Post-Traumatic Growth

We’ve all heard of PTSD—the notion that trauma or intense suffering can result in later psychological consequences. But it turns out research shows that’s not always the outcome of a traumatic experience. Watch this week’s vlog to learn more.

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  1. Connie Moore

    I just found this vlog on the BLE APP! Is this webinar SPT refers to available anywhere?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Connie, it is not currently available. Sorry about that. 🧡

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  2. Lynette Anderson

    Do you plan to make this webinar available again any time soon? I’d love to be able to watch it.

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  3. Yvonne LH

    Will the webinar be presented again soon?

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  4. Tara

    About to start boot camp tomorrow, and weird question… can someone tell me if I can drink coffee?!?!? 😛

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    1. Kaitlyn

      Hey there, Tara! I’m excited to hear that you’re going to begin the Boot Camp! You can have coffee on the Weight Loss Meal Plan. To see more information about it, I recommend taking a look at our wonderful FAQ sections here: There’s tons of wonderful information there for you. Enjoy and good luck! Please let us know if you need anything else!

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  5. fusun altug

    thank you.

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  6. Maureen

    Susan, you are so touchingly authentic. Your raw emotion is just beautiful and I so look forward to your weekly vlogs. I feel like you’re a friend and this is our weekly catch-up. I find your voice to be so soothing and as I watch your very expressive face and listen to you speak – sometimes with a smile on my face and sometimes with tears in my eyes – I feel like I’ve known you for years.

    Thank you for all you do and for being so real! Lots of love to you.

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  7. Caroline

    OH MY GOSH SUSAN!! Saw the webinar,loved it! I want so badly to take this coarse but the money’s not there for me. I’ve done this work on myself most of my life and know w/o a doubt this is my best subject and life work,even with others and w/o a degree. No boast,just gratitude and not without being angry for a disaster after disaster towards God. Life experience,relationships and no money or ability to check out of life! A lifetime of grace!!! Grateful…any chance of book titles/authors ….to read and benefit ??? Please?

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    I have been doing Bright Line Eating for 2weeks and have lost 12lbs. Since I haven’t really been able to lose weight with Nutrisystem, Keto Pruvitt Diet, (I had constant stomach and bowel issues), Atkins ( I lost some weight but had zero energy!), Weight Watchers (not an easy thing to remember to write everything down and attend meetings every week), and many other diet plans, this is a nice surprise. I know I am addicted to carbs so I just made up my mind that like an alcoholic there are things that are making me. unhealthy and I can’t eat them! It hasn’t been hard so I think I may have finally found something that will work for me!!!

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  9. Abigail Stewart

    Susan, I have just been thinking how great it would be if you would offer some “classes” on neuroscience and psychology. I have learned so much from your book , the modules, your vlogs, etc. Losing weight was the goal, but learning about the why to some of my more destructive behaviors has stimulated an interest in learning more. I learned about your book from my psychologist, she and I have talked about weight many times and this is the first time she recommended something with enthusiasm. She thought your book would be right up my alley and it was/is.
    I have registered for webinar because I read earlier comments that I can listen to a replay of it, once it is available.
    I face some challenges in scheduling. I will be away, deal with issues at Mayo Clinic during both times the webinar is offered. The replay will be great. Also, I miss the coaching sessions because my time is never my own, very strangely. I live alone, but have to have help come in to help me – so my schedule is not my own. In addition, my ex-husband comes over almost every day, no schedule. It has been a very difficult divorce and because it was a very long term marriage, the untangling of financial accounts is complicated and in some cases, just not possible for some time.
    So, when he comes over, he takes over the house and I practically freeze until he leaves. He decides what goes on TV and I just sit there until he decides to leave.
    It is crazy. But, I am learning to take back some parts of my life. I have finally been able to tell him, “no more, not my food, in this house” and have stuck to my bright lines. Could never have done this without your book and the bootcamp materials.
    Looking forward to seeing the replay of your webinar. Your teachings are so inspirational.

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  10. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Every cloud has a silver lining. As always, thank you.

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  11. Deborah Morrison

    Wonderful vlog, wonderful wonderful. I can’t wait. THANK YOU, Susan!

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  12. Sylvia

    Susan , you autre truely amazing. This webinar , it is going to be the best of the best . Thank millions time .

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  13. Terry

    Another great vlog!!! Thank you Susan, see you soon on the webinar and the new course!

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  14. Storm Wolff

    Wow. This is why I love you so much Susan. When you talk it’s like you are speaking directly to me. I truly believe that I am an example of post traumatic growth. 2 and a half years ago I held my dad’s hand and released him with forgiveness as he breathed his last breath and just a few hours later I found my brother unresponsive. He had shot up the morphine that was for my dad’s pain in his hospice care. Ultimately I was forced to make a decision to stop attempts to keep my brother alive that same day. It was by far the most unimaginable and traumatic day I can imagine. In all the turmoil and pain of that day throw in that my dad lived 1000 miles from my home and I had rushed to be there before he died. So I was not among many people I was close to. What got me through that day and the days to follow was the love that flowed to me from pretty much complete strangers. Never in my life had I felt so supported and cared for by people I didn’t even know. It was truly beautiful. I had already been doing a gratitude practice for some time and that is what I attribute my ability to see the beauty of the love that came my way. BLE has been part of the commitment I made in those days that followed to live my life with as much happiness and positivity as o could muster. And to always always always give as much love and support as I could to anyone who needed it. I love this BLE community and am beyond grateful for Susan Peirce Thompson for the amazing work she does to bring more love and happiness to the world.

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  15. Jo

    Awesome!!! Can hardly wait! 🙂

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  16. Kristen

    Thank you Susan, for your straightforward and heartfelt approach to this very important phenomena. I wouldn’t want to demean it by calling it a “topic”. I have struggled to understand how it is that I am the only one in my immediate family that chose to heal from the trauma and sexual abuse that was in my family. I seemed to have the vision, resilience, and courage to face the ordeal of healing, knowing that it was possible to move on. Others do not seem to be able to know that, if you put in the work, you CAN move on. Why? To me, it was an urgent, compelling mission. The rest of my family, and many others that I have met, do not seem to be able to trust in their ability to heal. Wish I knew the answer. Looking forward to your webinar.

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  17. Marilyn Stein

    I just wanted you to be aware of an article which was published on July 2nd in The New York Times . What Cookies and Meth have in Common by Richard A. Friedman. You’re on to something!!!!

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  18. Wendy

    Before it was called Post Traumatic Growth, I simply called myself a survivor.
    Rising above the rubble of child abuse, sexual abuse and other forms of trauma in my life to be a strong and compassionate woman working with disadvantaged people in many different walks of life has lead me to think of myself as like the Phoenix.
    This Phoenix will rise from the ashes of obesity, too.
    Thanks, Susan, for bringing your years of research and experience to us.

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  19. Jeff Carr

    Having a dilly of a time signing up for the boot camp. It seems it will not accept my email address. Tried support, no luck

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  20. Kim

    I feel compelled to share as I am having a very strong reaction to this vlog and some of the response posts. I am hearing a message that I think can potentially be very divisive and maybe even destructive. You acknowledge that sometimes trauma leads to PTSD and sometimes to PTG but I resist this dichotomy in the sense that we can set up a mindset where those who “choose” PTG are somehow “better” or “stronger” or “more resilient” than those who “accept” PTSD as their lot and stay “stuck” in their woundedness. There are numerous factors that influence any individual response to trauma and it makes me sad to hear people oversimplifying things by suggesting that PTG is something that anyone can experience if they so choose. As someone who has experienced major traumas in her life and suffers from PTSD, let me assure you that any lack of PTG for me is certainly not from a lack of trying. I have actually made incredible progress and have indeed experienced some of the PTG elements that you mentioned like increased sensitivity to suffering and deeper relationships. But please, please don’t judge those who remain severely impacted by their traumas years after the fact. No one would willingly choose to fight these battles day to day.

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    1. Stefi

      I totally agree Kim!! Right there w you.

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    2. Carolyn

      I agree with you, Kim. Well written. This week’s vlog seemed “choppy” to me. It was weird to go from PTSD to signing up for a course in Positive Psychology. PTSD deserves it own topic. Period.

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    3. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Thanks for this, Kim. I so appreciate the courage it took to speak your truth. And thank you Stefi and Carolyn as well.

      I went back and re-watched the whole VLOG with your comments in mind, to see what I would find.

      After watching again, here are my thoughts.

      I so agree that we must be very careful not to spread the notion that anyone suffering from PTSD simply hasn’t made the choice to turn it around into PTG. I don’t believe that. Nor does the research support that.

      What the research does show is that, after a traumatic event, some people develop PTSD and some people develop PTG. If we study the factors that are correlated with each, it turns out we can create interventions that will help tip the scales one way or the other. That research, for example, has led to the development of a training program for soldiers before they get shipped overseas, and that training makes it less likely that they’ll experience PTSD and more likely that they’ll experience PTG after battle. That’s pretty cool, and certainly helpful for the soldiers whose lives are positively impacted. And their families.

      But I think your comment goes way beyond that. I think you’re speaking to the need for our very community to remain, and to feel, safe. A place where each of our wounded parts is allowed to be, exactly as it is. Free from judgment. Free from shame about its woundedness. Free from pressure to be other than it is. We all come by our wounds so honestly. And we, all of us, ALL of us, have aspects of ourselves that seem to remain, stubbornly impervious to our deepest, most loving attempts to melt them or heal them or change them. I’m so sorry that the things I said in this video landed badly for you. I certainly didn’t intend that. I apologize.

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  21. Lynn

    Thank you Susan, I too went through multiple
    losses in a short time with the most dear to me
    in life. I learned so much but one thing I
    wanted to share as you spoke on the vlog.
    The word in Hebrew for sorrow in Gen 3:18, means
    “Birth Pangs”. Our sorrow is about to give
    birth to something that would never
    be possible without the pain and sorrow prior.
    Something to ponder. You don’t talk about your pain
    and suffering after you give birth to your beautiful child.
    Love your spirit. Blessings to you and all who find new life after sorrow.

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  22. Patti

    Your vlogs are very special to me and I look forward to them every week. Thank you for providing this content.

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  24. Ronna

    Invaluable approach and opportunity wwhich expands weight mgmnt into a more basic area which you are calling” Post traumatic growth “. very innovative!

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  25. Christine Murphy

    Hi Susan:
    I am just getting going with Bright Lines (my kick off date was July 10th) but I can say that your book and program resonated so much with me that I am on board to give it a shot as I have over 150 pounds to lose. BUT, I am also going to LOVE learning about the Science of Happiness as I am a life coach and as the comments above say. Why is it that some can come through trauma better and others never find their way past the past.
    I too had suicide in front of my eyes so please give your two best friends an electronic hug from me.
    With Love
    Christine Murphy

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  26. Mary

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for this message. I actually have PTSD but I also have PTG and you just helped me understand it. I had a pretty abusive and loss filled childhood, but I was determined to rise above it. I thought I was just my dad’s little cuss d red headed Irish girl and maybe genes have something to do with it. But it’s a fascinating study to look at positive Psychology. I’m excited to do the webinar with you!

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  27. Kay

    Thank you Susan. I have already signed up I can’t wait. After having Open Heart Surgey two years ago the doctor said I was suffering from PTSD but after doing Bright Line Eating and getting down to my lowest weight for years ( still have a way to go) but I already feel a better version of myself. You and this community are remarkable. Kx

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  28. Vera

    Please i want to sign up for web air on
    Happiness but it will not allow me please help ythank you

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    1. Kaitlyn

      Welcome, Vera! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting registered. I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team for further assistance with them. You can reach them at

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  29. Vera


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  30. Karen

    Susan — I am a huge fan of your programs and would love to attend the Webinar but will be out of town for both of the sessions offered this week. Do you plan to offer it again soon?
    Thanks, Karen

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    1. Kaitlyn

      Thanks for watching, Karen! Unfortunately, we don’t have any other plans at this time to offer the webinar again. That said, if you register for the webinar, you will receive a replay link once it becomes available.

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  31. Loretta

    I have experienced Post Traumatic Growth in my life. I have always wondered how I and a couple of others in my pretty traumatic young adulthood experience, were able to survive and thrive in our lives. Others failed, dug holes in their lives, and died at their own hands and drugs. It amazes me. Resilience must have something to do with it…. but how does resilience build itself in one person’s life and not in another’s? Thanks for bringing this up!


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  32. Mary

    It is so helpful to know about post-traumatic growth! I have had some terrible losses in my life recently and was feeling guilty that while they broke my heart, they also energized me. Now I understand that desire to DO something positive. Thank you, Susan.

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  33. Deb

    I am so interested to hear what you have to say about this topic.
    This is the great mystery to me: why do some people move on from trauma to growth & why do some people stay in the trauma and ‘woundedness’ and why do some people not realize that there is a choice to move on to growth eventually. We love our wounds, but why? Humans are a mystery.
    I signed up and look forward to this very much.

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  34. Brenda

    Will the webinar transcript be made available? I can’t attend either of the live times. Thanks!

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    1. Kaitlyn

      Thank you for joining us, Brenda! As long as you register for the webinar, you will receive a replay once it becomes available.

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  35. Maite

    Thank you Susan for this “mission” you have of helping people in inconditional ways,

    May you be blessed and continue to help so many persons that need it,


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