Bright Line Eating Road Trip

Over the past week, I drove with my husband and three kids from New York to California and learned a lot of Bright Line Eating™ lessons along the way. Hear about my sunny road trip experiences in this week’s vlog.


  1. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    I’ve made the decision to start BLE once my husband and I move out of our house that we just sold and into our new condo (about one week from today). It’ll be a new start for me and I’m excited, yet nervous. I tried BLE in the past (half-heartedly) and failed miserably. I’m going to really try and stick to the bright lines this time. I’m reading your book and catching up on your weekly vlogs and I’m very inspired by you. I’m even considering going back to school to finish my science-based degree that I abandoned over 12 years ago because of the impact you’ve made on me. Thank you!

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  2. Donna Steineke

    Susan, When you said, we “become a walking billboard,” it really resonated with me this morning. I’ve lost 50 lbs. and see others are unsatisfied with their weight. I want to rush in and help, but that isn’t very helpful if they aren’t ready. I can best explain my point by telling what is working with my husband. I could preach to him daily (without success) but when my last twenty lbs. came off that seemed to encourage him to lose as well. My whole point here is that for me setting a good example is more effective than words. I want to help people, but I pray for patience to wait for people to ask for help. I’m happy with my progress; I plan to lose another 10 lbs. and when I look at others I will pray to see their inward beauty only. PS Occasionally, I still share tidbits with my husband of what I’m reading about healthcare issues, and compliment him on his successes. E.g. he needs to put another hole in his belt; “that is great.”

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  3. Virginia Bennett

    I have been struggling to stay on course with my bright line eating and my food plan. The first 3 1/2 weeks went very well and I lost 31.8 lbs. Since than I have stayed the same or gone up a little, so that now I have gained 2 lbs. since that great weight loss accomplishment.

    I almost signed up for your home study course that was recently offered, but when there is a large expense to consider, I talk it over with my husband before going ahead with it. He said I could do well without signing up for it. I was not sure I agreed with him, but I didn’t sign up for it.

    I am still struggling. I found it did help to start a thankfulness journal and to focus on what I was thankful for instead of what I wanted that I shouldn’t have.

    I finally told my husband I cannot keep resisting the temptation to eat inappropriately when he has to go out to eat at a fast food place after an evening meeting and wants me to go in with him and when he is frequently stopping for ice cream or pop at a fast food restaurant when I am with him. He decided to go to the store and by something instead that night in order to relieve the pressure on me. However, it is still hard for me that there are foods he can eat and I shouldn’t that are in our home.

    He eats cereal every day for breakfast, such as cheerios or raisin bran or rice krispies. He eats tortilla chips every day when he gets home from work. He has bread in sandwiches. And it is amazing to me that, no matter what lunch he takes with him that he likes, most of the time he goes out to eat at a fast food place any way. His going out when I am not with him does not tempt me. It just wastes money when I am working on making our food budget more frugal. What does tempt me daily is having boxes of cereal in the cupboard and bags of chips by his chair.

    I should not be criticizing him because I love him and he is a wonderful person in so many ways. But how do I overcome the constant temptation of foods in our home that are not good for me?

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    1. LAVERNE

      Virginia I feel your pain. My husband is a junk food junkie too. He is out of town most of the time and after a long trip away he will be coming back home and I’m really scared. I want to stay within my bright line eating and I’m committed to that. I know it’s going to be much much harder when he comes though… I will ask him to watch videos and I will make a request that he honor my efforts and support them as much as he can… I will be asking him to keep any junk food in his trunk of his car I love honor and respect towards me. I hope when he sees how important it is to me that he will be affected by it and who knows, maybe inspired. It’s A Hard Road without the support and I’m glad he’s a wonderful person in spite of his eating habits haha… I know in order to stay the course I have to remember that I’m doing this for me and I need it right now so badly… It has been an Awakening of a very sleep full version of myself that I don’t even recognize to be me and I am ready and all too happy to keep hurt away from my new life but I’m feeling since ble. Hugs and good luck

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  4. Celeste Magers

    Here’s a tip on a cooler for road trips. Coleman makes a 40 quart cooler that’s electric and runs on your car’s 12V battery – so you don’t have to mess with ice. And there’s an adapter that can convert it to 110V volts so that when you take it into the motel room at night, you can run it there too. I lived out of one of those for months when I was traveling by car a lot and it was great.

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  5. Megh

    Oh Susan! You look ecstatic out there on the left coast! Well done well done well done. I love that you asked these restaurants to weigh and measure your veggies. Never occurred to me. I thought I was being good just asking for more vegetables. But you got right down to it. All right, I will copycat you on that. I just got back from Australia. I was fed in a school environment which had lots of starch and meat and potatoes in cold wintry Melbourne. It was challenging. I have to say I’m really happy to be home in the summer Berkshires and with a little more control of what I’m putting in my mouth. You continue to rock my world. I am telling more and more people in my Positive Psychology and Let Your Yoga Dance world that I am a bright line eater, and sending interested folks to you:) And most ARE very interested indeed:) love you like a love song:)??

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  6. Tami Garcia

    Thank you so much for being such an Inspiration!

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  7. Allison

    So great! Question – -did you kids eat the nuts etc as their protein for breakfast and lunch too? – – How do you handle multiple diets ( bright line for you and ) – “non bright line” for others?

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  8. Loryn Ankeny

    What a great vlog about the cooler and eating dinner out. I am unable to eat any meals out, but this vlog is really a healthy eating promo. so go Susan!!

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  9. Barbra McPike

    Thank you Susan!!! SO glad you all are having such a great and memorable-for-sure adventure! AND these tips are great – I really appreciate you sharing them and they are very timely. Yes I’d had the same thought about asking restaurants to weigh my food but hadn’t yet tried it (I have been blessed to have the time and space to be at home these 8 weeks of Boot Camp so I’ve not been to a restaurant yet – but I have some travel coming up in September, October and next year so I’m really glad to know these tips! Have a wonderful time celebrating! [s]

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  10. robin Armstrong

    hi Susan…

    i luv the BLE system…your tips here and on the modules have helped me so much
    during my first 3 weeks on the system….it is working, i am so excited 🙂
    your travel /restaurant tips are coming at the perfect time…lots of summer events
    and day trips 🙂
    have a super holiday!!

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  11. Pauline Binkley

    How basically does Bright Line differ from Paleo? Can you have beans and rice? I’m on Paleo and miss them.

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  12. Beverly Scarpulla

    Would love to have the recipe for your little protein packs. Leaving on a weekend trip tomorrow. :0) Hope you had a really nice time.

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  13. Karen

    What a great tip! Thank you Susan! My husband and I actually did this on a weekend trip with our kids last month. Saved some money (and calories) on restaurant food..

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  14. Cindy

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for this blog!! I no longer will have trouble getting enough vegetables in restaurants. Thank you. We always go out of out way to be very polite asking for food concessions in restaurants and servers thank us and go the extra mile for us.

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  15. Christina Young-Wootton

    Thank you Susan!
    Love hearing your blogs?
    It is now 10 months since I did your boot camp and I’m still on the journey and find your blogs encouraging, reinforcing also help keep me feel very connected!
    My son has lived and worked in the US for over 10 years, the last 5? in San Francisco….who knows I might just bump into our BLE Ambassedor one day whilst visiting:)!
    Enjoy your exciting trip and all the best to you and your lovely family and for your future success.
    Much love xxx

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  16. Jeannie

    You are just so cute!!!

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  17. Sharyl Landis

    What a fun trip for your family!!! I had 2 people comment on how good I looked yesterday and it is all thanks
    to you and all of your BLE family. We’re heading out on a road trip too so thank you for all the good tips!!!

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  18. hege

    Hi. Thanks for the encouragement. But what size of coolers do you have in the states? The coolers where I live, would hold like 2 bags og lettuce and I broccoli. And how do you keep them cool during stops? I will be without any electricity for 7 days. So this is a challenge. Also no way to shop during these 7 days.

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  19. Lorraine

    Great Video, You are so the Bright Line Eating ambassador. I am So So Happy I am on my journey with you

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  20. Danuta H Fadanelli

    Have a safe and fun trip home, as well. Let us know how the wedding reception (food) went too! I have a wedding end of September. and I ‘d like some of your insight and experience on what to do. God bless you all!

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  21. Annie

    Thanks for all your insight, you are a great example to follow.

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  22. Julia Carol

    Thanks for the timely Vlog, Susan! My husband and I are about to leave for a two week trip… the first ever in our trailer… I’m way over planning, taking my Instant Pot for my beans and my Vitamix for my Cashew Milk… extra igloos … and I’ve been nervous. I never thought of eating out, since we’re in a trailer and I don’t eat out much anymore at home.

    I love your ideas… and I love YOU!!!!

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  23. Zoe

    Great job staying within the bright lines on a road trip! Congratulations! Thanks for all the great tips! Awesome. ?

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  24. Stefi

    Have a great time Susan & your family ?
    I think if I ran into you somewhere , I’d momentarily pass out!! Cheers?

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  25. esther pearlman

    I love that your so dedicated to your special food with the trip as well. It reminds me of when we went from Hacienda Heights near Pomona in Calif. My husband, three children and I went to Mexico. Unfortunately, we didn’t have such a great tip. I made my macrobiotic food for a weeks worth. My husband rented an old motorhome. The refrigerator went off. The food went bad. My clothes got messed up when the shower went on unexpectantly. My husband forgot to arrange a hook-up for the electricity to parkt the motorhome. The tire got a flat. We went outt side when we parked. It was dirty. Guys were driving their motor bikes. We went to a bar that had those electric horses. A few of our kids went on. The bar had not so hot food. We ate it any way. We finally went to park at Vacation Village so that we could sleep in comfortable beds and eat some different food that wasn”t spoiled. We laugh about it now, remembering a film with Lucy and Desi Arnes, and their funny film they made. Anyway thank you for reminding me of our trip. Have a great time at the wedding and back home.

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  26. Ronna Berezin

    lovehow you’ve expanded the dimension of BLE. You make it possible and probable for ur group. Yu look great!

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  27. Jacque Brown

    Joyfulness shines through on this vlog! I’m getting ready for my first road trip since starting BLE in March. Thanks for the ideas and the joy. ?

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  28. Kelly M

    Brightline Eating Ambassador! What a great way to describe my conversation with a client today–she had to know how I got thin…and how I’m staying thin….and I’d add happy and free.

    My family and I spend 8-9 weeks a quarter on the road for our business. Listening to your strategies has strengthened my BLE program. Thanks!

    Safe travels and enjoy your trip! We’ve visited 46 states by car–we live in a magnificent country with awesome, friendly people!

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  29. susan richlin

    Hi Susan,
    WELCOME BACK TO CALIFORNIA! Will you be passing thru LA?
    I would love to run into you..LOL
    Have a great time here

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  30. Nancy

    Having just finished a five week cross country trip, I would concur that your strategies work because I used most of the ones you mention. And it was amazing to feel so mentally and physically and was never tired or cranky; plus, I lost three pounds. Thank you, Susan, for giving me the courage take this trip and to effortlessly incorporate my BLE routine into a bucket list trip.

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  31. Graciela

    I love the cooler idea. Thank you so much for sharing with us all these great ideas. Enjoy the wedding!!!

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  32. Genia

    I am a weight watcher but love your blogs. Especially this one as we are planning a road trip from London, Ontario to Branson, Missouri.j

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  33. Jenifer

    This is perfect timing!! I’m leaving on a road trip in a few days. I love the cooler idea and your “trail mix” of nuts, edamame and chick peas- sounds so good! How many ounces would this be for one serving?

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  34. Ama

    Are you Bright Line Eating? LOL. You are great. You will be a household name soon.
    Reminds me I was hiking In Malibu and I saw Fran Dresher on the trail and I said “You’re The Nanny!” She smiled.

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  35. Sherri

    I just love you so much Susan! You are Bright Line Eating and I so am proud to be apart of this amazing community!

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  36. Valerie

    Oh Susan what a fantastic vlog. You have no idea how happy that lady was that she’d seen “the BLE lady”!!
    Love the tip on getting the right portions in a fancy restaurant. I’m going to give that a try. Enjoy the wedding! Are you part of the Wedding Party? THANKS! HUGS!!

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