The Secret to Jumpstarting Slow Weight Loss

Just recently, I’ve tried something that has helped my body to take off those few extra pounds I’ve been carrying, and I wanted to share the secret with you. Watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it.

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  1. Nicole Davison

    This is the only thing that has worked for me so far. I did not really eat that differently from the food plan. But the structure and weighing food helps . Weighing my food is fun and playing with the scale is fun too. I only have 20 pounds to lose. I like this plan. it’s not as restrictive as the Overeaters Anonymous.. This plan is totally do able for me . I started Monday, July 26 and have already lost 3 pounds. I used to wake up around 3;00 am in the morning and costume about 3-500 calories as long as i can remember . After 3 days my stomach doesn’t wake me up in the night anymore and I sleep more soundly ( deeply).. I remember when I was 20 years old in my bra and underwear coming back from the kitchen at 3 am and my dad heading to the kitchen as well and both of us screamed bc he saw me in my underwear. this must be some genetic thing where all our family wakes up in the middle of the night.

    Your food plan is great . As I stated , I am 58 years old , 5′ 2.5 and started at 175 during New year on Noom . I lost 6 pounds and am now at 168. i lvoed your books and they speak to me .

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  2. CZ

    I started BLE 14 days ago and have been weighing everything, and being extremely diligent. When i put all my food into myfitness pal, I am eating between 1200-1350 calories a day. I have only lost 2lbs, and it was all in the first week. What am I doing wrong? My goal is 20 lbs of weight loss – everything else I read suggests people lose between 2-4 lbs per week on the weight loss part of the program. I dont want to quit if its going to work, but i am feeling discouraged.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Dear CZ,

      We are sorry to hear of your discouragement. Do you have access to a coaching call? If so, we invite you to reach out for some individual coaching. That’s a nuanced question that would require much more discussion to get to the root of it. That said, losing 1 pound a week is absolutely within the expected range. We invite you to focus on your Bright Lines and trust that you’ll lose the weight. If you focus on the weight, you’ll likely lose your Bright Lines. Perhaps consider journaling all of the other benefits and successes you’re experiencing that aren’t related to the scale as well. 🧡

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  3. Frustrated

    I lost 50# in 2018 but stalled 30 away from goal which is well over the French formula amount so it’s a reasonable goal. I stayed on the weight loss plan another 2 years and never budged any further tho I kept the 50 off. I recently gained 10 back over the pandemic with fuzzy quantities so I’ve been strict for 2 months not a baby carrot over, and I haven’t lost a single ounce in 2 months. Not one. I have PCOS and hypothyroidism but still what gives? Why can’t I even get back to where I was and why am I not able to even get close to goal when my lines are perfect?

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    1. Lisa

      This is exactly my story! Interested to hear what replies you have from BLE.

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  4. Jenny

    Buh.. I am 5 weeks into the program and am sticky perfectly to my quantities. But feel like I have stalled out as well. I didn’t weigh for a month – then weighed and I had lost 10 pounds – which was exciting as I have counted calories for 3 years, exercised daily and kept gaining weight to the tune of 36 pounds over 3 years. So seeing progress is exciting and I am sticking to the program – but not lost anything this week. Thank you all for the tips on cutting fruit in half and the alert on calories on the proteins. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.
    PS happy Birthday!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Jenny! Welcome to BLE and it sounds like you’re doing great! A weight loss plateau is 4 weeks with no weight loss and 100% bright lines. You’re not at a plateau, but if you’d like to read about plateaus and what to do in that situation, chapter 14 of the Bright Line Eating book goes into detail. Wishing you a BRIGHT day, Jenny! <3

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  5. Terry

    I saw your introduction video and when you said you have a thyroid condition and had lost weight…well…ok than. Let’s try.
    I also have Hashimoto and my Naturalpathic doctor put me on “Low dose” Naltrexone, which in my case reversed it for now ( a rare thing he said).
    He also told me to get off sugar, this is where I needed help.
    I just started the two week plan, and I’ve never been so thirsty for water in my life! A good sign of detoxing.
    I relized that cleaning out my kitchen also means my old recipes. Lol.
    I really enjoy your videos.
    Thank-you 🙏

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  6. Keith

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  7. Karla

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    People are not necessaarily practical and thinnk a whole lot before consulting from doctoors or experts.
    They are available in many forms annd three of the most common types are whey, soy and casein protein.

    Feel free to surf to myy blog post agen prolq makassar (Karla)

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  8. Jill

    I’ need this!

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  9. Thev2

    Thanks for this wonderful information.
    Many people call a truce with the battle of the bulge at a certain age, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Changing a diet has to be something you can stick with long-term because if you return to the way you were eating before, you’ll likely gain back the weight.
    I hope this information will really help everyone to work on their weight lose plan smartly.

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    I want to tell you that at your age I was beautiful also perfect now at 79 it is a struggle

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  11. Julia

    Pcos I can’t handle this facial hair and awful cystic acne!

    No weight loss after 9 weeks! 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭

    So difficult-

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  12. Michelle Meadows

    I am net to BLE, I have been doing this now for 8 days. I got the audiobook but could not find a page with the foods listed. I wrote down what you said were “free condiments” , grains, etc. I have a few items I am unsure about: 1) pesto sauce, 2) pasta sauce, and 3) extracts (vanilla, etc.). What are your views on those three items?

    Thank you!

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  13. Marian Walters

    I am pretty new to BLE. I gave myself a challenge and agreed to try it for two weeks. A friend and I challenged each other over a year ago to loose 25#, but neither of us had done anything to accomplish that goal. So, the first two weeks of BLE, I surprised myself and lost 6.4#, I was quite happy even though I figured it was most likely water. So, decided to go another 2 weeks. I have just finished week three and have lost a total of 9.4#!!! So, now I am feeling good about heading for the 25 pound weight loss goal. And soon my friend will be starting the program as well.
    Susan, thank you for your program, and your reminders. My lines are very bright, but I do find it cumbersome to follow the food plan that I write each day. But, I am working on that!!!! I am already anticipating that once this 25# is gone, I may want to loose another 25#~~~~

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  14. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and it’s so inspiring to see that Susan has had weight loss success despite this disease. It certainly can feel quite hopeless at times!

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    I am new. I just ordered the BLE book. Was,just wondering what to expect? Will the book tell me what to eat? Meal prep or plan?

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  16. Sylvia Mott

    I have a question, with sooo many videos available, why are they not linked together so we can find them? Every time I do a search for Bright Line Eating I stumble across another web page with your videos. it would be extremely helpful if these pages were linked together somehow but they are not. I did not know this page existed until I started digging for your web pages. For some reason they are not linking up on the web. When you talk in your videos about leaving a comment at the bottom, there is no place on the bottom of that page to leave any comments. ( I am referring to the 14 day challenge for example). Each day we get a video which is awesome, but those pages are not linked to any other pages. You have many pages with a lot of great information available, but none of them seem to be linked to each other except this page. We can share these page which is awesome. I thought I better bring this to someone’s attention. It would make it easier when I refer people to your web site if these other pages were linked up. Thanks!

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  17. Sylvia Mott

    Thank you BLE for giving me hope in finally losing weight the right way. My co-worker told me about BLE and I am so thankful!! I am soo happy to find a balance in my food intake that actually is working to lose those pounds on the scale. You have no idea how good it is to see the scale going from 188 down to 180.5 in 10 days!! Fabulous!! I have been on this for 10 days and have lost almost 8 lbs. after 7 years of struggling to lose weight to no avail, finally I have some hope. This has been combined with I am estrogen dominant and waiting for all of that to get out of my system, I have two more months and hopefully my body can get back on track. I am 5’5, 54 years old, still menopausal, weighing 188.5 when I started this journey. have been gaining anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds per year struggling to maintain that with no luck. I went from a size 6 to a size 14 plus in pants. I had a job for 9 years that was very physical and during that I still had trouble keeping my weight in check, continually watching my waist getting bigger and bigger. In March I found out my pancreas was not working like it should and has not been for at least 15 years. Finally after a few months I am not so tired anymore since taking those enzymes for my pancreas. So now I am finally losing weight, and although the rest of my body is the right proportions ( I have lost inches everywhere) my waist and bust keep growing, any takers on why this is? I am not lacking in vitamin’s or probiotics. My waist is 39″. Is the waist the last place I will lose? Thank you!

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  18. Patti Cochran

    belated birthday hugs to you! I can’t wait to meet you in person!! I love the feeling of freedom by living my bright lines!!! I have more to lose to get to my goal weight but just keeping going is a happy road for me!!

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  19. Shawna Murph

    I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday !!! I’m sad I was on a mountain top without any cell service, so I wasn’t able to send you Birthday Wishes!
    I’m so so so so so glad you were born!! Truly!

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  20. Nancy Reedy

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    I’ve been following Bright Lines after I watched your 4 videos. Since May 1, I’ve lost 40 lbs.
    Thank you,

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  21. WendyEllen

    Happy Birthday❤️🌼🌈👏❤️🌼🌈

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  22. Stacy Johnson

    Happy Birthday, Beautiful! You are a hero to many.

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  23. Dottie Hammer

    I follow your logs and have been working your program via your book. Do you have any connection to the BLE cookbook advertised on Amazon?

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    1. Ajji

      No! Susan does not have a connection to that cookbook.

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  24. Gail

    Happy birthday Susan

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  25. Judy

    Thank you for your initiative! You’re a great example of someone who is honest with herself. We could all be more honest with ourselves. Stay happy stay true!

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  26. Penny

    Happy Birthday Susan!!!

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  27. Jenny

    As always a very helpful vlog. Thank you!

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  28. Veronica

    OMG! It’s my birthday also. I’m exactly 15 years older than you, yet you are my new mentor. I’m on day 33 of BLE and down a solid 10 pounds. My lines have been less than bright, but at this high end of the scale (about 40 more to go) I’m losing quite steadily. But I hear ya, girl! I know that as I get closer to goal, I’ll need to tighten and brighten those lines. I think I’ve been super gentle with myself on “lining up”, much the way you say to NOT exercise. But really, I feel VERY good on the clean bright line days. So WHY NOT? Brighter lines are in my immediate future, as in lunch. And on this birthday day, I thank God that I long ago decided that cake was not of interest to me, and long ago I decided that it’s MY birthday and no one can force food upon me of any kind. Bright Line Eating is a perfect next (current) step for my journey.

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  29. Joseph Meyer

    Happy birthday and thank you for your great endeavour and help, all the best!

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  30. Nikki K

    Happy 43rd BDay, Susan! 4+3 = 7 is a Very Auspicious and Blessed number (…and you have NEXT year to look forward to as 4+4 = 8 is a Very Pro$perous number)
    Re: having “Froot” for your BDay Party…. Why not a “Froot” Cake ?!? Not the old, hard-as-a-rock kind of Fruit Cake that somebody gave you 6 Christmasses ago and which you might still have in your pantry somewhere, but a nice layering of beautifully colored Fruits stacked on top of each other? (suggestion: layer some cut up Strawberries, then layer some mashed-up Banana over them to hold it all together, and top that with some Blueberries. You’ll have a Red, White, & Blue “Froot” cake and be able to celebrate BOTH your Birthday and Independence Day at the same time 🙂 BIG HUGS! & MANY BLESSINGS…. Nikki K. ..
    PS Can’t find the Link to your and Ari’s chat scheduled for today. Will you be e-mailing this info out?

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  31. Josephine R.

    Thanks Susan, I think that one’s body functions
    Differently each day/ week dependent on how
    Much water or liquid one drinks and/ or the stress
    Encountered that varies since holds onto food
    And liquid. I had deterred a bit each of 2 last weeks,
    But did not lose one week and caught up and lost double
    The next week. I attribute it to the science of what
    The body produces and quickness of the elimination.
    Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your day./ wanted to provide feedback on your welcome to weekly
    Vlog sentence and point out that your tone drops down
    Every time you say Vlog. Why not keep it elevated like
    Start of sentence to express the passion you have for it. 🙂

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  32. Patricia Brusky

    I have been a “student” of what creates health for 30 years and very few things have stood the test of time. I really love Susan and would like to talk to her about one thing that has and no body talks about. It would also affect her Hashimoto’s and gains significance after age 40. I’m 70 years old.

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  33. Carol-Ann Meltzer

    Happy Birthday Susan! May the dreams you dream be the future you find!

    With ❤️ and gratitude

    Carol-Ann Meltzer

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  34. Lydia Hands

    Happy Birthday Susan! Life has indeed changed for me because of you and I hope that one day I may do the same for another, hopefully with something I am passionate about. with BLE I am more motivated, getting more energy, better sleep, not as overwhelmed and of course losing weight. Enjoy your special day with your family. I love celebrating my birthday. I am important and deserving and so lucky to have made another year of living life and spreading my magic to everyone I meet (or at least hope I do). the year ahead will be a growing one for me, constantly learning about myself (which I never thought this ble journey would provide) but there you have it! Its all good!

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  35. Brit

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag. Happy Birthday from Germany.

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  36. Annette Toomey

    Happy birthday Susan! Thanks for an insightful message! Could not find link for live stream tomorrow…have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and many more!!!

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  37. Shirley

    Will you repeat the webinar at a later date or time. I have a previous commitment at that time. (Darn)

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  38. Linda Montsion

    Happy Birthday i am enjoying your blogs. Thank you

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  39. Julia Silka

    Happy birthday to you! You make me look forward to Wednesday each week, and now tomorrow in honor of fabulous you. Thank you for all you do 🙂

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  40. Jill

    Hope you have a birthday as AMAZING as you are! We are so lucky that we get to spend so much time with you on your birthday (Accountability Call, Facebook Live, Coaching Call, Webinar) – hope you have saved some time for yourself and your family (and I hope you get the sauna you asked for!)!! Happy Birthday!!

    P.S. I LOVE the birthday card your daughter made for you — it’s precious!!

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  41. Rhonda Pippy

    Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday Susan!!!

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  42. Beatrice

    Happy Birthday, Susan! May your day be shinny and bright and may your wishes be fulfilled! I know you helped with some of my wishes become true 🙂 Two days ago I celebrated one year of BLE and releasing of 88 pounds. Forever grateful! Much love xoxo

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  43. Sylvia

    I love your Vlog . Have the merry birthday with friends and family is the best . Xox

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  44. Narelle Cassar

    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful birthday spending quality time with your family. Thank you for all that you share, your wisdom, guidance, support, encouragement and love. Appreciate and love you so much!! xoxoxoxo

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  45. Ronna Berezin

    Enjoy your birthday “Froot,” Loove how your 5yr old spelled “froot.”. Sooo cute!

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  46. Paula

    Happy Birthday

    Reply ·
  47. Heather

    Hi Susan, Happy Birthday once again. Thanks for the insight Its really timely for me as I have been stuck not loosing lbs for a lot of weeks now and thinking about it myself I am sure you’re correct, so I’ll be tightening up my act and hopefully will slip easily down to my new goal weight!

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  48. Eleanor

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are just great and I love seeing the birthday card. THANKS!!!

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  49. Cliff Dean

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for everything you do.

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  50. Cathy J Cantin

    Happiest of birthday blessings coming your way!
    Enjoy your beautiful little girls and that wonderful husband of yours!
    Love U ever so much!

    Reply ·
  51. Leslie Key

    Happy Birthday Susan.! I know that the thousands of people you have helped with Bright Line Eating are very glad you were born and in the world with us!!!!! I started the 14 day challenge and have lost 4 pounds in 13 days. The most amazing thing about this diet to me is that I am not ever hungry. I have plenty of good food and I am satisfied. I am happily spreading the word about your fantastic food plan! God bless you.

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  52. Emily in MT

    Maya made you such a beautiful card!

    Reply ·
  53. Julie

    Happy Birthday, Susan, my fellow crab sister 🙂 I just found you and borrowed the Bright Line book from the library. I’m on day 3 🙂

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  54. september

    Happy Birthday Susan ……Froot Poops for tomorrow!!!

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  55. Tina

    I tried registering for the livestream event tomorrow night and it’s not letting me enter my email address; it just pulls up a terms and conditions page.

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  56. Beth Culp

    Love that your children already know what good food is and how it is used to nourish the body. Fruit – not cake.
    Happy Birthday Susan. ❤️🌺❤️

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  57. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday, Susan! The best part of celebrating a birthday is being with family and /or great friends! 🎉👏

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  58. MaryAnn Dyke

    Amazing 😉

    Reply ·
  59. Cammie

    Happy Birthday Susan! Thanks for thinking of this diet which is helping me shed the unwanted weight and helping me understand why I yoyo. Best wishes !

    Reply ·
  60. Trina Summers

    So… 42 really IS the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?! Sweet! I will be 42 next year. Hope 43 holds even more success (and maybe some rest) for you!

    Reply ·
  61. Pam Holt

    Happy Birthday tomorrow Susan! Your message could not be more timely — my birthday is today! Looking forward to the livestream, eager for the details!

    Reply ·
  62. Cindy Murphy

    But.. what if you have never broken your bright lines at all ever any of them and are only loosing at a rate of 1 lb every 2 to 3 weeks?

    I want to know how to fix that.

    Happy Birthday!

    Reply ·
    1. Joseph

      You’re not alone Cindy. Many have that issue. And it’s usually due to having a history of starvation yo-yo diets and the damage they do to the metabolic system. The body got the message that it lives in a world with little food, and so it adjusts by desperately hanging onto fat, thus the slow weight loss.
      However, even at that very slow rate, after 3 years you would still lose well over 50 pounds. And 3 years will come and go no matter what you do or don’t do. So, you’re on your way, just stay the course.
      Joseph in Missoula

      Reply ·
  63. SarahBW

    Thank you. This message could not have been more timely for my journey, my Day 159 of BLE. I have known that blurring my BLs has contributed to a slower weight loss in the past 5 or 6 weeks. But Susan’s ability to articulate this and say it to me cuts through any denial I might have had. Thanks, again, and happy b’day, Susan.

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  64. Mary Maziarka

    Happy Birthday to you!🎉
    You are brilliant, beautiful and I wish
    you were my next door neighbor 😁
    Thanks for everything 💓

    Reply ·
  65. Carol Ann MacArthur

    I do not see a link for the livestream webinar with Ari Whitten. Don’t know how to register.

    Reply ·
  66. Amelia Jordan

    What an adorable card!

    Reply ·
  67. Elisa Stillinger

    Love the Card. Happy Birthday to you and Me!

    Question: What are your thoughts on Ketosis? I have gallstones and I have been following the bright line eating. Felt great just not losing any significant weight. When I cut out the fruit I started losing weight.

    Reply ·
  68. Caron Spector

    Happy happy birthday !!! You ROCK !!!

    Reply ·
  69. Sylvie

    Happy birthday Susan!! 💕😊🎈🍏🍒
    I would like to register to the webinar you mentioned but I cannot find the link. Can anyone help?

    Reply ·
      1. Sylvie

        Thanks Joseph! I was able to register with the link you gave! 👍😊

        Reply ·
    1. Maitreyi

      I’d like to register too. Cannot see any links either.

      Reply ·
  70. Laurie J.

    Awe!, This Is my Dad’s Birthday too, He just Passed away this year on Easter Monday , 4/17/17 for those who do not do Easter, from Cancer . 🙁 I have been Heavy Hearted all day , But , I am glad to now know that my Father and you share the same day!

    Happy Birthday, Susan!!

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  71. Theresa Cardinell

    I’m starting my 14 day challenge soon…Happy Birthday and joyous new moments and memories.
    Thanks for being YOU!

    Reply ·
  72. Sharon Cook

    Loved the “froot”!! So adorable. Best wishes , Susan, for a wonderful day. You deserve the best of everything! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for (practically) saving my life, and so many others! Deeply grateful to you.

    Reply ·
  73. Linda

    Happy Birthday Susan, Hope you have a beautiful day.

    Reply ·
  74. Lynnette

    I’m not very happy with this vlog. I do understand weightloss stalling if you don’t have brightlines-the consequences of cheating. The reason I clicked on this was because my weightloss has stalled but my bright lines are very bright. I have not and will not cheat any amount, because I am desparate to lose weight to be happy thin and free. And it is very frustrating to not see success. ….especially since I am around people who are losing quickly and their lines are a bit blurry. I don’t know if the difference is because I am only 5 foot and female? I’m eating the same amount as those that are bigger than me….does being smaller affect weightloss speed? How do I jump start weightloss if my lines are bright? And why do bodies vary in weightloss speeds? Can you change your bodies speed?

    Reply ·
    1. Joseph

      You may need to be patient Lynnette. A lot of people are slow to lose weight. How long have you been doing BLE?
      Joseph in Missoula

      Reply ·
    2. Laurel

      I have had success cutting my fruit in half. Have lost only four pounds in last six months, two of those in the last month, so excruciatingly slow. But have lost 36 since February 2016 and love the program. Stay patient, skip nuts and lessen fruit, it will move. I am going to have my thyroid checked, too, so perhaps yours is underactive too.

      Reply ·
    3. Sheena

      Don’t forget that different Proteins have different calorie counts, for instance a 4 oz ribeye is 329 calories vs a 4 ounce chicken breast at 187 according to My Fitness Pal.

      You don’t say how much you have to lose but that is a factor also, starting at 204 lbs, I’ve started out losing faster, even after the first 2 weeks where I lost 9 lbs (probably due to retaining water, I drink plenty of water so it didn’t cause dehydration) now it’s more like 1-2 sometimes a little more.

      If I had started at less than 150 lbs while I might have lost big the first week or two if I was retaining water, but after that I’m thinking it would come off more slowly. So look at where you started and for fun calculate your percent of weight lost.

      Whatever you do don’t lose hope to be in a right sized body. I believe I can get there today, but I know I have to keep working to retain the hope and continue what I’m doing.

      Reply ·
  75. Peggy

    Happy Birthday, Susan! Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day! Enjoy your froot!! ❤

    Reply ·
  76. jackie

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Reply ·
  77. Wendy

    I am going to have to watch this again and again and again! Thank you!!

    Reply ·
  78. Cheryl Backes

    Hi Susan! Happy birthday! Question: Did you go back to weight loss quantities in order to get the weight off? Thanks!

    Reply ·
  79. Patricia

    Happy Birthday Susan!! You are a wonderful human being, and have given so much to so many people! “Way to go” in reaching your 43rd!! Enjoy!!

    Reply ·
  80. Carole

    OMG… Law of Attraction is truly at work in my life!

    I am on day 137 and have lost over 20lbs and am happy with that but the loss has stalled and I knew that it had to do with my non-squeaky clean days but I’ve been giving myself excuses as to why it’s happening but you’ve reminded me that EVERY BITE COUNTS and I’m going to write this acronym everywhere so I don’t forget…EBC…EBC…EBC…EBC!

    Thank you once again Susan and Happy Birthday.

    Reply ·
  81. Sandi Cather

    Thank you for this message. I think I am one of those people who really can’t vary from the BLE. AND … as much as all of my meals are BLE and I DON’T do sugar or flour. I do have the occasional wine. Because I am so very careful with the eating … I haven’t given a lot of thought to the occasional glass of wine. But I better be paying attention. Thanks for the reminder!

    Reply ·
  82. Stefi

    Happy HAPPY Birthday Susan!
    You look FABULOUS !
    I have awe of how you can have that high TPO and STILL be doing all you do!! Bravo!! 🎉🎀🎈🎁😊

    Reply ·
    1. Marie

      Was Susan really overweight? I know the real reason why we eat too much and the wrong things its because we are surrounded by it everywhere we go – fast food, cakes, patisseries, chocolate…..and it takes tremendous willpower to not be tempted. I’ve managed for 1 week now not to be tempted.

      Reply ·
  83. Patricia O'Connor

    Almost two years on BLE and over one year on maintenance happy thin and free! Blessings for your birthday from me to you. I am so grateful for the blessings you gave to me.

    Reply ·
  84. R. Collado

    Happy birthday. On the back of the card that Maya made for you, she drew a cake. You are wonderful. and your children are too.

    Reply ·
  85. Emily in MT

    I’m celebrating, too – it’s my 2 month anniversary of doing boot camp perfectly! Happy Birthday Susan!!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Yaaaayyyy Emily!!! You’re a Bright Line Eating ROCK STAR!!!
      Love you so,

      Reply ·
  86. Pamela Emard

    Happy Birthday gorgeous!
    Enjoy your “frooty” 43rd birthday… lol

    It is MY 1 year anniversary BLE with the Happening House bootcamp!

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