Cool New Science!

In today’s VLOG I invite you to learn about the latest, coolest science that applies to your Bright Line Eating™ Journey. Check it out!


  1. Carmel McGinn

    I’d love an opportunity to watch this webinar albeit from 8 yrs ago…Can you let me know if this is possible please….a dedicated BLE citizen 👌

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Carmel! That webinar series is on our Bright Lifers site as an archived webinar. Bright Lifers are those who have gone through a Boot Camp and then chose to stay with us. We offer a lot of special bonuses to them, and archived webinars are one of them. It’s no longer available to the public, sorry! 🧡

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  2. Jennifer

    Are the Advanced Weight loss mastery series of webinars still available to watch somehow? I
    Realize these were created 2 years ago but I just stumbled on. Is vlog after finishing he 14 day challenge last month.

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    Looking for the cool new science webinar l

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  4. Adchara DeLong

    Hi Susan, I am so thrilled to have done the 80+ days, am making progress I never dreamed of and have joined brightlifers . I saw thish on youtube but obviously the time for the video series is over. How can I view these Cool New Science series – I am a retired science teacher so LLLLOVVVVELEEE the science . How do I get access to these?

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  5. Tracey Jackson

    I’m new to BLE – about to hit the start button on the boot camp

    Is there a way to still see this series?

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  6. Melody

    How do I get ahold of this info now? I know it’s WAY past, but I’d love to know!!!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Melody, That webinar series is in our Bright Lifers site as an archived webinar. Bright Lifers are those who have gone through a Boot Camp and then choose to stay with us. We offer a lot of special bonuses to them, and archived webinars are one of them. It’s no longer available to the public, sorry!

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  7. Mericay Michaels

    6 months too late for the New Cool Science Webinars.
    So typical of my life.
    Where is that stale donut!!!
    Sure sounded like I would have liked it very much and that it might have helped me out.
    Are the Love webinars long past also?
    Enjoy your vlogs. Wish I could afford to join the program but I am an elderly grandma raising a grandchild. I had to get a job (minimum wage) to manage all that that involves. Day late and a dollar short, huh?
    Love the tidbits that I have gleaned though. I now verbally and / or mentally telling myself to SQUARE MY SHOULDERS when bombarded with foods that present themselves to me at work that are not my food or at meal times. I find that it has helped. I see your smiling face as I encourage myself to resist. Thanks for that. It resonates with me. But I so need the inner working part.

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  8. Susan

    Please can you provide access to this webinar recording again? I unfortunately missed it. BIG Please.

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  9. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    I love you, Susan. Thank you.

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  10. Eva

    I am devastated that I can’t gain weight. No one addresses this. I am healthy, I go to gym, but I can’t eat as much as other people do. I gain muscle at gym but no fat under my skin. What to do? I am 67 years old and would love to add 4 kilos of fat to my body. Yes, I drink a tablespoon or more of coconut oil, eat an avocado a day with a tbsp or more of olive oil. However my breakfast consists of half a squeezed lemon with baking soda and water, then Chinese green tea, followed by 4 tbsp of yogurt with a tbsp of coconut oil with 1-2 tbsp of chia and flax seeds. After gym, I take a veggie organic juice mix with protein powder. Dinner I have a decent meal with a lot of veggies as well as meat, poultry or fish. But nothing adds weight to my body.

    Sorry, I can’t swallow American portions, what to do?

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  11. Iona

    Is there any way to get the recordings of your presentation you spoke of in the video? This information is SO helpful and incredibly freeing!!

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  12. Thank You

    Susan, Thank You for all these videos, information, etc… Please do not stop doing them.

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  13. Yochana

    Hi, I listened to you on the Food Revolution, you are so fun and inspiring and knowledgable and was checking out your site and found this vlog. I wanted to watch and clicked the button and was told sorry, closed. It really sounds like what I need, will it be available again? Thanks

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  14. Shelby

    Susan – Thank you for all of the information and encouragement you provide. You are an amazing and inspirational woman and wish you the best with all that you do. I love being on my weight loss journey with you – you’ve put me on the right path. You have made it so fun and educational. Keep up the great job!

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  15. Inneta Kantor

    Loved Molly.

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  16. Claire

    This really joined up the dots for me in so many ways. Thank you so much Susan and Molly!

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  17. Joan Barice

    see comment above. Thank you very much. It is exciting!

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  18. Joan Barice

    Just now learned about and am really looking forward to all 3 of your webinars. I will view the first one as soon as I can – tonight if possible, have scheduled for # 2 on the 28th. There is no place to register for #3 on Sunday 5-7 yet. Will it be available? I definitely want to do all 3. Thank you very much!!!!. E Joan Barice MD

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  19. JD

    I watched all the Food Freedom videos and watched the replay of Advanced Weight Loss Mastery Webinar No. 1 yesterday. For anyone interested in the mind/body connection at the DNA level, this is the webinar for you. I’m yet another geek geeking out on the science. Thank you for sharing this groundbreaking research in an easily digestible (pun intended way). Keep it coming!

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  20. Sharon salmon

    At some time, I would love to hear your take on the wisdom of, and the science of, the importance of rotating our foods (ie, developing food sensitivities for one issue). This was really stressed in Food Addicts Anonymous….do you subscribe to its importance?

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  21. Christine Anna

    Dear Dr Susan . . . I am so appreciative of your training videos. I watched all the Food Freedom series and am now registered for Advanced Weight Loss Mastery. Previously a nurse, I trained and have worked for some years now as a psychotherapist. I have my own history of eating disorder with years of struggle to get free and for some years now I’ve been aiming to understand and pull together aspects of our physiology and psychology and even beyond that what might be described as more of a spiritual desire for love and belonging . . . this, in order to help myself sustain changes I have made and continue on a path of growth and development . . . all of which, I hope makes me a better therapist . . . I am passionate about helping people end their struggle, whatever it may be. I hear this passion in you and in Molly too. Many people who come to me have problems with eating at one level or another. You bring together so clearly the physical science and psychology of eating and I’m excited that you are now going to present to us how love ‘has anything to do with it’. Thank you so much for your work and your generosity of heart in bringing these videos to us for free . . they are proving an enormous help to me both personally and professionally . . and clearly to thousands of people who are registered with you . . thank you for being the person you are and for doing what you do . . . all blessings to you . . .

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  22. Rachel

    Your clear teaching the foundation in the science behind how happiness, genomes affect immune systems and even how it correlates to the delayed gratification sometimes required to reach one’s goals was such a gift and granted me clarity that I had not considered. The co-facilitation with Molly and what she brings to the table in terms of tools to get to the roots of the numbing, comfort, shadow etc was powerful and has the potential to be mind changing and life shifting for folks willing to dig in and do the work. Both of you and your messages spoke clearly to my spirit. THANK YOU!

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  23. Sandy

    This information is so good that it is applicable to anyone…any human, regardless of food obsession or not…as it speaks to happiness and health….and isn’t that what we all want?! 🙂

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  24. dk

    um um
    um um um um um,

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    1. Tatyana

      Thank you for the valuable information!

      Love and many blessings,


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  25. Victoria Milewski

    Please send me links for ALL P A R T S of video/seminars…

    Thank You very much for your GREAT work and efforts to help so many other people.


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