV commercial where a guy gets slapped in the face and he says, “Thanks, I needed that.” This vlog reminds me of that. I needed to be slapped in the face and reminded that I need to be on board with BLE or get off. Sugar and flour lines are solid, but when I went on maintenance two weeks ago (two pounds from my goal weight), I got squirrely. I kept forgetting to write down a grain at lunch, so I’d tell myself it’s okay to eat fruit for dinner to make up for it. Well, I’m now 5 lbs from goal. Serves me right. This vlog is just what I needed. So thanks, Susan. I needed that!

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  23. Sherrie

    No problem — you are spot on! Love the vlog, don’t change a thing.

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  24. Kaye Sitko

    Best blog ever! I hated that you had to “back peddle”. I heard you loud and clear… SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT!
    You were like a mother scolding her child (in frustration) for not doing their homework. I was being naughty. I was letting my saboteur have its way with me. Thank you for telling it like it is. It’s time for me to “shit”.

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  25. Becky

    Great vlog (especially honest, tough love part)! Some of us really need to hear it like that, without the pampering. Thank You

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  26. Donna Mainord

    Tough love can be exactly what someone needs to hear in order for them to take a good honest look at what they are saying they are doing (or will do) compared to what what their actions are saying.

    Good job calling it like it is.

    Just a thought. Your tribe has grown immensely and you are bumping up against a broader audience which means the percentage ratios of bright and shiny’s compared to the struggling has changed from when there were only 300 of us. As an example, if *30% of 100 BLE members were struggling, then you would be working the most with the 30 people who needed more attention. However, *30% of 5,000 members means you are working with 1,500 people who are struggling.
    *Note: I don’t know what the ratio is between those who fall into bright line easily and those who struggle, I used 30% only as an example, not as a true, factual percentage/number.

    I’m one of those people who started out in total denial of being a food addict. Looking truth in the eye is frightening, humbling and extremely hard to do. The gift in the courge to face the truth with both mind and heart wide open is, once you do it, it becomes easier and easier to continue to do when it is time for me to get *real* about something.

    Love always, Donna

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  27. Rory

    This is so much why we love you Susan and trust you because of your unending an unlimited capacity for honesty and compassion. I was not hurt or offended by what you said in the first part of your blog but I think it’s amazing and wonderful that your staff and you even had the discussion of that possibility and that you took the time and love to add your addendum just in case. Have a wonderful wonderful journey and thank you again for your wisdom and love.

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  28. Anne Metz

    Really wonderful and awesome as always.
    I actually needed the first part of the vlog–really helped me– didn’t feel what you and the team called “harsh” although I understand that what Susan said could be construed as “harsh.” It was totally Susan–AS WAS the part she added in Chicago– that’s the complexity of being human and that Susan shares with us and which allows us to see ourselves more fully, in more human terms.
    Thank you.

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  29. Kellye

    Susan, I thought your blog was amazing and dead on. And, btw, your use of “begs the question” was just fine! I have a couple of comments — what is it that gets that decision to travel down deep and stick firmly so even though, yes, the decision needs to be made daily, after awhile it’s more of a quick affirmation of one’s reality as opposed to a “decision”? It seems to me that this should be part of your research.

    Secondly, I am sure you realize and was surprised that you didn’t mention that doing the weekly vlogs without fail is for YOU. We are the fortunate beneficiaries but it seems clear that you made this non-negotiable decision because it is one of the actions you take to keep your bright lines clean. I think this is so amazing because it shows how when we do what we need to do to be our best selves, we can’t help but serve others!

    And, it does turn out to be “bullshit”. Every reason you can possibly come up with is bullshit in the aftermath. I think that will be helpful to me going forward. When I am tempted to have a glass of wine, I am going to ask myself that very question – “Is my reason for having this wine gonna feel like bullshit in the morning?”

    Thanks for all you do and have a great trip!

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  30. Alison

    Susan, Your vlog Is excellent. Speaking the truth please very important, and you were speaking the truth. The truth is not always pleasant. But the truth -Whether agreeable or not- is beautiful in its purity . And, as the saying goes, “The truth will set you free.” The reference to Yoda is particularly apt. Here is another analogy: a mother with a baby to feed. We don’t wake up as mothers of a newborn and say “today I will try to feed my baby”. As the mother of a newborn baby we wake up and feed our baby. Whether we are tired, overburdened with work or family obligations, hot, unhappy or anything else- A mother feeds her baby. Once the decision is made to have a baby, feeding the baby is not negotiable. I have not kept perfectly bright lines. That does not mean I have not made the decision to achieve perfectly bright lines. it means I am a Bright Lifer Learning what it takes to keep those lines Bright. So, Thank You! In these days of partial truth and “alternative fact” and “fake news”, it is helpful to have you put the unassailable truth front and center.

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  31. Grace

    This really struck a chord with me. I chose a religion that comes with a lot of lifestyle changes like not eating pork, covering my hair, not drinking alcohol, etc but I honestly never struggled with making any of those major changes. It really bothered me that I have no trouble fasting 20+ hours for 30 days in the height of summer but couldn’t stick with my bright lines. I’m starting to realise that it’s a question of identity. I had no trouble accepting my identity as a member of this religion and mentally there was no question that I wouldn’t make these lifestyle changes. But I wasn’t fully comfortable with the idea of bringing food to events and being the weird guest with food issues. I know now that this is exactly what makes it easy for me to quit on my bright lines. I am now embracing my identity as a Bright Lifer at the beginning of her journey and there’s no question about going back on this new life.

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  32. ATHENA

    Good advise for me, thank you Susan. Good luck with your book!

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  33. Nina

    Just what I needed to hear, perfekt timing. Some of us need to hear it the ‘no bullshit way’ – do not apoliges. I am going revrite my commitments and ad one new. I going to read them every morning after meditation, and go try the days challenges and be prepared for the day. I got new energy after listening to day. Greatfull f or my new ble life! Thank you . BLE lifer, nina from norway

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  34. Karen Lambie

    Great Message first & second! Real integrity portrayed.
    Would love to do the boot camp – motivated now !Thank you for your humility
    and honesty, its inspirational.

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  35. Marilyn Bleiweiss Barrett

    I’m glad you spoke in the airport because I thought it was Fa all over again. I’m grateful and relieved. I left FA because of their methods. I feel this program is a gentler program with firm structure around food. I have held my brightlines since I made the decision but it took a year to decide. I’m firm with my commitment and everyone knows it! I paid my bills and now I can join brightlufers but was questioning it until you made part two at the AP! Thank you SPT! This program has a Pivs tool move in my evolution of my life!!!

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  36. Barbara Hirschfeld

    I m so glad you do consistently have a vlog on Wednesdays. I look forward to it. BUT I’m with @cherylcoan, if you miss a Wednesday we’ll just look at an old one to get a hit of you. lots of love, Barbara

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  37. cheryl coan

    Ya know what sweet pea, if you want to miss a Wed, then do it, it’s not the end of the world. your always giving us room to be human, so we can just move over and make room for you. xoxoxox

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  38. Bernadette

    Loved this vlog ,for me it was empowering rather then offensive. My inner sabotage stop’s me from committing to anything I need to say bullshit to it when it tells me that no matter what i do I will never loose weight . Thanks susan xo

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  39. Carl Robin Morrissey

    I tell people I am trying it, and was actually surprised that I was convinced to, by the book. I say that I don’t want to give up on it yet, because it seems sustainable, and it is working. How true, it is not just a diet. I’m only a few months in, but have no wish to change course now. This is where I think the deep decision comes from–hope in action, will transform into faith. And faith has been said to be able to move mountains. There’s a trial period, in other words, before a serious decision can be cemented in place. Your concept of the flexible framework is an important piece of the puzzle too. I had a tiny piece of birthday cake the other day, because for me, it was important to me to honor someone by taking part in the event. It wasn’t because I wanted the cake, not at all. It had no effect on my personal bright lines. I will have some red wine too, but not compulsively. Family and close friends are fully supportive, so I feel very lucky about that. Susan, thank-you very very much for the book, and emails !

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  40. Mel Burns

    First of all, I want to thank you SO MUCH for your consistent commitment to this vlog. The insightful comments you share are deeply meaningful to me, and I am immensely grateful that you have chosen to share it with the larger community.

    Secondly, when I listened to this particular vlog – specifically about your commitment to do the vlog every week on Wednesday no matter what – you know whose words came back to me? YOURS! Brittle vs. flexible frameworks. You sure do have a brittle framework going on! 🙂 I couldn’t help not wondering if adopting a more flexible framework wouldn’t actually be more helping in allowing you to continue to faithfully fulfill your commitment to a weekly vlog with all of the consistency but perhaps less of a burden so that it is manageable, fun, restorative, inspirational, and fulfilling us … but for YOU too. That flexible framework could be, for example, doing a vlog for 48 weeks per year where you carve out a little wiggle room for crazily busy weeks and/or vacations, and we still are lucky enough to hear your nuggets of wisdom throughout the year!

    I offer the above suggestion as a beneficiary of you Brittle vs. Flexible Framework blog and AND, ok, I’ll admit it, also selfishly. With your increasingly busy schedule, I don’t want it to become a zero sum game where the blog becomes too much of a burden and thus is scrapped altogether. …. As I type “zero sum game” I chuckle thinking about your aside about “beg the question” and how you have looked it up about 5 times. I similarly frequently look up “zero sum game” and did it just now — I’m not sure I used it correctly here, but on the other hand I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

    At any rate, whichever the framework, thank you for your loyal and inspirational commitment to this vlog!

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  41. Josephine R.

    Thanks Susan for the blog and the addendum. I found myself slacking off a bit this past week not journaling my food but after hearing this I backtracked and add the missing dates. I have been still telling others about it and you are right, no one pushed cake at the party for my niece recently which was great and even put out some fruit and that was so appreciated. I am recommitting to continue
    As before Because I recently found out that I have mild plaque in my right carotid artery and got a bit scared.
    With proper diet and exercise this can reduce and or not increase. Thank you for all that you share. You are great!

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  42. Claire Smith

    Life affirming, straight talking, just what I needed to hear today Susan! Thank you so much. You are the BEST!! Love you xoxo

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  43. Duffin

    Susan you are amazing. I saw the end few minutes and I think this – take what you like and leave the rest. Your heart is in the right place and that is how I listen. I listen knowing you are coming from the heart. I choose not to be offended. I have not yet done a workshop but I will one day. I gave up sugar and flour when I first did your test. I added back in the flour and I know it is a mistake. You are right – I have not made that decision yet. I really get where you are coming from. When I listen to your Vlog I am inspired. Today I realize you are right – flour has gotta go. Thank you. <3

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  44. Jennifer

    Much needed straight talk for me girl! This has really made me think about the other bad habits (possibly addictions) such as drinking and unhealthy relationships – it really does start with a grounded decision, and then much become a very grounded commitment. I’ve been great at making the hard decisions before with financial obligations, verbal agreements, etc. – but when it has gotten too hard or too uncomfortable, that’s when the commitment has slacked off. If we want to live healthy, have healthy relationships, have careers and responsibilities that mean something at the end of our life – it’s not easy. I was told by my parents when I was young, that nothing in life that is worth having is easy -it all takes work – and commitment. So true!

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  45. sharen becker

    I never felt offended! I actually applauded when you said ‘bull shit’! I felt myself matching your frame of reference., even about expressing reluctance about wanting to work with folks who haven’t made a firm decisions. I sympathized with you and felt it was not harsh, but genuine. I work with people also and it is an obsessive challenge for me in how to bring others to make those decisions, to put themselves first. You got spunk, Girl!

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  46. Sonja Knecht

    I liked your honesty very much, I kind of woke up when you said that I have to make a decision, I kind of felt being pushed out if my “comfort zone” when you said that it is bullshit with the glas of red wine … it helps me to realize that I still have not make the decision to not eat sugar and flour to the fullest extent…. it helps me to understand why I fall back on holidays and eat sugar and flour!!! it helps me a lot that you are so honest and strait forward. Thanks and no excuses needed from your side !!!! Goodnight from Germany, Sonja

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  47. carol

    Susan, I absolutely love your vlogs! I love your directness. One area I have to disagree with, though, is that when MY friends realize it’s very important that I eat healthy – avoid sugar and refined flours, etc. – the don’t stop asking me… They seem to have a fervor that I join them … (but I made this cake just for you. one piece won’t hurt you).. I also have one friend (and her family) who insists that I have a drink. (I have no problem refusing alcohol – it does nothing for me) (They all are heavy drinkers and they are very uncomfortable that I am not joining in with them). My life experience – is that when I am trying to avoid destructive foods (my personal challenge) – people will work hard at sabotaging me. Don’t know why… Maybe it empowers them to make me

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  48. Isabel

    What a great vlog! I feel your sentiments exactly as I have friends that want to lose the weight but don’t want to make the commitment or put the effort. It is easier for them to habe me do all the leg work and for rhem to just eat. Not anymore like you said – bullpoopoo! I will offer them the tools but they have to commit. Have a great time in San Diego.

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  49. Annick King

    Not offensive -just straight talking! Thank you SPT you rock! X

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  50. Gaye

    You love us! That comes through ALL THE TIME!! I was not offended, but when I am in situations, it is usually my own pride or fear that has gotten in the way. Truth is truth! Your added video just reminds me how much you love us – that you would take care of our tender hearts as we navigate a new way of life!

    Love you too!

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  51. Karen

    So, maybe not shooting a vlog at 2 in the morning is a better idea. 😉 But, really. I think we got unfiltered real talk. I appreciate it!

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  52. Riadh

    when the spirituality level drops, we loose faith that others will be able to make it the way we did, because we did it the hard way, in fact it is the only way, that lead to some resentment, that will lead to bull shit, but soon you go back to spirituality and complete the vlog

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  53. Ursula Prelog

    It didn’t occur to me to feel “wounded” at all. I totally got the essence of what you were saying and to be honest, I needed and enjoyed every word of it.

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  54. Barb Conte

    WOW! I have to believe that someone has already said the same thing as I’m about to, but yeah – your message was just what I needed to hear. I appreciate your need to add the part in Chicago, and those of us who know you really do know that you wouldn’t NOT help someone who is struggling. But the reason BLE works so well is that our Inner Addicts are like little kids who need structure and boundaries, and so, if we’re struggling, it’s because we might need a bit of tough love. Because yeah – Just f*cking DO IT! I’m talking to myself here, by the way – not anyone else! So, it sure seems like there are plenty of others here who agree that your message was appropriate, and something we all need to hear from time-to-time!
    Love, love, love you!

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  55. Deborah Paine

    Thank you for doing your vlog. I look forward to hearing your ideas every week.

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  56. Beverly Scarpulla

    I totally get this and was not offended bc the truth is that 100% is a lot easier than 99%. A huge part of BLE is creating automaticity. The willingness to go to any lengths is part of that. And any alcoholic who has ever been to an AA meeting would know that without that willingness to work the program, the program won’t work. You have to be ready. That said, I am not. Struggling with my own alcoholism has put my BLE on hold for a bit. One step at a time. Hugs.

    Reply ·
  57. Steve

    No justifications and retractions required! You nailed it in the basement!
    Those “disturbed” need to reflect as to why they are. You would think based on their state of being, a person would want to make a change, however, many won’t and don’t !
    I have no doubt you, your team and others will always care to help those that ask for it,
    no matter how many times they may fail or bail.
    Keep doing your good work and keep challenging your viewers to think and act!

    Reply ·
  58. Donna

    Some people respond well to just a tap on the shoulder. Others, in my experience, can need something rather large & blunt, batted about the head, to truly get their attention. BLE needs to respond to everyone on this spectrum, and it’s a tricky dance to know when to push & when to pull. I for one am happy to see this side of the spectrum out there, loud & clear. It’s just the wake-up that some will need! Thank you!

    Reply ·
  59. Shari

    LOL. I love that you added a “What I really meant” bit at the end. For me it wasn’t necessary. I actually needed a kick in the bum and not about Brightline Eating either. I have been flipping back and forth on a decision in my life and I finally made the decision to go ahead. But I needed to make that decision in order to make things happen. Until I made that decision no one was taking me seriously. The Universe was not supporting me and I was using all my energy and time waffling back and forth. Now that I made the decision, things are happening that I couldn’t have even imaged to make everything happen. And I have gotten back my sanity, my resolve and my time not to mention an unlimited amount of support. Harsh or not sometimes we need to just MAKE the DECISION. A little tough love does us all good. Especially since it was given with obvious care and concern. Love your vlogs.

    Reply ·
  60. Barb Dooley

    I love you Susan, but I do without the swearing. I know you have more class than that.

    Reply ·
  61. Lisa S

    It amazes me how you know so much about the weaknesses and the inability to reach that decision fully and how long this might really take for me to finally commit fully. I am grateful to be a tribe member and bright lifer. I look to this as my long game but my Commitment Disorder is currently in control. Thank you for this great blog.

    Reply ·
  62. Patricia Visser

    Don’t worry too much about wounding hearts. People need to be truthful with themselves, as you are truthful with us. The encredible amount of stories (excuses) we tell ourselves aren’t helping anybody, so please continue to tell us like it is. Only truth will set us free, right? Love ya!

    Reply ·
  63. DeAnna

    Tough talk is never wrong, great vlog

    Reply ·
  64. Sarah E Elsbernd

    No Sweat!! I am re-inspired.

    Reply ·
  65. Fran

    Excellent blog !, stop with apologies, some of us need tough love…that’s what pushes us to actually take care of our selves !,

    Reply ·
  66. Marlene

    Love your message, hate your swearing. As with all public speakers. It brings everything down a notch, especially your professionalism . It’s a BAD habit that puts a lot of us off – make the DECISION to stop doing it! At least it wasn’t the F -word, which makes me just turn you off and hope your next message will be cleaner and more professional. Please – show some self-discipline in this area – it’s a conscious decision you are making to swear. Not cool! We all have to choose our words carefully, so not to offend, or be hurtful, but especially those who choose to be in the public eye. Make the decision!

    Reply ·
  67. Susan B

    Thank you! Your message was spot on for me today. I’ve been struggling with food integrity for a couple weeks. No more! “There is no try. Only do” Love you!

    Reply ·
  68. Horatio Nelson

    If I may, just one minor observation: Unless there are, in this your comment column, gentlemen working under an alias, I get the feeling that I’m possibly THE SOLE SMALL MINORITY operating without concealing my (still!!!) male orientation. So, to heck with the LGBTs. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

    Reply ·
  69. Horatio Nelson

    Whether the content of the VLOG was harsh, unfeeling, cold or just bullshit is, in itself, fully irrelevant and POSSIBLY even a decoy.. The lecture was indigestible for the psyche of some, of many. Too academic. Too …. dare I say it …… self-projecting?! (Excuse me if this comes over as too harsh, unfeeling or cold. Just maybe a …… let’s put it down to a personal sentiment or even self-deception on my part?). Whatever the talk was or wasn’t, one aspect remains that should – again, my personal view – be avoided ………. PHILOSOPHISING. Whether it be politics, art, sport, education or what the heck else, PHILOSOPHISING overtaxes far too many and risks estrangement of (still) loyal apostles. Regards, Horatio Nelson.

    Reply ·
  70. Melody

    Awesome vlog. I was right with you on the firm message. It is a choice and I have seen the results. Yes, it’s hard but it has changed my life. It also helped me see that maybe other choices in my life are hard to make because when I make a choice I give 100%. Thanks for the free weekly vlog. I love that they are current and relevant.

    Reply ·
  71. Beth Price

    Susan – there are always going to be a million opinions about everything and you can not run your life and business away from your core beliefs. Your beliefs created this great program and your vlog is valuable because it is your truth. I appreciate your point of view and dedication to this program and dedication all of us who are part of your tribe.

    Reply ·
  72. Lesley Houchin-Miller

    Thank you for making the decision. If you can do it, I can do it! You are the best.

    Reply ·
  73. Amy Chappell

    I’m new to BLE, 2 weeks, and this message prompted a good evaluation of my decision. I realized that while I’ve been soft spoken about this decision, “I’m going to try it”, in my heart it’s solid. To the point of already going to great lengths to keep my bright lines. Thank you for this message. It’s helped me realize my decision is made, and not be afraid of that. (I realized the fear comes from letting myself down and failing to live this decision).

    Reply ·
  74. Daniela

    Hi Susan, thank you, thank you to let me know that there is a way to heal my problem. I am in my 10 th day on Brightline Eating and I am following all your advice. You are helping me so much. I want to stay in the program fover. I am 57 years old and I am struggling with my weight all my life since I was 16. I am really tired to go up and down 25 pounds every time, it is stressful and make my life a nightmare. I do not accept my body when in out of the shape. So thank all your support I make the decision firmly I WANT TO STAY BRIGHT LINE FOREVER.

    Reply ·
  75. Catriona

    Susan, this blog was exactly what I needed. A few weeks ago I was complaining, about letting myself go, to my best friend. She made a decision over a year ago to change her life, her eating habits, how she took time to analyze why she had let herself go, changing her daily routines around self care etc. And she was very successful. In the middle of my moaning rant, she stopped me and said ” why do you never put yourself first, these are just excuses for failure, time and again”. At the time I was saying that I live in yoga pants, nothing fits me, etc., etc. ,- and I realized that I’m my own worst enemy. I have no excuse, I’m retired, have a wonderful husband who is supportive, almost to the point where he never says anything if I fail in my BLE. But I’m the kind of person who needs someone to call me to account on my laziness. Susan you hit home and gave me exactly what I needed. I’m now ready to take the bull by the horn and make the decision to commit, no matter, if it means running to the store at anytime day or night, rain or shine to buy the food I need, to stick to my commitments. Earlier someone noted that it didn’t feel like freedom. What I’m living now isn’t freedom its constantly trying to come up with reasonable excuses to friends and family as to why I’m so unhappy. I’ve been ashamed to tell them that in the last year I’ve put on 25 lbs., and that I’m so disappointed in myself, that I keep failing. We all need a kick in the pants now and then, sweetness never works for me, thank you for calling me out!

    Reply ·
  76. Rosemary

    I appreciate these weekly vlogs since I am not a “lifer”. I have been repeating the 14 day challenge for16 weeks now and have lost 30# . Your vlogs have been helpful for me

    Reply ·
  77. idit

    Hi Susan. I just want to say thankyou. Yes I must admit Sue above me has a good point that theres a big difference between shooting a vlog and stopping an addiction but i felt when i watched the vlog that that wasnt the point you were bringing out. maybe it wasnt the best comparison possible but i take to consideration the time you did the vlog and the pressure you must have been in in with upcoming flight and all. Anyways the reason I am thanking you is that your vlog made me realize that I ahvent made a decision about nearly anything. That Ive been blaming my inablity to accomplish as much as i like in my studies in my relationships and anything else worth while because i havebt really made a decision to actually do it and to make the actual necessary steps to doing it

    Reply ·
  78. Susan

    This is unbelievably meaningful to me. What you’ve described–ability to make THE decision–is a total weakness of mine. There are many decisions I could have made over the years, but instead I just “let things happen. And I know, frankly, that my approach to BLE has been not to make the decision, but rather to wait for it to feel natural. So, coaching I need revolves around the whole concept of grabbing ahold of my life and just doing the decision thing (BTW, I am totally not put off by your discussing this topic…on the contrary, it’s giving me something very very deep to grapple with.). BL’ers who can relate to my personal background (that of keeping kosher, and being Jewishly Sabbath-observant) point out to me that I follow very bright lines with regard to that sphere. They’re totally correct. But in that sphere, too, I didn’t really MAKE a decision. Rather, I followed what life laid out for me over the course of some 20 years., between the ages of 20 and 40. So…why can’t I DECIDE to bypass S&F at the moments I’m experiencing the gnawing feeling of its addiction over me? Well that’s the $64,000 question! Maybe for once in my life I should simply make a decision and lean in to it wholeheartedly.? That will be easier said than done. Dear SPT, maybe you’ll return to this topic on occasion. Considering this week’s calls, I see that many others share this shortcoming.

    Reply ·
  79. Katie Lopez

    Susan, Susan, Susan!!! You gorgeous little goofball!!!! This VLOG was amazingly honest, and heartfelt. I think the mild sleep deprivation allowed for some unfiltered truth to come forth……not that you’ve had too much trouble with that in the past…lol………Rest assured that I do not not have a wounded heart as a result of this VLOG but can see why there may have been some concerns. I think in regards to the bullshit comment…..first off……yes! Curse words!!! Hell yes!!! Sometimes…no other words will do……My take on that component of the VLOG was NOT that you were downplaying the challenges of saying no to an NMD but that you were saying bullshit to the idea that other people’s actions/reactions or our social environment should change our steadfastness to ourselves, our program(s), and our highest, most fabulous selves. Bullshit that is should change our commitment to ourselves. There is one benefit to living in today’s devolving society….and that is that everyone has there heads so far up their own rear-ends that no one is TRULY paying attention to anyone else…..the peer pressure is typically self-imposed. Don’t you think? Very few people actually care what we are doing at any particular moment…..so let’s do what’s best for US and stick with our Bright Lines!!!!!! (and yes…..I always, always, always capitalize Bright Lines……they are THAT important to me) Secondly, in regards to the Coaching comment……you have mentioned several times that you and the BLE Tribe are NOT in the selling business or the convincing business….so…yeah, sure…….. sometimes you may just think to yourself…Fuck!! This person is exhausting me and my resources because they want to do Bright Line Eating….or they wouldn’t be asking for help or clarification or whatever……but they don’t REALLY want to do it because they have an answer or an argument for every point of the Bright Line Eating program…….guess what, dahling? You’re human….sometimes you may have these thoughts……. I for one, think it’s totally normal. I have never experienced either directly or indirectly that you ever gave up on someone or wrote someone off because they weren’t ready yet……… IN FACT…..IN FACT…..I am ALWAYS astounded by your level of patience, commitment and drive!!!! Especially your patience…..maybe because I have none. LOL. One more point…..THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying this is not a diet!!!! That has been one of my triggers…..I am dealing with it much better now…but people would ask me “what diet are you on?” and it would just really trigger me…I think because it put my Lines in a restrictive light……..So, I started saying….I’m not on a diet….I am part of a dietary REVOLUTION!!!! Thanks to you and your team for ALL that you do each and every day!!!!! PS: I’m glad Southern California gets you for a few days!!!! We miss you !!!! xoxo’s –K.

    Reply ·
  80. Helen

    Great vlog! Thanks for making this vlog it is just what I needed especially now that I finished the bootcamp. Susan you are amazing Thank you again for everything.

    Reply ·
  81. TS

    Good – but (with a smile) this does make me want to express a thought I’ve had more than once over the last couple of months and one that I hope you are just as open to gently entertaining and those of us listening to the vlog have been (and I’m not in the least offended by it personally). It makes me wonder if ’10’ is a very broad category in BLE and if, were the scale to be adjusted, you would still be a ’10’, my friend. I wonder if there may be room here to suppose that those who can just ‘de-cide’ may experience their susceptibility differently to others…and that’s not at all to diminish the struggle or triumph of what you and others have achieved because you are clearly up there! It just may be different for others and there may be a greater still level of severity that people can struggle with, where it doesn’t work like you describe – not counting those who do not decide, are ambivalent or do not take the actions required. Yes, people often benefit from support there too and people do make changes in very different ways as well. You are in a tiny minority and there may be reasons that few people severely off join you. There may be differences, even between those at the severe end. I keep looking for the neuro-science in BLE though that helps move this from anecdote and opinion into a more discerning, knowledge based discussion of these things. If it’s there, do bring it on…anytime of day! I’ll listen with fascination to any rigorous discussion of that 🙂

    Reply ·
  82. Katie Lopez

    Do or do not…..there is no try……. xoxo’s
    Love Yoda!

    Reply ·
  83. Sue

    So this is what happens when you co opt the language of the program for a for profit” not a diet “food plan. You get into trouble. The facile comparison of your willingness to get up and shoot your “fun and free” marketing tool to the horrors of not being able to put down ones drug of choice is shameful. You lost me with this one.

    Reply ·
  84. Linda

    All good, Susan! You made so many great points about commitment and decision making and how it becomes a part of us. I really like the point you made about how everyone around you who knows you are committed to BLE don’t offer you any alternatives. I love that people know that about me. It reflects my decision and commitment. I’m showing it and that is something I haven’t done in the past on diets. They know this a great eating plan and life changing decision.
    You rock, Susan and I thank you so much for all you have taught us in BLE.

    Reply ·
    1. Linda

      P.S. I have lost 25 lbs since May 3rd. I did the 14 day challenge and it was so helpful and inspiring because of all you said and continue to say and have taught me. I read part of your book, but when I listened to it on Audible with you reading it, I really “got” the message.

      Reply ·
  85. Donna bruce

    No susan don’t stop telling us how you feel. I rely on your honesty more than I rely on the program.

    Reply ·
  86. Linda McPherson

    No wounded heart here, Susan.
    I need to be talked to exactly like that!!
    Ultimately, I am responsible to make descisions that are in my best interest!!
    Have done it once already in BLÉ (lost 50 lb) ( got to goal weight) and now slowly over the past year and a half regained 15 lbs!!
    You are talking to me!!!
    That first year and a half I was soooooo committed and let that saboteur come back into my life.
    Thanks for the jolt!

    Reply ·
  87. Dina

    Thank you …. Really good.

    By the way, I didn’t hear you say “If you haven’t really decided I don’t want to coach you” -(meaning: I won’t coach you) … Maybe those were the words, but what I heard was: “If you haven’t really decided it is really, really hard for me to coach you – but I am committed to coaching, so I do it!”

    And I didn’t hear your “bullshit” as dissing the reality of difficulty, but as chastising the saboteur.

    So there.

    Reply ·
  88. June

    Yes! And – one key thing here (that I’ve learned from previous BLE vlogs and Susan’s book) is that once bright lines are set, and firmly committed to, those decisions become HABITS and automaticity takes over in the brain. It’s been a relief for me to lean into habit and automatic behaviors instead of having to decide anew each time I’m presented with a challenge to my bright lines.

    Reply ·
  89. Nancy

    Don’t overthink this! You are always spot on! Even if it was hard for some people to hear, it is truthful. Thanks!

    Reply ·
  90. Ann Carr

    Thanks, I needed that! I stayed committed for about 2 months, and I no longer remember what was going on when I gave in to temptation. But, I had been faithful to those bright lines….for two months…. and I lost only 8 pounds. I was so disappointed, discouraged, and it felt like it just wasn’t worth it…..it felt impossible!! Because I have 100 pounds to lose!! So, one morning I put stevia in my coffee, ..then another day I had a beer…and then another day I couldn’t find anything to eat, so I had a part of a sandwich….and pretty soon, I forgot about bright lines altogether. So it’s been a few weeks, and I have gained back 5-6 of the 8 I lost. Ever now and then I get on the scale, and I feel really sad that I didn’t make it past that 10-pound mark…I feel like if I could just break thru that spot on the scale, it might snowball, help my resolve, lose faster, whatever… .Did anyone else go through this in the beginning??. And, I was so disgusted with myself I wouldn’t even listen to the blogs or reach out for help. Not sure why I pushed the button this morning, but it was just what I needed to hear. I haven’t made the commitment ….but I want to; I have been strong in the past and I can do it again; but I am certain I will fail, but I want to try again anyway. Thanks for stirring up hope.

    Reply ·
    1. Amy

      I just started and your fears are the same as mine. I’ll go 2 months and stray. I start so many things and never finish! When deciding whether to do BLE, I googled “reviews” to look for a good counter argument. I couldn’t find one. But time and time again the excellent support was mentioned. So, I plan to reach for that support while I’m feeling strong and committed and hopefully that support will reach for me when I’m feeling ashamed and defeated.

      Reply ·
    2. Susan J Edwards

      I hear your pain. I am older, 75 years, BUT 60 YEARS of struggle. I started BLE in March. I have lost weight, and have many more to go. BUT I have decided that a “goal weight” is not good for me now. My goal is to just be less than when I started. I have made it a goal to eat 6-8 portions of fruits and veggies a day. I succeed on a lot of days. I am working of ridding myself of “all or nothing” thinking and I know what I am going to eat each day. At my age, my lines may be a bit “blurred” but I weigh less than I have in all of the last 29 years. Susan does have the answers AND you may want to give yourself permission to DO BLE the way that feels right to you. Also, I was fatigued in the beginning, so I just slept more and it helped. Also I only weigh once a week, that helps. Blessings to you. P.S. ONLY 8 pounds??? Wow that was great. 4-5 pounds a month is MY GOAL!!!!! Please start again.

      Reply ·
  91. Stephanie

    I have learned to use “I can’t…” as a trigger to play the “What CAN-I-DO?” game. If I’m at a party and really want something not in my plan and think, “Oh, I can’t have that.” SNAP! But I can have seltzer; I can focus on seeing things in the room I wouldn’t easily have noticed; I can talk with this friend; I can see if the host needs anything, etc.” Then I choose and do one of my options that sounds most inviting. I repeat that until I’m feeling more comfortable because he discomfort is usually the thing that I wanted to eat over in the first place. The “What CAN-I-DO ?” game has made uncomfortable situations into a chance to practice and grow skills.

    Reply ·
  92. Helen

    You bring me to tears! The commitment you have to the tribe 🙂 your crew and yourself!
    That’s how it works! Why you succeed support and inspire all of us!
    I will keep this close to my heart
    Helen McDonnell

    Reply ·
  93. LA

    Dear Susan, I think your vlog at 2:30 am was just great as it was.

    Reply ·
  94. Midge Steuber

    This is perfect! Spot on! Captures the feeling of what it is to “make a decision ” for me 😎
    You rock Susan!!!

    Reply ·
  95. Fiona

    Thanks as always Susan and very timely too. I had been anxious about being away from home for 15 hours at a sporting event which is filled with endulgent eating and drinking. It took two days of prep and planning for me to go with my three meals all weighed out. The thought of breaking my BLE really scared me but I did succeed because I had made that decision to commit to BLE. I have not worked since starting BLE and have been wondering how I’ll cope in an office environment. Your extended vlog has shown me that with the strength of my decision, this will facilitate acceptance in the new workplace that I do not eat outside my 3 meals. Fabulous! Thank you, your delivery of this vlog happened for a reason 😉

    Reply ·
  96. maria

    Hi Susan, your vlog was extra inspiring, like a loving, friendly kick in the ass to move forward!!! I think the fact that you felt like explaining the day after, is typical of thee the charismatic person you are!!! Thank you !!

    Reply ·
  97. Eira

    Hi Susan a great vlog! Straight talking is just what I needed. One of your best blogs ever. We know you have our best interests so at heart. Keep the frank vlogs coming. Thank you

    Reply ·
  98. Fay

    Dear Susan, THANK YOU for the vlog and please don’t apologise for a single word. It was just what I needed. I started Wednesday fully intending to stick to BLE. I ended the day bingeing on NMFs. I shared above with Ericka as she asked for responses and I could identify with her. Like you, I am a recovering alcoholic. This year I celebrated 40 years of continuous sobriety. So do I struggle with my addiction to food. The only thing I can come up with is that I will stick to something as long as it suits me. When it doesn’t I make excuses. Alcohol is different because it’s life and death. Other things don’t seem to be life and death in the same way. What is certain is that I have plenty to meditate upon as a matter of urgency, thanks to this week’s vlog. Sending hugs, Susan , and just DON’T WORRY about those comments.

    Reply ·
  99. Elaine Loomis Olsen

    This Vlog is is so right on Susan. I hv to chuckle because an hr ago my gf sent me a text asking for a time to get together over a NMD. We hvnt seen ea other for 2 months. I let her know I just started a 7-day commitment to squeaky clean bright lines so can’t hv a NMD but can hv a soda water and she can hv a NMD. Now listening to you specifically mention a similar situation- it’s so confirming and just nails it to the floor for me. I’m going to text my gf to make sure she listens to ur Vlog. She is planning to rezoom this next Monday. And then I’m going to listen to this Vlog again! BTW during this week’s Mastermind group for Bright Minds, we set a goal to work on revealing our authentic selves. We all love your authenticity Susan. When u call BS we listen! Hope you r enjoying your conference. Lots of love.

    Reply ·
  100. Caroline

    I know Susan that there’s probably people that may get offended because that’s how they are,or work….but for me it was as I believe,
    CALLING A SPADE A SPADE. Wishy washy lately , watching. My excuses become reasons and that’s a slippery slope!!
    First there’s the saboteur…..then comes excuses….then there’s just lying to oneself. The truth doth set me free!
    Called it right Susan!❤️❤️❤️Thanks that’s love too!

    Reply ·
  101. Sophie Baudrand

    Oh boy I really needed to hear this today.
    Don’t try.. just do.
    I’m on maintenance and struggling with my quantities and meals – sugar and flour are fine but that’s not enough.
    Every morning I think I’ve committed to a bright line day and yet by dinner time I’m snacking / blurring my lines.
    But this has reminded me that it’s ok that it’s not easy anymore … today I recommit. Rezoom and I’m doing., not trying.
    thank you susan

    Reply ·
  102. Mimi Hanzel

    Good blog Susan. As far as I’m concerned you did not need to add the comments in the airport although I guess there are those who were very glad you did.

    Reply ·
  103. Deb

    Today was a BLE train wreck. Funny how this came on a day that I needed it more than EVER!!! It was another “Last Supper Day!” Knowing that I can count on you to show up every Wednesday shows me what it looks like to show up for myself–no matter what.
    Bless you and thank you. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE…MAKE MY DECISION. This is so huge!
    Thank you.

    Reply ·
  104. Nancy

    I actually typed out a bunch of this Vlog which touched me in a deep and meaningful way, and I don’t know that I’ve gotten everything I want from it yet (ergo typing it). The second part frankly I thought weakened it. I know that it probably did need to be said, but I thought your huge heart came through loud and clear in the first part. It was very clear that your intention is to help EVERYONE who makes the decision to move forward.

    Frankly, this vlog was NOT, for me, just about food. Been doing BLE since January 2017 and I have made that commitment and decision. But in so many other areas of my life I have not. I am still digesting this, and will re-read the sections I transcribed because I know there is a lot here for me.

    I had a spiritual teacher who once said “Until you make a commitment in your life that does not consider alternatives, you will not grow in that Spiritual place inside of yourself.” Thank you Susan for reminding me about that today. BLE is just the entry into much much more. For me, it’s really about happiness (I’m in the BLMind class). What I heard is it’s not about stopping or denying the hard times or the problems, but about moving through and past them into a brighter today and tomorrow which only happens by making a decision to do so.

    So thanks. I know this is rambling, so just thank you.

    Reply ·
  105. Abigail

    From my perspective, there was nothing wrong with your vlog. You made it clear that this vlog was going out late at night / early morning. Anyone who has listened to vlogs, your book, talks & interviews that you have done know you are open, honest and transparent. And, with BLE occasionally, a no bullshit, from the hip, let’s get real commentary is needed. So don’t sweat it, just chill and enjoy your time in Norway.
    You do you. Because, as far as I know, there is no one else like you. Having lost 25 pounds after starting BLE when I was doing nothing but gaining for quite some time, am dealing with a Lyme Disease Relapse and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome while recovering from “the divorce that will never end” – I am grateful for BLE. And, yeah, I have my moments of not doing everything perfect. But for now, with my situation. I get my butt out of bed everyday and eat a healthy dinner and NOT ONE BITE afterwards. There are elements I will add. But, for now, no sugar, no flour and eating the best I can is hard, but I won’t stop. I will continue on this route until I can pick up the other aspects of the BLE tools. Even traveling to Mayo Clinic, exhausted and dealing with clueless doctors, whacky scheduling, etc. I made it to a restaurant where I could get a, within my Bright Lines salad and some roasted veggies and lost weight.
    So kick ass from time to time. You may get a part of your tribe that needs that come to Jesus, tell it like it is talk you just gave. Again, you be you. That’s what got you here and attracted us to you teachings. Chill. Have fun. <3

    Reply ·
  106. Penny C

    Grest Vlog, and no offence taken here… when you are talking about the life and death situations of alcohol addiction there is no easier softer way… with so many of us with health issues due to poor eating habits its just the same.. there is no easy soft way out of diabetes or coronary artery disease… keep the message firm,. I can totally understand the frustrations of trying to help someone when they are not willing to go to any lengths, when you want it for them more than they want it for themselves.. That’s bullshit.

    Reply ·
  107. Janet

    Best vlog ever. Please don’t dilute your message. “This is so not a diet.” Bam! Addendum was unnecessary. Team, if you think soft soaping the reality of the commitment to the bright lines is helpful, you are wrong. Kudos for telling it like it is, Susan. Glad that you had the eggs to say it. Many of us have tried all of the other bullshit that is out there and where did it get us? I don’t want this (Bright Light Eating) to turn into a bunch of unsuccessful , whining , overweight people struggling. Do you?!?!? This is a very unique program. Let’s talk more about what it takes. Thanks for keeping it real. Utmost respect, Susan.

    Reply ·
    1. Mel

      I agree!

      Reply ·
    2. Alyce Louise


      Reply ·
  108. Kathy W

    Thank you for these thoughts…they are making me consider my decisions/commitment, and helping me realize the importance of the decisions I make, and my need to stand by them.

    Reply ·
  109. Linda

    Stop second-guessing yourself! The Vlog was pretty inspiring even though you were tired and rambling.
    My sobriety decision basically fell into my lap – it happened completely effortlessly. I feel so fortunate about that. Not so with my decision around bright line eating. It has been made several times and will probably need to be made several more times before it sticks. It’s a journey. I’m grateful for your openness, honesty and support.

    Reply ·
    1. Dina

      Thanks for sharing Linda …. It is inspiring to learn that different decisions that resemble each other are really each unique!

      Reply ·
  110. Michele

    I look forward to your vlogs. I enjoy them because I have seen all the love and sincerity shown in each one. Straightforward truth is the best! I sure needed this one. Thank you for all your hard work to get this wonderful information out.

    Reply ·
  111. Nancy

    Omg!!! So needed to hear this tonight! Yes I am in it to win it and will do whatever it takes – gulp! There. Big girl decision tonight at 11:30!! I can’t imagine life without swearing Susan!! Good you’re so real. I am waffling right now and If you said to me “we’ll do you or don’t you want to do this?” would sober me up pretty quick like it’s doing now!!! It’s the best thing to do to get things moving!!

    Reply ·
  112. Tracy Flynn-Edward

    THANK YOU… I love your ‘ NO-BULLSHIT’ 😛 approach. I personally am not a bunny slipper kind of personality, I like to be spoken to in a direct manner. For me it gets me thinking, fires me up to make a decision a change for myself. I can see clearly I haven’t made a clear cut decision for the past 6 months to get back on track with my BLE. What am I waiting for?
    Thank you Susan xx

    Reply ·
  113. Suze Dee

    I love this vlog!!! Thank you Susan!!

    So many people just have not needed or felt the confidence in themselves to stand by their own decisions. The world is such you can be led to believe you are ‘getting away’ with not living up to your commitments. People can be very wishy washy, myself included. Of course, no one gets away with anything!!

    Character building at my age– yes indeed, I am.

    Thank you Bright Line Eating!!! Thank you, Susan!!!
    Xoxo love you!!!

    Reply ·
  114. Bonnie

    This blog so hit home with my struggle to commit to the program. I found it to be so very powerful for me and so very much needed. I often struggle wondering why my head wants to do it and I cannot make the thought move down to the rest of my body. You put into words, such powerful words, my exact feelings. I did not take offense at anything you said. Thank you. I will listen to this again and again and hope some day I can make myself commit to the program like so many others. I love to listen to everyone and so believe this program is the best tool that people who struggle like I do could ever have.

    Thank you! You are all so wonderful and loving.

    Reply ·
  115. Katie

    I feel like there’s nothing wrong at all with conviction or being frustrated with people because they haven’t taken the tools, or won’t commit to themselves. It is frustrating to see other people throw away the tools or the life they could have when we KNOW how amazing it is to have that integrity with food. Or to know those lengths we went to in order to make it happen. I think you should stand by everything you said in that first vlog. I have seen many people in life wait for someone who with “do it for them” or “make it easier” and sometimes it’s not going to get easier, and no one is going to do it for you. “It” being anything. But especially getting healthy. I do think you’re right to share your empathy in the remaining video though – because you’re also a coach too, like me. Though it is very frustrating when people refuse to change.

    Reply ·
  116. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Thank you, Susan. I think I needed thiese thoughts today. And don’t worry, we know you mean well. I 💜 you!

    Reply ·
  117. Karen

    Much appreciated! Excellent reminder…To make a decision. So important and may be the missing keystone for me. I havent wanted to decide, to commit , to change. Still circling.. Need some magic fairy dust or Yoda power, something😘🐢🌟

    Reply ·
  118. Marilyn Weaver

    I don’t need your approval Susan. I am responsible for myself. I also reserve the right to be HUMAN. We are each responsible for our own choices. You sound kind of burnt out. So what if I decide to have a drink of wine? I’m not an alcoholic, nor an addict. Yes, I have a few food triggers. I’m honest about that. I commit to not eating sugar, flour, portions, and 3 meals. I’ve had no binges, no cravings, nor any deviation from my bright lines. What is right for me is different than what is right for you! I don’t appreciate your thinking we are all alike. It’s why God made us all unique. You do so much right, but you are not perfect. As are none of us. Allow others to be who we are. We’re not all addicts! And yet, I respect we all have unique triggers. I’m not going to tell others what to eat, or what not to eat. It’s all so personal. It’s a personal commitment. I commit to being responsible for my own bright lines. I wish you well, and am grateful for the knowledge you have shared. But I keep my power for myself. I own that right, and I keep it!

    Reply ·
    1. Dina

      Of of course we are all different – and it is often OK to adjust the plan, if it is done with foresight and firm control of the cerebral cortex’s interest in our highest self!

      I am blessed not to be an alcoholic, but I don’t drink very much, and intend to not drink (if at all) until I am firmly “automated”, because alcohol consists of sugar and intoxicants that drain away will-power. So when Susan talks about “that glass of wine”, she *is* talking to me … but not necessarily to you.

      Whatever works for you to keep the bright lines of no sugar, no flour, 3 meals/no snacking, and controlled portions …. works for you.

      Reply ·
  119. Paula Curtis

    I expected you to ‘kick Butt’ during boot camp.. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  120. Kathy Deener

    Susan, nothing about the blog bothered me at all but I would like to suggest maybe you could consider the decision to do the blog then just begs the how…. you don’t owe the tribe your heath and not getting enough sleep is a trade off you should have to make. As with keeping to the bright lines sometimes we plan ahead and keep the emergency rations in plastic bags in our bag.. Could you keep a blog in the bugs for extra busy times? Maybe give yourself permission to do an occasional ‘greatest hits’ rerun? Some topics are worth a re-listen especially when we know it’s not lack of care for us but modeling outstanding SELF CARE which is also a key part of your message. And maybe brittle vs flexible structures from a little while back plays in? I am not advocating throwing commitment to the wind, but just as you are clear there are appropriate times for specific individuals to adjust their eating plan, every decision and life has circumstances!

    We love you, we do not expect perfection!

    Reply ·
  121. Maureen Dagle


    Reply ·
  122. Patty

    I could so relate to this vlog! Several weeks ago I submitted a question for the BL coaching call. I had been struggling with nuts for several months. You told me to just do it! No nuts from that point on! And to get whatever support I needed. As of today I have gone 12 days without nuts! Thank you for your tough love! Down 83 lbs and 8 to go til I reach goal weight!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan J Edwards

      Thank you Patty for bringing up nuts. I am having a problem with them that I am now admitting. My rationalization that they are healthy has been “caught.”
      I am not sure what I will do, but I can’t deny it any more. Only on BLE for 5 months, but down 31 pounds. I am afraid to admit to BLEaters that flour is not my trigger. I don’t eat much of it, but staying away from sugar has been the answer for me AND my night time cravings. I don’t do BLE like Susan, my lines are blurred, but I weigh less that I have in all of the last 29 years. I am 76 years old. My doctor took me off my blood pressure medicine and I have gone from size 3X slacks to a new pair I just received that are SIZE LARGE. I just want to weigh less each week than I did the week before. That is my goal. I have given myself permission to adapt BLE to my life and I feel HAPPY and FREE, if not thin yet. Blessings and congrats on 83 Pounds!!!!

      Reply ·
  123. timmy gurciullo

    Hi,,I have kicked heroin,methadone,cigarettes after 55 years and now sugar and flour,Im on the 14 day challenge. giving up sugar and flour which means my pasta is just not available. I put it in my mind like heroin..Im doing this not for weight but to avoid insulin when i go to the doctor..I do not want needles in my house,so..at 69 its time to change what I eat,period.”one jellybean is too much,and a thousand is never enough”
    Eventually you’re self imposed conditioning that serves you will kick in and it will become easier..it applies to any addiction.

    Reply ·
    1. Mariah Perkins

      Good for you!!

      Reply ·
  124. Andrea P

    Perfect! Just what I needed. No wounded heart, I feel stronger.

    Reply ·
  125. Claudia Lima

    I love this program and this vlog because you don’t sugar coat it…..no apology needed! Keep up the good work!

    Reply ·
  126. Karen

    Love this VLOG!! I look forward to them every week.

    Reply ·
  127. Rebecca Ranieri

    Oh no, Susan! You did not seem harsh on the blog to me. You are absolutely right about making the decision to commit to something and then doing what it takes to get there! You are a wonderful inspiration and a bright light in my life! You saved me!

    Reply ·
  128. Robin K. in Washington

    Another great vlog, Susan! 😃 When you talked about making that decision (the Yoda quote was awesome!) all I could think of was this quote from Jen Sincero, “If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.” In Oct 2015, I made that decision, and am finally in my right sized body! I’m a 10 on the scale so I tell people if I can do it so can you if you just decide to do and work those Bright Lines ! Love you lots, Susan! Safe journeys!

    Reply ·
  129. Ruth Copely

    Oh, Susan, be easier on yourself! Your message was just what I needed today. I am not perfect, but am improving because of your wonderful program. Keep being your authentic self! 🙂

    Reply ·
  130. Ruth Copely

    Oh, Susan, please take it easy on yourself! I got your message and really needed to hear it today! I am not perfect, but am getting so much better because of you and your work.
    Love ya,
    Ruth 🙂

    Reply ·
  131. NANCY

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Just what I needed.

    Reply ·
  132. Jeffrey in Seattle

    Hahahahahaaaaaa – amazing vlog. I read the book a couple months ago and put it aside. I watched weekly vlogs and then stopped watching. And then something struck me about the title and the disclaimer in today’s so I clicked it. Because truth finds its way home! So powerful. I will go back inward and feel it again – the hope of a solution. I did it 17 years ago with alcohol. I’m a little sad to imagine and slow to accept that my recovery is not fully formed until I deal with my food addiction. Darn it. And boy, the gal above talking about “freedom”. Also amazing. Thank you Susan! I will try to undig my heels and get going to health and happy.

    Reply ·
  133. Becky Blüh

    SPOT ON…Thank you Susan!! I felt like you were speaking directly to me as it’s exactly what I needed to hear right now! You’re such a force of inspiration, love and unwavering support! I hope you get some sleep, and certainly don’t lose any over this powerful and important vlog post!
    Much love.

    Reply ·
  134. Audrey Meinertzhagen

    First of all, TEE-RIF-IC!!!! Vlog!!!!
    There is a space between honest struggle, working at keeping bright lines, and compromising with the inner saboteur and giving in from time to time. The space is that place where we each become our own authority figure and learn to accept and trust ourselves and to live into what is the most loving and dynamic expression of our own lives. I think there are many people who look for authority figures and want to be told what to do while not wanting to surrender their “darlings” (in this case NMF or NMD). Your VLOG was wonderful and made a distinction between authority and support. There are those who want you to tell them what to do or give them loving permission to be where they are in the struggle so that they ultimately do not need to be accountable to themselves.
    Susan, your coaching is so spectacular. You meet people where they are and your coaching always leaves them having to sail their own boat regardless of the issue. When you run into someone who wants to be told what to do rather than coached I think it is appropriate to put on the breaks and ask them what they really want.

    I listened to this Vlog after listening to the latest Coaching Call and I was so impressed by how well and deeply you listen. I left that call feeling like I need to get a bit more honest and crisp in how I am working this program. Being loose with any aspect of the program is short changing myself. I am left this evening with needing to get a bit more real with myself and how I am approaching my BLE journey.

    Much love and deep thanks!
    A Broken Toy

    Reply ·
    1. Dina

      Thank you for these comments … Very inspiring.

      Reply ·
  135. Karen Hartley

    Wow! July has been a really tough month for me even after 9 months of being on the new lifestyle path! I heard that coaching call and laughed at how totally honest you are in calling people out and yet it didn’t really reach me and my issues fully like this VLOG does! Ok, I’ll admit that while I say I am fully in and have talked several others into the program, there is a part of me (maybe that rebellious teenager) who still cheats it little ways that sabotage me, sometimes lately for several days running. I’m DONE with that! As of right now, I am FULLY IN! Thanks, Susan, for a great message!

    Reply ·
  136. PAMI

    This is totally one of the best vlogs you have done yet. I love it when you tell it like it is. I do that also, but, of course only with love and kindness. It’s just so many keep wanting and searching for a magic bullet and there just isn’t one. It’s work and thats just how it is.
    Love you SPT!

    Reply ·
  137. Jan

    There was no wounded heart here! You spoke candidly and gave us swift kick in the butt – just what many of us needed!

    Reply ·
  138. Paula in San Diego

    Great VLOG Susan! Thank you for being the “parent” in the room with the reminder that we need to stay true to our commitments to ourselves. This is an issue that I am having right now and need to get back on track. Finished Boot Camp with 20 lb loss but am going up and down a bit on my weight as I’m letting other priorities take me away from what should be my FIRST priority! ME and my health! Have a wonderful time in San Diego, by the time you see this you’ll be experiencing the heat and humidity!! 🙁

    Best Always!

    Reply ·
  139. johann guerin

    if i can help you at any time i m here ,i know some good cooker…sincerly…have nice day .best regard

    Reply ·
  140. DD

    Fantastic!!! It is like you knew just what I needed to hear today. I have been doing great on BLE and then have been having issues the last 2 weeks. I’ve been Struggling with how to get my bright lights bright again. Your vlog was just what I needed. I am a bright line lifer. Period. This is who I am. The decision is made. Thank you!!!!

    Reply ·
  141. Pat Tyson

    You are the BEST Susan! Love your words and your example. We can take a little well- meaning tough love. I have learned a lot from you.

    Reply ·
  142. Melissa Kerby

    I believe you were also standing by Garrett’s Popcorn in the B terminal at O’Hare. How the heck is it that your message is exactly what I need to hear? Hello universe. And I agree – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

    Reply ·
  143. Melissa

    I am new to BLE on my 14 day challenge. I just found this weekly VLOG. I did not find you offensive, I wish more people would come straight to the point. This is a one day at time process. If you want to change and are given a plan to succeed, the decision to do this is so easy. This lifestyle simplifies your life. Keep the videos coming, this was very refreshing to hear.

    Reply ·
  144. Kathie Maloney

    I think the vlog was great! Sometimes it is good to hear things from the heart and be willing to tell people how it is. I’m new to BLE, but it has been amazing (day 12) as to how differently I am experiencing this process as compared to any other attempts I have made at weight lloss. This is so different than anything I’ve experienced before and amazing to me has been easier so far than anything I would’ve imagined. Not to say I won’t hit some bumps along the way, but I’m hoping when I do, I use the information you have provided. You are giving us so many tools and if people keep saying them want to lose the weight and stop eating uncontrollably, but are not willing to use the tools, and keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results but not getting them – then the insanity continues and maybe sometimes they need to hear that they need to make the decision to commit and when they struggle, someone will be there to help them through it.

    Reply ·
  145. Nancy

    How do you deal with your energy levels? Being tired is when I have the most cravings.

    Reply ·
    1. Dina

      Take a nap. Try to get more sleep. Set a timer for 20 minutes and observe what happens with the cravings (maybe a kind of meditation). Drink water, herbal tea, decaf coffee, sparkling water. Post in your support House. Use your Emergency Action Plan (“EAP” – if you don’t have one, make one). Call a buddy. Text a buddy. Write to a buddy. Love yourself. All the best to you!

      Reply ·
  146. Kimberly Evert

    Please don’t abandon me, Susan. I’m completing the last day information this evening and before I go to sleep, I will recommit to the Bright Lines. Sometimes such a forceful is what shakes things up and makes me realize just what is important to me. I still don’t believe that I am worthy of being coached by you. I’m not yet a perfect member of the Tribe , but please don’t take away the hope the I will be good enough for coaching. There are a lot of fat old slugs out here. We need your help as we cling in desperation to your vlog. We thank you for the late hours spent and for your Chicago addendum. Sleep well tonight in sunny California and I will get to work.

    Reply ·
  147. Suzanne VanGombos

    Oh SUSAN!!! How much I admire, respect and am so proud and grateful for all you are and what you have given to us ! You speak the truth in an educated and factual way. NEVER, Never will I ever be anything but grateful and appreciative for being part of the BL community.
    ALSO, YOU HAVE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FACE THAT DOESN’T NEED THE FAKE GLOSSY MAKE-UP! Beautiful inside, outside and sideways – lol.

    LOVE YOU and you are such a BLESSING!!!!!! THANK YOU so much!

    Reply ·
  148. Tina

    Loved the vlog today. Both the original and the addendum although I didn’t think the apology was necessary. The tough love you provided in the first part was just what I needed. After 9 months on the program the last week I have felt like I was hanging on by a thread. Thanks for the kick in the butt! I always learn something and strangly most weeks the topic is just what I need to hear about. Thank you for BLE and for your commitment to the vlogs. It has been life changing for me.

    Reply ·
  149. Gaye

    This vlog was exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my journey. Not because I haven’t made the “decision” (because I have), but because I need to be reminded that I HAVE made the decision and that I need to keep with it. If times are tough, I can look back and remember what I’ve committed to. This is a very helpful thing to do. Thank you, Susan.

    Reply ·
  150. Robby

    Great Vlog, Susan! What a shot in the arm regarding making the decision once and for all to go with Bright Line Eating. The decision does not have to be revisited once its been made. It’s always fun to see what you’re wearing when you do the Vlog! May I request that you drop the “Welcome to the weekly Vlog” statement the way you’re saying it now, please? This produces a fingernails-on-the-chalkboard feeling in me when I hear/see it. I don’t think it represents you well — sounds like you’re not taking yourself and the message to follow seriously!

    Reply ·
  151. Nicole

    Thank you for always being so authentic!

    Reply ·
  152. Nicole

    I feel the need to comment- great blog and totally not offensive to me, but I totally appreciate the follow up, eapeciallly for those personally coached by you- that would be a vulnerable position, to be be sure. So two thumbs up for the vlog and the follow up portion. Super helpful to me as I struggle with committing . Thank you for your work!

    Reply ·
  153. Geni

    I appreciated your precious addendum reassuring us that love is the core value of BLE, but I gotta say that I also LOVED your straight-talking vlog! A committed decision has to be a core value, too, right, when bright lines are the solution? Although I have fully and deeply decided yes! on bright line eating, your vlog inspired me to also do the same for some other habits that have yet to stick. I love you!

    Reply ·
  154. susan richlin

    such an important message here. you continue to inspire me and so many others on a daily basis. your honesty and raw truth is such a blessing. thank you for all you do susan. sending you love and thanks

    Reply ·
  155. Julie

    Thank you for the reminder, I think the fairy dust is getting the awareness to see how bad it really is, then getting to a place where the alternative is unacceptable and then the willingness to go to any lengths cones. So I guess I’m grateful for the fairy dust..

    Reply ·
  156. Patty

    Sometimes it’s a firm hand that is needed. It’s just one more angle to the support. Your strength encourages others to be strong. And your candid and firm style makes you feel like a loving family member. One of your most extraordinary gifts is altruistic motivation. I believe your audience can see that. Great vlog.

    Reply ·
  157. Lisa

    No, hell no! It is what it is! If one does not have a made up mind then piss on it! Just like quitting smoking, just like anything that needs to happen! I saw leave the vlog right where it ended!

    Reply ·
  158. Lisa

    I think you nailed it. The point is that if you are committed to BLE then you shouldn’t be asking yourself WHETHER you will avoid NMF but HOW you will avoid NMF. And that can still be hard. It can be tough figuring out what support is actually going to help you get it done. But it’s categorically different than sitting around asking yourself if you’re going to do it from one temptation to the next. I so appreciate you illuminating the importance of the right kind of thinking.

    Reply ·
  159. Yvette Campanella

    As a Health Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master I have worked with many people and my one concern is when they don’t follow through with what they say they want. I get so frustrated when we’ve determined how we should move forward toward a positive resolution to whatever issue they may have. We make a plan that they agree to and then they fall back into the old negative habits that brought them to me in the first place. I feel as though they’ve paid for me to help them but they haven’t yet made that deep down decision to do what they know they have to do for a positive outcome. Susan, you were brave, concise and to the point and I, for one, really appreciated your presentation. Thanks again for being you and for making everyone think again about why they are here. Thanks to the staff and other members for being so supportive.

    Reply ·
    1. Diane Miller

      When I was going through Occupational Therapy the OT’s were hard core. When I said, “I’m not sure I want to do this, it’s so hard , I want to stop!” They would say, “I guess you don’t want to heal. I guess you always want to be like this.” (I had 2 broken arms). And of course, I said “NO” and continued on, so I never would be like that again. This ‘get tough’ with clients unfortunately has to be addressed in many fields and weight loss is definitely one of them.

      Reply ·
  160. Diana Miller

    Dear Susan – thx for being honest and true – you always set such a great example for all of us. We love you and the example you set is what we want for ourselves. Thx as always

    Reply ·
  161. Boo

    Desperately needed to hear this today. Lost all my weight but 2 weeks under the same roof with my parents and things are shaky. I will rewatch this often .

    Reply ·
  162. Michelle

    I so agree with you, Susan. It’s not about willpower; it’s about sincerely making a decision about how you’re going to live your life. This extends to so many areas of our lives, right? I’m not the least offended. I’m sure it can be frustrating for you coaching people who perhaps are not fully committed to “doing what it takes.” I completed your Jan. 2016 boot camp and have to admit I’m still “not quite there,” but at least I recognize that about myself and I think my mind is moving in the right direction. My mantra these days comes directly from the bible when Jesus asks the crippled man, “Do you want to be healed?” Sounds like a crazy question, right? Until you consider exactly what your current vlog was about — do I/we truly want to be healed? Or is sugar and flour the true gods of our lives? Thanks Susan for sharing all your information and experience. Before I connected with BLE, I knew something was really wrong with me but didn’t understand WHAT. Now I do. And I really do want to be healed.

    Reply ·
    1. Dina

      Amen! – Susan also talks (in a video about trying to help other people with eating craziness) that BLE is for those who WANT it … plenty of people who might NEED it do not want it.

      Reply ·
  163. MARA

    Wow Wow Wow! Your words are so damn real. I needed to hear this. You go girl! Thanks for delivering this powerful message. Love you lots!

    Reply ·
  164. Khosi Ferris

    Susan you speak from the heart and your message is always well received by those who are meant to hear the message. You lead us with so much love and honesty and your firmness in steering this ship in the right direction has really helped to solidify our ground on BLE. You have proven time and again how this movement is your calling and have inspired us to be best that we are meant to be. I would like you and your team to feel at ease that we get you when you talk from the heart and how the message is presented motivates us to reflect and improve on areas where we need to….. Thank you for committing to be an unfailing deliverer of great news every week. Wishing you a safe trip and fruitful gathering in San Diego😘😘😘😘😘

    Reply ·
  165. Brenda

    This vlog SO needed to be done!! OMG!! I get so frustrated with the people who do not wholeheartedly commit!! Yes, folks, that is surrender and if you don’t, how can you possibly do the program!!! And, how can you possibly ask for help??

    Reply ·
  166. Laura Lively

    I appreciate your comments in the original Vlog. Sometimes tough love is necessary. But, I also love your concern about people’s hearts. Great Vlog!

    Reply ·


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  168. Connie

    I love your candor SO much! Thanks for being real with us because sometimes that’s what is needed. And I felt every word and needed it and appreciated it!! Hope you can soon catch up on your sleep ❤️

    Reply ·
  169. Susan in California

    One cannot help those who will not help themselves; it’s like rolling a bag of jello uphill. What you put your finger on is a failure in society of individuals to commit, to take on the hard work, to persist. We have become a nation of wimps.

    Reply ·
  170. Emine Weair

    Great vlog. Can relate to the content. Tis for the reminder ” I HAVE MADE A DECISION TO DO BELE. SO whatever it takes to follow BLE properly

    Just like one cannot be “half pregnant”. You are pregnant or not. SO IF ONE CHOOSES TO DO BLE, ONE ABIDES TO DO IT WHATEVER IT TAKES.

    Thank you reninding all these. basic principles.

    Enjoy yr conference and yr stay at your beloved San Diego.

    Reply ·
  171. Susan in California

    You’re right on the money here, in the unedited version. What you put your finger on, really, is the much larger modern tendency to shy away from commitment, discipline, doing the hard thing, complaining about hard work, or grousing about preparing two menus, or eating bitter vegetables. We, as a culture, have become somewhat spoiled. How often to folks order in food rather than being disciplined enough to commit and stick to preparing food from scratch for the family.

    I think it’s a matter of maturity, and readiness, and the ability to recognize that one needs to commit, and then following through with that commitment. We have folks who have been excused from any difficult or unpleasant endeavors when they became burdensome; they have had a more difficult life than those of us who were forced to continue in less-than-entertaining endeavors and – omigosh! – developed some discipline.

    No one who has followed your blog or vlog could conclude that you are uncaring or judgmental; a little honesty ad firmness is a good thing. You cannot, ever, help someone who will not (I did not say CAN not, but WILL not) help themselves.

    You go, girl! Get some sleep.

    Reply ·
  172. Pam

    Loved this weekly vlog. Sooo true that your family and friends stop expecting that you will eat outside of your food plan if you made your decision, and stick to your decision one day at a time. Love you Susan!!

    Reply ·
  173. Michele

    No need to apologize! I know you know how hard this eating thing is. Best vlog!! Keeping it fuckin real lol. After the sting fades – one knows what you said is true.

    Reply ·
    1. Dina


      Reply ·
  174. Melisa Birch

    I appreciated your vlog this week. I have been struggling with not having extra bites since right before family reunion. I am within 5 pounds of goal and I know you suggested to someone else who was having hunger issue to go on maintenance. I am still rebelling maintenance because I want to reach goal so bad but if I do not have integrity with food I know I risk gaining it back. I really want to give myself one more month, with true dedication not to cross ANY lines to see if I can get there, if not I can accept that this is where I should be and go on maintenance at that time. You may have thought it was harsh but sometimes that is what we need.

    We need to stop telling ourselves stories to justify what we are doing or not doing. Thanks again for reminding me of focus

    Reply ·
  175. Ginger palmer

    Holy cow! What a vlog! Best one yet. My daughter and I love listening to you every Wednesday. You make our week and jump start ou Bright Line eating decision anew every week.. thank you, thank you! Ginger

    Reply ·
  176. Leslie Creelman

    Hee, hee. Love this. I get your frustration in wanting people to just DO IT! I wonder how much of this mindset is genetic, as when I make a decision to do something, I’m doing it. The end. I also love the challenge of being able to accomplish something. I see friends and family not making the changes they need to, and it frustrates the crap out of me! Rock bottom needs to be hit maybe? Anyway, great video Susan. Thanks!

    Reply ·
  177. Lorraine

    Oh Susan thank you for this vlog No apologies needed I get it big time it is about for me being responsible for myself standing up and being accountable and kicking that stinking thinking to the side not blaming a couple words you said or BLE eating in any way. Going inside and being completely honest with myself. Knowing if it is going to be its up to me. Let my ego go, listen to the help and take it on board. I am so grateful for all you do and put into this way of life. I would be so tired to keep up with you. I am an 8 Hour a night sleep girl. About the bullshit word it is so true. For me I see that thought the des ease telling me to pick up the drink or nmf as complete bullshit and lies it robs me of my life my spirit my happy thin and free. Great Vlog thank you

    Reply ·
  178. Jen Todd

    This vlog was fantastic, Susan. I am a Bright Lifer, recently on maintenance, and I have thought many of the same things you expressed when listening in on accountability and coaching calls. This message is an important one, and I am so glad you expressed it.

    Reply ·
  179. Ericka

    I so appreciate this vlog today, and very desperately needed it.

    I am new to BLE and I haven’t made that deep decision to do it yet and today’s vlog helped me figure out why. I’m hoping someone who’s doing BLE faithfully can help me with this:

    BLE doesn’t seem like freedom. It feels to me like it’s continuing to be a slave to eating certain foods and what originally attracted me to BLE was the idea of being FREE.

    In the example Susan gave, she made her decision, and sometimes to keep that decision she would go to any lengths, even running all over the city, to get the food she could eat. My biggest stumbling block to making this decision is that that right there doesn’t seem like freedom at all – it seems like slavery. It doesn’t seem like you are free when every single meal you have to weigh the exact amounts and to continue to do that faithfully, when life just falls apart around you, just doesn’t seem possible. I am so tired of being a slave to food, to dieting and to trying and failing.

    Can anyone address this feeling and offer insight into being truly free with BLE? For me, slim is overrated. I want to be free.

    Thank you, Susan, for being honest and real!

    Reply ·
    1. Lisa

      Yep! Ditto re the slim piece. I care far more about the health of it…I have been no sugar no flour since February ’16 boot camp. I don’t stick to 3 meals and I snack on fruit. I realized a while back that those were my boundaries…

      Reply ·
    2. bessie

      Hi, I totally understand what you are saying. I feel the same re BLE which I support in so many ways.
      My reticence not to commit to it fully isnt because I cant make a decision rather that is does seem to be just another set of rules etc to have to follow. I fully understand the neuroscience behind it all BTW so Im not arguing with Susan’s approach at all but for some us it can trigger those feelings that are the opposite of free.
      Perhaps this would be a good question for pose to Susan ???

      Reply ·
    3. Tracy

      I thought the same thing Erika, when I first started. But I’m on day 96 and feel so much freedom in my life. When I write down my food for the next day, I DO NOT think about my food or what I want to eat until about 30 minutes before my next meal, when my tummy starts to growl. I have 4-6 hours of complete mental freedom to do and think about so many other issues and things in my life. Whereas, I used to think about NMF constantly and think about what I “felt” like eating or what would satisfy my cravings or emotional needs. This is where the freedom comes from. It does take some time. I honestly didn’t feel free until I hit the end of the boot camp. But now, I truly do feel unstoppable! Good luck and just let this whole thing settle in your soul and give it time to take root. Then watch and feel the freedom!

      Reply ·
      1. Ericka


        Congrats on 96+ days! That gives me hope that while it may be difficult at first, the freedom will come. Thanks for sharing!

        Reply ·
      2. Sherri O'Lear

        Great comment! Thanks!!

        Reply ·
    4. Patty

      Hi Erika – i think a lot of us felt that way when starting BLEing. But once the habits and automaticity sink in it becomes much easier. I’ve been doing it over a year and it is very freeing. I know what I don’t eat and just say ‘no thank You’ when offered NMF, and no thank you between meals. It will get easier!

      Reply ·
    5. Fay

      Hi Ericka. Like you, this vlog was just what I needed. I have worried for a long time that somehow I couldn’t follow through and make a decision stick once the newness of whatever had worn off. When I was a child, my mother would say that I started things but never finished them. I worried that somehow I couldn’t commit and I desperately want to be able to. I’d stick to my BLE for a few weeks and then just go off the rails. No fight, no going to lengths of any size. I’m still not sure why but something you said about freedom struck home. Maybe it just feels too like following rules. Something I need to give a lot of thought to. Today is a new day and I’m starting well with a BLE breakfast, rewatching the vlog and sharing with you. Thanks Ericka.

      Reply ·
    6. Dina

      Dear Ericka –

      I hope you are participating in your Facebook House …. the feeling of “slavery” comes up often, and every time it is worth having a conversation about it. You will see responses to other people that may help you, and they will see responses to you that could help them. And you might even feel helped by responses made to you! Actually, it sounds like you see the need to decide, and need to get through the issue of “un-freedom”.

      Let me share a little about this issue.

      I am on day 26 of my BLE journey (I started in a bootcamp) … and have 25 “clean” days behind me. I am pretty sure that I have made The Decision … and that having done so gets me through the rough spots – past and future.

      For me, wanting to be free in the way that you seen to want to is related to wanting to be normal … like everyone else …. eat this that and the other thing whenever I want and stay healthy and trim ….

      So I have found it very helpful. to listen to Susan’s VLOG on “what’s normal” ….

      For people like me, “normal normal” doesn’t work. I get triggered into eating too much, bingeing, carrying too much weight, wondering what’s wrong with me – I mean “everybody” can just eat “competently” – can’t they? ….

      Being that I’m NOT “normal normal”, I am discovering that I can have a more normal (and happier life) by following some rules that free me from being tortured by decisions about food. That’s the freedom I long for. Freedom from being tortured by decisions about food.

      If this means that I have to give up some other kinds of freedom, well, so be it. And if it means I have to think more (measured in time and effort) about food – in a constructive, self-nourishing way – that’s great! I experience it more and more as taking good care of my self, loving myself instead of just shoving any available food or food-like substance into my mouth ;o)

      Here is a link to the VLOG. I’m putting extra spaces in the link to avoid problems with the system rules, so be sure to remove the spaces when you use the link. https://brightlineeating.com/ 2015/ 12/ what-is-normal-anyways/

      Wishing you all the best!

      Reply ·
      1. Ericka


        Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I haven’t watched the video yet, but just you talking about not being “normal, normal” resonated with me and also giving up some freedoms in order to enjoy greater freedom from being tortured by food. Yes! That is exactly what I want, and I can already tell by the replies here that this the community for me.

        Reply ·
      2. Janet

        Such a helpful comment, including the video which I just watched. I feel the grieving she talks about in the video and just hearing her say it makes it OK to feel it. (Deep cleansing breath.) 😀

        Reply ·
      3. Anthea

        What a super reply – thank you! So helpful posting the link to the ‘normal’ vlog too.

        Reply ·
    7. maretta

      One cannot be completely free in every sense, in all things. Our mind can be free, certainly, but when we make a decision to say “yes” to one thing, it means saying “no” to another. If one does, indeed, have an addiction to sugar and flour, than one might want/need to go to any length to not consume it. I like to compare it to alcohol. If I was a recovery alcoholic, my guess is I wouldn’t go to a wine tasting with friends, and drink soda, instead. My saying “yes” to my sobriety, would mean saying “no” to a spending time with my friends one evening. So, I would not be free in that way, but I would be free in a much greater way.

      Reply ·
      1. Ericka

        So well said, Maretta. Thank you for taking the time to respond. My mind and heart are so much more at ease. I think this decision is dropping into my heart from my head with each post I read.

        Reply ·
    8. Susan

      I am really new: I just joined boot camp and once I clean my kitchen I am on. I am morbidly obese with no life. My first reaction to no more sugar/ flour was one of panic. Yet I am in a continual battle trying to find the fix of sugar/flour that will finally satisfy me and it is never there. I cannot ever get enough.

      This is where the freedom comes in. I have freedom to choose. When I choose to stop the sugar/wheat addiction I am freeing myself from the struggle of what do I eat? What will make me feel better? Being sick after eating sugar/flour. The terrible sense of failure after eating sugar/flour. The sense of hopelessness. The sense of being trapped.

      When I eat sugar/flour, it is not because I choose to do so. Sugar/flour control me and drive my lifestyle – one of pain and misery that I do not want. But when I choose to eat real food, healthy food, not processed drugs, it is then I am free. I am free of the desperate search for a fix. I am free to find life instead of hiding from the world. I am free from the bad feelings that bring me down.

      The bright lines allow me to relax from the bad feelings sugar/flour cause, to breathe, to heal my body.

      I know I will be challenged, but I have made the decision. Now it is a step at a time. If I have to run all over the city to eat what I CHOOSE to eat, I will do so with pride. Because I am making that choice, not the sugar/wheat.

      I don’t know if this helps. Just know that commitment and discipline are good not only for the body but also the soul. Amazingly, once a temptation has come, been overcome, and gone, the feeling of power and relief are terrific.

      Reply ·
      1. Sheila

        Thank you, Susan, for this clearly-written post about freedom. It helped me to clarify my thinking. I’ve been in Bright Line Eating since October 2015 and am down to the same weight as when I was in my late 20s (some 50 years ago!). I’ve had some recent “slips” and am now back on track, and as you said, “the feeling of power and relief are terrific.”

        No sugar or flour products are worth the yucky feeling I had after consuming them!

        I believe you will love the support you receive in the boot camp.

        Reply ·
      2. Diane

        Susan, thank you for your words. You are embarking on a wonderful journey.

        Reply ·
      3. Ericka

        Thank you, Susan. It does help! The freedom is in the choosing. I wish you the very best on this journey… Thank you for taking the time to share a part of it with me.

        Reply ·
    9. Dyan McMiller

      I’m not a BLE, but watching Susans’s Vlogs have helped me get off of sugar, a lot and I definitely feel better doing that, but I understand what you’re saying it’s not that FREE!

      Reply ·
  180. Jacqie Shartier

    No wounded heart from you Susan, I know I am loved by you and all your staff for the love and support you give! Let it go, at 2:30 in the am and no sleep, who is going to be offended, really? Have fun in San Diego, enjoy your conference. You look great! I love you dearly!

    Reply ·
  181. Ronna Berezin

    Your attitude and approach is vital and true; for those who need apology or further explanations that are an excuse to veer away from comimitment I say their “needs ” are exactly why they joined your program in the first place; they have ” Committment Disorder!” That in addition to eating disorder and emotional instability when their commitment is in question! Remember that you may be OK, but you can’t make others feel or be OK!!!


    Reply ·
    1. Betsy

      Thanks for giving me a name for my aversion to commitment! 🙂

      Reply ·
      1. Cynthia


        Reply ·
    2. Paula Tartaglia

      Well said🙏🏻👍

      Reply ·
  182. Jennifer MacVicar

    Amen! I have trouble with this, I have to admit, but every time I give in and take that bite or drink, it so wasn’t worth it. and I feel like I’m starting over now.

    Reply ·
  183. Leslie

    it felt effective to me to hear someone speak to me kind of harshly and firmly about getting my shit together and just make a decision and recommitting to the program.

    recently i’ve had a few breaks in my lines, but i still feel like i’m in the game because i’m still showing up and seeking the lessons, etc. so i think there’s a difference between someone who’s just not being honest with themselves and deciding and committing

    and someone who is honestly in a state of not being sure.

    as always, appreciate your authenticity, glad you still posted the firm message 🙂

    Reply ·
    1. Emine Weaire

      Sonwell said

      Reply ·
  184. Carolyn Matthews

    Awesome Vlog. Just what I needed today. You are wonderful Susan. You rock! Sometimes a little firmness with us wishy-washy BLE followers is just what the Dr. ordered. Thank you.

    Reply ·
    1. Arden

      I agree! Very helpful! It actually curbed a food plan I had for a special occasion tonight! Change of menu!!! Thanks. :: We know your heart Susan.

      Reply ·
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