Lessons from 2016

In the last vlog of 2016, I talk about what I’ve learned along my Bright Line Eating™ journey during this eventful year.

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  1. Yvette Allen

    Hi Susan, I am so happy to have discovered your Bright Line Eating program. I have a husband who is a recovering alcoholic/addict, and has been clean for over 29 years. Unfortunately, we have also discovered he is a food addict. And, now I believe we have passed on bad behaviors to our children. It is a very difficult addiction to have – we need food every day to survive, making it very hard to deal with. I completely understand about your “fears” with rezooming. I saw my husband allowing himself to fall off the wagon, in the beginning of his recovery of alcohol, with the excuse of “Im an alcoholic, so Im going to have slips”. He allowed himself to have the slips! – the mind can do crazy things! Once he realized what he was doing, he made up his mind to stay clean, and has been for 30 years this March. His addiction with food has been more difficult, because it has been hard to define what exactly is a slip. I’m excited to read your book, and hope to pass on your bright line eating program to my husband and children. I can hardly wait for your book to come out! Thank you for doing this!

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  2. Arlene S.

    Hi Susan, I have written to you before. I have been in Overeaters Anonymous over 39 years. When all I did was eliminate sugar and flour and eat 3 meals a day with nothing in between I was able to lose a lot of weight. My first abstinence lasted over 2 years but after that I was unable to stay within those boundaries for more than short periods of time. This went on for 12 years. I lapsed, relapsed, and then left program and collapsed -not only gaining all my weight back but I also became bulimic. At the end of the 12 years, and a 2 year vacation from program, I crawled back into the rooms and began working the steps and applying spiritual principles to my life -mainly honesty, humility, perseverance, self-compassion, and courage. Like you, I am not one of those people who can maintain anything like perfect back to back abstinence, but I have learned to challenge the belief that if I slipped I might never get it back again, and I have become quite adept at “rezooming.” I have been a normal weight for over 27 years. When the pain of my compulsive eating behaviors became worse than the work I needed to do to recover, I became willing to do what I didn’t want to do just because it was Good/God for me. I found everything I needed to evolve and manage my eating, within OA and the Twelve Steps. Love your vlogs.

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  3. Susan

    I am back and feeling hopeful! 2016 has been a challenging but exciting year as well for me. I retired from work in February, December 9th my 1st grandchild was born….beautiful baby girl! My eldest son married the love of his life on December 31st and I did my 1st boot camp. I will admit I did “fall off the wagon somewhat the past 4 weeks but have maintained most of my weight loss…up 1.5 pounds. Still down 43 pounds from the time I retired so not going to bash myself to hard. Susan, I love both you and your team and feel the most supported that I’ve ever been and believe me when I say everything……NEVER have I felt more supported….EVERYTHING ELSE felt like I was simply a monetary gain for whoever was at the receiving end of my cheque. I love BLE and truly believe this is the only way I will find myself in my right size body. So looking forward to reading your book in March. I am hoping that in the new year I can connect with more bright line eaters and specially those in Western Canada!

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  4. Rebecca

    What can I do if I feel “alone”? I desperately need some kind of accountability partner. I have a large family that I cook for daily. It’s like an alcoholic trying to stay sober while in a bar all day. That’s much harder than if he was never around it. How do you do this when you don’t live alone, when you have company in for the holidays and there is “celebratory” food everywhere? Typically I can last a couple days but usually end up giving in because I am worn out on so many levels. I can’t afford the boot camp. But realistically I don’t know that I can be consistent with this on my own….because I have failed in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions or encouragement for me?? I HAVE to do this. I am a 10 on the scale. 🙁

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  5. George Sabree

    ReZOOM!! I can’t wait to read that one as well! 2016 has been an emotional roller coaster but I still achieved goal weight!! Yay?

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  6. Kim

    Happy New Year all the best in 2017

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  7. Lorraine Hanna

    As a fledgling health coach I find you to be an inspiration and a great resource and mentor. Love and appreciate what you do.

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  8. Renee

    I’ve subscribed to everything. I love your honesty. I have not broken my bright lines of no sugar no flour for two months. I’ve lost 7 pounds and am maintaining my perfect weight. I can’t wait to buy your book.

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  9. Toni Whitmont

    Congratulations Susan on unpacking your fear in 2016. What I see in you as you transit into 2017 is a woman empowered, confident, clear, with grace, unencumbered by old emotional patterns, inspired by people around them and inspiring them. Sending you as a leader, and as “just another bozo on the bus” all good wishes for 2017.

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  10. Judy McQuinn

    Ah Susan. You have made me feel like a normal person again, in charge of myself. I’ve lost 22 lbs during the last boot camp. Despite going off the rails a couple of times this holiday week, I have RESUMED!!! And, just for you, I am on Twitter.

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  11. Sue Narten

    What a great talk! I just joined Twitter entirely to support you. Whatever it takes to support getting you and your message out to all corners of the world – I’m in.

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  12. Sophie

    Oh Susan! I love this vlog so much. It speaks to me a lot! I have been doing BLE since July, got to goal weight last month (yay) but fell off the wagon this month. It feels awful. Glad to be back on track TODAY without having to start at the beginning. Resuming is hard and it is not fun, and I need to learn how to re”zoom” successfully! But overall 2016 has been an amazing year, despite the fall back. This is so much more than a journey about loosing weightI learned a lot and I am still learning about myself. 2017 here I come! Thank you, thank you and thank me!

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  13. Marti Walker

    Thank you Susan ! What a great wrap up for 2016! Wishing you all the best in the coming year . The book launch will so exciting . ?

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  14. Lisa

    Thank you for the hope you give me that I can recover after losing control of my eating. No sugar and no flour are easy for me. I have started to gain weight due to snacking. I hope to resume control soon.

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  15. Sue Armstrong

    Hi Susan, another amazing Vlog. Wishing you a Happy New Year. I’ve never used Twitter, I wonder what you are getting me into as I’ve now signed up. I’m having a problem logging into Utube. Much love to you and all the team. xx

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  16. Julie Luetke

    Thank you Susan. I have learned so much about myself but still have so far to go. Rezooming is too easy and I fall often. I am a lifer and will keep working at BLE.

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    1. Lisa

      I understand as currently I am also struggling to rezoom. I wish you strength and the best of luck .

      Lisa F.

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  17. Sonja Yeager

    Susan, you are such an inspiration . . . and part of your being “inspiring” is that you make it sound possible for me, too. Thank you for sharing your reflections from 2016 . .. absolutely awesome. I’m 79 and am still hanging in there with wanting to be successful in my food management program. Am not always “successful,” but here I am at reZOOM – – again. Love that term! May God continue to bless you and your terrific message. See you in 2017!!!

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  18. Linda Jensen

    Hi Susan!! As a newbie I LOVE this program and have learned SO much! This vlog is especially helpful. After weeks of sticking with my Brightlines(and losing 22 lbs.) , I started eating nuts between meals, which eventually led to eating cookies ,etc. for 3 days. Holiday time! Sooooo…. I can really relate to this vlog. I’ve resumed ! I’m setting goals. I can’t thank you enough, Susan Pierce!

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  19. Katie

    BLE has been such a revelation to me – like all the pieces I perhaps knew subconsciously just fell into place. Totally get it about susceptibility and food addiction in my heart and gut — rather than just a concept. Looking forward to having 2017 be the year that I arrive at my natural, slim weight – and live from my integrity in a way I’ve always known I could

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  20. Hildy

    Thanks Susan…I was doing great until Christmas..now I need to reZOOM!… Love that term..see you next week..

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  21. jillian

    Susan, I really and truly admire you and your journey, the work you are committed to and your true honesty. Looking forward to the book so much. Thank you.

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  22. Randy Diner

    I found OA left me feeling ‘powerless over food.’ I think it is dangerous to start a meeting ‘acknowledging that we are ‘powerless over food.’ It wasn’t until I started Weight watchers that I felt empowered. Giving up sugar/flour/dairy completed the journey for me. I don’t worry about over-eating. If I need more food, I eat fat-free beans or raw saur-kraut. I keep fruit down to one pear at lunch & berries at dinner. I feel so much better-no bloating, no obsessing. Thank you. Have a great year.

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  23. Mj Kress

    ONLY FOR YOU, Susan, would I set up a Twitter account.

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  24. Zoe

    Dear Susan,

    I really like your approach, you are very inspiring. I don’t know if I could do the bright line eating…kind of harsh and too structured for my mediteranean temperament but I do learn a lot from you. I really like your honesty in your vlogs and your attitude. You have a gifted way of explaining things to people, I appreciate this, not easy to find. Really appreciate your videos and although I am not at tweeter, I will find you to follow you (I do have a poor tweeter account, barely use it) to help with the silly number’s game that the producers need … phew. Will do the same on fb and youtube too.

    Thank you for the inspiration. You are one of the people with whom I would love to have a good chat at some point. Honest, direct and with good structure knowledge and not shy to share experience.

    Have a beautiful year ahead with health, love, joy and success in your book launch as well as in your new year’s resolutions 😉


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  25. Simone

    Susan you hou made my year so much better than it would have been. And you’ve given me hope for the years to come <3
    Bright line eating for life, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  26. Izonie

    Susan you are the best i look forward for your weekly volg.
    You are such a honest person I just finished the 8 wks I sticks to your program and I almost at my gold weight .can’t wait for the book tobe here and looking forward to 2017 to see what you have to sharein those volgs

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  27. Marjorie Leggett

    Susan I have loved all of your vlogs. I am not a great facebook fan, but don’t miss your vlogs. This one is very pertinent for me, as I have been slipping on my BL. Not sugar and flour but the others. So has been great to hear. Clean BL’s for 2017. I will even look at how to join twitter. I don’t use that either! Thanks so much for your knowledge and insights into food addiction.

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  28. Tania

    Thanks for all your insightful blogs. Good luck with the book

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  29. nha

    Mahalo for being a remarkable guiding light on this journey. Am looking forward to 2017 and all that BLE has to share.

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  30. Jan LeBaron

    I’m a 10 on SS. I’ve kept my lines bright since I started Oct 30, 2015. Been on maintenance since Feb 23, 2016. So grateful to SPT for sharing BLE. I LOVE living life Happy, thin, and free in my right-size body.

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  31. Michelle Blake

    So thankful for this vlog, BLE, and SPT! My food has been terrible for the last three weeks. Looking forward to getting back on track with another boot camp in January and the 365 day challenge!

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  32. Ninatheberry

    I signed up for twitter just so I can support you Susan! So excited for 2017!

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  33. Karen

    Love the new necklace! Thank you so much for all you do. Just love BLE?

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  34. Sheila Salama

    Best wishes for 2017.
    I really enjoy the program even with some slight variatins that I needed to make , no sugar no flour it has been since October 1 st.
    I am almost at goal weight, but am a Brightlifer to make sure I do the maintenance correctly.
    I love your vlogs and all your modules.
    Take good care.

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  35. Barbara

    Hi Susan,
    I´m one of the self-starters and I lost 25 lbs since October. I am not done with my journey yet, but I am struggling at the moment.
    I had a terrible flu – couldn´t eat for days than got a terrible cough. I had to take coughing medicine – as you know there are NO cough juices without sugar. So I thought I can handle it. But I just realized that the medicine made me “loosen” my bright lines somehow. I was too weak to go shopping, so I ate the chickenless-chicken-burger (with flour in it) for lunch… than a day later I find myself drinking a “Glühwein” at the christmas market (a very very sugary hot alcohol beverage) … I suddenly realized that I would have never even thought about drinking this a week ago. My bright lines were super clean before and now it´ s like they are shaking.
    I also realized that I hadn´ t done any journaling while I was sick and I didn´t commit my food the night before … no gratitude journal and no meditiation…. so I feel like I
    need to “rezoom” fast. …. I am just so amazed at how easily it can all slip.
    I think I might have to start counting my days again… it was 65 great days … and then it all slipped. 🙁 (I didn´t gain any weight, I only ate at meal times, I weigh and measured most of my food, but the sugar and the flour kinda sneaked in) … being a 9 I am scared now that I might not be able to rezoom …. damn …. what did I just write under somebody elses comment: If I can´ t, I must. I guess I should listen to my own advice 😉

    Happy new year and keep all fingers crossed for me!

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  36. Jessica Atkinson

    Love you! You made me cry! Good cry. 🙂 you have been so crucial to my success. I am now living mostly in integrity with my food. Have gone wfpb and loving my food! You are an answer to my prayers and an inspiration. I really feel your love and compassion. Thanks so much for being REAL with us and open and honest and sharing your struggles and wisdom. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 2 and a half months and am just much more satisfied with the way I look. And have so much more inner work to do. I am learning a lot.
    I very highly recommend you to anyone who will listen to me. THANK YOU times a million:D

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  37. Pam Holt

    Susan, I’m with you in 2017! In the past few months, I’ve done my share of “research”. I was dismayed when the new susceptibility quiz showed I was a 9-10 instead of a 7-8 like before. I just didn’t want to accept it. I also started a business this year, and it’s been incredibly demanding. Although for me it’s still a one-person business, like you I have a goal of helping thousands, or ultimately even millions of people to improve their health, in my case by making it extremely quick, easy and inexpensive for people to grow the healthiest possible superfood sprouts and microgreens at home. It’s something I’ve never done before, and it’s been almost overwhelming at times. But I could clearly see the tremendous difference in my energy when I stuck to my bright lines (and ate my sprouts and microgreens as a part of it). I never could have done it — would never even have contemplated it — before Bright Line Eating!

    Over the last three months of hazy lines, my weight has crept back up — not all the way, but a size or so (I had lost 4). Today, even before I watched your vlog, I had already started rezooming. My research is done. No more data needed. I’m going to do what it takes to keep my bright lines clean. And I have a new goal of reaching maintenance weight this summer.

    Your video at times brought me to tears, because like you, I have confidence. I know I can do this. I feel stronger than I ever have. And that itself is a miracle, this belief in myself, which I owe to you.

    So sign me on, Susan! I’m on board with you for 2017!

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  38. Ramona Thompson

    Tomorrow will be my 444th day of solid Bright Lines! Susan, you have forever changed my life! When I started out, I really didn’t think I was a “food addict.” But about a week in, I realized I really was. This is my fourth time down the scale (100 lbs three times before and currently at 94 lbs and going), and I swear, by God, it will be my last. I have complete confidence in saying that, so THANK YOU for giving me this gift of Bright Line Eating!

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  39. Celita Lamar

    Thanks for a great year, Susan. Happy 2017!

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  40. Julia Carol

    I am one of those people. I watch and listen to every Vlog. And I am such a YES! to BLE… I love you. And I’m sending love to anyone reading this who has not yet been able to kick the sugar/flour habit and are still struggling… just be willing to be willing… May your Right food plan arrive for you. Personally, I’m down 82 lbs because of Susan and I’m grateful I found this program. May we all see an end to the suffering from obesity and/or food addiction.

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  41. Lynda Hahn

    679 solida Bright Lines…THANK SO MUCH DEAR Susan. You are amazing, love you so much ❣❤❣

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  42. Loraine

    I admire your ‘Bright Lines’ but can not commit to no flour/no sugar.

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    1. Barbara

      Hi Loraine!
      Tony Robbins would say to you: If you CAN´T – you MUST! 😉

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  43. Evi

    Than you you so much. I found you this year and after previously dropping a large amount of weight, to only gain it all back in 2016, I feel hope now. A great, successful 2017 to all. Luv, Evi

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  44. Becky England

    Thanks so much for everything Susan. Yes, I think seeing so many “rezooming” has subconsciously affected me thinking that is all I have to do. So here I am, rezooming again and again. Very good point. This time has to stick and back on track. Looking forward to your next video next week!

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  45. Jan herman

    Great vlog!!!! I was icky when I started listening . I caught your energy and feel soooooo much better! I was I want clean ble I keep hanging on since oct 2015, can I crawl in your pocket til I get it ?

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  46. Steve

    Love stickk.comments

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  47. Debbie Hall

    I believe that “rezooming” is the most important lesson to learn when in a food “love/hate” relationship. That has been the most freeing lesson I’ve learned over my life-long battle with weight, food, guilt. Bright Line Eating is a great program for me in that it can be adjusted to meet my expectations of myself. I know me. I will never want to NEVER have another cookie, or sugary sweet again. But I do know what I need to do to “rezoom”. My “bright lines” are somewhat different from the program, but I embrace and believe the principles they are teaching. Susan’s medical and psychological explanations have been truly eye-opening and confirming to me. This is probably the first time in my life, that going into a new year I don’t feel that my New Year’s resolution HAS to be to lose weight. And the lessons from Bright Line Eating and Susan’s teachings are the reason.

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  48. Carol Didier

    Yay – 187 days in with perfect Bright Lines!! Celebrating and grateful!

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    1. Colleen

      You go girl!

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  49. Janet

    Lessons learned about meditation and gratitude this journey have
    Been a bonus in relationships as well as a way to live with food, so I am very thankfull for so much with BLE.

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  50. Jeannie

    I just followed you on Twitter !!!
    Can’t wait to retweet your stuff!!

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  51. Jeannie

    Boy, you really hit the nail on the head with this vlog!!
    Rezooming has been difficult for me!!
    This year has been a lesson for my wicked food addiction for sure!
    I am back on my bright lines now after many, many months of rezooming !
    I know now that I need to stick with my food plan and focus on my tools for support and forgiveness of self.
    I am considering what I have been through a successful rezoom. But, I will not get cocky!!
    That cocky attitude was a huge part in my breakdown .
    So, here I am, rezoomed, I have fallen, gotten skinned knees but I am standing!
    I will continue to stand.
    I will be vulnerable and accept help from this loving community!
    We are stronger together!!

    Love you Susan

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  52. Megha

    Hello beloved Susan
    Bright Lifer and Harbor House BLE-er – Love you like a love song, baby!
    HAPPY New Year! I would love to join your commitment for BLE 2017:)
    Lots of love

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  53. Mary

    Happy new year Susan. I needed to hear what you had to say today. Rezooming!!!

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  54. Vera

    Love you Susan , thank you for helping me get through 2016. Hi from Argentina

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  55. Jill Kaplan

    Great video (blog) you are a “true to life” person Susan and I do enjoy hearing your blog. Hope to see you land a spot on Dr. Oz!

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  56. Gigi

    I write this with tears as I have had an amazing 2016, I joined the oct boot camp 2015 and will miss this so much.
    I have subscribed to all three as mentioned.
    Thank you , thank you , thank you Susan.

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  57. Mj Kress

    BLE is my logical “next step” toward the healthiest, most useful body I can attain at my age and stage of life (64yrs). It provides guidelines that I can follow without needing to evaluate (or finagle) my food. It provides support at a fantastic level, combining the Facebook Houses, the calls, the webinars, YouTube… , it’s support 24-7. And the friendship and collegiality are amazing – it’s quite the fellowship of like-minded souls!

    I’ve reached my initial goal: the top weight of a Normal BMI range for my height (5’6″; currently 151#) and haven’t stopped there. Now I am heading to a Right Size Body without feeling like it’s a struggle to get there. It will come in 2017. Thank you. THANK you. THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my heart.

    Oct-2016 Boot Camp (Hawthorn House)
    Bright Lifer

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  58. Maggie (Margaret ) Gough

    You keep us all tuned in with your awesome BLE program and our Bright Lifers community

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  59. Sandi Rubie

    Thank you for your great work and guidance. I am looking forward to 2017 with you and your team. It has been an awesome journey

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  60. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Hi, my dear Susan,
    2016 was Brightline Eating year for me. On January 3 my daughter showed me the “What the hell effect” video. Since then I have followed you. By April I had lost 12 pounds. I was happy, thin and free. My susceptibily scale was 9, but with the new test it´s 10. Somewhere along the way I got lost. And here am I, with all the 12 pounds back on me, unhappy, fat and slave. Anyway, I haven´t lost hope. I have more tools now. I know I have to get through to the first days, but I can´t achieve it. I will, thanks to you, I will.
    It was great to see you grow this year, to see you help so many people, to share feelings with people in the comments. I lack the bootcamp, the group and so many things, but I try to make do with what I have, which is your videos.

    This is my end-of-year present for you:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields
    and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

    (traditional gaelic blessing)

    May your 2017 be showered with blessings.

    Thank you for always being there.

    I love you, Susan.


    (traditional gaelic blessing)

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  61. Cherie

    I never thought much of twitter either. Thanks for letting me know of your goal. I have now followed you on twitter. Blessings

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  62. valerie gomez

    Hi Susan
    I’m a 6month babe to Bright Line Eating and strive to be a Lifer 🙂 I have become a member, watched each weekly vlog, but yet to start my journey with food. Praying 2017 will be my miracle year! Thank you so much for being that beacon of Hope and most of all MOTIVATION. I’m contemplating weight loss surgery due to be so obese, but knowing that I do need to lose weight before surgery per requirements, just maybe I will be set free during my Bright Line Eating Journey including weight loss, and will be able to cancel surgery plans and just BE HAPPY THIN and FREE! This is has always been my prayer and I still have faith that someday I will be.
    Looking forward to your book which I also would love to be on launch team and signed up through INSTAGRAM. Please continue your presence on Instagram as I am encouraged every time I see a post from you. I love gleaning everything I can from you and look forward to a wonderful New Year in 2017!
    Happy New Year to you, your family, your team, and to ME~

    Lot’s of love, Valerie

    Reply ·
    1. Jo

      Go ahead and cancel the weight loss surgery. It really should be called HEALTH LOSS surgery. Of the two people I know who have had the surgery, one almost died and the other regained ALL the weight she lost . Both say they are basically sick all the time. Also, my daughter is a nurse anesthetist and she says that most people don’t realize how dangerous weight loss surgery is. It is very high risk! Just do Bright Line Eating. Dive into it with your whole heart. You will not be disappointed.

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  63. Jacqueline

    Will you talk more about the path for those that struggle with restricting food 12 step programs also are not as supportive. It is a battle with addiction around food but a different sort of addiction. Your work is helping so many and look forward to your book.

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  64. Donna Kucera

    I love love love your necklace! 86 bright line days! UnstoppaBLE —-one day at a time! Thank you SPT!

    Reply ·
  65. Penny McPhaul

    You are such a blessing Susan!!! Thank you for being available for us in 2016, having such a wonderful platform of information, encouragement, support, and hope in this weight loss/management journey. I pray that 2017 is full of wonderful exciting goal achieving triumphs for you. Please continue to let us know how to support you as you absolutely support us!!! Love and Gratitude, Penny

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  66. Sharon Bates

    Hi Susan!
    You have been such a gift to me this year! I was blessed to receive your Scholarship at the June boot-camp and tested at a 3. the new test at a 2. I joined to get guardrails of what to buy, what to eat and how much to eat.
    I completed the boot-camp and was well on my way by the end of the camp. I could not become a bright lifer for financial reasons, but I have attained my goal weight. I have to admit that part of my success is; the man who had been slightly interested in me has fallen head over heels for me probably due to my success at BLE. Every time I need to get a smaller size pant, he is excited. He thanks me for getting in my right size body and feels lucky that I found a program that works! My weight went from 193 to 145 so far. I thought that would be my goal weight, but I am waiting to see how the fat left re-arranges. I have more around my back and bra line than I like but I am in a size 8 Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. (I suspect they run generous). I was a tight 16 in those same pants!
    My desire is to tone and firm up what I am and wait for my skin to catch up. It’s funny how that works…. Is there a suggestion for a food group that helps that? Anyway, the biggest gift that I have received from losing all that weight is that I feel good in my skin (sexy in the bathroom mirror) and my new man.

    I wish I could help in your work, but I do not have an addiction to eating and can enjoy small amounts of all foods. I haven’t eaten cakes or high sugar content foods, but have added splenda to my coffee again and I had a candy bar at Christmas that was in my stocking. I have more here, just don’t NEED it!!!!!!!!

    God bless your journey and I am so grateful for Nancy Wolf and Cindy Ferguson in Roseburg for answering all my questions.

    Your cheerleader!
    Sharon Bates

    Reply ·
    1. Jill Kaplan

      Ditch the Splenda. It is so very harmful to your body and will make you just crave sugar even more, it tricks your brain. Go check out dr mercola web site and type in Splenda in the search and you will get a good read about the dangerous effects that fake sugar has on the body. Have you heard of Stevia? It is a natural herb that is very sweet and not harmful to your body. Please take note and take a look.

      Reply ·
    2. Nina

      Hi Sharon,
      May I ask how you came about to be a scholarship recipient?
      I have been following BLE for months but due to being unemployed could not join the bootcamp though would greatly benefit from it with my health condition. Thanks for any info and God bless.

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  67. Zuzana

    All the best Susan! Very excited about your book! Keep tracking, we need you! Love you, zuzana

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  68. Catriona

    Hi Susan, you are my inspiration for 2017❣I found you this year, And although I’ve listened and understand completely about food addiction, I’m a 10, I haven’t committed 100 % to my recovery starting and resuming again, but no more. 2017 I will commit to stopping eating, sugar and flour, eating only 3 meals a day and measuring food and myself and sticking to my food plan. It’s been too easy for me to say” I’ll start again tomorrow ”
    I live for your weekly vlogs, thank you so much, and much happiness to you and your team for 2017

    Reply ·
    1. Sally Graver

      Oh, do I identify with this! I am now in is so much better place, because of Susan and bright nine eating. And with all of your help and my own renewed commitment , I shall resume in much better shape than I was in October of last year. I am so grateful.

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  69. TNnadi

    I am so grateful for you and how you live your truth. It helps me SO much. So thank you thank you thank you! I think you are beautiful and wonderful in all you do and say!!!

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