Meditation as a Tool for Life Guidance

Last year, I found myself in a predicament. Thankfully, the answers I was seeking came to me during meditation. In this week’s vlog, I talk about one of the many benefits of meditation: gaining valuable life guidance.

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  1. Dorine

    Dear Susan, I know meditation can be a very powerful tool to help me a lot. But I have so much resistance to do it and to create time for it. I already have a lot meditation experience from years ago but stil there’s this enormous resistance. Maybe it helps to create a form to do it. You mentioned a gong sound to listen to. Can you tell more about it? Do you sit always 30 minutes before or after breakfast? Thank you very much for your advise.

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  2. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Thank you for the reminder to meditate and pray. Those have been missing from my morning ritual for awhile.

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  3. Rose Marie Martin

    Once again nailed it!

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  4. Jessica Atkinson

    Hi Susan! I do know the answer to your question! You vlog is so spot on as usual. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I have to say this is definitely what I beliebe as well. Your dedication to meditation is inspiring me to strengthen my sacred time of pondering. At night I ponder and journal and pray and do gospel study. But I think the meditation part is the listening. To the answers. In my church we call it The Holy Ghost or the Spirit. Which God’s and Jesus’s Spirit because they all have the same purpose. And the Spirit speaks to our spirit. The sporot inside you. We feel His warmth and comfort and guidance. He helps us know what is true and warns us of danger.
    You asked, so I would love to share. Especially since you have given me and the world SO much! I do believe our angels are our ancestors and help us all the time. Also that God is our Father and Jesus is our older brother and Savior.
    You are amazing!! As ever thank you so much for being so real and open. So important and inspiring!

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  5. Larry Van Dyke

    Susan: I appreciated your information on meditation and your honesty in sharing your journey to your new job. You have some very special skills in connecting with others! Looking forward to additional conversations with you.

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  6. Horatio Nelson

    In my view, prayer is the only sure method. Without HIS guidance nothing’s worth anything.

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  7. Carolyn in Arizona

    Susan I had written down the name of the travel scale you use. I can’t find that paper. Can you answer that here? or send me an e-mail. Also where I can get it. I tried the going to the I can not get in with out a pass word. Then when I hit the support button. It took me back to add a pass word. I also tried . The search bar said no web address. I love you vlog and all your support. Thanks so much

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  8. Maria Cristina Di Prisco

    It is a fantastic experience. Thank you for sharing it.

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  9. Sylvia Erceg

    Hi Susan. I have asked this question before and know you are busy. Here are the questions. How does your program work for diabetics and hoy does it work for those taking psyciatric medications that cause increased appetite and sugar cravings? Thank you.

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  10. Catriona

    Susan, you’re an inspiration. I haven’t meditated as a ritual before, but lately I keep thinking, at weirdly random times, middle of grocery shopping, etc., of what I really want to do, not only to get healthy, but to satisfy an inner drive. BLE is still a challenge for me, I can come up with a zillion excuses, to start again tomorrow. I don’t know if this, longing is the best word,, to live life more fully, is a message from my own brain, trying to get through to me, or what, but your blog today inspired me to listen closer to myself and take action. Thank you for your inspirational weekly vlogs. I think it’s amazing that you want to do more research about the brain, in relation to addictive tendencies. Hope you keep us all informed of your progress and results!

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  11. Lisa

    Thank you for this great vlog. Meditation is communion with God. I believe that. You were made for this purpose of saving lives by teaching how to truly become whom God wants us to be. Thank you. You’ve saved my life.

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  12. Laurie Rickerd

    I do know where these pure and lovely thoughts come from. From the first time I heard you speak, Susan, I knew God had given you a gift to share with us who struggle so with food and other substances. I have confidence in this not because I am so wise, but because it is written in God’s Word to us. Every good gift comes from above- James 1:17. I’ve struggled with food addiction all my adult life, and I feel God brought your BLE into my life to bring peace with food. Even as a Jesus follower, I binged and sometimes purged. I meditate because when we draw near to God, he draws near to us… that’s a promise James 4:8. You have encouraged me to be much more regular in my meditation. I can’t thank you enough, Susan. I pray for you.

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  13. Evelyn Reinig

    Very enlightening. Thank you

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  14. Evelyn Reinig

    Thank you . your Vlog

    was very enlightening.

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  15. Louise Bell

    Great video Susan. It would help a lot of people. It has encouraged me to go back to mediatition. Congratulations on taking up your new role. All the best.

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  16. Melissa Kerby

    Amen, sister. Amen.

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  17. Michael

    Meditating is prayer. Prayer can be meditating. If you are interested in discovering 24/7 access to where the info comes from, read either of Michael Neill’s last two books. You will read them/listen to them all if you do. I meditate for at least 90 minutes daily every morning.

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  18. Barbara

    Thank you Susan for this lovely blog. I have meditated on and off for for many years using various forms of meditation and have a had a daily practice now for over a year. I am wondering if you would be willing to talk about the process you use while meditating. If this is too personal I understand. I just know that different styles of meditation vary, in approach, and I’m wondering what you do (focus on, etc.) as it seems to working for you in a big way. Thank you for your consideration and best wishes.

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  19. Linda

    Dear Susan,

    I have the same question as Judy.
    How do you meditate? Is it just sitting down alone and breathing?
    Love and a big big hug,

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  20. Mary Holland

    How long does it take for the dopamine receptors to replenish for someone who is a 10 on the addictive scale? With sever anxiety and depression and no will power left. I suffer with severe cravings and cry constantly and get very emotional when I take away the sugar that’s why I want to know what to expect so I know what i’m dealing with . It will help me be able to stick it out better .

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  21. Julie H. Luxon

    I believe that G_D’S words are: “Be still and know that I am G_D.” I will take this into serious consideration as I pray for guidance. Thank you for your wisdom.

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  22. Margaret

    Wow I love the timing of this as I have recently begun a regular practice of meditation and love it. Thank you for sharing your heart and souls so freely and honestly. Such reverence!!

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  23. Alana

    Great Talk to day on meditation! I am Christian and find no controversy in scripture. Jesus often went off alone and I would bet it was to meditate. God Bless you.

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  24. Pat

    Someone once said to me, “Prayer is talking to God … meditation allows you listen to what God is saying to you. Thank you for reminding me of this most awesome communication.

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  25. Lorena

    You’re in ROCHESTER??! Get the hell out! That’s crazy talk! Wow. I can’t believe it! Weird… ok, now that I’m over my shock … 🙂

    Here’s a question for you… I have been diagnosed as an adult with ADHD. I try to meditate and have tried many times through the course of my life. I can’t. I just can’t quiet my brain. Any suggestions how I can do something that is biologically not in my wheelhouse?

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  26. Marion Andrews

    A wise person said to me, Prayer is asking, Meditating is where you get answers. Makes sense to me.

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  27. Carrie MacLean

    Thank you for this vlog! I appreciate and welcome the fact that there is meditmeditation in this program because you have to be one with who you are and the direction you are going in. Thank you for creating this program.

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  28. marie

    Oh my goodness.. didn’t even listen to the whole video.. a few minutes in.. U were talking about being a faculty member and my eyes started tearing up. Not sure what about.. but I had this wow moment happen and I am going to get my answer about something I have been asking for a very long time. Thank U so much.

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  29. Trudy Roughgarden

    I went to the U. of Rochester…50th reunion coming up in 2018….any chance you could get to be a featured speaker?
    I’m sure many of us would find your research fascinating…looking forward to the book!

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  30. Anne-Marie

    I myself get a lot of my answers from meditation and going within. I have been doing it for a couple of years now. My friends tell me that is why i look so young. Thank you for sharing your meditation experience, nameste ?

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  31. Sheryl

    You have to clear your mind so you can get the guidance from the higher power. Even Wayne Dyer taught about Manifesting your destiny and he did it within meditating calling on God. You have it right Susan. We need to calm our life down and take the time to meditate so we get the divine guidance that all of us need. I am one that definitely needs to do this. Thank you for this reminder.

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  32. Elaine Doherty

    There is a lot of information about Christian contemplation and meditation on the Web. It is an ancient practice that is being revived by the sounds of it and communicated to more people.
    I practice Buddhist meditation and Contemplation or Analytical meditation is a very important part leading to single pointed concentration on a meditation object. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, a Tibetan Spiritual meditation master has resently revised a 20 year old book now called “How to Transform Your Life” this is available as a free download on Amazon or from Tharpa publications and has amazing instructions on how to meditate .
    Loved the vlog thank you x

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    1. Manuela

      You are quite right, Elaine. I am always surprised by the concern that some of those who identity as Christians feel about meditation. It is actually an ancient Christian practice. One only has to look to the Desert Fathers and Mothers. There is a strong tradition there of meditation and contemplation. In more recent times, consider the wonderful Cistercian monk, Thomas Merton. Sitting quietly in meditation is surely a form of prayer, a waiting for whatever we understand as God to make Itself known to us.

      Thank you, Susan for a wonderful lesson in the power of this ancient practice that is known to both Christians and others.

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  33. Gigi

    Thank you Susan, that was great and so true. AWSOME message and very inspiring.
    Will get back at it too.

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  34. Paula in Kodiak

    Thank you Susan for hearing me and responding so compassionately and eloquently. You are truly gifted by God and I am so thankful that He has given you this passion to educate the world about food addiction and so many things that surround it. I am thankful that he brought me to BLE and I continue to pray for God’s guidance on your life and many many blessings for you and your family as you pursue this divinely appointed endeavor!

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  35. Jeniece Mitchell

    I LOVE the focus that BLE puts on meditation. In fact, I can honestly say it is my FAVORITE part of BLE. It has been a very grounding and inspiring practice. I have fallen out of the practice since our recent move and every night I look at my nightly checklist and think “I’ve got to get back to my meditations!” Thank you for the reminder and gentle push. I will make a point of working it back into my daily schedule ASAP!

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  36. Leslie in Texas

    Clearly you are spot on Susan and thank you for the reminder of meditation… it so helps in every way in life… I will meditate on the guidance to join your Boot Camp and of your program is the right one for me. I have so enjoyed listening to you on video these last few days. Thanks you again for your work and your journey to save souls. Love your Vlog.

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  37. Nanci

    Love this message of receiving guidance in meditation. I also experience when first waking up a time of guidance.

    Susan – I feel silly asking this question but I love the color lipstick you wear in your videos. What color is it?? (Such an important question!)

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  38. Paula in Kodiak

    Thank you Susan for hearing me and responding so eloquently. You are truly gifted by God and I am so thankful that He has given you this passion to educate the world about food addiction and so many things that surround it. I continue to pray for God’s guidance on your life and many blessings!

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  39. Roxanne Garibell

    Thank you for your wonderful vlog on meditation. Though meditation is new to me, I intend to make it part of my every day life. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life for the better!

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  40. Joseph

    I think this is one of your best vlogs ever.
    Joseph in Missoula

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  41. Bobbie

    Susan, you are amazing! Thank you so much for this vlog, a very important message to all of us and something that we should all practice. It is true that if you are in tuned to listening to God that ideas/feelings/ inspirations will come forth. I have discovered that for myself. The thing is, Susan, you have
    related that to so many countries around the world and people take heart in what you say. Thank you

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  42. Dave

    Thank you Susan

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  43. Rachel Burwell

    I marvel at the timing of your Volg’s as a sort of affirmation from the Universe that I have taken steps in the right direction. I started meditating again with greater consistency as part of establishing a morning routine in December. (BTW thank you for sharing Pedram Shojai, DMD and his meditation for stress over the holidays.) I am still challenged with building the consistency and your shared experience today reminds me of the power of consistency in building clarity and momentum. There is also a connection with Rochester that just was made over the weekend so it was an added little sprinkle of knowing from the Universe for my spirit. As I say each time I post, thank you for sharing yourself and your story.

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  44. Judy

    Meditation. I hear this word over and over again, but wonder, what exactly is meditation? And how do you do it?

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    1. Joseph

      This should do the trick: Sylvia Boorstein’s book: Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There.
      Joseph in Missoula

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  45. Christina Baker

    Susan, I feel empowered to share this with you because you seem very open to spiritual tools. I have been meditating and studying numerology for a few years now. First, I believe that we are all divinely guided, and it doesn’t matter what name you give to the entity that is guiding you. Meditation, numerology, and other spiritual beliefs are all tools that we use to understand our path. I found your birth date on line, and I hope it’s correct. If it is, last year was a 9 year for you and the universe. 9 signals the end of a cycle, which means that your resignation was right on schedule. 2017 is a 1 year for you, which is the beginning of new cycle, so your new faculty position is also right on schedule. The date that you were guided to write the book was a 7, which represents higher spiritual meaning. You were divinely guided to write the book and to start the movement. You were also divinely guided to resign your tenured position to make room for this new thing, which will be more in alignment with your overall life purpose. I hope this doesn’t sound weird to you, but I got chills watching this vlog. Thank you for sharing your spiritual beliefs. From the look of things, you are completely in alignment with your soul’s purpose. Go forth and conquer!

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    1. Leslie in Texas


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  46. Dora/ Devamani J. Fyllum

    Very inspirational to get people meditating! Thank you, and a good new addiction. There is life before meditating, and life after, I also prefer the life after. xx

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  47. Kellie

    I love divine guidance. I took a “Me” day from work to reset. The past two years has been devoted to building our retirement home. Needless to say it’s been a very stressful under taken. We finally moved in a month ago; I’m now excited to regain focus on me and my health. I came across Bright Line eating several months ago, signed up for the first time home boot camp yet the timing was off. My priority now is to return to Bright Line Eating as this movement and Susan speak my heart language. In addition; meditating is on my list. One of my tasks today is to set up a meditation area. I use to meditate daily for a number of years. I would call it my “Cracker Jack box” session as I never knew what the sessions would bring. Guidance was often captured. Seeing this morning vlog on meditation is a perfect example how the universe guides us daily. It is my validation that I am to meditate. I have 70 lbs to lose and I believe I have found the answer I have been praying for with Bright Line. Susan you are an angel and I thank you from my heart for following your guidance!

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  48. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Clear, honest, simple, passionate, loving, knowledgeable, inspiring… oh, so imspiring. That´s what you are. I love you, Susan.


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