How to Be Health-Conscious Without Getting Overwhelmed

Given the confusing landscape of the vast and varied dietary information available to us these days, how can we feasibly maintain a healthy lifestyle? Watch this week’s vlog to hear my response.


  1. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Health comes from a peaceful life of meaning that is well-lived…what a great statement. I’m on a ton of supplements for my hypothyroidism issues and I hate taking them. And they’re expensive!! Honestly, I’m not sure they’re even doing anything because I’m fatter and have less energy than normal. I’m going to try to swing the pendulum toward healthier foods vs. supplementation. I only plan to take supplements if I’m deficient in something rather than just blindly throwing supplements into my body each day. Hopefully that will make me feel much better.

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  2. Nicole

    Dear Susan,
    I could have posted at least a 100 Thank yous! Your authenticity, accountability, and knowledge have made a HUGE difference in my life.

    I need to comment today about you stating that you do not watch the news because you do have a core center of influence there, that you put no energy here. I respect no TV and we have a TV in the closet:) However, I feel that given we here in the U.S. all have the profound privilege and honor to live in a democracy that it is our responsibility to acknowledge our sphere of influence and responsibility. I feel that many problems this country result from too many people stating politics is not in their sphere of influence. At times the news can be scary and overwhelming to mention a few adjectives. We as a people need to learn how to stayed informed, hopeful, peaceful and responsible. This is a skill that needs to be taught and a duty that needs to be modeled. I am confident that even with your busy life you could find a way to stayed informed of the different perspectives and take a few actions each month or year. You have a huge sphere of influence with your vlog and your messages always resonate so deeply in my heart. While I know you focus on health and nutrition – I hope that you will send a more responsible message that it is possible to stay informed and make a difference in our democracy. That it is a duty.
    Thank you for listening.

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  3. Nancy

    Thank you, Susan. That message inspired me. And thank you to who wrote in and perfectly expressed my feelings also.

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  4. Nahla sulani

    What a wonderful vlog,

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  5. Nahla sulani


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  6. Lidija


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  7. Hildy

    A lovely, common sense response to a logical question. Thank you .
    Really appreciated that..

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  8. Jill

    I appreciate your insights. It is obvious to me that you walk your talk. I have been following your vlog for several weeks now. I would like to point something out that has bothered me but until today I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It has to do with your intro:”welcome to the weekly vlog”… I see you roll your eyes upward, shake your head and body, and the tone of your voice sounds dismissive and not confident. I think it finally reminded me of a teenager with self confidence issues. I mean no disrespect. I value your information. When I first watched the vlogs, it took me some time to get past this intro and really hear what you had to say. The whole eye, voice, body language of that intro feels weak. Had I seen the direct eye contact that you have for the rest of the videos, the confident strong voice, right at the welcome, it would have grabbed me instantly. Having said this, I look forward to the release of your book next year.

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  9. Joy Leslie

    Thank you Susan. What a relief! I felt my body relax as I read your blog. Of course,……focus on your sphere of influence, not worrying about all of these other things. I totally agree that heath mostly comes from focusing on the “good” we can do for others around us. Worrying about all the other “stuff” can damage our body. We need to keep it simple, and you have told us how to do just that. I appreciate you!

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  10. Andreia

    Susan THANK YOU!!! This was the vlog I loved the most! You have no idea how you’ve impacted me and how many questions you’ve answered. I’ve learned that what you hear is true for you by the way you feel when you hear it! And my heart lept for joy by hearing your words… “Focus on the areas of life that you have control, where I have influence, where I can make a differencel!” My God what a sentence! I too hardly watch the news and from time to time I felt that by not watching the news I was burying my head in the sand. But still, my soul always told me that I was right. I am a teacher and now I know what I knew all along. I can change the world By influencing, by making a difference on what/who I can affect…my students. Thank you again!

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  11. Lesley

    I love you SPT and all the wonderful comments from wonderful people which precede mine. These vlogs are so helpful…I learn so much from you Susan and from everyone that follows you. I am so fortunate to have found you or for you to have found me. Although I do love the quote someone wrote above….so appropriate; “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

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  12. Zaida

    Thank you for the advice . I was actually kind a feeling the same way to the writer. I’m glad you addressed these stuffs. Now I can breathe again and start living healthy.

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  13. Vicky

    Loved this weeks vlog?

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  14. Pamela Emard

    Oh Susan! This is one of my favorite vlogs youve done since June. Peace, tranquillity, friendship, support. And yes, eat a ton of vegetables.
    It’s what I tell my patients daily. Thank you for the truth.

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  15. Etie

    Do you know why this vlog is just so brilliant? ‘ cuz the temptation and inner mental chatter associated with THAT side of each and every one of us keeps poppin’ up ever so often – putting a negative spin on our psyche that is precisely the struggle that we are privileged to overcome by BEING there for each other. Reminding ourselves and each other daily about our abundant blessings is the power and force behind keeping that cornucopia of blessings constantly overflowing from our Loving, Compassionate, & Omnipotent Creator & Father Who constantly provides us with the ability to make good choices if we choose to. We just have to remind ourselves that we have that power to choose and are NOT slaves. Love ya! 🙂

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  16. Karen B

    Just wanted to add something here, Susan. I love Bright Line Eating and all the wonderful side affects it has brought into my life. I too have been overwhelmed with way too many experts and their products. Have bought several summits and learned a lot, and left the rest, not going to get into stress over things. Just wanted to say that I am so glad I clicked on the video that day with Ocean Robbins and he introduced you to me! That was a God given gift! I didn’t give up sugar for JJ Virgin, or even Dr Mark Hyman, even though I had their books and have listened to their talks. BUT…..your sincerity and heartfelt videos was the key that did it for me. When the student is ready the teacher appears…that saying is so true. All of you will know in your heart when and if something is right for you. Your higher self is never wrong. So just live life and be grateful for the chance we have now to learn so much more about what is good for us. I am grateful! Keep up the great work, Susan we all benefit from everything you have to teach us. I am open to changing the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference!

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  17. Cils

    You rock girl! That was awesome. SO inspiring and simple.

    Thank you.

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  18. Penny McPhaul

    Oh Susan, What a lovely response to this sweet soul who asked you for help! Your ability to SIMPLIFY COMPLEXITY is what drew me to engaging in connection with you. I bet I’m not the only one who feels this way 🙂 Blessings in gratitude always! You helped save my life!

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  19. kasia

    Thanks Susan, as usual ; to the core of the issue, love & Light

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  20. kasia

    Love & Light Susan , as usual to the core of the issue

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  21. Farida

    Thank u that was amazing advice

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  22. Megha

    Adore this vlog. Whenever I hear Susan, I feel she beats out ALL the other summit leaders she so highly respects.
    Susan has my vote for # 1. I guess I am a one trick pony and Bright Line Eating is my trick. Dance on, Susan!

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  23. Yolanda E Breidenbaugh

    I love this, Susan. Coupled with Julia Child’s ” small helpings, no seconds. A little bit of everything. No snacking. And have a good time.” You’ve about got it covered!

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  24. Nancy Yerger

    Thank you for the reminder. I too, was depressed after trying to get through Betrayal and feeling hopeless! I have been doing great with my Bright Lines but felt like a failure in a polluted worl after the seminars…back to basics!

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  25. Stephanie Lamb

    Your advice is so simple, straight-forward and helpful. As a side note, your skin looks amazing — proof of what a healthy diet and lifestyle can do!

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  26. Lomie

    Thank you Susan! It was far more great advise on healthy eating. I love it! The message was simple yet for me covers the entire area of health perspective. I can’t thank you enough for the awareness. Mimi from the Philippines.

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  27. Eleanor Strickland

    Thank for simplifying. There is a lot out there to make decisions on. Have A blessed Day.

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  28. Dora/ Devamani J. Fyllum

    Hello Lovely Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.
    I enjoyed your video today, I started more or less where the person is at now.
    I would like to share something from my own transition.
    I added Meditation 10 years ago, and it provides this peace and tranquility within to live a different day to day life. I would not be without it, it reminds me not to take things too serious, and laugh and fill the day with joy and love.
    Also I have gone through my house in a way, that when a product needed replacement, I would then find one that was more Ecofriendly, going from toothpaste to dishwashing liquid, from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom etc. This way I gradually and naturally changed, plus more economical.

    I share some of your teaching when I teach about healthy lifestyle, nutrition and how to loose weight.
    Thank you again Susan for your inspiration and your great work.
    Love Dora xxxxxx

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  29. Anthea

    Thank you Susan. I, like many others who’ve commented already, have been feeling overwhelmed by all the health information coming my way. I do believe that stress causes SO many issues in the body and feeling overwhelmed in trying to better ourselves is another form of stress. Like you say, our inner peace is more important, so I’ve started ignoring many emails (including some of your ones promoting your friends/colleagues). It’s not that I don’t want to hear their messages and sift the bits out that are applicable to me, it’s just that I can’t keep up with the quantity. As another person has asked, could you have mail preference settings so your email list can choose to just get your vlogs (which I think everyone agrees are amazing), or get vlogs and BLE emails, or both of those plus emails promoting what friends/colleagues are doing?

    As others have also said, I too have an issue with anyone giving health advice and selling their own products. I don’t mind people selling services (such as what you do), but feel that advising to take x,y,z and then selling x,y,z is unprofessional.

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  30. Ximena Noya

    loved your answer, I so related to the one that wrote, I was watching a lot of videos about cancer, I recently got a mastectomy and I was looking at food choices and you said it perfectly, right now what I need the most is my peace.
    Thank you for your wise words

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  31. Linda

    Keep it SIMPLE Great words of advice…

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  32. Karen B

    You are awesome and God has placed you in this position for such a time as this. Thank you for helping so many of us transform our lives with your very simple program and your inspiring blogs! Keep up the good work, it is greatly needed. I agree that keeping those Bright Lines is the key! Keeping it simple has made my life so much better and I have you and God to Thank for that! Like you, I very seldom watch anything on TV unless it is something uplifting. I get all the news I need to take action on by friends and family and some news on my computer. That way I can choose to click on the stories I am interested in. This was a great and much needed message.
    Take what you need or want to incorporate into your life and leave the rest. Be Blessed!

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  33. Betty Iams

    Hi Susan. I love your weekly vlogs, but this one was the best ever. Thank you so very much.

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  34. Georgia

    Thank you for this vlog. I have read through the comments and see there is a wide range of reactions. I enjoy all the webinars and I appreciate the emails you send with additional info. I am listening to the seminar this week about mindset and finding it very valuable. I enjoy taking in the information and then I decide what I want to act on.I try to pick one new thing at a time. For example, trying to eliminate aluminum cookware. As far as body care products, I try to replace them with healthy versions as they are used up. Each person is different and we react differently to things so I think it’s good just to try things out and find what works individually. Thank you for all the support you give, the information you share, and the networking you do with other valuable healthcare professionals .

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  35. Betty

    So timely! As I try to fine tune, there is a lot of static out there! But peace, like a river, can flow! God has so blessed me in my journey, and your chats are so encouraging! Thank you, and may God continue to bless you. ♡

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  36. Gunther

    I love your message; however, I have to agree with Pamela about getting educated with local, state, and national policies that will affect our health no matter where we live. This is the only planet that we live on.

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  37. Care

    But YOU are the one sending out all the info and marketing all those MUST TAKE programs! I’m feeling a lot like this person who wrote to you because of all these things you’re promoting to those on your mailing list (ME!). I wish there was a way I could manage my subscription by opting out of all the marketing e-mails you send about other people’s programs, particularly when you send numerous e-mails about each one of the programs, not just a one time heads up that they’re available. I feel like I may have to unsubscribe because I’m getting too many of these e-mails from you since you don’t have that opt out option. Which makes me very sad because I get so much support from your VLOG…

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    1. Sheila P.

      Care, why not just delete those emails that you are not interested in? That’s what I do and it works for me. When I first received them I felt like I was going to miss something really important so I signed up and became overwhelmed with it all! Now I use the delete button.

      However, I wouldn’t miss one of Susan’s blogs. They are the reason I’ve been successful for losing all my excess weight (that and the Boot Camp) and keeping it off successfully. I’m 77 years young and have not weighed 122 lbs since I was in my 20s so I count this as a big success.

      I wish you well in whatever choice you make.

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  38. Anne

    Timely for me! So much info is over whelming and I have been getting a lot of it lately. I related to the person who wrote in.

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  39. Tracie

    Wow your awesome , I feel your inspiration ??

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  40. Judith

    Thz Susan. Very timely. I have been so depressed about the election snd I too get tons of health newsletter. Since listening to your vlog I have scrolled past all political posts, not worried about The Truth about Cancer and just focused on friends in Happening House and my poodle FB page. Im happier already!!!!

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  41. Karen

    Thank you for the great advice! I too get overwhelmed with all of the recommendations and that just leads to doing nothing at all. I am high on the susceptibility scale so i won’t say that giving up sugar or flour will be easy for me. I look forward to your vlog and emails as they are always inspiring and informative. Thank you!

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  42. Beth

    Great message today. Keep it simple.

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  43. Lee

    I look forward so much to your weekly pep talk with so much good information. Do not ever stop doing this! THANK YOU!

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  44. Ana

    Do you have ESP?? I have also been watching the additional videos some of which are incredible and I have learned so much. However,
    I am so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do? I literally have not gone to the grocery store because I can’t decide what I should buy. That seems funny to me when I write it but it is true. You couldn’t have addressed this at a more perfect time.
    thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!
    As I understand it we will have access to your vlog after we are done with boot camp .
    I am trusting that you will let us know if anything has changed— like oatmeal.
    Thank you again for making this simple

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  45. Ramona

    Thank you Susan for keeping it simple. I am focusing on the KISS principle in my eating, yet I do relate to the question of today’s VLOG very much. Usually in the many diets I have done and failed I have just used willpower to stick to the diet, no questions asked and then could not maintain my weight loss and still had the food addiction monster inside me. THIS time I have been googling and uncovering many sources of diet approaches and clues to overcoming addictive compulsive overeating – I am 10++ on the susceptibility scale. I keep coming back to your weekly reports and blogs to get grounded again because there are so many tools out there for losing weight. I have been shaped for many years by my 12-step program and now I have ‘narrowed’ down addressing my food addiction to: Bright Line Eating, Dr. Fuhrman’s program for nutrition, Judith Beck’s workbook for weight loss through Cognitive Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (also called Tapping Solution), Ganeen Roth’s book “Women, Food and God”, and personal transformation through the wisdom of the Enneagram. I have tons of knowledge about nutrition and eating. I totally believe in the 4 Bright Lines. However I know that knowledge and willpower alone will not work. I have been very disheartened by the extremely low rate of success for highly susceptible food addicts to maintain abstinence. This time, especially with your guidance and encouragement, I am optimistic and intend to be in the less than 1% who succeed.
    By the way, I recently listened to your interview with Howard Jacobson. You said so many things that I totally identify with, including hearing your story. In 12-step programs they say you will eventually hear someone tell your own story! You have told mine with respect to addiction.

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    1. Cindi

      Ramona – you may also benefit from reading The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, which I’m in the process of incorporating into my goals of beating sugar addiction. So many of the thought leaders say to eliminate sugar/sweets for 10 days, 21 or whatever amount of time and you won’t want it after that. Bull. An addict is an addict. If I can get there, which like you, I’m determined but need help, I will make this my primary focus for my new health coaching practice. People can’t do this on will power and avoidance – or by watching hundreds of hours of webinars telling them to stop eating it- they need support and a mentor. I wish you the very best!

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  46. Daniela

    Thank you Susan! I feel the same way and am glad that you addressed this topic. Now I just have to focus on your great advice?

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  47. Alice Lolas

    Thank you for all the great information. You are truly an Angel on earth.

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  48. Esme Boone

    Susan, I love you!! This is one of your best–and there have been some really GOOD ones! It’s much shorter than usual, but packs such a punch. I can drive myself mad trying to do everything that is out there: I’m supposed to spend hours each morning and night doing all the rituals recommended for health, and yet still supposed to have a good long sleep–when? and when is there time to live a happy vibrant life in between all that? I love your views about the news. It’s such a relief not t worry about the things over which I have no control. I too haven’t watched TV more than once or twice over the last three years and love it! Important news filters through anyway. Thank you so much! Great Vlog

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  49. Kayla

    Thank you for keeping this simplified for us. I listen to dozens of on-line summits and only get discouraged, confused, and upset. You are right about peace and joy being more important than what we eat. (I also saw some new research today that says that the gluten-free diet is a “fad” and that 80% of those who have given it up, don’t need to. Any results they saw were just from not eating so much flour in processed foods. When you eat real bread with real whole grains, you may be able to handle it — this is just a side comment to emphasize how confusing and maybe even false the nutrition information today) Yes, let’s try to keep this as simple and doable as possible. Information overload is stressful…..

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  50. Naomi

    Hi Susan – great question and great answer. As usual, your vlog is inspiring – thank you. I also get lots of information, so the answer clarifies things for me.

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  51. Deb

    Health comes from a life well lived. So well stated Susan!

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  52. Toni Scarlett

    Fantastic advice (as always). Just let the rest be….

    It’s so much easier when you stop resisting. 🙂

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  54. Ruth

    Susan I really liked what you had to say it was good advice like keep it simple. Thank you!

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  55. Fred Nelson

    Great message. You nailed it. I don’t do have a weight problem but I really like what you have to say. Keep up the great work and don’t burn yourself out!

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  56. Linda Long

    I appreciate so much how you’ve broken this down to 4 steps. I just need clarification regarding flour: All flour including almond, and chickpea, too.? Ty for all that you do to make this simple.❤️

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    1. Sheila P.

      Yes, Linda, Susan means all flour including almond and chickpea as well. I used to wonder how I could live without sugar and flour but don’t wonder anymore! With much better health and energy levels, I rarely miss them!

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  57. Pamela

    HI Susan….as always, your weekly Vlogs are inspirational. However, my only concern with this week’s Vlog is your comment on not watching the news. While I am in TOTAL agreement that the news contains and promotes negativity, I believe as citizens, we need to be informed to engage and to enact in positive change. For instance, because many of us that follow you are trying to improve our lives by how we eat and look at food, shouldn’t we be educated with policies that are happening with our food and health system? Shouldn’t we be concerned about climate change? While we may be happy in our surrounding bubbles and life, there is a bigger picture that DOES affect us, even if we don’t see if directly in our faces. I know that change is hard work, but unless we work together to find positive solutions, our movement will be left behind.

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    1. Anna Maria

      I completely agree with you, Pamela. And it’s not only about educating ourselves. I think the message that those are things we have no influence over is a big mistake. Of course you can influence policies. Maybe not on a big scale, maybe you can’t stop global warming today, or the war in Syria, but you can go to town councils, you can run for office, you can be informed about who your senators and congressmen and women are and send them letters about stuff that matters to you, you can campaign, you can lobby. Not about everything, I agree with Susan that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, but you can choose one area that matters to you and be active there.

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      1. Melissa Kerby

        Keep in mind there are other – and far better ways – to stay informed about “current affairs” than watching or listening to electronic media. Also keep in mind that there is an editorial process to “info-taimemnt” i.e., media production that creates an impression and edits in and out what to report to the masses as news. Many of us who cut our teeth on the early days of television (or radio) don’t always recognize that news production is done in a subjective way and is to a large measure propaganda; it uses the same techniques as drama (film, movies, documentaries) to illicit a specific emotional response in the audience (through choice of words, music, on-camera soundbites, and imagery). Keeping you tuned to a particular channel because of your attachment is how television news can even happen (or news papers); by selling ad space. I’m not against selling products, but I am against ignorance about products, and infotainment is a product. There are far better ways to be well-informed than watching or listening to news. There are also different seasons of life. If attempting to stay abreast of topical issues is something you can do without being overwhelmed, depressed, and shut down – do it. At times, we all have to chose how to take the best care of ourselves and our relationships. Sometimes, over-involvement with things beyond our realm is an excuse to avoid making change where we have responsibility to do so personally.

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        1. Bill

          Melissa, your reply is ‘spot on!’ It would be wise for people to note that a huge amount of advertising revenue for television is provided by pharmaceutical and health care companies. If one does not realize that these companies have a major effect on how health and nutrition information is presented by the television and new media then they are living in an alternate reality.

          I do however agree that there is an, at least seemingly, strong push by many of the on-line presenters to promote their own products. I think that many of these promoters do believe that their products are actually valuable to the people that they are trying to sell to and that most believe that the vast majority of other supplements on the market are basically a scam.

          You can pretty well assume that if you don’t live pretty close to the equator that you do need to supplement with vitamin D3. Most people in the U.S. are deficient in magnesium as well but beyond that what you are eating pretty well determine what supplements, if any, that you might want to consider.

          If you are a regular consumer of bone broth then even the magnesium is probably not necessary.

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  58. Lay Hong

    This is by far the best question asked and Susan has given a fantastic and practical answer. Thank you very much, Susan!

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  59. Carol

    Dear Susan, Thank you for your liberating message concerning focusing on simplicity concerning our personal well-being. One of my favorite quotes: “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” Your sincerity of heart and desire to see others become “happy, joyous, & free” is evident and refreshing. God Bless You!

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  60. Jean H

    I am 82 and do not follow Bright Line completely. However I have found your blogs very interesting and helpful. I only have 10 pounds to lose and I am experimenting with what and how I eat. This blog is so completely simple and on the point. I so grateful for your information.! Much Love from Jean

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  61. Shelley

    Susan, I love you dearly, and will be grateful for you and BLE until the end of my days. One of the things I love the most about you is your willingness and ability to use constructive feedback. And, that is the intention behind my next words.

    Your excitement and sharing of others’ information and programs (such as Dr. Ritamarie, the Robbins’, The Truth About Cancer, etc.) is definitely contributing to my overwhelmedness (if that is even a word) over time. I so respect your intelligence and experience and that makes me want to integrate all of this great information that you share into my life along with BLE, and I am discovering I just can’t for all of the reasons addressed today in your vlog.

    For example, after 12 months of doing awesome on BLE, I recently attempted to move fully to WFPB to be “healthier”, and it somehow messed with my head in ways I haven’t figured out yet, and I have been breaking my lines. Then, watching the new video put out by Dr. Ritamarie today has me questioning the wisdom of eating my oatmeal and berries (with chia and flax) that has been my go-to for most of the past year, and has no doubt contributed to my increased health and loss of my excess weight.

    Any additional thoughts or words of wisdom in relation to my thoughts/feedback? Thanks a bunch for everything. Take good care. – Shelley

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    1. Karen

      Hi Shelley, I was about to write a response to Susan when I saw yours. You pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Susan has encouraged us to tune in to several thought leaders running online “summits” or workshops. These folks advocate taking a host of supplements that they or a friend produce and sell, or that they endorse. The truth is as Susan just told it on today’s vlog, and it is very simple. Other than taking a Vitamin B-12 supplement if one does not consume any animal products containing this crucial B-12 vitamin, most other supplements are optional and some may not even be good to take according to peer-reviewed scientific research.

      However, one gets the impression that one cannot be truly healthy without the supplements being hawked, and this creates intense internal pressure and dialogue about what is best. I was distressed to look up one of the supplements promoted by a chiropractic doc in The Truth About Cancer symposium only to learn from reading the ingredients label that it could be obtained easily by eating certain very healthy whole foods.

      Not only do these online summits take up hours of time to listen to, but the conflicting advice, the focus on interviewing and promoting the ideas of certain heavily discredited “doctors,” the scare tactics of some speakers, to me all detracts from Susan’s own credibility. I honestly do not doubt what Susan says in her own sphere. She is very knowledgeable in most areas related to nutrition and the brain. Yet, by her own admission, she actually hangs out with these seminar leaders and considers them both friends and wise advisors. This behavior is incompatible to me because I consider Susan to be science-based, and some of these docs are ignoring and mis-interpreting some very basic science in favor of research results that are slanted from flawed research methodology, influence from corporate sponsors, or use of improper statistical methods. Several speakers appear to be motivated by a deep desire to make money off gullible people willing to spend money for unnecessary products based on their recommendations. In many instances, these people would be far better off following Susan’s basic advice given today and elsewhere about eating for health using the BLE guidelines.

      Watching and absorbing the info from these summits is confusing because it is conflicting advice. It is overwhelming without someone to sort out what is important and what can be safely ignored as extraneous.

      When I want objective guidance about what foods or supplements are safe or good to consume and in what quantities, I go to Dr. Michael Greger’s website at nutritionfacts dot org. He sells no supplements and the site is totally free. His information is based solely on validated scientific research results published in the medical literature. I know that Susan also follows Dr. Greger’s summaries of nutrition-based research. It is easy to search for a topic there. There are over a thousand topics and each research summary, spoken in plain English, takes only 4 or 5 minutes to watch as a video or to read the transcript provided.

      Good luck pursuing “the truth” !about nutrition!

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      1. Kayla

        Dittos. All of the on-line summits are overwhelming. There is too much info and it feels like a swamp taking over and drowning us. I am also upset as many of the MDs and others also sell their own supplement lines. If we took all they recommend, we would have to swallow 40 pills a day! I have often felt like “unsubscribing” to almost all of them. We need to KISS == keep it simple and doable.

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        1. Donna

          HI Kayla,

          I am so glad I came across your post after doing a search today on the exact same topic. This month in March 2019 has been unbelievable with more than 12 FREE health summits and all are very long. It is too much and I sent some nasty replies back to some of them that why don’t the summit hosts get together and plan your summits at different times and months instead of cramming them all close to one another. I have reached my boiling point with them and this is the last month I am going to do online health summits for quite awhile….too much information overload. Today, I started unsubscribing to many of them and said “enough is enough”. I feel the same way you do. Selling their summits, courses, books, DVDs, supplement,etc. Only the rich can afford their products and I live on little Social Security. Yes, many of them have some valuable information but lately I have become more confused in what I should eat or the type of diet I should be on. My motto lately is “everything in moderation”. I have spent a fortune on organics, gluten free, non GMOS, various supplements and I believe the only ones who are prospering are the rich and these summit hosts. Whatever I do at my age of 68 isn’t helping much and I have become very discouraged . Donna

          Reply ·
      2. kathleen E. Dalton

        Karen: I agree with you wholeheartedly about Susan promoting all these other people,. I also believe it affects her credibility. Susan’s basic BLE program is wonderful and I worry that folks may not take her seriously as she promotes folls that seem to be selling products and charging for information. Susan is a wonderful person and has been really helping people to eat healthy. I think she will be more effectiv e if she stays on her own. I just took a 6 week course on WFPB eating and Michael Greger is now my go to person for info.

        Reply ·
        1. kathleen E. Dalton

          PS: Susan’s response to this question was perfect and it was a good reminder how simple it really is. Susan I want you to keep promoting your BLE but I would caution you to be careful in getting caught up with all these othre people. Keep it simple and pure.

          Reply ·
          1. Klara LeVine

            WOW WOW WOW – you guys are great, cause I didn’t want to hurt Susan’s feelings, but I felt exactly the same. I am a bit more naive, believe the people really do want to spread good advice, but it’s just TOO MUCH. The ones I feel very badly for are those who are suffering serious diseases and will try everything in their search. Some things might indeed work for some people – but getting down to basics is great for everyone.

      3. Jarka

        Karen, glad you mentioned B12, I was about to as well 🙂
        Like most of you guys, I’ve been watching these summits for nearly a year now (started all with Susan). And I still have loads of videos&ebooks I haven’t had time to look at. So yeah, feeling overwhelmed. BUT, I think you just have to trust you gut/intuition. You’ll know what missing piece of info you’ve been waiting for. So yes, no real need for supplements, get it from real food. My goal right is to simplify my life – build the new healthy base of my life. (And it’s nearly ready! 😀 )
        My fave friends of Susan are Robbins&M. Greger too 🙂

        Reply ·
  62. Marilyn

    Your comments about what is most important to eat, etc, is good. The only thing to add is to drink a lot of water BETWEEN MEALS., not with meals. Liquid with meals slows digestion because it has to be absorbed before the food can digest.

    Reply ·
  63. Nancy Seaman

    Oh, Susan, this vlog was truly inspired! You are such a blessing to my life

    Reply ·
  64. Helen Viksnins


    Reply ·
  65. Fanny Skura

    Susan, you’re an amazing person. Listening to you, where ever my state of mind is at, is always lifting me up. And that just feels good. The support you’re able to give to so many people all over the globe with your wise and well weighted words.
    Thank you!

    Reply ·
  66. Josie

    Susan, I love you! ?

    Reply ·
  67. Mary ioerger


    Check out those products for a quality of life.


    Reply ·
  68. Joyce

    Today’s message was beautiful. I feel peaceful having just listened to it. The writer expressed my same feelings. It’s so easy to get caught up in the cyclone. Your answer was believable, livable, hopeful and simple! Why are we afraid of simplicity and of focusing on our own sphere of influence in lieu of trying to keep up with the world view? That is exhausting. As the song goes, “Love the ones you’re with. ”
    We can still be compassionate and support special causes, but life is what we make of it and making it best for those around us.

    Reply ·
  69. Rose

    Thank you so much for this,it was so helpful.

    Reply ·
  70. lorraine

    Thank you for your wisdom and insight.

    Reply ·
  71. Joelene

    WOW did I ever need this one right now. You almost always hit close to what is going on at the time but this is right on target right now this minute. Praise God!

    Reply ·
    1. Coral Rowley

      I agree that this is so needed right now – All of it!

      Reply ·
    2. Mercedes (from Argentina)

      I do agree with you. It was great to find Susan, but it was also great to find so many people who feel the same joy at her thoughts.

      Reply ·
  72. Ronna Berezin

    I forgot to mention : If you have allergies …. drop gluten from your diet for a month to test for gluten sesnsitivity. Before dropping gluten investigate the definition of gluten as well as the forms it takes , where it is found , in what forms , et cetera!

    Reply ·

    You put everything into perspective…thank you Susan

    Reply ·
  74. Julie

    That was beautiful. Heartfelt and v helpful. Love, j

    Reply ·
    1. Kathy Holst

      I 2nd that……there is no ‘like’ here!

      Reply ·
      1. Klara LeVine

        absolutely, we need a like button – agree with all the above except the Riadh who’s worried about too much veggies. Perhaps it’s what’s put on the veggies, or how they are cooked (fried? coated with???). Also you have renewed my faith in you – forgive me, but when you started posting all the wonderful people who are giving out so many free lectures, that also got a bit too much. I LOVE simple!!!!!

        Reply ·
  75. Riadh

    i wont say eat a ton of veg, its eat your allowed veg
    a friend is getting fat by eating veg only, specifically cucumbers

    Reply ·
    1. Roger

      How in the world can a person get fat eating mostly cucumbers? So few calories and nutrition, mostly water. Need to hear more *smile*.

      Reply ·
    2. Kathy Holst

      Something else is going on there with your friend, it’s just not possible to get fat on eating veggies, or mostly cucumbers.
      More investigation into your friends lifestyel is needed.

      Reply ·
  76. Ronna Berezin

    very good perspective… bc the supplement pushers who start out with well intentioned motive s inevitably come down to dealing supplements in some shape or form! Notice the word “dealing” ! They criticize the medical profession and praise functional medicine … which might not be a bad idea for an intelligent and aware adult, but might prove to be dangerous for a naive or unaware person. Thanks for your perspective! BTW I have watched assiduously every program has has come out on line re: functional medicine ! Even you have recommended some as your friends. I take them all with. grain of salt and apply those principles that I know are sound! Good rule of thumb.: After careful consideration : When in doubt, throw it out!

    Reply ·
  77. Connie

    I love that you addressed this today! I have been feeling the overwhelm as well. Once again you bring us peace, Susan.
    Thank you <3

    Reply ·
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