Why Bright Line Eating Improves Your Sleep

In this week’s vlog, I answer a fantastic viewer question about the ways Bright Line Eating™ can affect sleep patterns.


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  1. Tanya

    Hello! I love My Bright Line eating, it have been almost three months I started it and it’s very effective for me. But, my sleep was affected in a very unpleasant way, I can hardly sleep more than 4 hours. I go to bed at 10 pm and fully awake at 2:30-3:00am . I never have sleep issues before! Can Bright Lines affect my sleep?
    I found this research online: “ Animal and human research has shown that starvation-level calorie restriction leads to sleep interruptions and a reduction in slow-wave sleep, also known as deep sleep ( 18 ). In one study of 381 college students, restrictive diets and other eating problems were linked to poor sleep quality and low mood ( 19 ).Jun 5, 2017”

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  2. Maritza

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  6. Monnae

    I am finding that many days I am really hungry and I am on week 4 1/2. I started to add fat to the morning and afternoon instead of afternoon and evening, and that helped for a while it seemed. But not always. I do walk a mile each day leisurely. I started to check what I was eating and sometimes it was barely 1000 calories- sometimes maybe slightly more with all the food quantities included. No wonder. Is there something you recommend to make sure we get the calories we need? I started using Cronometer as a guide, because I was fascinated with what was actually happening. Oh by the way I have been releasing consistently 3 or slightly more like 3.33 pounds per week. 2011- 197 now. I truly appreciate your gift to the world and have been spreading “the gospel”

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  7. Francine Shifrin

    When is the next 14 day challenge?

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  8. Claudio

    Susan i saw you this week on the doctors show. And i bought your book on audio. I have a very similar issue with food and image problems although you probably wouldnt think so by my appearance. What i have taken from this book is the will power sections . i cant sleep so i cant replenish my will power and its killing me and my relationships with my wife and daughter .i can go to sleep but i cant stay asleep Help!!! Because i cant move forward to bright line eating.

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  9. Christa Krideras

    Always love hearing the science behind why BLE works such wonders for all of us. And PS, I just love that top on you Susan. It’s so flattering in every way. xoxoxo

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  10. Annette Toomey

    Thanks Susan! Another great video! You are awesome!

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  11. Anne Shevlin

    As a masters-prepared nurse I appreciate the science behind BLE and how you refer to research and peer-reviewed articles and studies that support your premise behind the program. In week two of boot camp after completing the 14 day challenge and BLE is changing my life like no other weight loss program has done before, and believe me, I have tried them all! Keep up the great work Susan, I am responding weekly to the research questions because I KNOW I will shed the excess weight and want to support the science that proves this program works.

    I successfully weaned myself off of high doses of nightly supplemental Melatonin prior to starting BLE. Coupling that with staying within the bright lines, I am sleeping well every night, wake up refreshed, and ready to start each beautiful day! I will be a BLEer for life!

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    1. Patty

      Hi Anne…as a fellow nurse(working the night shift though) and just about to start BLE boot camp day one I appreciate your input and I agree with the science behind this program. Hope I have as much success as you and continue to be a BLEer for life! Just was wondering about weaning of the Melatonin prior to starting-I do take 3mg from time to time so just wondering why you weaned prior to the start -I did not see anything about it in the Modules… Thanks for any help understanding giving up my Melatonin.

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  12. Cindy Eldridge

    What about third shift workers? I’m about to have a schedule change due to trying to go back to school full time online and work at night. How do we adjust to accommodate this? Or can we? Thank you!

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  13. Susan Gast

    Susan Peirce Thompson – your wish was answered re Reviews in B&N … just went over there and there’s TONS of great reviews! I LOVE YOUR BOOK and I’m in your bootcamp now too! xxxx

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  14. Sally

    Susan – I have a Nook from Barnes and Noble, and MAYBE the bad reviews are coming from formatting errors. If a book has a lot of tables in it – they come out formatted horribly on the Nook. My Nook is one of the first ones, and tables are not readable. The text lays on top of itself several times over and it is very frustrating. I just bought Isabella Wentz thyroid book, and I forgot about the formatting issue, and I am very disappointed. Absolutely cannot make out the information in the tables. Barnes and Noble sent me a “solution” but it didn’t work. I am not the greatest techie in the world, so maybe I goofed, but the fact remains, I can’t read the tables.
    I contacted Isabella’s website, and they did give me a link to find the tables on line, so at least I can do that. So you might need to give the Barnes and Noble customers a link to your table information so they can read it. Just a thought to consider!

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  15. Renata

    I love your top or dress 🙂

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  16. Victoria

    Hi Susan and Team.
    I am interested in understanding the rationale for the amount and types of food chosen for BREAKFAST ,LUNCH and DINNER . Also, is there a target/average daily calorie count?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Victoria,

      We don’t count calories, though our Weight Loss food plan is geared overall for low enough calories to release weight. For us the important thing is getting our brains detoxed from sugar, flour and processed food to lessen food cravings. Measuring our food and eating only at meal times also helps us get automaticity with our food so we’re not so obsessed with it!

      We have a lot of whole foods (vegetables, fruit, whole grains, etc.) in our food plan and it’s been honed over time. It works.

      Thanks for watching the Vlogs and if you have any other questions, please go to support.brightlineeating.com and we’ll try to answer them!

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  17. MARIA




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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Maria,

      I don’t know how long you’ve been in our program, or which program you’re in? If you’re in a Boot Camp, you can get support in your Facebook group? It always takes some time to adjust to a new plan, and detoxing off of sugar, flour and processed foods also takes a while. I do suggest getting a good break between dinner and breakfast. If you want more support and are in one of our programs, please go to support.brightlineeating.com and check the FAQ’s and if necessary scroll to bottom of page to “Click Here for More Help” and submit a ticket to our team. Also, it’s always advised to see your physician for medical issues. I hope this helps!

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  18. Eva Pansa

    Susan, I love your vblogs. In one you talk about helping weight loss surgery patients. I am one of them…please can you help me? Thank you

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Eva, We are happy to help our members who need an adjusted meal plan due to weight loss surgery. Our portions can sometimes be too large for post weight loss surgery, but can be adjusted. We do have many in our Bright Line Eating online programs who are successful even though they’ve had weight loss surgery. We’d love to have you and to help you!

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      1. Eva Pansa

        What do I need to do. I need help.

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        1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

          Hey Eva,
          Have you signed up for the Boot Camp? It’s an intensive, high-touch program and you can get tons of ongoing help there.

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  19. Carmel

    Thank you Susan. I listened to your videos and could related so much to what you said that I immediately ordered your book on Kindle. I have been on diets for what seems like my entire life and getting nowhere. Over the last few years I have lost 50lbs, the same 10lbs 5 times. I am nearly finished reading your book and loved it and I am on day 4 of BLE and feeling good. I look forward to being happy, thin and free. Thank you again.

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  20. Jacquelyn Shah

    This info explains why I don’t have & haven’t had sleep issues! I’ve never had a habit of eating very often after dinner time & I don’t start my day with coffee, cream & sugar. I have a solid schedule & awaken very alert. Happy to be reaffirmed in my intuition & previous readings re: mealtimes. Thanks!

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  21. Kate George

    I’m so interested in this but REALLY frustrated that my book hasn’t arrived yet so I can get more info. Please please can someone check it out for me! Or at least reply and tell those of us who are waiting how we can maybe get info to you so it can be sent.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Kate… I’m so very sorry it’s taking this long. We have learned from our distributor that people outside of the United States will get their books by May 15th.

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  22. Stefi

    Another great information filled vlog! Uber important to keep your meal times for sure!

    Btw ,I love your dress /top Susan!!! ??

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  23. Renee

    Wow! I’ve been off sugar and flour since September and maintaining my weight of 125 lbs. But I don’t eat only at meals. I often eat late. My sleep is terrible. I wake up after about five hours and usually stay awake for about an hour, sometimes never getting back to sleep. You’ve given me food for thought.

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  24. Julianne Ricksecker

    This was so interesting! I have noticed waking up before the alarm feeling well rested, even sometimes on days when I didn’t actually get to be when I intended to. I thought it was related to blood sugar – since some of those late snacks used to be carb-concentrated. This makes so much sense! Thanks, as always.

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  25. Dawn Kobernik

    Hi Susan, I have had a bad problem with my sleep for years. I am lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night, then I will fall asleep during the day and sleep at least three or four hours. I then have a hard time waking up. It so hard. I feel that listening to your vlog has open a door that there is hope out there that my problem can be fixed

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  26. Madeline

    Hello Susan, Ive only just barely started the program…my question is, what if I cannot finish all the food? In particular dinner.
    It seems too much for me. Any suggestions? I think this may be too difficult for me at this time. I may have to drop out.
    Thanks much, Madeline

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  27. Michelle Vanderbrook

    Hi Susan, my name is Michelle Vanderbrook. I just want to tell you that you really have changed my life in just a few short days. I’m getting emotional writing this. I am your age and I too have went through my life struggling with my weight. I had struggled with an eating disorder since about 17. Up and down on my weight, just a mess of things. I was so indecisive about life. These past 2 weeks after reading your book, I stopped eating sugar and flour and have for the past 6 days started measuring and eating only three meals a day. I feel fabulous and I have also lost 8 pounds so far. I have a lot to go. I am the size you were and want to be the size you are now. I am so Grateful that my husband researched this book as an MD and said Michelle this isn’t BS. Read it. I am planning on living the rest of my life Happy, thin and free. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know someday I will meet you and maybe even work with you. You inspire me to be the best I can, because I know I have Greatness. Thank you.

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    1. Trina

      Oh, MIchelle! Your comment has brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been doing BLE for 6 months and lost nearly 60 lbs. I have 85-ish more pounds to go. I am so grateful that your husband handed you this book! You do have greatness and you are unstoppable!

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  28. Linda Warner Constantino

    I really wish there was a cookbook available for BLE that I could purchase without having to join the boot camp. I only have 10 more pounds to lose.

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  29. Judith

    I agree you are stunning in your dress! In fact, since your book made it to the New York Times Best Seller List, you seem to have let go of a lot of tension and angst and are just exuding a bright line glow of exuberance. I’m very happy for you!
    I found this talk especially interesting and enlightening. Eating only 3 meals a day and going 12-13 hours without eating have had the most profound effect on me.. I am deeply grateful that you are sharing with such an open heart all you have learned with all of us who weren’t able to figure it out on our own. Thank you, Susan!

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  30. RONDA

    Really helpful to learn this. Thank you. Also, you look gorgeous in that dress!

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  31. Suzi

    Susan, I’ve only watched a few of your vblogs and wanted to mention something that takes away your professionalism. And that is where you roll your eyes when you introduce yourself at the very beginning of the vblog. One other thing that I have to mention is even though the foundation makeup on your face is a lovely color on you, but it doesn’t match the color of your body. So your head almost looks like it’s on someone else’s body… But we know that’s really your body… So my brain is struggling with “what’s wrong with this picture” and I have a hard time concentrating on your message. Keep up your good work and congratulations on being invited to speak st the conference. Xoxo

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    1. Linda

      Suzy, that is just Susan. Rolling her eyes is her trademark, and it’s kind of cute. She also does a little shoulder shrug thing sometimes. Susan is helping so very many people who had more or less given up on themselves so give her a break. She is a scientist and an entrepreneur, not a movie star.

      Keep up the good work, Susan.

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  32. Sylvia

    For sure This topic is very well compréhensif. . I Will send it to my son . Thank you . For all knowlege that really well Share and educated us allong the way .xo

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  33. Patty

    Hi Susan…what about us night shift workers or shift workers in general? Nurses, Flight Attendants, Police, etc… Is it possible to follow the BLE program? Sometimes we don’t eat at work and come home eat something little and go to sleep. As long as we eat at the same times will that work? I am not sure if shift work has ever been addressed but I will definitely be asking that question…still cleaning out my fridge!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Yes, Patty! We have a lot of night shift workers, and it’s still possible to plan for 3 meals during your awake schedule. You might well benefit, as you aren’t getting the regular circadian rhythm from natural light and dark, so having regular meals is even more important!

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  34. Anne Wing

    This is one of the best of all the VLOGS I’ve watched. All issues talked about hit home for me. Thank you!

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  35. Linda Trosky

    Thanks Susan. Great information.

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  36. Barb

    I had no idea this plan was so structured. I guess that eliminates us flight attendants.

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    1. Luigi Kleinsasser

      Yep! Not everybody can comply with the circadian rhythm and somebody has to keep the planes flying and the fire-house manned . . . I feel for you. You might like to check out “1 2 3 Easy Weight-Loss – How to Rebuild Your Body Better!” (Lulu.com & Amazon.com) as it gives you a little more useful information so you can bend the rules a little by understanding how the circadian rhythm and you health is affected by food and sleep.

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      We’ve helped flight attendants inside the Boot Camp, Barb. You can get on a coaching call and get support for figuring out how to space your 3 regular meals. Regular meals will help you, I’m thinking!

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    3. Sue

      Barb, I’m a flight attendant and I’m on day 24 BLE! Susan has a chapter in her book about travel and packing food, even about international travel with big time zone changes. Try it, I promise you will love it! Sue from UAL

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  37. Christy Clary

    This is a really interesting topic. I have an Endocrinologist who specializes in weight loss and also focuses on the circadian rhythms. He believes that due to the rhythm that any carbs (grains included) should be eaten at night. I’m curious why you have the carbs/grains in the morning. And if there is a reason and how it relates to the circadian rhythm. Thanks. On day 1 of the challenge 🙂

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  38. Elizabeth

    Very interesting vblog today on sleep and Bright Line eating. It certainly explains a lot about why I was having difficulty falling sleep. I haven’t been lately since I am sticking to 3 healthy meals and no outside eating. Yay! Thank you!

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  39. Christina

    Thank you Susan, so interesting as always!
    For me this followed on nicely from Michael Breus’s talk (sleep strategies for stress reduction), that I listened to today at the Global Stress Summit.
    I also really enjoyed your talk on (BLE) “De-Stress Your Diet”.
    I could relate to the issues you mentioned about breaking Bright Lines and Resuming!
    Your book is really great.

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  40. elizabeth Engel



    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Elizabeth,

      If you ordered the book from us and still haven’t received it yet, please go to support.brightlineeating.com and scroll to banner that says “Click Here for More Support” and submit a ticket. Our team will track this for you! oxo

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  41. Maggy

    Susan, Do you think that bright line eating would help my gout problem? ( I also need to lose weight and I know it will help me with that.). As I have gotten older, I am getting more and more gout flares and each one lasts longer. I would like to control this problem with my diet rather than taking gout medicines. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Reply ·
    1. Penne

      Hi, Maggy,

      A few of our long-time Bright Lifers report that applying the Bright Lines to a Whole Foods Plant-Based diet has successfully eliminated their recurring gout. My mother suffered from weight issues and gout in her elder years, so I’m glad to know I’m on the right track!

      HTH! Penne

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