My Soul Journey

For this week’s VLOG, just prior to the launch of the book, Bright Line Eating™: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free™, I get vulnerable about my relationship with God, my doubts and uncertainties, and the major turning points that have brought me to this day. Watch the vlog to hear all about my journey.

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  1. Michele

    I’m in love with the light not the lamp. Beautiful!!!

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  2. Yvonne LH

    Great insight! I often feel the exact same way. My path seems random sometimes, yet it all comes together in a way that it makes sense and is very helpful and important in only the way it can. Now I know to observe and be curious as it unfolds.

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  3. Anna

    Thank you for sharing Susan! You will probably never see this…but that’s ok. I wanted to share that even as a Christian I really can see where you are coming from. It’s nice and refreshing for someone to be so honest. Most cannot even articulate something like this. In the Christian Bible, I John 1:5, it says that God is light. I think it’s helpful to ponder what is this “light”. Keep searching, because the Bible also says that He rewards those who desperately seek Him. I agree with you about this food journey being a spiritual journey at heart. I think that we have “misplaced affections”…and the affections we should be giving God…we place on food. I have put hope and trust in food. I have turned to food when I should have turned to God. I have day-dreamed about food…I should day dream about Him. Because I believe in God, I also acknowledge there are very real forces that do not want me to live-happy, thin, and free. If I’m free and not drugged up on sugar all the time then I will have the ability to think clearly. With the ability to think clearly there is at least a chance I will think about God and does he exist and should I know Him? Even as a Christian, who already believes, I knew that what I was doing was affecting my ability to have the kind of relationship with Him I wanted…and to care about others trapped in this type of slavery. So, all this to say…your message, book, and organization is an answer to prayer for so many people. It may get difficult, real difficult for you…but we have your back in prayer…because if this “light” is who He says He is…you’ll be fine. Blessings Susan. I’m on day 27 on my BLE journey and have already done my 14 Day Challenge. Thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf.

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  4. Phyllis

    John 14:6-Yeshua said, “I AM the Way- and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me.”

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  5. Susan

    So glad I watched your vlog today, it’s been in my email for awhile and for what ever reason I never opened…..along with my monthly follow up. Today I logged in and did my follow up, honestly too. How did I stray so far off my BLE? I’ve also been battling with my spirituality looking for something and decided to listen to this vlog, glad I did. Thank you

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  6. Barbara

    Susan, I just received my book & joined the 14 Day Challenge. The challenge included an opportunity to upgrade to Bootcamp, which I really want to do. I am 62 and have been on a zillion diets. I know this is write for me & desperately need community.


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  7. Debra Zawadski

    Dear Susan,
    What a GREAT vlog. Today is March 30. I’ve been busy. It sure seems the Universe has designated your book as the means to the end. You wanted so much to reach the masses in every socioeconomic background. Your book is the conduit to the BLE Movement. I’m positive that now the Revolution will take place. What was once Goliath ( the tobacco industries) will be the sugar and flour industries of the future. People WILL revolt once they learn and understand the malicious properties of these refined powders that have caused billions of people’s demise. The reduction of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease will save countries trillions of dollars and be put to much better use; like eradicating famine, aids, social destruction of family, humane animal consumption, green energy. You have initiated higher vibrational energy across this planet in just 2 years. How many people can say they have done that? Kudos, my friend.

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  8. Mary

    Wow! Thank you as always SPT my girl crush!

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  9. Sharon

    Dear Susan: Thank you so much for your honesty and explanation about your feelings towards Diety, our God and Heavenly Father, and your journey as to how you discovered Him and the light and power He has had in your life. In my religion, what we sometimes call “kisses from the universe” are referred to as “tender mercies,” and you, my friend, have apparently received many tender mercies. You must have a divine mission to fulfill in your lifetime. Thank you for allowing us to learn right along aside you, and to participate in the journey with you. I loved hearing your message and thoughts. I love you for so many things, for your courage to be so honest with everyone, for your kindness and constant encouragement to all of us, and for your vivaciousness and love for life. As a devout believer in God and Christ, I believe that at the right time, and in the right way, both you and David together will discover what is best for you and your family. Bless your heart and soul; you are such a dear one and are very appreciated.

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  10. Marsha

    Susan, your honesty and transparency is a gift! With love and gratitude

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  11. Riad ghanma

    i think you better know why you are writing it

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  12. Riad ghanma

    why you are writing this book?
    what is the reason for writing this book

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  13. Riad ghanma

    God, as you know it, is good

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  14. Shelly Pitts

    I am so amazed by you and your journey. I love the faith you have in god and if you are doubting your religion I suggest you look for the cute boys in white shirts and ties or the cute girls in dresses, missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints , and have them teach you about his restored gospel. It will amaze you and bring you further truth and understanding of your mission here on earth . Our Word of Wisdom, our standards of health, go hand in hand with BLE and it’s been published since 1833! Check it out and good luck with the book launch! We are all excited!!!

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  15. Rose-Marie Karlsson

    We are with you! In love and with love, toward happy, thin and free ?

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  16. Sue Godby

    This was so helpful and heartfelt – thank you so much Susan . I found this inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

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  17. Gaye

    The light is shining thru you and is you! Thanks for sharing it.

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  18. lucielle csonka

    thank you for your honesty, and reality. In life we have many times that we are unsure, ambivalent, and not knowing. And that is what keeps us questing, to learn new things, and new ways. And in finding new ways, modified beliefs, we discover levels we did not know was possible. Any religious quandaries are related to the fact that the time of religions is at an end, and that religion and science and learning are interdependent and that formalism is no longer necessary. To question is always good, and at times if only to renew your faith, if that is what you need. I particularly loved your analogy of the light versus the lamp., My journey has taken me to a book called the Knowledge Book, and it’s a whole new way of looking at our worldly existence. thank you for your talk, and best of luck with the book. best Lucielle

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  19. Yolande Wiggen

    You are frickin amazing! You nailed it. This movement, that you created, is bigger than anything , and the book will just enhance that. I love you, seriously!!

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  20. Yolande Wiggen

    You are just frickin amazing Susan! You hit it right on with this vlog. I simply love you with all of my heat and soul.

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  21. Denise

    Thank you. I, too, was stopped in my tracks with your analogy of lamp and light–good thoughts that I’m still mulling over. Am finishing out Day 12 of the 14 Day Challenge and the weigh and measure Bright Line is what has made the difference for me. I wasn’t eating between meals, but I was eating too much AT meals. Thank you for your guidelines on this; it’s working! I’m excited for you that the book is about here–and excited for us that we are about to have it in hand! Again, thank you. I will be forever grateful that you got up, got your jacket and walked out of that house.

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  22. Carl

    Thank you. You are beautiful. The Light shining thru you touched my Heart.

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  23. Miriam

    Susan, thanks sooo much for sharing your testimony, I truly believe that God turns your pain into something beautiful if you let him (or her), I have the utmost respect for you for you at this moment & I will be someone that will pray & support you in your endeavors, may God continue to bless you, you are a very special individual who has touched many lives, including mine, whenever you doubt yourself, know that we need & believe in you, so never stop going on this journey, you have many followers, I love the teaching “many are chosen but only a few choose”, You chose, you kept going & now you have your following

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  24. Penny McPhaul

    I love you Susan. POIGNANT! ABSOLUTELY UNVEILING! I sense the meaning of God in yourllife; your connectio and fellowship with God, and total desire to increase your intimacy with God. Courage to continue to expose flaws and dependence upon God as well as celebrate gratefully the strengths, gifts, and talent released to you by God is par for the course on this soul journey. Blessings and prayers for LOVE TO CONTINUE TO BE THE LIGHT OF YOUR PATH.

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  25. Vivian

    The first video I viewed by you, introducing me to Bright Line Eating, was a turning point in my life. My nursing Anatomy & Physiology classes have backed up everything you have taught me! I did not participate in any of the contests for your book . . . it was preordered ASAP – via on my first “payday”. If the Boot Camp is ever allowed under my CHAMPVA insurance, I WILL BE THERE. In the meantime, the program is now available to me in “hardcover” . . . HOT DAMN!

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  26. Frances Fuchs

    Dear Susan,
    I’ve been listening to your vlogs for many months now and always find something useful and caring about them. Today’s vlog on your soul journey has been far more significant to me. I’m lying here in my bed (with a sprained foot), tears in my eyes and a deep compassionate ache in my heart. I am so deeply grateful that you shared this personal story of your soul journey. I am moved and touched beyond words. I have never written before but I feel compelled to let you know how meaningful your journey is . Your metaphor of embracing the light but not the lamp is one I will use many times again. I am a therapist in private practice for the last 35 years and I listen deeply to many stories of peoples journeys, and accompany them as best I can. My soul journey has always been informed by compassionate listening and the many clients who have touched my heart. At this moment I simply feel compelled to tell you that you’re sharing today is one of those significant touchstones along my path. I have great admiration for you, your intelligence your kindness, your ambition , your skill and your bright spirit. “I can make no other answer but thanks and thanks, and ever thanks. “

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  27. Brandie

    Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us!! You have changed so many lives!!! God will continue to bless you and you will continue on changing people’s lives!! There are bigger things coming your way!! Not only are you teaching us how to eat to be Happy, Thin and Free but you are teaching us to get in touch with God thru meditation and prayer. I am a Christian and I do pray but I am also trying meditation for the 1 st time and I think I like it. It feels good!!! People are helping each other and sharing their stories, which help others to heel and learn. You have started a movement of Love, Growth, Fellowship, Gratitude, Heeling, Sharing Life, and on and on and on. It blows my mind to think about all that you have done for so many of us and that number will continue to grow. God has used your life to help others!!! To me, there is nothing better than that!!! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!! I am so very grateful to you!!! Please keep sharing your life and journey with us!!! You Rock!!! Love you!!!!

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  28. Jill

    Thanks for inspiring and informing me! I love this vlog and all of your vlogs. This one was especially wonderful!

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  29. Ela

    I love you Susan and I am also very grateful for your big heart, comitment and dedication. You have helped me to change my life after I lost over 70 pounds of my weight. I am a different person now, thanks to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my joy is beyond words!!!

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  30. Kelli

    Susan, Your wisdom astonished me. I LOVE your honest, real approach to everything. You are brilliant and humble–balanced and stable. You are willing to admit that you are imperfect and that makes you strong. You are inspiring. Thank you! You are loved back.

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  31. Stacey Wood

    Susan, you are right on about God sending you all our prayers!! Thank you for being a light at a dark time!! Kisses and hugs! I am down 77lbs and keeping it off!!!!!!!!!

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  32. Tatiana Zamir

    As many have already said, thank you for sharing your story. Your honesty, vulnerability and strong sense of purpose is inspiring! Your story in incredibly moving and one that I could definitely relate to. I appreciated the part where you talked about giving up the obligatory prayer but then you felt called back to it. As you know, the Baha’i Faith encourages your search for the truth, and even if you don’t resonate with it anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a recourse or stay connected to the parts that call to you. You are a beautiful soul and I wish you nothing but the best. Congrats on your book release and blessings on your journey my dear. As one of my favorite poets says, “you will find your way, it is in the same place as your love.”

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  33. Brenda

    Dear Susan,

    Your platform has changed my life… much so for the better. You are very special, thank you so much for what you do and share 🙂

    You are loved,

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  34. Phyllis Dolbow

    Hi Susan, what a moving vlog! This is my first time commenting but I feel so led to do so. I am a Jesus follower, and I say that rather than a Christian because a lot of what is labeled Christian is really not a true representation of what Jesus taught. I believe in having a relationship with God which is what you are describing as in talking and listening. To me that is prayer just as we talk and listen to a friend to get to know them. I believe God has truly saved and guided your life! Jesus said I am the light of the world and He resides in me by His Holy Spirit! I could not do the BLE without Him! Because I am human I am not perfect with it and still have hard days, but that is ok because I know He is with me, thanks for your service to us and may God bless you on the rest of your soul journey 🙂

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  35. Barbara Meyn

    Best VlLOG yet Susan. You inspire d me once again

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  36. Lavina Blank

    Your honest thoughts and testimonies are so encouraging!
    Thank- you!

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  37. Tammy Reitz

    “Hell and Mr. Fudge” is a movie and the true story of someone who did their research and found a totally different viewpoint.

    Susan, if your journey has been for this vlog alone, it is worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for BLE!


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  38. Megan

    You can definitely see the hand of God on your life. He always shows Himself faithful. Thank you for what you said about “being in love with the Light and not the lamp.” It is so true. You are an inspiration!

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  39. Deb

    Susan – I love BLE and it WORKS! Talk about “off shoot” learning while on your path – I began following you so I could lose weight BUT I’m learning just as much if not more about how to be an authentic human being. I dream of being half as authentic as you! You amaze me with your fearless authenticity! Thank you Thank you!

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  40. Theresa Russell

    I love you. Your honesty and ability to share your weaknesses is moving. We all have them and you demonstrate how to move on . My God is Catholic and The God of all just as you know Him also. Kisses

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  41. Rhonda

    I loved hearing your honest story thanks so inspiring

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  42. Carolyn

    Thank you Susan and I am very grateful for you. Thank you for sharing your soul journey, you have reiterated once again I am not alone. Even though it may feel that way, it’s not the truth. I’m not giving up.

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  43. L

    Dear Susan, I am in your boot camp and its cleansing effect and not using food to not feel emotions, have helped me so much to look into my soul and work on my connection with God, with the loving light. Thank you. I love you.

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  44. Nina Skaanes

    I love Bright Line Eating and I think you are one of the most honest, sincere and wonderful people I have come across. But, how can you say there are no religion in BLE.? It’s seems to me you talk about prayer and religion all the time and in my Facebook group there are so many ‘blessings’, God be with you’ and on, and on that I do not like to go in there anymore. For people from other countries who doesn’t have “in God we trust’ on or money this is so strang and uncomftabel. I know in the US it is so different. But you can not say there are no religion in BLE. ” Pray when you want to eat”…. Kind regards Nina

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  45. Toni

    Grace, light, community, movement, platform, gratitude and doubt – thank you Susan for sharing your journey and your connection to Spirit. And thank you for following the light.

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  46. Erica G

    I am in love with the light?? Thank you for the work you are doing in Gods light.

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  47. Jessica Atkinson

    You are so fabulous!!!

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  48. Marha Doornink

    Oh , Susan. I joined the Baha’i Faith at age 20 and spent many, many years as a Baha’i. Watching this vlog, I’m gutted – my heart is just rift open for you. I feel the particulars of your condition so deeply. It hurts my heart that another human would have to go through what I recognize as the pivotal point of transparency. When all the works involved in being “a good Baha’i” were stopped, basically simultaneously, my tank was found to be empty and it took me years to sort thru the issues, and figure out what happened and many more years to have Truth find me, by the grace of God. I encourage you to look up WORKS-RIGHTEOUSNESS. That one concept alone is so illuminating re: the Obligatory prayers with hand washing, pilgrimage, the Fast, etc. At this point, inside of an hour, I could ask 3-4 clarifying questions to you or any/ all Baha’is that would save you so much time. So few people even know what the word Baha’i is, much less the experience of being one. I humbly say that am here if there is any service I could provide for you in this. Sending so, so much love to you, and covering you in prayer for discernment of Truth, for wisdom, and that God move swiftly to gather you to a place of complete clarity in Him.

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  49. Marcia Corenman

    Susan, you are a gift and your movement is definitely inspired by our creator. Thank you for giving your heart and soul so completely, so selflessly to all of us who are unknown to you personally. Each of us feels connected to you in a way that has changed who we are and how we show up in life every day now and forever. Bless you.

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  50. Stephanie Stickford

    Love, love, love what you’ve shared! Love, love, love you!! Today is day 263 of my BLE journey, and I am filled with peace about food, meals, weight, and my future. The love and gratitude I feel toward you is boundless–you pieced the science together, and you shared your knowledge with all of us–what an incredible gift and contribution to me and everyone who seeks to be happy, thin, and free! I’m sticking like glue to you, so excited to see and hear what unfolds for you and BLE next week, next month, next year, the year after that, the year after that, and on and on… Life is long, and we change and grow as we go. You are connected to Spirit, you follow the light… vincit omnia veritas–truth conquers all things. I believe in you and in your path! Enjoy everything that happens next week–your BHAG is realized!! You are making this life-saving information accessible to a world in need! Love to you.

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  51. Linda Rand

    I am in awe of you SPT. Your openness and willingness to help all of us terminally-addicted souls on our journey to “happy, thin and free” is beyond commendable. I am truly grateful to have found you, even though it took 60+ years to do so… Better late than never. You are an inspiration to me and to thousands more of us suffering from the until now, interminable and hopeless disease of addiction. I salute you and love you for your wisdom and grace, and for your honesty and willingness to share such personal and difficult life experiences. They say that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. I’m sure that, not unlike you, many of us chose addiction rather than facing a difficult and often insurmountable past. Hats off to you for the eloquence with which you are sharing your journey with us. I wish you a super successful book-launching experience, and all the very best in all your future endeavors. You have taught us that we cannot go wrong as long as we stay true to ourselves. With much love and admiration.

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  52. Anne

    So many people have said such beautiful things , and I can only add my sincere appreciation to what so many have said. You model such spirit, such humanity and provide so much for us to connect with on so many levels. We come across you and BLE at different stages in our journeys and yet, it doesn’t matter where we start. There is a way to connect, and it is because you share yourself so completely. So I, too, thank you, thank you for being you, for being in touch with God (no need for other names for ‘it/him/her’ …just to know) and I will attend your next revelations and progress, knowing I am being blessed in spending my time with you and this community. Many blessings….have been with you since October 7, 2015.

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  53. Mary Beth Helgens

    Thank you for being so authentic and honest. God is working in you and through you.
    Thank you for being an open vessel and instrument allowing God to reach others through YOU! Amen
    Blessings and much love to you and those you hold dear.

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  54. Emma

    Thank you for sharing the power of your journey with us through BLE, Susan. I believe that it is nothing less than a gift to humanity. Wishing you every joy and success for your book launch. In love and gratitude ??

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  55. barbE

    You are the light!

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  56. jon

    wow…just wow!

    your vulnerability is so palpable, so moving. it truly touches me. thank you!

    btw, loved your analogy of the lamp…it speaks my feelings!


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  57. Larissa Young

    Dear Susan, What a journey. I was so touched this is the first time I am writing to you. I listen to some of your vlogs, love them all. I saw you on the Thyroid Secret and after watching the series was moved to make an appointment with my doctor to check for Hashimotos. I was diagnosed many years ago with hypothyroidism and have taken my synthetic thyroid medication ever since, but my life has not gotten better. I’ve battled with depression and extreme fatigue and most of the time just want to give up. I am overweight but I eat very little. I am too hopeless to even think of BLE but I enjoy hearing about it and your experiences.
    My own clean date is November 1994, when I was introduced to NA. I became addicted to meetings and my life turned around for awhile.
    I was diagnosed with with hepC and spent the rest of the time travelling which was my love, after selling my house. I finally started dying and my liver and kidneys failed I was told I needed both a liver and kidney transplant if I wanted to live. I was too far gone to qualify for a cadaver liver so my two daughters stepped in and offered to become my donors for liver and one kidney (it had to be two donors). I had the operation in 2011 and it was successful and here I am, alive.
    I wrote a book about my life and had it self published last year. Yesterday a beautiful young girl who read my book wrote on my facebook page what she thought of it. This is a fantastic book she said, from it I understood that true heroes are ordinary people who have discovered their destiny. “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” . That made my day. I am 70 years old and homeless and live on $600 a month so I can’t go to functional medical doctors and go that route , but I can turn to my higher power and always be guided. Thank you so much. My book is short and if by some chance you would like to see it, I can send it to you via email. I know you are busy, but I thought I would offer – I just need the email to send it to. Good luck with your book . Much love, Larissa Horlis Horska (my facebook name.)

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  58. Sharon

    Thank you Susan, such openness is not easy. It really touched me and is another reason that I look forward to your vlogs. I don’t know why or where you are going, but I can say that until I heard of you listened to BLE and how our brains work against us and lepton and insulin and how they work and what they do, I couldn’t understand why I ate even when I knew it was going to hurt me, but still I ate it. I have done your 14 day challenge, as maintenance rather than loosing weight because I wanted to give myself the best chance of succeeding. Each email and each vlog keep me on track.
    Thank you Susan.

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  59. Char Hurbert

    I am so glad to have “met” you. You have finally validated what I have know in my heart for years — that there are “foods” that are as addictive as cocaine/heroine. That “we” are not weak people, or lazy, or gluttons. Having gone through my teen years with Twiggy and being an athletic girl of 119 lbs and one of the “bigger girls”, I started dieting at an early age. Not until I had my first child at 26 did I lose the battle with my weight. Although I have successfully lost weight from time to time, I have also gained back that weight and more. I have been following you for a few weeks. You have made sense. You have touched my heart and quieted my soul. At the age of 65 I am so grateful…….hopefully this new journey will help to relieve some of the physical pain of excess weight and arthritis and the emotional guilt every time I open my mouth to eat. Congratulations on your book. I am anxiously waiting to read it. Am signing up for the 14 day challenge today!

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  60. Carole

    I am not religious. I went to church as a child with my parents basically only when we visited my maternal grandparents. I remember singing in the church choir but I don’t remember actually sitting in a church on Sunday except with my grandparents or on Christmas Eve. I’ve always struggled with what I do and don’t believe but I know that I’ve always believed there’s ‘something’ out there. When you said that you decided to believe in whatever was the super god, that made so much sense to me. Thank you and thank you for your sincerity.

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  61. Gereena Valencic

    Susan, that was so very beautiful , you’re an inspiration,thank you
    Can I please suggest a book for you to look at
    It’s called- Andris Tebecis
    Is the Future in Our Hands? My Experiences with Sukyo Mahikari
    May Gods Light be with you x

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  62. Be moore

    Your spirit is why I listen! And have many times since I watched the three biggest mistakes! I think that’s what is was called ??????? It is bigger than BLE yet it begins ……. and on………… thank you!

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  63. Scotty Stumoen

    Bless you Susan and all best wishes for the book launch.
    Am working on my review for
    All the best fra scotty

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  64. Sheila

    Thank you!

    Reply ·
  65. Cindy

    Wow! GOD and his perfect timing! I am a Christian and I have been struggling for quite a while with my eating issues (10 years). I bought your program to do on my own since the boot camp I thought would not work for me due to timing and other issues. This vlog really resonated with me because I believe I am at a turning point and am ready to make some changes. However, my perfectionism and sense of failure along with thinking I have no willpower have prevented me from starting and successfully finishing any food program, and I have every diet book imaginable. I have been struggling for so long and was on the verge of giving up because I just can’t seem to follow through when I discovered you. I bought your program back in October and still have not started it…. I also bought your book and am waiting for it to be shipped to me. After listening to your vlog today I feel that that voice inside my head that told me I am a failure has been replaced by the voice saying I can do this! I think that voice was there all along but I just wasn’t listening to it and I really feel like GOD brought me to you and to this vlog in particular to help me begin my journey to break my bad food habits and get healthy. I have been praying this would happen for a long time…. there are no coincidences and now you are in my life. Praise GOD!

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  66. Emiddio CATALDO

    Thanks for sharing Dr Susan, your analogy regarding the “light” and “lamp”, together with your beautiful explanation of the GOD of all the prophets and ascended masters, really hit home with me. Knowing there is a GOD, as the SOURCE of consciences itself, and that we are beings of light entangled with all energies in the field described so well by Einstein, makes me want to add my light to yours…..may it shine brightly for those in darkness. GOD BLESS.

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  67. Dr Janelle Trees

    Spoken as a true healer — integrated, authentic, a brave bright lift in the zeitgeist. You are welcome at our lesbian atheist dinner table (with your portable scale) anytime. Thank you for letting your spirit shine.

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  68. Robin Gerardi

    Have you ever heard the phrase” You’re a real piece of work”. Well, you are a real piece of work, Gods handiwork. And I mean it in the most complimentary way.You are a testimony of how God works in our lives. I have loved ,worshipped and praised God for nearly 50 years. I’ve also trusted Him. Where I’ve failed is depending on Him and His Awesome power to get me through the simplest things as not eating something I shouldn’t. I had more excuses why I should indulge. I have tried more weight loss programs than I’d care to admit. Even succeeded in some, but was never able to keep the weight off, or should I say, never willing to say “that is not my food” as a way of life. You rang true with me today in so many ways. I am on day 7 of the 14 day challenge and am looking forward to your live stream and book launch. I do not believe in coincidences. I believe BLE came my way because God has finally gotten my attention about what I put in my body. I thank you and I thank God for you. He has such a wonderful plan for our lives, if we would only give Him control. Blessings, Robin

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  69. Karen

    Thank you Susan for your words from your heart. Perhaps this is really how you connect the best. I’ve been following you and listening to your vlogs, have done the 14 day challange with you, and look forward to leisurely reading and absorbing your book. You have a wonderful personality for your mission. Please keep on!!

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  70. Lori Doerneman

    Dr. Susan,
    I just took the 14 day challenge and I had so many aha’s during it.
    First of all, thanks for your vulnerability. You and Brene Brown should hang out.
    I love your real.
    I don’t eat gluten and now I don’t eat sugar. (I had done Whole30 and took sugar out, you helped me understand why “I Don’t Eat Sugar.”) I wrote about you on my blog, Prayer and Duct Tape. I will cut and paste the link if you care to read about yourself and how you helped me in the struggle.

    We adopted one little girl when she was four. She hoards and has fetal alcohol effects. She is now 14 and feels out of control with her sugar. You have given me some valuable puzzle pieces. As a mom, I kiss your feet.
    I also have a ministry that involves porn. No, I don’t make or use porn and I don’t even help people get out. My heart: to educate parents on how to talk to their children BEFORE first exposure. (that age is now, gulp, 8.)
    I have been doing this for five years and guess what? This weekend I started with the science of brain addiction in my presentation. I HAD EVERYONE’s ATTENTION. They were open to the message in a way that has never happened before.
    And Dr. Susan, that’s because of you. So, no matter what happens with this book launch, you are helping a mommy in Kansas in a MYRIAD of ways. Thank you.
    Finally, I have something odd to tell you.
    Perhaps you weren’t really the author of Bright Line Eating. Maybe you were just the proofreader.

    Reply ·
  71. Cathy


    Reply ·
  72. Rachael Peizer

    Awesome Vlog! I have no doubt that I was one of the people whose prayers you were feeling when you received the message to write the book. Sending much gratitude for all you’ve done to to create the Bright Line Eating movement which is truly an answer to so many prayers. I love that you’re realizing that the book might not be the ultimate point of all of this, but just a way to get the movement going. However, I’m super excited to read your book and have no doubt that it will be life changing for those who read it. Much love to you, your team, and all of the Bright Line Eating community.

    Reply ·
  73. Kathy Verschoor

    YOU are the LIGHT. It is not outside you, it is in residence within you – living, breathing and loving through you. You are the embodiment of a prophet. You listened to your spiritual messages and did what you were guided to do, just as those long ago. Through your love, faith and devotion you have given the world a healing gift. Thank you . Much love and continued, exponential success ~ I am looking forward to the book launch.

    Reply ·
  74. Ann

    Bless you… I love you

    Reply ·
  75. Linda

    Thanks for sharing your heart and God bless you for listening and following the light. Can’t wait to read the book.

    Reply ·
  76. Jane Wheeler

    Your dreams have yet to be fufilled, you will win the Nobel Peace Prize! Susan Pierce Thompson, you have brought about true conflict resolution in my life and millions of others. Even greater things are waiting for you, my friend ?

    Reply ·
  77. Liz Palmer

    Thank you so much for sharing you ur soul journey – I had already picked up that you had a real faith of some kind! Continue to follow the light and great things will happen whether it’s what is expected or something entirely other. Would love to come to book launch but I’m in Australia which even makes attending on line a bit difficult. I pray it all goes well and see you on the other side of it ???

    Reply ·
  78. Maitreyi

    Look for the Light deep inside yourself. Like the GS song, this little LIght of mine, I’m going to let it shine. Let that inner Light grow brighter and fuller and stronger.

    I will be with you on the live stream. Anxious to hear your talk. Namaste,

    Reply ·
  79. Judy Bradl

    Oh Susan, such a heart felt Vlog ???? you have so touched my heart. This is why your book is so different from others. You are so real and honest all the time. You are such an inspiration and you touch so many lives. Please feel this hug and God Bless You❤️

    Reply ·
  80. Agatina Saitta

    I just love you Dr. Susan ! You are a true and shining beam of light. I have taken the 14 day challenge on February 16th 2017 and today is my 26th day. Unfortunately, for financial reasons, I didn’t register in the boot camp but I’m still eating like I did on the 14 day challenge….and I read everything you post. You are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Bless you.

    Reply ·
  81. Johannas Jordan

    Dear Susan,
    THANK YOU and thank God that have the courage to name and share your truth! This was profound.

    Reply ·
  82. Donna Stein

    just found you and signed up for the 14 day challenge. I am 42 years sober with a story quite similar. I lost 100 pounds using grey sheet overeaters but have done so twice and have felt totally defeated about ever getting back down to reasonable weight. I am excited to do the challenge. I also am a Bahai with the same challenge .Even Mother Theresa lost her belief in God and of feeling being directed by God in her elder years. The Hidden Words of Bahuallah is about this. I have made my peace after much struggle with not being an active member any longer but I feel the prayers are the best gift given to me. I felt I was given this as a necessity to better understand 12 step programs where I can do more good for me personally.

    Reply ·
  83. Carol Yates

    YOUR JOURNEY IS SO POWERFUL WHEN TOLD!! Much of my spiritual journey is so similar to yours…with the FAT! Yes, FAT leads me to my spiritual self on daily basis. I am so addicted to food and in many situations it is more acceptable to be addicted to drugs than food…fat is not accepted in our society…there is definite discrimination…fat makes you look dumb…fat makes you look unorganized…fat makes you look like a bad mother…fat makes you look like a bad wife…etc. YOU know the discriminations…you have been there. I look forward to your blogs…please use your God-given talents to help us.

    Reply ·
  84. kathryn

    Thanks Susan ! You deeply touched my life in a wonderful way— Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Reply ·
  85. Judith Shill

    At times I have doubted your sincerity ( I’m being honest here!)
    After this video I learned a lot about you . I have to say that you are good in front of a camera talking . You are really VERY sincere and that video was INCREDIBLE!
    However, I don’t think that you should count too much on the book launch! It may blow up , but it may not! I think writing a book solidifies your movement of BLE and makes it more credible ! The book makes BLE more trustworthy . Do not be too disappointed if the book is not a huge success ! I think it was necessary and as word gets around more and more , BLE will grow. Success is not always measured in terms of money . I hope that this is not your end point (money) . Actually , I would love to hear your goals in a vlog !
    Lots of luck but as you said , don’t pin EVERYTHING down to the number of books you sell . The picture may not yet be completed!
    Sending love and light.

    Reply ·
  86. Connie Rickards

    Susan, I so appreciated you finally mentioning your relationship with God! It’s obvious to me that you have a relationship with the Lord. I love how you said, “I am in love with the Light!” He is in love with you too, and His Love radiates through you! I believe that is why people are drawn to you. May He be glorified!

    John 8:12 Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” (New Living Translation)

    Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. (NLT)

    Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation— so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?” (NLT)

    Matthew 5:14-16 “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” (NLT)

    May the Lord continue to BLEss you as continue to walk with Him.

    Reply ·
  87. Dyanna Rieger

    OMG. This was one of the most powerful talks I have ever heard. I had Goosebumps at times. I have no words to express how deeply this touched my soul. “Follow the light, not the lamp”. Yes thank you beautiful Susan! One of my big turning points in life came on March 5th, 2016. Of our I didn’t know it either. Maybe that can be your next book Susan!! BLE turning points. Hugggssss and so much LOVE. I am Sooooooo proud of you and so honored to be in this place at this time with YOU!!!!

    Reply ·
  88. Regina

    Thank you Susan for being so courageous and sharing your very personal journey. You are an amazing person and an incedible inspiration. God never wastes anything we go through, it’s always for a purpose. Try not to overthink your purpose, he is leading you all the way…..enjoy the ride!!! Love & Peace to you Always. ?

    Reply ·
  89. Julie Luetke

    Oh Susan, I have prayed for you daily since I met you on the Food thing by Jon and Ocean Robins. I have prayed to the Light of the world, Jesus Christ. He calls himself the Light of the world, the Bread of life, the Door, the Vine, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Read the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to get to know this God that loves you so. He spared you from drugs to bless thousands and thousands of us who need you. He spared you because He loves you beyond all love you can imagine. I have prayed for your soul to claim Jesus as your one and only God of all gods. So much love to you. I will keep praying that God will bring you to Himself. And about China…I have been to China and Jesus is very much alive there. People are flocking to Him every day.

    PS: I am a Bright lifer from the June 2016 BC. Thank you so much for setting me free.

    Reply ·
    1. Amy


      Reply ·
    2. Tami Rash

      Amen, Julie!

      Susan, you are an amazing woman and have helped so many people. Thank you!
      I feel called to share the same message. I think the purpose of all of this has been for Jesus to bring you to know him. I encourage you to ask the same questions you were asking about Christiany when you were 5, and search for the answers. I know they will lead you to Jesus, the one piece of the mosaic you are missing and the definition of the light.

      I love you dear friend, and will continue to pray for you to expience this last key to freedom and peace, as you have taught me so many others!

      Reply ·
  90. Teressa

    Your book will reach every single person it’s supposed to. So very happy to have crossed your path in this life. Thank you, Susan.

    Reply ·
  91. joan

    Thank you

    Reply ·
  92. Cherie

    I’m not sure what the purpose is, but I am so darn thankful and grateful for ALL of the action your steps have led to. I am not as thin as I want to be YET and I know more happiness is in store but I am definitely FREE of so many negative thoughts that have controlled so many minutes of way too many days for the past 50+ years of my life. I love you and God bless you!

    Reply ·
  93. maretta

    I’ve wondered, too, if maybe the reason you were told to write a book is so that you would start an email list and start the boot camps. Maybe the book was the stepping stone to get to the email list and the boot camps and not the other way around. Either way, you have reached many and your life and mission are full of service and success. I do pray that God would continue to bless you as you have been a blessing. And…I’m excited to get your book and to give my extra copy to my sister (who doesn’t have a computer, so would have no way to do a boot camp).

    Reply ·
  94. Gayla

    THANK-YOU-TO-THE-TENTH-DEGREE! Thank you for deeply sharing your authenticity, for trusting us with that, for taking us on this journey with you.

    Reply ·
  95. Sys

    Just this week I journaled that bright line eating and healing is a part of my spritual journey.

    Reply ·
  96. Andrea

    What else to say but WOW. I won’t pretend to understand this incredible journey or why you fell so completely off the rails but know, Susan, that you have my profound admiration. I am one of the group’s introverts so I have not participated in alot of the social aspects of BLE but I nevertheless consider you my friend.
    Continue your pursuit of the light and all will become clear.

    Reply ·
  97. Gwen

    Thank you for sharing an amazing story. This is so inspiring.

    Reply ·
  98. Barbara

    Wow Susan
    I often feel a personal closeness to you but never more than today. May the universe keep showering us all with divine kisses and may we be open to noticing them. I love you too Barbara. UK

    Reply ·
  99. Maggie

    You are amazing and had me in tears with your story. I am also drawn to the light and not the lamp in my spiritual journey. You are doing such great work! I am so grateful to have found you! All the love in the world to you!❤❤❤

    Reply ·
  100. Kay Robinson

    You are a true leader and a born motivator. Simply amazing, thank you once again.

    Reply ·
  101. deb

    Susan, thank you for sharing your story. It ALWAYS blows me away to hear stories like this where people tell us what happened when they listened to their inner voice & followed the synchronicities that were in front of them each step of the way. Your life & choices have changed the lives of so many people because you listened and acted. Thank you! and talking about synchronicities, I was listening to a lecture in my car this morning on my way to work that spoke of what do to when you feel that you are at a crossroads in life. I get the message!!

    Reply ·
  102. Agrace

    Beautiful story! Synchronicity is one of the most profound experiences…. thank you SO much for sharing your light and gifts with us!

    Reply ·
  103. Lisa Smith-Addiss

    P.S. March 21 is my one year BLE anniversary!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson


      Reply ·
  104. Lisa Smith-Addiss

    Dear One, thank you for this – it is RIGHT ON! Honored and delighted to be part of this journey with you. Getting a book launch party together here in Lansing Michigan! Know we are with you. Loving the light that shines so beautifully through you.

    Reply ·
  105. Patricia Visser

    Oh sweet Susan, a couple of things:
    1. You wrote a book. Much like a pregnancy, the baby is now born. Immediately after you kinda miss being pregnant and hormones are flying all over the place. It’s sad to let go of the pregnancy, but it is oh so joyful to have this new baby, your book. It will grow fast and strong (your movement).
    2. Remember your BHAG? Doing the research so you can convince health insurance companies to cover cost for doing the Boot Camp so it becomes accessible to the poor population who need it the most?
    3. Prayer and fasting are the 2 pillars on which your faith rests. Lose one of the pillars and your faith becomes weak. No matter what keep those 2 Bright Line pillars of faith intact.
    4. Faith means nothing if it does not transform into service. Never forget that you are rendering an enormous service by assisting sick, overweight people and guiding them back to health with your brilliant knowledge that truly shines a light into people’s hearts and minds. Your warm, loving, tender heart has touched us all. Your integrity and honesty is real because you have lived it yourself. I love you my dear and can’t wait to give you a hug next week in New York.

    Reply ·
  106. Russ De Somer

    Thank you! From the bottom of my heart. I really love how you said pay attention to the Light and not the Lamp! So well said.
    14 Day challenge day 2

    Reply ·
  107. Rose Marie Martin

    You are so real so human so inspiring. Thank you for giving us the real you and sharing your soul journey.

    Reply ·
  108. Ruth

    Wow! What a journey God bless you

    Reply ·
  109. Connie Kean

    THIS is why I am coming to your book launch in NYC! THIS. Our spiritual journeys are similar in so many ways. We have much to share, soul sister.

    Reply ·
  110. Lanaya B Baker

    This might be the first time in four decades I have heard someone tell anything close to my story. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly and without shame! It gives me hope.

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson


      Reply ·
  111. janet

    Two life altering books for me were Will Tuttle’s – The World Peace Diet and ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Raw spirituality – not the cleaned up kind sometimes offered by religion.

    Reply ·
  112. janet

    Beautiful – follow the light, not the lamp. Profound. To me, all religions are saying the exact same thing. Love one another as yourself (meaning love (properly) myself first – then the love of others will follow. Love me and you equally , b u t only after I love myself initially. For some of us it is hard to love me. Loving animals has brought me to a spiritual connection. Going vegan was so much a part of myself learning to love. Realizing that all souls are here and we’re all equal and we must not put some ahead of others. Religion (to me) divides – or can divide.
    Thank you Susan for your incredible honesty and the progress you have made in your life and this movement you have initiated. This is such a needed journey for people on our planet, It is magic that you have written a book and I can’t wait to read it. I am grateful!

    Reply ·
  113. Jacky

    We love youuu… I love you..
    I love the idea that “you are in love with the light , not the lamp”
    It works for me in so many levels…

    Thank you thank you thank you.

    Your book is already a success.

    Love from Mexico

    Reply ·
  114. Kate Howe

    Hi Susan, we are so grateful to you too. What courage you have to talk about such a personal journey, which at the same time I personally find incredibly interesting. Your insights are thought-provoking. I’d like to say that BLE has become a part of my own personal journey now, a journey that started about 18 months ago with the “Mindfulness Summit” of Meli O’Brian, and somehow a Facebook link led me to you, and having followed you and BLE since last September another link has led me to “Tapping” and EFT (Nick Ortner, The Tapping Solution) and it all feels like the universe is trying to wake me up and shake me up (and even shape me up..). I feel that it is all a part of a bigger change and awakening in the universe, of which we are all perhaps a part of a big jigsaw as you suggest. It’s all fascinating and inspiring, and just Thank You for being a big influence in this. Wishing you well on your continuing journey and really looking forward to the book arriving. By the way I have previously had emails saying you replied to my comments but have never been able to access them. If you do reply, any chance it could go to my email? Thanks again! Love xxx

    Reply ·
  115. Nickie McIver


    Reply ·
  116. Cheryl

    I’ve known that Light for well over 30 years, it is my rock and foundation. Congradulations on your book. God bless you Susan for being who you are.

    Reply ·
  117. Chrystina Cook

    I am just SO grateful for YOU Susan Peirce Thompson. That you are here on this planet at the same time I am–wow! I am so lucky! THAT is a kiss from the Universe! I will be at the book launch in New York (the venue is in my son’s neighborhood!) and I hope to give you a hug! Love you!

    Reply ·
  118. Lori

    Such a beautiful blog, Susan. About a month or so ago, when you shared about the numbers for the book preorders and were obviously surprised and disappointed, it did occur to me that perhaps this was all really about starting and carrying on the Bright Line eating movement that has 400 and some thousand on the email list! Not to mention all those who have successfully lost their weight and kept it off and the rippling effect of the healing involved. It’s epic. So congratulations on the book, for sure, and truly congratulations on getting clean and sober and your commitment to being a vessel for God as you grow in your understanding that can only truly be experienced. Much love to you.

    Reply ·
  119. Ingrid Taylor

    Susan, I wish I could hug you right now and I hope you feel the love . You’re an amazing woman and I thank God for you in my life♡ God bless!

    Reply ·
  120. Sandie Haskins

    Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story! I believe that God has lead you on this journey to bring hope, healing and restoration to many! You are doing something HUGE that is greatly impacting the world. God’s heart is to “restore all things” and he has called you (and all of us) to do our part. Thank you for listening to God and obeying his voice to allow your journey to impact others in a positive way! I’m a pastor at a Christian church and have been so impressed with the way that God has lead you to see spiritual principles in your research and your insights into science and how God made us. “Take every thought captive to the obedience of God” is one of my favorite verses from the Bible and I feel like that is one part of what you teach in taking control of our thoughts and lining it up with how we move forward in a positive way. I also love your “temptation list” of pray, meditate, lean on friends, gratitude…all Biblical principles. I’m so excited to get your book and learn more. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from me and thousands of others for being so authentic and sharing your life to benefit so many! Love and prayers to you! -Sandie

    Reply ·
  121. Deborah Zafman

    I’m so grateful to you Susan for being such an inspiration. Your openness and honesty allows your light to shine so brightly and you radiate such pure brilliance. I am SO sorry that I’m away traveling next week; otherwise i would have loved nothing more than to be at your book launch supporting you and celebrating this awesome achievement with you in NYC. I’ll be with you in spirit and can’t wait to have the book in my hands! All my love to you!

    Reply ·
  122. Sonya Lyon

    What a beautiful soul you are! Tears as I listened, just want to hug you. Your words are helping the world heal. Who among us can say that?We are so incredibly grateful. Just wanted to let you know how loved and beloved you are and I have no doubt that this incredible book will be a best seller, revered by millions, and taught in every medical university around the world. Susan you are TRULY amazing!!xo

    Reply ·
  123. Maria Christopher

    Susan, thank you for saying you are grateful to us. It is we who are profoundly grateful to YOU, and to the only God there is, by whatever name or none, who guided you through those early treacherous steps of your journey so that you are here now guiding and inspiring so many. I have learned so much about myself and my own mind through the adventures of sticking to the Bright Lines. For me, it’s no longer about losing weight, or even about keeping it off. It’s about the continuing discovery of how minds work, the quirks of my own mind, that now lead me and others to a better life. Yes, Viriginia, there is life after being addicted and fat, and it’s a whole new experience.

    Reply ·
  124. Sylvia

    Hello Susan ,
    I feels so much by your saying . What good movement . Thank you again best of luck with the book you deserve it so much. Xo

    Reply ·
  125. Mike Broderick

    I’ve always been an agnostic(raised catholic but rejected it at an early age due to my sense of logic) but always believed there was a god or source or whatever and at times we tap into it.
    I’m actually amazed how similar our experiences are, crack, weight, promiscuity etc. The main difference is that I still am all these things at 56 years old male who hasn’t grown up.
    Coming across you and one other person has given me a new hope.
    I will continue to work on myself where in the past have given up so many times. I haven’t seen the light at the end of the tunnel but now I keep looking for it believing that it does exist I was ready to throw in the towel and just accept the fact that some people are doomed.
    I no longer believe that due in a large part to you.

    Thank you.

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Thanks for sharing, Mike. I’m moved. I’m with you.

      Reply ·
    2. Shelagh Bradley

      Keep on keeping on, Mike. We’re each a “work in progress”. We’re all on a Spiritual Journey together. One foot in front of the other and all that. I wish you all the best. Peace & Love!

      Reply ·
  126. Jean Paul

    Dear Susan, that was a very touching vlog. Thank you.
    “In love with the light,” you said, and you talked about whether your particular religion continues to serve you. It’s a good question and I have a suggestion.

    My own attitude to religion, in particular, was that I didn’t want any part of it if it meant that non-believers went to Hell. But last year (at age 64) I was led by a friend to A Course In Miracles. Very many people own the book and many, like me, don’t read it for years. But I am now reading the 3 books by Gary R Renard (The Disappearance Of The Universe, Your Immortal Reality, Love Has Forgotten No One) and I suddenly realise that the Course is nothing but a practical guide to help us return to our Source (call it God, if you like) and that the Course is based on experience, not book learning. Experience is something you relate to, Susan, and you already said that you love the light and you have experience of it.

    So, my recommendation to you is not to “worry” about your religion or lack of it, to forgive yourself for that, and to read Gary’s books and see where it leads you. I think you’ll enjoy his style and will, more than once, laugh out loud. (Isn’t laughter what we should have more of?)

    With love. jp

    Reply ·
    1. Linda K.

      Dear Susan, everyday I’m so grateful that you came into my life (a year ago at age 56) and have given me freedom from what seems like a lifetime of food addiction. I love and connect with your spirit and teachings and appreciate you sharing your soul journey with us. I can’t wait for your book to arrive in the mail, and am so excited that after everything that you’ve gone through, your dream is coming to fruition.

      The reason for replying in this section is to thank jp for the book recommendations and to share another: an audiobook by Anita Moorjani titled Dying to Be Me (with forward by Wayne Dyer) who’s near death experience beautifully validates the importance of following your inner light, as you touched upon in your vlog.

      Thank you for being your authentic self and for making the universe a better place. Also, thanks to all who have contributed with their touching comments in this thread. The love for you, Susan, is tangible.

      Reply ·
  127. Mara

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for having the courage to share your heart and your faith journey. You will inspire many with your message and your story. You have definitely inspired me.

    Reply ·
  128. Janet Oettgen

    You bring me to tears with your transparency, vulnerability, and honesty Susan. Thank you for your willingness to share some of the more painful and poignant moments of your journey and for acknowledging the source of your strength! God is my strength also and the journey is not over. My 25 year old son and I are on day 9 of the 14 day challenge. He is seeing more obvious results than am I, but, once again – the journey is not over! Keep doing what you do, and keep following that light!

    Reply ·
  129. Jana

    Brilliant massage.Thans God you are crossing into my life!!Love you Susan❤️

    Reply ·
  130. Nancy

    Thank you for being so honest and personal in telling your story. I needed to hear this today.

    Reply ·
  131. Gigi

    Wow that was absolutely so beautiful!!!! Brought tears to my eyes more than once.
    Love you so much, and so greatful for you doing what you have done for us all.

    Reply ·
  132. Carrie

    So happy to hear about your journey. I have been going through a similar faith issue and it’s reassuring to hear others have gone down that path as well.
    Very excited for your book launch…good luck ❤️

    Reply ·
  133. Liz Murray

    Dearest Susan, maybe you are feeling unmoored with looking for something outside yourself because the real light (of God, the Universe, etc) is the light that is within you, the divine that is within all of us. If your connection to spirit is solid, then all is well. Maybe those structures of the faith you’ve been following aren’t of service any more, and you are ready for the next iteration of who you are becoming, now that the book is being put out to the world. The not knowing can be hard, but it’s an in-between space that we all encounter. Keep on, sweet sister! You are changing lives every day, and I am so grateful to you and how you let yourself be vulnerable to your community. So much love to you!

    Reply ·
    1. Shelagh Bradley

      Beautifully written, Liz! My thoughts are definitely in harmony with yours. So glad that I found the BLE world. Thank you!

      Reply ·
  134. Dale

    I was really moved by this. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I’m struggling! Down 40 pounds but so out of control with my food. Started bright line eating 14 day challenge. This is my 3rd day. It is not easy. Listening to you really does help. Looking forward to your book.

    Reply ·
  135. Boni-esther Enquist

    Thank you for sharing your heart; it was significant that you did this before the launch. You have my prayers on a regular basis. Your vlog led me to remember the statement by Augustine “You have made use for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” Blessings to you and I can’t wait to see you this coming Tuesday evening in NYC!

    Reply ·
  136. Kandi osborne

    Once again you radiate Love and Light. So beautiful, so beautiful.

    Reply ·
  137. David Robbins

    This proves that you can turn your life around ,well done Susan.

    Reply ·
  138. Fatima Asad

    That was beautiful! I have a feeling that one day I’ll tell you myself how it affected me this time of my life ?

    Reply ·
  139. Susan McGennis

    Thanks for your honesty and for all of your efforts to help those who struggle with these issues. Your journey has been amazing and you are an inspiration! Keep at it, Susan!

    Reply ·
  140. Sylvia Dietlin

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing Susan.

    Reply ·
  141. Helen Roberts Spingola

    Your Vlog impressed me soo much couldn’t even spell my own name correctly!!Love you…..

    Reply ·
  142. Jen Todd

    Susan, this vlog session so moved me this morning. Though my journey has been much different, I relate to many of the things you say. Most recently, feeling so lost and despondent, not sure of where to turn, praying for help, you popped up on my FB page with your 14 Day Challenge/Book offer. I signed up for the Challenge after listening to you, on the spot. This is day 5, and I am feeling human again; up off the couch, even cleaned my kitchen yesterday. Yesterday I also signed up for the boot camp; I had been unsure of it, but found one of your alumni on FB, and wrote asking her about the program. Turns out she was an old friend of my sisters, and her experience sold me on starting the program. Connecting with her seemed a sign to me that I was on the right track. Not sure of what the future holds, but quite sure your message was sent to me by God, and that it was my launch into the next phase of my life. Thank you. And can’t wait to get your new book!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Oh Jen, thank you for sharing this. I am so excited that you’re feeling led to do the Boot Camp, and to take baby steps toward a whole new way of living–a whole new life! I’m thrilled for you, and based on the transformations that we tend to see here at Bright Line Eating, I predict very, very good things. 🙂
      So much love,

      Reply ·
  143. Helen R0bers Spingola

    For me, a heartfelt Vlog in every sense. We are with you Susan, all the way and know the Book will be a sensation, as you are to all of us. God bless!!

    Reply ·
  144. Lynda Hahn

    Wishing every bit of love the world can offer Susan …your book launch will be amazing.
    Keep your chin up, and hatever hapoens, happens for a purpose. Loved you from beginning of it all…way back when ???

    Reply ·
  145. Decatur Sinclair

    I watched your vlog this morning. How wonderful that you are so open. The fact that you are willing to share your story is an inspiration to me! Go Bears!

    Reply ·
  146. Jolene

    Wow! Fall in love with the light, not the lamp.

    That certainly resonated with me today. Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Ginny

      And me as well. Brilliant concept!!

      Reply ·
  147. Lynda Hahn

    Brilliant..what else can I say?
    Love you SPT! Xoxi

    Reply ·
    1. Betty

      I agree. Brilliant. Thank you Susan for sharing your journey. I choose to use the term MY SOURCE, or THE UNIVERSE, in order to avoid the stereotype God that organized religion tries to cram down our throats. I so much related to your story. Thank you for your honesty. May your Source continue to rain down blessings on you and BLE.

      Reply ·
      1. Joseph Meyer

        Yes brillant for your sincerity! Religions are all “men-made” so subject to errors, but we humans need some kind of supernatural hold. Luckily BLE is too “bright” and therefore can not become a “religion”. All the best to you!

        Reply ·
  148. Laurie Moore Skillings

    “Kisses from the Universe”!

    Reply ·
  149. Melissa Kerby

    Very cool. We love you too.

    Reply ·
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