The One TED Talk I Always Showed to My Students…

There was this one TED Talk that, year in and year out, I always made a point of showing to my students. Something just reminded me of it and in this week’s vlog I explain.

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  1. ArtMoney

    Our show consists of conversation, interviews, comedy sketches and music with the most important thinkers in America.

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  2. SPSS

    If you relate to what I just said, show me some love back. Keep on reading, like, comment and subscribe! We return the favor!

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  3. Linda Eilar

    I tried to log in and was sumarily pitched out. You don’t like my e-mail address and made reference to URL profile.

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  4. Suzy De Hond

    I tried to log in for your blog but I was asked for the access password but I don’t gave It. Can I please het It? Thank you so much.


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  5. Jean Myers

    I have enjoyed all your blogs, vlogs, and great info that you share so well. Just one teeny suggestion – when you introduce yourself on the vlog each week, please say your name with enthusiasm as if this were your very first first time. For some folks it may be the first time they hear and see you so talk to them with connection and a welcoming smile. Please no eye rolls! I offer this reflection with a warm heart, knowing that you want to project even better than you already do 🙂

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    1. Terri B

      I’ve thought the same exact thing many times Jean Myers! Thank you for making the suggestion so nicely. I too think that Susan is and should very well be, proud of the inspiration and information she brings to thousands of people each time she steps in front of a camera or a mic. She needs to allow us to be excited from the first moment of the Vlog! It’s always great!! There’s nothing boring or ho-hum about it!

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  6. Chupacabras

    We ve set up an email list just for the people from TED follow the recommended links above, and sign up and we ll send information just for you.

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  7. Alison

    Hi Susan
    Wow you really have changed my life since february 15th!! I did the BLE bootcamp and am now a Bright Lifer and then signed up for the Healing course. I watched the first few The Truth about Cancer webinars via the link you sent. I was so blown away by the information that I bought the online information AND the cd’s package. I want to share all the information with my family. When you sent the link for The World Food Summit I decided I couldn’t possibly spend any more money!! So I have listened to every interview up to date.. Guess what, I have been so blown away again by all the information that I felt I just had to stretch my budget and buy the empowerment package! I am so looking forward to hearing your talk. Thanks for all your caring support. Alison

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  8. Rick Henkin

    Thank you, Susan. I’m from Los Angeles and just watched the Ron Finley Ted Talk. Good for him. It’s a shame that LA just wastes the potential in all those vacant lots.

    I’ve been following you for a while now and your information is always right on the mark. I’m almost 63 years old and you inspired me to create my own blog a few months ago aimed solely at the baby boomers, my generation. I read a few articles that said we’re supposed to live longer than all of the generations before us, which sounds like a good thing. Then I took a look at a lot of my peers, and realized what’s the point if you can’t live those extra years in good health? Thank you for all of the great info.

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  9. Susi

    Would love your thoughts on how to still eat well when fructose and lactose intolerant . While there are still lots of good foods available ,one misses out on really I,ports to ones.

    Cannot see link to TED interview you mention

    Here n australia food in schools has vastly Improved

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    1. Silvia

      The TED Talk is Ron Finley: A guerrilla gardener in South Central LA

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      1. Chrysanne

        Thank you for the name of the gardener.

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  10. Valerie

    Ah, Susan! This will be my third Food Summit, and they just get better every year. I haven’t heard today’s speakers yet, (appointments..) but I will catch them before I sleep tonite! I am so looking forward to your contribution. I can’t even pick a favorite speaker. All have a message, and all are spot on.
    I’ve seen the ‘gangsta gardener’ Ted talk….isn’t it amazing what cities and municipalites will freak out over.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your discussions with the school lunch folks…. Dr. Barnard who spoke earlier this week has fought this fight over the crap food available in hospitals, etc…. and has been successful in removing some fast food right out of several children’s hospitals! Go fight the good fight, and hope you eventually win.

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  11. Sonja Butts

    I’ve been listening to the amazing interviews of the Food Revolution Summit also. I am so very impressed by the quality of the production and the outstanding quality of the speakers and their messages. My goodness, Jane Goodall!! She is a legendary figure to me! At 82 she is still actively promoting her wonderful learning program aimed at kids all over the globe! Susan, I am looking forward to your interview. Your message is powerful also. If more people understood the insanely damaging, addictive effects of processed sugar and flour they would at the very least reduce their use of them and spread the word about them as I have done since being introduced to you online several months ago. I am off now to find that Ted talk while figuring out my new vegetable garden!

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  12. Dana

    That thermometer/ thermostat phrase was a show stopper for me as well!! As I heard it I put it on my favorite chalkboard in my family room!! I am looking forward to watching this Ted talk. Just brilliant!
    Be the thermostat!!

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  13. Ublan'o

    Hi Susan nice met you, on your show you are a pretty women and I love you thank you love all wase , o’ali

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