Post-Family Reunion VLOG Message

In this week’s VLOG I talk a little bit about the First Annual Bright Line Eating™ Family Reunion, and share what’s on my mind now that it’s over. This message actually applies to anyone who travels, celebrates special occasions, or enjoys holidays with family and afterwards experiences what I like to call “re-entry.”

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  1. Betsy Meynardie

    are the webinars mentioned available now? it’s been a while since this vlog was posted. thank you,

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  2. Karen

    So true. This year was my first Bright Lines Thanksgiving and I sailed through the day, no problem. But then fell off the wagon the day after. Ouch!! Today is a Bright Lines day and I’m happy about it.

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  3. Maryjane Thibodeau

    Susan. Your enthusiasm is great. Glad you had a great time I’m excited to watch the Summit. I need a BLE boost. Have struggled a little with craving since I went to a bridal shower starved. Thinking I’d eat supper there. They barely had anything but sweets. Lesson learned. That environment is dangerous for me. So can’t wait!
    But grateful for the 22 pumps I’ve lost so far.

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  4. Deborah

    I am so happy that you all had such a fantastic time at the reunion! Thank you for describing the post event syndrome. I have observed and experienced that concept in my own life after different events, good and not so good. It is AFTER an event that is the most trialsome.
    I am registering for the Food Revolution Summit under BLE, as I have in the past on my own.
    Really looking forward to your new webinar series! Thank you for all your hard work.

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  5. Sydney

    Such a wonder topic. I feel such love for the time we all spent together ?.

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  6. Valerie

    Looking forward to this years Food Summit! I watched it all last year, it is amazing. I’m soooo glad you will be part of it. I’d already seen your photo in the line up, which by the way really is awesome!
    Look forward to getting your ‘take’ on the speakers!
    Bright Line Eating For Ever, ODAAT!!!!
    Valerie, the GardenKat

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  7. Carole Tyler

    I’m so proud of you,Susan.
    I have already signed up for the Food Revolution event am excited that you will be part of it.You will be a blessing to even more people!
    I have been doing so well on BLE and am sad it’s coming to an end($$is pretty scary here!!)
    Will we ex Boot Campers still get access to your weekly VLOGS?

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    1. Mariah Perkins

      Yes! Yes you will get the vlogs! They come through email to all on Susan’s email list, boot campers or not.

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  8. R. Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

    Susan, you are a good role model and you are empathetic. Please send me some advice on how to deal with my natural desire to just be stationary. This is really messing me up because I suffer from lower leg Lymphedema. Meaning very large, swollen ankles and calves! I have to wear special wraps and hosiery. I am going to be starting a Tai Chi Class to start getting in shape through Beachbody.

    I’ll definitely be keeping in touch.



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    1. R. Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

      It’s Shoshana MintzUrquhart again. I need stats and cause effect facts on venous insufficiency and this lower leg Lymphedema. It is one of the side bar curses from becoming overweight through binging and also taking in too must salt. Please share any tips to help us obese bingers with Lymphedema. I understand Lymphedema. Be aware of swollen excesses near the ankles And arches. I would love to have more take home the toy orchshvnm

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      1. R. Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

        No more comments. Just that above last sentence was nonsensical because I had dozed off. Happy Passover to all those who celebrate it. The food for Passover is amazing!

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      2. Donna Landon

        R. Shoshana, have you ever tried Kinthesiology tape on your legs? It’s easy to use and can be bought in the pharmacy aisle of any drug store. Ask a physical therapist or sports coach how to use it. Or learn by watching it on YouTube. It has instant results in moving the lymph up your legs. Swelling all gone!
        And don’t forget to cut out salt and drink your water!
        Very best wishes to you.

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    2. Mariah Perkins

      Dear gal! Are you in the current Boot Camp? Have you done a Boot Camp in the past? Are you eating according to the bright lines? Do you practice the tools to stick to the bright lines if you are struggling? Many many first-world illnesses are reversed to the point of being cured when a soul gets to goal weight or near goal weight by practicing bright line eating. I urge you to focus here. The lymphedema may likely take care of itself if you do. Bright line eating does not advocate exercising, one way or the other.
      Very best wishes.

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  9. Mary

    Yay Susan! So proud of you! You are changing lives. I’m signing up again for the Summit! And thank you for the information of coming off of travel, especially the Reunion. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I attended the Reunion and will be there next year, at goal weight. Woo hoo!

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