International Stress Awareness Day

Today is International Stress Awareness Day and in this week’s vlog, I talk about the role stress can play in our lives and BLE journeys.


  1. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Thanks Susan. Another great vlog. Like you said, removing stress–or the perception that removing stress is what we’re SUPPOSED to do in order to live a good life–can be more stressful than the stress itself. I mean, how can you cut out the things that make your life tick–like your job, your family, etc? You can’t. Some stress can be good and the rest can be buffered with the right support around us. Love that concept. Thank you for being willing to live a stressful life so the rest of us can benefit from your knowledge 🙂

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  2. TERRY


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  3. Paula Seleguim

    I needed this. Thanks <3

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  4. Nadwa

    It was amazing talk.

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  5. Stirling

    Susan, this vlog was so chock full of great information and afvice, I can’t thank you enough!

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  6. louisa

    Thank you for your precious advice.
    I siddenly understood why I feel the way I do, cannot lose weight and hande my life and stressful events l have to cope with

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  7. timonanda

    i remember when there were only one or two comments here.
    writing today to congratulate you on your continued success
    this vlog post has me recommitting to ble and making it my priority.
    it’s a slow and slippery slope to the cookie dough, but in swimming in it again!

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  8. Jen

    Thank you! I think I knew all those support tactics before, but it was so good to hear them again and somehow, it dawned on me that most of those supports are things I can give myself. It isn’t support from friends and family that I would have to find (that isn’t always forthcoming!!). Thank you!

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  9. Scotty Stumoen

    Bless you Susan and so many thanks for your wise words.
    Love from scotty

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  10. Linda Jensen

    Perfect timing!! Mega stress in my life right now. Very helpful tips.

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  11. Kathy Zacharioudakis

    Susan, Thank you! What an incredible Vlog.

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  12. Sonja

    Susan, you are the best! Thanks for your Vlog.

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  13. Liz @Oxford

    Thank you so much Susan
    I need to get off the hamster wheel
    and put on my slipper socks.
    Priority of being kind to self through gentle BLE

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  14. Jbug

    Bunny slippers ! Yes! I think I am now officially in love with Susan Pierce Thompson ! That curve ball of bunny slippers she just threw at me was so brilliant and unexpected! I love it ! I’m a single mom of a special needs child working two jobs and pursuing a Masters degree so I am stressed to the hilt daily and do a lot of emotional eating to cope so unfortunately I doubt if bright line eating would help me since I know how to eat healthy I just don’t do it in the heat of the moment when I’m standing at the refrigerator door ? But the bunny slippers? that I’m confident I can do

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    1. Sonja

      Susan’s program is the best if you have a problem with emotional eating. You would benefit immensely ! Sending you energy to tackle your day, which sounds full of challenges.

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  15. Daphne

    I’m so grateful to be the recipient of such gracefully given talks as yours Susan. It’s your scientific rounded logic with the flow of being intimate while never conforming to the fear of taking risks, that makes your blogs inspiring! Namaste.

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  16. Dr Jane Angelina

    New stress management video to download for the occasion of stress awareness day of 2nd of November 2016

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  17. Chava Scheinberg

    Wow! I just watched your stress blog and enjoyed it immensely! You have such wise word to say! And it’s very true!
    Thanks for your generosity of sending this blog to me for free!
    Wish I could join your boot camp…
    Good luck to you!
    I love your shares!

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  18. Kris

    Thank you, Susan. I needed that. Yep, on the hamster wheel and not paying attention to support. THANK YOU

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  19. Maria

    Very Powerful! Thanks for making stress o.k.!
    Can’t wait to start the next boot camp!

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  20. Almas

    Thank you, thank you and thank you some more! You share some of the most relevant and inspiring tips on living a meaningful, healthy life. ???

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  21. Sharlene

    Susan — I’m sorry to hear that you have been having stressful times. Please take good care of yourself — you are a treasure.

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  22. Tina

    Susan- you are simply amazing!! You make so much sense and do it in a very sincere,honest and easy to understand way. Look so forward to all your vlogs. Don’t even know you but love you and your work!! Thank you!!! Xo

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  23. Sunni Everage

    What a wonderful way to turn around the feeling of being overwhelmed many days. Don’t focus on stress, focus on the relief bar. I love it!! A positive way to embrace the daily “stress” choices we make. You are SO right. Friends, family ,jobs and /// all produce stress, but how we “bathe” it makes all the difference.. Thank you Susan!
    I look so forward to starting on your next boot camp. Any idea when that will be in 2017?

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  24. Krisi

    Thank you, thank you. This is something I was struggling with this week. I have dealt with an autoimmune condition that left me avoiding any stress in my life, and now I feel like I am left with a selfish, protected existence, that doesn’t benefit anyone (except maybe my dog and cat!). This way of life has perhaps added a different kind of stress, because I am so isolated and bored . Just this morning, before I heard your vlog, I googled volunteer teaching positions, and was questioning if I should teach at a homeless shelter. After your vlog I feel empowered to go for it. Thank you for your insight .

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  25. Shinque

    This was so right on for me!!!! I’m making BLE my priority!!!!!

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  26. mlgates

    AND! What of eustress!!??
    I always appreciate hearing from your very smart brain Woman!

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  27. Toni Whitmont

    I am very grateful for today’s blog. I love your analysis of the relationship between stress and support. The difference between raising my support bar versus getting rid of stress. is very helpfull. Many thanks, as always. Upregulation of immflamation at the genetic level is also fascinating, especially in terms of the level of support you are reaching out for. My own chronic stress (which lasted about 15 years) now makes so much more sense. And the path forward is much clearer. Gratitude to you, and yes, even to FB where I first saw your sponsored post and (oh happy days) decided to break my bright line by clicking on it?????

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  28. Cheryl

    WOW! Just plan and simple WOW! Thank for sharing- time to raise my support bar. Thank you! Much love.

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  29. Shira Nomi

    Susan…thank you so much!!!! this vlog was exactly what I needed to hear. Every part of it hit home. I am on day #2!!!

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  30. Carrie

    This happened to be on of the most stressful days…almost just hilarious that one thing after the other was just wrong. After the first few things happened, I ran into people that just had a great attitude about everything and turned it all around. The lesson, from you Susan and from the people I ran into today is the support…it can be from just a kind person you meet along your day…I want to be that kind person that changes someone’s day.
    Thank you.

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  31. andrea

    Dear Susan,
    I think THIS VLOG about stress was THE MOST IMPORTANT vlog you have ever provided for your audience. Support systems and self-care are so very essential to the relief of our high levels of stress. Thank you so very much for broadcasting this important reminder! We can all benefit from your experiences and wise counsel. Thank you and Namaste…

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  32. Michelle

    Thanks Susan! I have watched all your VLOGs since starting BLE and I find them so helpful. It actually would be great to be able to download them for future reference.

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  33. Patrice

    Hey There, You could merchandize BLE bunny slippers!
    Was Betty Boop one of your favorite cartoons? I finally realized that your expression and gestures at the beginning of your blog is a Betty Boop trademark!
    When you say priority vs ‘priorties’, that’s a tough call, but it sounds very sensible. Thanks,

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  34. Paula

    EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT vlog Susan!!!!!!!! I will try to practice what you recommended. thank you!!!!


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  35. tomas shpall

    OMG, that was a great talk.. thanks.. i got stress and i got management tools, now i will work harder on the tools.. you are the best.. and love the image of a “pillow seeking missile” … how do you come up with this stuff… keep doing it .. thanks tom

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  36. Nancy

    Most helpful discussion on stress I’ve encountered. Thank you so much! I know now not to strive to eliminate stress (wow!) but to use my tools to support me, to raise the support bar, and in that way handle and survive the stress that is inherent in a vital life.

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  37. Lale

    Thank you very much. Many kisses.

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  38. Karen

    Best ever Susan Thanks!

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  39. Joyce Ramage

    Thank you so much. That was so Timely. So perfect so helpful

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  40. Carol McKee

    Wow! This makes soooo much sense! I was riveted to your vlog! It is so important not only to know the what but also the how and why! You are so blessed in your calling and we are blessed to be the recipients! Thank you!

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  41. Anne Metz

    amazing! thank you.

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  42. Don Brickell

    Thank you for the tools to deal with stress in our lives. Your Vlog gave my a new understanding of stress and how to overcome its effects by finding ways to raise support instead of struggling to eliminate reasons for common stress. I have used all of your support bars from time to time but sporadically and in small amounts. Such as, 5 minutes meditation instead of 30-ish. My support bars were too low. I thought I was dealing with depression., not stress. Now I believe it was mostly simple everyday stress which depressed me on a regular basis. Fortunately for me, exercise by playing and teaching tennis has been there for me. I could have used the other support bars more and I now will, thanks to you.

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  43. Lisa Shurtliff

    Thank you. I hope to be able to meet you one day. I’m on the boot camp. I can’t believe how this is changing my life. Wow! I actually have purpose and energy. It’s been years. Love you.

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  44. Sandy Tyrrell-Wright

    I understood what stress was & the best way to deal with it, but have not heard it explained so simply & easily!
    Bravo SPT! Fabulous job, clear instructions, mentioned several times in detail, should get the point over, well fingers crossed! xxx

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  45. Andrea

    Loved your discussion on stress today Susan. Exactly what i needed??

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  46. Annette

    Love the Stress talk. So true. Stress is a part of our lives and we can’t avoid it. So thank you so much for the tips about how our support bar is to be raised higher than our stress bar. Never looked at it in this way. This is going to help me tremendously. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love your videos.

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  47. Peggy

    So helpful! Love the double-bar analogy and the tip about viparita karani for middle-of-the-night busy mind.

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  48. Heidi Hanna

    Yes! We don’t want people to stress free – we want them to stress smart. Thanks Susan!

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  49. Heidi Hanna

    Thank you Susan for help us spread the word about International Stress Awareness day! People can get more info at, and if you want additional free resources available today email and I’m happy to share with the Bright Line community. Such a key factor for weight management. Bless your stress – it means you’re alive!

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  50. Cathy

    Wonderful vlog, Susan. Thank you!

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  51. J. M. Harmon

    Thank you! I’m greatful for your vlog today. Wonderful , informative, and timely. I’ve been fed with knowledge and support today that will stay with me and keep me filled. All the best!

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  52. Sibel Esen

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for vlog!!! The way you talk and explain all those interesting and significant subjects is sooo good!!!

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  53. Cathy A-Z

    I don’t know how you do it, but it seems as though every vlog/video I see is directed to me personally and delivered just when I need it most. Thank you, Susan for answering the call while in your meditation to share this with the world. As trite and cliche as this may sound, you have been an answer to my prayers of ending this addiction cycle. I have fallen off the wagon hard this week because we were out of town, home for 3 days then out of town again. I didn’t want to come back because I thought I’d be “in trouble” and felt guilty and I’m stressed out and, dammit, changing your eating habits is HARD, So I just thought I’d ease into it and watch this vlog. Talk about a proverbial 2×4 to the head. My support is in the tank. My stress is over the top. And everything is suffering because of my eating choices anyway. This was exactly what I needed to hear and I didn’t even know it. Now after I dry my tears and blow my nose, I will go eat a measured and weighed Bright Line Lunch. I may still drown my sorrows in a bowl of ice cream this afternoon, I may not. But at least I can see the tracks I need to get back on now. Thank you. So much.

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    1. Elaine Loomis Olsen

      Hi Cathy. I just listened to Susan’s vlog and after reading your comment just wanted to drop u a line of support. I recently returned from a 6 wk vacation mostly spent RVing with my husband and 22 yr old daughter. Ten days into the trip I broke my BLs with a NMB after hvg shiny BLs for 96 days. The rest of my vacation had hiccups throughout with a bit of NMF and NMB. Been home a week now and my BLs hv been shiny. Susan’s Vlog on stress was very revealing and spot on as I can now see how my support bar was below my stress bar. Love knowing the solutions Wishing u a shiny BL day! – Elaine

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  54. Catherine

    Brilliant! Thank you! I look forward to these vlogs so much, they are always such a helpful support in my journey to stick to bright lines and get happy, thin and free.

    Looking back at years and years of stress that eventually caused me to physically and mentally break down (and I was ill for years afterwards, while I recovered), I realize now that my “support bar” during that entire terrible time was absolutely non-existent! And now, like someone badly burned who can’t stand to have any heat near them, I try to avoid, as much as I can, anything and everything that might bring stress into my life. Which means, yes, that much of my life is flat and largely without feature or substance. Which I don’t mind most of the time – I’m so happy to have finally reached such a calm, relatively stress-free existence – but yes, it can occasionally really grieve me that so much of my life is now UN-lived. I hole up in the peace and quiet of my home as much as possible, watching birds at the feeder, petting the cat, deep breathing to bring under control whatever anxiety – past, present or future – that my few outings and interactions may stir up. (And I do still work, although only part time as I just can’t handle the stress of more than a few hours of work interaction a week – and still have to spend my weekends resting!). I thank “god” that after my breakdown someone taught me to deep breathe whenever the panic starts to rise up!! It made a world of difference. And yes, meditation, exercise, eating right, and sleep (elusive sleep!) all help too.

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  55. Liza Baker

    Really great vlog. You hit on the big supports that I am engaging in now- meditation, sleep, social support, and gratitude!

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  56. Nancy N

    I’m only 2 weeks into BLE with the self-starter pack. As a result of making BLE my priority, I spend energy dealing with hunger and planning. I allow my bunny slippers to stay on as much as possible.

    An example of following BLE and seeing things fall into place happened to me. When I was growing up making my bed was non-negotiable. Then I became self-sufficient and I stopped. My thought was that I was just going to get into it at the end of the day so why spend the time in a busy day. Now I find I want to make it and enjoy the act as a start to my day. I remain curious as to what will change next.

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    1. TJ

      Hi Nancy, I’m 2 weeks in on my BLE starter pack as well! Glad to hear you are doing well. I had a rough week with all of the Halloween candy around. Hoping to start back at it again tomorrow. Best of luck to you!

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    2. Toni

      Today is day 14 for me on the self-starter pack too! *waves* Doing well so far and still adjusting to the changes (as I’m sure you both are). Stressors are around (of course) but I am finding that I have more ‘mind time’ to dedicate to things other than eating – with the meal planning taking all the stress away from that activity! Good luck Nancy and TJ!

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  57. Kathryn chalfin

    Thanks Susan !!!??

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    GREAT, You have really spoken out of my mind. I am so grateful for your supportive words!!! Kindest regards Darka

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  59. Wendy

    This Vlog on stress was particularly helpful today. Thanks so much.

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  60. Roy Threet

    Thanks for this blog. I shared it with my wife and two Daughters because I know they all have a lot of stress. I appreciate you and your sharing your insights. Roy

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  61. David

    Brilliant approach!

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  62. Liz

    I love you so much. This was a fantastic vlog.

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  63. Debbie

    This was excellent!

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  64. Mj Kress

    ROFL. I am VERY aware of stress today… it has been two days of pure he!! at the DayJob, with no signs of abating. Must put self-preservation techniques into play NOW.

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  65. Betty

    Hi Susan. Your discussion today of stress and support was superb. Thank you.

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  66. Erin Norin

    Awesome vlog today! I loved it when you discussed the etymology of the word priority. It drives me crazy when people speak of priorities (plural)!!! Anyway, today’s topic really resonated with me and was a great reminder, again, to USE THE TOOLS!

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