Lessons From a Cruise

I just returned from a week-long cruise with my family, during which I experienced some intense lessons and incredible moments of growth. I talk about it all in this week’s vlog.

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  1. Gina Coloni

    I was recently on Royal Carribean and was in the same head space about witnessing all the excess eating around me. It made me so uncomfortable. I couldn’t go to the buffet area and sit at a table while someone next to me had a plate stacked with pancakes , bacon, and several pastries. It made me almost sick . I loved the convince of not having to plan ,prep,cook and clean up . I saught out other ares not so crowded to sit and eat on the promenade. I being a 6 didn’t have difficulty saying no but seeing everyone else eating was the most unpleasant sight that lingured in my head. It was the piles and piles that haunted me. Thanks for the suggestion to bring the scale along . It’s alot harder to stay the coarse having large families. I give you lots of credit for not bailing on your self and still considering the happiness of the rest of your family. You found the balance and stuck to it. Yay woo woo.

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  2. Deb

    I have been on several Disney cruises and every cruise offered a buffet on the top deck for a causal dinner. They also offered a standard alternatives in the dining room nightly such as steamed broccoli.

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  3. proxy list

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  4. Janice

    I just returned from a cruise yesterday. It was for days 16 to 27 and I am very pleased that I did not cross a bright line. If I did it was not intentional. As time went on I learned lots about how food is made, especially sauces and dressings. There were temptations were everywhere but I knew if I had some dessert I would be in the rabbit hole. In the buffet, staff served all the food so I eyeballed portions. May have been too much, or too little, at times but managed to avoid the biggie sugar and flour foods.

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  5. Jessica

    Seems like all your good intentions were not supported on this cruise. You didn’t want to use technology, but then realized you had to power up your phone for external support. You almost binged on chocolate because it was all around you. I realize as a wife and mother you need to bend, but it seems like this cruise environment caused you distress. I love your outlook on this experience in terms of the lessons learned but why go back to the same environment when you already learned from it.

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  6. Bridget

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. We are planning this year’s vacation and had considered a cruise, but I don’t trust myself enough yet to brave the myriad cruise food options. We are going to rent a little secluded cabin in the mountains where we can enjoy nature and prepare our own BLE meals. I’m a baby beginner (just finished the 14 day challenge and teetering on the brink of boot camp!), and this seems like the best option for my success at this time. I would love to go on a cruise, but next year!

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  7. Pamela

    Boy that was intense and depressing.

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  8. Kimberly

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing your experience. You are such an inspiration and blessing! As a fellow mother of young kids, I find that my most challenging moments come around family meals and activities. If I could live in a bubble, I’d be just fine… but that’s not real life. I truly appreciate you sharing your real life story and solutions! You’ve given me hope as well as tangible solutions.

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  9. Rosemary Seymour

    I went on a cruise with my family and chose the healthy options – fruits and salads were amazing. I
    upped my exercise because I had more leisure time and was doing it for fun rather than calorie burning. There were classes I’d never tried before like Zumba and Pilates. At each port we found a local beach where I swam and my son and I took part in a cycling trip which was fun. I also got to the top of the climbing wall! Mealtimes were ridiculous with 9 courses but we played charades and got very giddy. I did find it harder near the end – those deserts are there for the taking! But it can be done. We also asked our room maid not to leave chocolates on the bed as I was allergic. Nmf was consumed but I am human and got right back on track. It’s a great way to travel and the music and entertainment was stunning.

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  10. pam rodrigue

    Please unscribe me from your list . Thank you.

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  11. Barbara Hirschfeld

    Why the hell would you choose to be on a cruise and planning the next one???
    sounds like a nightmare.
    glad you’re back home.

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  12. Maria Harris

    Dear Susan,
    You made it back without eating compulsively, Hooray! ‘Was praying for you and waiting for this blog, It’s hard to imagine someone as mentally and physically active as you in a designed, constrained, and food-focused cruise world. I’m so glad you reached out to the tribe. I’m grateful to you for seeing a need and nurturing it into BLE! Thank-you. The daily accountability calls, for instance, are a critical contact and tool for my recovery. Emotionally and socially, I’m on the other end of the continuum as an introvert. Your experiences help me consider the other side of picture and to take positive risks when needed.
    ‘Love you, your staff, house leaders and all
    BLE. And, bless your husband.

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  13. Serena

    Ms. Peirce Thompson, you are so wonderful. I do not follow your bright line eating plan (I follow Dr Morse) but I get and enjoy your vlogs. Watching this one I am compelled to send this to say that your insight, honesty, and openness is so unbelievable and beyond compare. You put yourself right out there and put words (and with such clarity and eloquence) to what a million of us may feel and make us feel better by seeing you just putting yourself out there with it, all of it without pretense, and with great wisdom. I do pretty good eating a mostly raw diet without issue because I know I feel so much better – but I have had moments where I have been out to eat with my family and had to go to the bathroom and cry because it was sooooooooooooooooooo overwhelming and hard. It’s so inspiring to know we can all be in this together- humbled and bare – and teach as well as learn from each other. Bless you!

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  14. Shelley Straughan

    Susan, I am so thankful for your openness and honesty about your own journey! The timing of the sharing of your cruise lessons couldn’t have been any better suited to what I needed this week!

    I am (fingers crossed) at the end of the roughest two weeks in my 18 months of Bright Line Eating. I believe it was triggered by the starting of a new supplement which is advertised as having no sugars or sweeteners, but with “natural flavors” as the first ingredient, I should have known better. I had just completed the 14 day Challenge and had dropped another 4 pounds to my new, lower goal weight before starting the supplement and slowly but surely running off the rails. I am now back up to the weight pre-Challenge, but remain confident that my brain can get back into the right neural grooves (if that is the right wording) and the craziness will continue to dissipate over the next days until I’m solidly back to being “happy, thin and free”. I crave the effortless I know is awaiting me if I will just resume and let my body and brain lead the way.

    Love you oceans and bunches!

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  15. Kathy

    Thanks for your honesty and enlightenment on your vacation. I know exactly what you were talking about, and it encouraged me to do better on my vacations. I hate vacations. I could just stay at home and be happy! But it doesn’t seem to matter whether I take a vacation or not, food and even the thought of food is not far away. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement , it surely help me!

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  16. Donna Marie

    I’m new here and I’ve thought many times that no one on the planet struggles like I do with food and ALL aspects thereof. Sadly, but in a good way, I realize that you DO get me. You DO understand and live with the exact same brain as I do! This is mind boggling to me. THANK YOU for being SO real. The real deal. The live-r of the disease AND the solution. I’m so grateful to have found you. <3

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  17. Catriona

    Hi Susan, you are such a people person, that the abrupt change, not being in contact with your tribe, triggered a type of panic attack. Have you thought of contacting the cruise line and offfering free seminars, while you are vacationing. Just talking about the brain’s reaction to food would be very interesting to a lot of people, and would take away your sense of isolation, and give you support of a different kind. Mind over matter. I’m sure when you’re in teaching mode you’re very self aware, and that you are helping people, so will get great satisfaction., and yet you’d still have most of your day to enjoy the time with your family.

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  18. Sandi Cather

    I have always loved cruising. I guess I do not have the addiction that some folks have. I work very hard to stay with my Bright Lines. And on cruise ships, I love the fresh vegetables and I love the fresh fruit. I think the food is always amazing. But I don’t vary from my food plan. I hope people know how they would be affected in these scenarios. I am not tempted to binge whatsoever. Just thankful for all the good food available. Even before Bright Lines, when I was a lot heavier than I am now, I never binged. So my place is different than many others, I understand. God bless you all. So grateful for Bright Line Eating.

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  19. Kate Simpson

    Absolutely brilliant to watch and hear Susan. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Xx

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  20. Riadh

    If that would happen to me, i would examine my relationship with my God
    Stay away from so called free food

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  21. Denise

    I know you hear it all the time, Susan, but thank you for your transparency! You give us help and hope.

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  22. Roberta

    I wish I’d heard this before I went on my 1st cruise, only 2 weeks into my Boot Camp in Oct 2016! This is the kind of info I was looking for. Now I know whereof you speak! I did make it through that cruise without going to the sugar & flour, & my weight was the same when I got home as when I left – phew!

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  23. georgie

    Cruises are designed for people who wants to EAT 5 star at every meal and the midnight buffet. I used to be on cruises every year for 8 years Howhen late husband was alive.
    He just enjoyed being a glutton, excuse was poverty as a child. I learned the one thing that good about cruise is that you UNPACK once unlike staying at hotels for multiple destination. Since I began vegan……….I have NEVER gone on a cruise in 20 years now, although the Holistic Holiday at Sea Vegan Cruise sponsor by PCRM sounds enticing, but then, that not my thing anymore………….Eating……..I’m planning and saving for Wildlife adventures……….like Polar Bears etc. where the money goes to saving Wildlife habitats…………….Focus is learning and conservation……..not EATING meals where chefs uses herbs to make dead animal taste good.

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  24. Michelle

    I went on a 7 day cruise with my Mother 4 weeks after I started the March 2016 bootcamp. We managed extremely well. I did not break my bright lines aside from one diet coke one time. My Mother was also eating really well. We had the option of buffet for every meal but we chose to sit down for dinner. As Susan says in her Vlog, its a case of ordering carefully.
    I wasn’t sure I could do it – WE DID IT !! Focusing on other aspects of the cruise took my mind off the food.

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  25. AR Mooney

    Wow .. your time sounded like a tourcher .
    . So sorry to hear your story . I went on a
    60 day cruise circumnavigated. South America and
    Ended the 60 days 4.5 pounds less than I
    I think you entered the experience non prepared .
    I went on board with a plan… my schedule .. my work out routine. I enjoyed power walks in the middle of the ocean
    on the top deck ., understanding that the enemy was very present . My audio coaching and abs workouts where on hand . I sat every night at a beautiful dining experience after telling my server the first night that I wanted all my veggies steamed , all sauces on the side . I took a looked at the dinner menus every late afternoon. and was so excited to order in an acertive manner. I decide not to attend the afternoon strawberry delight special event. I was not present at the
    Chocolate extravaganza midnight showcase. I do admite
    attending the champange caviar sunset happening twice and enjoyed it .
    I am getting ready now for a 29 day cruise to Alaska
    Vía Miami in May , and I will take my technology , my walking shoes ,and my first day help request speech to my assigned dinning room server.

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  26. Sarah

    Wow, thank you for this! I have cruised many times and I will be cruising again in a few weeks. I have had similar experiences with the anger and negativity when surrounded by excess as well as the 4ish day success followed by binging. I love your points and hope to have more success on the next cruise!

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  27. Sylvia

    Susan , I feels that you are a very good good friend that I count on . Telling us the whole true .. And you are amazing !!!!! I just love you . You are a person of so much love to share like . You are on your mission . Bravo bravo

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  28. Elaine Williams

    Thank you for this! I had the same experience on the cruise that I went on. It felt so “addictive” between the eating, drinking, smoking and gambling….
    and no one showed up for the meetings…I was newly sober so it was really really hard….thank you for validating my experience.
    So great about staying connected!

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  29. Vicki Henshaw

    Holy cow! Words escape me I feel so bad for you that you undergo such distress. The best part of your Vlog was when you described waking up in the morning feeling so good about the fact that you did NOT give in. I know the feeling you felt and I think it’s one to cherish and remind ourselves often of, especially when you already know in your head that you are planning to eat “not our food”. I tend to forget what to do when in distress (I’m a newbie BLer in the boot camp) but that is a Great One… Just focus on and think about ‘the morning’ and how you want to feel.

    I see someone has suggested EFT or Tapping and it’s really excellent and I have recently come across an enthralling & powerful woman by the name of Mel Robbins. If you have an opportunity this interview is truly AWESOME and is literally changing my life. I now incorporate this 5 second rule into my Bright line eating program and it works wonders. You and she have a huge amount in common. Here is a link to the You Tube Interview she did with Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory. It’s brilliant and she has just launched Her new book too. She is all over You Tube and is quite renowned but listen to this interview. I hope I’m not overstepping and that you feel as empowered as I do. https://youtu.be/LCHPSo79rB4

    Congratulations by the way… you are our Leader and we all believe in you. Big Hugs.

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  30. Robin Aronson

    Susan is brilliant. She has explained the idea about food addiction so clearly.

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  31. Deb

    Susan so much research and lessons. You came out being unstoppable with a plan for the future bGreat Work!!

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  32. Leslie

    I have never understood the appeal of a cruise ship. Why anyone would want to be stuck on an over-commercialized boat, with thousands of people, disgusting amounts of food, and no nature is beyond me. If you must do anything Disney, consider the parks. At least you can leave the park and go eat wherever you want, away from all the insanity. I don’t know why Disney believes there must be an endless supply of food. Isn’t there enough of an obesity epidemic? I’ve never been on a cruise, and the thought alone grosses me out, so I completly understand your stress.

    Bravo to you for getting through it gurl!

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  33. Christine

    Hi Susan,
    Have you tried EFT or tapping to eliminate the emotions we have programmed in our brains? It is a really great tool. I recently discovered it and find it magical in reducing those negative messages we all have..Thank you for being you..
    XX Chris

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  34. Heather Marino

    Thanks Susan. Food addict or not your honesty is inspiring and powerful in its impact. Well done!

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  35. Viv

    I absolutely hated cruise ships and I swore I’d never ever be in one again. There’s only all you can eat poisonous foods, French fries, hot dogs and processed foods and fried everything else, ice cream all you can eat machines and it made me very anxious and irritated. For me even though I can try to see the positives everywhere, like you said, , I just could not and decide that cruise ships are not a good place for -me to be. I find them binge invitations. They’re very challenging and good for you that you made it through!

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  36. Deb from Canada

    Hi Susan,
    We have a buddy in our Mastermind group who is a belter skelter artist. She has given up on BLE because of her lifestyle. She hasn’t slept in 3 weeks because of an upcoming exhibition. She would KILL us if she found out we’ve been discussing getting you onboard to help her! Would you just do one of your surprise calls to her? That may just be the inspiration she needs to get back on track. Please email me to get her name & number. Thank you in advance:)

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  37. Michele

    Thank you for being so real so that we all can feel freedom to say what is truly so!

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  38. Jennifer Hyslop

    My daughter damaged her thyroid by eating soy and oats and ended up with Graves. Soy is very hormone-y and upset her endocrine system. Gluten damages the thyroid. The gluten in oats is called avenin. The gluten in corn is called zein. Dr. Peter Osborne has set up The Gluten Free Society, http://www.GlutenFreeSociety.org or call toll free 1-800-680-4559. Dr. Osborne is considered to be the world authority on gluten. People with thyroid issues should do no gluten whatsoever, which means no grains whatsoever. Oats is often cross-pollinated with wheat by the bees. Dr. Peter Osborne says that ALL grains have gluten, even rice. The only rice that does not have gluten is wild-rice and that is because wild-rice is not part of the rice family. A yummy alternative for breakfast is buckwheat porriage. The buckwheat is kibbled, broken up. I buy it like that – Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal Creamy Buckwheat, manufactured Milwaukie/Oregon. Soak one-quarter cup of the kibbled buckwheat in three-quarters cup water plus one-sixteenth teaspoon salt. Leave overnight. Cook gently in the morning. With wild-rice I put half cup wild-rice in one cup water and soak in refrigerator for at least 8 hours then cook super super gently till there is no water left in the saucepan.

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  39. Lydia Hands

    Congratulations on making it thru. Great lessons and thankyou for sharing. Invaluable information
    Action for when we next go on a cruise.

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  40. S B

    My heart goes out to you Susan! In retrospect! I’m so glad you reached out & got what you needed from your support system!@! Thanks for telling us about it.

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  41. Marti Walker

    Wow ! Great vlog Susan. I did a 8 day cruise ( without kids) 16 days on eating bright lines . I almost waited to begin but figured I’d dive right in and although my lines might be slightly grayed in the cruise environment I’d be ahead of the game compared with alternative . Surprisingly it went so very well for me . I did committ getting on the ship I’d stick to 3 meals a day , no sugar no flour . I
    Planned on having wine at dinner and a cocktail here or there , not sugary , but would be at dinner . I felt really good at the end of the week and I too felt a bit overwhelmed watching the amount of food and drink consumed by fellow passengers . Cruises can surely be a glutton’s paradise . But I proved to myself if I could d do the plan then I’d be successful . I did not weigh for another six weeks but I’ll tell you I came home lighter for sure .

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  42. Aron

    Amazing how the mind tricks us into eating. We experience everything via our thoughts. And even addictions happen via our thoughts. If we don’t take our thoughts so seriously that reality from that thought won’t have us under its spell. But yes,it can be very challenging.

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  43. Diana

    It’s fabulous that you are willing to share so candidly and a little scary too… that you struggle still to maintain your bright lines. Wow. Awesome job :0

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  44. Nancy Gould

    The way Bright Line Eating is growing so rapidly , maybe by next year there will be a daily “Friends of Susan” meeting in the mornings on the cruise!

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  45. Bonnie

    You are the best!!!!

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  46. Maryellen

    Susan, I’m just finishing week 2 but I’m also 21 years sober so I’m familiar with the way addictions get into the head and honestly, your blog is really timely because I’m going to be traveling for a month in May and another month in July and I’m terrified that I’ll relapse. I really have to think of my food issues the same way I do alcohol. I can’t drink like other people and I can’t eat like other people. My problems in the past revolved around thinking I could or feeling deprived. I’m hoping that by the time my travels start I’ll be a little stronger in terms of wrapping my mind around this. Once I’m sugar free those cravings go away but I’m still really tempted by the crunchy and salty fried foods.
    Anyway, thanks for this very timely vlog.

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  47. Donna

    Hi Susan, I love listening to you. Your self awareness and honesty is so helpful.. You are an example to all of your BLE family, everything is from the heart and with that you can’t go wrong. Thank you for everything you do. I will see you in NYC 3/21 for your book launch.

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  48. Laura

    Well done well done well done!! Amazing that you made it past those hurdles and you are such a wonder to share so genuinely and from the heart. I am not part of the BLers but I listen to your blog each week as you always have something wise and powerful to say and done with such a beautiful nature. Thank you so much for what you give to us/your community, we could do with a lot more lovely ones like you in our world and in our lives for sure! With much love and gratitude xxx ps your point about needing support really resonated with me ☺️

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  49. Janet

    After hearing your weekly vlog I was thinking how great a BLE cruise would be but then I thought, “Nah” a retreat in a natural and beautiful setting would be better. With meditation and yoga/stretching classes, cooking/meal prep demo’s, nature walks and lots of support from the BLE community.
    I am ready for the Bright Line Eating retreat and it’s only a dream in my head, at least right now. So, Susan, have you considered doing a retreat for all your loyal followers? Sign me up if you do. Keep up the good work and congrats on surviving the cruise. I can only shudder to think how much courage and strength that trip took.

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  50. Kara

    Susan… I have been boot camping for 6 weeks. Every Tuesday when the modules get released I am affirmed by the videos.. the vlog is also a treat for me. Getting the real life stuff from you means everything to me… I love your real human relations, your truth, and your support is invaluable. I have learned so much about myself from listening to what you have learned about you!!! Don’t ever think your value is immeasurable!!!

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  51. Colleen

    Thank you for the confirmation that we all need daily commitment and focus to this healthy lifestyle, one meal and temptation at a time. In addition to address that we don’t eat that food, the portion part was re-emphasized which is important. I think you should go on lots of adventures to address possible temptations we all may face so that’s for the cruise tips. I think we also need to train our significant other to help be a support team as well. You certainly brought up so many good concerns to address and how to deal with them so thank you, thank you, thank you..

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  52. sue

    Going in to the lions den! Daniel in the Bible did it but he had support didn’t he? 🙂

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  53. Johnson

    I have always avoided cruises because of the food experience. The gluttony and the hands all over the food at the buffet degrade the eating experience for me. I don’t enjoy watching unhealthy people gorging themselves and getting drunk. I also feel like the herd mentality on the excursions would be depressing for me.

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  54. Gill Kay

    Brilliant vlog, thank you so much!

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  55. Mary Kathryn Johnson

    YES! I love this honesty and transparency, Susan!
    I have no desire to go on a cruise, and I agree that peace is found for me in the wild places of our planet!

    Thank you for sharing your experience, and for, again, helping us all stay “sane” in our lives and our food!

    Enjoy the Journey!

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  56. Susan

    You did amazing! I know I am not ready for a cruise! Perhaps in the future a Bright Line Cruise??? I could do that. What really stuck with me in this Vlog is the statement “that no one wakes in the morning regretting NOT bingeing the night before”. Thank you for this share.

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  57. Ronna Berezin

    I still think that you have been doing this eting thing too many years for you to keep calling it an eating disorder . Though food appears to be the obvious culprit( the one you talk abot and obsess over … the food is a substitute for another problem ( for lack of a better word) that you have not addressed … ever! Hoping you don’t talk your way out of this thought bc. you are very goid at usingyour language skills to actually subvert your thinking and resultant behavior. This comment is made with all due respect for your honesty and good intentions.

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  58. Sue O.

    Wow…thank you Susan for sharing your experience. I took so many great lessons from the video. It occurred to me that I was falling into that vortex you spoke of and letting the political scene of today alter my reality. I won’t bury my head in the sand but I have decided to stay aware, call my representatives and do my part. But i refuse to let the powers that be alter who I am and steal my joy. THANK YOU for opening my eyes to the dangers of focusing on the negative. I resolve to work towards the positive in all areas of my life. Your experiences are priceless, and I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there for us to learn.
    Blessing to you and your family.
    Sue Olsen
    Blifer from boot camp 10/16
    <3 <3 <3

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  59. Mari

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you for sharing this experience and your inspiring thoughts and observations. The cruise ship environment is not ideal if one is
    trying to live a healthy life [food wise] it would seem. But there is also that pressure from everyone else who does not [ul] care about
    their body health: essentially “You’re on vacation, it’s OK to binge a little.” You should be commended for realizing that what you needed
    to do to pull out of the “rabbit hole”: well done! Big blessings to you! Carry on!

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  60. Terry N.

    Thanks a million Susan for another wonderful vlog! Great insight and tips for traveling. I totally agree that connection is super important at all times, especially while traveling!

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  61. Eva

    Thank you so much for your honesty, Susan! I finished the 14 day challenge and did really well and yesterday went out for brunch, did ok until I was surrounded by “not my food” items and those thoughts came into my head and I ate something I know I should not have had….so of course the guilt hit me last night and today I am back to my BLE! Daily struggles are just that and thank you for showing me that after all your years of BLE you still have those issues with food! I only wish I could experience the boot camp, but it is not in my budget! Thank you for sharing!!!

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  62. CarolynfromCanada

    So happy that you reached out to your peeps and was able to absorb the massive support you received to avoid an aweful binge. Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing with us — what a great role model you are, Susan. And, this vlog came just in time because I’m about to do a 4-hour flight to met my BLE Buddy, Joanne, and this is the first time I’ve travelled since starting BLE in Oct., 2015. Great friendships come from this lifestyle, don’t they? Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Cindy. You are adored!! Lots of love to everyone,
    PS. Your hair looks great! You look amazing!!
    PPS. 3-weeks till your book and brand new journey to go — OMG!!

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  63. Bebe

    Susan- I was in the travel business for many years and am also a mom with kids who has been on the Disney Cruises. Suggestion for you; try a Club Med for families…I think it might be a good alternative for your family. Thanks for your VLOGs. xo

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  64. Susan

    Maybe we need a BLE Cruise!!

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  65. Susanne

    Dear Susan,

    maybe my thinking is too simplistic here, but from what you share: is it really a good ideas to go on these cruises at all…?

    Best wishes & very gratefully yours

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  66. Dyan McMILLER

    Sounds like this was the first cruise you’ve been on and probably should be your last. There are many wonderful alternatives to cruising and a lot more fun.

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  67. Patricia Visser

    Ooph, I can feel your relief. You rock lady. The brilliant system you designed plus the support system that comes along with it is working. So glad you used it yourself. Awesome! Can’t wait to give you a big hug in NY at the book launch at Naw Ruz. Have a wonderful Fast. Love ya!

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  68. Maitreyi

    My first weekly blog. Amazing self-insights. You went and reached out to our BLE support. You are the best role model we could have. Thanks for sharing.

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  69. Maria Christopher

    Thank you for the powerful reminder that eating battles can rage inside our heads, even when we’re sticking to bright lines. The mental battles you described that can verge on a “plan” to binge feel even harder to fight than resisting the temptation of some sweet thing. I will KNOW positively I do not want the sugar or flour (baked goods were my death) but at times mental pictures of food keep attacking me (particularly those involving chocolate). I find I will have to go outside the parameters of food itself to uncover the underlying thing that is bothering me. (As you recognized that the negative filter was turned on full blast.) I am grateful to know and to be reminded that awareness of subtle influences inside the head can keep the battle from spreading outside (and spreading the hips). Like you have expressed at the end of today’s Vlog, I am always so grateful each morning when I’ve survived a head battle from the day before. I’m especially grateful for your sharing these powerful learning experiences with all of us.

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  70. Brenda Kelly

    Love this true admission of need for ongoing support, even from you, the one who knows the most!! Makes it so real for me

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  71. Amber

    I so get what you’re saying. I’m in Vegas right now and struggling to find good clean healthy food along the strip. It’s all SAD!

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  72. Juanita

    Thank you thank you thank you! I am amazed to see each day that there is understanding of what my mental challenge is at that place in time !! I’m in 14 day challenge with a cruise coming up and was panicking on how to handle the food. One question, outside if the 14day challenge, are the food portions the same quantity ? Just nervous.

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  73. Melisa

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Loved everything you talked about. I have experienced some of the same issues while on vacation and relying on others for food choices. Learning from your fail to plan, plan to fail video as well as all of your honest experiences. I so appreciate that you share your struggles because it reminds all of us that the struggles are going to be there but we can overcome.
    Thanks again!

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  74. Tina

    I also wonder why you would ever go back on another cruise. I can’t imagine a more abhorrent surroundings for a nature girl (as I am).
    Best vacation ever? Sailing in the Caribbean on a charter boat . It can’t cost more than what you spent for 5 ppl on a cruise!!

    The best tool I got from this was your saying,” No one ever woke up in the morning wishing they had binged last night!” I am a 10+++ on the addiction scale, with my latest best accomplishment being 4 yrs of no alcohol. Of course I thought I’d lose weight when I quit drinking but I replaced that addiction with food. I woke up almost everyday wishing I hadn’t opened another of wine. My goal is to rid myself of the same self destructive behavior with food.

    Reply ·
  75. Kathleen Floor

    Susan, I knew you looked familiar. I met you on the cruise! I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing (although, you know that!). We had a long talk one morning and you truly inspired me to take better care of myself and my sobriety.

    I stayed on the ship at most ports. My children and husband did the jeep rentals and exploring that way. I was happy to just sit and read.

    Thank you again for spending time with me and helping with some of the confusion I had with the program I’m currently in. I’m so glad I’ ve been following you and saw this vlog today!! Kathleen

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      KATHLEEN!!! I will remember our talk in that precious “Outlook” room forever and ever. It so buoyed up my spirit. I never imagined our paths would cross again–it seemed like such a one-off thing. How totally amazing to see your comment here and to be back in touch with you! Lots and lots of love.

      Reply ·
  76. Linda

    Thanks so much for sharing your heart. You are a beautiful person. I am so fortunate to be a part of your weekly vlog. Thank God for modern technology. Being in my 70s, I feel the strength of love and oneness through your openness to all of us, with a power I could never have imagined experiencing.

    Reply ·
  77. Emily

    As wise Zen teacher Cheri Huber says, “Only something that is not supportive of you would want you to take a break from what takes care of you”.

    Reply ·
  78. Nancy Houghtelin

    So many people go on cruises for the main purpose of binging….and trust me they get their money’s worth in food alone! Thats reality no matter what angle your perspective is from. Sadly it is not surprising that the average weight gain on a week long cruise is eight pounds. Cruiselines focus on indulgences because that’s what sells. Honestly I don’t think cruises are the ideal vacations for food addicts. However if you plan on doing another next year you won’t be surprised on how people behave around ubiquitous high fat…high sugar
    High calorie food. Re the lack of nature…..try an Alaskan cruise

    Reply ·
  79. Cr

    Susan, l am an introvert, but l thank God you are an extrovert. I learn so much from you and the way you share your process with us. Bless you during this, your Holy Week . You are a magnificent leader. So glad you got through your week with such victories!

    Reply ·
  80. Monica Hunter

    Very interesting Susan! Your take on cruising is a great help to me and I am sure many others. I will be on a cruise this summer and was dreading it mainly because they make eating such a big part of the entire experience. Your comments will be of tremendous help in getting me prepared for the inevitable. Needless to say, you handled it like a trooper. Congrats and thanks again for sharing.

    Reply ·
  81. Ann

    I appreciate the clarity, the way you break things down. I’m going on a vacation soon, and your insights are so helpful in planning my strategy for staying sane and on track. Thank you for what you do, Susan!

    Reply ·
  82. Carpediem76

    We went on a cruise out of the same port last week. It was Oasis of the Seas by RC. It is super kid friendly, has buffet options for dinner time as an alternative to the dining room, has an amazing gym and outdoor track and has a Central Park area that is absolutely AMAZING if you love nature. I experienced many of your same thoughts, but was able to keep on track, thank God. A saying from one of my favorite teachers rang in my head the whole week,
    “be an example of what is possible.” You are super accurate in your feedback! Thanks for the share.

    Reply ·
  83. id

    Thanks for sharing.

    Reply ·
  84. Susan McLaughlin

    Susan, it sounds like you are not a cruise person. Why are you going again? You could have a nice family vacation at a dude ranch or a ski resort. You could go to Sandals where’re you’d have more control over your food. I mean, really, how much of a family vacation is it when Mom’s in the cabin eating dinner alone.

    If you like nature, look for the zip line excursions. You don’t get much more nature than that! My grandsons loved zip lining. Also look for excursions that are in ATVs. Those are for real jungle turrain. We chose these excursions in Alaska and the Western Caribbean. Also, if your girls are good swimmers, snorkeling is fun.

    Fortunately, I love cruising. And I have a saying, “Bright lines end at the waters’ edge.” I’m not a binger, and I enjoy some of the desserts and I especially enjo tea every after.noon. I never have trouble rebooting when I get on land. The bright lines are right there, bright as ever. We do note the excesses on the ship. We are on a cruise line that is more focused on old people like us, but we notice people do drink a lot. Yet every morning the gym is packed and there are people who walk the deck throughout the day. I keep my weight in check by taking the stairs everywhere I go, except on formal night. And I don’t binge, I enjoy.

    I hope you won’t have to subjct yourself to another vacation you don’t enjoy. We are going to Newport for our family vacation this year. Maybe you’d enjoy the beach. Maine and NewHamshir e have beautiful beach towns.

    Reply ·
    1. Carpediem76

      love this! very true…

      Reply ·
      1. Debbie

        Club Med Ixtapa would be a great compromise for you and your husband. We’ve been like 8 times. No cooking, cleaning, beautiful food, nature, great energy, kids activities galore.

        Reply ·
    2. Roger

      As a part of a family, I realize that I need to compromise on vacations. I wouldn’t enjoy a cruise much, but my wife would really would. So we’ll be going on a cruise at some point in the spirit of being together when she’s really enjoying herself.

      Life in a family isn’t always about oneself, it’s also about what the other person (and children, too) wants to do and will really enjoy. And being with them when they’re enjoying it, even if you don’t have a great time.

      Just a thought

      Reply ·
    3. Shari

      Interesting to read “Bright lines end at the water’s edge.” I guess all who follow this eating program aren’t food addicts like I am. My addiction does not go away when I cross state lines. Once I get “desserts” that have sugar and flour in them, I’m off and running like a cocaine addict who is going to just “do one line” because they are on vacation. If I could “enjoy, not binge” I would not need bright lines eating.

      Susan it sounded to me like you enjoyed your vacation. I like your compromises for next year. With a big family, it takes some creative compromise to allow everyone to have a great time. Dinnertime will be a wonderful opportunity for your kids to have some grandmother time or dad time. It’s so good to hear from another food addict who struggles as i do and fights the good fight. Just because you dealt with your addiction to certain foods doesn’t mean you subjected yourself to a vacation you didn’t enjoy. I am trying to learn to address my addictive eating in any situation I am in. It’s not the vacations fault I am a food addict. Nobody’s fault 🙂 My responsibility to do the right thing by myself where it is concerned.

      I am happy for those who can enjoy not binge. I used to feel very judged by people who were like that and didn’t seem to understand addiction.It helps so much to be able to communicate with people who are like me, helping me find my own way through this and giving up the notion I can enjoy just one dessert. I’m not wired that way.

      I’m so grateful there is a healthy solution for my issues with food.

      Reply ·
  85. Heidi

    Very interesting! I am going on a cruise in June to Bermuda and I have been so worried that it will put me over the edge. I love when you say to “know thy self”… so true. It’s also nice to hear that you also felt the negativity from others being so unhealthy and overindulgent. I find that is a complete turn off for me these days and it’s just nice to know that it would be wise to go in knowing I feel that way, but maybe consciously looking for the positives to steer my mind in the other direction. Thank you for this vlog, it was very helpful.

    Reply ·
  86. Janet Amos

    Very helpful information Susan. I just got back from a beach vacation in Cuba, and the meals were almost always buffet . It was two weeks of looking at some NMF every meal, and I was fine for about four days or so, and didn’t have any alcohol at all. Was up 2.6 pounds when I got back, and dealt with that quickly. Most or the time I made really good choices, but before bLEating, I would have Eaten with no thought to Heathy eating, so thank you for the only way I have been able to lose and control my weight ever in my life!

    Reply ·
  87. Hallie Micali

    Really powerful message Susan. Pretty scary that the sugar still calls you after all these years. I know that’s the nature of addiction but I do hope your brain can fully recover from the seduction. Of food. I know I personally have a long way to go. However I know it’s possible since I no longer crave (or even think about) cigarettes which were problematic for decades.

    Reply ·
  88. Mj Kress

    This vlog is definitely being noted in my journal for reference – right along with your Eating Out boot camp module!

    As always – thank you for your integrity about reporting your goings-on about food on the cruise – even the scary, ugly, awful bits. Because that’s what trips so many people up – the idea that once we’ve decided on a particular course of action we have to stick to it even when it’s become obvious that it is NOT going to work despite our best efforts. I learned LONG ago that planning offers me the opportunity to respond rather than to react, and sometimes that means a mid-course correction in order to avoid disaster.

    I’m glad that you avoided the binge and the detox that follows, and that you’ve discovered the difference between “working” and “staying connected to your peeps”.

    Love you…

    Reply ·
  89. Sophie

    Oh Susan, you are so honest, so genuine. as always. I agree 100 %. I have been on a week long all-inclusive trip and did not buy the wifi package, which I thought was a good idea to really enjoy my vacation… I also had the same negative feelings about overconsumption of NMF and NMD all around me, etc. Buffet for me was the hard part. After being proud of myself for the first couple of days, I found myself slowly planning to go end up in the desert section… and finally ended up there after day 4. Lessons learned! I’ll definitely take your tips in consideration for our next trip!

    Reply ·
  90. Madeline Greer

    RE: thanks for sharing ur experience on Disney Cruise. I totally get the trying not to binge, etc. Since i know you’ve got little ones currently, please consider river cruises someday when it’s just the 2 of you. Viking has buffets at breakfast but there are healthy options in there. Also, their lunch and dinners options were smaller and used healthy ingredients. Of course you can binge if you want but it seemed a lot easier to eat healthy on Viking than Disney. Just a thot for the future. Thank s for sharing ur authentic feelings about your cruise and welcome home!

    Reply ·
  91. pb

    You are a supreme blessing to be so transparent in your love for us, your followers.

    Reply ·
  92. claire

    Wow . I can understand what you are saying. This is the first time anyone has put words to how I have felt all my life when comes to being addicted to food. Thanks fp sharing.


    Reply ·
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