Live from San Diego!

I’m in San Diego for the First Annual Bright Line Eating™ Family Reunion, and in this week’s VLOG my team and I share a special, timely message with you.

The Truth About Cancer—A Global Quest—has begun, and 1.4 MILLION PEOPLE are tuning in to take the journey, including me, my team, and thousands of others from the Bright Line Eating™ community. Won’t you join us?



  1. Dave Karpinski

    I was very disappointed in the Truth About Cancer series. Almost no science was mentioned, only that most “studies” were funded by corrupt pharmaceutical companies and therefore we couldn’t trust them. Case after case was presented to prove that every alternative treatment worked. You can’t prove that something works by presenting cases. It is too easy to bury the failures and only mention the successes. We know that there will always be some people who get spontaneously well with no treatment whatsoever. Only when comparing groups of people who received treatment with those not receiving treatment can we be assured that the treatment is better than no treatment. The whole series seems to be a very long infomercial for “bone broth.” In spite of an endorsement by Ocean Robbins of the Food Revolution series, a very well scientifically-based support of the vegan lifestyle, here is a recommendation for adding more meat products to one’s diet.

    An extensive critique of the series can be found at :

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  2. Sandy Emerson-Weatherby

    I have been watching The Truth About Cancer and knew some of the natural therapies already. This documentary has deeply researched all areas of healing and Wow! there is so much more to learn. It is also reassuring to see so many survivors from cancer. One most heartening aspect is that the BLE food plan is the exact food plan to follow for healing and restorative health. It has worked its magic on my body already. Thank you so much for including us in this discussion and education. Sent with love and gratitude. Sandy

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  3. Rory Sagner

    I can feel the LOVE…guffaw! Just wanted to tell you all how incredibly wonderful it was to SEE you all together….hope to meet you all one day!!!

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  4. Pamela Roberts-Reynolds

    My husband and I have watched the Cancer Documentaries every night thus far (3 so far)… lots of information there and lots to think about… I have a question about supplements which you said you gave up on your last blog… does the good choices in foods allow you to give those up… on the cancer series they say we need some of them but do not specify which… Keep up the good work and enjoy your Team and Tribe…

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  5. Jeannie Greutert

    It’s beautiful to see all of your lovely faces!!! Have so much fun in San Diego!!
    Goodbye, I love you all!!!!

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  6. Kathy

    I´m not a Bright Line Eater but I enjoy watching your weekly Vlog. I know it´s not the correct thing to say, but honestly I was a bit disappointed to see so many overweight and obese people in your team Susan….

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    1. Betty

      i just want to shout out to any on Susan’s team that have not reached your goal yet. Don’t let this comment hurt or discourage you. Regardless of someone’s physical size, I know there is healing and transformations happening inside. I applaud you for doing the BLE Journey and I know you are unstoppable!

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      1. Connie Bennett

        Betty, I so agree with you. Ouch. Yes, just ignore this callous comment. Take pride in what you’ve accomplished. Everyone I talked to on Susan’s team this past weekend was so pleasant, so personable and so giving. And you’ve all made such AMAZING progress. One member of her team lost, I think it was, 100 pounds! Wow! Hurrah to all of you. So hurrah for you. Your’re all awesome.

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  7. Annie

    Count me as watching. Even though I am BLE, I signed up with the first invitation for the Cancer series I received. I think it was Louise Hay.

    Hope you are all having a wonderful time at the retreat!

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  8. Pauline Brousseau

    My daughter Judy Brousseau is in San Diego as I write. Sooooooo exited for her. She lives with me at this time. She joined in October and has lost 37 pounds. I watched her slim down to a lovely young women.
    She looks so great and is Happy Healthy and Slim at last and forever.
    Her sister Joan Brousseau Sergey RN joined in Jan has lost 25 pounds. She has Lymphoma and is experiencing some wonderful changes in all her tests.

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  9. Radha

    I registered and watched “The Truth About Cancer – Global Quest” and it was potent and powerful to say the least!!
    Thank you Susan for pointing us to the series!!
    Love and Regards

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  10. nikki

    I’m so excited for everyone at the family reunion !!! I will be there next time, for sure !!! Enjoy ! Love, Nikki

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  11. Shawn Mahshie

    Thanks for bringing this amazing series to our attention, Susan. So much hope. Have a wonderful time with your huge family in SD! xoxo Love, Shawn

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  12. Ruth Campbell

    Loved the first documentary on cancer and look forward to the rest.

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  13. Maureen

    Already signed up and watching, but glad to be with you too. I follow your blogs and love your help in the health journey.
    Maureen from Ontario Canada

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  14. Tiffany Braxton

    Thank you, this was perfect timing for me! Sunday 4/10 was the 3rd year anniversary of my Mom leaving this earth from an aggressive form of uterine cancer, that next year I started a health initiative surrounding gynecological and breast cancer awareness and prevention. Every 4/10 is #LoveYourVaJayJayDay encouraging women to stay on top of their health and #CheckUpOnIt we have been posting information and will continue for the rest of this week for minority cancer awareness week. I appreciate you sharing and spreading this much needed information.

    Thank you.

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  15. Penny Gage


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  16. Sam DuBois

    Thank you for promoting the Truth about Cancer series. There is another relevant thing happening that I think Bright Line Eating should be responding to as well. A friend of a McDonald’s franchisee proved that he could lose weight by doing his version of “Supersize Me!” – eating at McDonald’s three meals a day, for six months. There has been a backlash, because – of course – this was totally swimming against the current, and gives the message that fast food is great, as long as you’re (extremely) careful… I suggest you make a Vlog analyzing “540 Days” from a Bright Line Eating perspective, which I suspect will make it possible to agree with both those who did this new approach, countering “Supersize Me!” – and with those who are mad about it!
    Thanks for all you do,

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  17. Joan

    Had already signed up sometime ago….it is great. Thanks for all your sharing and caring. Though my efforts of changing my eating has been hit and miss I get so much from your posts in the way of inspiration. Again, thank you much.

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  18. Val Silver

    The truth about cancer summit is great. I watched every episode last year.

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  19. Jan

    I also watched The Truth About Cancer last evening and I can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

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    1. John Hawkes

      Count me one of your 5000. I’m watching.

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  20. Helen

    Have signed and am watching….

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  21. Irene

    I have already seen The Truth About Cancer and have purchased the set .
    It is so interesting and worthwhile and especially pertinent for people following the Bright Line Eating program.
    It shows people more reason to stick to it!!!

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  22. Deborah

    Hello BLE team! Love the weekly blogs! I watched the video last night when it aired. I plan to watch the whole series. Have fun!!! ?

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  23. Emily

    Already signed up and watched last night. A powerful series that should be in the “must view” category for medical personal as well as the rest of us.

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    1. Kathleen

      I already signed up for this series and watched part of the first episode. I am so impressed with the caliber of the participants and their expertise.

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  24. Megha

    Susan Pearce Thompson, what can I say except this: I just love you. Since January 22 when I first heard you on Alba’s Telesummit, you have infiltrated my life in every single way. We in the March Boot Camp are keeping the “home” fires burning while you wow the gang in San Diego. We’ve got your back. I’m watching the cancer video. If you tell me to do something, I’m pretty much doing. Your mission in this world is absolutely great and I am honored and delighted to call myself a bright liner. Permission to be human, permission to be magnificent, permission to BE!

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    1. Grace

      Hey Megha! I think Susan’s awesome and I’m watching TTAC as well, but I want to encourage you to think for yourself. I’m sure Susan and her team believe in TTAC 100%, but also keep in mind that the button above is an affiliate link, meaning she earns money if you click, register, and end up buying the series. Just as episode 1 of TTAC encourages viewers to question the pharmaceutical industry’s role in cancer treatment, it’s important to question everything!

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  25. Janice

    Susan I have watched their other documentaries and have already signed up on the TTAC Site. But you can count me in!
    Janice Lotz

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  26. Lisa

    Loved this so much Susan! So great to see you with your team. I’ve signed up to watch the Cancer Series and the first episode was extremely powerful and informative.

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    1. Valerie

      You are totally electric today on your vlog! Being together with your team, and anticipating the arrival tomorrow of your tribe shows!
      Watched the first installment of TTAC last night. LOTS to think about. And I learned LOTS! Looking forward to the second installment in about an hour.
      Big Hugs to you and everyone meeting in San Diego!

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      1. Marta

        Yes! What Gardenkat said! The radiance and joy is shooting out from your eyes and big beautiful smile. I love you too Team BLE!!!!

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    2. Eve DesJardins

      Yes…I got word about the movie from about nine sources!! But I am a BLE and count me here lovie lady! Eve in VT

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