It’s Time to Get Excited!!!

We’re so close to the release of my book, and I’ve planned a series of contests to make the next two weeks as exciting and action-packed as possible. In fact, during the vlog, I announce the winner of the first contest! Watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it.

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  1. Valerie Crismali

    I bought the book on my kindle and lost 5 pounds the first week. The second week I lost nothing….not sure why. Do you have to join a boot camp to get some kind of support? Just wondering…thanks

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  2. clelia marouelli

    You are so truly sincere, and trustworthy, I don´t have religion and I don´t feel like I need one!!! But seen you talking , seems to me that you are an anxious person.
    you are doing a very great job, but believe me relax you are in control !! just be happy!!! you need to believe that is a tremendous accomplishment. you are no longer an addict person. It is over!!! teach people that they can also be free of addiction. You are a brain scientist and you know that we construct neurons path ways, and by inercising it we can be free of addiction. About religion I don´t have one, but I meditate, and by doing it i surely connect with the light and the energy o f the universe .
    I RESPECT ALL RELIGION, but I would not continue to listen to you if the first vlog was about faith and religion. It is a very delicate subject,

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  3. Susan

    I really enjoyed your testimony, especially your comment about loving the light not the lamp. one of my favorite scriptures is John 8:12: Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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  4. Lisa Gilman

    Hi Susan! I would like to say thank you for all that you do – I believe your work is groundbreaking and will create a huge shift in the way we approach weight loss going forward!! I would also like to add my voice in with a few other lovely ladies here to ask if those of us who have already purchased the 14 Day Challenge (and book) could also receive the BLE for Busy People e-book and a chance to meet you… We would be ever so grateful!
    P.S. I am also anxious to know when the course to become a BLE coach will be ready… so exciting!!

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  5. Barb

    Q: I signed up for the 14 day challenge about a month ago and then had knee surgery so I didn’t get started yet. Is there an expiration date on the challenge after you purchase it?

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  6. Donna Chafin

    I SO identified with Barb Grey’s post! I turn 74 this year also…I ALWAYS felt fat, although looking through some old high school photos show otherwise! Over the years I managed to get my body to greatly resemble the “fat mind” image! And boy did I succeed…5 years ago my short 5′ frame was carrying over 200 pounds. My doctor gave me the talk and I joined WW. (For the umpteenth time) I’ve lost! NO LET ME RESTATE THAT….I’ve played the Yo Yo game with the same 50 lbs, and never reaching goal! Just for grins recently I tallied what I’ve spent over the 5 years…WOW! By the way I still attend meetings and recommitted to their program 2 weeks ago and have lost 3.6 lbs. I realize and give myself credit for not quitting WW. My friend sent a link to This site and I took the test scoring 9! No surprise since I had just given in to my ice cream craving, sure I could eat only ONE ice cream bar! After all it was sugar free…(I ate 2)

    So here I am…willing to try Bright Line…BUT I still struggle with that mental image?? Will it help? Before I kick the bucket I want to experience HAPPY, THIN and FREE!

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  7. Heidi Larson

    Hi Susan,
    I’m so excited for you and your whole team. I imagine it’s crazy but wonderful at the same time. I am envious of those people that get the BLE for Busy People.. It makes me wish I would have waited to purchase the 14 day challenge and book, but I was trying to help you reach your goal from when it was first given to you. Any chance that those of us before March 8th can get a copy of that as well? Pretty please?? :o) I can’t wait to watch your live launch!! Thanks for everything you’ve taught me, I so appreciate you!

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    1. Linda

      Yes please!!! can those of us who tried to help you make it a best seller be entered to meet you too?

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  8. Sharon

    Wondering if this is suitable for me or not? I’ve lost 45 pounds so far with the keto diet (low carb, no grains, no sugar). However, I keep sabotaging myself. I’ve put on 11 pounds back in the last 4 weeks, going through a period of binge eating, every single day stuffing myself with choc, cakes, chips & all the stuff that I know is toxic for my body, yet I can’t control it. I know what to do & what to eat, but I don’t know how to control my cravings & my binge eating habits. Not really interested in recipes or meal plans. I need a program to rewire my food-addiction-brains. Will this 14 Day Challenge help my brains? Thank you.

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  9. Kathy

    I just finished the 14 Day Challenge and I don’t have the cravings I had before. Yay. I ordered the 14 Day Challenge and the book already and would love to have a copy of the e-book about being busy and preparing quick meals. Can you send out the e-book to the people who already did the 14 Day Challenge and preordered your book?

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  10. Maxine Jacona

    Greetings from Melbourne. I love your Vlogs and I am looking forward to receiving my book. All the best.

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  11. Jeanine

    Awww, I already bought my 14 day challenge, can’t we be entered in the grand prize drawing too ? It would be so cool to have a chance to meet you. By the way day 8, going strong,wahoo! You are an answer to prayer. I pinch myself after every meal, it just doesn’t seem real or possible.??

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  12. Chari Peak

    Thank you so much Susan.! You are such an inspiration. I love listening to your vlog. Just finished the 14 challenge and I continue to work at the BLE one day at a time. I will get there.

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  13. Terry Duguid

    I did the 14 day challenge once and paid to do it a second time but it didn’t work.
    I am okay with getting more than one book, but really wanted to do it again with the daily emails.
    Don’t know why it didn’t work.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hey Terry,

      Go to: and get support from my team on that. They’ll figure it out and get you in for your second 14-Day Challenge. I think at first duplicate orders were tricky on the tech side, but I do believe that’s fixed right now. It’s worth going to the BLE Support Center and getting someone working on it for you.

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  14. Renee

    I completed the 14 day challenge. I did maintenance and lost 5 pounds. It was great. Do it!

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  15. Diana

    I cried to hear the story of today’s winner. I’m SO excited for her & just see how she was handpicked, by the One Who created the universe! 🙂

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  16. Elizabeth Ellis

    Do the 14 Day Challenge!! It is the best program ever <3 You will absolutely love it.

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    I signed for 14 day challenge but got sick. Now I feel better and ready to start it. Can you please send me your
    guidance emails, to be able to do it right. I’m eager to receive your book to read and follow very precisely.
    I believe it will help me to reach my goal to release extra weight and feel Happy, Thin and Free.
    Congratulations on your upcoming event !!! Thank you so much for your gift to be able to reach so many people
    and make them happy, thin and free again !
    Love & Peace, Lina.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Go to and get my team to help you start the 14-Day Challenge. If you already started your “Day 1” and it expired, you won’t be able to re-start it unless you buy it again (which would be okay because it would come with a contest entry!) but if you never really started your Day 1, maybe my team can help you out.
      Hugs and good luck!

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  18. Paula

    Is the competition also open to participants from outside of the US? Eg in South Africa?

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hey Paula,
      YES, the contest is available to you.
      The book shipping is super expensive though, so if you’d be willing to accept an e-book or audio book that would be awesome. 🙂


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  19. Karen

    Completed the 14 day challenge last Friday. I lost 14 lbs! I’m looking forward to receiving a copy of your book. I have another 80 lbs to go to get into a right-sized body. So far, am holding fast. Lent is helping my resolve…. Thank you for caring.

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  20. Barb Grey

    I will be turning 74 years old this weekend. Losing weight and keeping it off has been my life’s main challenge. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter over the decades and my biggest loss was 100 pounds at one time (which I regained, plus more). During each “successful diet” I had the “diet” mentality — that there was an “end” after which time I could relax my vigilence, watch my portions, and live happily ever after. Some of the programs were “easy” when I was fully compliant and I did lose weight, but they were never realistic and sustainable ways of eating so I always reached an end point where I “went off” the program and we all know what happened then.

    I’m in Week 7 of Bootcamp and from Day One you have taught us that this is a lifestyle for living Happy, Thin and Free, not a “diet”. I still have a good 100 pounds to go, but I already feel Happy and Free!!!! You are the answer to my life’s quest… I now have full confidence that the Thin is simply a matter of time. I can’t wait to get the books I ordered — one for me (with the 14 Day Challenge to enjoy as a follow up / refresher course) and one to share. I thank you with all my heart for what you are doing for us! I really understand your passion because I had a dream that I would “find the answer” to losing weight and keeping it off, and that I would spread the word and teach others. So you are living my dream and I’m a huge fan! I will be a living example of the effectiveness of BLE. I hope, and expect, that through my success I will be an inspiration to others within my personal sphere of influence — and that I can help bring Bright Line Eating into mainstream recognition and practice!!!

    Congratulations on your new book and thanks again for all you are doing for people like me!!!

    Sent with love,


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    1. Nancy

      Barb: I was so pleased to read your comments. I am 69 years old and have been struggling with my weight for years. I was starting to think that maybe I should just give up and be a chubby ol’ grandma and not worry about my weight. But he
      alth issues have started to arise, not to mention I really do not like the ‘body size’ I currently have. Just starting the 14 day. Best to you! Nancy

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    2. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Oh Barb,
      Wow, wow wow. You can imagine–a comment like this fuels me straight to my core. Thank you so much for opening yourself to this solution. I wake up every day to serve you. And you know what I love the most? That you claim Happy, Thin, and Free RIGHT NOW. And YOU ARE. It’s a state of mind, a state of being. So much more than a body size. You go girl!!!!
      Endless love,

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  21. Michele

    I am just completing the 14-day challenge too and very committed to continuing bright lines! Although I only have a little bit of weight loss to do the more compelling part of this program is the support to get out of the “mania mind” around food. The pendulum swings of eating sugar has been so distressing. Susan your combination of education, empathy, and support is phenomenal!! I recommend this program to everyone who is looking for peace, peace, peace with food and your body.

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  22. Shelley Juskiewicz

    Pre-ordered mine on Amazon!!

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    1. Laurie

      The Amazon orders don’t count towards the Contests.

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  23. Linda Montsion

    Hi there: I have just completed the 14 day challenge, and I think this will be the one. I am not having any trouble following the bright lines. I feel great. Have hit my first goal already in 17 days. Thank you Susan for following your dreams, and publishing this book, I can’t wait to receive it.

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  24. Sherry

    I’m commited with you Susan. Praying for wisdom, knowledge , good health and peace with all you do. And for your awesome family.

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