Small Daily Behaviors

Happy New Year!

In the first vlog of 2017, I talk about how I reshaped my New Year’s resolutions to set myself up for success.

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  1. Marianne

    I just read Susan’s book and am new to her blog. I cannot believe the amount of posters ragging on Susan for her dress and her intro speaking style, let alone giving her stern advice . Gosh! The woman is giving you this great eating info for free! Her boot camp has a (substantial) fee but there is so much free info she gives out. Gosh folks!

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  2. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    I love the idea of reverse-engineering your big goals down into small wins each day. I need to focus on this in 2017.

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  3. Terry

    Small goals, good ideas. Attire? I also listened, rather than watching.

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  4. Cindy Hauffe

    Gee, whiz! I think some people need to get a life! (Rather than critiquing your attire.) You always look awesome:) Don’t you dare give in to
    pressure from others about such nonsense about clothing coaches and makeovers! You need to just go on being YOU. That’s what makes
    you so real & lovable! You’re not just another phony pristine lil’ miss perfect. You stay just the way you are sweet & relatable. Luv your vlogs! Stay true to you & keep on being Happy, Thin & Free. I admire you for that. Xoxxo
    Cindy Hauffe

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  5. Cydnee Silverstein

    I am wondering if alcohol is prohibited?

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  6. Melanie Rosen

    Why no decaf I’m wondering. Can you adress this Susan?

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  7. HP

    I found your advice about how to write effective yearly resolutions very helpful! I use a daily habit tracker for monthly goals, but this year I think I will add one for yearly goals as well. I enjoy your vlog and watch it every week!

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  8. Rachel Burwell

    Love, love , love this as I am reading the Compound Effect which speaks to the momentum that is achieved with consistent small daily actions over time. As is frequently the case, we are in similar consciousness about the issues front and center in our lives.

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  9. Jill

    I will not join Twitter. I hope you also email your book info.

    Also…have you tried the fasciablaster? It’s changed my life…again.

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  10. Sandy

    Really appreciated this vlog, I was always so focused on an endpoint as my goal. I agree that I would find it much more empowering to do the daily goals…I’ve known about taking small steps towards my goal but just didn’t think of those steps as goals. Maybe just the wording, but your approach just struck a chord with me. Thanks so much. As for wanting to be perfect at starting a goal on the 1st of the year month or week I’m starting immediately. Take care and I wish you much success in all your endevours.

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  11. Carrie Cognitore

    Happy New Year! I think you look lovely & beautiful. You are a gorgeous woman inside & out. There will always be critics. We can second guess their intentions whether those are good or bad but it doesn’t serve a purpose to our goal. Keep being you, wonderfully! True Bright Lifers love you exactly how you are. Peace , happiness & health to you in the New Year.

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  12. Jarka

    Hi Susan!
    You know what? I find all this focus on your clothes fascinating. How it triggers all different hidden things/reactions in people. (Because this outfit is different from what you normally wear, everyone’s going to notice it. But much more useful reaction here, I think, would be to fully notice and analyze one’s reaction to it.)
    Keep doing (whether consciously or sub/unconsciously) what you’re doing. You don’t have to justify your outfits. Even though you’re a public figure. This is precisely why you are so authentic – you don’t have to do everything like all other professionals before you. Plus, most of these people criticizing obviously haven’t seen many of your other vlogs, otherwise they’d know you by now. xxx

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  13. Leonie Mateer

    This is my second video of yours I have viewed. I am really interested in the actual food that causes addiction..i.e. sugar and flour.. I have been following the alkaline/acid diet which has allowed me to keep weight off and eliminate the effect of psoriasis and PSA on my body. for almost two years.. (after 25yrs of psoriasis over 75% of my body) no sugar and no dairy being part of the diet. I have suspected flour may also be a problem. Can I obtain a simple food chart that shows the foods that are acceptable in the no flour category.. ie. oats etc.

    Motivational talks are wonderful… but actual facts giving specific food information is invaluable. Keeping weight off is all about the type of food we eat, what food causes addiction etc. By eliminating sugar I have totally eliminated all my sugar cravings.. and I was called “the desert queen”… I still crave bread.. I had no idea flour was also an addictive food.. Knowledge obtained by professional food behaviour experts and shared is the answer to the obesity problem which, in turn, also helps in the elimination of many auto immune diseases.

    Thank you. You are doing wonderful work.

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  14. Randy diner

    You are such a love-I wish that you would find a coach that encourages you to put some FUN in your life, instead of pushing yourself so hard. You are thin-but I wish you were happy & free.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      You know what’s interesting? I’m one of the happiest people I know. Seriously. On tests and everything. You can go to the following website to take a BUNH of validated questionnaires on various aspects of how happy you are:
      I’m ridiculously happy. I have meaning in my life, positive emotions flowing through me, high life satisfaction, and high well-being. Not sure about your impression that I’m not happy and free, but I’m guessing it has to do with my level of ambition….I’m certainly extremely achievement oriented. Sometimes people who are lower in achievement orientation mis-perceive my driven nature as a negative thing, because a similar level of activity and ambition would make THEM unhappy. But rest assured, Randy, it doesn’t make me unhappy. 😉

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      1. Carrie

        Love your response to Randy! And so true. You are keeping it real, SPT!

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  15. Colleen

    I am still developing my goals for 2017, The first one is to finish getting my extra weight off! I know I can do it with BLE. Liked your volg tips. This is going to be a great year.

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  16. BP

    Hi Susan,
    First, thank you for your honesty and your insightfulness. You are awesome! Second, I really think you would benefit from a program called “Dressing Your Truth”. The creator would probably give you a makeover that would introduce you to her audience and help you gain more followers as well as teach you how to cater to and support your unique beauty. Third, while you’re developing your own BLE apps, check out HabitBull. It’s based on the science you discussed in this vlog.
    Much love! You are fantastic!

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  17. debra

    Dear Susan,

    I think you look beautiful, but to be honest, i could not care less what you look like as i am so grateful for the wisdom you so generously
    share. I thank you will all my heart for the change you are making in the world and to me personally. I hope 2017 is the best year yet for you and your loved ones.

    With love and good wishes,


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  18. Yochana Modiano

    Ummm, Gee, aren’t you cold????? You look lovely as usual, but can you go back to the professional attire fully clothed look? As a religious person living in a place where everyone dresses modestly and one doesn’t see so much skin, um I can’t watch the video without feeling uncomfortable. So I listened to it.

    I don’t mean this request in a mean way, you have the right and it is your choice to express yourself as you wish. The freedom is yours, just thought that I would ask.

    Thanks, Yochana

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    1. Jo

      Well said, Yochana. Susan, as a professional and a leader, proper dress that does not detract from your message is important. BTW, I have ammended my resolutions as you wisely suggested. Thanks for the vlog!

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    2. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      My dear Yochana, I must apologize. I most certainly did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable. This green dress is long and flowy, and, I think, must look much better in person because I usually get quite a few compliments on it. But here in video, showing only from the high-waist up, I agree that it looks quite skimpy, much like a bathing suit. I’m so sorry I’ve offended your sensibilities, and indeed it must have been quite distracting, given the huge number of comments here about it. I appreciate that you worked out the solution of listening to the vlog so that you could still get the message. Quite ingenious!

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  19. Sues

    Susan, You provide unusual specific knowledge and tips that are very helpful.

    Loved the BLE necklace you wore once. I would love to see it more and even bolder necklaces to grace your beautiful self.

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  20. Amy Ryberg

    I love your advice, both personality and professionally ( I am a psychotherapist) and have referred patients to your website.
    2 things:
    *when you do your introduction to the Vlog, I wish you’d stop shaking your head back and forth. It discredits you, makes you look like an airhead / Valley girl type. You. are friendly and approachable already.
    Also, look at the image of you in the spaghetti strap brown dress. Just doesn’t look professional. You are naturally both professional and relatable. Acting like a ditsy girlfriend discredits your wonderful work.

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    1. Michelle

      Amy- Do your patients know what a judgemental person you are? My thought is no because if they did you would be out of work, my dear. A good suggestion to you would be to start taking your own advice. ??

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  21. Nicky Zahorák

    Hi Susan. Even though I am not on a diet, or following BLE, I LOVE your message, and motivation. Really got a lot of inspiration from this video. If you want to do short workouts, I can really recommend Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training) – he does great 4, 8, and 12 minute workouts which are very effective (short, but tough) as well as Tracy Campoli, Jessica Smith, Danette May and Rebecca Loiuse. All have great youtube channels with lots of bite sized workouts, which can be done at home. Good luck!

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  22. Trina Smith

    Yeah, I agree that attire was distracting. I do like the idea of making attainable, small daily goals. Having 5 points that you can count on one hand is helpful.

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  23. Susan

    She has her happy new year dress on! Come on people ?

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  24. Susan

    I don’t like Twitter. It sends me notifications and I don’t know how to stop it so I deleted it

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  25. Gemma Di Bari

    Just what I needed to hear. Thanks Susan.

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  26. Brian R Gard

    A little Less Talk and a Lot More Action!!!!

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  27. Diane Satin

    Your scientific facts and your shared truths, reminds me of my
    highest spiritual and physical essence and inner knowingness too.
    Thank you for being so committed, it creates a stronger foundation.
    I’ve been meditating every day and night for over 4 years.
    It makes all the difference in the universe-giving me all the gifts
    I deserve including my newest discovery being you.
    Love and Blessings,
    Diane Satin

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  28. Ronna Berezin

    The mustard and condiments you think about binging on and do are loaded with sugar, salt, red dyes, honey, and artificial flavors , and you think you are unusually addictive to binge on “even” mustard and condiments????????

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Actually, they’re not. They’re kosher, organic, dye-free, and made out of organic mustard seed and organic vinegar. Good theory though.

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  29. John B. McNamara

    While viewing this “Happy New Year 2017” vlog, an indelible thought came to my mind and it was this: For me the video suggests that Bright Line Eating is either working exceptionally well or careering out of control. I’ve still to find the solution. Regards, JBM..

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  30. Kimberly Bushard

    Thank you, Susan! You are so courageous for putting this out there in such an open, totally personal manner. Your commitment to helping others is inspiring!

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  31. Elena

    I love your message Susan. You are always filled with wonderful advice and great energy in your delivery of information.

    I, too, found your attire distracting. I’m sorry if this comment upsets you or your viewers. It I see just feedback echoing others who also felt the same way. Of course, you have free choice to wear what you please,. The message transcends your attire.

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  32. Mimi Hanzel, Ph.D.

    Susan I truly like your message. Not sure how you will take this next remark, but here goes. Your outfit was distracting. It looked like a nightgown. You may want to consider a fashion coach. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. Be well.

    Reply ·
    1. Hoda

      I agree

      Reply ·
    2. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Thanks, Mimi. I don’t mind. We get all kinds of feedback here at Bright Line Eating. I think once someone told me that my mouth was asymmetrical and that I should fix it. Lol.
      This dress looks a lot better, I think, when you can see the whole thing. It’s long and flowy. Quite pretty. Oh well. I’ll have to remember to dress so that what’s above the sternum makes a complete package. From what’s showing here, I think it looks more like a bathing suit!

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  33. Kathy

    Vivian – not all of Susan´s blog followers are fighting food addictions. Some of us find Susan´s perspective interesting. And, yes, sometimes her clothes are interesting too!

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  34. Vi

    Thank you.

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  35. ds

    your attire on blog is not flattering

    Reply ·
    1. Vivian

      Good Grief, ds, get a life! Are you here to fight food addiction or to sit in judgment of the person, who is offering you professional help?

      Reply ·
      1. Lisa Radelet

        Vivian, I think ds is just trying to express what others here have also said, that Susan’s attire distracts from her very good and important message.

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    2. MS

      Agreed. Unprofessional.

      Reply ·
    3. Ceri

      Perhaps brown is not Susan’s colour? Or maybe there is something about the style of the outfit that makes her look fat? I must admit that my first reaction was shock, because I usually
      think of Susan as so slim?

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  36. Rivka Chakimi

    Hi … just amazed by the condiments comment, I would never have thought of that and I just know I am going to remember it, loved the humour and love that you so freely share. Hope you enjoy all the blessings of the up coming year.

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  37. June

    I agree small steps lead to bigger ones and habit formation

    I am concerned about your plan to do isolated 5 minutes HIIT bites. An all-out workout, even for a short period, can easily result in injury.

    Reply ·
    1. June

      I forgot to put in with no warm up

      An all-out workout with not preceding warm-uo, even for a short period, can easily result in injury.

      Reply ·
  38. AMY

    Hi Susan. I love your suggestions. I have to laugh because I’ve been working on pull ups myself (for a very long time-lol). Anyway, just wanted to share my little thing for that. There is a bar called Iron gym that is super easy to put over a door. I put it over the door from my bedroom to my bath and EVERY time I go in and out, I just grab the bar and try do a few pull ups. I kinda’ pull and jump, but hey one of these days it will be a REAL pull up. LOL. Good luck!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      LOVE IT, Amy! Iron gym. Great tip.

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  39. Karen

    Never miss your vlog, Susan. I’d like to respond to the Twitter request. To get and keep Twitter followers, you might want to practice “liking” and “retweeting” when someone tweets something about you or Bright Line Eating. I know you are new to Twitter, and may not know the unwritten etiquette surrounding that world. It’s not necessary, but if you appreciate your followers and those who promote you and BLE, you may want to show them that you see and appreciate their effort! Thanks!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Absolutely! Great suggestions. You’re right–I’m not super up on the etiquette. But I’ve been working hard to make sure I do exactly what you’re describing. I may have missed something, but–in practice–I make it a priority to like and retweet everything that pertains to me and BLE. The only thing I don’t retweet is something I’ve already posted (tweeted) previously.
      One thing I’m currently assembling is a list of software/apps that will help track these things, so nothing is missed while I’m sleeping or away from the computer. There are a lot of helpful tools out there. 🙂

      Reply ·
  40. Carol

    This is kind of like TinyHabits Ted Talk.

    Reply ·
  41. Cristina Brennan

    You go Girl!!!!!!!!

    Reply ·
  42. Donna K

    Thank you for showing me how to break down my behaviors for success! Happy anew Year! You look amazing!

    Reply ·
  43. Patrice

    Thanks Susan, Need to get Tweeting. Quick Q, I may have a candida thing after a round of antibiotics. This can affect sugar cravings. Any suggestions on how to erradicate it? With that out of the way, I can more rationally approach a brightline eating plan.

    Reply ·
    1. Meghan

      Patrice… I’ve had terrible candida problems. It went away with bright line eating.

      Reply ·
    2. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Patrice, I’d stay firm with no sugar and no flour for a bit, and eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fermented vegetables, and your natural healthy gut bacteria should repopulate in pretty short order. 🙂

      Reply ·
  44. Gina Heese

    This is a GREAT idea! It’s SOOOO freeing to not be trying to come up with YET ANOTHER New Years resolution where I am scrambling to find the new “weightloss trend” thats gonna get my excess weight off in the New Year!

    I have already FOUND IT!!! This time, I can focus on a new or a few new “behaviors” instead of another “diet”.

    I am so thrilled to , for the first time in decades, focus on something other than my diet at the beginning of a new year! TY SPT! ????

    Reply ·
  45. Sam DuBois

    I forwarded your vlog to my daughter, your colleague (also a Ph.D. in Psychology) apropos her comments on New Year’s resolutions!

    Reply ·
  46. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    God bless you, dear Susan. Today is my Brightline Eating birthday. One year ago my daughter Eugenia showed me the “What the hell effect” blog, and that was a turning point for me and for my life. At last. Someone who answered my questions. God answering my prayers. I have followed you every day. I have lost 12 pounds. I have gained them again. I am struggling now to lose them again. To change my identity. All your tools help me: your words, your commitment, your wisdom, your charisma, your enthusiasm, your sympathy, your weaknesses. And of course, everything I have learned about our addicts´brains work.

    This blog is so useful for me. I wil draw the list of my LARs (little attainable resolutions) and I will stick to them. I will go to Stickk as well.

    Please, I would like you to tell us why meditation is important for BLE (I have my guesses, but I´d like to listen to your thoughts), and how you get to meditate. I know this is not your field of expertise, but I would welcome your advice.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Eternally thank you. And happy birthday to me!

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Happy ONE YEAR BLE BIRTHDAY, Mercedes!!!
      Meditation is helpful because it helps us to get more comfortable in our skin so we don’t have to run to food over our emotions. It creates more of a space between triggers in the environment and our reactions to them. It creates a tremendous peace. And it literally rewires our pre-frontal cortex to raise happiness and well-being.

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