Our Role in the Food Revolution

In this week’s vlog, I’m joined by my dear friend Ocean Robbins to discuss what’s new on the cutting-edge frontiers of the Food Revolution. It’s a conversation that’s full of surprises, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


  1. Jayne Del Rio

    Trying to contact you

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  2. Cindi

    I am so glad there is a movement to give voice to the lack of support for the cost reduction strategies of BIG AGRA.
    The down stream effects of these cost cutting measures has lead the American public to BIG MEDICINE due to all the negative sequellae from eating these products.
    The statistics Ocean shared were startling!
    These products that have ingredients in them that we cannot pronounce results in our bodies not knowing what to do with them except store them as fat.
    I have been a part of this revolution for a while and have tried to stimulate questions with a large diet industry entity to encourage the participants to give up the diet drinks…to no avail.
    Keep up the strong work!

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  3. ROSE


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  4. Kathy

    I´ve mostly seen Ocean dressed semi-formally and while friendly – he seemed a bit “stuffy” somehow. But in that blue sporty shirt – well he´s a new man. Go casual Ocean and be even more yourself!

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  5. Cheri Gillean

    Love listening to you Susan. What a great video. I needed to hear you say that eating veggies makes one happy. I know that when I stay whole food plant based I feel fabulous and when I eat the SAD way I feel sluggish, tired and full of PAIN. I am just exploring your videos and your sight. Wish I had an extra grand hanging around to do your boot camp as I feel I could REALLY benefit from it. I am going to take your guidelines that I have seen in a few videos and make them my life plan for food. I have to start thinking of foods that are not whole foods plant based as straight poison for me as they do manifest that way in my body. God bless you for all you do and for your generous and open heart. I am ready to start living life instead of just sitting in this tired, fat body. Your videos are so awesome… I actually feel like I know you and let me tell you…. I love you. Thank you again for your wonderful heart and your ability to reach out and teach us how to love our lives and be happy and healthy.

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  6. tawnya

    Love the connection between good food and good mood!

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  7. Jennifer Sailing

    Food for Thought…

    Inspiring Stuff indeed …AND encouraging !! :-))

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  8. Debbie

    I was shocked about McDonalds so I researched the issue and found out that they are opening 1000 new restaurants and closing 500 under performing ones for a net opening of 500 new restaurants for 2016 worldwide.

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  9. Jarka

    OMG! Guys, finally we see you together! You two have transformed my life enormously in the last year. I’ve learned SOOOOOO much through Susan videos and Food Revolution summit, and their speakers&books! I can’t believe I knew nothing about how the brain, body & food industry works.
    Also wanna thank Collective Evolution (Joe Martino), who introduced me to Susan in the first place.
    Thank you! Keep walking your paths guys, love you!

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  10. Leigh

    I want to learn more

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  11. Jo Ann

    Thank you for all you do & sharing this with us!

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  12. Summer

    Yay! Susan and Ocean on the same Vlog!
    You both make me smile….ugh, that being said (I think I’m gonna be a downer…sorry), I worry about your grocery store, Susan. I think what will be most telling is if the healthful/organic items will be placed at eye level or high/low. I love my healthy Isle in my local grocery store bc it allows me to get what I want without being bombarded with all the other ‘stuff’ that used to turn into impulse buys for me… truthfully, that’s why I try to shop at the natural food store rather than the big grocery store, so I CAN go up and down the isles, but only have other healthful options to chose from. I truly hope the intent behind their changes is GOOD rather than to increase impulse shopping and diversion tactics back to bad old habits…which probably have bigger pockets for eye level product placement, than their healthier counterparts. Geez, I’m feeling pessimistic about this.. I hope you can keep on top of it and make sure their changes promote GOOD and BETTER Choices for customers.
    Bravo to all the great work you both do!

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  13. Nancy

    Great vlog, keep them coming!

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  14. Lexie Keston

    I have just listened to your 3 Food Freedom videos. The information I have absorbed is immense. I have always thought that bread was addictive as well as sugar – but this is the first time I have heard a professional say so. It has filled me with hope that I will succeed in having a healthier life plus the benefit of loosing the many extra kilos that I have managed to add to my body. I have a particular problem that my food selection is greatly limited for I have an intolerance to Salicylates (study by the Sydney, Australia Royal Prince Alfred Hospital – Allergy Department). However I hope that I will now turn my life around.
    Where can I find the information on weighing my food and quantities to eat?
    I thank you Professor Susan from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful work you are doing for so many. I would have gone to your boot camps, but am far away in Sydney Australia.
    Thank you again.

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  15. Regina

    How can we know products are truly organic instead of just a buzz word now being used to sell products.?

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  16. Candace

    What would someone with hypoglycemia do? I’m trying not to eat meat ,but I’m supposed to have protein so that my blood sugar won’t drop. And you said in your video that you don’t need to eat in between meals. So what would I eat to make sure my blood sugar doesn’t drop? The same thing happens to my daughter. It can be very frustrating at times! Thanks!

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  17. Sherriden Davidson

    Hi Susan and Ocean , I am so happy to have watched this video. I read Diet for a new America over a decade ago as a new vegan and long time vegetarian. I am about to join the October boot camp after seeing what it has done for my beautiful friend Khosi Ferris. I’m just so ecstatic that I am amongst like minded people who care about animals and the planet. I was a bit nervous that this would be a sort of High protein low carb eating plan and that I would be substituting and being told that I would not be getting the best results . Having watched this I know that is not the case. Bring on the Boot camp !!

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  18. Riadh

    i am not sure about this collaboration, since organic and juices in addition to smoothies, are not really the right food to eat, if you are a food addict

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  19. Malathie

    Thank you both so much:)

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  20. Annette

    Thank you for all you do!

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  21. Derek John Thomas

    This vlog was awesome. I love seeing both of you team up. Thank you both for the great information and the fun venue for it.

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  22. Barb

    No sound with video on my iPhone 7

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  23. BB

    Great vlog. Could you direct me to the research on teens, vegetables and mood? Thanks

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  24. Meera

    Do you allow liquid stevia?

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    1. Carllie Jaxen

      No form of stevia is on BLE. I hope this helps

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  25. Caroline

    Oops those question marks are NOT what I intended! Sorry

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  26. Caroline

    You two are a force to be reckoned with!!! Your happiness,vibrancy etc. Is more than just food / science ….you are life-giving in your work because you care about more than just yourselves and you share with big hearts!! Thankyou Susan & Ocean,for your pioneering for me too???? Giving your best blesses me/ others because we/ too have mouths and pass on the truth to healthy children and grandchildren so their life isn’t riddled with sickness . Cheers to the future everybody!
    Love & thanks!???? XOX

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  27. Ronna

    Great vlog

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  28. Gay

    Is the next video ready for viewing?

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  29. Lo

    It’s about time thank you so much for your research and hard work keep it up and thank you for the information about green tea and mushrooms l am spreading the word!

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  30. Cathrine Hagen

    Hi and thank you both for the inspiration and sharing of knowledge. I just want to comment on one thing(which set my fokus out of the content completely) , Ocean Robbins said, if I understood him correctly that more people die in the US of wrong eating , adding up to 650 000 people, and that this was more than in both world wars, the Gulf war, Vietnam, Afghanistan etc etc added together?? As far as I know around 18 million people died during ww1 and 50-70 millions under ww2. alone… what did he really mean by saying that? When you are using numers and statistics and some seem to be way off it unfortunately puts all the other statistics in a questionable position as well, I really belive in what you are doing so I would greatly appreciate if you could explain????,Sincerely, Cath.

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    1. Ocean

      Hi Cath – the statement referred to the number of Americans who died in those wars, and the number of Americans (670,000) who die from diet-fueled disease annually.

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  31. Sylvia

    Ocean & Susan, of all the people I listen to about food , food revolution & how & what we should eat, you both make sense. I love your videos.

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  32. Dr Esther Javetz

    Great that you cooperate.
    We need more details about superfoods.

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  33. Laura Schissell

    Nice! Did you film this at Breitenbush?

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  34. Miriam

    Hi originally I really liked your bright line eating information however I found this video flog went a little bit too for the think it is wrong to pick a specific company to attack even though I have never eaten and will not eat McDonald’s food I still don’t think they’re the only corporation that needs to make changes Also I was frustrated and astounded by some of the health claims about food you tried to make I agree we need to get rid of a lot of food production going on in this country and there does need to be a food revolution but I don’t see how you can say eating three button mushrooms daily is going to prevent breast cancer this is what you implied without actual statistical data to back it up

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  35. Sherree Rodriguez

    Most Excellent!

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  36. Susan

    Super pod cast

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  37. Teresa

    GMO is being pushed very hard by Monsanto in Europe and, in order to achieve a better chance of entering the market, just last week they merged with Bayer pharmaceuticals in Germany. They are also pressing hard for approval of TTIP (trade treaty between USA with E.U.). Most local farmers went bust in Europe because they cannot compete with the market of GMO producers and many specialties have been lost forever because of this. Now if we could all grow our food individually it would be GREAT but.. we shop in stores and we don’t know if what they are selling as “bio” it really is. How can we protect ourselves from fraud? When we buy quinoa, cocoa, coffee, nuts etc, for example, we are forcing producers in South America to increase their production due to increased demand. This clearly induces chemical companies to “offer support” to those farmers and so we are back to one again… There is really no way out of this circle, it’s always a win-win game for the Big Corporations.

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  38. Willy

    Great blog and so informative . Looking forward to more BLE info. Loving what I have received and learnt so far. Thanks Susan for you. Willy

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  39. Sharon

    Thanks for all your work and information! Enjoy a healthy and happy day! 🙂

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  40. Marjorie

    I am anxious to see video #3. When will it be coming?

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  41. Chrystina

    Susan- I love you, you gorgeous woman you! Thank you for being such a TOUCHSTONE for all of us.
    Susan, I beg of you, would you please do a blog on veganism and your specific attitudes and personal experiences with and observations of others regarding vegan diet? Do you feel a vegan diet is optimal? Or do some people’s bodies truly require animal protein ?
    THANK YOU! Chrystina

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  42. Jan Lopez

    Enjoyed and shared.

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  43. Dianne Hollister

    Do you eat yogurt as one of your healthy foods?? What quantity of fruit do you allow yourself??

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  44. Judy

    Hi! Susan,
    Love your vlog! I also LOVE the Food Revolution that Ocean Robbins and his father John Robbins have broadcasted worldwide for the last few years. I’ve lived a ‘don’t panic, go organic’ life for many years and am SO HAPPY to see food consciousness spreading to so many people so quickly with John, Ocean and Bright Line Eating!!! I’m originally from Rochester and LOVE Wegman’s in Pittsford and their great variety! I miss it! I ran into a woman in California 25 years ago who when she learned I was from Rochester got a big smile on her face and said, “WEGMANS!!!”

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  45. Karen

    Can you put links on here to send these videos to Twitter & Facebook ?


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  46. peggy cullinane

    I get happy & inspired when I hear & see Susan & Ocean. Thank you for your passion & devotion!
    What an inspiration with both of you!!

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  47. Joseph

    Great vlog Susan! I’ve grown accustomed to expecting to hear amazing, vital information from Susan. Ocean has always had great information on the food revolution. And I was thrilled to see Ocean so alive and sharp as he appeared in this vlog.
    Everyone must see the film, which is only on Netflix (it’s in Streaming): Cowspiracy. It moves this entire conversation to its logical conclusion, and in a most consequential way.
    Joseph in Missoula

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  48. Cheryl

    Love the vlogs!! I’m learning so much and can’t wait to learn more about BLE!

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  49. Nan

    What about green tea and the caffeine? I thought that BLE discouraged the intake of any caffeine? Great blog.

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    1. Linda Frankel

      Green tea is lower in caffeine than black tea. I feel that its benefit in lowering cancer risk particularly for women in families with high incidence of breast cancer make it a very worthwhile choice.

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  50. Jeannie Greutert

    Thank you for having Ocean in this vlog!
    He is truly a beautiful soul!!

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  51. Elle Dubb

    T h a n k y o u. Two. Your delivery of such essential, life affirming info actually ‘moves’ me. School age kids need you. They will lead their parents

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  52. Sharon

    You hit the nail on the head when you said people are “sick of being sick”. I am one who is healing through the food I eat after medical norms failed me.

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  53. Nickie McIver

    Looking forward to your book.

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  54. Melissa Kerby

    Cannot wait for the book, Susan!

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  55. Nancy Wolf

    Two of my favorite people and two of my favorite organizations! The background in your video is so beautiful it looks fake until someone walks along the path behind you. Thank you for another great VLog, Susan!

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  56. Mireya Garcia

    Loved the message, thank you so much!

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  57. Mary Montanye

    What a great Vlog Ocean and Susan. 3 button mushrooms and green tea? I’m on it!

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  58. Dina Melucci

    Were you Really outside? There was no breeze , or sound. Loved like a stagnant, silent photo.

    Reply ·
    1. Kathy

      I saw people walking in background so I would assume they were actually outside.

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    2. Sandy

      Look again. The plants are definitely moving!

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  59. Leslee Riley

    Love today’s message. I’m a fan of Ocean Robbins and also Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I know what to eat and I’m 60 lbs overweight my highest weight ever!! Yuck! Why you ask? My bad choices. My brain is definitely fighting me!

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  60. Gertrud

    Dear Susan and Ocean thank you so much for this Radiant and vitalizing Video!
    I`m looking Forward so much to watch your 3. Video.
    All the best,

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  61. Erin

    You lost me with swine being raped.

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  62. Astrid Maclean

    I have been following Susan and Ocean for a long time now. You are both doing fantastic work, it was great to see you together! Yay, – loved hearing about McDonalds having to close shops!

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  63. Carol

    This is the first I’ve heard about the food revolution – and am excited to look for more information .
    Am also very excited about BLE! I now check my email daily in hopes of getting something from you Susan.

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  64. Gail

    I would love if fast food places could/would find ways to serve healthy food. Love the video

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    1. Tilly

      Then it would not be “Fast” anymore.

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  65. nicola

    God bless you Thank you

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  66. Janis

    What a happy Video!!!!!!! Thank-you both and lots of love.

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  67. Anita finch

    This conversation was not helpful toward controlling my eating issues.

    Reply ·
    1. Sheila P.

      Anita finch: At the top of this page is lots of information about Bright Line Eating which I think you will find relevant,

      Reply ·
  68. Jen

    Wegmans is amazing ! I love your video’s.

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  69. Debbie

    I’m so excited about BLE! I’m looking forward to understanding meal plans and how to live the BLE way! Thank you!

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  70. Deena

    Great podcast thanks Susan and Ocean. Love the news about Mickey Dees!

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  71. Brian Ngiam

    I am exited to know more about this food revolution. How it will benefit myself, the environment and the whole world.

    Thank you guys. See you soon.

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