Bright Line Eating When Life Gets Hard

The saboteur can wreak havoc on you when you’re feeling like you’ve been dragged through the mud and nothing is going right. Stress is mounting and your saboteur is telling you that you deserve to relax your Bright Lines and treat yourself a little. How can you rise above and not succumb to the pressure? Watch this week’s vlog to find out.

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  1. Claudia

    I’m on day 39 – I’ve lost 14 pounds. The way I feel is incredible. Try it.

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  2. Pedro zef

    Bright Line Eating is a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally live Happy, Thin, and Free.
    By the way! The best essay writing service –
    And Happy New Year!

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  3. donna

    Susan, somehow I was knocked off your email list months ago. I’ve been waiting for your book and wondering why I wasn’t getting emails any longer. I signed up for your emails after a while at your website but still did not get any emails. I just heard this past weekend that your book had come out and went to a local Barnes & Noble to buy it. If I had been getting your emails all along I would have known when it came out and would have gladly ordered it. I just signed up again for your emails so hopefully I will continue to get them this time. Thank you for bright line eating. I’ve set my date to begin and, well… we’ll see!

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  4. Edith

    Bought the Kindle book. Starting the 14-day challenge tomorrow morning. I am a sugar addict with years of physical and psychological challenges, one being morbid obesity despite making some big positive changes in eating and lifestyle. Life has been hard because of my addiction. How much harder can it be to get free of that?

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  5. Shushu

    Hi Susan it’s beyond inspiring to see your honest portrayal and understanding. You communicate very clearly about the importance of truly feeling into those negative moments and having the courage to listen to the voice even if it initially screams out in pain. The choices we make to let go of fear will truly reveal the beauty of life and help transform us to share our gifts. This is what living is all about. I love that your message speaks about the compassion you show to yourself and it has reminded me to do the same on my journey. I am a new member of the BLE group and am so delighted to be part of the supportive community. It’s great to hear your voice and listen to you speaking your truth. I also wish to voice my support of everyone that is experiencing similar issues with over and under eating. With your educational tools and programme I believe I can finally become the masters of my own change. Much love to you and your unstoppable team, Shushu

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  6. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Susan–just so you know I’m spreading the word about BLE to my friends and family. I’m confident that those in your community are doing the same thing. You’ll hit whatever number of books you’re meant to sell to take care of those who made the book and BLE happen…and not a book more. That’s the beauty of life. Sometimes we hit the goals we set for ourselves and sometimes God says: “Yes, but…”

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  7. Faith

    Started the 14 day challenge and on the first day was asked to go to Olive Garden!! Yikes but I said in my head I can do,this so I had soup and salad and NO BREADSTICKS’! So feeling good about that I was bringing my sister to her cancer appt and she wanted Chinese buffet so I said sure ! And did very well with eating sushi and a little pork and veggies! Whoop whoop!!! Now on my fourth day and very excited!!!! Quick question when do we weigh ourselves, I kinda want to wait til,the End of the 14 days!!!! Anyways feeling good and excited to get the book !!!!!! My husband is working off shore and is doing the challenge with me!! Anyways thanks for this challenge and the plan for life!!!!

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  8. Jenny

    You mentioned in your blog that you wondered if others were also having a hard week whilst you were devastatingly working through an incredible hard time.
    I just wanted to say I was feeling for you during this blog entry. I’m your perfect person to buy your book and am so so grateful that you ve made it so affordable and easy and I so wanted to join straight away. But life got in the way that week…..we chose to put our daughter into an eating disorder unit to support her. I’ve been inspired by your blogs for one year now and was unable to act that week.
    Maybe it was in the stars .
    I hope you get the numbers your aiming for because your message is loud and true.
    Ihopemy daughter oneday gets well enough and finds her own way to live happy healthy and free.
    Kind regards from Australia

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  9. Susan

    Hi Susan,
    I cried along with you and know that I am thinking of you. Your message came at the right time for me. Just order a book and looking forward to reading it!

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  10. Jeannie Greutert

    I’m so glad that you like the bracelet and that the message is of comfort to you.
    Your message has comforted me over the past two years and the bracelet is only a small token of my appreciation.
    This vlog was a really great topic for me during a very difficult period in my marriage and my life.
    Thank you so much .

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  11. Shelby

    Hi Susan – Sending you a virtual hug! I hope by now your spirit has lifted. Please don’t consider your book a “failure” – I’m guessing that most of the Hay House subscribers are seeing you for the first time. You have planted a seed in the mind of those people who saw the e-mail (just to confirm it was sent on Feb 2 by Patty Gift – I saw it.). The more you can get in front of them the better as repetitive exposure will sink in deeper. For those that are just meeting you, you are asking food addicts and others with weight loss issues to identify that they have a problem and to take action – as you know that is very difficult for someone to do in a day. I’ve been following you for about 8 months and was one of those that bought the book immediately, but I’ve been hearing your message for months and absorbing everything. Even something as easy as buying a book can feel like a huge commitment to someone who is newly coming to terms with their food issues. I KNOW that with TIME – your book will make the bestseller lists. You are passionate, compassionate, and genuine and your program is the real deal for those who really want to get their eating and weight under control. Rock on, Susan!!

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  12. Betsy Ayankoya

    I can’t believe that I found this way of eating. I discovered this when I was getting my car inspected last Friday. I thought okay, I can try 14 days. So I did all the preparation and started on Monday with day one. I am almost done with Day 5 of the 14-day challenge. This is very new to me: I have not cheated, I’ve stayed with the plan and my weight is going down. I’m a 9 on the scale and I keep saying “unstoppable” . THANK YOU! I feel like I ‘ve found a life line.

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  13. HP

    I signed up for your 14-day challenge! And a week into the program some unexpected circumstances caught me off guard, I crossed the bright lines, and then it cascaded down from there. I’m feeling terribly discouraged and this is when I tend to give up. But I’m not going to give up this time. I KNOW deep in my bones that your BLE program is the answer I’ve needed for so long. Today I start again with new mercies, I’m going to use the advice you shared today in your vlog, and I will be unstoppable, too.

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  14. Litha Sproule

    Susan, I stopped sugar and flour thanks to you, and this is good enough for me. I am slim and thanks to you, my arthritic pain of many years has disappeared. I am one of your regular followers as I love your sparkling mind and emotional honesty.

    QUESTION: My issue is that I have two close friends who are not on computers and who appear to be quite food addicted, and who carry a lot of weight they could afford to lose. I want them to read your book, and at the same time I find it very tricky for me to tell them to do so. It is not my role. I would be happy to purchase your book for them.. but darn, it might make them pissed off at me! Suggestions? (Remember neither is regularly on computer!) Ideas?

    I know you and your team will make it. Within one tradition I work with (Tibetan Buddhism) your timing is during the absolute toughest time of the year… during Don (with two dots over the “o”) season, just prior to the Tibetan new year, and when any rough “karma” (cause and effect) from the prior year rises up to confront you. The new years day, Feb. 27, I believe, it all shifts. Hang in there…!

    A major sea change may take time to help some folk (like my two friends) realize that a change is actually possible. I have tried to speak with them about your work, and I think for them it is just another area where they might fail themselves and others, so they steer clear.

    I am so much better without sugar and flour thanks to you. Can I possibly help my friends?

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  15. Kim Mersel

    You are an amazing human being…gutsy, intelligent, loving,brave, generous, fallable, but unstoppable. You are loved. Hold on tight, rely on the tribe, and always believe in yourself and your message. Thank you for all you do!

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  16. Mary

    Dear Susan, I am doing the 14 day challenge. Thank you so very much. I can’t imagine God allowing you to fail!

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  17. Joan

    I’m watching for the 2nd time.. You are amazing.. I have been watching your vlogs, too since Oct.2016. just wanting to know what to eat and how BLE worked.. I couldn’t wait till I found out. I’m retired and couldn’t pay. When I saw you were doing 14 day Challenge, I jumped on and I am on my 6th day, and doing great.. losing at least 1/2 to pound a day.. I can’t wait till book comes out so I can see the rest of the story about BLE..I love your weekly support on” knowing you can do this’ and I love the feeling of eating just the right amount of food and not feeling STUFFED,!! First few days on 14 day Challenge, I would go to bed early, just to not eat and in morning, I loved the good feeling of getting on scale!!!! I like your jewelry, maybe you can have some made with “unstoppable” and your “Happy, Thin and Free” theme, and sell them??!! I enjoy listening to you and would love to buy your audio book, so I can listen when I need to reinforce “I can do it”. I can’t wait to get in the Habit of it all.. Sounds amazing.. Thank you Susan.. The word will get out, and I feel your book will sell..!!! Keep the faith.. <3

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  18. Rory Sagner

    Dearest Susan,
    Out of what are always outstanding blogs I think this has got to be the most outstanding I’ve ever seen you do! Not only are your suggestions awesome and so true, but as always your honesty and vulnerability touches my heart and the hearts of many others I’m sure.

    What I want to say to you is something I’ve known for a long time, but was reminded of during the Bright Line healing course which is to trust what is! So often in life what throws us is when things don’t happen the way we think they are going to or should, but one thing I’ve learned is that even more important to getting support and loving ourselves through challenging times is to absolutely insist on keeping an open mind. I’ve seen this happen over and over again in my life and the lives of others that we go through these times of disappointment and fear, if we can own those feelings and fears and let go and come to that place of knowing, deep knowing within our being that our dreams are worthy and that we ourselves are worthy of accomplishing them, then the universe finds a way to bring that which we desire into being although it is often in way we never could have imagined. The important part is to keep an open mind and stay focused on the end result that we desire and to hold that dream within us as if it already has been accomplished. And you of course are well-versed in one of the most important ways of doing this which is gratitude… To have gratitude for what it is we desire as if it has already happened. That is the most powerful prayer and the most powerful means of manifestation, but we need to create the space to allow that to work and that space is created by letting go of the expectations we had as to how it all was supposed to happen.

    I’m sending you so much love and gratitude for all that you’ve taught me and all that bright line eating has brought about in my life. I am grateful for the knowledge and the inspiration and just wanted to tell you or maybe remind you how keeping an open mind is a creative act that serves us always.

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  19. Vel

    Hi Susan, it will all be ok. You have made a great great movement with BLE. I know this book will help countless people and find its own momentum. I’m a bright lifer and buying the book too.

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  20. Greta Friant

    Thank you for keeping it real, Susan. EVERYONE needs to learn about BLE, but perhaps not everyone is ready to hear the message-powerful as it is.
    I have shared with the people I love and will continue to do so. Going to pick up some books today to share, because I believe in BLE. I believe in you, and I believe in this movement that I am so happy to be a part of. Peace and love. ☮️❤️

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  21. kathryn hall

    Just purchased 4 more books to give away. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Great way to explain this to people. My version not nearly as effective as the book. People need to hear this!!

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  22. Donna Weifert

    What a timely post for me. We got the surgery date yesterday for my husband’s cancer and I came home and started with NMF. Of course last night I felt horrible about breaking my bright line. In the past two weeks I’ve also been watching the new movies, Hidden Figures and LaLa Land. Today I am walking with some friends and then watching Lion. Today I do have my food planned and I will be keeping my bright line. For what it’s worth, I pre-ordered the new book months ago on Amazon. Thanks SPT for this timely message.

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  23. Anna Louise mitchell

    signed up for your 14 day challenge. .where do I go from here. I hit the button several times.

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  24. Barbara

    Wow Susan …
    I salute you! You really put yourself out there and I soooooooo get where you´re coming from I´ve been in that exact same situation (publishing my first book!) and I´ve learned so much from this experience. At the time I didn´t have my bright lines in place at the time – so you can imagine the extra load of self-distructive thoughts that came on top of this core shaking situation.

    I am sure that you´ll find out what the lesson in this is for you. I know that your book will be a bestseller! No doubt about it, but maybe not the way that you thought it would come to you. Somebody said to me once: When you start to lose your faith in your success it means that you´re about to go deeper and have an outstanding breakthrough.

    Or maybe it was too cheap for those who don´t know you yet.

    LOTS OF LOVE!!!!


    A big hug

    I would guess that a lot of the people who need your book are not on the email lists of the companies you mentioned. That was one of the challenges I had … I figured that out when my numbers didn´t look like I was hoping too.

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  25. Beth Brewer

    Susan, have you heard about Design Thinking? It might be a great approach for you and your team to use to explore any challenges that are occurring in BLE-land…

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  26. jill harrell

    Really appreciate your message. I bought the 14 day challenge which goes towards the book –

    Thank you for all you do !


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  27. Jeanet

    Stay strong Susan. Your message is so important and not everyone is ready to do the hard work needed to overcome dysfunctional eafing and get free. Your message is the real deal though and I believe will keep building momentum as people experience this plan that actually works and is sustainable. Consistent success and word of mouth will build this movement. Love your work You are the real deal.

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  28. Carolyn Corbin

    Poor Girl! You are spreading yourself so thin at the moment. I can hear how tired you are in your voice. Everything seems much blacker when we are so tired and overloaded with so much. Try and rest as much as you can and be kind to yourself. As you say, it doesn’t have to be with food. How is that going to make things better? I had times in my life a few years ago where the problems were out of my control and eating sensibly was the only thing I could control. I found that helped me a lot. I bought your 14 day challenge last week and can’t wait to get started on it. I like that I can do it in my own time. Keep your chin up Susan. You are doing a great job for us all.

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  29. Laurie Rickerd

    Hi Susan,

    I love what Robin said…. I believe God is behind the prompting of this book.
    The enemy may be trying to confuse and thwart efforts, but we can trust our Heavenly Father who is in control.
    I am asking Him to bring a good result. God does not waste our hurts, that I know for sure.

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  30. Carolyn in Yuma Arizona

    SUSAN Just hang in there. Love you !!! You are a very special person. You are helping so many people. I just bought your book. Can’t wait till I get it. I got my scale last week. I should of gotten it sooner. It really helps and the travel 5 lb scale is great. I don’t get to read my E-mails but once a week and my life is so busy. There are other people out there too who will see it later and order the book. I have been following you for over 2 year since 2015. I haven’t done the boot camp but you are always there for encouragement.

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  31. Melanie Church

    Susan, you are awesome! Please don’t give up. Your message is so important for so many people, even people who don’t know they need to hear it yet. I understand the pressure and fear. Hang in there. Those of us who get it will keep spreading the message. It will work.

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  32. Mª Nieves Sancho Ciruelos

    You are awesome Susan and truly inspire me, thank you for having the courage to open yourself in such an honest and heartfelt way. May you be happy, healthy and at peace. I love you, Nieves XO

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  33. Annick King

    Love you SPT! Just love the way you SO understand, how food addicts think…. how to counter act the saboteur in us… Your hints are so helpful and achievable. Thank you for your great honesty that is so powerful too. Love you loads and hang in there, panicking shows that you care greatly and that you live by your rules. X

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  34. Beverly Scarpulla

    Hugs to everyone at BLE! And can Stephen, please add a counter so we can see how close the book is to the best seller list? wish I could come to NY and get my copy signed, but i will be cheering you guys on from here!

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  35. Janis Fountain

    This message resonates so much with me, and it is just in time! I bought the 14 day challenge in the middle of one of the biggest trials of my life. I’ve been binging, and I feel that much worse about everything. So I’m gearing up to start the challenge on Sunday. Anyone who reads this, let’s pray for strength for each other. I will do this. Susan, you are my inspiration to be happy thin and free! 🙂

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  36. Christina

    Thank you Susan, yet another wonderful blog, you are such an example to us all ??x

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  37. Sarah

    I really believe what you are doing will grow- even if it’s not the way the industry insists it has to. Have you read Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking? Or seen her Ted Talk video?

    Be unstoppable.

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  38. Carolina Castillo

    Loved, loved the video!!!!!! Sooo incredibly honest… Your words are amazing… Wishing you peace and success…thank you!

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  39. Paula Seleguim

    wow I actually really needed to listen to this.
    Here it was also a hell of a week. And I truly love your honesty and openness.

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  40. Jennifer

    Susan, thank you for your authenticity and vulnerability with us. That is so rare and takes a great deal of courage. I tend to be extremely private and do not let people glimpse that in me except for a few trusted and close friends. I can feel your care for us through your commentary and I want to tell you it brings me to tears. I hate the way that sugar and addictive foods control my life and I want freedom so terribly bad. I have to keep getting up and starting over again and again and again. It is exhausting. But I have faith and I know that you’re route and your plan is the way to go and I fully believe that I will see victory and freedom soon. That is why you do what you do and that is why everything will be fine. You are my hope and my strength to begin again. Thank you Susan. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  41. Katrina S

    Dearest Susan,
    If it is any consolation to you, I think you had this rough week just so that you could post this vlog to help me and others that I know of who have also had a very rough week. I already prepurchased a book for myself, and I have shared the link and I will share it again. As soon as I have shared the link again, I am going to order myself an #UNSTOPPABLE bracelet, then I am going to come back here and watch this vlog again.
    Thank you for always being honest with us! We love you!

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  42. Karin Backstrom

    Susan, my heart goes out to you. But really, what an amazing challenge to have. You wrote a book that was published. You built an amazing (albeit exhausted) team. You have the power to influence thousands, maybe tens of thousands of lives. That is truly awesome! I hope you find the life lessons in this experience and the peace you have so generously helped so many to achieve. Hugs.

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  43. Pete Furlong

    I love you Susan! Thank you so much for being real and being open. You have done so much for so many people!!
    I appreciate hearing what it’s like to be struggling. Whether it’s with food or with life. Your work and your example is something I am so grateful for.
    Sending big hugs to you.

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  44. Riadh

    This too shall pass

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  45. Margaret

    The discussion about bestseller list got me wondering. Here is what I found:

    Your book is going to get out.

    This topic is so relevant to me. I don’t know why your normal busy life doesn’t stress you this much, but when I’m in stress mode, which has beenmost of the time with certain family sources, not the kind to walk away from but to keep working on. I know I can keep BLE when I have a nice routine to keep, or small disrutpions in my routines. But when I have big disruptions, or when the emotional stresses are high and I can’t retreat, well… that describes most of my days for the last five years at least. So thank you to speaking to this. The whole idea about habits makes sense and works, and when my habits get disrupted, the plain truth is I have to make new adaptations and new habits, and sometimes that’s easy, and other times it’s not. That’s just life.

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  46. Brenda

    The link above is now working…I just ordered my book….everyone who posted here, get your 29$ out and purchase a book…essentially, walk the talk….SHOW YOUR LOVE…this women is amazing and she needs your support!!

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  47. Judy

    Wish I listened to the blog yesterday, might have saved myself a cookie binge. Thank you for this heart felt message. We are all part of the same family and though I’m not your Mom, I’m certainly one of your Mom’s peers and if you lived here in the Vancouver, WA area I’d go do your grocery shopping too. Take care my dear, you are dearly loved, best seller or not.

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  48. Xxx

    I also tried to purchase them 14 – day challenge, but the check out didn’t work

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  49. Jill

    All of the above, plus this.. I think you said you did OA at one point. You have so much to be grateful for and are doing so much good work it is essential to trust that your higher power has a plan for you and your book. Hay House bought your book, that is rare in itself. Trust. We all know how amazeballs you are.

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  50. Pat

    Hi Susan, Thank you for this week’s Vlog. You are amazing. Your comments are so honest & heartfelt. I appreciate you & send love, hugs , & prayers in support of your goal to share BLE. ????

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  51. Nina

    Dear Susan, I started a very difficult candida diet. I am so used to not depriving myself of anything that I did not know how I could manage it. Then I happened to see you on my iPad, speaking so convincingly about how to stick to a diet. Now I can do it : follow a diet that will save my life, no less! You gave me faith in myself and a great admiration for you.
    Thank you!
    Nina Amanina

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  52. Isabel

    Wow…I wish I could give you a hug. It certainly has been rough. I could see it in your face even before you spoke. I came across your work a few weeks ago when someone mentioned BLE and did some googling. I was so upset that I couldn’t join a boot camp then lo and behold you came out with the 14 day challenge and I scooped it up! I’m on day 4 and loving it. I feel PEACE and I’m sending you love, peace and happy vibes. Thank you for being so open and honest. I turn to food so much when I am stressed and you are such a huge inspiration. If I have a rough day I’ll remember this lesson because you have touched, moved and inspired me so much today. Thank you so much.

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  53. Stirling

    What makes you so wonderful (one of the things) is that you really honor your feelings. You don’t shove them down or stifle your inner voice with food. And that’s why you’re such a good example to me of how to deal with the bumps in the road without abusing food. Thanks for everything you’ve taught us. As an author, I too have felt the disappointment of low sales after getting a book published. I mean, there it is – your baby – so beautiful and perfect – and it’s not flying off the shelves. But I always remember the wise words of an agent who once told me, “No one knows the true value of your work except you. If you’re happy with it, that’s what matters.” Good luck and thanks for staying strong.

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  54. Jean A Campbell

    Aw http://www….I also just want to give you a BIG HUG! I have watched almost all of your vlogs, and I am so touched by your honesty, enthusiasm for your work and your transparency. So refreshing!
    I did buy the book, but I was hesitant, because I don’t really want more things in my house, especially a physical book. I would have preferred an e-book. But I bought it because I wanted to support your wonderful work, helping so many people, and helping me too! May heaven continue to bless you.

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  55. Claire Paul

    Sounds like this a distressing time for you, and I want you to feel supported and appreciated for everything you and your team have put into developing BLE. I always wanted the book, but I went ahead and signed up for the 14 day to give myself a little kick in the butt. I’m a boot camp grad, still in your research cadre, and I look forward to revisiting the new boot camp with all these extras when life settles down a bit. Thank you!

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  56. Laurel Pourboghrat

    Susan, thanks for being real and authentic and transparent. I eat food for comfort and rewards, etc. so I couldn’t imagine doing what you did this week when it’s been so trying for you! Thanks for the suggestions for giving yourself some TLC that doesn’t involve bad eating. I’ll have to try them out! I signed up for the 14 day challenge, but work has been so challenging that I haven’t gotten to starting it yet. The book hasn’t come yet, and I am looking forward to that! Sending you love and positive energy and a big HUG! <3 🙂

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  57. Vivian

    Susan I send you love and peace you will overcome this set back everything will work out, Hugs Vivian.

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  58. Jessica Atkinson

    Thank you so much for your honesty. You are awesome! I tell everyone who will liayen about you. You are my absolute hero amd you are absolutely brilliant! I am LOVING the 14 day challenge. Such a gemerous offer! Thank you! I cant wait to get your book!
    And I cant believe I am actually doing ble! I have been a grazer and overeater for a long time. Maybe always. It freea up so much time! Thank you thank you!

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  59. Pam

    Loved this vlog. I’m from Buenos Aires, didn’t know BLE until I received an email from Hay House last week. Took me a few days to register to the 14 day challenge and I’m loving it. You are changing my life. You are unstoppable. Thank you thank you thank you!

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  60. Amy Stephenson

    Sorry you are having a hard week. Keep the faith because I know that you know that God is most Glorious.

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  61. Maria Bessa

    Sorry, I did not buy the book because I am not food addicted. Despite that, I think the book must be great for plenty of people who want to get thin , healthy and happy. I am following your videos and seeing the effort you are doing so I need to say thank you for everything, thank you for being an example for others, you are a fighter, a warrior, you have my respect and admiration. Do not give up on your goals, you will make it. You are making it already by helping so many people. You have a good heart. You are a beautiful sould. Many thanks again.

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  62. Rose

    Love you Susan! Thanks for being so real. This Vlog could not have come at a better time.

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  63. Wilma Middleton

    When I watched your book launch, I bought one right away. I have been struggling horribly this week also due to losses in my life. Thank you for this wonderful vlog. I truly hope everything will work out for you. Bright Line Eating will succeed. Just give it more time. I’m spreading the word and everyone can see the result everytime they look at me. Give it time – I know you will succeed. The universe is not wrong. You were supposed to write this book. It will succeed!

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  64. Michele

    I believe that your courage to be real and vulnerable for us is indicative of your message. I know for me the act of feeling something fully instead of feeding it is what drew me to your message! thank you

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  65. MB

    Please please make it an ebook! I would buy it in a second! I don’t do paper books….maybe more ppl like me?

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  66. Vicky

    Thank you so much for this insightful vlog – you may not have reaches your book sales target but you have made a big difference in people’s lives and that is what matters 🙂

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  67. JoAnn Entrekin

    Sending you a big hug!!! Been doing BLE since JULY 2016. The program was answered prayer for me. Thank you for giving us the Food program and all the incite on flour and sugar. Sometimes the devil throws us a curve to knock us off track. Hang tough there is a lot of unstoppable people standing behind you with support!!! Lots of love to you❤

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  68. Catherine Lahoud

    Tonight I needed to hear this message. It just rang true for me today. It was tough today. Thanx perfect timing.

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  69. Sharon Cook

    Oh, Susan, thank you for sharing your very tender feelings again with us and your raw emotion, and trusting us enough to know that we will always love you regardless of whatever happens. Because let me assure you that we do love you. You are in my prayers, and I feel that things will ultimately turn out okay and in the best way possible, and in the way it was meant to be. I believe that you are being watched over and blessed, even when it’s hard to recognize. Great big hugs to you.

    Reply ·
  70. Beverly B. Drottar


    Did you realize the very large difference between the COST of your book that you offered through your pre-sale link (to count towards your “best seller” counts,) and the cost from Amazon’s pre-sale order (which you say won’t ‘count’)?? Why would most consumers care if you made the NYT best seller list?! Have you checked the volume of Amazon orders since your publicity release? I would think that lots of people would chose to buy the cheaper book, UNLESS you so discouraged them by asking them NOT to order through Amazon, and then they might even be waiting until the book is available.
    It is also very difficult to figure out if I have already purchased a pre-sale copy of your book! I’m in the current boot camp. Did it come with the large price tag I already paid? Did I already order at Amazon? (I have short-term memory problems.)
    Give up the expectations for a fantasized, possible future: This book will be a HUGELY valuable addition to your current mission & program. I am so sick of watching your HOURS of videos, because I am NOT an auditory learner. I have been dying to have a printed, textual outline of BLE!! I can’t even list all 4 Bright Lines by heart, because I haven’t SEEN a printed list, and everyone just keeps referring to “the 4 Bright Lines.” Of course, I have a concrete idea of how to eat on this program, but the details & the tips & the millions of suggestions keep going in one ear and out the other, and I don’t have enough hours in the day to re-watch all those hours of modules & vlogs.
    Hang in there-the book is going to be worth the effort & work. Just release the best seller fantasy-it’s hurting you. I hope you were really able to allow yourself to enjoy the fantastic fun of crafting your bracelets, and the satisfaction of that creative process. (They’re called “findings.”) Crafting, jewelry making, beading, and paper crafts have been a constant source of joy and satisfaction that enriches my life.

    Reply ·
  71. Yochana Modiano

    Thanks, I did not do as well as you on my “bad” day. But I have learned something new from what you shared and next time I will do as well as you, G-d willing! Best of luck to you!

    Reply ·
  72. Claudette

    I’m trying t o order ^ nor having success.

    Reply ·
  73. Emily Neblock

    Dear Susan,
    We love you so much.
    When you express so clearly your need to be comforted, it makes me wish that I could be there for you and give you that loving listening and comfort. I have often found myself wanting to give that to you, partly because I just love to do that for people and am good at it.. but also because, through your vlogs and boot camp videos, I have had a window into your heart and your struggles which you express so clearly and soberly. And I think anytime I see that part of anyone, I yearn so powerfully to help and to give them love. I want you to know that I am here for you in case you ever needed another caring ear or a new energy… I also know it can sometimes come across as odd, a somewhat-stranger offering this, but know that I am full of these things; love and realness and the subtle quest for truth and the path of the Self, and well-practiced tender care and delicate discernment in communication. Just in case you did ever want to reach out to me in a time of needing listening.
    I have so much admiration for you. I see your long road of hard work and commitment to your truth and your wellness, and I really bow to it. Thank you for sharing abundantly from your inner well for us all to benefit from. Thanks for paving the honesty road for us to follow you on.
    A lot of love. And with hope for the sunshine,
    Emily Neblock

    Reply ·
  74. Sally

    Just signed up for the Challenge!

    Reply ·
  75. Barbara

    Thanks for this super powerful post! You are doing such an amazing job and I’m proud of being a bright line eater and grateful every day to have found you and your amazing program, thank you.

    Reply ·
  76. Diane

    I am a Bright Lifer, and I’m down 90 lbs., at goal, and at 76 years old, happier, thinner, and freer than I’ve ever been in my life. For me, our program is absolutely a gift from God. This is it for me. I only wish everyone who struggles could know the joy this incredible program brings. It’s so worth the effort. The benefits are absolutely amazing and ongoing. My life gets better daily because of all I’m doing and continuing to learn in this program. Knowing what I know now, I’m praying that people who are struggling with food issues and life in general could only know how quickly things can change when they hop on the Bright Line Eating program. This is a forever thing! Nothing like it in the whole world! To think that Susan is offering such an a lot of basic “stuff” for such a price is truly remarkable. I love you Susan, and all my
    Bright Lifer friends. Something wonderful for me; doing this program helps me love EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME! Even though at goal, I’m loving the 14 Day
    Challenge as there is still helpful information in there for me. I learn something every day in this program and all that is offered on a regular basis.

    Reply ·
    1. Mariah Perkins

      My dear sister, I am so happy for you. Much love.

      Reply ·
  77. Sally

    Your vlog could not have come at a better time. I literally was eating bread and candy for the first time in months. I have lost 80 pounds in the last year and have hit a plateau and am making a major move in my location. This coupled with a thyroid problem has brought me to a stand still of seesawing up and down. Your honesty and openness has helped me to realize I need to take better care of myself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  78. Jackie

    Hi Susan! My prayers are with you and I have no doubt you will reach 20,000! I have a question about the BLE bootcamp, can the meal plan be adjusted for pregnant women and will there be a meal plan that progresses as the pregnancy progresses? I would love to join but I want to make sure the meal plan will be adequate enough throughout my pregnancy. Thanks so much!

    Reply ·
  79. Shelli Snyder

    I love you, Susan. I’m new here, I’ve never commented or anything, but my mom has been sending me your emails for months. I bought the book and the 14-day course, and I’m going to do this. Thanks for having the courage to be real and show us the tears in your eyes this week. That was hugely powerful for me to watch, and I know it probably wasn’t easy for you to do.

    Reply ·
  80. SW

    Isaiah 41:10

    Fear thou not; for I am with thee:
    be not dismayed; for I am thy God:
    I will strengthen thee;
    yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Reply ·
  81. Soulsistah

    Dear Susan,

    I have been following you for quite a while without purchasing anything due to budget constraints, and waiting eagerly for the book release. I bought the 14-day challenge last week because it was such a great value. I know there are others like me who will want the book info if nothing else. I’m a 9 on the susceptibility scale with wildly variable eating habits, manage to stay in a good weight range with extreme exercise and dieting instead of good food habits. I’m getting too old for that and looking forward to something (ultimately) easier to sustain. I’m shocked that early sales did not meet expectations but imagine that when it’s released and people read it, the buzz will have it flying off the shelves. Thanks for all you do.

    Reply ·
  82. Lanny

    The ways in which this vlog has been helpful to me are many. Habit/mantra/bowl2scale are all very practical. Seek comfort and honor the message that I need it…super helpful. Actions and modeling always speak loudly to me. You were you and that example shouted loudly. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  83. Deb Hicks

    Hi Susan…I feel your pain, just listening to your voice… just so you know, I am one of those who got the email from Hay House, signed up for the 14 day challenge and ended up signing up for the boot camp and I LOVE IT! I already feel so great, so inspired! I listen to all the videos in module one every day, and will do so until I get to module two! I can’t wait for the book to come in the mail! People will catch on! I am so grateful to you and your team for this program…finally I feel like I can do it…Be Happy, Thin and Free or my mantra…Healthy, Fit and Beautiful! Love you too Susan!

    Reply ·
  84. Kate

    I highly recommend the 14 day challenge with the book included – a great deal and the challenge is cleverly put together. I plan to retake it from time to time throughout the year whenever I need something to lean on! I have every confidence that your book will make the best seller list Susan, even if it takes a little longer than you thought. The world needs this information!

    Reply ·
  85. Patricia

    I admire your willingness to be open and vulnerable. This helps me with my own learning about BLE, and it will also serve you in your own growth and evolution. Bravo!You are a great role model, and I also appreciate your resilience and self-trust.. Your wonderful optimism is inspiring and uplifting to me.

    Reply ·
  86. Valeri Marsh

    Have you ever considered that God may be giving you a HUGE GIFT by not allowing your book to go Best Seller at this particular season in your life? You marriage needs shoring up and your kids are still young, and perhaps he’s allowing you to be more present for your family to attend to those things that are of even more value. My kids are all teens, and I’m now entering back into my career, thankful He had take a hiatus from it to be me home with my family. The book WILL go worldwide — but maybe not just yet.

    Reply ·
  87. Maria

    Susan, thank you for sharing this week’s difficult experience. Yes, the would-be saboteur is not the enemy I used to believe it was (Thank for your teaching on the Left Brain Interpreter.) There is a part of me that genuinely needs relief and comfort from the storm of life (and from my demanding personality).,Only this part in my limbic system is mistaken about what comfort really is. (It’s just like a dog that has not been well trained and so behaves in an unruly way. I think often of training my inner dog so that it becomes a faithful companion (and the dog likes this attention). It’s happening gradually, but my former “saboteur” is becoming a trusted confidant, reminding me when I need to give myself some space in a crowded life.. No one else on this plane,t Susan, talks about this stuff the way you do! Thank you!

    Reply ·
  88. Karen

    I paid for the 21 day challenge via PayPal which took me away from FB & now I can’t get back to the link so I can access the program. Hopefully you will be contacting me.

    Reply ·
  89. Tracey

    Susan, there was something about you in the very first vlog of yours I watched back in August, I see it here. You are real and honest and you let your emotions roll for us to see. You have stood in front of the camera countless times and been nothing but true. I love this about you. It is inspiring for someone like me who has hidden those parts of myself. Thank you for being that inspiration and permission to be human. You have given the world a gift in Bright Line Eating, and it will show itself in ways you havent even imagined yet. Stay strong, you have a whole lot of love here to lift you when you need it, as you have done for us.

    Reply ·
  90. Pamela

    Thanks for being so real and touching me with these messages.

    Reply ·
  91. Judy Lambert

    I paid the $29 but I have no link to get to the 14 day challenge. Is it all videos or what am I looking for? I got confirmation of my payment, but there was no way to get to the 14 day challenge link.

    Reply ·
  92. Elle

    I have ordered your book because I have been following you since last summer and you have taught me so much! It’s my small way of saying thank you Susan. I am sure there are others like me who can’t commit to the BLE lifestyle, but have a great interest in the science and psychology behind healthy eating. And your accessible way of presenting it. Keep up the great work!
    ps IMO Your website/internet image is not in alignment with your professionalism. Everything online needs to be brightened, streamlined and simplified. Good luck going forward!

    Reply ·
  93. Shariana

    Remember that it is about creating a legacy. You have already done that. This upcoming book will simply cement it. You are simply amazing and so loved. I am blessed to be part of your legacy. Much love and comforting to you. <3

    Reply ·
    1. Shari

      Off topic: my name is Shari Anna and my husband calls me ShariAnna (one word) Is this how your name is pronounced? 🙂

      Reply ·
  94. Paula

    Susan, I bought the book right away because I wanted to be supportive. The news that your sales were lower than expected disappoints me too. From the messages above, it looks like technical glitches may have contributed to the problem. I have faith that your life-transforming message will prevail. Best wishes.

    Reply ·
  95. Ela

    Dear Susan have just purchased your book, I love you!

    Reply ·
  96. Emily

    Hang in there! Can’t wait for my book to arrive + the 14 day challenge has been great so far 🙂 You’re double unstoppable.

    Reply ·
  97. Robin

    Aahhh. So sorry that you are having a bad week. Hang in there. Please know that you make my week better every week!

    Reply ·
  98. Jenny

    Thank you so much Susan for speaking so honestly from your heart. I too, along with the people I work with have had a hard week at work on top of three years of hard weeks. I only started Bright Line Eating on Feb 4 and am feeling great. That being said a hard week can really bring out the saboteur. Your words around the food coma really hit me and I realized that is what I had been doing for the past 5 months at the end of my work day. Awareness around this is going to help to be UNSTOPPABLE!!!! Thank you.

    Reply ·
  99. Lauren Pollock

    I live in the Middle East. Are you able to ship the books overseas?

    Reply ·
  100. Kate Howe

    Hi Susan, there are so many of us out here whose lives you have changed for the better, you’ve found a way to reach many thousands of us because you are such a great communicator. Your book is one of your tools of communication and it will gradually reach many more thousands and thousands of people and your message will continue to reach beyond and beyond. Your life already has a value which is immeasurable and although I can understand the concern about the number of copies of your book sold so far the fact is that all your research and findings are in print and there for history and your book will continue to sell forever. Don’t worry, we love you too, I continue to be more grateful to you than anyone else on the planet since you popped up on my computer last Autumn. Just get lots of sleep and carry on caring for your family and doing your wonderful work.

    Reply ·
  101. Beth

    Appreciate your honesty and openness. Yes, you are unstoppable. May you hit your 20,000-books-sold target!

    Reply ·
  102. Tracey P.

    I added “Re-jig my reward and comfort systems around food” to my Notes app a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for clarifying the “comfort” piece. Lots of love to you, Susan. xoxo

    Reply ·
  103. Peg

    Hi Susan. You kept the tears back during your wonderful blog – hope to got to let some out afterwards, or when most needed. Tears can be comforting, too! “Coincidentally,” I watched JJ Virgin’s talk/movie with Pedram Shojai last evening. She, too, made it through her unbelievable time (son almost fatally injured in a car accident) because she had AUTOMATIC TOOLS IN PLACE – healthy food/nutrition, gratitude list, calling in support, etc – which got her from “I don’t know if I can do this” to realizing “You will, because you have no choice.” I heard her voice in yours today. Personally, I went out to buy a new gratitude journal – somehow had no pages left – forgave myself for a “slip” following a lot of sad news, am getting back on track, with your help. Thanks for your courage, authenticity, brilliance and love. (And re: lack of sales activity – a lot of people I know are just stunned into inaction, depression, feeling “whacked out”, etc – at the new administration’s and Congress’s daily doings. Whichever side people are on, life is not normal. It’s just not. Keep on keeping on! )

    Reply ·
  104. Lisa

    You and your message will take over the world…in time. You must know this. It is hard to always keep the belief in yourself. Keep going. What else can you do? ” A decade is gonna pass…you might as well take that time now to build the habits.” I love that. ” the part of you that is craving food needs comfort, so give it comfort.” Amazing insight. ❤️ to you.

    Reply ·
  105. Brenda

    Hang in there…

    Reply ·
  106. EILEEN

    Thank for for being so honest with your tribe; it benefits us more than I can say! I believe your book WILL be a NYT bestseller, and I know, because I’ve read it! THANK YOU for the honor of being one of your proofreaders!
    This week has been a challenge for me as we have remembered the 14th anniversary of the death of our firstborn son. But as I’ve reached out, I’ve gotten tons of support. You are right that everyone’s stresses are different, and we don’t compare and minimize losses.
    Thanks for the good points about our “parts” crying out for support, and the difference between false comforts and true comforts. God is my true comfort. In John 14:16, 18, Jesus said, “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever…I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” He is the rock I cling to.
    Thanks also for the encouragement to keep to our Bright Lines because they WILL become automatic. I loved it when you said we don’t have to think about squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube!

    Reply ·
  107. Jane

    Susan, I get lots of stuff from Hay House. I DIDNOT get any emails about the 14-day challenge or your book launch. I was looking for it and it never came. I wonder if there was some snafu on their end?
    Jane Grace

    Reply ·
    1. Catherine Feldman

      And this past week was a rough one for the country. People may have been distracted. Could Hay House resend their email?

      Reply ·
  108. Catherine Feldman

    Susan. I believe you will continue to be ever more success with your mission. Maybe more slowly than you expected, but your message and your method work so people will continue to be drawn to you and BLE. Just keep on keeping on. We are all here to support you and your team. I just bought 5 more books. I know I will find people and places that need them–libraries, for example. Sending much love.

    Reply ·
  109. Shari

    I’m sorry to hear you are having a challenging time, and joyful to read and hear how you are staying between the lines while this happens.

    I know you recorded a long vlog today and hearing something about detox is probably not likely with your schedule. “That being said” (lol) this is my issue on day 4. Actually it started day 3. Years ago I was a part of FAA, similar to FA, and I remember detox being pretty intense, I even took off work. I really need a pep talk on this it is so tempting to say forget the challenge, I need to work. I DO remember the breakthrough that happened when the detox passed. A whole new bright world! It seems so far away when I am feeling sick, dizzy, nauseas, achy….spacy…you get the picture.

    I used the search feature on blog page but got nothing on detoxification or detox.

    If anyone knows of a vlog on this subject, I’m ready!

    Thank you

    Reply ·
    1. Catherine Feldman

      Shari, Susan does talk about detox. She says that people may feel tired at first and then it passes. In my case, I felt like I had the flu for a few days, and that did pass. She also says that it is important to let oneself rest, or if that is not possible, to go through one’s day as if wearing bunny slippers. Have faith! The process works! So many of us can vouch for that.

      Reply ·
      1. Shari

        I remember hearing about bunny slippers, but can’t find the video. I remember the process works and I remember many yrs ago breaking through the detox to see a whole new world. Cravings gone, life clear. I wish I could find a vlog or article on it, I need a pep talk. I took most of day 3 off work . Yesterday I muddled through and it was not as bad. Today, I am working less. Considering time off. The deal is, I’m afraid in this state I may give in if I stay home. I love that there are so many vlogs to listen to. Maybe I’ll listen to enough of them that I run into something about detox. Or maybe the internet has something about sugar detox. I’m concered because last night I didn’t write down my food plan for today; I was feeling beaten and forgot. I automatically weighed food at breakfast, that’s when I remembered I didn’t write it down. Am I slipping?

        Reply ·
  110. dana

    Susan, you are the real deal. You are a shining example of walking your talk. Thank you for your sterling example! I wish for you and your team to be able to all get the comfort and whatever else you may need right now.and in the upcoming week and/or how long it may take for you all to feel the sustenance you all may need to reach your goal!!!!?

    Reply ·
  111. Betsy Andreycak

    Hi! Susan
    Thank you for being so real but still showing how no matter what, you keep your bright lines. The NY Best Seller List might not happen as fast as you hoped but I bet it still happens!!!

    I just had a BLE bkfst but I’m scared to take the full plunge. It snowed today so I opted to work from home. I’ll do some work and I’ll do some more to get ready to take the full Boot Camp plunge and get started.

    I will do this!!! I have all of your wonderful support. I could not do it in FA. FA felt like torture to me. But you have given me a much better FA. And I’m so grateful!! I just have to choose to do it and put one foot in front of the other ODAAT!!

    Reply ·
  112. jurgita lizdenyte

    Susan you are the most amazing and inspiring person on the planet earth.

    Reply ·
  113. Pamela C.

    Susan! I love you. You CAN do this. Left foot, right foot. Keep getting the word out. Not all people can watch videos so write those emails too! It’s the 8th, you’ve got 13 more days!!! Get your mindset right and stay focused on the goal. This is what the journey looks like not the end result. You are beautiful, brilliant and unstoppable. Do whatever it takes to get out of fear and disappointment and back into your power as quickly as possible. I believe in you. There are people who desperately need to hear your message and only will if you keep showing up bigger than you ever imagined you could. You’ve got this.

    Reply ·
  114. les

    I love the 14 day challenge. I’m on day four. I can relate to not being able to meet payroll as a business owner. But we always make it through. Been in business for 30 years so we’re doing something right. Things happen for a reason. In our imperfect world we feel like we can’t control anything. Bright lines eating has done something wonderful for me. It has let me be in control of one thing in my life and that gives me joy. When I wake up the next day and know that I haven’t gained weight and the scale is going down instead of up. I think people will think that the 14 day challenge is too restrictive and too challenging but it is the opposite. It frees you up so you can handle the crappy stuff.

    Reply ·
    1. terrie

      Hello Les
      I bought the 14 day challenge and have not been able to find anything out about it, where to from here.? If you could help me I would be very grateful. Terrie

      Reply ·
      1. Les

        Terrie, I opened the first email I got from Susan and there was a message with a personal code for you. I hope you got the email. It explained very well in videos from Susan starting with a list of things to do before you start your 14 days.
        Good luck,

        Reply ·
      2. Jo

        I don’t know if this is your problem, but if you have Gmail, click on the Promotions tab near the top and right of your screen. It took me two frustrating days for me to figure out all the 14-Day Challenge emails were going to Promotions.
        Hope this helps.

        Reply ·
  115. Deborah

    Dear Susan,
    You are unstoppable and therefore I have no doubt that your book will ultimately achieve recognition beyond your wildest dreams! You speak from a place of truth and your light shines strong- each book is just a small package of that truth and light which you’re offering to help heal the world. It shall rise to the top inevitably.
    You can always cling to patience and faith, they are your two best friends, always there to hold you up through difficult times. And for now, just remember, the angels are applauding!! I’m so grateful for you. xoxo

    Reply ·
  116. Diane Eliasen

    Dear Susan,
    There is more love out there for you than you realize. Your book WILL make the best sellers lists. Don’t worry. XO

    Reply ·
  117. Corinne

    Since the bracelets are so important to the unstoppable you, how about finding out and knowing the names of who gave them to you 🙂

    Reply ·
  118. Fern Marriott

    Actually the thought I had was ” That was then, this is now”. I know when a thought is inspired by Jehovah God, because it’s super precise, consider and clear….which I am not, especially when I’m in that state! And it’s followed by peace and relief! Just thought I’d clarify that . Thank you, love you, Fern

    Reply ·
  119. Mary Hunter

    Hi Susan, Thank you for persevering to bring Bright Line Eating to the world. I am on day 3 of the 14 day challenge and am finding this so workable! I pray that the Lord continues to help and bless you mightily. Much love, Mary Hunter

    Reply ·
  120. Fern Marriott

    That was great Susan, this was a really hard week for me and it’s not over yet. Thank you for this reminder. I so agree. I wish I was as strong as you. I’ve been in this a year now and have trouble with .b.l.t’s and snacking, so I’ll have something extra like some pumpkin seeds, apple with cinnamon,or even popcorn. But you’re right, it doesn’t make me feel better for long. Yesterday I got on my knees, and in sobs told Jehovah God my troubles, and a thought came to me, ” it’s in the past, that part’s done, this is now” and I felt a peace come over me and I put one foot in front of me and went on with my day. Then as it happened I had two conversation that helped me get my priorities right….and then I slept a good sleep. Now it’s another day and the hardest part….my resistance to what is….is over, I’ve listened to you and I’m ready to start the day and deal with what comes, just like you said, with a smile on my face and some air in my chest! Hall Aliyah! I bought your 14 day challenge by the way, want to support you in this amazing endeavour you and your team are doing, and look forward to the course, cause I need it! Thank you a thousand time. I love, appreciate and admire you all so much. You inspire me. Sending you many hurrahs. Love from FERN

    Reply ·
  121. Lisa

    So much love coming your way Susan. We love you and you truly are UnstoppaBLE!

    Reply ·
  122. Donna

    Hi Susan, I have already done the 14 day challenge and feel amazing, even though I wasn’t squeaky clean- I’m pretty close! Thank you for BLE, I can’t wait to get my book! If I could do the boot camp I would, just not in the budget. Hang in there, this too shall pass!

    Reply ·
  123. Rita

    Thank you Susan for this wonderful Vlog. I love and admire your honesty , ability to speak from the heart and relate to all of us. I have been having a very difficult time and wondering why I have been choosing to be miserable, fat and trapped as opposed to happy, thin and free. This VLOG spoke directly to my 10 +++ SS. heart thank you so much.
    I am taking this crazy snow day as a gift from God because I will be present for the live webinar of bright line healing. See you then.

    Reply ·
  124. Monica Hunter

    Susan, do not despair! I know that somehow, someday your book will be a be a bestseller. Just remember you are loved by a lot of people you probably will never meet.

    Reply ·
  125. Kate Bridekirk

    Would have got the book or a few of them for the $29 for family members,but seemed you can only get it in USA.
    My sister Judy in NSWAustralia is a Bright Liner but couldn’t discuss with her as she on cruise..(so needed the break)
    She is amazing and had put on weight as 1year 10 months ago her sons wife died the day after giving birth to 3rd child.My amazing sister in her 60’s has had to go back to being like you Susan with 3 children (they are all under 5.)!helping her son.So Brightlines as helped her to look after herself again too.
    Thank you
    Kate. Ps I live in Ukofficialtouristguide

    Reply ·
  126. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    What you give, you receive. You give so much my dear Susan… You receive as much. For all the support you need, we are here for you. Love you!

    Reply ·
  127. Marilucy

    I already paid and register for the 14 day plan and I have not received the User name and password to fet in.
    Kindky help me to solve this problem
    Best regards
    Marilucy Beltran

    Reply ·
  128. Toni Whitmont

    What an extraordinary vlog. My heart goes out to you Susan. And I have to say that your honesty, openness, compassion and integrity are an absolute inspiration. Not to mention your reminder about automatic habits, finding some way of soothing yourself, finding someone/something to lean on.
    “Sometimes things just happen and sometimes they happen so you can see how strong you are” – yes, yes, and yes.

    Reply ·
  129. Annie

    Buying the book was no problem at all. You’re so right about habits! ?

    Reply ·
  130. Maria

    Find something to cling to when life gets hard…sounds so simple, doesn’t it? I have certainly been using some of the BLE tools but just realized that the one I rarely use when I’m about to jump off the NMF ledge is right at hand…our FB support group. My master mind group wasn’t available right away the other day and I didn’t even think to post about the stress I was feeling and the crazy pull to eat off plan. And so I jumped off into the food and three days later, am still feeling the effects. Thank you, Susan, for the reminder. And here’s the BIGGEST, warmest, loveliest virtual hug you could possibly imagine…

    Reply ·
  131. Monica Dean

    Loved the vlog. Remember SISU. You helped me to change my life. I am Happy, Thin, and Free. You’ve touched more people then you will ever know. One bad week out of 52 isn’t so bad. Looking forward to next week.

    Reply ·
  132. steve tayles

    Susan, You need to know something- I took your food addiction challenge 18 months ago and I only scored 2 so there wasn’t really much in BLE for me BUT I kept you on my email list all this time because YOU interest me, what you have to say, your enthusiasm and your insights. You are great. I love what you do. If your book numbers were down on release day, even though you were offering FREE copies, do not take this to mean failure. I for one did not accept the offer because as a score 2 I don’t really need it and I left my copy for you to give someone else who DOES need it. I may not be alone in this and it could help explain why the numbers were down.

    Reply ·
  133. Linda

    Thank you Susan for pointing out the fact of finding comfort some place other than food. A part of my brain knew that, but i was so use to just going to the cabinet when I was down, I just didn’t THINK about it. Thank you for all your hard work getting the word out. I, like so many, have tried so many diets, but you bring it all together with the chemical reaction explained. I always knew the was more than just willpower for the reason kept failing because I’m pretty darn strong-willed! Thank you again for what your doing.
    PS .. the 14 day challenge made it possible to actually try your diet when otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to because I’m very low income.

    Reply ·
  134. S B

    Staunch= standing strong;, standing upright; standing for something; holding the line; with as you said the bolstering of your happy supports at your Beck & call, from every realm & posture: curled around a pillow or a phone cord, stretched out in a bubbly warm tub, transported at the movies,;gratefully noticing the habits you built, now building you; the gratitude & Meditation connections you built, now you can lie on them or thrill through them or wrap them around you; the friends & allies, finding value in being staunch for you for a shared good goal; all these seeds & many more you planted, in your body, in your brain, in your neurowisdom & functioning, all the social & grateful goal-devoted world you built & lived, now there for you…

    Staunch as in resolutely holding the fort, the potential breach, staunching the wound; feeling the surround of other fingers, other arms, other determinations joining you to strengthen you, relieve you, provide a place of rest for you while the commitment remains;

    All those books with the strength of their living message,… can rise up and be a bulwark for you, rustling their pages to send back to you the messages & living support you must have infused them with…Maybe you can rest on them!…

    May you rest on the Ocean of G-d’s care & let it buoy you up for a change (?).

    I applaud your bravery & commitment & willingness to show the mortal beneath the armor, I wish you peace & success to replenish.

    Best wishes.

    Reply ·
  135. Jasmin Schacht

    I can’t find out how to contact you – have bought the 14-days challenge and would really! like to have the book marked “personal gift”, before it is mailed to Denmark, as I – otherwise has to pay at least 100% again in customs.. how do I get contact??

    Reply ·
  136. Teri

    The book will change the world, have faith, it will be awesome!! Your message is life changing and it will be amazing. xxoo

    Reply ·
  137. Katarina Morvai

    Dear Susan, my heart goes out to you as I watch your frustration and disappointment. You obviously question yourself, your judgement, your ability to kick this off. Here is what you have going for you: you have a strong point, supported by science and experience, you have the most charming of personalities with the God’s gift to communicate and relay the message, you come across as sincere and caring person, the kind everybody wants to be best friends with. This is what you have going against you: your techie support, team, whatever you call them. Yes, it’s that simple. Read the comments bellow your last week’s blog, What happened to your fcb online show, even today there are problems with ordering. Most people make the purchase when it’s one-click simple, most don’t come back if it doesn’t work. That’s just the way it is. You did your part of the gig, created the product, got people all excited, built the momentum, you did just fine. Now you have to make sure they can actually buy the book, simple and easy. Don’t worry you missed your big moment, it doesn’t matter, the book will sell, because it’s a good book and people need it. Howgh! XXX

    Reply ·
  138. Sharon

    Starfish poem
    Once upon a time there was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. 

One day he was walking along the shore. As he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. 

So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn’t dancing, but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. 

As he got closer he called out, “Good morning! What are you doing?” The young man paused, looked up and replied, “Throwing starfish in the ocean.”
    “I guess I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?” 
”The sun is up and the tide is going out. And if I don’t throw them in they’ll die.” 

    “But, young man, don’t you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can’t possibly make a difference!” The young man listened politely. Then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean, past the breaking waves and said –

    “It made a difference for that one”

    I feel your heavy strain right now and know how the business needs numbers to survive but I just wanted to say you have made a huge difference to me and my life – I will never be able to pay you back enough. Being on your 8 week program now is changing my life every day for the better and that’s all down to you and your team. I send huge strength, pray and love to you all . This will happen for you I just know it. I’ve bought the book and I’m gonna tweet like crazy. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help get your much needed message out over in the U.K people need you in their lices. Xxx

    Reply ·
    1. Katarina Morvai

      Lovely message.

      Reply ·
  139. Eva

    Dear sweet strong Susan – your talk was ‘the hug and the push’ that I needed today! Thank you for coming out and naming it what it was: Sh..t and Cr..p all week! I had six weeks of them and like you, I didn’t fall into food. After decades of eating disorder, I became a smart eater 15 years ago ad I so agree with you: Once smart eating becomes a habit, nothing can pull you out of it. However, I made myself stoppable!
    Will order today: are you shipping to Cyprus?

    Reply ·
  140. Tracy

    Thank you so much for your raw transparency xx I passed they some golden arches 2 days ago for the first time in a year – knowing it would in fact plummet my mood (it did) knowing my joints would ache (they do) blah blah – and I needed a buddy like this to give me advice on other ways of coping 🙂 You will get a chuckle – I threw up a bright line that same afternoon and visualised that archy-entrance as the Stranger Things portal with the upside down awaiting me inside – I actually gag a little now when I think of passing thru it lol 🙂 Love the work you’re doing and am happy to add my name to the lucky group who will benefit from this launch 🙂 xx

    Reply ·
  141. Michelle

    Thank you for changing the world one Bright Life at a time. Your work may be the most genuine labor of love I’ve witnessed. Your ability to be so authentically, unapologetically, who you are is inspiring, and your sacrifice is not unnoticed. You are so loved and appreciated.

    Reply ·
  142. Paula

    Dear Susan,thank you for your honesty and sharing your vulnerability.i appreciate you so much.i know you are strong and have faith that you and your bright line eating time will be fine. Love you, Paula

    Reply ·
  143. Christina Bergstrom

    I had the same week in my small functional medicine business. Glad to hear you being so honest. You’re unstoppable. Check this song: Unstoppable by Sia

    Reply ·
  144. Isha

    Is Shipping to Singapore is free ?

    Reply ·
  145. Susan Mast

    Feel better soon. You are strong and so talented Susan. In case no one has given you the descriptor…they are jewelry findings. Your Volg was excellent demonstrating your great care for others, yourself, and a really lovely alignment of your values. Sending hugs tonight.

    Reply ·
  146. Donna

    Oh sweet Susan. Love and lots of Hugs!!! I’m a Bright Lifer and support you and your dream 100%.

    Reply ·
  147. Carol

    I really understand your pain. It is hard to see your dreams and plans not manifest the way we want. It has happnd many times in my life and it just feels terrible.
    You are a strong and courageous woman and you will figure it out or it will play out of its own accord. You can only do your best.
    Thank you so much for letting us know what is happening in your life. I feel privileged that to have witnessed your vulnerability.
    I am certain that everything will turn out perfectly, as it always does.

    Reply ·
  148. Marina Miller

    You are beautiful, you are fiercely intelligent, you are generous, but what I appreciate the most about you Susan is how AUTHENTIC you are. You are truly a “ROCK STAR” human being. Sending you love, love, love. ❌❤❌❤❌❤

    Reply ·
  149. Renee Jines

    Aww Susan I’m sorry you feel down but I want you to know how much you inspire me. You are such a real person, you have gone through experiences that I can identify with and you have a love and desire for helping people. I swore I would never try another diet again. I was going to just live my life unhealthy but then I saw a Facebook ad of your ble plan and I took the plunge and entered the January boot camp and I’m so glad I did. I’m on day 17 and my body feels better and I’ve released 9#. You have changed my life. ❤️

    Reply ·
  150. Sandie

    I’m a bright lifer, and as people see us and ask how we lost weight we will tell them about your book. Your book will be selling for years to come. Slow and steady might be better than all at once. You’ll end up on the Amazon best seller list and that could be more important than the NYT list.

    Reply ·
  151. Juli


    Susan, I am constantly amazed at how you live your life “out loud” in front of all of us. What a week! Personally I am very surprised that your first day of the launch was not more active. This information is pretty amazing. I tell a lot of friends about it but not sure any of them follow through. I got a good start on my own just from what I learned in the videos you posted last year, and people noticed! And were amazed at how sudden it seemed! But I hit a plateau after losing @25 and coincidentally, it was the holidays and I cut some slack. Up until then I was losing so fast that I almost missed an entire size of clothes that I had put away for when I hoped I might get smaller again. After the holidays, I wasn’t losing anymore (Wasn’t sure what I was doing differently from those first few months, by the way.) and thought the 14 day challenge sounded like a great way to get started again and get some of the information that was not in the videos. Plus the book! What a deal!

    Now I am thinking about those friends – all of whom have told me they are unhappy with their bodies and unhappy that “nothing seems to work” – and all of that. And I am thinking – they all have birthdays and Christmas is coming – why not buy a bunch of books to give them? I already know this works from my limited experience with it. Could I give a better gift to someone I care about who struggles with weight? Probably not. So I just tested the link to make sure it works and now I am going over there to get some books for the people I love who are despairing of ever getting back into a right sized body. I was there last May. I still have a way to go to get mine back, but I know now that it can be done. Thank you for that!

    I hope you make the best seller list. It’s not over yet!

    Reply ·
    1. Juli

      PS the first phase for me was very successful with ONLY using the bright lines of flour and sugar, and thinking about but not actually writing down the meals for the next day, having no “seconds” and eye-balling what I thought were reasonable quantities. I did allow nuts as a snack at times, and occasionally had a cookie or a piece of cake – like maybe once a week. A big shift was planning ahead because that meant I would go to the store in the evening if the food I meant to eat tomorrow isn’t already in the house. It is interesting to compare how I ate during that time with your handouts in the 14 day challenge. Am weighing food now just to see how close I have been to being able to tell by sight. I may not need to weigh my food but will do so for the full 14 days just to get a stronger feel for the quantities.

      Reply ·
      1. Sheila

        Hi Julie, I did a Boot Camp in October, 2015. I’m down 48 lbs from 170 lbs (I did lose 11 lbs on my own but that took 7 months and the rest I lost after doing the Boot Camp). I weigh 122 lbs and haven’t seen that since I was in my late 20s. I’m now 77 years young and finding Susan Peirce Thompson and Bright Line Eating have been the best things that have happened to me! Susan is the real deal! My cardiologist is thrilled with my blood work. I believe that you will have great success if you continue to weigh your food because it is so easy to either over- or underestimate the correct amounts. I have friends who think I’m crazy for doing that but it’s working for me so I just let them think whatever they want!

        Reply ·
  152. Amy

    Susan. You are so awesome and real and true. Thank you for that.
    I wanted to order the book but I live in Canada and did not know if you could ship to me here.
    I have been waiting patiently for the book and figured I would have to wait until it showed up on Canadian shelves.
    Let me know if I can get it now and I will order the course today.
    Thank you.

    Reply ·
  153. Wendy Maxwell

    Aloha Susan, I’m a former Bright Lifer and signed up for the 14 day challenge to do a quick rezoom and get the book. Love you!!

    Reply ·
  154. Renee

    Hi Susan, Hang in there. I’ve been having a down week too. Intense headaches non stop. I bought your course. I was going to buy your book on Amazon, but I love you so much I wanted to give you the money instead. I have been doing no sugar – no flour since September when your first four videos came out. I’ve maintained my weight. I’m glad I have access to the plan and the FAQ now. I haven’t decided if I’m going to weight and measure my food and write it down yet.

    Reply ·
  155. Robin

    Susan, I believe that you heard the voice of God guide you to write the book because He really cares about the millions of hurting people suffering with food addiction. The Bible says, “I find a law then that when I do good, evil is present.” It is s law; a fact of life. It is the nature of evil to oppose that which is good and this is the saboteur on a much different, global, level. Don’t lose Faith; God is Almighty and this is His plan. You will be victorious! BTW: I had a VERY difficult time getting to the Bright Line Healing webinar. I kept being routed to a wrong page.

    Reply ·
  156. Alane

    My heart goes out to you, and I wish you peace in the midst of the storm.

    Reply ·
  157. Brenda

    Maybe send us an email when we are able to access the preorder link … Still not working. Big hugs!!

    Reply ·
  158. Yvonne Vankosky

    The link to buy the book is not working. Hope it gets fixed.

    Reply ·
  159. Brenda

    I am proud of you and I am sorry for your struggles…I cling to you!! For some reason, I did not realize the books were on sale and how important the pre-sale was. Maybe that information was hidden behind a 14 day challenge which did not interest me because I am successfully working the program as an oct 2016 boot camper who is 5 lbs from goal weight and also because I realized I was entitled to a free book because I joined bright lifers. However, I believe in this program whole heartedly but most importantly, I believe in you! I will order the book – it is a bargain at any cost!!

    Reply ·
    1. Katrina Torres

      I agree! I really didn’t see much about the presale! Seems like the team did a lot to market, but haven’t seen any marketing myself! I shared on my Facebook page to help generate sales!

      Reply ·
  160. Toni Scarlett

    Nawww! I just want to give you a hug! I will do a new push of my own and see if I can get some more books / courses sold for you. I’ve bought my book, but maybe I can buy some more to give as gifts. 🙂 xxx

    Reply ·
  161. Liberty Whittle

    Not a bright line eating member…yet…but I do watch your weekly vlogs because I appreciate your insights.

    I started treatment for Clostridium difficile for the 2nd time this past week, had a 2nd excision for a mole to prevent cells turning into melanoma (still waiting on the 2nd pathology report), and had another procedure to rule out cancer of another form after another screening came back with positive results. So, yes, I can empathize regarding hard weeks.

    I started binging 23 years ago as a way of coping with abuse and trauma. This week I was not perfect. I did eat foods that were poison for me. I literally am allergic to them. I did not eat them in the quantities that would send me to the hospital, but I suffered more than I already was because of the colon bacteria, for which people can end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Yet, I did something I wouldn’t have done a year ago. I was able to reach out for assistance. That is something that is very hard for me to do because of my experiences. Trust is not easy.

    Generally speaking, I am looking at a diet without nuts and meat, as well as no sugar, flour, and dairy due to allergies and my body’s inability to digest. Everything else pretty much has to be downed in smoothie form. I have done the no flour, sugar and dairy before, and I am getting used to the no nuts, but I am really struggling with this last curveball. Everything else right now–veggies and fruits–pretty much has to be downed in smoothie form. As you say, though, right foot, left foot. Repeat.

    Thank you for today and each time you have been true to you and spoken honestly of your ups and downs; your vulnerability and strength inspire me.

    Reply ·
    1. Robin

      Hi Liberty, I am doing a combination of Bright Line Eating coupled with Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s book, The Autoimmune Fix. They couple well together and he is such an expert on Autoimmunity.

      Reply ·
  162. Karen

    The link to the 14 day challenge does not work. Also, could you clarify how the timing works? Is it 14 days of our choosing or does it begin and end on a set date? Does the cost cover shipping the book to Canada and if not, what would that cost be? I’ve been so looking forward to your book, as a bootcamp was not in my budget at this time. The challenge really sweetens the deal, but without these details I am unable to support you though I would love to.

    Reply ·
    1. Mercedes (from Argentina)

      Karen, you can start the 14 day challenge when you are ready. You don´t need to start right away after you paid. I am on my day 4. Just loving it. Just loving it so much.! It´s worth every penny. Well… I would say it´s worth much more.

      Reply ·
    2. Patty

      Karen, you pick when you want to start it.

      Reply ·
  163. Diane OSullivan

    I love you Susan and your team! You are changing the world and I am so glad I found you!!! BLE is awesome – week 18 down 38 lbs!!!

    Reply ·
  164. Deborah W

    Love you too Susan! You built it….they will come!

    Reply ·
  165. lynn

    tried to buy a book, but it said “This site cannot be reached. The connection has been reset.” Is there another link to pre-order the book so it will count towards the bestseller goal? Thanks!

    Reply ·
    1. Rebecca Poborski

      I’m so sorry that the book isn’t selling as quickly as you hoped. I got the 14 day challenge and am learning so much. It is an amazing deal for all the information I am getting and plus a book. I have shared with a few people about it. The teachings are helping me so much, it seems like someone finally understands what is going on within me. Please know that I am so thankful to have found this site and receive this information. I am feeling much more free and not having the crushing load on me of having think about food choices all day long. I will be trying to think of a way I may be able to spread the word about this. I am hoping so much that you will reach your goal but if not please think of me and know that you work has meant so much to me in just the 10 days since I have started…Forever grateful …Rebecca

      Reply ·
  166. Trish Moore

    Hi Susan what a beautiful heart felt message. Hang in there and Congratulations on staying strong. Wishing you all the very best.

    Reply ·
  167. T

    The link to pre-order is not working. I get the error that the page is not found.

    Reply ·
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