The Brand New Bright Line Eating Website!!!

I’m incredibly excited to announce the brand new and websites are finally LIVE! Listen to the journey that brought us here in this week’s vlog.

Check out the rest of our new sites:


  1. Francine

    I had ordered the book initially from Amazon. But at Susan’s request, I cancelled my order with Amazon, and issued a new order directly with BLE . iIt’s now been almost two months since my initial order with Amazon, when can I expect my book? I find it extremely long, Had I stayed with Amazon I would have got it a long time ago, it normally tales 2 days the most, so I would have got it around March 24 or 25… I really hope to get my book soon! No more excuse please. I find it very long… ialready opened a ticket with you, hopefully this time you will truly follow-up. Thank you.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Francine,

      We are so sorry it’s taking this long to get you your book! The last of the deliveries are being made in the next few days. If you haven’t gotten your book by April 15, please DO submit another ticket to our as we’ll be tracking and tracing any books not delivered by April 15. Again, we’re so sorry for the delay!

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  2. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    Thanks Susan! Great websites.

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  3. Judy V.

    I just missed your next boot camp for 2016. Do you know when the next one will begin?

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  4. Brenda (Nanny) Tessener

    Just found y’all and I can’t explain how my heart/head are feeling. I know now there is hope for me and my food addiction.

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  5. Linda

    Yay! I’m lovin the new logo and websites!! Kudos and go team!!!

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  6. Susanne

    I love it! Bravo to everyone involved !,,Congratulations!!!!!!

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  7. Anne Marie Harm

    Congratulations, Susan! Clearly a major milestone, fun to see and hear about the progression. Clean, fresh, functional Web site (from what I can tell so far); interesting to hear more on how you’ve developed Bright Line Eating as you navigated. Cheers, and all the best to you & yours!

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  8. JAZ

    I agree that your new logo would make beautiful jewelry and keep sakes or the logo would be very attractive on promotional items (like pens, shirts, mugs, portable phone chargers or food scales) or other such merchandise. Maybe you will need a “shop” section in your next version of your website. All the best from Kingston, Jamaica W.I.

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  9. Lisa

    Beautiful website updates, Susan. Clean lines, easy to navigate, and lots of content – written and visual. I’m so grateful for you sharing your life’s work – a researcher in the truest sense!

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  10. Natalie

    Congratulations!!! How spectacular exciting for you . I follow you on a regular basis. I have been following the BLE principles and it has helped me lose weight. I have fallen off the wagon lately and the weight is creeping back up. So, you new set up has given me impetus to get back on track.
    I love the new logo. Thank you for your work.

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  11. Maureen Dagle

    So happy for you. I wish you and all your followers huge success!

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  12. Maureen Dagle

    So excited for you!! Wish you and of course all your followers huge success!

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  13. Dilia

    Congratulations Susan on your new website. I enjoy your vlogs and the information you are constantly sharing. Over the last year, I have turn my diet tremendously. Over the last 8 months, I have found lots of inspiration – The Truth about Cancer (this is where I saw you for the first time!), and Dr. Axe and leaky gut. I have introduced essentials oils today and I love it. I have followed your advice and I am proud to say that it has been over two months since I stopped eating flour and sugar. I would have never thought that I would not eat bread or pasta, and you know what? it is actually very doable. My question to you is how to handle only 3 meals a day. I feel that I am one of those people who could eat constantly throughout the day. I want to change this part of my lifestyle as I perfectly understand that it is necessary for your digestive system to take a break.
    Until recently, I would have breakfast, healthy snack, lunch, healthy snack, and dinner. Since I started following you, I have stopped the snacks. I find it difficult, especially mid afternoon. May be I am not eating enough. You speak of weighting the food, however, how does one know how much is enough for the size of the person? Thank you again, you have been such an inspiration. I am sharing Bright Lines with friends as I believe that it makes all the sense in the world.

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  14. Mindy Pedlar

    Congratulations! I love the new logo. Wishing you continued success!

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  15. Deborah Jennings

    Way to go Susan. Keep up the good work.

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  16. Lucinda Poole

    Can you please make sure you add how much time the video takes so I can plan during work hours to watch in between. I never know if it is 10 minutes or 1 hour.

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  17. Elizabeth

    Stunning website!!! Congratulations Susan and all at BLE!!

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  18. Helen

    Super great news re: Bright Line Eating! Thanks sooooo much Susan !! Love you and what you do and continue to do for us. Can’t wait for what I know will be
    a best-seller.

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  19. Gail

    Congratulations! The sites look great and very “user friendly” I love seeing your excitement! It translates to others.

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  20. Barbara Rodriguez

    Your growth is inspiring. I’m struggling with my eating and health , I want to move forward in a positive way into this next chapter of my life. I am glad I found you

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  21. ILSE

    Hi Susan, I believe this is great. I am so happy for you and for us who follow BLE. I am definitely going to spread this around so that more people can feel like me and my husband since we joined BLE bootcamp in October of 2015, whow!!! Almost a year already. We will never look back on how this has improved our lives. Not only Happy Thin and Free, but Healthier too. Thank you again Susan for your dedication in wanting to help the world. If only more people would HEAR, SEE, UNDERSTAND, ETC the value of your program. Good luck

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  22. Vera

    Congratulations! I love the site and new logo! Greetings from Argentina!

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  23. Norman

    Hi! Susan
    Well done! Your web site looks great and works well.

    I have a question for you.
    On and off for years I have been following a regime of food combining
    That is eating Meat/ Protein with starchy vegetables or alternatively meat with green vegetables.
    NOT meat with starchy vegetables and green vegetables. which is a normal combination of foods.
    Also waiting 1 ti 2 hours before eating fruit after a meal. Eating green vegetables or starchy vegetables by themselves is ok.
    .I read this regime in a book titled “FIT FOR LIFE” I don’t always do this but I try to adhere to this as much as possible. I found that in the past this has helped me maintain a good digestive system while losing weight slowly.
    I am now committed to “Bright Line Eating” but would like your opinion on controlling the combination of different types of food
    It is not as good as bright line eating as

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  24. Sandy Artman

    Congratulations, Susan!
    I think anyone who has had the experience of creating something, from a seed-idea and nurtured it with their heart and soul into something that seems to have a life of its own, can celebrate how meaningful and exciting this is for you. I believe Spirit planted this idea in your heart but your willingness to serve others has given it the energy it needed to grow.
    Wishing you continued success.
    Love and blessings, Sandy

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  25. Linda

    Congratulations !!! I’ve so enjoyed sharing with you. Such fun! You are so needed.

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  26. Mercedes (from Argentina )

    Oh Susan! I am so happy that you are growing so much! Because your growth means that you can help so many people! I haven’t explored the site yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it. You are the answers to my prayers, you know that. I am translatingoing some of your videos for my friends. Thank you. Eternally thank you! !!!!!!

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  27. Marie Bauer

    You ROCK, Susan! Big Congrats on your new look & website.

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  28. Deb

    Love love love it!! Great change! Everything makes sense – LOVE the logo – congrats!! Go BLE!! Unstoppable!!

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  29. Margaret

    I just want to say how much I like your beautiful black and lavender floral top you had on in today’s (8/31/16) blog. You look so pretty! 🙂 I love the concept of Bright Line Eating, and can hardly wait until your book comes out in April. I wish it was sooner because I really need help now! Thank you for being you.

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  30. Wendy Watt

    Help! I am a home study bright liner. I was gone most of the summer and I was only able to listen to Module 1 so far. I have lost the link I need to read the rest of the modules or find the resources etc. Can you help?

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  31. Bobbie

    Oh that is exciting to get more information out there and I love the new logo. The way you described what the logo means , fits it to a tee.
    It will also be beneficial for us followers to share the sites with family who are asking about BLE.
    I am glad you are going forward on this and I hope the transition to full time BLE is making it easier by giving your tenure at the college.
    All the best to you Susan and I thank the Lord for leading me to your videos. I am now healthier, free of food addiction and thinner.

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  32. laurie

    I love all that you are doing and have accomplished. I love your logo and can see maybe a necklace? some earrings? It truly is that beautiful!

    Keep up the good work!

    Laurie from Ohio

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  33. Judy

    I thank the Universe for finding you. I am on your boot camp…my life is so changed and for the better , especially my health and outlook, everything really. Love the new logo too…you are my friend for life…..

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  34. Lorenzo McCoy

    Nice site. I have been following you since I saw you on a video about the launch method. I like the fact that you are a doctoral level researcher and teacher who sees past a lot of the orthodox ways of teaching about health and wellness. The neurobiologic connection to epigenetics fascinates me. keep up the great work. I will peruse the whole site tomorrow and spread the word. Peace and Blessings.

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  35. Cherie

    How exciting. I love it! You make me smile! ?

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  36. Loretta

    I love the new logo.

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  37. Jayne Del Rio

    after I am successful at sticking to this BLE & have a N I C E figure I am interested in getting your new logo as a tattoo! yea!

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  38. c4p

    Congratulations and thanks Susan. Really helpful to refer people here.

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  39. Frances

    Congratulations.. great to have your help. Thanks.

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  40. Deb Hall

    I love your new website! It looks very snazzy! I also appreciate your work and the education you provide to help those of us who have struggled all our lives with weight issues. I’ve put into practice some of the things you teach and learning about the role the brain plays was so freeing! God bless your willingness to share your knowledge.

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  41. Donna

    WooHoo. The new sites are beautiful. Love you. Have a wonderful week.

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  42. Joseph

    What a comprehensive website Susan! Yours is such a valuable contribution to the world community. Not to mention you’re knockout presence! And I just love your camisa. Looks like it’s from the Oaxaca, Chaipas or the Yucatan.
    Joseph in Missoula

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  43. Connie Bennett

    Great new sites, Susan! Really awesome! You should be super proud! Congrats! Warmly, Connie

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  44. Fran

    I like the new look. Your committment to this project is truly inspirational.

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  45. Sherree Rodriguez

    YAY Susan! I love it. This is great. So happy for you.

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  46. Terry

    Will we still be able to access the old website?

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  47. Jeanene

    Congratulations! Love all your new websites. Good for you!

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  48. Lisa Edwards

    So exciting!! I’m so happy for your growth and the explosion of your business 🙂

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  49. AMY

    LOVE the logo!!!!

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  50. MJ

    Love your new logo, Susan. Wishing you well as you sail the ship of success!

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  51. Constance Stamas

    Susan, you should have someone create a little charm, pin, or pendant, in gold and silver of your new logo. It’s pretty! I think it would be a nice thing for people to keep, or wear, as a reminder to keep our Bright Lines. Maybe even a keychain…
    Does this sound too corny?

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  52. Esmarie Cooper

    CONGRATULATIONS on all the new STUNNING websites SPT and your Team!! WOW! I just love it!!! I’ve already sent the links to some of my friends.

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  53. jen

    One thing that we health enthusiasts like to do is to share our interests with others, of like mind. And if we go to a web site, and there is nothing there to share, the web site, kind of become too empty to share.
    Being a guest of other health experts, also, helps spread your word, which is how I found out about you. The health movement grows more and more with webinars, because it exposes the unknown names. Makes them more known and grows their business, sometimes faster than ever. Online is a way to grow exponentially. It can be a spiraling cycle.
    Since Big Pharma has the TV media hamstrung, the Internet is the main way to learn about health topic. I prefer to listen, as I am able to do menial tasks at the same time.
    Whereas, lots of reading can rob one of valuable time. And sitting for long hours is not good for our heart or any of our body parts. Another point. The lymph system is our wastebasket of our bodies. The main way to empty them is to walk. Getting addictive to learning and reading on the Internet doesn’t get us to move. Never let anyone talk you into emptying those “wastebaskets”. or you will be in worse trouble.

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  54. Peter

    Kudos to you and your development team, Susan. The site looks terrific. Easily navigable and visually appealing, with nothing but clean, bright lines as far as the eye can see.. How appropriate!

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