New York Times Best Seller

Later today, we’re going to find out whether Bright Line Eating™: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free™ hit the New York Times Best Seller list. I have all sorts of thoughts and feelings leading up to the announcement, and a lot of them relate to our BLE journeys in ways you might not expect. Watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it.

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  1. Elizabeth Moses

    Hi Susan and Everyone,
    It’s Elizabeth again. Don’t worry, no more
    Questions. See, when I was a child I always
    had questions, like why is the sky blue, why is
    Is the grass green, you get the idea. Didn’t
    serve me well as a little one, but as an adult
    my inquisitive nature has taken me a long way!
    in the business world, and my grown children
    are successful beyond imagination. My inquisitive
    nature was never satisfied with what to do
    about overeating/obesity — long term — until
    I read your book. All I can say is Thank you
    Thank you and Thank you , again!

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  2. Elizabeth Moses

    Hi Susan and everyone. I’m Elizabeth in
    Atlanta GA on my 12th day of the 14 day
    Challenge of BLE. I purchased Susan’s
    Book on May 2, began BLE immediately,
    and happy to report my weight has gone
    from 171 to 162 lbs. to date. No exercise!
    Do I need help? I didn’t think so until I
    listened to the story about the rats “loving
    the lever” before food delivery and it
    Struck a chord. Humiliating; however,
    It gave me pause. Is my post menoposal
    brain beginning to heal? What’s happening?

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  3. Kima

    Hi! I only wanted to share that today is my 10th BLE day, and I can´t believe what´s happening to my mind and body: I bought the book, read it in 3 days, and decided to start BLE on monday, 27th of march. I have always had the suspect that moderation was not for me… so, I connected instantly with Susan´s words. The day before I started, I was terrified, particularly about no snacking… no snacking? I haven´t been more than 3 hours without putting anything in my mouth in my whole adult life! But… wow! The first days were a little difficult (Susan´s sentence in the book “hunger is just a sensation, that comes and goes… wait, observe it, it will dissapear” helped a lot). But, after a couple of days… surprise! I am not hungry anymore (only when it´s meal time), I don´t feel full or bloated, I have more energy than never. Yesterday, I came home after a hard work day, my lunch had been 6 hours ago, and I felt energetic enough to stay – in a good mood- with my kids for about 1 hour, and then, after they felt asleep, I ate my planned BLE dinner… this was absolutely impossible before BLE!). Today, I have decided to quit caffeine, because I feel the effects are too strong now -my system is clean. For the moment, I feel no cravings at all, and the best is that I feel genuinely free: I just don´t have to think what I´ll eat midmorning, I don´t have to use my willpower not to eat all the time. It´s just like when I quit smocking: I just don´t do it. Amazing! I have no words to say THANK YOU!!! I hope my message encourages somebody who´s also afraid of starting. Do it. It absolutely worths. PS: I have already lost 6 pouds (my overweight is about 33… there´s a long road, but I feel very confident). Hugs to all Bright Lifers from the other side of the Athlantic (Spain), and sorry for my bad english 😉

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  4. Lexi in LA

    Susan – you are a goddess! I’m really enjoying this journey watching your videos. Received my book last week and I’m almost all the way through reading it — just a-mazing. Exactly what I need right now. I’m starting my 14-day Challenge tomorrow. THANK YOU for sharing your journey, wisdom and know-how with us. Much love to you!

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  5. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Susan: Truth and love will always prevail. That’s what BLE means to me and that’s why (I believe) the BLE book made it on to the list. People–including those two guys in the room–are drawn to it because you love us and that’s why you wrote it. Simple as that.

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  6. Rose-Marie

    Love you, what a rockstar! You’ve said it all so well – it is about the journey and we’re in this together. Our bodys getting smaller and our hearts getting bigger ???. Nevertheless I am hoping for the NY best seller. Cant wait to get my books, read and share them with people I love.

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  7. Susan J Edwards

    Just saw the video about your disappointment in grade school. Really, really important to share. I am 75 years old and knew about BLE over 40 years ago. Of course, it wasn’t called that. I couldn’t maintain it at that time because of all the emotional issues in my life. In my case they had to be worked out first. Took many years and 59 therapists, ministers, etc. but I made it enough to TRY once again with you. (In the process I became a psychotherapist for 30 years, but still struggled with weight).

    I did 14-day challenge and it is working. Mainly 3 meals a day, nothing in between, no night-time TV eating and NO sugar. Have lost 9 pounds. At my age, I finally am not concerned with the # on the scale, I just want the numbers to continue to go down.

    THE REASON I AM WRITING is to encourage you to keep addressing the emotional issues of eating with your people, because without the food comfort, there could be a giant battle that ensues and they may need some extra assistance. I am impressed by you and I do think you are really on to something revolutionary. Blessings to you and all those you hold dear.

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  8. Kay

    Yes Yes Yes

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  9. Sandy Pierre

    Wow, that was beautiful. I can apply it to aspects of my life other than Bright Line Eating. Thank you so much. <3

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  10. Mariah Perkins / Ajji

    True and good, all of it. Every word and concept. Fills me with happiness and optimism.

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  11. Esmarie Cooper

    THANK YOU Susan! I think this is one of the BEST blogs ever! It’s the efforts we put in during the journey that is important because that will determined the long haul outcome/benefits…. Just love it… This fact will help us to go through the emotions but also not to loose focus/tract of our journey. Thank you for continuing with making BLE the best you can immaterial of what the book selling’s outcome will be. Love you lots. <3

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  12. Gail Johnson

    Oh how exciting!

    I love that you have included us so deeply in your personal mission and I love being inspiration to others as you have been to so many of us! I think many of us feel that we have been a part of your journey! I know I have enjoyed giving to you energetically/spiritually as you totally role model being open to receiving after you have also shown us as how to give so very much! Your strength is your vulnerability and the total honesty in which you address issues of life and how that relates to BLE. Seems like almost anything can be related back to BLE – so many facets!

    You are truly a gift to the world and again, role modeling for us how to express those special gifts as no one else can! I am on day 150 and have lost over 30 lbs- I really needed to hear what you said today as well as all the information in Module 10 of the Bootcamp. My saboteur can play lots of games! I feel better prepared to have sooner awareness of the slippery slopes! Eating out, condiments, BLT’s (Bites, Licks and Tastes) , Oh My!

    I am still waiting for your book and I am sure I will order more. I already promised my Dr. one – she watched my A1C diabetic indicator go from 7.9 (Diabetic) to 5.5 (Normal!) in less than 6 months and seemed pretty impressed!

    Thanks and with much love and hugs!

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    1. Gail Johnson

      I forgot to mention that the drop in A1C was without any medication- strictly diet/weight loss-

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  13. Helen Roberts Spingola

    Never doubted the Book would make the list. A great read written by our great Winner! Congrats!

    Reply ·
  14. Stacey Wood

    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rocked it! Take a bow❤️❤️❤️

    Reply ·
  15. Karen Runng, March 2016 Bootcamp

    Congratulations, Susan. What a fantastic achievement! You are one of the hardest workers I have ever come across – and smart as hell to boot. I am so excited for you (and David). Your hard work just puts my hard work to shame 🙂

    I am so very happy for you. Proud to be a Bright Lifer.

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  16. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

    #5 ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW that feels good!!!! Head over to the Bright Line Eating Facebook fan page to check out the Facebook Live I just did by candlelight. It should be on our page for a week or so. It’s a big ginormous celebration.


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    1. Jarka

      Congratulations Susan! 😀

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  17. Natalie Yeadon

    You have such an inspiring and authentic way about you. Just your gift of relatability makes you a New York Bestseller. I’m looking forward to staring my 14 day challenge tomorrow. I know this will be a game changer for me. Love you!

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  18. Mary Keeney

    Hi Susan,
    I am 11 days into the 14 day Challenge and it really works! I so appreciate the eating plan you have provided and I love hearing you speak from your heart. You are an inspiration. I am cheering for you, but whatever the outcome, you are a winner!!!

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  19. Laurie Lay

    Thank you for posting your weekly vlogs. The lessons I have learned from you are immeasurable. I am learning to feel every emotion and be in the moment. Something I never had the inner peace to be able to do in the past, and to keep the “emotion pipe” open. Still praying your book is on the New York Best Seller list and at the top of Amazon. You and the book deserve to be noticed in a big way. You and BLE and the BLE staff and community have changed my life! Thank you so much for answering the call to bring BLE into being. It is beautiful and so are you. See you in San Diego in June!!!

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  20. Deniese

    You are spot on, you have built a mountain. Your success has already happened. Our success together has already happened and will continue. Thank you for sharing this information in a way I could hear . Bright blessings to you.

    Reply ·
  21. Terence Freedman

    Hi Susan
    I wish you well and great success.

    Reply ·
  22. Patty Pulliam

    I love your top/dress! Great cut and my favorite color!

    Reply ·
  23. Margaret Terris

    Susan your looking radiant xxx

    Reply ·
  24. Nina

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS exactly what I need to hear WHEN I need to hear it.
    Thanks for lighting the way Susan!!! It’s a dark and confusing road for each of us
    especially when we plan so much and the results aren’t reciprocated.

    I love you and thank you again! You’ve changed my life drastically in just a few
    months, and I’ve in turn changed the lives of at least 2 dozen people who’ve seen
    my transformation. You’ve started an unstoppaBLE movement, and we are truly
    BLEssed because of your diligent efforts. Don’t stop!!!! We got your back sister!

    Reply ·
    1. Gail Johnson

      Totally concur with Nina!

      Reply ·
  25. Larry Van Dyke

    No matter what happens in the next few hours Susan you are a Super Star!! You have and will continue to provide all of us great insights in being a healthier, better person. Value Priceless!!

    Reply ·
  26. Meg Lewis

    Thank you for your wise words!

    Reply ·
  27. Susan m

    Expectations are hard to live through. Like you said, you’ve done your best! And I am grateful for your (and mine) efforts!
    I love the new dress!, the neckline works great for you!

    Reply ·
  28. Cheryl Knight

    You are such an amazing person, Susan Peirce Thompson. I just love you! It’s impossible not to. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  29. Cathy

    My intuition tells me that you will get there! We may need to do some more work in this area. Maybe some of the NYT team will join BLE and see the results. :)There has been so much success with your program and so many lives have changed! The journey is just beginning…..

    Reply ·
  30. Gina Kempf

    You are an inspiration. I purchased the book on my Kindle so it is with me 24/7 and when I feel lost, I am using it to inspire me to follow my Bright Lines. THANK YOU no matter what the list shows, you have a role in my life and I am filled with gratitude for what you have put out there with this book.

    Reply ·
  31. Teresa Mathews

    Honey don’t worry your little head off, you made it in more ways than just being on a best sellers list, but I know the book will be there.

    Reply ·
  32. Kelly Howard

    Thank you. I so needed to hear this, tears are pouring down my face. And, I will be checking in, cheering you on. Thank you.

    Reply ·

    Excellent! How many great author and composers were not immediately recognized? The NY Times Best Sellers list is desirable, but it does not mean anything as far as the value of the book is.

    Reply ·
  34. Rose Adan

    Susan ,you are truly gifted person I was directed to your book by my Angels I bought your book the day it was a available to buy I’m about half way done with it I’m learning so much from you I will be joining and doing a boot camp soon I’ve already bought the 14 day challenge you have picked me up from despair from losing weight after reading your book you have given me hope this is the year I become a skinny Minnie again you have changed my life already you speak from your heart and love that about you so what if you dont make it to the new York best sellers list look at all the peoples lives you have changed so we can have a bright ? lines future.

    Reply ·
  35. Andrea

    I can’t wait to hear about the book. Here’s hoping! I am one of those agonizingly slow losers and I felt you knew I was out here.
    You are only 40 something–don’t know how you have managed to become so wise. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  36. Pat Mesenchuk

    Great vlog! How could you have possibly known that two days ago I was sitting in my car in a supermarket parking lot bingeing my brains ou!!, I will not give up. Today has been a BLE day so far!? Your book is awesome and people WILL read it!

    Reply ·
  37. Susan B Guinasso

    Susan, I’m on Day 10 of the 14 Day Challenge. I received your book today! YEAH! After watching todays two videos and this video, I’d like to say your open, REAL, dialogues have touched my spirit and challenged me to finally live in the moment and become the person I was born to be. Thank you. Today’s vlog is powerful. Here’s to informing you that no matter the outcome, your message is life changing. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  38. Julia Carol

    You’re right… we love you and you and Bright Line Eating are a HUUUUGE success, New York Times list or not.

    Reply ·
  39. Leslie

    What a great are a shining light in my life ❤

    Reply ·
  40. Gail

    We are So cheering for you Susan, and YES, no matter what, though it is our desire too, YOU HAVE helped a zillion people to be what they want to be in life and we all will be eternally grateful to you! I thank you with my whole heart, as this blog was amazing. You asked us if we would encourage you if things didn’t go right, and I was saying right away, “Of course we will”. And then you go and turn it around and encouraged US in our journey! You have the kindest heart ever. You care deeply, and I feel that is half the help we have in our successes! So thank you seems so small, but we do thank you very much! Love and prayers, and God bless you!

    Reply ·
  41. Lynda Hahn

    No matter what Susan you are so loved, and it WILL BE A BEST SELLER ????
    Love you sweetie xoxox

    Reply ·
  42. Julie McEwan

    Hey…great VLOG. I take several little gems from all your vlogs to share with a group of ladies that I meet with each week. Always come away with wonderful insights.

    Also, I took the 14 day challenge Jan. 29-Feb. 12. Although very slow results, I’m sticking with it and it’s coming off.

    QUESTION ?????? When can I expect to receive my copy of your book that was a bonus for signing up for the 14 day challenge?????

    Thanks so much.

    Reply ·
    1. Terry

      I received my copy of the book today… 🙂

      Reply ·
  43. Nancy

    Today was an outcome that I didn’t like — on the scale. I checked my bright lines for the past few days. No concerns. The journey is continuing on the right path. This reminder that we will get to an outcome, at some time, that matters if we follow the right path was so timely for me. Please know that my life is one of the many that is so much better because of BLE. You are #1 on my best seller list and I am very, very grateful to you.

    Reply ·
  44. Jane Middleton

    Susan, this was one of the absolute BEST blogs ever!

    I loved the way you drew the lessons for all of us out of your honest experience. Here’s to letting it all be what it will be.

    Thank you. (And, yes, you have changed my life.)

    Reply ·
  45. Lucinda

    You are a wonderful embodiment of many many Buddhist teachings. This one makes me think of the loving kindness phrase called equanimity. “I am the owner of my intentional actions (Kharma). My happiness arises from my actions NOT from outside forces” (validation, understanding, etc.). Thank you for modeling this so beautifully for all of us. We will improve from your resonance.

    Reply ·
  46. Diane

    Thank you Susan! I so needed to hear this today after I have been struggling to lose weight even though I am staying with the food plan and keeping my lines clean

    Reply ·
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