The Three Keys to Life-Long Weight-Loss Success

There are three essential keys to life-long weight-loss success. Do you know what they are…? Check out this Vlog for the scoop.


  1. John A. Charles

    Sorry but I don’t see the link you spoke about for your LIVE STREAMING IDEO ON THE 3 Keys to lifelong weight loss success. Since I paid for he Boot Camp, do I automatically get to see it some time in the near future??

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  2. Stephanie

    I’m new to the program and also catching up on old vlogs and would love to see the link for the last two keys to weight loss.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Stephanie,

      Please go to and scroll to the bottom of the page to the banner that says “Click Here for More Support” and submit a ticket. Please describe exactly what you’re looking for and our Team will be happy to help you find it!

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  3. Betsy Meynardie

    Is it possible to get access to the other two keys… I’m looking at old vlogs now and the link is obviously no longer there. thank you

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  4. Rose Castilla

    How do we get to hear the other two keys if there is no longer a link? Thank You so very much.

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  5. Nancy Yu

    This vlog was included in the Module 5 video, and left at a cliffhanger. Since the live stream is now over, it being July 2016, where do we get to see the final two keys?

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  6. Christine

    I missed this webinar (am a new sign-up for the emails). Is there anyway to get this info now? I’d really like to know these key things to keeping the weight off as I’m struggling with having regained weight.

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    1. Tricia Warren

      Ditto As Christine

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  7. Linda

    Oh Susan I love your Vlogs and I listened to the live stream and it was also wonderful. I have 2 questions for you.
    1. Is it possible to join the community without doing the boot camp?
    2. For those of us not familiar with 12 step programs what exactly is meant by doing the work? or working the program. It always sounds like some mysterious, believe it and it will happen, kind of cult.

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    1. erica

      Hi Linda , I’ve been in the 12 step food addiction group ( FARA) – doing the work means following the rules basically which are: 3 meals a day nothing in-between, weigh and measure everything you eat, no flour, no sugar. In addition in FARA you would; read the big book in the morning and evening, pray every day, morning and evening, call 3 colleagues from the group every day and go to three meetings a week. It pretty much takes over your life, but then, if you have a food addiction, that was running your life anyway. It is a bit culty as it is mostly peer pressure that makes it possible to stick to very meagre rations while you are losing the weight. you basically can’t speak at a meeting until you have 90 days of abstinence – that is following the programme exactly as set out above. hope that helps.

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  8. Priscilla Skerry, N.D.

    Would like to sign up for tonights webcast.

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  9. Megha

    I adore these VLOGS. I look forward to Wednesdays. I only discovered Susan in late January 2016; I have been off flour and sugar ever since. I have not yet mastered three meals a day and the digital food scale but I am on my way because….. I just joined the BOOTCAMP! I deserve this gift after decades of frustration with food. Even though I eat organic foods and health foods, eating too much and too late at night is NOT OK. Susan’s brain’s science is tremendously helpful and fascinating. I have become a Bright Line bird dog, and am teaching my friends, family, and students who are interested. And EVERYONE IS interested! I am proud to call myself a Bright Liner. Bootcamp, here we come!

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  10. Josie Colicchia

    Ohhh yes!! Optifast!!! Did it in 2013 lost 10kg (22lbs) in 10 weeks. Went from 84kg to 74kg the lowest is been for 25yrs. Man I used my willpower to achieve the goal so I could wear a dress. Well let’s say I put it all on plus more just resuming and eating healthy. No support, no Maintance, just went back to my habits of eating withou junk food. My reward was 13kg back on.
    That was fun NOT.
    Love being on BLE Bootcamp my Soul rejoices and I’m finding it so easy because it’s so balanced and it’s real food! How’s that I’m eating real food and totally always satisfied and no cravings. Day 37 and no break in my BL. Did I say REAL FOOD.
    This is the way to go!
    Look forward to the Webinar.
    Thank Susan for saving me from doing the fast track BS stuff I’ve done in the past. This is a life time keeper. Love and hugs

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  11. Gigi

    This is so needed as that’s exactly how I have been feeling. I am now on maintenance plan and I went through the info that we have on line but felt that it wasn’t enough. Was totally like hummmm this just isn’t enough info. So thank you Susan!!! This is also very important crucial really.

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  12. MARIA


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  13. Lidija

    I’d love to participate but it’s streaming too late where I live. But I will definitely watch the replay :).

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  14. Diane C

    I can be on live tonight but I will definitely watch the replay! I’m loving boot camp! Sending you much love and gratitude!

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    1. Andia

      Hi Susan, I’d love to watch the replay but unfortunately the link isn’t working anymore. Can I accesss it any other way?
      Thank you and much love, Andia

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  15. Louise Trudel

    Plan to participate in your live stream tonite.
    Your energy and aura are anazing and you are thoroughly convincing

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  16. Brandon Letzin

    It’s worth watching her stuff Jeanne. You’ll not regret tonight.

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  17. Stefi

    YIPPEE!!? a LIVE STREAM tonight!!!!!?

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  18. Jeanne Orsino

    I have deleted your e-mail So I don’t know what you are all about. I just happen to view the announcement made March 16th At 11:00 AM. I am very interested. Please forgive me for not paying

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  19. George Sabree

    I’ll be on tonight for sure! BLE was for me from the jump when the light went on as to how I could finally end my last 15 years on the weight loss/gain yo-yo roller coaster. So, for me BLE passes with honors the test of effective program (I haven’t been to boot camp..yet). I’m eating when, what and how much; in control of cravings and appetite and my weight is dropping. Powerful!!
    I’m registered and ready!!!

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    Look forward to this webinar

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