Bright Line Eating is Officially a Global Movement

Over the past month, people from all 7 continents (yes, including Antarctica) and nearly every country on Earth joined together in watching the Food Freedom video series. Wowza! In this week’s vlog, I talk about where we go from here.


  1. Deb

    So thankful for your awareness! Looking forward to your book! You rock!

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  2. Marlene Baldwin

    Susan, thank you for being courageous enough to take your vision and turn it into reality. That so many people can benefit from the program and taking it global. My husband and I are in the bootcamp as Team Baldwin and we are so excited and confident to be a couple who can be a part of your movement to encourage others to consider this course as a menas to heal and become healthy, thin and free. It is on my bucket list to meet you in person someday with the hubby at our goal weight. So there’s my intention shared with you. Blessings, Marlene

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  3. Kerri Gennett

    Cannot wait for your book! I am so with you and your passion to change our ways in the food industry. And the way people look at food. I am really trying to remember your words about a doctor wouldn’t tell you that just a cigarette or too is ok when you are trying to quit smoking, when I want to eat something I know is not good for me. Thank you so much for sharing your passion!

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  4. Jarka

    Congratulations on finishing your book, Susan! 🙂 Can’t wait to get it.
    My hope/request is to have it translated to Slovak (or Czech language – we can read both), as I’m desperate to get this information to my mum. She really needs it.
    Thank you for everything you do! x

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  5. Emily Broyles

    Hurry and get here, March 2017!! I need the book now! Thx Susan! I wish I could do the boot camp.

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  6. Emily Broyles

    I so desperately need the book now! Hurry and get here March 2017!

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  7. Lani MacDonald

    You are a Godsend, Dr. Thompson..!!! — Like you, I am a number ten. After watching your video series and reviewing everything you have so generously made available, today is my 14th day of abstaining from flour, wheat and sugar by pre-planning and spacing my meals. I am gratefully 10 pounds leaner and on my way to fully embracing “Susan’s roadmap to living thin and free.” My “bright lines food and exercise journal” is my best buddy, next to you and one of your awesome afiliates, Diana Harrison. Thank you both from the deepest chambers of my heart for putting me on the path to being proactive about saving myself from a destructive food addiction. I have a long way to go, and am so upbeat because eating addictively will cease to be the isolationist activity which was dominating my life 24/7, and which resulted in 80 excess pounds which my osteoporotic and arthritic bone structure cannot continue to painfully lug around. Thank you … thank you … thank you for your continuing weekly mentorship!!! — I just wish that my finances were not so prohibitive or I would have enrolled in your bootcamp. I did email you about enrolling, but my email was apparently lost in cyberspace among those 150,000 electronic communications which you received. — With sincere gratitude, Lani

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  8. Gina

    Hi it’s great to see you talking about this problem that I think lots of us have thanks for sharing your help

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  9. Irene López

    Susan, your enthusiasm just lefts me wordless, that’s all what we need to hear 🙂 I’m looking forward to your book, will it be a version for e-readers?

    Thank you very much for being there and share everything with us. A big hug from Madrid, Spain!

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  10. Claire Elisabeth Elliott

    I am so much looking forward to the release of your book in March. Right now, it’s difficult for me to invest in this $1,000 coaching program. A digital version of the program might be something I could afford, though. I am one person who could motivate themselves without all the live coaching. Thank you for sharing your unique vision and practice with the world that so much needs this information.

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  11. Diane

    I hope to one day know my life’s purpose the way that you do, and have that much passion to fulfill it. Lots of love to you. You are changing the world ❤️

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  12. Willemina

    Thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart, so happy that your book will be out soon.

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  13. Christina

    I did your Oct ’15 boot camp and am still very much with you and BLE!
    I still feel very connected to you, really appreciate the on going contact via weekly vlogs etc also am totally supportive of your movement, which I think is brilliant for many different reasons.
    Amazing success in just 2 years ……so many people already have, are and will benefit in the future!
    All the very best and thank you Susan and your team.

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  14. MaryAnne

    It’s 3:22 pm and I am desperate for a snack…but I turned to my computer instead and got a dose of BLE and Susan!
    I am now back to thinking, “I got this!”
    Thanks for the shot-in-the-arm!
    I needed that.

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  15. Rose

    So excited. We would love to have your book in Australia.

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  16. Lindsey

    Thank u so much for your valuable and well-researched contribution to healthy eating… like actual healthy eating..!! Thank u for being beyond purchasable… for not bowing to the government’s pressure and misinformation that they r pushing on the unsuspecting public.

    I can’t afford to actually participate in the boot camp, but thank u so much for sharing the free videos. They have already helped so much to get good information about addictive foods to people, like me, who need it.

    I can relate to many of your experiences which has shown me that this can be beaten.. I appreciate your enthusiasm and honesty. I know that u’ll get to a point where u can provide, in some form, your knowledge and services to everyone regardless of their financial state because of your passion for this project.

    I can understand (as a business owner myself) why it can’t be less expensive at this point… but I know u r working on it and it’s a process.
    I hope everything thing lines up for u and your journey to spreading this incredible information is never more difficult than it needs to be.

    This will change the world.

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  17. Anita

    I have listened to your blogs and boot camp videos possibly since you started! I totally understand the need for a high price but it has always been beyond me. I look forward to the book.

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  18. Gloria Green

    So excited & with you as this grows. I was unable to sign up for the boot camp now but trust when it’s offered again it will happen. Meanwhile will watch for the book & follow as you are such an inspiration. This is really a god-thing! Hugs & much grace, Gloria

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  19. Vivian

    I can barely wait for your book! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

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  20. Lidija

    Wow, you truly are a FANTASTIC woman <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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  21. Esmarie Cooper

    TODAY, 6 OCTOBER 2016 I’m celebrating my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH BRIGHT LIGHT EATING. I’m a NEW person and my family can testify about that. Thank you Susan Peirce Thompson!!! God is blessing you because you didn’t keep this program to yourself but want everybody who wants it, to have it. He will keep on blessing you… are you ready for it 🙂 Hugs and love to you and your fabulous team, family and my BL friends.

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  22. Peg Oetjen

    Hi Susan,
    Please have someone forward info re translation of your book into Estonian. I know several translators with related interests/skills and have a couple of connections to publishers. Interestingly, twenty years ago, you rarely saw an overweight Estonian adult or child. Now, the shelves are full of pasta, chips, sweets, etc – with predictable and sad results! The beautiful women here care a LOT about appearance – so Estonia should be a great resource as long as BLE hasn’t eliminated all yogurt! =)

    Couple of quick questions — how many pages (so people can judge time commitments)? And would the publisher choose translators or would translators “apply”? That’s all covered in the info, I’m sure. =)

    Tons of thanks to you – and blessings on your work!

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  23. Tracey

    Hi Susan ???? Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and energy surrounding your Brightline Eating. I appreciate and relish the evidence behind your approach. I live in Australia and would love the opportunity to be able to purchase your book please ????????
    With my heartfelt thanks for your generosity of spirit ????

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  24. Elena Sartorio

    Looking forward for your book…I’ m Elena from Milan Italy
    Thanks Susan for your heart!
    God bless your intentino

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  25. Bev

    Thank you!! Love your passion!!!! Bev

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  26. Kathy Holst

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much Susan, for thinking about all of us who are unable to get to the boot camp.,
    I am TRULY thankful for the book & app coming next year.
    You are a visionary, excellent leader with compassion & integrity that we can all see.
    I love that you are not motivated by the almighty $ too.
    You will be rewarded on a much higher level by the universe itself!

    Much love & blessings,
    Kathy xo

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  27. Amy

    Although I’m part of Ocean’s email list, I don’t always read the emails. The one with the susceptibility quiz with the subject line about oreos somehow caught my attention. I saw your video where you told me my rating and I just have been hooked on your videos ever since. Although I’m not part of a boot camp right now, I am putting into practice the bright lines – no sugar, no flour – eating three meals a day without snacks in between. It’s only been…what 2 weeks? I lost an inch around my waist and hips and six pounds! Such amazing work you are doing! You are one inspirational person ALREADY for me!

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  28. Jennifer Dalton

    Congratulations on all of your smart and diligent work!!!

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  29. Nikki O

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best news yet!!! Anyone, anywhere!!!! I was not able to do Bootcamp due to cost, but I’m here and ready! Love

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  30. Andrea

    I can’t wait for the book, but even more, the app. Thank you!!

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  31. Marie Bauer

    Susan, You are Fricken AMAZING ‼️
    Hang on darlin’ This is gonna be a WILD

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  32. Myrna

    Hi Susan,
    You continue to be a very special person in my nutritional life. Thank you for all that you and your team have done to help us all live happy, thin and free. I participated in Boot Camp #2 {a huge success)and was so impressed and willing to soak up all that was offered. When the opportunity came to participate in the final survey /study that was requested of me and others, my old computer said NO and I could not. However, I’m still connected and do attempt to keep in touch. I continue to try to convince some family members about BLE and how much they could benefit from just knowing and understanding the science of it. Anyway, thank you for heeding your meditation call on that January day. So looking forward to your book and hopefully, a present of it to them just might work.

    All the best,

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  33. Renee Varnadore

    I’m not officially enrolled in the boot camp but I am following a no flour no sugar no exceptions diet due to your inspiration.

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  34. Kristen Biel

    Susan, I am new to this group as I just started in your October 2016 Bootcamp. What I wanted to tell you was how much I enjoy the videos. You are so kind and personable, that I feel like you are talking just to me. I am so happy for you to spread to 7 continents and am glad this movement is successful. Blessings

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  35. Margie

    I am one of those that wish I had the funds to join one of the boot camps, so it is with great excitement I look forward to March of 2017! I have lost some weight just trying to eat healthy and stop using processed foods. I can’t wait until I can read all the details of your program. I feel like I am still missing something important and your program could make the difference. Are you sure you can’t have the book out for Christmas? Or the beginning of the New Year? (Sigh!)

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  36. Treena

    Just lost enough to move fm obese to ovetweight@

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  37. Tina

    THANK YOU SO MUCH SUSAN!! |Your vlog was amazing this week! I was one of the ones who got super excited after doing the quiz and watching the free video series only to be devastated to find out that I could not afford to do your boot camp. I have already started to follow some of the basic principals and have started to make a gradual shift when I didn’t think that was possible. NEVER in a million years would have thought I could go even a day without sugar and I’ve pleasantly surprised myself. I’m SO excited to know that you are working on other means to get the message across. I wait patiently (as possible) to hear/learn more about Bright Line Eating. xoxo

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    Hi Susan, I took part in June 2016 boot camp and I have lost 37 pounds . I have been doing bright line eating for 102 days now. It has become a routine for me that I so enjoy. I’m in this to eternity. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of being part of the movement bless you x

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  39. Sharyn

    Hi Susan. As a Registered Nurse who has gained and lost 10kg more times than I can remember and tried most weight loss programmes, I am amazed at how logical BLE is. It joins all the dots for me. The Bright Lines are so easy to follow with the logic behind them. I want to share BLE with everyone but know they have to be in the right space to hear it. I know I can lead by example here – the proof is in the pudding pardon the pun! I have a friend who has done the boot camp and lost 20kgs in 10 weeks and she looks and feels awesome. Like me she had tried everything over the years. I have been following your guidelines of no sugar or flour for nearly 4 weeks and have lost 4kgs – and I haven’t even starting my walking programme yet. I just know my body is loving all the good nutrition and I haven’t once felt hungry or looked for chocolate (my Achilles heel). Just amazing and thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can’t wait for the book in March! I hope the medical world get to understand the power of BLE.

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  40. Sharon Purves

    Just read an article by Michael Pullan about the lack of support for healthy eating by the Oval Office and the interference by the Big Food are we going to combat their influence on the White House and agricultural products we have available to us..there is BIG money in JUNK food. We’re with you 100%..Thanks for making a difference. Keep up the great work..this movement can make a difference in our food supply.

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  41. Susan Purcell

    Spot on, Susan. And especially in the context of xenophobic immigration comments being tossed around by he-who-shall-remain-unnamed.
    It is so energizing, so heartening to receive your positive, loving, inclusive messages. And what a great mission. So incredibly important.
    Thank you.

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  42. michael s. katz

    Hi Susan, Thanks for sharing your long term vision. We are all put on the planet for a purpose and you have discovered your core purpose and translated it into an amazing, life-transforming soon-to-be global reality that is, and will, affect tens of thousands of people. As a philosophy professor–now retired–and a former 12 step person, I realize that not everyone can do what you are recommending–live within your bright lines with no flour and no sugar, but I have been on the program and in the “boot camp” for 5 days and have given up flour and sugar for that entire time and for 10 days previous to your program–, and one of the first things I am noticing, along with dramatically reduced blood sugars (I am a phase 2 diabetic and have been since 2004) is HOW MUCH HAPPIER AND JOYFUL I feel already. I am beginning to feel the positive energy that comes from enjoying who I am and who I am eager to become–a thinner, healthier person–the person I was until my early 40’s when I gave up playing competitive tennis. As a teacher of teachers in the university for much of my life, I know how influence spreads from one person to another and how wonderful it is to be imparting your values of health and well-being. Many people think of “happiness” as a form of ecstasy or great pleasure, but Aristotle had it right when he used the Greek word Eudaemonia–a state of true well being. That is what your program and your online community and your own caring brings to everyone who commits himself or herself to it. Onwards

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  43. Shira Nomi

    May all your dreams and wishes come true…..Thank you for spreading this miracle!!

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  44. Debbie Preece

    Can not wait for the book. I am doing what I can on my own until the book come out with food plans.

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  45. tom shpall

    Hey I happen to know someone who is an editor at a publishing company in Bulgaria if you have an interest in getting translation into that country feel free to contact me and I will pass along any information to him that you think might help… love ble …tom

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  46. Sharon

    Hi Susan. I am also one of those that could just not afford the boot camp and appreciate your honest effort to help me afford it. But I did take all of your helpful information to heart and in the last two weeks have lost six pounds and lowered my blood sugar by 30 points and seeing no spikes at all. I have tried for years to lose anything at all and have not been successful. I couldn’t even lose weight on the Diabetes Association diet and almost everyone loses weight on that. I heard you apologize in one of your videos for sending so many emails but I have to tell you they are what has kept me going. Being reminded every day that you are out there supporting all of us and making the effort to bring this information to everyone has been a godsend. You are the best and I am very grateful that you have come into my life. Thank you so much! Oh and I have to tell you, my Mom’s birthday was last week and everyone was eating cake and ice cream and I didn’t eat any. They kept pushing and my Mom made a comment about how I could just have a little piece and it wouldn’t hurt. I was very polite and refused, telling her I didn’t eat sugar any more. Felt really good.

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  47. elimanning

    sorry It was Kenya, not Tanzania

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  48. elimanning

    like you, i am a professor and a scientisit, but i teach business. i would like to know more about bright line eating as i travel alot and know that obesity runs rampart in many countries. The fattest nation is Kuwait. Obesity rates are also high in China, India, US, France, and other places as more of the American diet penetrates these nations. When I taught in Russia, I had a stdent from Tanzana who the other Russians would not work with her because she was dark skinned and Obese and I had to intervene. very sad. Please share more about your programme

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  49. elimanning

    it was the Holy Spirit, not the Universe

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    1. Laurie M.

      I too believe it was from the Holy Sprit—I know you try to be “politically correct” for all your participants, so maybe you could just say you were inspired? I have heard you, Susan, attribute things to God—please don’t stop;)

      I love the program and all your messages—they are truly helping the world!!

      Love and prayers

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  50. Fran Otto

    I’m so excited about the accomplishment of your vision regarding going globally. Knowing you are Bahai, this is an example of the power of the Divine Spirit!! So powerful is the light of unity that it can envelope the whole earth!! This is a beginning of so many avenues that unity will bring!! I applaud you and pray for your cause.

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  51. Sylvia

    Thankyou Susan for your efforts to help those who cannot afford boot camp. You are a real inspiration and a truly beautiful person. I love your intros and know they are natural so please don’t change anything on the vlog!

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    1. TERRY

      THANK YOU.

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  52. Nowell

    Wow. With so much attention could the food plan be provided for something like $10.

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  53. Catherine

    I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Even though I’m one of those who can’t afford the boot camp (even though I was offered a number of absolutely incredible scholarships – thank you, thank you, thank you for your unbelievably amazing generosity!!), I just want you to know that your videos and the weekly vlog (which I wait all week for) gave me and are giving me, on an ongoing basis, SO much “light bulb” information and personal support that I am positive this will work for me even with a 10 on the susceptibility scale and no boot camp. You have said a number of things that went straight to my core and opened my eyes and they have become my mantra when I need them. With your constant love and support and encouragement and confidence – and the heartfelt, loving testimonies of so many others on the Bright Line website – I know that I too can do this. I wish for endless blessing to shower down on you and your amazing team, I love you all <3

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  54. Lane

    Go, Susan!! We love you! ~From one of your October, 2015 boot campers~

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  55. Mark

    You’re simply awesome….. love you, thank you!

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  56. claire

    Yes, BLE IS both a blessing and a miracle – one life and one wrong-sized body at a time. Personally, I am on Day 3 of the boot camp, and see a shift happening, not just in my taking responsibility for being at the susceptibility level of 10, which means I will not allow myself to make “adjustments” or experiment for the next 8 weeks, but I have seen a major shift in the way I used to isolate. The integrity of this program was what I needed – that finally game me the courage, just last night, to tell my husband of almost 40 years that I have, in fact, had a food addiction for our entire lives together, and to lay out the full scope of what I’d done to hide my shame, and the “contraband” from him to the point where he was stunned to hear the details. This confession alone was worth all it took to be a part of the book camp. THANK YOU beyond words for the work you and your staff are doing to help the world to heal!

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    1. TERRY


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  57. Yolanda E Breidenbaugh

    Thank you so much, Susan. This means so much!

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  58. Kiki Sarzetaki

    Thank you for answering my previous message, Susan! I could not afford the bootcamp and am trying my best to eat healthy so am eagerly waiting for you book and app. Remember I am from Greece and have a home based book publishing business. Looking forward to your next video. Thanks for all the information so far! Kiki

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  59. Rebecca

    I am so scared … of failing because I hate vegetables. I’m in school to get my BA/MA in Natural Health so I know what to do healthwise but the brain barrier was a real eye opener and so I am here. I am very encouraged and for once I feel a victory coming.
    I cannot recall how I came across this online but I feel it was destined by God. I was not looking for a diet or a change . Just before I stumbled upon the free videos i read an article about alcohol. I started drinking beer witb my husband 2 years ago tbe night we got married. As much fun as we have I ignored the weight gain. Tbis article explained how beer converts to acetate and the body burns tbat before it burns fat. My husband drinks all tbe time. 6 to 10 beers is normal. He has a pot belly and is so cute that it doesn’t matter. He is with me in tbis and has said maybe he will drink less. Good for bis health. He, unlike me, eats everything.
    See you at the finish line!

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  60. Tina Reed

    First, I’d like to say, congratulations Susan for a job well done! You are what we have all been waiting for! Secondly, I want to “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart, for all you’ve done and continue to do! You ….are simply brilliant!

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  61. Anne Greenwood

    Have been in your tribe since Oct 2015 and love where you have gone and are taking us, anyone, who is willing, to be happy, thin, and free. People have definitely noticed the changes in me (loss of 20+lbs in 3 mos) and have kept it off effortlessly ever since, by following the program. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Five of us have now done or are doing the bootcamp in my church, and may it continue to spread around the world. Bless you and the staff so many times over.

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  62. Barb Adams

    Thank you for sharing your goals. It means a lot to me that you are remaining humble. I am unable to afford $1000 for the boot camp, but have picked up enough of your brilliant program through emails and vlogs that since January 1, I have followed the bright lines and have lost 68 pounds. I feel great and am confident that this time I will make it to a right sized body (I’m 64 yrs old). I look forward to your book and and am really excited about the app.
    Bless you and love you,
    Barb Adams
    Vashon Island WA

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    1. TERRY

      SO AWESOME BARB!!!!!!!!

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  63. Jennifer

    I’m SO THANKFUL I found your message! I’ve been doing this way of eating for a week and feel amazing already! Thank you for your truth, compassion and wisdom!

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  64. Val

    I too cannot afford the boot camp so am looking forward to future developments. This latest vlog is most welcome and I hope for its fruition. Good luck – for us all!!

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  65. Sally Graver

    You have already changed my life by the time I finished the webinar and watched all four videos. Thank you for your effort and dedication! In this video you talk about people if they are willing to do this work. That sounds to me uncomfortably close to just use your willpower . As I now know, that is a huge mistake.
    If I may suggest, perhaps better to say something like “if you are willing to check this out and listen to for videos and if you simply decide you are going to do this, bright line eating will get you there . It’s very simple – the science works. And our now global community and the amazing staff here support
    you every inch of the way.
    In 12 step programs the same saying is, “made a decision.”
    Once you do that, will power plays so much less of a role. In fact,
    Thank you, bless you, and rock on!
    PS I have already lost 3 pounds in three days and feel better than I have in many months.

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  66. Liz Meechan

    Hi Susan – I see you have a book being released on March 2017. Will this be the bootcamp in a book? I hope so as that would be the way I could access Bright line eating. I cannot wait. Let me know!

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  67. Donna

    I’m so happy for you Susan. Much love to you. Much love to everyone who has joined a boot camp and to those who are not quite ready/able to commit to BLE. The Universe is always on time and it has your back baby.

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  68. Sally Montaseri

    Hi Susan I’m so looking for your vlogs every week please keep it coming. I can’t afford the boot camp at this point but from last week I started the bright line eating with the info that I had .3 meals a day no sugar or flour and I feel great . So looking forward to your book . All the best to you

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  69. Cecilia

    I can’t wait to have the videos translated, so my friends can understand and follow this marvellous movement!

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  70. Lauren

    I can really feel your love, energy, passion and see your vision! You’re an amazing, brilliant, effective and visionary leader! You are filling your dream. And we are lucky recipients!

    Your book will be such an amazing tool for everyone and will be a great resource for bright liners to recommend to family and friends. I can’t wait!

    God bless you Susan, you are so precious. I’ve never felt anyone’s life and mission to be so precious as yours. May you lead the movement and the movement lead you!

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  71. Lauren

    I love that you’re writing a book! I’ve been thinking about this a lot as it would be a resource for Brightliners to share with friends and family.

    God bless you Susan! I can really feel your energy, passion and see your vision! In fact I feel it so strongly that I’ve never felt that there was a life more precious on earth right now. Precious amazing brilliant Susan!

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  72. Ruby

    Wow – I am so impressed at what your dedication and diligence can do.!! I agree with all of the above, for sure, and the fast food chain would be wonderful. I’m on Day 3 , and celebrating.!!!

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  73. valerie

    I love everything you invest into these vlogs! I’m one who will not be able to afford the boot camp but needs A MIRACLE!! Gleaning everything I can, doing all that I can but praying for a day when your BLE plan is free. I know you have commitments/expenses and it is worth it 10x over, so praying for a blessing for both of us!

    Truly thankful

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  74. Adrienne Anderson

    Thank you for thinking about those of us who could not afford the Boot Camp.. I look forward to your book. God bless you.

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  75. Don

    I watched your first 3 video’s a week ago. They are brilliant! Your passion was obvious then. Your research was very enlightening to me. I always thought exercise and will power was the key but now I understand. It appears you are changing the world and I don’t mean just helping people lose weight. Jan. 26 2014 is a special day. Thanks!

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  76. Chess

    Hi Susan, A big thank you from the UK for all that you are doing. I certainly feel very encouraged by a way of eating that is simple, nutritious, and allows for weight to just drop off which in my case is actually happening. The cravings almost completely stopped from day 2. I am a week and a half underway just cutting out ALL refined sugar and flour and I don’t feel hungry at all. More than anything I am thrilled that a person of your obvious integrity and intention has decided to do this huge thing for our world…. because I believe it to be HUGE. Thank you. I look forward to your book as I am not in position at this point to join your boot camp…. maybe in the future…if I still need it. I overcame a 30-a-day smoking habit of 37 years, and have been smoke-free now for 8 years this month… so I feel empowered to also transcend my food addiction with the information you have provided and the ongoing support such as the video above. Bless you, Susan. In gratitude, Chess (and a big hug back to you!)

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    1. Linda

      I’m not in the boot camp because I can’t afford it, but I cut out refined sugar and limited sandwiches to twice a week. I’ve lost six pounds in that week. So it’s definitely working. I no longer eat a muffin at the cafe where I unwind after work. I just order a cup of green tea and sip it while I read a book and relax.

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  77. Cristi Mason-Rivera

    Thank you for what you are doing.! The BLE data is priceless…I have just went through my first week of no sugar, no flour and armed with the factual information you’ve provided so far about addiction and creating bright lines, it was the easiest week I’ve ever had giving these up. I even cooked my famous tacos for my family, my absolute biggest weakness in life, and myself ate a taco salad, without the fried corn tortillas and I actually did not feel deprived and didn’t cry or nothing! Lol.

    As priceless as the information is that you are sharing, the biggest asset this program has is YOU. Having a real, sincere, passionate and honest person behind the movement is what allows me to really trust the program and the information put forth.

    Again, thank you for what you are doing and can’t wait for the book!!!

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    1. Denise

      I totally agree with Cristi! Susan’s leadership is what really makes this program. I hope you always stay up front, visible, and accessible. You totally made me cry with this vlog. God bless you!

      Reply ·
  78. Lori

    My Dear Susan, thank you for your mission and your message. When i listen to you speak I know it is the truth. I know what you say about the Bright Lines, the sugar, the flour, is all true. I write this with tears in my eyes as I know the stuggle I have. Food is my friend, food is my love. I will grieve for the beautiful food that is currently poisoning my body. Just as I quit smoking over 6 years ago, it is a loss, like I lost my best friend. I so want to join this mission yet another part of me is resisting it. I don’t want to be that annoying person that says no to all the food offered at parties and gatherings, or have to explain why I don’t want a burger and have people around you roll their eyes. LOL. But like you said, I want to be happy in my own skin. I want to be active and happy. Im so tired of the daily stuggle I have with food, so, so tired. I love you, thank you!

    Reply ·
  79. Stefi


    Reply ·
  80. Mary Rose

    Susan, I love that you are making such an effort to get the guidelines of Bright Line Eating out to the world. How about adding to your To Do List a chain of “fast food” (that is, easy to grab) restaurants that serve Bright Line food choices? Just a thought! 🙂

    Reply ·
  81. Christi Wallander

    I can’t wait for your book! Thank you so much for writing it.

    Reply ·
  82. Ronna

    Why don’t you work on engaging heallth networks like Kaiser Permanente , Sutter Health, etc. to use your program , or is that infuture plans? What is currently suggested / offered by them is faulty, irrelevant , and as such unsuccessful. If one walks into one of these aforementioned facilities the evidence of “75% of adults in the U.S. are clinically obese .” is glaringly obvious!

    Reply ·
    1. Fran Otto

      So true. As a health professional, what the dietitians are teaching is so wrong. In my opinion it only supports obesity. The tools you offer is so much more than what one eats. Although is crucial!! Thank you.

      Reply ·
  83. Jeannie Greutert

    Great vlog!

    Reply ·
  84. Christian

    Thank you, Thank you! I just wanted to say thank you! I was 237lbs in February 2016, and this morning I am 161lbs. Now, I hadn’t “met” you yet, but I was able to reach goal weight sorta using Paleo as a guide. After watching your Food Freedom Videos, and scoring a 10 on the susceptibility Scale. I only found you just a couple weeks ago… I feel, and believe that you have given me many tools to prevent ever gaining the weight back! I too am really looking forward to the launch of your new book! (How exciting!) I am just so grateful for the information/tools that you have given me…Thank You!!!!(I think an App is a brilliant idea! Look forward to its launch as well!) ????

    Reply ·
  85. Jackie

    Hi Susan,
    I am one of those who could not afford the Boot Camp (retired, small fixed income). I have tried very hard to find out how your food plan works, but, of course, without the info from the Boot Camp, I can just guess. However, I haven’t let that stop me. A friend of mine and I have committed to not eating ANY sugar or flour, along with some other disciplines we both know to do (from all the years of dieiting!!). We are trying to be accountable to one another. I think this is a good start for us, and will help us get healthier. When your book comes out, we will get more of the nitty gritty and head down the BLE path in earnest. We have both been very motivated and inspired by your messages that have truly hit the nail on the head about the “whys” of sugar/food addiction. Knowing a truthful, logical WHY to do something helps you want to DO it. I very much appreciate that you “stay in touch” and allow us to still see your weekly vlog. Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Denise

      I believe Susan’s food program follows closely the food plan of Food Addicts Anonymous. They have their recommended meal plan posted on their website. You might check them out.

      Reply ·
  86. Jack Olsen

    Are there any slots left in the boot camp, I don’t need it myself (I’ve released over 20 pounds on my own since I first took your test ) but if I can talk my wife into it I think she can benafit greatly from it.

    Reply ·
  87. Carole Duncan

    Congratulations! Such great news about the advancement of enlightenment about food and eating!

    Reply ·
  88. Donna Wood

    I too look forward to your book in ’17. Would
    jump in now but my pocketbook won’t permit it.
    All the best in this successful venture!

    Reply ·
  89. Lin holford

    Susan, your weekly blogs have totally inspired me! I took the quiz and am a three on the scale which did surprise me as I thought I would be at least eight or nine! Then I watched the video about will power that really got to me in many ways.
    You come across as very sincere which makes a change in this world we live in ! You do not know me but the last 4 years of my life have been so hard apart from painfull! The main reason being I have undergone two knee replacements, yes I appreciate many others go through the same and worse but I did not realise what was involved and thought I would be back to my old life in a short amount of time,

    That life was full of running and dog showing at a high level! Now I long for the day when I can just take my dogs for a walk let alone show them. Anyway I just had to thank you for your wonderful words and yes I have to lose weight to get fit again but it is so hard I dearly wish I could afford your boot camp but will not give up and look forward to your book very much. xXX

    Reply ·
    1. Jarka

      Good luck & speedy recovery, Lin 🙂 x

      Reply ·
  90. Sheryl Goldstein

    Day 3 of boot camp and ble. I feel like I have known you forever Susan. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Much love,

    Reply ·
  91. L

    Thank you, Susan. I feel encouraged by your message. After watching the video series I believed there was finally an answer. However, the cost of the boot camp was impossible for me. I was really sad and discouraged. I look forward to all the projects you mentioned and hope I can take part in one of them. I really want to live the happiest life possible.

    Reply ·
    1. Pat

      There are meetings that give much the same information and support for your food addiction and also the food plan I t is free to all that attend it is called Food Addicts in Recovery annyonomous and you can google it and see where the nearest program is good luck I think that Susan gets most of her knowledge from her early yeats in this program

      Reply ·
  92. Roxane Wilson

    Thank you! And… Please make the 4 videos available continuously! They are sooo inspiring, and relevant, and educational. Everyone can be learning your methods and becoming inspired for change!

    Reply ·
    1. Kathleen

      I only got the chance to watch the first video and it made so much sense to me and i was so excited for the others. Imagine my dismay when they were taken down before I had the opportunity to watch! PLEASE make them a available again. I too look forward to the book.

      Reply ·
  93. Valerie

    You are such a force of nature. I feel you. I am one of the ones that couldn’t afford the boot camp this last time. However, I carry your message and am applying what I could fathom from all the videos into my life. How-so-ever let me propose my skills to translate your program into other languages, I am equally skilled in Spanish, Italian and English… who knows, I keep opening doors, and in the meantime, like you say, I am dreaming of living my life happy, thin and free. 🙂 Thank you for your inspirtaion.

    Reply ·
    1. Mariah Perkins

      Valerie, dear one,

      Why not copy and paste this Comment of yours into an email and write to ; give your contact info ; and ask for it to be forwarded to the BLE staff person building a contacts database for consideration when the need comes, as it will, for translators?

      Sending loving regards,
      Mariah Perkins, Susan’s mom

      Reply ·
      1. Kathy Holst

        Yes, make sure you contact Susan for your translating skills!

        Reply ·

    I’ wish to inform you, that am very impressed with your noble program, that has inspired me/others to join.
    Frankly it looks, that you’re doing great job, that is helpful to several classes of peole around the world in all aspects of lives.
    Thanks for your excellent work.

    Reply ·
  95. Judy

    I can’t wait for the book! I watched the food freedom videos and wanted to join the boot camp but I just can’t afford it. I started doing the Food Addicts Anonymous program instead, but I do want to lose weight and the FAA diet is not necessarily for weight reduction…I just watch these vlogs and read the website to stay connected to Bright Line Eating. Susan, you are so encouraging and the global spread of your project is proof that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. You make becoming Happy, Thin, and Free seem like something I could actually accomplish, not just a dreamy goal that stays out of reach.

    Reply ·
  96. Dolf Dunn

    Susan, you certainly are a brave and confident woman to share such an intimate issue with us, but it shows me what a truly caring , genuine, and loving person you are. I am committed heart and soul to your Bright Line Eating program as I am so very tired of being obese and not happy in my skin! I look forward to every new video and blog just to hear you and see what you will tell us next. I want to be able to give your book as a gift to my friends and clients to help them on their journey to better health and happiness.

    Reply ·
  97. Zoraida Cespedes

    Beautiful message Susan.

    I myself will not able to join the boot camp this time, however I look forward to the book and I keep watching your vlogs for inspiration and motivation towards my goal of a better size me with more energy.

    Thank you for your service to society and generations to come.

    Reply ·
  98. Emily Rawlings white

    All I can say and think is that you are so enthusiastic,sincere, and contageous with your wonderful message and the aspirations of your dreams for a better World will come to pass as you have good solid foundations and the focus is not based on finances . You are a true servant and you will be rewarded as that is the law of the Universe.I have a wild dream also that people such as yourself with the message that you share will someday be running for the President of this country and it cannot come soon enough .

    Reply ·
    1. Kathy Holst

      Wholeheartedly agree!

      Reply ·
      1. Margi

        me too.

        Reply ·
  99. Liz

    Thank you.

    Reply ·
  100. Betty

    Great vlog today, Susan. Thank you for all that you do. I’m so anxious for your book. Never forget what a very special person you are.

    Reply ·
  101. Debbie

    Susan, you are absolutely amazing! I love your enthusiasm, encouragement, love, and terrific ability to connect with everyone! I ,too , am impressed with bright line eating! I love your blogs and all your helpful information !! What a gift and a blessing you are to me and many others! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Reply ·
  102. Kim

    I admire your big hairy goal! I can’t afford the boot camp but I’m really looking forward to getting your book.

    Reply ·
  103. Anna

    i wish have known her before i ll try to follow her foot steps to be happy and free anna

    Reply ·
  104. Catriona

    Susan, I can’t wait for your book, as something I can carry with me for reference and encouragement. I also wanted to say that your weekly vlogs, your food myth series etc., which I have printed out and re read regularly, Have encouraged me more than you’ll ever know. Knowledge is powerful, and with the right information I can and will beat my food addiction, and if nothing else start treating my body with respect, eating real foods, and not frankinfoods, made from chemicals or genetically engineered food products. Thanks so much, please keep your blogs and information coming. THANK YOU,

    Reply ·
  105. Cathy

    And so it is!

    Reply ·
  106. Annette

    God bless you, Susan!

    Reply ·
    1. Angela

      You are a missionary Susan, like the luminaries.
      I pray thatGot takes away days from my life and gives you extra years!
      I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT myself.
      I am just aware of the huge world problem!
      God is with you!

      Reply ·
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