The Morning After A Binge

Last night was a pretty intense night. Watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it.


  1. Kimberlee

    Dry cough sounds like reflux. Possible Hiatal Hernia from history of binge eating.

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  2. Karen Correo

    This blog about The Morning After A Binge helps me a lot in my diet.
    You can have the best Custom Keto Diet plan here: Kiss you all!

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  3. Carol

    As always, so appreciate your frankness and showing up in the moment no matter what. ❤️ I did the 2 week challenge in April (THANK YOU!!!!!), I thought it would be hard giving up stevia, my yummy shakes and protein bars… But I really see the value in not stimulating the dopamine response, and I wanted to share that I make totally unsexy shakes now! Just plain grass-fed whey protein powder, nut butter, and sometimes chia or flax seeds soaked in to give it a little chew. It’s so nice to really appreciate the taste of real vegetables and fruits so much more. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  4. Angela Gulley

    I was blessed by this video. Thanks for being real.

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  5. Jeffrey

    I have been in and out of GREYSHEET for 20 years and
    always getting beaten up for slips
    because GREYSHEET accepts no failure
    so its day one day one……

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  6. Debbie

    the most honest 30 minute video I have ever seen. Susan is SO real and so relatable because she is NOT perfect. Those that are a 10 on the susceptibility scale and who are perfectionist seekers finally don’t have to be ashamed anymore because she not only talks the talk but walks the walk. What guts it must have taken for her to record this vlog and reach out HERSELF for help. In the past with previous diet attempts I would be so ashamed if I wasn’t perfect that I would just give up or not go to meetings, not reach out for support because I was embarrassed. I definitely feel like I finally have a home in this community of like minded people.

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  7. Shana Henson

    I get a dry cough as well in the early winter. Try digestive bitters it has saved my life. Much love to you Susan!!

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  8. Cody

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this! I am on Day 9 and I have been doing fantastic, but IF I break my bright lines, you have shown me that you can move forward. It is okay to be human and I like following someone who is so honest and human.

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  9. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    I’ve watched this vlog twice now and have picked up on so many different things both times–it’s amazing how we’re wired to notice the things we need when we need them. In regard to your comments about protein shakes–I feel like those products are partially responsible for why I’m at the weight I am today. When I became vegan a couple of years ago everyone (including my doctor) was afraid I wouldn’t get enough protein. The quickest and easiest way to get protein was from shakes and bars–but I truly do believe that they set me down a bad path. Even the best ones are based in powdery, flour-like protein substance that set my addictive tendencies on edge. I never really paid attention to that until watching your vlog today. Thank you for the realization moment.

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  10. Maria

    Today, this has been my lifeline. Thank you!

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  11. Marn

    I so appreciate your authentic sharing of how to deal with being human , having big goals to achieve , and feeling like you’re failing or falling short. It seems to me that perfectionism is a component of addiction and maybe that’s why those of us ( probably high on susceptibility scale) who have breaks or blips in our recovery / weight loss/ whatever it may be feel that we need to start over or totally give up. We do need models of what recovery and being an authentic healthy person is and that definitely includes getting up one more time Thanks for being you and being brave and strong and real enough to share. Awesome vlog., first one I’ve watched. Won’t be the last!

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  12. Marn

    I appreciate your “standing up for the weaker side” today. It was authentic and gives hope and motivation to others. That is spreading goodness. Thank you for your honesty and strength.

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  13. Dyan McMiller

    I believe it is a life long journey for all of us in the world (experimenting all the time) on what works best for maintaining our health. We are all very precise human beings & we’re on a continual journey figuring out what gives us amazing energy and what drains the hell out of us.

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  14. Paula

    Susan,your honesty and frankness is so inspiring,just beautiful,thank you.

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  15. Debbie

    Crazy day in this country (US) with plenty of the forces of spiritual darkness to dodge. But I, for one, was just plain overcome. I don’t attribute it all to my own personal failure that day. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing. I definitely see you on the path. We have recovered.. God is good!

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  16. Teresa

    Thank you so much, Susan. Your commitment to showing up and sharing your journey authentically is incredibly touching and beautiful.

    Life is messy. Embracing that fact has been one of the most helpful things in my own recovery. I want a big, passionate, messy life. I want a life where I take risks, try new things and allow myself to be vulnerable. There is really no room for “perfection” in that kind of life. And it’s working for me. I don’t do your Bright Lines, but I do have a program and I have a history of 12 steps. Much of my recovery has been about compassion for myself, lifestyle changes and staying away from trigger foods.

    I love love love hearing your ideas about shoring up resources. So good. Thank you so much for being you. I am sending big love your way.

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  17. Ellen

    Susan, thanks for sharing your vulnerability. As much as you can, say “no” to keep your reservoir full. Not accepting so many offers or opportunities, will still allow you to live your “big” life and maybe retain a bit more for you and your immediate family.

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  18. Linda Djupstrom

    I wish we lived closer:) I think I can help you with the persistent cough through the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. I have had that happen and there is a possibility it might help you. If you would like to know more let me know. By the way …you continue to amaze are one of the most intelligent women I have “met”

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  19. Andrea Clift

    Just a thought on your dry cough. It could be related to your breathing pattern particularly when speaking. If we take in large volumes of air through the mouth we bypass the usual passage of air to the lungs via the nose and sinuses where the air is humidified, warmed and de-bugged and is the right volume. Nose belly breathing is coming from the diaphragm. Mouth breathing is linked to upper chest breathing using the accessory muscles of respiration, more effortful. If we use mouth breathing with speech think of only taking small sips of air not big gulps, using the diaphragm, and closing the mouth return to nose breathing at every opportunity. The breath should be silent and no sighing. Large volumes of unhumidified air passing over the vocal folds is very irritating and drying to the respiratory tissue.
    Many thanks for your devotion to your work and choosing the big life.

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  20. Chas

    I’m in. Thanks for a great message!

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  21. Jo Lynne Owen

    Is it possible that having those shakes is in essence breaking the bright line of 3 meals and no snacks? Not all trainers think you need snacks during a workout. I believe your 3 meals and no snacks is fantastic and really works. Breaking that for some trainer is a mistake and sets you up to fail, sweetner or no sweetner.

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  22. Riadh Ghanma


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  23. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Thank you, Susan. Thank you for showing us that you are human. This is why I always say that you can´t give advice as to how to control binges unless you are a “binger” yourself, unless you are high in the susceptibility scale.
    I need you to make a vlog on How to get back on track. I am desperate. When I found BLE I lost 10 pounds, something I had been trying to do for at least 15 years, making a new attempt every morning, but it was impossible. I found you. My life changed. In April I weighted 132 pounds. I was the happies person in the whole world. What happened? I somehow lost track. And today, I weigh 143 pounds. I can´t get back to BLE, even though this is what I plan every single day. I am desperate. I know BLE is the way, but my brain doesn´t seem to understand…. Thank you, Susan. God bless you.

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  24. Mae

    Have you tried doTerra OnGuard Beadlets for the cough?

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  25. M.G.

    Nice work, Susan! I’m aiming to obtain a bacchelor’s degree in nutrition studies, and I think all the information you are sharing will be most interesting to use later on with patients.
    For your cough, did you notice if it happens more when you are overwhelmed? Do you know about ayurveda? To me, it looks like Vatta inbalance… Dry, windy. Stress is very vatta inbalacing as well. Vatta inbalance needs to be grounded. Warmth, humidity, acidic taste … so you’re intuition is good. the hot water vinegar combination could indeed help. But is the source of the cough is the stress, you need to find a way to balance it out. Perhaps a warm bath with epsum salt and staring at candles… Meditation… reducing activities…etc.
    Keep on being awesome

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  26. Pete

    You are so great. I didn’t need this as much last week as I do today. Really needed it for my resume fuel. Thank you Susan!!

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  27. Nicole

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your message was exactly what I needed to hear today, so thank you for sharing your story! I recently completed a 21 Day Cleanse, and while it was very successful, I felt like in the end it created a downward spiral of bad choices and unhealthy eating. Listening to your message today I understand that I was emotional eating. In reflecting I realize that life has gotten tough for me recently, my job is in jeopardy of being cut, I’ve joined on as a fitness coach yet I can’t keep my own eating in check, I’m questioning relationships, and I’ve been taking on more than I can handle as of late, and I’m turning to food for comfort, for boredom, for something I feel I can control in this crazy life (yet I can’t, because I can’t stop). I’ve been feeling very down on myself with this inability to control my eating, but your message made me realize that it’s okay. I just need to recognize, forgive myself, and move on. Use this as a lesson learned, eliminate my triggers, clean out my house, and focus on today, not on what happened this past month. Thank you Susan!

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  28. Erika P.

    I sincerely appreciate your honesty. Lately, I feel like I’ve hit bottom but your vlog has made me realize that I will be okay. Thank you!!

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  29. Jeannie Bréhaut

    God bless you Susan. I found this vlog particularly helpful and moving.
    Your shared vulnerability is a balm.
    Thank you.

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  30. mary

    Thank you! Recovering from a binge is difficult. You were very brave to share this.
    You may consider talking to your primary health care provider about singulair for your cough.

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  31. Sara

    I am trying to do a modified bright line eating program and I put in it one exception per month. This gives me some leeway for a one time/one meal exception once per month for a special occasio and makes me feel better to know that I have that insurance built in.

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  32. Rose-Marie

    You are amazing! So full of love and wisdom ? thanks forsharing and turning your experiences into learning and helping us BLE. I did a bootcamp successfully in 2015. But was not able to find a good maintanance eating. Now I do my own bootcamp once more and watch your vlog for support. I will find my sustainable way of BLE and the most important thing is how to get back on track when we fall! So love this vlog and THANKS❣

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  33. Anke

    Hey there- this video is so helpful to me. I am a baby in my eating recovery. I started some weeks ago. No sugar-no white -or better- any flour. And then i eat a Cookie. And now i eat again a lot of rubbish…. you know what?:I will just start again. Thanks everybody here! Hugs from a Germany

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  34. Sophie Lagacé

    Love you Susan, thanks for sharing your experience so honestly and being so human (I kind of love that you said the F** word!). Love heals indeed. xxx

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  35. lara

    Wow, Susan. Thank you so much for your honesty. I’m impressed with everything you had to say. The words could have been coming out of my mouth! I’m really looking forward to the next Boot Camp. I’m saving my money!

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  36. Donna

    Thank you for posting this vlog Susan. Love you.

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  37. Fay

    Susan, thank you so much for your honesty. I don’t need the perfect model because I am not perfect. I need honest and authentic and that’s just what you were. Love you for that. God bless, dear Susan.

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  38. patrice

    Can follow a regime for awhile, then I have to breakout. Maybe a less damaging one. When quicking drinking, I had to allow myself an option. I social support is more effective for staying on tracl.

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  39. Janice Bright

    I heard building muscle increases appetite…I would wonder if I would need to increase protein but then you would be breaking plan..any thoughts Susan? Love you and your honesty!

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  40. M

    Susan, thanks so much for sharing. I had similar slip-ups with my eating over the past few days and your sharing helped me to recognize that the trigger for me was also stress and anxiety. The lesson learned that you shared about not giving up but using mess ups as motivation to make changes and move forward from where you left off also inspired me to continue with my diet plan. Thanks for being open and honest and willing to share!

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  41. Cheryl

    Thank you, Susan. I have been spiraling down for over a month. I am now r day to get back to my bright lines. You are so brave! Bless you.

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  42. Remi Broviak

    I think you have probably made your Bright lines community stronger by showing that you, like us, are only human.

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  43. Michael

    Thank you for sharing your human character. This all about living with character defects. It helps remind me to be less hard on myself.

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  44. Gina

    Wait what? How is nutritional bad or addictive? Also mustard? That is basically vinegar and turmeric. No sugar! I’m confused

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hey Gina. Some people (like me) can eat even non sugar/flour foods addictively. If we do it often enough, we may decide to declare the those particular foods “personal binge foods” and abstain from them.

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  45. Wendy

    This was epic! Thank you for being your honest self and for spreading love in the world. Personally, I prefer imperfect. It’s a lot more real, relatable and interesting. Xoxoxo

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  46. Hilda

    Thanks Susan
    Been there and done that…as the saying goes. I am still going forward with bright line eating . I finally got brave enough to,get on the scale and it is going in the right direction.
    Your vlog is good for me and it is obviously good for you too.
    Your help is invaluable and much appreciated..

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  47. Rachel Smith

    When I say that I wish you the biggest outpouring of support and love, that is no exaggeration. I can’t tell you how empowering your honesty, self-analysis, candor, and methodology in just this video alone has been. By hearing your process of reviewing your binge behavior from the onset environment, the immediate triggers, and the after effects you have mapped out some of the ways that others can implement to recover from a slip in BLE or any binge behavior. THANK YOU. Thank you for illuminating free-writing as a discovery and healing tool. I too am a “10” on the scale. Thanks for sticking up for us 🙂

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  48. connie

    Thank you so much Susan for that video you seriously Rock. To let yourself be vulnerable and show your true self to the world is the most admirable thing. I have done programs in the past and the leaders put off this perfect world that they never have a fall out they never stumble and if you follow what they do everything is always going to be perfect and honestly , for me at least, but I’m sure for a lot of other people you will have a Fallout or a stumble and then you feel so inadequate and like a failure because they set you up to think I you can never stray. You have to be perfect to succeed. Really??? In a real world… that’s just is not the case especially if you’re at the higher susceptibility level which a lot of us are or we would not be here. So I want to applaud you and I agree wholeheartedly that we need to see how to resume and not just quit and start over quit and start over because getting back on the wagon is one of the most difficult things and so we need role models for that so thank you again. Also we need to learn to forgive ourselves and move on. I think maybe you even said but somebody very wise said once ” if you were talking to a friend that was going through this and they fell off for a little while would you really hold it against them? No. You would forgive them and encourage them to keep going and so often we forget to do that with ourselve And plus, you did research for us ( smile) thank you for sacrificing to do that well needed research. :))) please keep sharing and being vulnerable so that we can feel like we are not alone on this journey. thanks again

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  49. Andrea

    Occasionally falling off the wagon is not what counts. The important thing is getting back on.
    I was hoping you would tell us more about your ‘binge’. What did you eat and how much? Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone being 100% compliant all the time.. We are all human and occasional lapses are to be expected.

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  50. Elena

    Your candour on camera is not only endearing, but extremely helpful to me and probably to all 10s on the susceptibility scale. Your message comes from a place deep within and touches me as if it came fame from my sister or someone else that knew and cared about me for a long time… It makes me feel safe, you KNOW what we’re going through, you won’t keep things from us and you do root for us. You found a way to handle your addiction in a way that is not only therapeutic for yourself, but for everybody watching your vlog.

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  51. Christine

    Susan, you are the cutest, most down to earth person and make me laugh. I would much rather have a role model who screws up and admits to it because it’s too easy to feel inferior and like there’s something wrong with you if you have a role model who only projects perfectionism, something no one can live up to. Thank you for keeping it real.

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  52. Berit

    Dearest Susan, I’m so deeply grateful to have found your guidance and BLE. That you are so honest and authentic means everything to how I can receive what you teach. To me it’s a miracle to hear someone who does not only have the knowledge and sharp intelligence, but also shares the humbling experiences of being an addict and dealing with all the hardships that involves.
    I’m a 10++ on the scale and I started BLE a few weeks ago. I’m struggling with overwhelming cravings, and going one step forward and sometimes two steps backwards. The self loathing is huge afterwards and I feel like I’m failing at everything. So it’s helpful for me to hear that there are many ways at succeeding with BLE. Some people hardly ever falls, some often. Thank you for being everything you are.
    Much love, Berit

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  53. Susan

    Feel much better after listening to you….morning after the elections (being a Canadian I hadn’t thought the outcome would of affected me so much) was my crossing of the bright lines and have been really beating myself up. I’ve noticed too that I’ve been tweeking my food plan, taste here and there, small almost not noticeable but I’ve been doing some reflecting and trying hard to get my act together. Thank you Susan for being honest and being there.

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  54. Greta Friesen

    Thank you Susan I love listening to your blog I did the Boot Camp I really enjoyed it I’m waiting for you book to come out I enjoy listening to your blog you’re gorgeous woman inside out …. I look up to you ???

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  55. Caitlin E.N.

    Yes the vlog is good, honest etc. You mention in the four videos that BLE is complimented by
    spirituality and 12 steps. Programs such as OA are based on spiritual principles; well where is that in this talk . I have a problem with complications and intellectualization. Not saying you are not real or honest. That is first step. God removed my craving for three other substances; nicotine being the hardest and the easiest , meaning that when I cried out to God, I trusted the results. I trust God. End of story.
    Now I am saying this as I would like to endeavor a new way of eating. The only way it will truly work for me is if I let my higher power do the work through me. I can’t do this. He can. I think I’ll let Him.

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  56. Anna Maria

    Although I am not following the Bright Line Program, I always watch your Vlogs and I always love them. I really admire your honesty and your openness. You’re a bright line in any of my days 🙂

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  57. Lydia Hands

    I love you for being so honest and brave. We need to know where to go and what to do in case of a ‘break ‘ in our Bright Line Eating and now we know thanks to you.

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  58. Christina young-wootton

    Wow thank you…one of the best vlogs for me!!
    Have been doing BLE since the Oct ’15 boot camp …it’s become just a part of my life and has included many bumps (not big enough to pile lots of weight back on) but I always resume and with possibly 10-14lbs max to still lose, feel that I’m still on the path!! I have recently resumed (once again) following an extended birthday binge ….recognise now the potential danger of being 7 on the S.Scale!!! I firmly believe that we don’t ever fail unless we give up! I am human too and now feel so ok and free to be happy about it!!
    Thank you xx

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  59. YOUNG

    Hey, Susan,

    What a great insight !!! It reminds me of what he said, Dr. Jason Fung during an interview, he said “Diet must be intermittent, because life isn’t constant”. I totally agree with you, our path won’t be never a straight way, the most important thing is to manage the curve we encounter on our way.

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  60. Kathy

    Brilliant vlog Susan! I admire your staying out of politics at this time and focusing on what´s important for your followers.

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  61. Marianne

    Thank you. I thought I wouldn’t be able to come back and there was your talk to remind me to keep going. Your honesty is humbling. Thank you.

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  62. Michelle Willis

    Thank you, Susan. Grateful that you shared your experience. It is much easier to learn from people who show flaws and are like us than those that are perfect. Your honesty helps us learn how to recover successfully from a downfall. This is very valuable.

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  63. Aletha

    Susan, I have finally taken a break from work to watch your vlog. How ironic, that as I sit and listen to your vlog, my stomach is still bulging from an all afternoon binge-to keep myself awake at work-I know tonight’s sleep will be broken with sweaty wake up calls in the middle of the night, and I will start itching from all the junk I ate today.

    I have not had bright lines lately. Did well during the summer, but have not really strived for self control lately. I am not gaining much weight back, per se, as I continue to work out some, but that has decreased in frequency since the kids all started back at school. What used to be every day in small amounts has cut back to 2-3 times per week. So-getting back to that bright line is important.

    But more so-getting enough sleep seems to be my BIGGEST trigger for an insane appetite and lack of will power during the daytime. Will have to make changes to get at least 6-7 hours a night. I range anywhere from less than 5 hours to more than 7 hours in a week! Yikes.

    Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for being my model of “perfection in imperfection”. I come at life with the viewpoint that if God can love me despite my goof-ups and even deliberate stubborness, than I can continue to love what is and make the best decisions I can to get back on track.

    I am groggy-better go to sleep. Thank you so much for all you do! You are beautiful. Truly beautiful.

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  64. Esther Einstein

    Thank you Susan for being so authentic and human……..and for knowing how to be kind to yourself. Only by accepting our imperfections can we also be kind to others.
    I am so curious to know what you binged on !!!!

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  65. Christine

    Hi Susan, You are so beautifully honest and courageous. You always speak from the heart and that is why your supporters love you. NO ONE is perfect and we should not aim for perfection but instead aim for progress. We are always learning and it is ok to stumble and fall because you become stronger when you get back up and you learn from the fall. I know I am a 10+++++ on the susceptibility scale and have struggled with food addition my entire life and I thank you for being who you are and letting all of us with this struggle into your world. You are so knowledgeable and are such an inspiration to so many. Love you, Christine

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  66. Maureen Lynch

    Susan, do you really think that your initial difficulty was not about the election? Don’t you think that you probably pick up on the “stuff” that is out in the world? (Perhaps without direct awareness that you are picking up on that stuff.) Empathic sensing is what I’m talking about. What I mean is that maybe your personal experience of your day to day life resonated in an emotional way with something that was happening out in the world (the Election) , then your experience was amplified many times. Just a thought for your consideration. This gives you another layer of possible influence on your behaviour that is not fully within your control. (Please, I wish for you to have some compassion for yourself – I see that as being different from breaking your bright lines.)

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  67. Nadia

    Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency.
    Your journey gives me hope to not give up on myself.. in my journey toward happy, thin and free.
    I’m in the self starter boot camp and struggling.
    The reminder to write and try to figure out what’s going on…so helpful!! Thank you Susan!
    God bless you.
    Have a great week.
    Enjoy your girls…they grow up so fast!!

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  68. Vanessa Taylor

    So nice to see the honesty and openness , it’s the first time for a while I’ve seen someone be so honest love your work

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  69. Veronica

    Your candor and transparency is such a blessing. Thank you for these wonderful messages of how real humans cope with missteps with grace and humor. I have been so encouraged in both bright line eating and personal growth since watching these vlogs.

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  70. Josh

    Wow. Truly beautiful and human. Susan. I’m like a 6 or 7 on the scale, and I actively chose to have breaks in the bright lines. It first happened fast because I was taking my parents on a thank you cruise. And hey, on a cruise, I wanted to partake… no right for that food to be so good. Interestingly, I didn’t go berserk, though i ate as much as I wanted. And when I came home, I resumed my bright lines with some satisfaction in the nostalia of enjoying ALL my favourite foods. I also discovered that I’d lost weight, (HOW!?) so perhaps it rebooted something in my metabolism. I leave the science to you. But thank you for standing up and saying that perfection is neither necessary nor a weapon like holding a gun to my head with a bright line. I’m enough, and I choose to resume, not go back to square 1. Thank you!

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  71. Carrie

    Susan, thank you so much for sharing. You truly looked like you wanted to bawl at a couple of points in the video and I feel for you. You are such an inspiration! I’m struggling right now to even WANT to resume from my poor habits. God be with you..and with me. Love!

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  72. Ruby

    Susan , I did the same thing Election Night – not because of the election, necessarily…..but just because there was lots of food.!! I already decided that after the dinner binge, I could continue…..and it wouldn’t be the end of the world – but it’s two days later, and I keep going off.!!! I still am calling me a BLE eater – not so good right now, but I believe it’s good and beleive I can do it – and believe I will. Thanks for validating my thoughts. You are a wonderful “leader”……keep on talking.

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  73. Laura

    Love this, love you. You don’t have to be perfect for us.

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  74. Sabrina

    Is there any neuroscience for people who have other trigger foods? For me it seems to be carbs – both simple and complex. You mentioned in one of the videos in your 3-part introductory video series a woman who ate popcorn and couldn’t stop – I eat it plain air-popped with no salt or sugar, which can sometimes be a trigger, as can whole baked potatoes with the skins and no toppings, plain baked pumpkin, hummus, and special peanut butter with absolutely no additives (the jar just indicates peanuts are the one and only ingredient – not even salt is added) Peanut butter is the mother of all binge trigger foods for me – it’s the enemy! Yes, processed and refined foods with flour and sugar, like any breads, mashed potatoes, pasta, desserts, etc. are triggers, but what about these other foods?

    Also, what science is out there regarding female hormones and binge eating? I find I am much, much more prone to binges during PMS with powerfully strong food cravings, mood changes, and decreased ability to make good food choices. I’m sure that many women would love to learn more about this topic.

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    1. Aletha

      I am on your same wavelength, here, Sabrina. I’m trying to figure out what foods DON’t seem to trigger bingeing for me. And no matter what, hormones seem to derail me twice a month-during ovulation and just before menses. My forties are way tougher for self control with food than my 20’s and 30’s were. What say you to this, Susan? BTW, I think I score a 7 on the susceptability quiz, but right now I feel like more an 8-9!

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  75. Alisha

    Your best vlog yet Susan. Your honesty is a shiny light in a confusing and toxic food culture . In fact, I am inspired by your honesty, it reminds me of who I am and that being honest is safe and so necessary . Thank you for doing important work in the world. Love x

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  76. Cherie Wyatt

    WoW! Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am NOT “Teckie” but your video moved me to write for the first time in a “Blog” don’t even know if that is what you call it! HA. Just was happy to scroll down and see “Add a Comment”.
    Your honesty and wisdom has truly blown me away. I can relate to sooo much to what you have said. My life is just “Too Much” I have tried so many diets I am just left exhausted, tired, and disillusioned and thoroughly confused….oh, did I say feeling hopeless? I don’t really know how I got on your email list but I am glad I did. When you started the Boot camp it wasn’t good timing, I too had a house full of quests and was in the process of a Hugh move. The dollar amount concerned me also. I have vowed not to spend another dollar on something that I failed at or succeeded at then only to put the pounds back on. I still don’t know where to go with all of this BUT your video has given me much food for thought.
    Thanks Cherie

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    1. Josh

      Me too, cherie. I just found myself typing back to susan. She’s awese, so are the bright lines, and so are you. Thanks

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  77. Arlene

    I found Overeaters Anonymous and the 12 Steps 39 years ago. I surrendered to the steps after 12 years in program. Prior to that I had 2 years of eating perfectly and 8 years of lapses and relapses. I left the program and had a real collapse during which I became bulimic because my binges were overwhelming. After 2 years away I returned to the program very desperate and began working the steps and seeking a power greater than myself to help me. I have been maintaining a normal weight for the past 27 years through continuous, as opposed to back to back abstinence. (I prefer the term recovery to abstinence.) Like you, my program is based on honesty. I made two vows when I returned to program; I would not leave and I would tell the truth -especially about my eating. This has empowered me to pick myself up every time I fall down and work the four S’s. Today I crave recovery. I only feel deprived when I am not giving myself the love I now know I rightfully deserve. The spiritual principle of perseverance has been the key to my continued recovery.

    Reply ·
  78. Shira Lesin

    your honesty, strength, and goodness are an example to the world!!! Thank you for being you!

    Reply ·
  79. Anne Metz

    Thank you for all that you have shared. I am not at the “making the best” of what has occurred this week– need time to grieve and grieve–but I admire your authenticity in finding that point for you and wanting others to grab on to your coattails to help them more forward. Thank you for your generosity.

    Reply ·
  80. Alice Lemongrass

    Susan: Where do I start? Your vulnerability and honest, heartfelt exploration of the ” morning after the binge,” was the beginning of a breakthrough on a long, research journey that I have been on to figure out this puzzling and pyschological torment that those of us in the 10 + scalers must endure. I love your inquisitive and research -prone nature that tries to figure out this out for yyour community , i.e. ….WHAT JUST HAPPENED ? I love the spontaneous nature of your recording of the MORNING AFTER A BINGE Vlog. Fascinating stuff and I am thinking – your analysis was so right on that I am hoping that your next VLOG might be recorded when you are actually in the throes of a binge. Scary – I know – but our minds and inner voices are so compelling and justifying and very strong -willed and I have been trying to figure out exactly how to combat a binge and stop it in its tracks when it is coming on…. I thought of one time getting some cymbals ( the loud-a noxious things that you clap together in a band) and banging them loudly three times – as a way to stop the onset of a binge. Recalibrate the brain to rethink, stop , be fearful and redirect…..I have been working endlessly on finding a solution…..Your BLE method is the closest – thing to generating a solution for so many people with this addictive and often debilitating- demeaning behavior and disorder. Your are a gift. Keep up this amazing work and I hope you truly found all that you needed today to recover and move on from your binge from last night….( I had one too by the way – the election put me over the edge – so to speak) ) I love that one of your Bootcamp students was able to offer some guidance. We’re all in this together….Thank you again for your great vlog.

    Much Love – Alice Lemongrass

    Reply ·
  81. Joan

    I am into juicing and found that celery and watercress are good generally for lung health, but sometimes all I do is eat a stalk of celery and that calms my cough. I am also into “tapping” which helps calm me and can head off binge. You don’t even have to say anything. Stimulating those acupuncture points can be enough.

    Reply ·
  82. Nelle

    This may be the most important VLOG you have ever done!

    Reply ·
  83. Nbrazzell

    Slippery elm tea is great for a dry cough.

    Reply ·
  84. eleanor

    Thank you, Susan. I love how honest you are………….most of us are not. I know for me, I respond to the vibes around me. (Yes, smell and sight of food sends me off but I can make sense of those triggers …………………and other people can understand them when I talk about them. I’m not sure if everyone understands “vibes”. Sometimes I think I’m closer to doge then people!!

    Reply ·
  85. Dale

    Your perfection is being able to be truthful as an imperfect person. You know what works for you and your determination to get back up and continuing is a good model for others. Keep striving and pursuing your very best. Never give up.

    Reply ·
  86. kathleen dalton

    did you know that a chronic cough can be a symptom of GERD without having any burning symptoms in the esophagus? You may need to be treated for GERD. I think it is good that you tell us about your binge – it is helpful to know that that happens even to you. Good Videa

    Reply ·
  87. Ashley

    I just love you! Fuck, what do you do? Get up and brush yourself off and keep on keeping on 🙂 I think you being imperfect is what makes this program so perfect.

    Reply ·
  88. Bea

    For gargeling you could cook a tea with salvia or thime. You might even put some onion inside. And how cool you rezoomed so fast and told about it. Yours sincerely

    Reply ·
  89. Teramis

    Thank you so much for this video. Thanks for giving yourself permission to be human, and for being brave enough to share a failure and a lesson learned. This is a very timely message for me to hear, and it is much appreciated. Good energy to you!

    Reply ·
  90. Summer

    Also tea with lemon can help lubricate your throat. Or an Indian “cure” for sore throat which may help is a tsp. of turmeric stirred into hot milk (I’m sure nut milks will work fine as well)

    Reply ·
  91. Summer

    A stumble is not a failure….it’s a sign of being human. Thank goodness you aren’t perfect! You are really a great example of how to stumble and forgive yourself and get back to your Bright Line. Thank you for sharing your humanness! I’ve found that over time, when I accept the stumble and forgive myself, my stumbles actually get healthier over time…not always, but as a trend and they occur for a shorter period of time.
    For your coughing binges…if it’s like a post-nasal drip, I’ve found that doing a sinus rinse (I use Dr. NEILL sinus rinse) 1 -2 times a day, sucking on chewable vit c (but that probably has some sweetner) a great. I also have found that wearing a surgical mask to humidity my air really helps. It can take a little while to get used to it, but it makes a huge difference, especially if you are coughing all night long. Good luck!

    Reply ·
  92. Lisa

    How about some of the Homeopathic Remedies for dry cough like SpongiaTosta or five others that may pertain. Or lemon or cherries, whole fruit. 🙂 Best of luck finding the correct fit for you. I have been listening to help others around me, compassion and wanting to help. Thanks!

    Reply ·
  93. Phoenix Benikowsky

    Many Blessings Susan , I love your brave heart. Back on the path girl…..

    Reply ·
  94. Lisa

    Oh Susan! I’m so afraid to break my bright lines… I hear you and that would be healthy but dang… somewhere down the line I guess that I’m going to deal with that but not today!

    Reply ·
  95. Paula Hermann

    Fantastic vlog!!!!!! I admire you! You are so truthful!!! Just great!!!!

    Reply ·
  96. Vivian

    Dr. Thompson, you are a “10” in more than one way. You are “perfectly imperfect”, which is why your message resonates with me.

    Reply ·
  97. naomi

    loved the honesty…takes alot of courage

    Reply ·
  98. Cass

    Thank you so much for that vlog. I am currently doing a boot camp so thank goodness for this vlog,I feel free because of it. I don’t feel it’s allowing me to binge, it’s just allowing me to feel less isolated in my bright line plan. ( I’m also a ten ) I p do not get into self loathing from a slip up, but I did feel disappointed at a little indiscretion I had last week. I hadn’t thought conciously about identifying why. Now I can be more mindful of what I do in regards to the bright line eating , and definitely throw up a couple of other bright lines.
    Thank you Susan..

    Reply ·
  99. Lee

    Oh, my! This is exactly what I needed today!

    How did you get off all your anti-depressants? Was it the 25 years of therapy? I thought that if I went off sugar and flour for a long time, I could go without anti-depressants, but it does not seem to be working.

    Thank you for all of your support (the only support I have).

    Reply ·
  100. Rosemary

    Susan, You’re a blessing. Haven’t watched one of your Vlogs for a very long time but happened to do so today. What you say and your example is a gift to human beings whether about eating or anything else. Thanks for being who you are. Rosemary

    Reply ·
    1. Aletha

      This is exactly what I was thinking.

      Reply ·
  101. Michael

    Way to go Susan! Courage personified. That was a ”perfect” application of the 4 s’s. It gave me an idea of what clear road map for binge recovery if they’ve need should ever arise. Also, I loved the ‘election response analysis’–I’m totally stealing, “all is fundamental well” (with the universe) and “we can choose to make the best of the situation, ” regardless of what side we have identified with. Brilliant ! Also, when you brought up the holocost, it reminded of a movie out at the momnent xalled “Denial.” I give it 9.5 gold stars. This mornings vlog gets 10 ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️

    Reply ·
  102. Dawn

    Thank you for being so honest. You literally brought tears to my eyes because I could relate to so much to what you were saying about the binge. I too binged after stressing about the election results. Literally went through a drive through and got the works! I felt awful, I mean physically sick for the rest of the day, but I don’t seem to care about that BEFORE I binge. Your honesty with your struggle inspire me so much more than all of the “perfect” role models out there. I don’t trust perfection. I just don’t believe it exists. Thank you so much for being authentic!

    Reply ·
  103. Marci Olson

    I always cough during this time of year. The reason: I get seasonal asthma in the Fall and January/February. I cough like crazy because I cannot breath properly without an inhaler.

    Reply ·
  104. Marcy

    Honesty will take you to the moon and back!

    Reply ·
  105. Kristin

    I first learned about brightline eating from the Power of Moms podcast you participated in! Your work is very intriguing to me and has already proved very helpful! Thank you for your honesty. I am sure that was not easy to share, but your authenticity is what I appreciate most about you.
    I had two thoughts. One, I’m not sure about your specific diet. But, if you haven’t already, I would cut dairy out of your diet. It seems your dry cough may be allergy related. Dairy can inflame the sinuses and cause problems, particularly during the Fall and Spring seasons.
    Second, to help with your dry cough, I would suggest DoTerra Peppermint beadlets. It is just a drop of pure peppermint oil in a beadlet that will dissolve on your tongue! It is very powerful and has no sugar! ? Thank you again for sharing! It is comforting to know that we do not have to be perfect in our eating. Just do the best we can, and pick ourselves up when we fall!

    Reply ·
  106. Shannon

    Thank you so much Susan, I too have started failing at the perfection I had in my bright lines. It is scary because I think, is this it, is this the time I fail again? Quit? I needed to hear what you had to say and I thank you for your human-ness and your ability to share your personal story with us. You are a great teacher for me, Thank you again!

    Reply ·
  107. connie Brennan

    Susan, A spoonful of honey can help a cough!

    Reply ·
  108. Sophia

    Susan I feel so normally abnormal in my food journey listening to this vlog.
    It helps break the false perspective of obtaining perfection in an area then
    moving on to something else and expecting never to focus on it again.
    6 years without a break, wow!!!! I can only image, this is day 29 for me.

    Reply ·
  109. Frances Fuchs

    Dear Susan,
    This was an incredibly inspirational and touching Vlog. I have never written in the comments section before, though I watch your vlogs regularly. Last night was a binge night for me also, (and it did have a lot to do with the election). I so appreciate your vulnerability and honesty and spontaneity here. Though I have not done a boot camp I have used bright lines and other processes to help me with my food addiction. Your authenticity as a teacher and human being, is what makes you the perfect spokesperson. Thank you for who you are and all you do for the world.

    Reply ·
  110. Laura Nicholson

    Susan, you are so amazing! This was the best vlog I’ve seen yet and I really enjoy all of your vlogs. So heartfelt. So real. So vulnerable.

    As you talked I thought “She needs to read Loving What Is” and then my heart soared for you because that was the next thing that popped out of your mouth.

    I am enjoying so much my BLE life. I love being happy thin and free. Thanks so much! ?

    Reply ·
  111. Sophie

    Love ALL this VLOG! Thank you thank you thank you Susan for being YOU, being human, being genuine. I vouch for taking care of myself today and spreading goodness! MUCH LOVE TO everyone!!!

    Reply ·
  112. Ruth

    WOW!! I have been reading, listening, and learning as much as I can since October, for me this vlog is among the best. Thank you for all you give us. : ) ruth

    Reply ·
  113. Shirlee Johnson

    Big Hugs to you Susan! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Showing us your weaknesses as well as your strengths teaches us more than you will ever know! A great reference for taking care of persistent coughs is Dr Tieraona Low Dog’s book Healthy at Home. On page 99 she has a sweetener-free recipe for a marshmallow root infusion. She also recommends if the cough persists more than 8 weeks see your doctor about it to address the cause. Love you!

    Reply ·
  114. Travis Manntz

    Susan, you are a champion in every way. Your vulnerability is awesome and I appreciate your honesty and integrity. You are a shining light in this world and thank you for your unwavering commitment to health.

    Reply ·
  115. Lesley Zangari

    And this is why I love Susan and BLE. Her authentic honesty, no BS. She does not present herself as anything but honest, real and fallible. And that is why I love this program, because it is real. Thank you Susan, for all you do ❤️

    Reply ·
  116. Amy

    Thank you for putting yourself out there, Susan.

    Reply ·
  117. Christa Krideras

    This will help so many people Susan.

    As always, thanks for showing up as your AUTHENTIC SELF!

    I love you.

    Reply ·
  118. Catriona

    Hi susan, great vlog. I was very interested in your measuring food in a restaurant. What kind of food scale do you use, please? I have a smallish digital scale but with a dinner plate on top I can’t read the measurement. Maybe there’s one where the actual readings are on the side? Please keep offering your advice, it’s very inspiring.

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      OXO five pound scale. The face plate pulls out so you can see the reading even with a huge plate or bowl on top. ❤️

      Reply ·
      1. Aletha

        Yes, I use that one, too. It works great!

        Reply ·
  119. Karen

    Remember what your friend Pedram always says, “Progress, not perfection.” Thanks for this most meaningful vlog.

    Reply ·
  120. Tara

    Beautifully said.

    Reply ·
  121. Maria Sangiorgi

    Susan, thank you so so much! I am grateful and I have tears in my eyes. I am doing some big changed in my eating plan at the moment, so I will take heed your experience. You inspire me to speak up and out , love and blessings to you Maria

    Reply ·
  122. Jaye

    I appreciate your courage and authenticity. My path has not been perfect either and it is so supportive to know I am not alone and to see how to learn and grow and not give up. Thank you Susan for being the shining, bright light that you are…

    Reply ·
  123. nha

    Thank you for being human and being honest and truthful about that journey. Being present in the moment and loving oneself is critical. Today, I am going to love my family, myself and the journey I have to take. And celebrating the opportunity to be a part of Bright Line Eating.

    Reply ·
  124. Cheryl

    I love you! Thank you!

    Reply ·
  125. Quinn

    That’s some good vlog right there! ??Quinn

    Reply ·
  126. Sandy

    Thank you for being so authentic with us. Makes us love you even more! It helps us in our BLE journey to know that if we are not perfect it is OK and we will be OK , that we can still move on and not have to give up BLE because we made a mistake.

    Reply ·
  127. Randy Diner

    I find the concept ‘No matter what’ guilt inducing & making me feel that Bright Line is not for me. I have been suffering with the ‘flu’ for several weeks & grazing on comfort foods makes me feel better. I don’t eat sugar or flour, but have always had difficulty with ‘bounding’, i have arthritis & the arthritis diet is so restrictive as it is. Sometimes I need more food. When I feel well, I can eat ‘Bright Lines’. I need the faith that I am doing what makes me feel better when I am sick, & will do better when I feel better. I stop eating by 4:00 pm, so I don’t get GERD, & can sleep.

    Reply ·
  128. Paula Green

    Thank you for your frank, authentic, generous, motivating and entertaining vlog. You have an extremely special gift that combines knowledge, a message you are passionate to share and an extraordinary ability to communicate it from your heart. I appreciate you, also from the heart.

    Reply ·
  129. Davida

    Susan, your incredible courage is such an inspiration! As a fellow 10 I experienced something similar to your protein shakes, only with a nightly 5 oz glass of wine. Fortunately, I too was able to draw the line and recognize this was not for me. But I still, even as a BLE newbee, fantasize about resuming that ritual after reaching my goal weight. I think of Jacqueline Kennedy falling off her horse during a jump, having it captured in photo for the world to see and then getting right back on to resume her ride. That’s us! We all are in mid-flight, constantly making corrections to stay the course. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing us the way.

    Reply ·
  130. Janet

    Thank you for sharing Susan, I did the same thing during election returns, even wrote “election” on my journal next to the weight gain the morning after. BLE all the next day, and losing again. Facing what’s really going on mentally, is so much better than hiding and ignoring actions, so permission to be human is very helpful.

    Reply ·
  131. Peg Christensen

    I just LOVE you! Its so real and balanced and we learn by failure!

    Reply ·
  132. Rachel Burwell

    There are certain vlogs that have spoken straight to the core of my spirit and this is one. SO first and foremost, thanks for your honesty and transparency about being human and all that can encompass. Second, each of these that hits the mark with me moves me closer to the decision to become a bright line eater. I don’t know that I am there yet. Just haven’t made the decision that I can set some of those bright lines. That does not mean, however, that I don’t agree with the principles and the insights that I receive here. I think I will get on board eventually. In the mean time, I do find help and solutions for the battle in your story. Keep being the wonderfully real and insightful woman you are.

    Reply ·
  133. Melissa Kerby

    I imagine you’ve equally contemplated the privilege of being female. Many of us take for granted the passes we get for that (double-entrendre intended).

    Reply ·
  134. Melissa Kerby

    Just when I think I can’t love you anymore . . . ! I’m 58 years old and have been working on my own dysfunctional relationship with food since i was 13. Your information has been incredibly useful, and I came to the same conclusion as you more than a few times over the years: it’s how we recover that counts. Perfection is not a very realistic or viable goal and striving to it might be a setup or excuse for failure; self-sabotage (I imagine you’re familiar with Twerski’s Addictive Thinking). I cannot wait for your book! OK, here’s a silly little note to whomever – in titles/initial caps only, articles are not capitalized (The Morning After a Binge). I’m a copyeditor; it is a process that can definitely stress your bright lines. Wish I could help you on that!

    Reply ·
  135. Roberta Walters

    I love your honest teal person you are and how intense you look at this addictive cracks that we all have. You are a great model for this real life we are trying to live!! Thank you for being real and making me feel okay to have daily struggles.

    Reply ·
  136. Marsha

    Thanks for being honest, I too used the election as a reason to binge. I was on the road to it a few days before.
    You said it all

    Reply ·
  137. Janene

    Thanks for sharing Susan. The vlog is very helpful. You are amazing and I am so blessed to have found your youtube channel and website. The brightline rules have made a big difference in my life and I just started a week ago. Thankyou for inspiring me daily.

    Reply ·
  138. Valerie Anne Miller

    My life has already been changed by “meeting” you through your vlogs. You model so many things: Intelligence, beauty, strength, endurance and it is even more powerful to watch you share that honest moment. Not just your words, but the emotions in your voice and your eyes. In every difficult moment there is always a gift. I agreed with Bev. Maybe there is something in your eating program for yourself that needs to be tweaked. Maybe there is something in your life that needs adjusting.
    Maybe it was just a “slip” due to overwhelm……but maybe it is setting more boundaries. Guests have to go home. Maybe you have to tell us that you can’t vlog one time so that you can have a bath or a massage. Don’t forget to get outside into nature. Get to some place that you can hear water. Get touched and hugged more. You give so much (as women we all do). Maybe it is time to take a break and get to the ocean or your favorite place. Please don’t forget YOU.
    Whatever drives us into this self destructive eating needs to be dealt with. We can wrestle it to the ground with disciplined behaviors and controlled eating, but the core issue is always there. Even when we feel we have “dealt” with it. We all need to remember to circle back and check in with that issue.
    As a leader, you need and deserve help and support even more.
    And one more thought, the big life and small life idea is profound. I would argue the biggest life of all is the small life. You don’t get any accolades to boost you up, no societal applaud, no money, no distraction from the hardest questions of all. The Buddha lived a small life!
    Take a deep breath and remember what an amazing woman you are. How far you have come, how many people you have to draw on. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and we would all love to send you strong and loving energy for all you have given us. Thank you again for sharing your honesty and pain. It is so unbelievably inspiring and humbling at the same time.

    Reply ·
  139. Anne-Laure

    Thank you so much for your honesty and vulnerability. Just thank you.

    Reply ·
  140. Hyacintha

    Great, just loving what is!!
    This makes you so authentic and loveable!!
    Keep up the great work!

    Reply ·

    Thanks for your honesty and authenticity. I always find your vlogs interesting and inspiring for real life application.

    Reply ·
  142. Barbara

    When I binge, but not like I used to, or cheat, I tell myself it is a treat, and that way there is no guilt. However, if I go too low on carbohydrates, my blood sugar drops too low, and have to eat glucose, sugar or carbs to get the blood sugar to rise back to normal

    Reply ·

    I olive this, because it shows that everyone is human. Humans make mistakes and fall off their goals., but you have to learn to forgive yourself and get back up again and keep it moving. I just love this vlog. It speaks to me on different levels of my life. Thank you for sharing your human side

    Reply ·
  144. Laura Wright

    I couldn’t love you more. I woke up this morning thinking “How is it going to be okay?” HOW? It will be. I guess it’s not up to me to know how at this moment. Thank you thank you thank you

    Reply ·
  145. Debbi Anderson

    Thank you again for your honesty. My husband and I sought out “comfort food” after the election. I rationalized – rice pudding with cinnamon – just a bit – not too bad. Didn’t lead to a binge but today my two favorite words – Simply Resume. I will be forever grateful to you for those two words.

    P.S. : Love the improvement to the captioning below your vlog.
    P.P.S.: Loved the lines at Susan B. Anthony grave in your neck of the woods. ! Something positive in this crazy election. cycle.

    Reply ·
  146. Cathy

    Thank you! I have been a Bright Line person since February. Today, I experienced a ravenous feeling and ate lunch much earlier than usual. Then, I ate much faster than usual, actually felt like shoveling the food in. Then, I added more vegetables, than a sprinkling of extra fat & a bit of extra protein. I felt kind of sick afterwards. I guess I would call this a binge. It really hasn’t happened like this since February. I don’t have a lot of extra stuff going on in my life at the moment, so I am guessing it might have something to do with the election. I still wasn’t feeling well at dinner, so ate breakfast choices. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this vlog and sharing your authentic experience!

    Reply ·
  147. Beatrice Papailiu

    Thank you so so much Susan!!!! For being so honest and daring to show your weakness and that you are human! It is so important to have a “role model” who is real and human and not perfect!!! Otherwise how could we relate and belief that we can do it, too!!! At least I, I am not perfect, and Im a 10++++ and it really is hard! Thank for your work, your honesty … and everything you do for us!!!! You are beautiful and awesome!!!! Lots of love…..

    Reply ·
  148. daniel smith

    I would like you to blog about leveling off. I have been on the no flour no sugar plan since October 10 and have gone from 215.8 to 202.3. My goal is ‘one-derland’ at 195 then just do maintenance.
    My problem is that I hit a plateau and just level off. I stayed at 209 for a week. Now I can’t seem to drop below 202. The only way to jumpstart is to STARVE myself with say just a salad in the afternoon and just water or plain tea with lemon for 2 days.
    I mean, if I have to give up bread and pasta and just stay where I am, why bother! I ate whatever I wanted and stayed at 215 for months.
    (plus, having a buffoon moving into you know where has my nerves FRAYED but at least I can go back to the gym without lunkhead rednecks chanting lock her up while I’m trying to bench press LOL)
    Any suggestions?
    Frustrated Dan

    Reply ·
  149. Tess

    Thank you, I needed that. Odd, but mine started with a cough drop and a busy schedule, which was than exacerbated by the election. I am back on course and have given myself permission to not beat myself up, but to pick myself up and move forward with my BLE life change. I am new to this and I am being patient and forgiving with myself as well as learning what my triggers are. Thank you for your transparency and teachings.

    Reply ·
  150. sue godders

    Great help as after 6 weeks of eating healthy and controlled food in spite of all the usual triggers had friends round for a meal last night and ha da small slice of dessert – otherwise was really controlled with everything so this was just what I needed to avoid eating up the leftover pudding – have given it to the neighbour. Thanks Susan

    Reply ·
  151. Esmarie Cooper

    Hallo my dear Susan, firstly I want to salute you for blogging on you binge! That must have taken some courage! I love the way you end this blog… the last 2 min… It’s sooo motivating to me. Normally when I take that detour of derailing, I really struggle to go onto the group and admit what I did because I feel like I should be perfect for other’s sake although I know that nobody’s perfect. You’re giving me the courage to just tell it like it is and get back on track. Thank you Susan… Lots of love and hugs to you <3

    Reply ·
  152. Vera

    You are my role model. You can’t imagine how hwlpfull your sincerity means. For us who struggle every day this has been like heaven to me. Thank you Susan for being so honest. It gives us all hope, love you, Vera

    Reply ·
  153. Jo Inglis

    I love your honesty, I am on day 63 of bright lines and have lost 14 lbs so far. I feel fantastic and free of binging for the first time in my life.

    But so good to hear that you are not perfect!!
    I know that I can never eat sugar or flour again but miss the odd glass of prosecco but am terrified this will send me on a binge.

    My lines are bright at the moment but thank you for sharing that there will be times when the lines get dim when life is chaotic!
    Helpful thank you.

    Reply ·
  154. Teri M

    Thanks Susan for sharing you are human like the rest of us! I find myself berating myself after I break a bright line, thinking “Susan doesn’t break hers!” and to have the tools to get back behind the bright lines helps me more than you can ever know. Keep doing what you do, and I have already pre-ordered the book, keep it up girlfriend!!!! (BTW, 50 lbs released and back into misses sizes, yay 🙂

    Reply ·
  155. Liza Baker

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was the perfect moment to listen to your Vlog, such a gift to think about the opportunity of a downward spiral. I appreciate you for your transparency. This Vlog is a support for me today- to help me connect with my triggers. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  156. Valerie

    Hello Susan, thank you for sharing your humanity. As much as I love your message I must say that at times it did cross my mind how on earth can she live “perfectly”, this is a standard I can’t keep up with. And knowing that you are human and you also feel overwhelmed and tempted, helps me understand better that even when we do everything well and try our best, we can still slip…. and most important … that it is okay to slip becuase we can always get up and keep walking. Much love.Namastè.

    Reply ·
  157. Nina

    Thank you so much!

    Reply ·
  158. Julie

    Thank you for being honest and taking the high road when it can be so difficult. You are human and all you can ask of yourself is to do you r best. Some days we are better at being our best than others. This experience shows us that the line isn’t always straight from point A to point B but we sure can make it to point B and beyond when we simply resume. Thank you for leading the way and never be ashamed of not being perfect, none of us are.


    Reply ·
  159. Anu

    Thank you very much!

    Reply ·
  160. Lynnette

    THANK YOU!!!! For your honesty and demonstrating how to get back on the bright lines when you slip off it. Can’t wait until my name comes up on the boot camp to finally start this program. I really love all the emails and vlogs. Thank you for who you are and the gifts you give to other food addicts.

    Reply ·
  161. Linda Crifasi Annus

    Keep on keeping on Susan! Thanks for fronting up after your binge. . Your bright line eating program has been wonderful for me. I have read all 8 of the bright line modules and from time to time listen to the areas that are pertinent for my journey.
    I am 67 years old and have had a struggle with binge eating most of my life but have always managed to pick myself up dust myself off and carry on with life..
    I have been unintentionally using bright line intuitively for many years. Giving up things that were out of control like
    sweets, junk food, Diet Coke, fruit juice all over many years . But in spite of having cleaned up my eating to a great extent there are or were times when I would succumb to binge eating, with the usual repercussions. The hangover, guilt, days or weeks after of avoiding weighing myself while the pounds would creep up and depression would settle in. I always manage to recover and have learnet to manage my binging episodes and learn from them.
    You will be pleased to learn that your bright line eating has helped me fine tune the small problems I still encounter.
    Each day I write down 1. No sugar. 2. No flour. 3. No eating between meals. 4. Weigh myself once daily.
    5. No modification or deviations? ( I apply the 4 questions to any of these that may have occurred and journal them.)

    I also have become in tune with distinguishing between the voices of my higher self and my saboteur. My will power muscle is building up very nicely.

    My weight is was 56 kilos when I started following you and it has gone down to 53..5 kilos. I am 159 cm in height. I am not on the food plan but am very happy and feeling great. I already had regular exercise regime and have more energy. Praying more and being more mindful of God. Gratefulness, kindness and mercy are very much part of my being each day.
    I am so pleased to have connected with you Susan. Thanks for being there.
    God bless you.
    With Gratitude,

    Linda Annus

    Reply ·
  162. Marrion

    Excellent – one of your best blogs to date – I’ve had a similar past few weeks and binged last night too. It was a little scary waking up to this, this morning but so important to listen – I’m glad I did – Thank You Susan

    Reply ·
  163. Lisa

    You are so courageous. I really appreciate your candor and guts. I have lost a bunch of weight and kept most of it but not all of it off. However I consider it a lifestyle, exercise every day, watch what I eat. But I do allow myself times where I know I’ll be eating differently than usual (my usual eating plan is essentially very similar to bright lines). It’s taken me a long time to be able to indulge in having something that I don’t consider healthy, a small amount and then not going completely off the rails because I feel like I’ve gone off my plan. But I’ve learned to go to restaurants and scour the menu for a protein with vegetables and order accordingly. It’s certainly become easier over the years as so many people are dieting now that it’s quite commonplace for people to substitute vegetables or salad for rice or potatoes. And it’s very comfortable for me now to eat out. But as with therapy I feel this is a process and something I’ll be dealing with the rest of my life. There are some days I do a lot better than other days. But I have to remember that keeping the weight off makes me a success because as you know so many people can’t sustain a weight loss at all. When I’m having trouble it helps to look at photos of celebrities or people I used to know who’ve gained a lot of weight who used to give me a hard time with my weight. It just makes me determined to keep on with the plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself. What I like about you is that you are ‘everyman’s’ weight loss coach and appeal to everyone across the board. But I think wel all have struggles and you’re right it’s how we handle it and get back with the program. But sometimes it’s good to give yourself a break.

    Reply ·
  164. Marrion

    Excellent – one of your best yet – I had a very similar. Past few weeks – I binged last night to so it was a little scary waking up to this but it was soo important to listen as well – glad I did – Thank You Susan

    Reply ·
  165. Kasia

    Another brilliant blog, thank you for being real to the “bone marrow”plenty love

    Reply ·
  166. Yvonne

    Thank you Susan. As always, your vlogs, comments, coaching are all so relevant. After 12 months of perfect Bright Lines I have spent the last 24 days struggling with my lines. You are inspirational.

    Reply ·
  167. Audrey

    Thank you, Susan, for being so transparent and honest with us. I have such respect for you! I identified with some of what you talked about and loved how you encouraged us to just resume. I have always had that attitude. You brought it all together very well at the end by challenging us to love those around us and choose to rise above the roar of discention and chaos. Thank you! You are so loved, Susan!

    Reply ·
  168. Athena

    Thank you so much. You are so helpfull and you always give a solution to my problems.

    Reply ·
  169. Charlotte

    Please read the Gift of my Compulsions….

    Reply ·
  170. Desiree

    Thank you for sharing the rawness.

    Reply ·
  171. Debbie Dumonceaux

    As so many earlier posts have mentioned (but to which I still wish to add my thoughts): Thank you for sharing your humanity with us. Your courage and honesty is admirable and inspiring. I think it is easier to relate to someone who may slip up now and then, as I have and yet to see you maintain your integrity to the process and to still wear the responsibility of leading the BLE movement; again, admirable and inspiring. And, as always, your love, compassion and passion comes through. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Love ya!

    Reply ·
  172. Kathryn

    I really admire you and our honesty – that takes guts. It is enlightening to see how powerfully you resume after a binge. It is a good example for those of us who’ve had a non-linear BLE path. Thanks for the work you do, and while I don’t wish for you to break your bright lines, it is heartening to see your humanity and resilience when you do. It makes you even more relatable.

    Reply ·
  173. Louise

    Thank you so much for your honest sharing!

    Reply ·
  174. Karen Leigh

    This was SO what I needed, today, after my own binge, yesterday, as my will power gets stretched thin with what’s going on in my life, at the moment. So, thank you, for modelling getting back up for me. Thank you for being there with me, in it. I am a 9. I was feeling terrible. Finding your vlog, at the right time, helps me feel supported, not alone, understood. This makes a huge difference. YOU make a huge difference. THANK YOU, Susan!

    Reply ·
  175. Joni Bund

    I have macular degeneration and seemed to have made an error Sorry

    Reply ·
  176. Joni Bund

    Susan! YOU ARE HUMAN ! ! ! Really, as long as I have been around BLE I could not believe you were. You always sounded to PERFECT forever and I admired you, but at the same time, was frustrated by you, thinking I would never make it, no matter how hard I tried. Sugar , by March 24 !2017 it will be 6 years and in all that I only slopped twice, but not a binge just a few smarties or a licked finger .
    This vlog was exceptional, and I am so thankful for your honesty to us all. Yes, I M really so glad that you have showed us all how to get up nd start over.

    Reply ·
  177. Jodi

    Thank you for describing in detail what your triggers were for this binge. I’ve been discovering in my own journey as a “10” that there are so many things that trigger me. I give up one trigger food, cheese for example, only to start overeating something else, almond butter for example. I give up the almond butter only to start overeating green olives. Listening to you makes me feel like maybe I’m not crazy after all. Thank you for picking up where you left off and for showing me how to pick myself up. You give me hope and you always help recharge my willpower.

    Reply ·
  178. Fiona

    Absolutely – break lines more valuable than perfection! We’re not here for the perfection thing. You’re absolutely doing what it takes to serve with all your vulnerability and sharing the break lines. I bow to your courage end energy and love for us all. Thank you SO much. xx

    Reply ·
  179. M.A.

    Perfect people make me crazy, partially because I always suspect they’re not really perfect, just not quite totally honest about what’s going on. You I’ve got no problem with; you’re not perfect, and you’re willing to come right out with it! (Hey, even the Dalai Lama says he has anger issues.) There’s no way I could relate to a role model who never makes a mistake, what good to me would that be? I make mistakes all the frackin’ time! Looking forward to reading your book (can’t afford the Boot Camp, and a 3 on the suseptibility scale so I think the book will put me in the right direction).

    Reply ·
  180. Nancy Himelstein

    Thank you Susan for this extraordinary vlog in which you rejoice in being human

    Reply ·
  181. Nancy Himelstein

    For the cough, consider gargling with alkalol (herbal sinus rinse). Also you can use it in your sinuses if you mix it with a normal saline solution.

    Reply ·
  182. SN

    I truly think you are inspired! I am truly grateful for your frankness and openness. Thank you so much for the real truth! We all need it. We all feel it. You confirm it. It’s so good to hear and learn how to deal with the imperfections and struggles that you go through.

    Reply ·
  183. Julia Carol

    Love this Susan! I also love what Lynn Coulson has added which is the 5th ‘S’ which is “service.” You are already doing service, but I just thought I’d add it.

    Sending you so much love and gratitude… oxoxo

    Reply ·
  184. CR

    I loved this vlog,Susan, l love all the vlogs but this is special because we all have been there or we wouldn’t be here. And this is what makes it different from all the other times. Not to create an either/or, no black and white thinking, no perfect and not perfect. Just inclusion. Just choice. This is the path and . I’m on it. There is the ditch, l might fall in, l did fall in, but l also get up and carry on. I carry on. “Still l rise’ still l rise “. Grateful to you for your example of compassion, intelligence and integrity.

    Reply ·
  185. Annette Toomey

    Thank you Susan! I thought it was a mistake when I read the headline for the blog. Then when you began to tell your story I realized this was real. You had binged! I know it was heartwrenching but we all learn from these moments. I’m proud of you for sharing your thoughts and actions with us. We can learn from the mistakes that others share with us. Thank you again and have a wonderful bright line eating day tomorrow! Annette

    Reply ·
  186. Randy May

    I’m a recovered Alcoholic/Addict and am attempting to enter recovery from my now more than ever food addiction, that seems to have replaced my addiction to alcohol and other drugs. I’m learning about Bright Line Eating and have done a fairly decent job of understanding and being honest with myself regarding my eating addiction. This vlog was just what I needed today because I began small binging last week which culminated in a big binge on Sunday, Nov. 6th. I do appreciate your honesty and devotion to recovery, as I also know what that is like, having been clean and sober since 7-29-1989.

    I’m doing my best today to get my “ducks in order” and pick myself up and face my continuance of what I have just started, even though I tripped and stumbled. You have motivated me today and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are Awesome!

    Reply ·
  187. Michaela Jarvis

    Thank you for being real and sharing. Sending you my love .

    Reply ·
  188. Michaela Jarvis

    Thank you for being real. Love you !!

    Reply ·
  189. Dee-Ann

    Thank you ! A thousand thank you’s for your courage to be honest. I too had a binge last night after the election results came out. Purely out of fear. I’m a 10 on the susceptibility scale so I was face first in the food all day, being shame based in my thinking. Self loathing:( I got your message and I’m not starting fresh and perfect tomorrow because I’ve never stopped! I will keep my bright lines bright one day at a time. Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love❤️️ To you. Thank you Dee

    Reply ·
  190. Almas

    Susan , I have no words to express my thanks! Today I was feeling like I was spiralling downwards and your Vlog has really given me the strength to get up with the 4S concept.

    Warmest regards,

    Reply ·
  191. Danijela

    This was so totally….Wow….thank you, Susan…thank you for showing me that there is no right or wrong path and that everybody’s journey is different and unique and that perfect is a dirty word. I feel a sense of relief after watching your vlog…after all the politics, your words of realness and hope really struck a nerve… i never thought of my nervous system as sensitive before, but it absolutely is and processing my binges is definitely leaving a toll on me, a little worse and worse everyday, but i guess it hasn’t gotten worse enough for me to choose differently. I keep telling myself tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow… but my tomorrows are always showing up today and i need to stop the madness b/c the self-loathing issues you’ve worked so hard at, are a big problem for me in my daily Life. Your message came at the perfect time today…again and always…Thank you, Susan…big hug….Love, Danijela <3

    Reply ·
  192. Angele Blanton

    Susan, Brava! Thank you for your honesty. It is more helpful to see a strong leader demonstrate that we don’t have to be perfect to succeed. Perfection is highly overrated. We are connected to each other through our weaknesses, not our strengths. At least, that’s what they told me in OA, and it feels correct.

    Speaking as a doctor, have you had a breathing test for asthma? It just takes a minute, and you might need a steroid inhaler which would not cause you any BLE pain.

    Reply ·
  193. Donna

    Susan, I love your vlogs! You are so real that it makes me feel that this is doable! I am in 2 other twelve step programs and know from experience that it’s just one day at a time, but sometimes we get too caught up in the world and our addiction is there waiting to jump in and undo our progress! Love to you!

    Reply ·
  194. Kay

    I think being human by definition means you are not perfect and you have provided another lesson on how to life a Bright Line Life. Thank you for being so authentic .

    Reply ·
  195. Jade

    I appreciate your honesty and analysis of why you binged. You as always have helped me and many others! May you have a wonderful day! What a blessing you are to the world and our special community of BrightLineEating.

    Reply ·
  196. Verna Thomsen

    But you are also human and we all slip understress. Even though you have a strong system for yourself, it is more important to know that you also slip. It is more important to give people the strength to not give up if they slip, but setting that example through experience. It might be better to know that you also have episodes and give the encouragement to start all over again.

    Reply ·
  197. Penny McPhaul I thought you might like to hear “There’s got to be a morning after” by Maureen McGovern Susan…This song so speaks to your triumph through Love over addiction. Blessings, Penny

    Reply ·
  198. Diane

    Thank you so much for being so real. I hope you know how special you are. Not just anyone could do what you do and you are a role model for all of us, even when you fall. Sending so much love to you. ❤️

    Reply ·
  199. Melisa

    I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your honesty and genuineness. I started your boot camp in September and I am so grateful to have found your program. I felt like I had tried everything and was getting nowhere. I have felt a big connection to this program and you. I feel like I am finding my way finally and your honesty and bravery has helped me with my own struggles. I know your life is crazy because of your desire to improve the lives of others and I am so grateful that you are living a “BIG” life.

    Reply ·
  200. Gina Nikkel

    Susan, this is perfect, and timely! Thank you so much for being real with us…..This is a skill that we all need and to know that you struggle sometimes and have to shore yourself up gives us a very really road map. I love your candor and you just being you.

    Reply ·
  201. Karen Santini Feger

    You are AMAZING!! Thank you for being REAL! Such an important message for those of us who have, all too often, thrown in the towel after a binge. I love you my friend!

    Reply ·
  202. Carolyn Matthews

    Bravo for your honesty. You are right, you’re not being perfect and your real experience of resuming quickly is very helpful for those that fall off the wagon from time to time. Also very much like your comments re the election results. Keep being you Susan. You are a beautiful shining light.

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  203. Kate

    Very useful. I was traveling too much for work, eating in the restaurant colleagues where they were terrible food options. Went to a party for election night and soon was eating everything in sight. I knew I was out of control and had to leave and go home and went straight to bed. Today’s a new day

    Reply ·
  204. Kate

    Very useful. Travel for work, eating out with terrible food options, then the election results led to first binge since I started working on my weight 19 weeks ago. I knew I was out of control and left party and went home straight to bed. Today is a new day.

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  205. Mary

    Being real about the journey and its hurdles is way more helpful than being perfect.Thank you for your ongoing “real” vlogs

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  206. Margi

    Great blog, very helpful, thank you.

    Reply ·
  207. Catherine

    Studies have shown that sipping water is just as effective as any type of cough medicines, including cough drops 🙂

    Reply ·
  208. jill harrell

    So you’re awesome.
    Always appreciate your time, effort, honesty, clarity.
    Very well said and very well timed!
    Thanks Susan 🙂

    Reply ·
  209. Rebecca

    Thanks for your honesty, it is helpful because it is real. We can all relate. thanks again.

    Reply ·
  210. Irene

    Thank you so much Susan for your honest, heart-felt sharing, and insights. This was both reassuring and inspirational……onward we go !!!

    Reply ·
  211. sylvia

    I am so supportive of your honesty and know that it will help us all and give guidance. The key in the end. Love yourself.

    Reply ·
  212. Yvete Coleman

    “I should be perfect. I should NEVER break my bright lines” – Is it true? When i’m not. When it happens? Really??? I should be perfect????????

    Reply ·
  213. Susan n California

    As ever, you are delightfully, brutally honest. Definitely, be the broken one: we are all broken and need to learn how to get up.

    I have been exercising for years and years and cannot handle anything in the stomach at all until after I have done, showered, and cooled down. THEN I begin my eating day. I seriously doubt you need the shakes. You may need water, and when you are done with your workout, some protein within 30-60 minutes will help build you up. You might give that a shot.

    And yes, I too have those days where there seems to be no off switch…

    Reply ·
    1. Aletha

      That’s exactly it!! Like there is no “off” switch. those are the days I binge. How to turn on the “off” switch??

      Reply ·
  214. Sandra

    I was meant to somehow listen to your blog today. Thank you Thank you Thank you for being so real and putting your thoughts and feelings so eloquently into words. I binged last night and all morning!! I felt so awful afterwards but yet on the other hand it was comforting while going through it if that makes any sense. I have so many males around me who don’t share emotions and feelings which I crave so I try to feed that craving with food. I don’t know what your BLE is all about but I am definitely going to look into it more. I know I am a big “10” on your Susceptability Scale. I was so relieved to hear you, a professional, admit that you’re not perfect and you binged like I did! Thank you for being you!! I want to find out more about your “Permission To Be Human” plan. It’s sad that we have to have a plan to allow ourselves to be human but I want to find out how to do it. No binge night tonight for me!!
    Name *
    Email *

    Reply ·
  215. Cathy

    Thank you Susan for being so real!

    Reply ·
  216. JoAnne

    Thank you. I started BLE on July 4th weekend and have done well with it so far. I’ve actually gotten to what is probably my ideal weight – a number I would not have believed I could achieve. My fear has been that I would fall off the rails and self destruct. So thanks for showing us the way home.

    Reply ·
  217. Rose

    Great vlog Susan! Once again your honest authentic self shines through. I needed to hear this message and related to so much. I think your permission to be human is revolutionary and has helped me not only in my BLE program but find myself using that mantra in many of life circumstances. It reframes events and people including myself in a more loving and forgiving manner. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  218. Pamela Emard

    For your cough, use chloreseptic throat spray! It will numb as well as soothe.
    Sorry, for your transgression. You’re human…
    And everyone loves you. You’re the Queen of BLE… No matter what.

    Reply ·
  219. Jessica

    I’m very grateful for you sharing your experience. When you come at us with such honesty while sharing what’s true for you, it makes me believe that I can do this for the long-haul, too. As a fellow 10+, being this upfront with us with your struggles makes me realize just what I’m going to have to work through. I’m really appreciating all your Boot Camp resources right now and always looking forward to another message from you. But please rest and take care of yourself! I have a pair of bunny slippers you can borrow if you need ??

    Reply ·
  220. Debbie

    Dear Susan, Thank you so much for having the courage to be so honest and for reminding us that nobody is perfect. Having a perfect role model is a bit more daunting than following a strong fellow struggler. Our mistakes are our greatest teachers. I’ve been wondering about cough drops, now I know to avoid them. Your humanity and honesty is very humbling. Thanks again.

    Reply ·
  221. September

    You are so friggin rad , thank you for this talk, that’s odd it must god ?

    Reply ·
  222. Nadine

    Thank you so much for sharing in this honest and authentic way! This video actually convinced me that what you’re talking about in your program and all your own experiences are really true and that it’s ok to not to be perfect all the time. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  223. Yvete Coleman

    Do the The Work … sort the stress/overload/overwhelm at the core. Only sustainable true shift of consciousness that i know of.

    Reply ·
    1. Yvete Coleman

      The Work … by Byron Katie. It works.

      Reply ·
  224. Judy Kreuzer

    Thank you so much for your honesty about your binge. I go back and forth with BLE and FAA. I was reaching a point again of just giving up with the food. I am a 35+ year 12 stepper. I have the benefit of being on both sides of the fence. It just seems like everyone gets this. I have been dropped by sponsors because I can’t stop eating. It’s so helpful to no that even the leader of the pack can stumble. The great lesson is that she practices what she preaches & uses the program to pick herself up & dust herself off & get back on track. I so admire you because I no how hard it is to tell someone what I did. Just remember to watch out for that 3rd day after a binge. That’s when we are the most vulnerable. Hugs and prayers are coming your way

    Reply ·
  225. Danuta H Fadanelli

    Susan, I so needed to hear about your struggles , your imperfections, your challenges with your very big life. My life has gotten very stressful in helping my daughter with Lymes’, her childreen’s struggles with ASD and Lymes’ , her financial struggles with her bills etc , and my teaching job – 8th grade science – with pressure from my principal , etc. So my life has been tipped and depleted. I fought not to eat any of the cookies in my class that I sell for a charity. I didn’t , but it is difficult to stick to not eating too much of the nuts, drink wine , yes I have – there ‘s my sugar! I can keep it out of the food but I can’t seem to totally eliminate it. I do often just resume and pray for strength from our Creator. And your vlogs are very inspiring, and helpful to me to pick myself up for 70 times 7. We love you!!

    Reply ·
  226. Elizabeth

    I just love you. Thank you. The past several months have been rough. When I BLE’ed last year, I got 25 pounds down. Put maybe 10 of that back (miraculous that it’s not more, truthfully – which is testament to BLE) and know I have the power to Re-Zoom. Lining things up this week to re-zoom next. xoxox!

    Reply ·
  227. Michael

    When our leaders are perfect it’s too easy to dismiss their examples because “I just can’t be that good” – I believe you’ve chosen the right road because authenticity is the currency of this realm and perfection is not. You can connect to more people as imperfect because we all know that we fall off the wagon and examples of picking yourself up and starting again are not only more useful but more inspiring. It is easier to connect to imperfection than to perfection.

    We all speak our story out in front of us. Science has more than enough support for the fact that word by word and image by image we construct the genetic disposition, we activate genes, and change our biochemistry to produce the result that we expect and constantly speak. “My life is crazy” is a concept placed into reality. It’s a created condition waiting for evidence to support it. It begs for evidence. It changes our biochemistry, forms connections in the brain to support it’s creation, and it used the now ancient discoveries of quantum physics, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and more recent discoveries to harness universal energy to put into motion and select the vision that we expect and believe to be true – “My Life is Crazy” – and these universal laws and principals work equally well to create “My Life is Calm, Serene, and Manageable – everyone thing is in its perfect order.”

    Reply ·
  228. Judi

    Dear Susan: Thank you for being honest and true to your BLE program. I also have come from an OA background that chastised a slip and demanded perfection. I am so glad you are sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise through BLE. I may have continued to fail and degrade my very existence because I did not understand what food addiction really was and that you need loving support to help you recover. Your authenticity without the need to be perfect is what is saving my life and I am sure many other lives out there. I thank you for taking a negative situation and showing through honesty and self love that it can have a positive outcome. That once I slip, I do not have to spiral down, I can use it to keep my lines bright from then on. Your ability to use writing to help you sort out what was behind your binge is also a great help. I thank you so much and I love you so much. I am praying for you and wish you the best always. Judi

    Reply ·
  229. Rita Harris

    I love that you are so real, it helps to put things into perspective for a 10++ perfectionist. I wanted to be one of the Bright Line People who have a straight path but on my 40th day I broke my Bright Lines. I did the 4 S’s to rezoom (and have) but have been beating myself up for not keeping my lines perfect ( and I know that type of thinking starts a vicious cycle). Thank you for being you, someone to whom I can truly relate and who is teaching me to trust and love myself.

    Reply ·
  230. Mark Eastwood

    I want to say you are relatable and real. The struggle you speak of is something I have battled for years. I have not started the bright line for fear of partially of what you vlogged about here. Another is because I’m exhausted at the end of the day and don’t have the energy to think about it let alone prepare it. I feel ashamed as I feel like this is an excuse but like you I’m being real. I do want to say I have never related to anything like this before. Keep up the amazing work.

    Reply ·
  231. Pam

    I learned a lot from your message. I binged this morning almost without realizing it then got depressed. Thank you for allowing myself to be human.

    Reply ·
  232. Angela Brown

    Thank you SO much. Very very helpful in so many ways.
    Not to wish any imperfection on you, but so much more helpful
    to learn from the challenges.
    The specifics are helpful too. ah that nutritional yeast and mustard I identify…
    (As a parent of a biracial son I loved that specific quote and honor you for that as well.
    Too few people get that and you clearly do.)
    Much appreciated.

    Reply ·
  233. Stephanie Casper

    Wow Susan…you are so amazing to share something so real and authentic like this. Many will benefit. I had no idea what it was like for someone so high on the addiction scale. I’m just blown away and so grateful that I will never complain again about myself again! You are amazing to see a path through this kind of relationship with food.

    In terms of weight lifting and being vegan etc….I understand doing an experiment on yourself…it can be interesting. I also do weight training and have a long lean body with sufficient muscle for my wishes. I never could get on board with the idea we need to add additional protein extracted from whatever source to nourish the body when weight training. I will just eat bigger servings of good vegan whole foods. Protein is in everything practically. I guess I understand if you want to be a body builder extraordinaire or something as an experiment.. Still having allot more protein in one’s diet by adding these ‘processed foods’ even if they are vegan worries me. Have you read T. Colin Campbell’s book Whole? There are plenty of vegan body builders that don’t take supplemental protein powders and shakes with great results. Anyway…my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Trainers often just push the same old nutritional high protein for muscle building myths of the last 2o yrs. There is more information out there now that might be helpful to you. All the best! Also….I am having wonderful results using intermittent fasting…I’m sure you have heard of it. It makes my eating so simple and easy to follow and I don’t overeat ever. When my window for eating is over and my amt of food is gone….done til the next day. I hope you talk of this subject someday in your vlog. You are one of my favorite special people. take care.

    Reply ·
  234. Bev Martin

    Thank you for all you do.
    I would like to ask you about your thoughts about the WFPB, whole food plant based with very little oil, way of eating.

    I have been listening to your teaching for many months now, taking notes, outlining your talks, and seriously trying to sort it out, because I have liked you so much and have identified with your experience more than anyone I’ve ever heard before.

    However 9 weeks ago I watched the Plant Pure Summit, and became convinced to do WFPB., and have finally been having success.
    My cardiologist had put me through the CHIP (comprehensive health improvement program) about 5 years ago, and the Full Plate program later, but I wasn’t ready, but after listening to the above 10 day seminar, I did find myself ready and have been having success.

    I think I have heard you say that you are personally Vegan. But their approach is different than yours…eat as much as you want, but WFPB food.
    So since I have identified with your experience so much, I would like to know what you think about Dean Ornish, and Neal Barnard, and T. Colin Campbell and Esselstyn,and all the others that support this teaching.

    Reply ·
    1. Joan

      I know you want to hear from Susan, but I have been WFPB for 4 years after watching Forks over Knives and followed Neal Barnard and his kickstarts. I lost 40+ pounds, plateaued so found bright lines, but then had a very stressful year and put back 10 pounds (while sticking to WFPB but did eat too much bread) Anyway in learning a lot about stress I use tapping which helps calm me and can be used to head off a binge. I also learned a lot about hormones and metabolism (Cortisol- THE stress hormone) and how being upset about weight makes it even harder to lose. Then I found Dr. Michael Greger and Nutrition Facts. org. Love following his daily dozen which, when I eat those things, I am not hungry and feel great. There is a site that has very simple, easy recipes that makes sure you get the daily dozen called Good luck.

      Reply ·
  235. Toni Scarlett

    Love you so hard right now. 🙂 You ARE the perfect spokesperson for BLE – BECAUSE you’re not perfect. You give us all hope and determination.
    I’m on week 3 of my journey and I know I’ll cross bright lines somewhere but because of your imperfect example, I also KNOW I can simply resume when it happens. And that it’s ok.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you – for being so authentic and open.

    Reply ·
  236. Ronna Berezin

    Hello…… are you not aware that banana is very very high glycemic ( high sugar).???? You need a functional dr. instead! You should have ur thyroid checked as well. Agree that it is better to resume!

    Reply ·
  237. Roberta

    Thank you for sharing the reality of your struggle. I too have broken bright linesrecently and now understand a little better some of the traps you commented on. In particular, the cough drops. I had a cold in Oct. And used cough drops . It has been unusually tough to maintain my focus And I now understand why. The self forgiveness is hard for me so thank you for your inspiration.

    Reply ·
  238. Alice O'Neill

    It was long, but I listened intently. After 15 years of the same program you were in, free of flour and sugar…done with intention to be willful. I so understand…been sponsored and sponsoring…presently experiencing both. Good sponsors are wonderful. I wish you had one of those. Interesting what you’re doing with your experience.

    I’m filled up with such painful emotion over our new President, difficult to concentrate. So, I took a break and found you. Sweet.

    Reply ·
  239. Marina

    Your vlog is so real. Thank you for your honesty. Before BLE I didn’t know other people had the same issues as me with food addiction. it’s ok to pick ourselves up and resume. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  240. Devorah

    You obviously stick to your bright lines for almost all of the time. Perfect is too high of a standard for any of uS. We’re not robots.

    Reply ·
  241. Carrie

    Wow Susan, thank you for your honesty. Sometimes I don’t think I can be that honest with myself let alone a whole community….I am truly inspired to work toward being there as well. Really great vlog.

    Reply ·
  242. Skye

    The best blog I’ve seen to date, authentic and raw, how to make the best of being human, a true inspiration, thank you!

    Reply ·
  243. Laura

    This was very helpful. My life has gotten very Big and very overwhelming lately- and for the first time in more than a year I ate sugar, hearing your struggle has given me hope to get back up and keep going. Thank you so much for your insights.

    Reply ·
  244. Ann Hudson

    My dear Susan … as a second time boot camper I cannot express how much
    I appreciate your pure heart, your love and your strength! I am doing well but t
    last night was also a rough night for me . Not a binge but broke my 3 meals
    line – thank you for being YOU a genuine human with flaws (not really) but
    you know what I mean . . Love to you and many thanks for BLE

    Reply ·
  245. Toni

    So inspirational Susan. Such a model of what it looks like to be human, to resume, to not be perfect. And so brave to show yourself like that.

    Reply ·
  246. Jeanne

    You are so right about being a model who is not perfect…we are all humans. And you are so right about being honest, about sharing your struggles. Your authenticity is your strength. People follow you also because of that. And because you bring hope (and positivity). I love what you do and how you do it (even if I am not following the Bright Line Programme (yet?)).

    Reply ·
  247. Ann

    Thanks. It was helpful to delve into more than just “resume” and the “permission” plan. I was able to follow this diet strictly with beginner’s fervor, but also when I completely focused on it while my kids were at school. As soon as they were home on holiday, and even more after I took a PT job, my practice has been unraveling. It was helpful to hear how many people recommended devoting 30 hours a week to this. I am unwilling to do that for a lifetime, but the experience of others helps me reflect on my own experience, how demanding it is, where this priority fits in relative to my other priorities, and what I am and am not willing to change.

    Reply ·
  248. Lisa wold

    How much food and what kind of food contitutes a binge for you?
    Would it be two oranges instead of one, or a twenty mini snickers candies?
    I’m just trying to get a handle on what a binge is exactly.

    Reply ·
    1. JML

      This is my question too. I had half a bag of chips the other night. A big bag. And I can’t decide if that was a binge. I guess I felt pretty guilty afterwards. So maybe that’s what counts as a binge? How you feel about it afterwards? I feel like I need more stories like this. Stories about binging and getting back up. Or being able to walk away from a binge. It’s so easy for me to focus on perfection and even easier to beat myself for not attaining it. So to have someone stand up there saying look at how perfect I am, how easy this is, would turn into self-criticism on my part and would lead to a loss of motivation. So to have someone say, I can do this most of the time, but yeah, sometimes I slip, is so reassuring. Because that means that I can do it most of the time too.

      Reply ·
      1. Anthea

        Susan sent a really helpful email a few months ago about asking yourself four questions about your eating. I think this might help you decide if you’re binging or not. They were very helpful to me.

        1. Do I have peace of mind? (Or am I thinking about it a lot before, during or after I eat it?)

        2. Is it healthy?

        3. Does it mess with my weight?

        4. Is it escalating?

        Reply ·
        1. Marn

          Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful

          Reply ·
  249. jan

    This is totally why we love you Susan!! You are so REAL! Thank you for being fallible and for sharing it with us … gives me so much strength to know you are human (just like I am) and that you can get up and get back “on” the BLE horse – showing us how to do it too.

    Reply ·
  250. Joycie Peters

    This vlog came at just the right time for me! I needed this today more than you know! Thank you and love ya Susan xo

    Reply ·
  251. biLLy

    no cough drops use HONEY

    Reply ·
  252. biLLy

    please no judgement or criticism but what came to my mind was ‘YOUR A REAL SICK PUPPY” , and I can relate

    Reply ·
  253. Dr Peter Heffernan

    Courageous once again Susan

    Reply ·
  254. Shannon

    Made me cry. In a good way! Thanks for you :))

    Reply ·
  255. Cheri Gillean

    You are such a beautiful person Susan. Just saying!!

    Reply ·

    Seeking the lesson………..I binged too last night after six and a half months of abstinent eating. election day I had to have a pancake with syrup …….I was ill for the next four hours. I then had dinner out and drank two glasses of chardonnay . I went to a concert in lieu of watching election returns. Came home after the concert and had two huge bowls of popcorn.

    Fuck what am I going to do? I spiraled down and am inspired to make change. I fired my sponsor a little over a month ago, guess its time to find another.

    Reply ·
  257. Cheri Gillean

    Susan you are so brave for talking about your binge with us. I cannot speak for everyone but I truly appreciate your honesty. It sounds like your life is extremely busy and sometimes hectic. Can you say “no” to some of the engagements that come your way? I can tell you that it is easier for us to relate to you and your journey when you can show us that it will not always be perfect but that we can jump right back on and learn from our path. Love you and your passion.

    Reply ·
  258. Jetta

    Maybe you were thirsty and if you drink the shake prior to workout and water during workout it would have gone better !

    Reply ·
    1. Linda Frankel

      I think that Susan’s persistent cough is a sign of persistent dehydration. She isn’t drinking enough water. How much is enough? Well, if your throat feels dry or you have a cough, you aren’t drinking enough water. Plain water is healthful. It should not be triggering.

      Reply ·
  259. Diane Wall

    Completely agree and applaud you for being real and true to yourself. I feel you are more authentic as a leader if you allow yourself to be human flaws and all. Makes me feel better when I stumble following BLE that is it OK and I have the power within me to resume. You lead better by example.

    Reply ·
  260. Melissa

    You are so right!! As humans we are imperfect, but when we fall down as you stated we get right back up.

    Never. Ever. Give. Up!!

    You are awesome and I thank you for helping me.

    Reply ·
  261. Rhonda

    I empathize with you. I am an 8 on the scale, and spent my life eating everything in sight until it was gone. The ketogenic diet is what has been miraculous for me. That banana in your smoothie, with all its simple sugars, would have sent me over the edge. Now I am not tempted by bad food at all–it’s repugnant to me. Sometimes I feel like getting carried away with good foods that I eat regularly, but increasing the fat content makes me full with a little, to the point that I can’t eat another bite. I’ve been on it for two years, have lost 90 pounds, and have maintained it easily. A few times I’ve had too many simple carbs (for me) sort of by accident–eating out and not knowing exactly what was in the food–and it sent me back into blood sugar spikes and feeling hungry all the time. I’ve learned from these events. I don’t worry about losing it on a binge any more, because there’s nothing there for me any more. I finally found what works for my body. Weighing and measuring my food would drive me nuts.

    Reply ·
    1. Margi

      I would like to talk to you a little more about keto. I have been watching the summits to get ideas, but they are not very specific in their advice, except for one great idea to use macadamia nuts in place of the calories that were avoided. I did lose 15 pounds since I started keto last June, but seemed to plateau, and I am eating things like bananas too much.

      Reply ·
    2. Kathleen

      Rhonda I have thyme 2 diabetes I want to overcome this I plan to start back on my bright lines again and get active on lifers . Just wondering does ketogenic work for people with my health issues? Thanks Kathleen

      Reply ·
      1. Esme Boone

        Hi Kathleen, I too have type 2 diabetes, and yes, the ketogenic diet does work well for it in fact some doctors recommend it. However, that being said I’ve found that Bright Line Eating is even better! I am on insulin, but since losing about 30lb on both ketogenic to start, and BLE to finish I have discontinued one needle and several medications and the insulin I do take is about a quarter of the dose. With the keto diet, I had gained back 10 of the 20 pounds I’d lost on it, then found BLE to arrest the upward climb and lost another 20. So both work but recommend BLE as the better choice for the long haul.

        Reply ·
      2. YOUNG

        Kathleen, if you don’t know the website, please visit it, you will get your answer there.

        Reply ·
  262. Colleen Foley

    I found the message in this blog very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

    Reply ·
  263. Anthea

    Haha so relate to the drinking both shakes during your workout! Maybe only 10s can relate to that. Insanity.

    Reply ·
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