Be Yourself

Lately I’ve gotten some comments about the fact that I roll my eyes up and back and say, “Welcome to the weekly vlog,” in a sing-song voice. Some people have indicated that it conveys that I lack confidence in what I’m about to share. Watch this week’s vlog to hear my thoughts about this, how I handle the criticism, and how it relates to you and your Bright Line Eating™ journey.


  1. Harold Gretzky

    I always thought that your weekly vlog intro and eye tool up was trademark. It’s just you

    I think that SPT is both adorable and always deeply sincere.

    She is always well spoken.

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  2. Olga

    Hello again ,
    No email no vlog,
    I missed you,
    R U ok ?
    Just worried,
    Hope you and you’re family and BLE are all fine,hope to hear from you soon Soon !💜Olga From ATHENS Greece
    Ps oh! Happy thanksgiving to you all.

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  3. Wanda Wilcox

    I learned a long time ago that I can’t please everyone.

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  4. Erica

    I personally perceive your opening gestures as sincerity and excitement! People read others thought the scope of their own feelings, thoughts and life experiences. It’s just personal perspective. Sometimes our feelings have more to do with ourselves than others. It is always a good idea to look inward and ask ourselves a few questions before offering our feedback.

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  5. Susan

    It’s not about whether you like Susan or think she’s a great person, it’s about her effectiveness as a presenter. When I watched her opening, I felt as if she was bored when rolling her eyes back and using her “same ol’ same ol'”voice. Her body language isn’t engaging and doesn’t make me want to listen to her. It’s not personal, it’s about effectiveness. Are you losing listeners due to your body language? You have such an important message, as I believe so many of us have, that the way you say it is as, or more important than what you say. Don’t let the way you say your message deter people from listening to you.

    I won’t be listening any longer as I feel the vlogs take too long, aren’t succinct, and your body language detracts from the message.

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  6. Teresa

    I love how cheerful you are, and as I just read your book last weekend and started the 14 day challenge today, I’m spending some time watching your videos. I LOVE how happy, enthusiastic, supportive and welcoming you are….and the singsong beginning is sweet. You are so intelligent and well educated, very articulate, but not afraid to be silly and say things like “awesome possum”. You are so real. You never put on airs, nor try to pontificate. 🙂 Don’t change.

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  7. Helen McDonnell

    Sweet Susan💗 We all have so much to say about this!
    Thrilled that you encourage all to be their confident unique selves. I attend regular medical lectures for my work and listen to scientists,doctors,educators and many wonderful knowledgeable speakers but, most don’t present as confident,clear or motivational.
    Turning this into a positive reflection for your tribe again honors the wonderful in you.
    You are a gift to us all we can unwrap over and over.
    Your book and 14 day have been wonderful! Now on my way to Boot Camp! Then Forever 🙂
    I also echo don’t change your authentic self we love it,💖

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  8. Dina

    On further thought … I am a pretty powerful, direct woman, too, and I know that I use body language like the type you mention in an attempt to disarm people ….. and it is certainly not an expression of self-doubt!

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  9. Dina Grossman

    Maybe I don’t remember correctly, but it seems to be that you didn’t start your earlier VLOGS with the eye roll and sing-song …. So I wonder who is the “real Susan”? Or maybe it is just that you change from time to time?

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  10. Beatrice Raymond

    Yes looking up is thinking and recall. I am a psycho therapist. If and when i have given a speech i have been taped and do the same thing. I am assertive and believe in what you are saying. I have read your story and am amazed at your courage. Yeah, lets all be ourselves!!!

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  11. Kim

    Love you even more now! 😀 <3

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  12. Jana

    Susan this is so far my favorite video.You are rock GIRL!!!Love every minute listen to you❤️Thank goodness I found you or you find me?Love love loveJana

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  13. Elizabeth

    I did not read all the comments….oy! I am with Ruby right above this…..sheesh! Be you! Everyone else is taken. As I read somewhere.

    I am also cracking up at how much people have to say about this.

    Also, so many people are so so so f’in serious.

    I love being me…..and it is big energy and silly energy and wild energy. I am done with folks telling me too much or to quit laughing so loud…..ha!

    Thanks Dr. S!

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  14. Ruby

    Seriously?! You people need to get a life….there are better things to spend your time on. Now go give thanks for Susan in your gratitude journals.

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    1. Kim

      Lol, right on

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  15. Jenna C Reed Livingston

    LIVE YOUR TRUTH–yes. Yes I will. Thank you for this message today.

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  16. Kari

    Wow! So many comments on this! Susan, if you read this I want you to know that I LOVE the energetic, animated way you present information. I could very easily just listen to your videos and vlog posts with headphones while I continue doing whatever (like I do everything else)… BUT I pull out my reading glasses and stare at my phone specifically to soak up all that wonderful positive energy you project! You make me feel like you are speaking directly to me, like you have all the faith in the world that I WILL overcome my food addiction. That energy and that faith is inspiring. Sustaining. Powerful.

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

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  17. Veronica Castillo

    Thank YOU!!!! Your message was so powerful and your credentials were so impressive. Your so full of life and have been where many of us are had me instantly engaged to you. It is simple ENVY that people have of others is understandable when the Brain is Fogged and Sick. Your BEAUTIFUL inside and out.
    I praise your efforts and taking this to a new level of confidence that you will get from staying true to yourself and purpose. I honestly could watch you all day and the FACT that your stylish in every way is a incentive for ME. I love your response of how to talk to others and I may no longer have the attitude that WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS. It requires GUTS to get on the SOAP BOX. AND ask for peoples attention Thank YOU for having the resolve to do it. Your sincere and I TRUST what your saying. Please keep up the cause. WE ARE LISTENING TO YOUR INSPIRING OUT POUR OF SENSE. GO SUSAN! Wherever that is I am following. X O X O

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  18. Betty Napolitan

    It is your conversational, “eye-rolling” style that keeps me watching your videos. I have become jaundiced towards professional, market driven style presentations. Its hilarious that your style of body language is the bone of contention. Given your good information, enthusiasm, lovely voice, face, and figure, it’s just incredulous to take issue with ‘Welcome to the Vlog’.

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  19. jen

    We all have our own individual body language and facial expressions.
    Many times very similar to a family member.
    Some talk with their hands more than others.
    I took it, that you were in thought, before you spoke,
    and we all need to think before we articulate the wrong wording.
    Some will twist their jaw, when they are thinking, before the next statements.
    Thinking before speaking… that is something that is admirable that some don’t practice.

    Being judgmental is a lot worse than having a unique way of expressing ones self.
    Being critical is not a good thing.
    Having the power of discernment is good, as we won’t be conned into trouble.
    Keep being unique, don’t let anyone take that away from you.
    You might look at your videos to see what others are talking about.
    It is nothing to lose self esteem over.
    It doesn’t make you lesser in being professional.
    That is your forte.

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  20. Deborah Houk

    You go, girl! One of the things I like about you and your blog is that you are authentic. Your ability to be yourself without apology or defensiveness sets a great example. I have learned a lot from your info, your presentation, and your example. Please keep up the good work!

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  21. stuart schlotterbeck

    This is the 1st time I’ve left a comment on the vlogs. Susan, you roll your eyes upward, sing-song the opening, talk with your hands, tilt your head from side to side, and sometimes talk with a “nervous laugh”. I suppose that all of these things could be considered irking to others and/or poor public speaking habits.

    Personally, I seem them as simply your own personal quirks, habits and/or speaking style. I see nothing wrong with any of them. In my opinion, these things all reflect your charismatic, larger-than-life, exuberant personality. That personality was one of the things that helped to convince me to try the BLE program. I find your speaking style refreshing, cute and comforting. Your personality make some of the drier subject matter more bearable. Keep doing the videos the only way you can, the SPT way. In my daughter’s words, “Haters gonna hate! You just be you, girlfriend!”

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  22. Stephanie

    Susan, if you read this, I want you to know how much I love this topic, love you, and love BLE!!! Anyone who has watched you over time and read your emails knows that you are so completely and expertly invested in your mission–your BHAG!–to help people, really help people. You could deliver your vlog using a bullhorn and I’d listen intently, because I think you are so smart, educated, insightful, and full of love and fun. Your message has changed my life for the best!!! You’ve given me countless tools and strategies for effecting truly impactive change!!!! Thanks for being yourself, and for encouraging all of us to be ourselves. Such a simple, significant message :). Thanks, thanks, and ever thanks!

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  23. Jeannie Greutert

    I have always consider your vlog intros as playful and fun!
    Keep being your authentic self.
    Love ya’ Susan


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  24. Lucy Stoops

    Hurray Susan. I am on a weight loss journey and i am at the point where people started saying”your too thin” but really i was just at the normal BMI point. Be YOUrself is great advice.

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  25. Betty Harris

    Congrats to In Love w Love , well done for putting into words that l relate too. If we are all made aware of things that irritate others we do or say wouldn’t it stop a lot of insecure creative people standing up , speaking out for things or causes they believe in ? How many people have ever looked at a self made video , i’ve tried it once & felt very humbled l looked unprepaired & having to take it more than 6 repeats to send was a challenge. It does one good to watch presentors on TV to see what irritates you about them & why , we all have a habbits that will get under your skin at some time , Susan l thank you for another lesson within a lesson , shake & wake them up baby. Love your reaction.

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  26. Bill

    I thought it (the vlog intro) to be a bit strange but since the content was presented in a professional manner I ‘blew it off’ completely unimportant.

    I am not a ‘Bright Line’ eating participant and scored somewhere at the very low end of the test. However, I was introduced to Susan through the ‘Food Revolution Summit’ and found her presentation to be very interesting. I understand that I was clearly one of those people that believed that ‘fat people’ just needed to ‘push themselves’ away from the table for many, many years. That belief began suffer damage in its’ certainty when I started noticing that several people that I knew very well were NOT overeating. I also learned that many people that I knew ‘could not seem to avoid’ certain foods.

    Would I eat a piece of chocolate cake as a guest? Yes, I would but then as much as I like some cakes I have not eaten any for well over a year. Thus, I know that to have some would not cause me to go out and binge on cake. What Susan helped me (and probably thousands of others) realize is that for a great many people there are foods that cause addictive responses. I sincerely wish that everyone that knows someone that suffers from a food addiction would learn what Susan teaches about this problem.

    Finally to Susan directly: You appear to me to have what would call a ‘small frame,’ ‘sharp features,’ and a ‘slender build.’ There is a huge difference between slender and skinny. Skinny is indeed unhealthy but I don’t believe that you are skinny.

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  27. JJ

    Why are women always so jealous and threatened by another female who is bright, articulate and confident?

    Susan has found a communication style that she is comfortable with. Frankly, I find her opening light and engaging. Be careful how much stock you put into body language. It is easily off base of what a person is thinking or feeling.

    If you truly appreciate what Susan has to offer, then can you find the grace to over look a miniscule piece of her presentation that is not the heart of her content?

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  28. Vivian

    Dr. Susan – Your vlog is FOOD & EATING THERAPY for me. It gives me insight, inspires and keeps me on a healthier track. I had perceived the “sing-song” introductions as your way of showing us not to take life so seriously! Your intros are cute and uplifting. It is my honest opinion that those who are bothered by this are not sincerely seeking guidance for eating disorders. There are much more important things to consider when someone offers the hand of recovery than whether you like a voice or mannerism. In the Twelve Step Programs, it is called “principles before personalities” . . .

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  29. Dolores

    I’ve read all the comments. I wasn’t going to add to it but I realized that it is bothering me the judgements that some are putting on other. For instance, many of you have brushed off the comments you don’t agree with by giving a trite judgement that they are critical and it’s something in the person that is wrong. I did not get that sense at all. I think people are just being honest. It honestly does irritate some of us, not because we are being critical but because for some reason it is irritating and seems incongruent with the Susan we see in all the other videos. Maybe it’s a cultural thing..who knows..My point is if you love how Susan opens the vlog, then great, you can say so without judging someone who doesn’t care for it. However, what I think we all agree on is that we love what Susan is doing and find her information valuable and that is what is important. If Susan is happy with how she is opening the vlog, then for those of us who find it irritating we just have to overlook it and accept that is how she likes to do it.

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  30. in love w love

    wow some of those comments r ruff, dang….u know ive never written into a blog b4?, ever….but im about to jump in w both feet tho….im bout to go deep! LOOK MA IM BLOGGIN! hey everybody, im 45, im alive and thats amazing, i overcame alcohol and drug addiction, violence, poverty and severe life threatening chronic neurological disease w natural medicine, food, and cultivating the ability to love. im now pretty functional and have two medical degrees. first of all i gotta give great respect for warriors like susan…..seriously Much respect dr thompson. to make it back from the front lines of war is incredible but to then patiently teach others how to fight is divine. well, hmmmm, so….., for folks who tend to pick apart things like eye rolling, i think i get it, we dont want weak or confused leaders, we dont want holes in our life rafts, maybe i can see that…..But also, maybe consider that its possible that what u see in others says more about You than it does about Them…..(meaning that ur interpretations show more about how u think than it shows about the things u r interpreting)….. u can argue back and forth about what something “really means” but perhaps a thing means something different based on the different contexts its put into…..and seeing/hearing susan’s way of being its really hard for me to think that shes insecure here… u gotta maybe check urself and ask “why would i interpret this as insecure when so many others dont”…..and i suggest that its bc ur not clearly recognizing context…..meaning that we r soo captivated by our own experience that its hard to relax that experience enuf to feel someone else’s experience…..this is what meditation can be, the ability to relax deep enuf and long enuf to change how we experience things… this – if we have alot of anger/criticism then we see more anger in a situation than there actually is, if we have alot of fear/insecurity then we see more fear in a situation than there actually is, and this is bc our perception is pre-occupied w these emotions, saturated in these emotions (like looking thru an imperfect lense, everything looks imperfict)…..but if we have a normal (aka healthy) amount of these emotions then we can see when there is too much (or too little) of an emotion being presented……and in someone as emotionally healthy as susan seems to be, its my suspicion that shes just playing around having fun from time to time, just freestylin, lettin the ruff side drag, basically shes not taking it all too seriously, but what she does take seriously she seems to take Very seriously, (afterall “mediocrity is the devil’s own brew!”). personality, how we project ourselves, the Ngakpas call it dancing in the sky of emotions…..having the clarity of mind enuf to let urself go where ur emotions take u…..and when u notice ur going too far, u simply dance in another direction….., like allowing ursellf only enuf anger to ward off abuse but not so much that u r cynical, or allotting urself enuf fear to run away from temptation but not so much fear that ur paralyzed from taking action…..or perhaps having the humility to be able to laugh at urself but not so much that u lose ur dignity….(bright line mind maybe) look here, life is precious and at the same time it can tie u to a post and whip u for all ur worth, we never know what tomorrow’s gonna bring so if someone is being kind and helpful to us then they should be guarded, protected and celebrated (dont critique the hand that feeds u). ive been rode hard and put up wet for 25 years, and now from the perspective of a functioning, joyful survivor i gotta say to those who tend to back-bite and nit-pick…..u gotta learn to love flavor…..people’s excentricities Are the stuff of life, if u let people be loose around u, theyll surprise u with what they show u……where there’s yin there’s always yang, so dont always demand the scientist to appear, also enjoy the artist thats mixed in there displaying themselves any way they like for no real reason at all, just chillin, kickin it, shootin the breeze…… susan u r a force of nature, a true gift to us all whether we know it or not, its bc of great work and perseverance like uve demonstrated that people can free themselves from suffering and its causes, and if that werent enuf ur even compassionate enuf to explain urself to us (omg, wow, thank u – now Thats humility). u may actually have it all, i think u may have won the game…u go gurl, represent, show your right!

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  31. Meg Fox

    I wonder how many people who are critical of Susan’s demeanor have had to stare into a camera conveying a heart felt message as opposed to interacting with real people. It is not easy and quite unnatural to do. Susan is a PHD not an actress. I feel It’s all about her message not her style. I live by the code “don’t should on yourself and don’t should on others.” Acceptance is one of the hardest issues we all have to work on. Maybe if we work on accepting others for who they are we might find self-acceptance easier.

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  32. Andrea

    So interesting that people have vastly different takes on this little gesture. I have always found it disarming and humble, and yes, fun as you say. Susan, one reason I repeatedly go to your vlog is that you balance brains with heart and humility and passion and honesty. Yes, be yourself, this is part of your brand. You.

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  33. Diane

    I am totally thrilled by your whimsical and loving introductions, the rolling of your eyes, the tilting of your head and your soothing sing songee intros. I would say on a scale of 1-10, this scores a 10 for me! I am
    lifted and empowered by these mannerisms, plus your open heartedness, loving spirit, and cute spiky hair, and all you are and do and say. These mannersisms, your very essence, and other traits resonate so strongly for my recovery. For some reason all of you gives me confidence in myself, and this particular blog has helped me overcome to a greater extent my own destructive worrying about what others might think of me and perhaps not approve of me in some way, thus turning me towards food to soothe. Through this discussion, I’ve learned more than ever to totally love myself and even the parts of me that others may not think O.K. However, I also liked so very much your instructions as to how to handle situations where others might not approve of something about me and the steps I could use when these things come up! Of course, always perhaps there might be some room for improvement in some way on my part, but then again, perhaps it’s just me being me. I loved this discussion so very much, and can’t thank you enough for it. I have learned so much. As for me and my recovery, PLEASE continue to roll those eyes, tilt that head , give me that sing songee voice, and that sun shiny big big smile for every blog in the future!

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  34. Bea

    I couldn’t read all the comments. But the seriousness of some of them is hardwarmingly funny to me. I think Susan is just playful with her intro and as she says friendly. I love this vlog, it always makes me feel happy and reinforces me. Wish you a happy time altogether

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  35. Bonnie MacBird

    Susan I teach and think you have a remarkable presentation style and sincere delivery. Even though I prefer to read to take in material, your speaking persona is so pleasant and no-nonsense and friendly, and above all smart that I love listening to you. Kudos to you for not bowing to criticism. As a writer whose first book came out last year, I find myself buffeted by both positive AND negative feedback but you are correct at saying we must find our own inner compass on what it is we are trying to do and precisely how we are trying to do it. This inner compass is critical to our self image and self image is so tied into BLE. Thank you for this empowering blog.

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  36. Shereen

    Absolute thoughts are dead.. reality is is always alive and relative.. What I love about your way is this researcher approach.. you are full of confidence with your wondering eyes, with your meditative way of seeing things… Stay blessed…

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  37. Yochana

    What rubbish!!!!! If people actually sat and thought “big picture” before they commented, things might be different. Could be the people that spoke up are “corporate image” type people and for them that is important. I think your weekly intro is very perky and fun and very chilled California. Unfortunately, not everyone is from California. I am from Nevada(chilled), my hubby is from New Jersey(stuffy). He interprets things way differently than I do. And overall this is true with people from all over the globe. What is sarcasm to one location is chilled conversation to another. My NY boss used to be offended when I mimicked whoever I spoke about, but where I come from, that is just what people do and it is not done in a spirit of meanness . We don’t need to do a critic on everyone! Accept and enjoy the person and like Susan said, if you are a trusted friend that knows the person intimately and feel the need to say something, well, go ahead. Everything can be discussed! It is more wrong to expect others to live by what you perceive as right or wrong. Congrats on choosing to be yourself Susan, I most recently came to realise that I have spent most of my life trying to do and be what others wanted in order to gain approval! Very sad! HAPPY THIN AND FREE FOREVER!

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  38. Susanne

    Stay the wonderful way you are!!!! Your way got my attention and I believed you from the onset.

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  39. Marsha

    Great tips on how to approach the constant feedback we receive. Loved it! By the way, you looked extra pretty in today’s vlog. Not sure if it was your make-up or the colors you wore, but I just wanted you to know it was a good look!

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  40. Nicky

    Susan, I trust you, respect you and never doubt a moment about your confidence but I also feel you trigger some irritation with this sing-song opening. I guess when I see and hear you doing your opening, I feel I am not taken seriously, I feel like a little child when you are talking to me in that way. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME, I ASK MYSELF. Am I too seriously or is it just another sense of humor? Can you please give us some examples of your own negative triggers (I guess you have them) and how you deal with them?

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  41. Gillian

    Love you Susan and all your vlogs. Don’t change a thing.

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    1. Bob Boyer

      Hi Susan, I’d just like to tell you how much I appreciate your honesty in the delivery of your vlogs. I don’t find your opening the least bit ‘irking’. I take it as it’s given – sincere, friendly and fun. It has always been apparent to me that when you look up, you are searching for the best words or the best way to state something. The world is full of phony, dishonest drama kings/queens, and you are refreshingly not one of them. Over the years I have gotten lots of well-meaning comments that could have sabotaged my progress, had I believed them without first testing them. It surprised me to see that these people had so misread you. Reminds me of a quote: ‘To those who understand, no explanation is necessary; to those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible.’ You strengthen and encourage us. Keep up the excellent work! b 😉

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  42. Sherri

    If you spot it, you got it… I watch these vlogs because I believe in Susan and her message and I learn something new every time. I am extremely grateful for BLE because it has truly saved my life. Thank you Susan.

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  43. Linda

    It amazes me how judgmental people are with their comments. I agree with you Susan, to be yourself. If someone thinks judgmental towards another, I always encourage them to hold up a mirror to look at themselves. it’s so much easier to point to others rather than deal with self. I appreciate your whimsy and joy. Keep on!

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  44. Bert

    I love the standardized opening to the weekly vlog. The voice, and the body language, and the script convey fun and familiarity. The smile is too very nice and very consistent. Playfulness is welcome in my life. Thank you Susan. Keep on keeping on. Sing song, sing song

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  45. Beth

    Susan, I participated in your October 2015 Boot Camp. I can only imagine that those who made comments about your “style” haven’t formally participated in BLE. Those of us who have walked with you would never feel this way. It has been the most incredible journey (56 pounds released so far, but that’s not even close to the most important part :)) – and that’s due, in great part, to your authenticity. Thank you for ALWAYS keeping it real 🙂

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  46. Emily

    Probably one of my favorite videos. I love the internal compass info and trusting those closest to you.

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  47. Beth

    Hello Susan: I normally never comment on blogs, vlogs, etc. In all honesty, I never take the time to read what people have to say anymore. One I normally don’t have time; and, secondly, people are so critical; and, it is very disheartening to me. Everyone is so willing to offer their opinion or perception. When that’s all it is in the end….an opinion or perception. Probably won’t ever respond again; but, I just wanted you to know your vlog really touched me, so I am writing what I think for once. I loved your message and you are perfect just the way you are! Thank you for being yourself and your kind heart. May God Bless you in this endeavor! PS….I enjoy all your vlogs and have started my journey of no sugar and flour this week. 🙂

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  48. Penny McPhaul

    Your intro makes me smile! Keep sharing this good stuff…as Yourself! 😉

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  49. Corinne

    Susan, you are great and your general message is great. However the sing-song tone to your welcome to the weekly blog is very detracting and sends the wrong message to many. It does not convey lack of confidence, but instead implies … here we go again I’m tired of doing this weekly blog. Yes it is important to be oneself. But please also consider that most of those who watch you do that sing song seem to be getting a different vibe than what you feel inside and intended. What if there was another way for you to say the same opening words, still being completely yourself, that had a different tone of voice? I challenge you to try it! Yes you are authentic to yourself, but what if it is sending a different message than you intend to many more people than you realize. From one Bright Lifer to another, I challenge you to say the same sentence in a different tone for one month (or whatever timeframe you want) to see how it feels, and you can always go back if it doesn’t sit well with you. This challenge is more for the benefit of your followers, as you are comfortable with status quo, but wouldn’t it be great if you would you be willing to “humor us” by just trying out another rhythm of delivering those same awesome opening words?

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  50. Carrie

    I love your little eye thing. You make me feel like you’re my close personal friend talking to me face-to-face! I love it! It makes me smile. It does not give me any thoughts on the message you are about to deliver, except that I feel like you also feel you are talking to friends!

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  51. Cat

    Hi Susan, would it be possible for you to address the subject of fear, fear of success, fear of failure! I start every day with my best intentions, but somehow can’t seem to keep those intentions as the day moves on. Sometimes I think my inner saboteur is the strongest part of my brain, I always fall back to ” I’ll start again tomorrow”. Is it psychologically possible that I don’t think I’m worthy of success? Can my brain really be that addicted to food, as I seem to be more than a ten on your scale. Since retiring from a successful career, I seem to not be able to carry through with my strongest desires, health being my # 1 issue, which includes my weight. I need to lose 60 lbs., but can’t seem to keep focused on my goal. Help, please.

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  52. Karen

    Susan, I think some people are just naturally critical and are always looking to either find offense or something they don’t like just to validate their own personal beliefs, ideology or even fears. I am a people-pleaser and I have had to learn to trust myself and that I also have good judgment. Thank you for being sincere, and kind in return, but sticking to your guns. I love your overall message and if you have any “quirks” I can easily overlook them without affecting your message.

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  53. Cristina Brennan

    Susan! Honestly, In my opinion you have to hear your audience, but sometimes a rude comments, have to be delete from your brilliant mind. By the way, DID YOU ALL HAD A CHANCE TO WATCH MARY FORLEO VBLOG???? She has the “same body linguage that Susan has, and always starts her monthly VBLOG with the same speech.
    Susan you are rock!

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  54. Valerie Holley

    I have been listening to your weekly vlog and your other videos all summer. I am a retired nurse practitioner who worked with children and adults with congenital heart disease for 38 years. I helped many of my adult patients explore many weight loss programs over the years and yours is the first one I have ever studied that makes good medical sense. Wish I could have used it for my patients years ago! Also, on a different note- I am not overweight and never have been, but reading your material and listening to your weekly vlog helps me in so many other areas of my life! You are a wonderful and talented psychologist. I look forward to hearing from you every week for a new pearl to use in my life. It’s a little hard to believe that people would criticize you for being yourself when you are offering all of this wonderful information, free of charge to all of us who need it. Thank You!!

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  55. Ela

    Susan I love your honesty and integrity. It is really interesting to observe how people perceive the same situation. To me Susan is very trustworthy and inspiring.
    I think that people who like to critisize should reflect on their own problems..
    Our views are always ovelayed by our own issues.
    Susan, thank you so much for being a great example for me and mamy others.
    Thanks to you I am happy and free!

    Reply ·
  56. Jose

    Given the import and impact of what you share with people who “self-select” into your BLE circle, I just don’t get the reaction to your mannerisms.

    To you, Susan, I offer:

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man….(or woman)”


    “If you can keep you head when all about you are losing theirs’ and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, yet make allowance for their doubting too….”
    “All” in Kipling’s “IF” poem is an overstatement regarding the level of reaction to your mannerism. The poem is appropriately instructive, even though you do not lack the confidence in your purpose. I simply encourage you to “make allowance for their doubting” and “Keep On Keepin’ On!”

    Those who object to your vlog opening mannerisms and predictable comments should “self-select” out for the first several minutes!

    Much Love!

    Reply ·
  57. Melinda

    Hooked with your first vlog, your educational background, research, science, theories, all fantastic reading. Shared you with family and friends we now chat about your latest “bright lines advice”.

    BUT, the professional vlog’s turned into a silky-girlish -goofy opening. The physical behaviors detract from your valuable message (the continuous eye rolling and the exaggerated hand waving). Wikipedia definition of “hand waving”, provides explain and qualifies as ineffective use in an attempt to pursuade. I countered these distractions by putting my phone speaker to my ear and only listen to your voice to avoid looking at you.

    You have a wonderful message and intelligence to share with the world. Your delivery needs another type of expert advisor. Someone in broadcast journalism as a coach might be enlightening and beneficial. Take a serious look at journalist , talking anchors, weathermen none throw in all this distracting movement.

    I’ll keep listening and reading your great advise.

    Reply ·
    1. Peg

      And those you refer to are almost all canned, inauthentic and often boring – which Susan definitely is NOT.

      Reply ·
    2. Kristján Helgason

      “Stop. Feel the bliss.”
      (These words can be found in the footer of this page)
      Every time I listen to Susan´s vblog I am inspired by her mission of sharing her very best to whomever is ready to receive.
      She is not a news reporter, nor an anchor nor anything else in that line. She has never said she is or even hinted in that direction. I recommend you stop your mental dialog, it is just another debate about the emperors beard. Let Susan be Susan and focus on who you yourself want to be.
      Let it be.
      Stop. Feel the bliss.

      Reply ·
      1. Dolores Dougherty

        Very apropros. Nice, kind thoughts.

        Reply ·
  58. Mary Annette

    Don’t change a thing. You are an amazing motivator.

    Reply ·
  59. Ginger Nelson

    Susan, every week I look so forward to the weekly vlog. The beginning always lets me know that a special message is coming, that will help me on this journey. Today’s message highlights the comments that have been frequent in the community (struggling with comments from others) and once again very important. Loved the process you provided for getting through unpleasant comments that everyone receives! You go girl! Such a very special person you are ! Thank you for being authentic! There is a big lesson here for anyone who is willing to hear it!

    Reply ·
  60. Kathy

    Great Vlog Susan. I must admit I´ve sometimes been a little perturbed by the “little girlie” start to the blogs but after watching a few of them I realised that you are authentic in what you say and the opening welcome is just a little fun thing! It doesn´t bother me any more.

    I do find it funny when you (and people in the US in general talk about thinness). I think you understand it too Susan despite all the talk about being happy, THIN and free since you do, thankfully, also talk about being in the “right sized body”. You´re not thin! You´re normal sized. You´re the right size for you. I´m the right size for me too and I hate it when a fat person calls me thin! I would´t want to be thin. Who would?

    Reply ·
  61. Jane

    I am gobsmacked by the criticism of Susan’s intros and how this could even be raised as a “thing”. Such a minor issue in a world where there are many issues to be addressed that truly matter. This is not one of them. We should value authenticity – because goodness knows there can be a real lack of it in the world today. Susan is authentic and if this is her style then let her be. How awful it must be to be criticised for being “you”. To me this is one of those situations where the touchstone should be if it isn’t kind and doesn’t really make any difference in the grand scheme of things them don’t say it. It simply doesn’t matter. Let it slide by. Take a chill pill. Susan can’t please all of the people all of the time and shouldn’t try. But she should feel free to be her.

    Reply ·
  62. Barbara Bassett

    BRAVO, Susan! I LOVE your weekly Vlog- for me it is a highlight of my week & is TRULY INSPIRATIONAL! Don’t change anything!!! All Love

    Reply ·
  63. Anne-Marie

    Hey Susan, I loved your talk and I like you just as you are 🙂

    Reply ·
  64. Dave

    Hi Susan,

    Very interesting. Testing criticism against your own sense of self — so true and so applicable to Bright Line Eating. Is it my system or is your latest vlog going in and out of focus several times during your talk. Maybe something is wrong with your camera’s autofocus system. No one else seems to have commented on it but I thought you might want to check. I am so enjoying your weekly vlog.


    Reply ·
  65. Ann de Villiers

    Love everything about you ! You rock! Thank you for the program that you have developed and for all the amazing support.

    Reply ·
  66. Stefi

    Helloooo people, can’t believe only Corrine thought what I saw immediately since the first vlog- Susan is using a “fun” way to start as with I imagine she does with her 3 girls!!
    SIMPLE AS THAT about the sing aspect!!
    The rest? Super qualified & everyone with any smarts ,always ,thinks & looks up (or at something )before opening their mouth!
    Keep rockin it Susan?

    Reply ·
  67. Nico, Thailand

    Susan, be yourself, do not be an actrice, I am convinced about the knowledge you bring, it is very professional. Some people asking stupid questions about what you are doing might be jalous. Stay away from people who do not support you while you are on the journey losing weight. Thanks for sharing your best knowledge and being yourself.

    Reply ·
  68. Sandy

    Hi Susan – I love your work but I admit I have noticed the way you begin also. I don’t think it comes across as lacking confidence, but

    Reply ·
  69. ola

    Susan ,
    That was very interesting and so are some of the comments below. Thank you.
    It is so easy to judge others and I recently discovered that we do that because we are actually critising ourselves and point out in others what we dont like about ourselves.
    I love the idea of the compas, a friend of mine calls it getting yourself to your true north. Berne Brown also talks about how to handle the critique from others and still being brave to stand in the arena. I haven’t been following all your emails and vlogs but this one stood out for me. I think what you’ re doing is very brave and I’m meaning you standing in front of camera, recording what you have to share with others and bravely posting it for the world to see-standing in your arena.It takes strength, courage, confidence and deep true believe in self and knowledge you have to share with others.
    I,unlike you always, struggled with low confidence but too rolled my eyes often or more so look into the distance when talking to people. It was always perceived as my body language expressing my low self-esteem but deep within I always knew that its my way of centrering myself during the conversation to be truly in line with what I’m thinking and to be genuine.
    I was very aware of you rolling your eyes in this vlog because that was its topic but i actually sensed that you taking moments in order to centre yourself and go in your mind to the line of thought you were persuing.

    Thank you

    Reply ·
  70. Karenb

    I concentrate on what you are saying not how you are saying it. I think the over analysing of your body language is truly unessasary and says more about the insecuries and issues of the persons making those comments.

    Reply ·
  71. Cathy

    Thank you, Susan. You have inspired me to take control of my eating, to be myself and find the happiness and freedom that I was looking for. The BLE approach to food has been a revelation in my life. Checking in with you and your weekly vlog helps keep me feeling motivated, and for the record, I really enjoy watching.

    Reply ·
  72. Daphne

    Susan, I applaud your sincerity and openness about your successes and weaknesses, current and past. You allow yourself to be vulnerable for the sake of others. The body language of looking up is reflective of “thinking” or “recalling”…which you do a lot of when sharing your knowledge and experiences. Having much training on public speaking, I can detect when someone is using their public speaking skills and training. I appreciate their discipline, however, I prefer to see someone who is REAL!

    Reply ·
  73. allan foth

    I love watching your vlogs. They are very helpful. Being yourself is fun; and thank you for being you. allan

    Reply ·
  74. Chris Kwiecien

    For me Susan Pierce-Thompson and Bright Line Eating brings a different light. I do not need to lose weight, rather I need to learn how to eat to keep the weight I have. I can go for days not eating but then make the wrong choices (those cookies always look so good, or the breads!). Truthfully, I feel better when I’m following BLE.

    Anyway, the rolling eyes and sing-song voice just makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with a friend. I look forward to the vlogs; they always leave me smiling and happy. Please keep up the excellent work and sharing your knowledge with us. I often wish I had such confidence in myself. Kudos, Susan!

    Reply ·
  75. Gina

    I have only recently come upon your work and think it is awesome! I would never bring this up but since you are posting about it I will give you my impression. I thought it was odd how you opened the the vlog. I found it surprising and weird but didn’t care cause I love your messages. I think it is how you roll your eyes while doing the sing song comes off as if you are annoyed you have to do another vlog like a teenager rolling their eyes at their parent. But hey if you like doing it keep on keepin on. Love your work!

    Reply ·
  76. Juli

    It is so funny to see how many different ways people view your intro! To me it just appeared that you were mocking the need to do a formal intro every week. But that aside, the bigger topic of how to evaluate critical feedback is a really important one, whether about doing something new and different from those around us, or just on everyday issues. We can’t please everyone all the time, but we also can’t afford to just ignore feedback, either. I like very much your suggestions for how to decide whether a change based on feedback is appropriate for you, and the alternate suggestion for how to communicate specifically with close relationships who are suggesting the chosen eating path isn’t right. This could be applied to other new directions and priorities we may set for ourselves.

    Reply ·
  77. Margie

    The first couple times I listened to you I did a double take at the intro, but it soon became the very thing that got me excited to hear another of your vlogs. Like the intro music to a favorite show you know and love. Just hearing it brings a smile to your face and heart, because you know you are in for a real treat. I am happy you are going to continue just being yourself. That sounds perfect to me!

    Reply ·
  78. George

    I’m feeling and seeing results with BLE. So, if you want to do handstands, flips or breakdance I’m fine with that.
    Also, I want to be able to communicate “to the core” of things like you do. Your head wagging, twinkly eyes don’t disguise the expertise, credibility and caring you bring to bear and your ability to simplify this complex overeating epidemic.

    Reply ·
  79. Jimena Mendoza

    Susan Thank you for being so transparent and being you! Of course you are always on the spot being one of the most important “coaches” and leads in the world of Health and Wellness , But is a huge challenge to be in front of a camera, or a cell phone and imagine you are talking to your tribe! And most of it I like the way you take feedbacks with humility and with a big open heart, and I respect a lot all that you share… I usually do not make any comments on blogs…. but just loved it! The only thing that I do regret is that your message , teachings are not available in Spanish.

    Reply ·
  80. Sue green

    Your intro always makes me think you’re having fun and about to giggle Susan – in fact it never fails to make me smile and wonder what’s in store for us all. It’s a light hearted intro to what could be a very serious and “dry” subject for many people, but you present everything in such an entertaining fashion that I just can’t enough of you. Keep doing what you do – BLE works fantastically for me, I love it and it wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for your enthusiastic, bright, warm and caring personality shine through!

    Reply ·
  81. Ana

    Hi Susan, I love the way you start your VLOG. It made me giggle every time when you rolled your eyes. I know you are totally confident and so it felt like you are being fun. Your information is so valuable and your face is so expressive, that it is really easy to listen to. I love your response to the comments…..


    Reply ·
  82. Cherie

    Hi Susan. I’m so glad you addressed this. Fun did not come to mind? What I was feeling was you may have been bored or felt obligated to have but did not really like it. Thanks for the clarification. I really like your vlog but felt bad that you may not have. Thanks so much. Many blessings ?

    Reply ·
  83. Karen

    I think some people just are not happy ! That you are so Happy !
    Appreciate you & BLE.

    Reply ·
  84. Chaim

    I always enjoy your vlogs. Your positive outlook to life and your heart to help others (us) enriches our life.

    You have been a vessel of habit changes. For that i am grateful to you.

    Thanks for being yourself. Thanks for being Susan.

    Chaim, from Israel

    Reply ·
    1. Klara LeVine


      I’ve been looking for someone else who lives in Israel for support for this way of life. Please please contact me 052-342-8058.

      Reply ·
  85. Mary

    I really wish I could handle criticism as well as you do. I think you’re fabulous, and so are your vlogs.

    Reply ·
    1. kirsten wager

      I too wish that I could handle criticism well! I work on the matter, but it is difficult when you are almost always criticised by very close relatives, even if you try your very best. I keep the advice in mind! (all the time) and implement it!
      I try never to criticise others, I know too well, what it feels like. That is the important lesson I learned.
      All the best and good luck

      Reply ·
  86. marcy

    I too have found it quirky and to me it reads like Susan is speaking to small children. If you listen to some parents, you will hear the sing song.
    On the other hand, for as much as I have listened to, it’s totally apparent that Susan is real, honest, and transparent, and that is one of the things I really appreciate about her.

    Reply ·
  87. Diane W

    As a fellow extravert, I can relate to the way you open your vlogs. It’s a bit line an opening theme song. I cannot imagine BLE being so successful if it were presented as a dry, clinical lecture; regardless of the accuracy of the information. Fun is a critical component and without the sunshine (rays of hope) you’d have lost me a long time ago. Keep up the eye rolling!!

    Reply ·
  88. Karen

    I don’t think that the intro shows a lack of confidence in what is going to be shared. I feel it is a lack of confidence in being behind the camera and doing something that is out of character such as a Vlog.

    Reply ·
  89. Lawrence Mills

    Hi Susan,

    Your starting welcome is a great Trade Mark, bright and breezy with sincerity plus feeling of love for all too see and feel.

    Reply ·
  90. Menny

    Most people are not following corporate marketing guidelines in their presentations. Though displaying a natural real caring human expressing passionate conviction could have a higher impact. The honesty expressed in the vlogsencourage followers to make a significant positive change and keep the struggle to change how people and eventually the society views food. Hope you’ll surpass the million followers soon.

    Reply ·
  91. Karen

    Boom! Loving it.

    Reply ·
  92. Anthea

    Not sure why others needed to comment so badly on your intro – I love your weekly video; eye roll and all. Yours are the only blogs/emails I always watch and read as you are so engaging and obviously passionate about what you do. It comes across that you truly want to help people. Thank you for making so many people’s lives better.

    Reply ·
  93. Leslee

    Susan, you are perfect just the way you are! I love how you open your Vlogs. I think its cute and catchy and I can see how much fun you are having and how confident you are! Love you!

    Reply ·
  94. Nancy

    You are great and effective just as you are! Your information is so needed! Keep up the good works!

    Reply ·
  95. Ceejay

    I have to say that I was tickled to see this as a topic as I have felt the same way but my thoughts were not that deep. I wondered if it would be OK to communicate that with you and how would I do that without sounding too critical. First and foremost my issues was JUST the introduction. There was no bearing on the information that you present in all your videos. ALL of your videos are empowering… Mind blowing… Loving … Authentic… And probably more stuff that I’m too lazy to name. It was just always how my brain received your intro… It FELT like… The vibe of… Here we go again… I hope you hang around… And hear what’s on this vlog… To me… You’re like a gangster… In a great way… Someone who is not afraid to take on the big guys and the intro never added up to me. I’ve watched pretty much every video you have on YouTube and I can remember the day that I watched one where you didn’t sound valley girlish… And that was when you were on the boat with the Monk. Boy what a difference tone makes. I don’t think the woman who wrote the well meaning email thought that YOU were insecure… She was just speaking of how your intro can be received. I celebrate you continuing to do it as a demonstration of … Choosing to be yourself… And now I will be able to have it mean that now. I have so much gratitude for you and while I know my response won’t be the most popular… Having been someone who wanted to share this with you… I had to reply. Peace and blessings.

    Reply ·
    1. Klara LeVine


      You said excellently what I also wanted to say – these replies are starting to sound like let’s take a vote and most of them say we love it – so I was debating whether it was worth putting in my two cents – and it’s NOT – cause bless her, she’ll decide what she wants to do. My take is, so what, I don’t care for the beginning, but who cares, the rest is incredible and uplifting and real – and I pray you never get so big that you stop sharing with us.

      Reply ·
      1. Ceejay

        Absolutely … I don’t get why some folks are so judgemental on people expressing their opinion. It doesn’t have to be so black or white. That’s why I made it super clear in my post that it was solely the intro that had an effect on me… And that it doesn’t dilute the power that’s in her videos. I’m actually glad that she shared this. It’s been pretty interesting to be a part of the thread.

        Reply ·
  96. Deborah W.

    Your vlog is very reasonably presented Susan Peirce Thompson !
    The manner that you use to open each week is very endearing. In fact with the Bootcamp modules and weekly vlogs alike, I always looked forward to the ‘video’ rather than just the ‘audio’ because of the body language used. You convey warmth, sincerity, thoughtfulness, playfulness, humor, passion, confidence, and genuine caring!!! Your videos are very appealing! Thank you for affirming and demonstrating how we must be ourselves. Everyone looks through their own lense, through their own experience. So naturally each will have their own interpretation. Issues arise when motivations are questioned. I am fully convinced that you are fully dedicated to sharing with us, everything that will help us create and realize our goal. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  97. Charlotte Valliere Hord

    I have always found you immensely refreshing, and enjoy your message and your body language.
    Greatest respect and appreciation,

    Reply ·
  98. Maree Anker

    Eye roll: I thought you were just thinking about what you were going to say, or how best to formulate your next sentence. I used to do exactly that when I was lecturing!

    Reply ·
  99. Joanne P

    You helped me reach goal weight. I’m healthier because of you and I believe I can sustain this for the rest of my life. It was because of you, your sharing and your knowledge and the authenticity you have as a teacher and as a person. Yes I noticed your introduction on the vlogs and I kinda wondered why you did that (I did not lose any sleep over it, LOL), but in fact it ended up making me smile every time. I watch the vlogs in their entirety and always learn so much. I look forward to them. Thank god you’re not boring, not full of yourself, and not full of false science. And the topics are always fascinating and your discussions are so helpful and so interesting. I would not watch otherwise. Love you Susan, don’t ever change. And thank you for all you do for us, your tribe. The world is a better place because of you.

    Reply ·
  100. Gunther

    I would find eyes rolling up to the sky would be a negative if you were one of those people who doesn’t listen or care what other people are saying and you are just dismissing them when you rolled your eyes. I have met too many bad people who act that way.

    I do love your short hair.

    Reply ·
  101. Susan

    An elegant discussion of an annoying criticism. I have always found you genuine, sincere, open , generous and gracious. I chortled when I first noted your intro – to me, it said, “Here we go again. This is the boiler plate and we have to get it said. Then on to the meat!” As my Dad used to say, ‘everyone’s a critic.’ Even when they are not qualified to be so. Your credentials are substantial: you are a professional, have taught, written, done research, engaged many people, blogged, coached, counseled and comforted. You have nothing whatsoever to apologize for and I suspect the criticism, as it often does, reveals more about the critic than the target.

    As you, I take criticism professionally rather than personally: the performance or the finished work is the subject of the critique, not the individual. That said, I do the same thing: listen, consider, thank, evaluate, and appropriate or toss.

    You took a sow’s ear of a topic and made a silk purse for many of it by linking it back to the flack folks will receive from others for their bright lines. Excellent work!

    Reply ·
  102. Dollie

    I like how you start your v blog and I think it’s cute. Not offended but amused. : ) You’re blog is the highlight of my Wednesday evenings.

    Reply ·
    1. Ann

      Enough already….
      Dr Thompson : You are very brave to respond to something that has nothing to do with your BL habits ( rolling your eyes up .. Sing song … Really ?
      You are thinking and being playful. Punto!)

      Back to the important issues … Staying on track with healthy eating habits !!! Bright Lines

      Reply ·
  103. Sandy

    Your vlog is one of the on-line highlights of my week because I find it interesting, motivational and there is always at least some part of it that is directly applicable to me. I’ve seen the aforementioned comments before, and even wondered a tad bit myself the first couple of blogs, but quickly grew to love you, your intro and all the important information you are sharing. Thanks! Looking forward to more.

    Reply ·
  104. Robin

    Susan, love it! Be-YOU-tiful!!! And you are! The bright lines WORK!! I will never be able to thank you enough! Please don’t stop doing what you are doing! You are a godsend! Love you! #kissandawoosh

    Reply ·
  105. Elle

    Glad I watched this…..just continue being you. Your eyes indicate you are thinking and are very expressive.
    It’s your own charm. It’s your own personality.
    Dont t change..

    Reply ·
  106. Megha

    Hello darling Susan. I have read every single one of these replies to your wonderful vlog tonight. How great that you took that well-meaning criticism and shared about your inner compass and how we should be ourselves. I am also looking at your eye rolling singsong introduction as a feminist issue as well. I doubt many men would introduce their vlog the way you are doing. In comparison, a viewer might imagine that you are insecure as you begin. I wonder if the person who sent you the feedback was wanting you to be more of a “typical presenter”, especially from the masculine perspective. It is still really challenging for many women in leadership to be their authentic selves. One of the things I adore about you is that you are so authentic. Super powerful and clear. You once gave me some tough feedback on the phone which was intense for me. You? Insecure? Not! The thing about your introduction every week the delights me is that you’re also just so darn cute. People say you’re adorable. It’s true. And that’s so different then most presenters. You come off like this adorable little kid at the onset every single week…..and then….Bammo!! You nail us with the truth. The combination is perfect! I love “MY” your Wednesday vlogs, Eye rolling and all. Don’t change a note!! ???

    Reply ·
  107. Gail

    Humility and self-confidence are not mutually exclusive. I like the humor in the opening eye-roll, it always made me think that you were being yourself, which is refreshing.

    Reply ·
  108. Corinne

    Too funny, I was actually going to write once how much I enjoyed your playful attitude. My assumption was that it came from being a great mum to three little girls and being yourself always. I don’t turn off who I am even when it’s time to be serious. Kudos to you.

    Reply ·
  109. Carol

    If you gave your ENTIRE vlog speech looking up and in a sing-song voice, I would probably say something…Lol! ?

    The world is ready for you, Susan, and for what you offer.

    Reply ·
  110. Maya Goodwin

    Love this video!!! Authentic and real!!!!


    Reply ·
  111. Phillipa Byrne

    I am horrified that anyone would be critical of Susan’s presentation style or body language. As a professional of 35 years in the education industry of training teachers and assessing teacher performance: I am confident is stating that any criticism of Susan’s body language is unfounded. Susan’s personal style of presentation is a wonderful example of inclusive communication. Great communicators and teachers teach using their whole bodies especially hands and facial features. Please continue to be yourself folks!

    Reply ·
  112. Suzanne

    The eye thing is a gathering of your thoughts. The way you say weekly vlog really does sound like you are feeling ho hum about the vlog. Might be different mannerisms where you live. But it’s obvious you are passionate.

    Reply ·
    1. Sjm

      YES! Exactly how it makes me feel!

      Reply ·
  113. Jeff

    Thanks for the synopsis on how to rely on it one’s inner truth, rather than letting yourself be pulled off of your path by the comments of others (are they actually living their own lives, in alignment with themselves?). I am prepared for the onslaught, but after losing thirty pounds and getting down to my goal weight, no one has said a word of doubt, and people have even supported me with my bright light love lines. Funny, how each person’s path is different.

    Reply ·
    1. Jeff

      Sorry for the typo – “bright lines”

      Reply ·
  114. Helen

    Don’t change one iota of your blog!!

    Reply ·
  115. jbug

    I like her and have been receiving her emails/vlogs for a few weeks now and she mentions “bright line” eating a lot but I still have no clue what it exactly is. can anyone clue me in on the specifics? thanks!

    Reply ·
    1. Maiya Amar Champa

      Bright Line Eating is Susan’s program for getting ‘happy thin and free’. She offers 8 week boot camps that teach you a healthy, weight-loss inducing way of eating. Start with the Food Freedom Quiz at

      Reply ·
    2. Klara LeVine

      jbug – she goes over it again and again, relisten to the above vlog – she spells it out – 3 meals, no snacks, no flour, no sugar, weigh your food or just one plate eating, no seconds.

      Reply ·
      1. Gina

        Bright lines are lines you don’t cross. So it is essentially following those eating rules to a T. No cheating or negotiating

        Reply ·
  116. Kristen G

    Amen, sister! I’ve interpreted your vlog as personable and friendly as you said 🙂 and the way you’re able to speak through these dense topics without a script or notes is crystal clear confidence, eye rolls and all. Great thoughts on receiving feedback… very helpful!

    Reply ·
  117. Esmé Boone

    Funny how different people interpret the same thing so differently. I loved this Vlog! My take was that the way you introduce your Vlog is simply a sort of Logo, like a lot of radio announcers say at the beginning of their show–like, you know “Hey, What’s up, this is Tommy D..etc” every morning. No deeper meaning there.

    I also agree though that sometime there IS something to be gained from what folks may share with you but after taking stock of it, we are still the one to ultimately decide whether to adopt it or not; the same for staying on my Bright Lines, friends and family are so willing to give advice, but ultimately it is I who is doing it and I who want to get to my right-sized body that may or may not be what they think is right for me. Thank you for being true to who YOU are Susan and encouraging us to do the same–love you Esmé

    Reply ·
  118. Pamela

    I love it!
    And I love your nintroduction to your weekly vlog when you do roll your eyes in a sing-song voice–it makes me feel happy, look forward to the information you’re presenting & helps me to lighten-up on this very serious journey I am on with food. It helps me feel like I can also be happy thin & free. Thank you for owning your confidence.

    Reply ·
  119. Lale

    Dear Susan,
    You make me feel you are talking very friendly and lovingly.
    Thank you.
    Many kisses.

    Reply ·
  120. Lorna

    Just listened to your reply to feedback about your opening presentation of your blog. Just wanted to add my feedback to the mix. It has bothered me as well. There is something not positive about it – not sure what. I could make some guesses, and give you my impressions. But it would probably be more helpful – especially if you are getting significant amounts of feedback on it – to go a little deeper into listening what your inner self might know about where it’s coming from. I would love to hear on a future blog how this process is going.

    Reply ·
    1. Joseph

      Lorna, you’re reading far too much into it. It’s just playful, period. Some open with a joke, Dr. Thompson opens with playfullness. I think that what some people don’t like about it is that it reminds them of something a child would do. And a scientist at work just ain’t supposed to do something childlike. But Dr. Thompson feels so secure that she can be childlike and get away with it. Koodos to Susan!

      Reply ·
  121. Leah

    I know you aren’t fishing for compliments, but just want to say that I find you to be so knowledgeable, genuinely compassionate, engaging, and really fun! So glad you’re sticking to your internal compass, and this was a good reminder to stick with mine. Thanks again for all you do.

    Reply ·
  122. Dee

    Hey Susan,
    Roll your eyes and sing all you want. I find it cute. I love it that you are not insecure and have a healthy ego. Someone mentioned the haircut. Yes! You are adorable. You go girl!

    Reply ·
  123. Edda Erroll

    I also love how you start your blog….think it is lighthearted….and yes, here you are again!!

    Reply ·
  124. Rosie

    ?? well said
    One person’s perspective is not better, right or wrong or equal, it is simply just a perspective. And with that perspective it is the meaning the individual puts on it.
    The main key here, is that Susan is helping those in need and it’s coming from the heart.

    Reply ·
  125. Debbie

    Don’t change a thing, Susan. Love you just the way you are!

    Reply ·
  126. Tim

    I thought the intro was a bit corny, but, it’s the content of what follows that has kept me interested and grateful that you are posting. Having come to know you through Ty Bollinger, I believe you are emmensely helpful not only with weight loss, but in helping to offset the cancer epidemic we are living in.

    Reply ·
  127. Deborah

    What Mary said! Take a look.

    Reply ·
  128. barb

    I think your eye-rolling and sing song voice are adorable. I look forward to it expectantly every week just like the theme song for a favorite TV show. Don’t stop. I would miss it.

    Reply ·
  129. Vera

    I was surprised to the critisism you received. I love how you present youself and your rolling of the eyes and your moving head from right to left is your personal signature. Within the first ten seconds I find myself with a broad smile in my face and this lifts my spirits. I guess people proyect their inner state on others, that’ s all! Saludos from Argentina. Chau

    Reply ·
    1. Bonnie

      I love how you are and understand why you do it. Please don’t change. It makes me happy and makes me smile. Be yourself and don’t change. I love your happy face and sing song voice and everything you do. You are awesome just the way you are. It makes my heart sing to see you and hear you say that. I hear your voice in my head. thank you thank you. Don’t stop…..

      It’s a joke that you project lack of confidence. Let’s work together and not pick on each other. Feedback is fine but don’t pick on our Susan. 🙂

      Love you.
      Keep your eyes on your own plate. I love that and think of that often.

      Reply ·
  130. Anne

    Have you checked out HOW NOT TO DIE, an instant New York Times Best Seller by
    Michael Greger, MD? Surly a diet that doesn’t cause pain, fear and suffering to any living being should be the first step to us feeling good about who we are.

    The vast majority of premature deaths can be prevented through simple changes in diet and lifestyle. In How Not to Die, Dr. Michael Greger, the internationally-recognized lecturer, physician, and founder of, examines the fifteen top causes of death in America—heart disease, various cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, and more—and explains how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can sometimes trump prescription pills and other pharmaceutical and surgical approaches, freeing us to live healthier lives.

    The simple truth is that most doctors are good at treating acute illnesses but bad at preventing chronic disease. The 15 leading causes of death claim the lives of 1.6 million Americans annually. This doesn’t have to be the case. By following Dr. Greger’s advice, all of it backed up by peer-reviewed scientific evidence, you will learn which foods to eat and which lifestyle changes to make to live longer.

    History of prostate cancer in your family? Put down that glass of milk and add flaxseed to your diet. Have high blood pressure? Hibiscus tea can work better than a leading hypertensive drug—and without the side effects. What about liver disease? Drinking coffee can reduce liver inflammation. Battling breast cancer? Consuming soy is associated with prolonged survival. Worried about heart disease (our #1 killer)? Switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet, which has been repeatedly shown not just to help prevent the disease, but arrest and even reverse it.

    In addition to showing what to eat to help prevent the top 15 causes of death, How Not to Die includes Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen—a checklist of the foods we should try to consume every day. Full of practical, actionable advice and surprising, cutting edge nutritional science, these doctor’s orders are just what we need to live longer, healthier lives.

    All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from all book sales are donated to the 501c3 nonprofit charity

    Reply ·
    1. Shanda

      Susan discusses plant-based diets, but your testimonial is not appropriate here, because that is not the topic.

      Reply ·
  131. Kim Bare

    I learned years ago that when someone looks up it is an indication they are thinking. I did not take it as you being insecure, lacking confidence, or anything else negative. Good for you to not take the comments personally. Keep up the good work.

    Reply ·
  132. Julie

    I love how you start your vlog. You say it the same way every time and the way you do it makes me smile. To me, it sounds like you have a very fun personality. I can appreciate the constructive criticism but I don’t think it takes away from your message. Thank you for being you!

    Reply ·
    1. Sherry

      Totally agree. More people should check out their own back yards before criticising. Keep on being you Susan!

      Reply ·
    2. Deborah

      I completely agree with Julie here. I have never, ever, ever gotten the impression that you did not believe completely in what you were saying or that you lacked confidence in your message in any way shape or form. And I always felt that the beginning of your vlog was just you having fun like you said, and that you were excited to be with us. Your smile is always big and your face alight with enthusiasm. What’s not to like?

      Reply ·
  133. Daphne

    Love your haircut. Not all women can wear short hair (my kids have warned me never to try again!). But you’re adorable!

    Reply ·
  134. Mary

    Critics may want to investigate NLP. Might be eye opening for them.
    Hopefully they were trying to be helpful.

    Reply ·
  135. Ronna Berezin

    Good response. The only question I would ask is does a 7 or 8 on the suseptability scale EVER become a 3? If so … pls explain in a blog or if not what keeps their successful weight loss from the so called inevitability of regain?

    Reply ·
    1. Klara LeVine

      Excellent question – Susan has often said she’s a 10 on the susceptibility scale, even tho she has remained in that wonderful happy, thin and free body for over 13 years. She has also said often her way of eating doesn’t change as that is who she is – not a diet but part of her personhood.

      Reply ·
    2. jarka

      Yes, I’m sure I heard Susan talking about it before. Something like – when you’re within your Bright Lines (long-term), you’re actually no longer a 10… because if you took the test again, you’d actually get a result of 2 or 3. But as soon as you start to break the lines, you’re back up. So it’s the lines that make you much less susceptible.

      Reply ·
  136. Deb

    That was very helpful to me. I am too inclined to believe the feedback and really doubt myself and my ability. Next time I will check in with my internal compass. ❤️

    Reply ·
  137. Annie

    Thanks Susan for spelling out how important it is to be yourself!!

    Reply ·
  138. Dorothea

    I am following your weekly vlog for a couple of months now and I’m always looking forward to it. It never occurred to me, you weren’t yourself or not believing in what you’re saying. I regard you as a wonderful person and I am so thankful for all the support you give. Lots of love from Klagenfurt Dorothea ?

    Reply ·
  139. Fiona

    I really felt sad that you said you’d been striving all your life to be less of what is your authentic self. As a real champion of positive psychology your strength is in this confidence and I need you to be as authentic as possible. So pleased that I’m now hearing you encouraging yourself and others to be themselves. I think you are great just as you are, not in a creepy way, and your strength, conviction and yes huge impact is what I really need! If you’re not giving it 110% it would be hard to expect anyone else to be doing 100%. So thanks for being exactly you, and having the courage of your convictions. Keep being just you!

    Reply ·
    1. Linda Guenther

      Right on, Fiona! Keep doing YOU, Susan. All of us here at BLE, love you just the way you are.

      Reply ·
  140. Sheila

    Interesting comments you received — I just thought you were thinking about what you were going to present. Nothing wrong with thinking before one speaks. Love listening to you and your input.

    Reply ·
    1. Diane

      I so agree! Evidently there are a lot of people who need to think before they speak! I love listening and watching her vlogs!

      Reply ·
  141. Riadh

    thank you for being yourself

    Reply ·
    1. Marie Bauer


      Reply ·
      1. Susan Purcell

        Ditto too. I look forward to that opening.

        Reply ·
        1. jarka

          Ditto 🙂 Love you Susan!

          Reply ·
    2. Geralyn Gendreau

      While I am in total agreement with the “find your compass” suggestion in this vlog. I’m also keenly aware that “everyone has their detractors” as my publisher likes to say. HOWEVER, given that your vector is to science and knowledge, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve checked out the research on body language. I, too, am irked by the manner in which you open your vlogs. It was a significant enough turn off that I clicked off the page almost immediately when I heard the sing-song. I continued to read your emails, however, and found in them the sincerity that is, in my estimation, belied by your body language at the opening of your vlog. I would love, love love, to see that sincerity, which can also be–as you shared in this video–having fun with your audience. Just one more reflection from someone who has become a fan despite that initial obstacle.

      Reply ·
      1. Margaret

        I think you comment is so unkind. Susan is Susan and if her mannerism doesn’t please you . You can always take yourself for a long walk. It must be great to be PERFICT .

        Reply ·
        1. Sjm

          I didn’t find the comment unkind….Susan opened up the topic! This comment is a person’s factual response of the individual poster. And I suspect there aspire MANY who feel the same way! I am one of them. I would never have commented, if this blog hadn’t opened up the subject. SPT is confident enough to ignore or not care how we are receiving it. That’s ok too! I never found it to be a display of a lack of confidence, but I certainly don’t see it as fun or friendly! To me it comes off as unprofessional and lowers the serious was of the following message. I too rarely click and listen because I find it very off putting as well!

          Reply ·
          1. MRR

            I agree with you SJM. I love her info, think she is adorable and super smart and insightful. I love the way she presents it EXCEPT…the eye rolling opening. It comes across as her thinking this vlog stuff is stupid. Again, I have gotten SO much good info and love her blog but the eye rolling doesn’t come across playful to me but unprofessional. It’s great to be yourself but if that many people are put off by it, it might affect your image/message.

        2. Joni Bund

          meeow! I hope this does not end in bashing. I think we all have room for improvement because not one of us is perfect and I, for one, was never offended by youir opening. I guess I just acknowledged it as how it was intended. A little bit of whimsy. what was more important ot me was all the good advice, so carry on being yourself, and I will too, Cheers Joni

          Reply ·
        3. Caroline

          Agreed,it’s others who need to look internally because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!!!!

          Reply ·
      2. Joseph

        Hi Geralyn! It’s not insincerity that you’re seeing. It’s playfullness. Being that you know Dr. Thompson is truly sincere, wouldn’t you question why you thought it was a sign of insincerity, and why it turned you off so strongly?

        Reply ·
      3. Barbara

        I too found the eye rolling off-putting, as though she found the whole introduction process monotonous and was perceiving a smidge of condescension. Although I’ve come to consider it may be more of a tick, of sorts, or a variation on a cleansing breath as she starts, but then I see she does it throughout her presentations. It’s just her way, a little quirky, but her overall concentrate for peoples’ wellness and her gracious outreach makes it all worthwhile.

        Reply ·
        1. Jenny

          I love Susan and what she is doing and have no problem with the unique way she presents herself. However I cannot not respond to the many comments about the eye rolling that seems to bother so many people. You may or may not know or believe that we have an aura (electromagnetic field) which is sealed with what we call the auric sheath that holds the memory of what we know, do, process etc. It is well known that unconsciously our eyes will look up to the edge of our aura to stay with what we want to say and convey. This also happens if we are asked a question that we cannot immediately answer but have somewhere on the edge of the aura stored some memory of it. So we send out a lance and the memory will come back to us eventually. It is a very natural process and you can watch it happening all the time around you! just leave a bit of space for new things that we might not be aware of yet…

          Reply ·
      4. Anna

        I think people need to be people regardless of our filters in which we perceive them. It’s a good lesson for all of us in learning to be tolerant of that which makes us uncomfortable. When we become stuck or fixated or picky on how someone acts, it really is like pointing back at yourself… Maybe her body language bothers you because there is something you relate to that you’re not comfortable with about yourself. We all have our own filters, pointing out someone else’s perceived flaws isn’t about that person at all. Think about it.

        Reply ·
        1. jarka

          Spot on, Anna! 🙂

          Reply ·
        2. Janet Riben, Sweden

          spot on from me too Anna! I thought it was a little special with the eyes at first but noticed also in the beginning that I was a bit skeptical about all this and whether or not I would manage it. As time has passed, I have found Susan to be incredibly sincere in her wish to help a lot of people and is doing her utmost to achieve that. I still am uncertain if I personally will be able to manage this as we have many dinners and they are a super challenge for me! Today was one – a fancy lunch for some very good and senior friends. I did almost everything wrong – guilt feelings afterwards – even during – but went ahead and had that second helping and ate the chocolate and drank the wine… I will have my first REAL day tomorrow I guess….. But I have to say that I am really learning to appreciate Susan and the commitment she has to help us all. It’s up to me what I do with it all.. So get on it Janet!!! Start using that journal and maybe stop the dinners for a while!!!

          Reply ·
      5. ISABELLE

        Bla bla bla!!! Geralyn and all the others who look at someone who share for free good informations and criticize without giving nothing that their ill-being,

        You have time to criticize?
        Are you perfect or maybe masochist to continue to hear and look at Susan despite all these defaults you have not missed to share with us?
        Have you succeed to lose weight or found the perfect health you tried to obtain?
        If not, take your time and, please, save ours.

        Reply ·
      6. Paula Laird

        I love that Susan is Real and not trying to fit into the mold of other weight loss programs out there. She is genuine and it’s So Very evident in every video, phone call and message. That’s the authenticity that brought me into this program that is finally bringing it all together for me. I need to make a list of each ah ha moment that Susan has given me, many times those things have already crossed my mind but I didn’t know how to validate them. Susan has validated so much for me in the realm of weight loss, body image, food, self esteem, etc. in these short 4 weeks of boot camp. I’m so thankful for Susan and BLE. God bless you Susan!

        Reply ·
    3. Barbara Meyn

      Susan, I love the way you are, & it always makes me smile the way you welcome us to the weekly VLOG. Please dont change.
      Barbara Meyn

      Reply ·
      1. Evelyn Reinig

        I love the way your are . Susan, don’t change. People can be so critical. God help us all. keep on doing BLE, till Jesus comes. You make me smile, you such an encourager. Love you

        Reply ·
      2. E

        There is a truth in Jewish thought that something one finds “off-putting ” in someone else is actually a reflection of a negative character trait the beholder has within & it takes patient introspection to uncover the precise nature of this flaw and to then attempt to correct it.

        I greatly SPT’s vlogs for the genuine sharing and caring of her powerful Msgs! Keep them up – you still keep getting better & better!?

        Reply ·
    4. Bev Alexander

      I don’t think the way you begin the Vlog indicates lack of confidence exactly. But the sing-song introduction seems to say, “Here I am again. I’m always saying this and I’m saying it again (Welcome to the weekly Vlog.)

      My take is that it is not about being yourself or not being yourself. But I do think that if you feel repetitive by saying “Welcome to the weekly Vlog,” why not stop saying it? You can leave it out or you can vary it. Or you can say it differently. So, for example, if you said “I love you” to your husband or your child in that sing-song voice, they would likely be puzzled or maybe hurt.

      I think your fans are so happy to see you, that they think you will be as happy to see them – and are surprised that you seem to be saying, “Oh, here I am again.” I do think it might sound a bit apologetic – but as I said, you don’t need to be the least bit apologetic – your blogs are looked forward to with enthusiasm! Hope this helps… 😉

      Reply ·
    5. Christa Krideras

      Being genuine is the most important thing in this world. You keep doing what you are doing and keep on loving it! I think it is great that you addressed this comment and handled it as you did. At the end of the day….we can only be our best selves. xoxoxo

      Reply ·
      1. Bobbie

        I agree with Christa, well said. I am so glad that Susan addressed this comment and the fact
        she listened, appreciated the comment but in the end was true to herself. A lesson learned.

        Reply ·
    6. San

      I am an actress who has studied body lamguage etc… I like your quirky beginning.. It’s you.

      Also, thank you for sharing how to field those well-meaning comments. And, the advice to check-in with ourselves to see if it resonates.

      I, also, think you look great!!!

      Reply ·
      1. San

        Typo: language

        Reply ·
      2. Janet Riben, Sweden

        This was wonderful comment. I agree totally that Susan’s suggestions on how to field those well-meaning comments is helpful.

        Reply ·
    7. Maudy Tiemens

      Thank you, Susan…well said. You have never come across as being insincere. I have truly benefited from your sharing and am grateful to be able to keep my weight off. I didn’t need to lose much, but seeing arms, stomach and legs go back to how I feel so comfortable shows this way of eating is for me.
      Thank you so much! I really appreciate who you are! Such a blessing

      Reply ·
    8. Steen Skytte

      Yes, just be yourself, Susan. Your intro is great.

      Reply ·
    9. vicki ingle

      Great comments – and it applies to so many things besides feedback from people re food! Thanks

      Reply ·
    10. Caroline

      I believe there are some people well meaning whose outlook is simply to (read,interpret) others from a perspective that originates from harsh self-criticism and so inevitably (see’s) others in that same light. Its a condition in the heart that usually resonates from insecurity. The remedy is self- perception, in which one (see’s) oneself in the light of truth, and gentleness, humble honesty, and a sincere desire to love within and through the heart,….not dominated from the mind of perfection an will.

      Reply ·
    11. Jerry Smith

      Hi SPT! sorry for perpetuating this topic but I think you’ll get what a lot of us mean if you imagine one of these scenarios. First, a voice director would need to give an actor the direction to “throw the line away”, to have them deliver the welcome line the way you do. Secondly, just imagine any one of us recommending your work to one of our friends in exactly the same way that you begin the weekly vlog; with an eye roll and a sing song that implies this is the homework part but it’ll be over in a minute and it’ll hardly hurt… You stay off sugar (eye roll like after your name), and throw all your bread away! (to the tune of ‘welcome to the weekly vlog’). I wonder what the response from our friend would be?

      With much love and respect, I’m not sure it’s as important what your intention of the welcome is, if the perceptions of it are so divided, don’t you think? Somewhere something is registering a disconnect. When you say “welcome”, while rolling your eyes, there’s a disconnect pure and simple to the person you’re talking to – me. That’s what people are saying and you’re defending yourself with neurology? Your message has not only resonated but bluntly changed my mind about a lot of things – (not to mention that I’m losing weight too!), but I too have wondered why you didn’t seem to sound more proud or at least excited about your message as you welcomed us. I know I usually am. In truth you could totally get away with a warm, lovely welcome sans the eye roll and throw-away line that legit lets us all know we’re in for another Wednesday of life changing information and encouragement. Be mindful of what you think is important to hold on to here Susan as you build your brand and don’t forget you’re a marketer in this context and this is simply an example of your intended message with this type of delivery not communicating to a lot of YOUR people (every vlog has potential first timers watching too so why repeat things that are obviously not communicating to your faithful what you hoped they would?) – we’re giving you feedback to your marketing message (medium is the message don’t forget) and you seem to be rejecting it. hmm
      When you say something once, it’s your personality – say it every week it’s your choice as a marketer and no different than singing your tag line or saying something like good to the last drop. You must think it communicates a special thing in order to repeat it as a mnemonic every week I would think. Whether you’re being true to yourself or your personality Susan isn’t really the point here but rather that you’re receiving important feedback on whatever you’re message is with how you’ve chosen that lines’ delivery. Lucky for you it’s free because marketers pay big money for that. The comments suggest you may not be as effective in your communication as you thought. Simple – nothing personal. As a marketer here that’s big information. Imagine the lofty position you are in rather than being so quick to defend your right to blow off your own blog with an eye roll every week. You have followers that simply want you to take yourself and this blog as seriously and passionately and lovingly as they do. Get outta town you lucky duck!
      No one is saying reign in your infectious and lovely personality Susan – never stop being you! You are a breath of very fresh air and what better way to package all that science you have in store for us! It will be a pleasure following you and watching your community grow!
      TLDR/: not everyone has had the misfortune of being so highly educated about neurology so eye rolls for them still mean what eye rolls have meant since the beginning of time. Your work and insight means so much more to me (us) than what an eye roll implies. It seems apparent many of us would like to get you on board so you believe it to.

      Reply ·
    12. Gigi

      Holy Susan it’s so you your mannerism your face / eye expression. That’s so strange how some may think negatively towards it. Your so cute happy thin and free. It’s so who you are, your eyes are always doing that.

      Reply ·
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