What Makes Us Happier

As you might know, Bright Line Eating™: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free™ hit the New York Times Best Seller List, and I have a lot of emotions about it. Watch this week’s vlog to learn about the science of happiness and how it relates to your BLE journey.


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  1. sac hermes prix kelly

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  2. Von

    Susan,, I love your honesty and speaking straight from the heart! You’re an amazing person and an accomplished speaker and author!
    You’re an absolute delight to listen to and you’ve opened my eyes to the dangers of flour and sugar. The analogy to heroin and cocaine is frightening indeed. Thanks for sharing,

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  3. Pamela Cole

    Just what I needed to hear today! Hap.
    piness is a byproduct of right living and not a goal in itself. Thanks for bringing in the research about the hedonic treadmill and how to stay off it. I was having a low day for no apparent reason and your post reminded me that ‘this too shall pass’ and ‘feelings are not facts’ so I went to my 12 Step meeting and looked for ways to be of service and get out of myself….guaranteed to cure whatever ails me!
    Delighted that your book made it to the NYT best seller list so that the world can begin to understand about food addiction and the lasting solution. Will put a review on Amazon…definitely want the world to know where ‘happy, joyous and free’ is for food addicts

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Oh, thank you so much, Pamela! We lift one another up, right? Thanks for the review on Amazon!

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  4. Lisa Shurtliff

    My favorite blog so far, my dear.

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  5. Jacqueline Cortis

    Hi Sue, I did the 14 day challenge and I am
    Still waiting eagerly for the book. Did you start
    sending them please? Thanks.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Jacqueline. Yes, the books are being shipped. Unfortunately, international shipping takes longer. You can expect to receive your book no later than May 21. If you haven’t received it by then, please reach out to Customer Support at support.brightlineeating.com. Thank you for your patience!!

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  6. Marise Hargreaves

    Please look after you. You are so busy looking out for others and have had some major life events recently. I know it sounds obvious but – take care of you. You have a beautiful energy and a gentle heart. Treat them both well!

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  7. Susan

    This is something I figured out several years ago: happiness is a personality trait.

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  8. Jarka

    Susan! Jesus, totally love your blogs! And this one, wow! And how you manage to time it just right?! 😀 Thank you. xxx

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  9. proxy list

    Hello,I log on to your blog named “What Makes Us Happier – Bright Line Eating” daily.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up! And you can look our website about proxy list.

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  10. Monica Finley

    I would love to review the book but have not yet received my copy.

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  11. Katya Slivinskaya

    Susan, you are the best. I can genuinely say I love you, from our podcasts together and from watching your vlog. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for what you put into this world. Every ounce of happiness, success, freedom, it is all deserved by you. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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  12. Lauren Sheldrake

    This vlog is amazing! So helpful and inspiring – I found myself nodding constantly. I’ve just started enjoying the brain and mood benefits of flour- and sugar-free eating: I’ve actually stopped feeling depressed for the first time in years! Thank you so much for putting your ideas out there – otherwise I never would have thought of trying it. Now I don’t miss them or want to eat them because I love how cutting them out has made me feel!

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  13. Nina

    Susan, once again, your capacity to self observe is poignant and edifying! Thank you for leading the way!!!

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  14. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Better for the journey–my favorite.

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  15. Nellie

    I managed to get back to my college weight thru my own mashed-up, pseudo paleo way of eating, but I don’t weigh food. That seems over controlling to me. I go with the theory that your body knows how many calories it needs and will let you know when it’s had enough, without you weighing stuff.

    Also, happiness and peace are inside – not created by external events. Or so they tell us. But I agree that certain states will certainly elevate your mood. Such as when you’ve eaten properly, had enough sleep, feel on top of things etc.

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  16. Linda

    Day two of the 14 day challenge. I am so happy to say I feel as if I have found a place of resonance. I’m a PhD resercher, have worked there in Rochester… NTID/RIT and am now in Utah in my professional and personal voyage. Lots of family baggage here, where you know, you can only be as happy as your most unhappy child? I am so so worried about my son, diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in October and he is struggling now. I think my weight has ballooned since his diagnosis, as I am so freaked out about his future. Anyway, It is time to get on with my life and make myself as healthy as possible. Thank you Susan for helping me find a way to ride this carosel of life…I am going to choose to be happy and forward-thinking.

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  17. Claudine

    I have previously experienced getting to my ideal weight and felt dissatisfied and unhappy despite it being THE ONE thing I felt was holding me back in life. How wrong was I! The truth I’ve realised is I am not this body (whatever it looks like) and my actual identity is spiritual in essence not material. This one fact has helped me understand that actual happiness is never to be found in connection with this body, and whilst doing BLE is giving me the freedom around food I have wanted, I know the ‘happy’ part of it is to be found in spiritual endeavours. Good to be reminded, thank you!

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  18. Linda

    Happy, Thin and Free is a choice.

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    1. Nellie

      Not when you don’t know what the choices are, as I didn’t for over 20 years.

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  19. Jen

    Thank you Susan so much for words that I needed to hear tonight. Been in a pretty low place lately. Lots of tears….etc, etc. Thank you for your honest and heartfelt way of sharing. It is inspiring and makes a difference.

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  20. gina

    With all the diet scams out there, you are one of the few who actually tell the truth. Thank you so much.

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  21. Helen

    A very timely VLOG for me! Had a minor upset yesterday and ran, not walked! to the fridge as of old, and lo-and-behold – no goodies
    there! and THAT’S what made me HAPPY!! Thank you dear Susan for BLE!

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  22. Karen

    Thanks for your inspiration. I am starting over again. Why is it so difficult.?
    I look forward to buying your book .

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  23. Andrea

    Such wisdom. I couldn’t agree more. I feel so fortunate to have made your acquaintance. Although I still struggle, i am indeed a ‘lifer’ because I know this food plan is the best. Also, your VLOG made me think of a statement that is usually attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” I accepted this many years ago and it is empowering. It’s not what happens to us but how we choose to view it. Thanks again.

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  24. Laura Wermuth

    Wow, this Vlog really hit home for me. A real “light Bulb” moment. Happiness comes from inside me and is what I create and is not from anything external unless I make it so. I am on my way to becoming a thin person, but that in itself will not make me happy. I love what I have learned about myself from your book and the experience of doing the 14 day challenge and now Boot Camp. The knowledge has not come to me overnight. Guess it is true that if we are paying attention, we can grow and change throughout our life.

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  25. Charlene Clark

    Love your vlogs, but you might read another book, The Master’s Masterpiece, by Diane Burton. She deals directly with the issue of getting rid of the “fat girl” after you have lost the pounds. Excellent addition to your library.

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  26. Vivian Hynes

    Congratulations on making the best seller list yay. Still waiting for my book. Love your weekly videos. Vivian.

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  27. Linda Hargan

    When will I receive my book? I enrolled in the 14 Day challenge March 17th, began on the 25th, and am on my 13th day. Love it–but need my book! Thanks

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  28. Linda Hargan

    When will I receive my book? I am on Day 13 of my 14 Day Challenge and loving it all!

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  29. Linda Hargan

    Good morning. I am on Day 13 of the challenge, and am “happy” with the results, feeling very sated and enjoying the daily videos. I enrolled March 17th, and began March 25, and have lost 8 pounds! But now I need the book, which was supposed to be included with the registration for the 14-Day Challenge. When may I expect it? — getting anxious as I’m nearing the end of the support period!! Love everything so far–want more 🙂 THANKS

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  30. Georgene palmer

    Wow! This video on what makes you happy just about did me in!. How could you possibly know how I feel???. The best video ever. You hit the nail right on the head!!. I feel strong enough to go on, not waiting to feel tap dancing happy, but calming and at peace right now.
    Thanks for the most incredible sharing video!. Ginger Palmer.

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  31. Amy Stephenson

    I love you Susan! I love your open and honest Vlogs every week. I hear people who are always is talking about how Happiness is a destination and not a state of being. but I know that Happiness is a state that comes and goes depending on what is going on in your life, not a goal that when you reach it, you are there to never leave. This is just what I needed to hear today.

    I just got my book the day before yesterday, so I’ll write a review in Amazon as soon as I can.

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  32. Kimberly Young

    Thank You!! This was amazing and something I needed to hear. Be happy now! Live each day not looking down the road but in the moment

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  33. Cindy Meier

    Thank you Susan. I have not read your book but I will. Mostly, I delete the vlogs thinking I am too busy. Today my gut said listen. Your sharing that being vulnerable is ok touched my soul. And when to share that vulnerability after we have proceeded it being the key. So kudos. Loved the vlog. Cindy, Florida

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  34. Almudena Laredo Olivera

    True: getting thin does not make you happier. But not feeling fat takes away a big chunk of unhapiness.
    Susan, inspirational as always! Thank you.
    Almudena, Spain

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  35. Michael Ahearne

    Keep the head up. Keep trudging the road of happy destiny.
    Your an inspiration to people and I will be buying your book and I hope to find the means to fully engage the bright line way of life.
    Life is a series of ups and downs but you persevere and get through it one day at a time.
    Michael Ireland

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  36. Susan

    Well. Susan. Among your BEST posts ever. Yes, today is where it all happens.

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  37. Barbara

    Thank you for this vlog. I always think its a good thing to get friends with your body, to see your own beauty and then starting to loose weight. I have a nicemirror and often smile at myself. Smile at other people and theyoften smile back. I should get the book, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Still looking forward to it. Great woman, great method and great taste in music???

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  38. Aaren

    Susan… Thank you for your honesty. There is great strength when a person is willing to steps onto a stage with honesty and vulnerability and I admire that… Let’s marinate in the joy of the journey!

    And now for a little Prince…!
    Wake up
    Your beautiful, loved and blessed
    Feel me? (I think I do)

    [Verse 1]
    When you found me I was just a piece of clay
    I was formless, you gave me a new name
    With the breath of life I now live abundantly
    All I needed was the potter’s hand
    And the blood on Calvary (that’s right)
    But to much power (tell it)
    Can can sometimes turn to shame
    To much desire
    Sometimes makes you feel the same (come on)
    But forgiveness is how you win the game
    I begged for truth, now I know the truth
    And that is when you came and said I was
    Beautiful, loved and blessed
    I’m better than the day before
    Cause you made me confess that I am
    Beautiful, loved and blessed
    When you are free you are really free indeed
    All you got to do is just plant the seed…. ?

    Reply ·
    1. Sheila P.

      Thank you, Aaren, for sharing these beautiful words of Prince. No wonder Susan is such a fan of his. I had no idea of his depth as I’m from a different era (77 years young!). Thank you again!

      Reply ·
  39. Eve McWilliams

    You floor me with your honesty Susan. You set the bar very high. It’s such a pleasure watching your vlogs and feeling included somehow.

    Reply ·
  40. Cathy Ireland

    Having just reached goal weight, I totally get this weeks message. To quote one of my resource books, “Everywhere you go, there you are”! I can say that making big, healthy changes, is a sure way to increase happiness. Lots of love to you Susan for speaking from the heart.

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  41. Susan

    Terrific. Oh, that was brilliant.
    I was laughing at so many of your points at first because they have been so very true for me.
    And you have once again articulated a deep truth that I had not heard brought together so
    well before, and one that I seem to deal with on a daily basis. Not that I have accomplished
    anything as great as a NY Times bestseller, or BLE, or children, or long-term marriage, and
    et cetera. But I have had the shock of realizing that I had just accomplished something big
    and even feeling in that very moment that I wasn’t happy. It was very confusing. So thank
    you very very much for sharing such insightful and helpful wisdom. I now realize that have
    been hesitant to adopt BLE “sadhana” because I was telling myself at some level that I would
    not be happy as a thin person either. It is so helpful to have had that pointed out.

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  42. Samantha

    Hi Susan, really enjoyed your Vlog! I was wondering if you can talk about the Vegan trend that’s all over lately. I know you’re not against eating meat or dairy, but there seems to be substantial evidence of people getting healthier, thinner, and ultimately happier when eliminating entirely meat , dairy, and eggs from their lives (not necessarily sugar or flour).. thanks Susan and keep up the good work!

    Reply ·
  43. Bambi Rogers

    This is the most meaningful Vlog your done. At least for me. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  44. Carol

    I love you Susan! You are so real. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us. I ordered my book from BLE in February and still have not received it. Please let me know when I can expect it.

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      It should arrive very soon. The last of the books are shipping out now. Thanks for your patience! xoxo

      Reply ·
  45. Kirsti

    When you mentioned in today’s vlog about people reviewing your book, I became concerned that I haven’t yet received my copy yet! I signed up for the 14 Day Challenge in February and it was my understanding that receiving a copy of the book was included.

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hey Kirsti. It should arrive very soon. The last of the books are shipping out now. Thanks for your patience! xoxo

      Reply ·
  46. Evelyn Reinig

    Enjoyed the Vlog. Still waiting for my book. xo

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      It should arrive any day now, Evelyn. The last of the books are shipping out now. Thanks for your patience! xoxo

      Reply ·
    2. Lee

      Me too, since February 3rd.

      Reply ·
  47. Terry N.

    I love your spirit Susan, you are a true Leader by example!
    6 months into BLE and I still learn something new every time you speak.

    Reply ·
  48. Heidi

    Perfect message at the perfect time. Thank you for being in your space and sharing. It’s just what my soul needed to hear. Love you back!! (Got the book, trying to make the time to read (and then review) it!). Xo

    Reply ·
  49. Sylvia

    Susan you are so committed to you and us . I hope that you can feels how much we can see that you really thing . Thank you for being you as we are also ourselves too . Hope you never forget with love .

    Reply ·
  50. Ann Wedel

    Bless you… I love your message and I love you…. You are right on… Thanks you…. Ann

    Reply ·
  51. Ronda Stocks

    One of your most touching vlogs to date. Love you.

    Reply ·
  52. Sherry Huber

    Your openness and honesty is awesome. Never change. I’m so thankful for BLE. I’m 20 days in and although I have a long way to go, I’m feeling so optimistic. Not a diet, but a life committed to clean eating. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  53. Maggie Young

    Thank you so much! You are amazing and I appreciate you more than I can say! One month in to my BLE journey and needed to hear your message! Thank you for being so open with us! Much love to you Susan! Maggie

    Reply ·
  54. Ang

    sending you my purple love….
    Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Love back.
      And you’re so welcome. Always.

      Reply ·
  55. Annie crawford

    Hello Susan, just wanted you to know having your book is the reminders I needed to stay focused. I have pages turned down ,parts underlined, And highlighted. I have to tell you I was thin when growing up so I was one of those people that you wanted to be. I was sidetracked because of family and sugar and flour. I’m almost at Goal weight but I still mess up. At least once maybe twice a week. I feel I’m not healed yet in my brain. But thank you for your weekly encouragement. Hopefully I will get this right someday.?

    Reply ·
  56. Jyoti

    Hello and greetings from Fiji, Susan. I loved your blog and your inspiration for maintaining on my diet plan. I was kind of feeling down and almost resorted to eat something when at the right moment your blog came. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for all your help and hope to order the book soon. Thank you once again.

    Reply ·
  57. Ron

    This vlog reminded me of this message (song lyrics).

    Appreciation/gratitude is such a key to life’s true “treasure.”
    Taking things for granted impoverishes us.


    Reply ·
  58. Nancy

    This VLOG, the best! I love these vlogs straight from the heart, because you have such a good heart. Thank you, Susan!

    Reply ·
  59. Catriona

    Susan, you’re book has made a huge difference in my life, and I’m sure that it will help so, many people. You’re just feeling the let down when you’ve achieved your goals, instead of the excitement you felt in getting to that goal. Today in your blog you talked about being on meth and being thin, and questioning if you were happy. I’m feeling the same chemical sugar high, it’s a temporary high and I do in the moment feel happier, but it passes and then the depression, disappointment sets in. You hit the nail on the head with measuring and weighing foods made you happy. It’s the process, not the outcome, although that’s the ultimate gain. So that’s what I’m aiming for, taking the time to enjoy the process, making myself happy in taking care of myself, the doing versus the end result.. please keep doing your blog, you inspire so many people.

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