Bright Line Eating for the Extreme Introvert

At first glance, it may seem like the Bright Line Eating™ Boot Camp wouldn’t work for someone who shies away from social connections, but the tools for the introvert are definitely there. Watch this week’s vlog to learn how BLE works for the extreme introvert.

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  1. Candy McAuliffe

    “Lerk” That is soo funny! I am definitely a social media “Lerker”! LOLOL

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  2. Jane

    I also am an extreme introvert and I used the tools much like Susan described – I loved listening to the modules on my own time and listened to the call recordings, again as I had time and felt ready to do so. I did write in for coaching a few times when I had a specific issue and that kind of support felt good. I had very limited involvement in the online community and don’t have a buddy or mastermind group, but attained my goal weight and have been in maintenance for almost 6 months, so it can work. If I felt I needed more support, I might reach out for a mastermind group, but so far have found the support I am getting from the coaching calls and recordings of the accountability calls to be plenty.

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  3. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    I was both happy and sad to watch this vlog. I actually joined one of the BLE bootcamps in 2016 but dropped out within two weeks because of the online community. As an extreme introvert I found the community to be draining and detrimental to my success. I don’t mean to be negative–I’m just being honest. I feel a bit upset that I didn’t stick it out and just avoid the online community but somehow I figured that I wasn’t meant for this program unless I could “get over it” and just interact like everyone else. Tailoring the program and using the tools that suit me better (like the video content, prayer/meditation, weekly calls, etc.) would have made more sense than just dropping out. I’m hopeful to re-join a bootcamp soon when finances stabilize.

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  4. Mary

    Susan, I’ve really missed the weekly vlog. I’m an intovert myself and am really glad to hear from others about their struggles. Thanks! Mary

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  5. Kathy

    Thank you Susan and thank you Sue! ALL of the sharing by both of you is so helpful. I am both an extrovert and an introvert. As a young woman I was definitely much more of an extrovert and still now I am really energized when I am with people I am close to and in certain group events where I feel aligned. But with each year of my life it seems I lean more toward gaining my most life-giving/ sustaining energy my through my quiet meditation and journaling time. It is helpful to know how this program can be helpful to both sides of my nature, especially the introverted part of me. Thank you again to each of you for being so accepting for the authentic nature that is each of you-your sharing really touched my heart this morning.

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  6. Barbara

    Thank you for this information on an introverts perspective of how they experience connections in life. For the first time I realized that this is who I am. I enjoyed Sue’s letter and explanation of who she is and Susan’s response. This is exactly the way I handle life and never realized that I am an introvert and that that is ok. I can be out going but mostly enjoy those few friends and family I am most comfortable with. Thank you for sharing this letter. I found it most helpful and enlightening.

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  7. Virginia Shapiro

    Hi Sue and Susan!

    I loved this VLOG. Thank you, Susan. Thanks for affirming that we don’t have to spend a lot of time on FB to make it work

    Sue, I’m an extreme introvert too! And I loved the first bootcamp I did a year ago, and am doing it again now for a refresher. I found a way to make it work for me. The FB group is mostly over the top for me…I do post very occasionally – but interacting with all kinds of wonderful folks who I don’t really know does not nourish me. But the rest works beautifully. The content is fabulous and accessible at your own pace. Please consider joining the bootcamp… I bet you won’t regret it for a minute.

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  8. Patricia

    When is the book going to be polished. I need to find it out to join bootcamp

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  9. Tracy

    This answers so many questions. I thought I wasn’t doing the program because I am not that social, and just can’t listen to all the calls. This helps–maybe now I can focus on the parts of it I can do, instead of feeling as though I’m not doing the program because of all the parts that I can’t do.

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  10. Christina

    WOW WOW WOW I appreciate this specific vlog so much! As an extreme introvert myself, there are times I feel like I’m doing it wrong. It’s nice to feel validated that not everyone is constantly posting and commenting. There are many of us “lurkers” out there soaking in the information and good vibes of the community, and using whatever tools work for us on this journey in order to be successful. Thank you Susan!

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  11. Jana

    This is excellent, Susan! I always enjoy your vlogs!

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  12. Sarah

    I just love this, huge thanks to Susan and Sue and (I think) Meg – this is an unusual and great kind of conversation to hear. I am not introverted, but oooh do I love my solitude. I can be nourished by pretty minimal social interaction compared to many. And I draw lots of inspiration and strength and food for thought from a handful of online communities without too much interaction. (Obviously I had to post this!!! Laff.) This vlog and just feels like such a real window onto some of our differences. Love to all.

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  13. Anne Metz

    SPT is a compassionate genius. She never ceases to amaze. BLE is here to help you , whoever you are.

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  14. Darren

    I just got done watching the whole 3 videos! My life has been holy hell with eating problems. I am type 2 diabetic and been like that for 14 years, at least 14 years that I am aware of. About 2+ years I started using supplements regulary, a few here, a few there, and it all started because I was fighting my diabetes. I am now spending over $1500 a year approximately on supplements and I am feeling great because of the supplements. My main problem is I am still addicted to my sugar cravings. I’ve been eating some good foods but still have them sugar cravings. My last a1c test shows me at a 9.5 figure, which really sucks. I use to be in the middle 6’s. My cholesterol figures have dropped, but are bouncing back up. Well, my next move is to try what seems simple is to set up different approaches using info from those 3 videos and putting them to work for me. It doesn’t seem like a real hard program to follow and I’m going to work hard to succeed. I weigh 254 lbs and my one New Years’s resolution is to go for 200 lbs. and I am really serious with this resolution. I’ve been using the treadmill regularly, coming up on my 1 year birthday on that. I am giving myself a 11 month period to lose that 54 lbs., actually hoping to lose more, but my real goal is to get rid of using Insulin and controlling my diabetes on diet alone. Seems like a tough challenge ahead of me, but I’m going to jump in with both feet and do this. I’ve been using insulin for over 10 years. Well, here goes everything! A toast to my losing weight resolution. Have a nice day and please root me on. Darren”

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  15. Patricia

    Beautiful letter, Sue.
    I am an introvert myself, albeit not an extreme introvert.
    The bootcamp was incredibly helpful to me. I have release 50 pounds since I joined brightline eating and I found quietness to the chatter in my mind. I already meditated daily, I found that the food plan and tge bright lines in and off themselves already very helpful. I posted on tge facebook group daily but that was for commiting to my actions and kinda journaling. I don’t do phone calls for the most part and I found some good connections in the community. May have done two calls since June last year. I can hear coaching calls as a listener just like listening to the radio and not in front of an audience so that helps too. I hope you find your path, I find tge brightline community very accepting of differences and very supportive and welcoming. Best of luck in finding what nurtures you.

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  16. Catherine Bell

    Susan – I found this video as valuable or more than the myriad of members that have already posted. Like Sue and others, I am an introvert, also a graduate of the October 2015 Boot Camp. I have been at my goal weight since April 2016 and maintain a happy, thin, and free spirit and life style, supported by the ability to tune into the blogs, Facebook, and Youtube to be perfect way to stay connected even though I rarely post. Thank you for being the extreme extrovert that you are because that is exactly what is needed to make BLE the success that it is today.

    Although my weight loss may not seem a big deal to some, to me going from 125 to 103 truly made me happy, thin, and free as I maintain this great life style and skip into my seventies. I kissed my post menopause pounds good bye and have a new life. Thank you for this great program. Oh yes, and I found that the complete adherence to no hidden flour or sugar to be exactly the kick-in-the-butt message I needed. I follow a simple raw food diet and needed to drop the rich gourmet raw ingredients that my saboteur said was okay now and then.

    Grateful, humble, happy, thin, and free forever.

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  17. Ellen

    Another Maine introvert here! This blog was so helpful. I’ve been lurking but not signing on because I didn’t think I could take on anymore socializing. Thank you Susan for describing ways your more introverted followers can make your program work.

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  18. Lisa

    Thank you to Sue for effectively communicating some hesitations I, an introvert, realized I also had about the program but hadn’t put together.

    Susan—The fact that you were self aware enough to realize you should check in with an introvert to try to understand the “introvert experience,” and cared enough to put this video together, further peaked my interest in what you have going on. I almost coughed (kind of a cough/laugh) when you said you like to talk on the phone 5-15 times a day. 🙂 🙂 Your reaction was genuine & endearing, and eroded another layer of my wariness (there’s so much “noise” out there & everyone has “the answers”). Thank you. 😉

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  19. Bernice

    Very helpful vlog. I related to Sue’s comments. I am an extreme introvert. I find that keeping up with the social aspect of this program exhausting. I just don’t wan to do it. I follow the program and am successful in getting to my weight goal. I appreciate that I don’t have to follow all the socializing to feel successful. I’m also grateful that I can be more social if I want. I like having a choice.

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  20. Karen Schroeder

    Hey Sue, I so support your identification as an introvert who is comfortable with the way you relate to the world. I am right there with you. I plan to gain all the information I can, process it myself, listen to others, but will most likely never reach out for help or become lifelong friends with anyone on line. But I believe we can benefit and not be made to feel less than because of our nature. Best wishes for a change in eating behavior and thoughts!

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  21. Carol Didier

    Excellent topic! I’m so glad that Sue wrote in about this. I have been doing BLE since the June 2016 boot camp, and have always felt a bit guilty that as an extreme introvert I wasn’t taking advantage of some of the “connections”. My success on the program was not affected by that, since now have 205 days of shiny bright lines, ad the few connections I have made (my wonderful Mastermind group) are all the more valuable for their depth. No more guilt for me!! I’m doing this in the only way that makes sense for me

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  22. Darla Buckley

    Thank you! Thank you! I too do not get energized by talking on the phone. I am in the middle of introvert/extrovert. I was very drawn to this plan when you spoke of the 5 strategies to overcome cravings, by dismissing yourself to the bathroom and taking deep breaths. I have learned a lot out living consciously vs unconscious over the last few years. My husband is a mindfulness coach! Lol. Yet I told myself I could make my own mastermind group of 4 or 5 people I already know! Lol. And I too lurk and like on the comment page! Thank you.

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  23. Bett

    Sue. I want to thank you for your question, for I am an introvert, too. I completed the October 2016 bootcamp with minimal participation, losing 12 lbs. I’m about to start my second bootcamp with an eye to a bit more interaction and possibly a mastermind group. Your question was really spot-on for me.

    And thanks to Susan for picking this topic for the weekly vlog. Most helpful and reassuring.

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  24. Randy Diner

    Dear Sue, Meg, Susan
    I, too, do not like phone calls, but I love e-mails. I found that giving up sugar & flour helped greatly with cravings. Since the weather got colder & damper, I found that I was much hungrier & couldn’t seem to fill up. I just started putting a teaspoon of Coconut oil into my coffee & found that I immediately felt fuller & comfortable which lasted until the next meal.

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  25. Linda

    Hi Sue and Susan! Thanks for taking on this topic. I never considered myself an introvert, but now realize that I am, at least to some degree. I’ve been told that I’m a Facebook stalker. I click and scroll, but have fewer faces and more trees and mushrooms on my home page. Guess I should try to find my optimum level of connecting, and see if that will help my consistency with BLE.

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  26. Ilse

    Hi Sue and All Extreme Introverts. In October 2015 after listening to Susan’s videos, I did not hesitate a second to subscribe to the bootcamp. I myself am an Extreme Introvert. All I can say is that BLE is a Miracle come into my life. I never participated in Facebook, phoned anyone even once, participated in anything where I had to connect with people. I am doing it all on my own except for my husband who is doing BLE with me. We are both very successful with BLE. All my friends and family know that I am doing BLE and I even promote it to them, but not once did I ask any of them for help or assistance. I am living proof that it definitely works for us Extreme Introverts. Since the start on 12th October 2015, I have not gone off my plan even once, it feels to good to be Happy Thin Free and Healthy. I am 65 and have been overweight since I was 10 and on a diet since I was 19. What a miracle BLE is for me and my husband.

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  27. Linda Cloutier

    Thank you Sue for bringing up this very important question. I was very nervous about the phone calls, too! Now I know I have a choice.

    Also, Michelle, above, said she found her answer re: boot camp sign ups…what is the answer, please? I don’t want to miss it. I haven’t received an email for boot camp yet.

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  28. Anita

    Hello, Susan,
    Thank you very much for these comments, they made me thinking and I realized than I need to be conected , I have no doubt about that, but I feel overwhelmed if this is too much and too often, I feel invaded.
    Thank you very much

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  29. Blake Degen

    Sue has eloquently verbalized my very own fears about bright lines. Thank you, sue, for expressing the concern so well, and thenk you Susan for adresssing the issue in a way that is very soothing and empowering. I now feel ready to move forward with this unemcumbered by concerns about not fitting into a mold. I really appreciate this vlog.

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  30. Melisa

    Haha, I just realized I put that I was an extrovert on my previous post. That could be confusing! I meant introvert.

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  31. Deanna

    How do we sign up for boot camp? I don’t want miss it!

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  32. Judy

    I’m walking right beside you Sue. And thank you for stepping forward with a question shared by many. I too am waiting for Susan’s book. I want to know where I’m going before I start down the road.

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  33. Michele D. Anderson

    A few people have said they have signed up for the next boot camp already, that is starting in a few days. I haven’t received an email for it yet? Is there a link I am missing somewhere?

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    1. Michele D Anderson

      Found my answer!!

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  34. Michele D. Anderson

    Oh I am the same exact same as “Sue”. I am so glad that the coaching calls do not have to be live! I was terrified of that. Of course, as the weight comes off and I feel better about myself, the social aspect might increase! Thank you for this Vlog!!!!

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  35. Vivienne

    Does avoiding “flour” include all the gluten-free flours out there? I have celiac disease so wondered if they include more than just wheat. Also, you mention measuring quantities to be eaten. What are the measurements that would be allowed? I am not exactly overweight at the moment, but I have bad addictions for nuts, coffee and chocolate so constantly fight the inclination to overeat. I am sure I measure “10” for the mice experiment on “levers” which you address in video 3. Thank you so much for giving us this information which makes so much sense.

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    1. Patricia

      All types of flour, not just gluten free…

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  36. Rebecca

    I am very much an introvert and have been extremely pleased with the boot camp and bright line eating. I am not even on Facebook. But I listen to everything…the modules, the vlogs, any emails, it all gives me support when I need it. I have recently joined bright lifers, and at some time I might join Facebook, but right now I am strong….and happy and free and definitely getting thin. I never thought at my age, 64, that I could lose this much weight. I have been trying for years and nothing worked. Anyway, I say go for it! You won’t regret it!

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  37. Sharyl

    I am more introverted than extraverted. However, after doing the October 2015 bootcamp and releasing 63 pounds I do feel way more confident. I don’t necessarily
    label myself as an introvert now because I surprise myself when I’m able to talk and laugh with strangers. I’m so glad you sent in this question and that Susan cared
    enough to ask someone else to help her so she could give you the best answer. Welcome to Bright Line Eating!!! It will save and change your life.

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  38. Wend

    Thank you for touching on this issue. I so appreciate knowing that you know we’re here. The idea of hovering a bit below the needed amount of connections is something I will consider much as I approach boot camp for the second time. Love and thanks!

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  39. Wayne

    I have eliminated sweets for my diet. But is it necessary to eliminate sugar entirely? Especially when it’s an gradient in much of the foods one buys ?

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    1. Thea

      Wayne.. we eliminate all sugar.. and also much of the food that have sugar as an ingredient. We mostly eat whole foods..

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    2. Patricia

      We eat fruits… but no form of processed sugar… no stevia, no sucralose, no fruit juice, no honey. It may sound daunting at first but once we start it, it is amazing. I feel so much better, lost so much weight that I actually no longer want sugar…

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  40. Ann

    I found myself with tears in my eyes after watching this video. I love people. I love to talk with people, visit them, work with them. But–there is an ever-changing limit on the number of people with which I can be actively involved. Some months I can barely keep up with my adult children. Rarely can I add my brothers and sisters. If I’m asked to do something to help a cause, I have to evaluate, not on the worth of the cause, but on the basis of how many people I will need to be more intensely involved with. I have never felt understood in this anxious need I have for less instead of more social contact until I watched your video. Thank you for your insight and your kindness.

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  41. DonnaJean

    I do not consider myself to be an introvert; BUT when it comes to my weight I prefer NOT to share too deeply with someone as it brings me face to face with my failure to loss weight and keep it off! I can see that I would feel more free to choose my level of comfort with Bright Line. Thank you for the vblog today.

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  42. Kim

    This is so me and I’m thankful that you covered this topic. I’m looking forward to your book release!

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  43. Debra Adrian

    It’s great to hear someone verbalizing some of the same issues that trouble me. I am so reluctant to reach out or join a group, but at the same time I know it would be really helpful. Thank you from the introverts!

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  44. John

    Although I don’t consider my self an extreme introvert, I tend to be very self critical and feel uncomfortable asking for help even from those I know and trust. One could say I’m a perfectionist, but I am rarely satisfied with accomplishments even when others are. This causes me to give up on myself prematurely, especially with difficult tasks like eating right.

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  45. Deborah W

    Thank you Sue for your question! Thank you Susan for your vlog! I too could see myself in the description of being introverted. It took me over forty years before being able to feel comfortable making a simple phone call. Even after more than two more decades, it is still challenging. I have used the BLE tools successfully having reduced by 79 pounds since Feb/16 BC. I bloom when ‘ in service. ‘….which has been my role in life, so when someone needs a buddy to cal, I am available! Few one on one contacts are not too overwhelming. I fill my need by filling the need of others. I love BLE!!!

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  46. Tiffany Haala

    How can I sign up for the next bootcamp?

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  47. Beverly B. Drottar

    OMG! How did you know exactly what I needed to hear before fully committing to Bright Line Eating?! This has exactly addressed some of my questions & concerns as an introvert. Thank You for such clarity and acceptance in your explanations.

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  48. Melisa

    I am also an extrovert. I did the last boot camp. I can tell you for me I did not have a problem at all with the program and excluded the social part, knowing that it was available to me if I should need it. I did not sign up for Facebook Group or the mastermind group. I know those will still be available to me if I need them. I do agree with Susanthat if you don’t have a problem with using social media those would be very helpful tools. I chose to try it without those. I lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks. My weight has held steady over the holidays. I was not as consistent with the tools provided during that time. Now I am “simply resuming” and feel that I am back on track. Goal weight is 25 pounds more but that is really not my focus. I am focused on the consistent changes I make daily to produce results. The tools Susan gives in her boot camp are so helpful. The videos for me were very impactful. Right now I am consistently watching the “Unstoppable” video on a daily basis. It reentergizes my focus. I also found that a point system for the daily progress is very helpful because I want that perfect score for the day. I personally have not missed the sugar and flour much and I have much more of an appreciation for the vegetables and fruit now than I have ever had in the past. I wish you the best.

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  49. Janis

    I can soooooo relate to this! I thought I was the only one with this perspective. But I’ve lost 33 lbs. by listening and reflecting and making this Programm my own.

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  50. Geni

    This is now my favorite vlog of all time! Thank you Sue for eloquently raising this issue, Susan for addressing it with such compassion and sensitivity and Meg for your perfect input. I am also a classic introvert and I loved boot camp! I could totally have done without all the social “support,” but I LOVED the modules and looked forward to their arrival every week. Today just happens to be my fifteen month BLE anniversary. I have arrived in my right-sized body and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that BLE saved my life — all without making a SINGLE PHONE CALL. (There is one phone call that I will always treasure, however, and that is the call my sister and I received from Susan on Thanksgiving day. Even for an introvert, that was an exceptionally special experience which I would not trade for the world.) Sue, I hope you read this. There are a bunch of introverts in BLE, Bright Lifers and the other fb groups, and we all need you in there with us! There is definitely a place for you. I truly believe you will never regret your decision to join us.

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  51. Cathy Lee

    Huge thanks to you Sue for the courage to share this question and to Susan for the courage to ask others on the team and to share this video in support of introverts! Am also an introvert who has learned over the past 50 plus years to be comfortable with my gift of being an introvert. I also just completed the October boot camp in December and gravitated to the tools that worked best for me (gratitude journalling, daily readings (I love quotations!) and the meditation). I did check-out the Facebook group and did some posting and towards the end of boot camp was very fortunate to join a texting mastermind group with 9 other amazing, resilient women from our boot camp. It has been the most supportive and meaningful support of all the ble tools that is a best fit for me! I don’t do the calls (would cause me more stress and anxiety than would be helpful) and I admire folks who can do that. So I draw on those tools that will work best for me as an individual with my gift and strengths and my challenges as an introvert. Thank you again for your letter to Susan and to Susan for the response. Sue, I hope you will reach out and sign up for the boot camp and use the tools that will support you. They are there and there are folks who will be there to support your journey and would be happy to be one of them! Wishing you all best!

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  52. Susan

    Loved the topic this week, never really thought of myself as an introvert but when it comes to connecting with people I don’t know and on line I too tend to pull back. I love going online and following others and how they are doing and not always sharing…thought perhaps it was fear of looking foolish. I will be committing myself to boot camp round 2 and plan on incorporating as many tools as possible to be successful.

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  53. Deborah

    Your vlog resonated with me at a critical time in my decision to join the boot camp. I have been a pescetarian for about 40 years. East mostly organic, never processed, have given up dairy and gluten (due to my significant other’s gluten intolerance) Can you address the relationship of emotional pain, self-esteem, and negative body image with overeating and perhaps the ‘void’ people are trying to fill in their lives with food thus, mindless eating?

    I am a health professional, 64 y/o, 5’5″ around 130-135lbs (I don’t own a scale) and haven’t been comfortable in my body for most of my life. I think the most I ever weighed was 175lbs when I was nine months pregnant with my second child. I have been as low as 109lbs and as high as 145lbs (not pregnant).

    Thank you for your knowledge and insights on these issues. I found your videos interesting and know how important it is to address successful ways of controlling and reducing the obesity epidemic in our society.
    Am struggling right now financially but hoping your program won’t set me back too much.

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  54. Teresa

    A fantastic blog addressing such an important issue to us introverts who often don’t feel understood. I did a bootcamp last year and have used the tools almost exactly as Meg did. I used to beat myself up for not participating enough in the Facebook group, wondering why I couldn’t find the enthusiasm or commitment (as I then saw it) to look at the group regularly or post regularly but it wasn’t me. I have gone through phases when I have read other’s posts, and on odd occasions I have posted but now I accept that social connection on-line is not really for me. Yet, one huge benefit – it is there if I need it or want it – though often I just pop on to read other’s posts and either like those that appeal to me or comment on posts which I can relate to and where I feel I want to encourage the person who has posted. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BLE to anyone. Sue – please, please give yourself the gift of the Bootcamp that is about to start – January is a great time to start a new journey, your next chapter. Sending you much love, Teresa x

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  55. Emma

    I haven’t really thought of myself as in introvert before! However, I have slimmed 30 lbs since the October 2016 boot camp using all the tools….except I’m not in Facebook or a mastermind group. The programme & coaching are superb & I am TOTALLY loving my right size body & freedom from food. Love & gratitude to Susan & the BLE team. Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart. ?

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  56. Andrea

    Yes! I too am an introvert but managed to figure out my level of participation on my own. I felt a little remiss at my low level of social participation but figured all is OK if it works. I guess I am a ‘cafeteria Bootcamper” This is my second Bootcamp. I lost half of my 30 lbs. and just got tired of the mounds of vegetables. Kept it off and am ready to attack the rest of the weight. Talking alot to myself about needing to really LIKE all those veggies. The truth is, last time I would periodically just not eat rather than be faced with yet another pile. The result was I began to have nutritional concerns which I do not think materialized. Plan to do better with this in the second camp. Maybe we need Mastermind groups specifically for introverts! The tools are out there–just feel free to pick and choose, Sue.

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  57. Marjorie Erickson

    I am also an extreme introvert and have been doing BLE for 1.5 years now. I don’t participate in the BLE “community” but I find the program fantastic with all of it’s information and tools. I also journal. I listen to the information again and again as I need it, and journal my thoughts, needs, challenges, etc. I believe this program offers enough, different, tools to enable anyone to benefit from participating. DO IT. You’ll be so happy you did.

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  58. Sue

    Oh my gosh! My name is Sue as well and I felt as if Susan was speaking directly to me! I too could have written the same letter! I am happy to know that there tools to use without having to be social! Thank you Sue and Susan for addressing this issue. I am looking forward to the Boot Camp and reading and listening! As Cindy said thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  59. Cindy Cheatham

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for addressing this topic! I am with you, Susan. As another extreme introvert, let’s do this (together but not too closely?)

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  60. Sharon West-Williams

    Thank you so much for this Susan. As an introvert I have had my concerns about the Boot Camp I’m about to begin. This video has put my concerns to rest and has renewed my excitement in starting the Boot Camp.

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  61. Sue

    This is Sue. Thanks so much to Susan for the response to my inquiry. She is right! I do feel empowered by her recognition of my concern. So often the response to this personality difference is simply “Buck up or shut up”! I appreciate being heard.
    I am looking forward to the March release of Bright Line Eating and look forward to finding my way to participate in this community.

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    1. Terry

      Dont wait Sue! Sign up now and start the bootcamp in a few days. I did the Oct 2016 bootcamp and am still involved in the follow up group. I love all the tools but have opted to not use one,,,I do not make daily phone calls…yet! I am transforming in so many ways that I know its just a matter of time till I work up my ability and time to call my cohorts from a list! People don’t t bite, at least not here. We will love you, encourage you and travel this journey with you.

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    2. Sylvie

      Hi Sue, my name is Sylvie. I´m also an extreme introvert, like you, and I just did the bootcamp that ended last December. What Susan and her friend Meg said about how possible and even easy it is to do as an introvert is absolutely right. I learned so much, feel so much better now and always felt respected by everyone about the level of personal sharing or involvement I wanted to do. I even surprised myself by going above and beyond what normally feels good to me because of how accepted and respected I felt. I hope this motivates you to just take a leap of faith and give it a try. BLE is life changing!! ??

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    3. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Yaaaayyy Sue! So glad you caught this VLOG. And glad you feel heard and empowered. BLE is here for you. 🙂

      Reply ·
    4. Liz

      Sue, as a fellow introver who was in the October 2015 boot camp, I do advise you not to wait. I did a lot of what was said – I listen to recordings, never really live, and I love being in the Facebook group. I do inner reflections as a mastermind group seems too much for me but that’s ok too. I feel so much better, mentally and physically, and able to do so much of what I couldn’t before. So please don’t wait. Sometimes the best course of action is to jump and have faith that you’ll fly instead of fall.

      Reply ·
    5. Tasha Walters

      Thank you for this letter, Sue. I’m an extreme introvert also and I’ve been on the fence about starting the Boot Camp.

      Susan, thank you for this vlog.

      Reply ·
    6. Penny McPhaul

      Wonderful courage Sue to ask your question. Blessings and peace to you on your food journey in the manner that honors your true self.

      Reply ·
    7. Tammy Reitz

      Sue, I am also an extreme introvert and just finished the boot camp that started Oct. 2016. Have went from 177 lbs. to 145. I’m not at goal weight yet but will be soon. I just LOVE BLE. I forced myself to post an intro on Facebook and have done some posting and likes but this is not necessary for the program to work. I never called in for live coaching because that’s not me. I didn’t join a mastermind group or get a buddy, also not me. In fact I never picked up the phone to call even once, in relation to BLE. I sent my first question via email to support just to get the info on how to share this wonderful program with friends that are asking what I’m doing. The only disadvantage I see is that the cost was a HUGE struggle for me and the tools I need are not what take the time and resources that the cost requires. There should be a reduced extreme introverted rate. 🙂 If the expense is not an issue for you, DO IT! Use the tools that work for you, skip the ones that don’t. It has totally changed my life.

      Reply ·
    8. Marilyn Wells

      As an introvert, I have found Bright Line Eating to be the only program (and believe me I’ve tried many) which has helped me to lose all my weight and I am just heading into maintenance for the first time in my life. I do not make phone calls very often as that is out of my comfort zone, but I do go on Facebook (lurking a lot, but I do respond and ‘like’ ), and I feel particularly comfortable in the Facebook house attached to the Boot Camp I did. I have just (after 6 months) decided to join a Mastermind group, and I have enjoyed interacting with the other members (4 others) more than I could have imagined.. That is a big enough social group for me!!! The coaching, teaching modules, and information provided, along with a wide range of tools, is plenty of support for me in this program. There is room and love for everyone here in BLE land!

      Reply ·
    9. Karin

      Sue, thank you so much for bringing this up. As a lurker and introvert, I found it very, very helpful.

      Reply ·
    10. Davina

      Sue, I am an introvert who has done a bootcamp. There is no need to talk to anyone unless you want to , or to join a mastermind group. I haven’t done any of that but all the tools ,videos, recordings are great. You will find it well worth while to join a bootcamp.

      Reply ·
    11. Anne-Marie

      Thank you for your question, Sue! And thank you to SPT for that response. I signed up for the Feb. 2016 boot camp and am 15 lbs heavier right now because I too, am an extreme introvert, didn’t get a Mastermind group and felt that because of that, I was doing it wrong. Today is my Day 1…again. Not giving up and this time, know it’s okay to do this in the way that feels best to me. ❤

      Reply ·
  62. Caitlyn Furness

    The boot camp can so be done by introverts. I am one myself, have only just signed up for the soon to be boot camp and am excited and hyped to get going in it! I did Susan’s self starter pack last year, which didn’t include the online support community, and that’s the main reason I am in the current boot camp-to get support when I deam it’s needed! You can do this on your own, but having others there to support you and help can’t be dismissed.

    Reply ·
    1. Mary

      I did the same as you and I agree with you Caitlyn…..*:)

      Reply ·
  63. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Brilliant, as always. Perhaps Sue discovers that there is a context in which she isn´t introvert, one in which she is not exposed with her body and in which there are people who share her concerns and worries.

    I like to think that we are HUMAN BECOMINGS rather than human BEINGS. Perhaps Sue becomes participative in her own way. And discovers something new about herself. But first she has to give permission to herself and not to be stuck to her own image of herself. The best of luck for you, Sue.

    And all my love to you, Susan

    Reply ·
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