The Most Difficult Bright Line By Far…

Which one of the Bright Lines is causing me some trouble at the moment? Watch this week’s vlog to find out.


  1. Natália Cruz -

    Thank you for your transparency and courage, you are a great role model and I respect you enormously for that.

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  2. Annette Strausberg

    I know this is an older post, but I want to add my cents anyway. Aside from being careful to monitor the portions in restaurants, I think we also need to be aware of the amount of oil and butter (which add so many calories);that restaurants use. I have learned to ask for steak, grilled chicken, and vegetables without any added buttet or glaze. It can save you several hundred calories!

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  3. Nikki

    Wow! That was so gracious of you to open up and tell us your struggles. I feel a little more human now!😋 (I am just now listening to your book in my car in the way to and from work. Love it!! ) I thank God that you seek Him through fasting! All things are possible with Him!

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  4. Kourtney

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  5. Arlene Stettin

    Thanks you for this blog. I have been in OA for 39 years. The 12 steps have changed my life and my weight. I have been maintaining a normal weight for 27 years. The prior 12 years were filled with lapses, relapses, and a final collapse where I left the rooms for 2 years. My success today is based on what I heard in your talk -Honesty and Humility. I made 2 vows when I returned. The first was never to leave and the second was always to tell the truth so that I could receive the help that I needed. I know someone who solved her eating out situation by always eating half of everything she is served in a restaurant. She asks for a takeout container as soon as her meal arrives and puts half the meal in the container so it doesn’t stay on her plate asking to be picked at. One of the tricks I personally use is to get up and go to the ladies room as soon as I start obsessing about something on my plate that is more than I need. If I keep a food thought for 30 seconds or more in my head, the food will be in my mouth. Just getting up, walking to the ladies room, splashing cold water on my face gives me the pause I need to change the thought. “Move a muscle change the thought.” Thanks again for your humanness.

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  6. Wendy

    I so relate. I too am a quantities girl. I want to eat more so I started weighing my apples and bananas to 6 ounces too and it slowed my weight loss right down. I have since committed to going back to just eating one piece of fruit, including the plums I just bought. The plan says 2 plums but when I weighed one it was over 5 ounces so decided to eat just one. I am only going on 6 months into Bright Line Eating and still learning. Thank you for all the pearls of wisdom you share each week.

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  7. Rosemary

    Hi Susan – I love your vlogs just for their general uplift! I am also an Opera fan. Today when I was listening to a Youtube of Joyce Didonato’s vlog I thought so much of you and I thought that it could be as relevant to Bright Line Eating. I feel your program does so much for people all round. The gist of what Joyce was saying and the link is here: How do you keep the Faith? Life in Art means things cross over into philosophy ………. there are no guarantees in Life. No guarantee. Mentally something can pop. One is always at risk. Any day you are at risk for something happening. Who knows what is happening so for the moment I am going to give it my all. No matter where you end up on your journey you would have had the privilege of your life, learned an immense amount, been on a constant journey and learned to listen to your gut, instinct and intuition. What works for you may not work for others and vice versa.
    Do listen, very inspiring. As are you, Susan!

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  8. Marie Bauer

    With tears of joy in my eyes right now I just want to say how much I admire you. And I will not give up the struggle because you prove that it is possible to win this fight. I may never be thin but I will keep “keepin’ on.”
    Thank you for being human and being a light! God Bless you. 🙂

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  9. Martha

    Hey Susan, I just finished your January boot camp. I’m down 18 pounds and things have been going fairly smoothly. However I’ve noticed lately that I have had to do a lot of talking to my saboteur and have had a few evenings of feeling disappointed around not keeping the Bright Lines. Nuts from my husband’s desk keep finding their way into my mouth! I just watched your vlog and want to thank you …for everything. All that you do. You are such an inspirational speaker that even when you are confessing your faults I find an uplifting message in your words. You are in the trenches with us! And we love you for it! I am ready to rezoom tomorrow and know I will because you’ve got my back. Namaste.

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  10. Linda B

    Susan, your research gave me the courage to quit sugar and flour (and fruits for me). I am 4 days in! I needed hope that things would work and be better, and to have the background understanding of what is happening with my body and my brain–hormones, chemicals, blood sugar, neurotransmitters. Now the 3 meals a day, and the portion control, that’s stage two! I figure I can add that level in after I get over the sugar addiction element.

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  11. Maria

    Hi Susan. Thank you so much for all you do. I truly resonate with your approach to be happy, thin and free! I would love to be a part of your next boot camp. I have the exact same struggle with food addiction. I was able to keep the weight off for 6 years until I experienced some thyroid issues and allowed 30 pounds to reappear and now I am in such fear. With your success of over a decade, I have faith that you will be able to overcome this little hiccup, and thank you for letting us know so we can learn with you. There is an interesting show on TV right now called “Fit to Fat to Fit” whereby the trainer gains 40 to 60 pounds so they can feel empathetic towards their client and the two of them lose weight together. The trainer doesn’t realize how addictive the food is and oftentimes have a hard time losing the weight because they can’t tear themselves away from the food and alcohol. The biggest problem is the social aspect of food and drink.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

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  12. Linda Novick


    Thank you for your heartfelt, honest and spiritual vlog. I always enjoy your vlogs. This one was particularly inspiring to me. I’m heading to Mexico in two days….OMG….no tortillas, no “pan dulce”. I’m just thinking protein and vegetables. I will just eyeball the portions, and may try the underestimating strategy!

    Thank you for sharing so beautifully with all of us food addicts. I’ve learned so much from you.

    You definitely can do this…..portion control….that’s the main stumbling block. Ask your higher power for help with this….We all are behind you in your commitment to eat out less and be more rigorous with portions.

    Your online friend,

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  13. Lilasuka Hanson

    susan, susan, susan. i’m constantly amazed at how down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, vulnerable you are in the way you speak to us. you have been and will continue to be a powerful leader, since i feel that real leaders really are real followers- of what they are teaching. your testimony has given me strength in my own life, as there is certain fasting in my spiritual path as well, which i am not very good at. but fasting or no, thanks so much for your stories. all of the ble’ers’ personal experiences, realizations and stories are what keeps me unstoppable. thank you- thank you, and peace and love and continued strength to you! – lilasuka

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  14. nadia

    I find you and your thoughts refreshing. You are inspirational and generous in sharing all that you do. You have recognised as a food addict that you have addictive traits. This means that you have to think all of the time. You have a lot of good energy. You have to remember you have achieved a lot and kept your weight off and battled your food addiction successfully for so long. Remember you are that small percentage in keeping off your weight.
    You are allowed to not get it right all of the time.
    I think your personal pledge is a good one set yourself this three month goa on your portion sizes. Bite size chunks are easily digested and that applies to this challenge for you.
    I can apply your pledge, dilemma and self awareness to so many areas of my life. I am starting in changing one behaviour today.
    Good luck with your three month goal. You can do it. Stay bright.

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    Dear Susan,

    How precious you are. I will lift you up in prayer. Best wishes and be kind to yourself. God loves you and, like this with you, He is molding us all! To make us stronger! I really appreciated your thoughts about fasting. It is a special time to connect with the suffering of Christ and with all of those who suffer in our world. What a special sacrifice you are bringing to your fast and your sharing this with others through your vlog. May God bless you and your work and endeavors and strengthen you in mind, body and spirit!

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  16. lisa

    Dear Susan, Your continued radical authenticity is so very inspiring. Thank you for sharing all of you, your triumphs and struggles, both of which are a gift to all of us on a similar path. I am sending you love and holding your intention with you.

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  17. Anna d

    You are unstoppable

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  18. Tina

    Susan, thank you for being such a wonderful role model. You definitely “walk the walk” and your honesty is refreshing. It helps to know that this path is not always easy, even for someone as experienced as you. You have taught me so much and I support you! ((HUGS))

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  19. Michelle

    I’ve been on vacation for 5 days and am eating out a lot! What I LOVE about BLE is knowing exactly how much to eat and when. I LOVE the schedule and structure! It serves me well and gives me control where I had lost it! Now, I’m going out to dinner tonight – I struggle with ordering foods I can’t separate and weigh! I think I’m getting enough, not too much but I can’t be sure! So – tonight and for the rest of my vaca, I will order foods I can weigh and manage. Thanks for being ‘real!’

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  20. Terry

    Dear Susan,

    Blessings to you! I can hardly believe this — I just came back from a restaurant where I HAD put aside my salmon, then ate everything. Probably 6 – 7 oz. The rationalization: I’ll eat less protein at dinner. (I’m a 4!)
    Your honesty inspires me! Thank you for addressing this topic. I am in awe at your vulnerability and transparency. Thank you so much for help us in the BLE community. Love and prayers. (It’s Lent for me right now, so I can relate.)

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  21. Linda

    Hi Susan, thank you for what you are doing and your honesty. Just wanted to clear up Jehovah God doesn’t take troubles away, solve problem for us, what He does do, is give us the strength to endure and the wisdom to choose to do things the right way. Much love to you and again thank you. I’ve lost 5kg using your plan and have 15kg to go. I have to work on the fuzzy lines.
    Kind Regard Linda

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  22. Kathryn

    What has worked for me is adding NO ADDED OIL (or fat) and this way I can eat as much as I want (I am also on a whole food plant based diet). Eating in restaurants is not usually a lot of fun food-wise because all restaurants seem to love to drench foods in oil, but I have learned that I can go without a meal or have a very light meal and I will be OK and I can just enjoy the company and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

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  23. Thea

    Wonderful Vlog, Susan..! Your open and candid words are appreciated so much. I’m part of the Jan 2016 Bootcamp, so I’m only just part way through, but I also have had some issues with my accountability at home..! It is true that we get blase easily, and with that automaticity, old habits can also creep back in. I’m doing the same as you, re-committing. You can do it, Susan.. and I can too!

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  24. Robin

    Eating out is hard to eat healthy because they tend to put salt, sugar, and fat in food, and I have to do it a lot for work. You did great at Spargo. Some restaurants are much easier than others. I try to eat veggies, salads, and fish, and ask for no croutons, cheese or better. I hope as people become more aware of food addictions and what is healthy eating, that there will be more healthy choices. Thanks for your love and honesty.

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  25. Cheryl

    Susan, such a powerful and honest commitment! I know you will see, feel and share your positive results. And that is exactly what you will have. Looking forward to the bookend! We believe in you and stand right beside you in this journey! Constant and NEVER ending improvement!

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  26. Sarah

    Your honesty allows the rest of us as teachers to remember this kind of honesty allows for others to be as well.
    As I hear you – I want to share that I had a noticeable shift with peri-menopause coming on – just harder to stop eating and wanting to eat more – like you I am good at sticking with healthy food choices ( I am not a bright-line eater) but in this time in my life, quantities are harder to manage – it varies around the time of the month too – so I can readily see the hormonal effect. Fasting for even part of the day has helped me “clean the palate” so to speak.
    Thanks! Sarah

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  27. B

    This is exactly what I’m struggling with – portion control at business meals. I thought I was doing okay but the scale says no. I believe I’m making healthy choices just having too much of them. I’m resuming with you.

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  28. Bonnie

    Love the honesty!! Love that u are human with us and that u too do BLE!

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  29. Ginger

    Susan, Bless you! You are me! It never ceases to amaze me that your struggles are my struggles and you mention them as I have been contemplating them myself! I totally get how this could be a problem when you have to eat out all of the time. Being the queen of rationalization I would tell myself, it’s just vegetables and how can you gain weight on vegetables. It really is about surrendering, isn’t it! I’ve been on a plateau and you probably solved my problem! I’m so good at measuring protein, but not so good when it comes to salad. I’m with you and will report back on my progress in June. This is a hard one! We can do this because we are unstoppable. Thank you. I am Your number one cheerleader! Good luck!

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  30. Catriona

    Hi Susan, I listened to this vlog three times over the past 24 hours, just to remind myself that I’m not the only one struggling, and when this happens I so want to throw in the towel. I’m also seeing a nitritionist whose getting me to focus on the 80/20 system. Eat 80% foods that turn to alkaline in the body and only 20% acidic foods. I have tired adrenal glands apparently, and she’s convinced that this might also help me with my bright line eating goals. Also, I hope your book comes out soon, as now there are many books that are touching on your bright line eating plan, no sugar, no processed flour, but most of them allow for cheat days, and are not focused on this as a way of life, but as a way of losing weight. Of course some of these authors used to tout totally different ways to lose weight, so I think they may be listening to you too! Please keep up the great heartfelt vlogs, I wait anxiously each week for them.

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  31. Debbie

    Wow! So many replies and so much support. You deserve it. Thanks for the bit about the fast. I still feel guilty not fasting and it was so good to hear that there is no spiritual benefit if one should not fast for health reasons. I know I am not ready for it yet. Maybe in the future.
    All my love,

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  32. Con

    Dear Susan,
    As a fellow Hashimoto I feel we have special aspects that make our metabolism sluggish especially as we get older. I found the book by Isabella Wentz life changing for me! Having my thyroid medicine adjusted and having an eye opening hormone profile done changed my life. I needed to find an integrative physician to do all this and finding one in my area was a challenge, but it can be done.
    I hope this is helpful?
    In any case, YOUR work has been life changing for me as well Susan.
    With much love and prayers,

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  33. Debra J

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    At the most elementary level: It is so nice to know we aren’t in this alone!
    Many blessings to you! Keep it comin’!

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  34. mary

    Thank you for sharing! I also do fasts for my spiritual growth and thought I would share a tidbit that I figured out after awhile. I found that when I increased the size of my meals before/after sundown, that sort of resynced my brain/body to start to expect that amount of food. Therefore when I was done with the fasting my body was still expecting more food and I had to retrain it again. I have only recently begun brightline eating, but imagine that would deplete a great deal of willpower. Just a thought for those of us still in early stages of this and who also may be fasting this time of year.

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  35. Kristy Van Kerckhove

    Dear Susan,

    I understand what you are going trough, because I experienced the same for 29 years. At the age of nine I was overweighted and went on a diet under the guidance of diëtist. I lost 12 kg in 5 month’s. Since that period, my weight and food controled my life. I managed to keep my weight under controle, but with a lot of effort. I was convicted that I could not be thin, without doing effort. 3 years ago I got problems with my hormones. I could not manage my weight anymore with my food and sports . I was desperate, didn’t know what to do and had difficulty accepting myself in that state of being. I went to a rough time, but step by step I learned to love myself. In that period I started studying about the science of the mind and how the mind affects your body and life. I had always thought that I had a slow metabolism, that I destroyed by eating wrong when I was a child. It was exactly that thought that kept me in the position I was in for al those years. Step by step I changed my thoughts, and step by step my body changed. If you think that you have an eating disorder than your body will react as you have an eating disorder. I think that the reason it is hard for you to keep your portions under controle in a restaurant, is that your subconsciousness mind alias ego is taking over. Your ego believes that you are high on the scale, so it helps you to keep this thought a life. If you believe that your body is perfect and that your are low on the scale, than it will be perfect. I am 40 years old, and after 31 years of eating discipline, my mind is completely free. I enjoy food, love my body and myself. I am happy, thin en FREE.
    If I can do this, you can do this too!
    Love Kristy

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    1. Donald

      What books did you read for study of science of mind? What steps did you take to love yourself and your body that brought you to this place. It all sounds so interesting and wonderful can you share your process more in depth?

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  36. Ainhoa de Federico

    Dear Susan,

    We met at PLF live, I’m the Spanish speaking university professor starting a new project online.
    I was very moved by your vlog and your honesty.
    So you have ALL MY SUPPORT AND LOVE go for it.
    You will see you will find a solution !
    And thanks for everything you share it is very useful and helpful.
    Ainhoa de Federico

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  37. Sue Holland

    Thank you for your transparency and courage, you are a great role model and I respect you enormously for that.

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  38. Esmarie

    Hallo Susan, Thank you for this weekly vlog… thank you for your honesty… Thank you for being human. Thank you… This makes me feel less than a failure when i struggle with any of my bright lines. Knowing that we all struggle together makes it more bearable and helps me not to be too hard on myself and knowing that we’re all human. Would love to hear the feedback in 3 months’ time. Love, Esmarie

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  39. Eve DesJardins

    Hey Susan I know you do not like supplements but I have recently found that the iodine deficiency epidemic is huge and very real and it could be that your body really i suffering and that your food and the salt you use are not able to do it one it’s own.

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  40. Jean

    Hi Susan
    I suffer the same as you sugar and flour are easy for me. How can I find out the right amounts of fruit and veg to eat and which ones are better for keeping my weight down.

    Regards jean

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  41. Vaughn

    Thank you for your honesty, my daughter thought what you shared was sweet. I respect someone in “authority” more, not less when they are open and vulnerable and accountable. We are in this together. Admitting and recognizing is half the battle. Take a deep breath, get right back and simply continue.

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  42. Anna

    Thank you for your honest words and energy. For being who you are.

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  43. Annie

    Hi Susan, I really love your honesty and accountability! You’ll manage, I am sure. Big hug from overseas.

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  44. Gina

    Dear Susan, your honesty and human-ness is one of the most refreshing, precious, inspiring things about you. Just love and learn so much from you

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  45. Frances

    Your message could not have been more apposite. I was listening in bed, lying down for comfort because I had just eaten too much! All good stuff, within bright lines but just overdid the quantity. I was so uncomfortable and feeling irritated with myself (which is good, because it USED to be self-loathing ) and there you were with your very honest but inspiring story. We just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and start all over again. Thank you Susan.

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  46. melanie

    Susan, I admire you so much for your honesty, your humility and your courage! I know you are going to do amazing with your re-commitment! Eating meals out is also nerve-wracking for me because I am not certain (like I am using the scale) if my quantities are correct! I am going to be away from home in a hotel that may or may not have a fridge starting March 11 want to maintain my integrity and continue losing weight at the same rate I am now. I also pledge to be consciously aware at every meal of my quantities and am going to try eating from the nearby grocery store as much as possible instead of restaurants. We got this Susan!! <3

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  47. Gwenda Eliason

    Susan, you are so honest and authentic. Blessings on you with your journey and your prayers and your intentions. I was married to a B’hai for a time. We married on Naw Ruz! Anyway, I was actually a shirttail B’hai but understand it well. I will be holding space for a very meaningful and important fast for you. (I am Ryan’s mom, by the way.) I am in Horizon House.

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  48. Lillie Baiardi

    Thank you Susan. My problem also. Have been feeling overwhelmed right now and your Blog helped me to forgive myself and to simply resume. There will always be something to work on. I am NOT perfect and can allow myself to be human and to know it is just something I have to get a handle on and to simply resume.
    Thank you. You are such an inspiration to me.

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  49. Pat

    There is an unusual book called Medical Medium by Anthony Williams that has chapter on hashimoto’s thyroiditis which might be helpful. You are one very special soul and you deserve solid answers.

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  50. Cynthia

    Again Susan, you are as human as any of us as we do the dance of change in our lives, ever evolving, changing, becoming, renewing beings in a busy world. Your vulnerability is admirable and gives the rest of us courage to speak honestly about our challenges. The restaurant challenge is something I’m very familiar with – seems like there is always too little food or far too much so the quantities are always crazy. I will be very interested in your observations and possible conclusions. When traveling it’s tricky to get food quantities just right so a good dose of faith comes into the picture for me. I have total confidence in your personal process and ability to draw conclusions which may help many of us.
    Your community loves and support you!

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  51. Janesta

    Hi Susan:

    Thank you for been so candid and open about your life situation. Stay strong my sister you will over come one day. It will happen before the 3 months you promised. Be always true to yourself and everything will work out. Thanks for the video. Look forward to the next one. Take care.

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  52. Anabela

    Dearest Susan, Your transparency was most welcomed. Everyone is allowed to be weak, to be wrong, to have regrets, yes everyone. Even the great and fearless ones, leaders and teachers, etc…. It’s OK to feel our humanity. We are all Human and sometimes we are also Extraordinary beings. Your candid sharing grows us all. God Bless You, and Keep You well and safe. May your fasting bring you much clarity and wisdom in Body, Mind and Spirit. Thank you for your PLEDGE! Susan Pierce Thompson, You most joyously have my support and love…. See you in June. Dearest One.

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  53. Anne-Louise

    Many leaders, pastors, gurus and anyone else in authority often do not walk their “talk.” It’s refreshing Susan that you can be real & vulnerable with your BLE Community. We all struggle with different issues and you are demonstrating for us that you are searching for solutions & plan to implement new choices. You are the role model I want to emulate. You have helped me & so many others & I want to thank you. My prayers are with you as you fast during this religious time in your faith. Blessings❤️️

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  54. Maureen

    My faith is in you, you got this!

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  55. Loretta

    Susan, Thank you so much for your honesty today. What you said verified my dilemma with maintaining a 100 lb. weight loss. I must stay on my toes at all times. I have a program that works for me but if I turn my back and get sloppy I am in dangerous territory. Just a little extra or a taste doesn’t work for me either. I have been this route several times and if I start to slip and slide relapse is the next stop.
    I have been in OA for 14 years and feel a responsibility toward my fellows to maintain my proper weight and to be available to new comers. Maintaining is very difficult for me. My Bright Lines are firm and portion control is critical. Weighing and measuring my food is necessary if I am to maintain my weight. I will never be normal. Thank you again Susan it helps to realize that I am not alone!

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  56. Barbara

    Thank you so much for sharing your honesty and vulnerability with us. It’s so helpful to know that even the “experts” as you say, still have struggles and that the rest of us shouldn’t feel “less than” because we’re struggling. You’ll definitely be in my prayers and I’m sending you many good wishes.

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  57. Karen Shelotn

    You mention your religion a few times very quickly and I didn’t catch the name of it. What is it and what made you choose this religion? in a short version of course 🙂

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  58. Ellen

    Susan, I love your insights, and I love being a part of your BLE family! This really sends home the message that when we isolate ourselves in our addictions we allow them to control us, but by calling on all of our supports/beliefs, we allow our higher self to reign. Wishing you an easy fast, sending love and peace.

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  59. Debbie Fletcher

    Been there and done that. Don’t be too panicky about your 6 lbs. It’s not all fat you know. Part of it is fluid that is used to store those extra calories in your liver and muscles. And part may be not having your regular bathroom schedule. I get real poochy bellied on a trip.

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  60. Ananda

    This beauty of your honesty and openness is so inspiring. Laying bare your struggles and truths as ‘the expert’ is such a delicate thing. I honor you and thank you for your work.

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  61. Riva

    Bright blessings be upon you, Susan. What a privilege and an honor to be invited to witness you, offer support, love, and prayers on your behalf. May this community you have created with the work of your hands and heart bolster you as you step even more firmly and deeply onto the path you are so skillfully illuminating for us. May we reflect back to you the power of what you’ve given us in a way that eases your way.

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  62. Joey

    Thankyou Susan, for sharing your brave, honest, heartfelt insights they never fail to resonate with me and I am always awestruck and inspired to continue the journey knowing that shared , it is not such a lonely uncomfortable path as it can seem sometimes .
    Thankyou for all your effort and care and all the good you put out there .
    Thankyou .

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    1. Laleh

      I am so proud of you because of your honesty. You truly are one of a kind. I love watching you. So hard to find someone like you in this industry which the only thing they care about is your money. I wish for you all the success in the world and hope that you will be free from this compulsion which we all go through everyday and we all know that we are addicts and we all have each other to look after. You are wonderful ???

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  63. Brandye

    Thank you, Susan. Thank you.

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  64. Sabah witten

    Susan, I’m Sabah.W.Walker, 19, from the UK, and randomly came upon your blog post, I find you very interesting haha, I’m muslim (Someone who submits to God) by the way and many of your health principles are in accordance with islam, your accountability is applaudable almost pitiful because I hate to see someone feel self Consious due to a lack will power they don’t possess but your acknowledgment that your power is not enough and rather you are in need of strength from God is much more significant, I appreciate your openness as regards to your time as a young women struggling with a battle of drugs and other issues, Its close to my heart. Anyway I must appeal to you as a human, could I ask you for some of your time where we can speak privately if not then that’s fine, I would like to share an introduction into islam between me and you and also if you have time there is two hour long lecture on the importance of health in Islam which I believe you will find insightful, thank you for your time.

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  65. satyo

    Quantities are also my problem. At restaurants I usually ask for a take home box when I order my meal so I can take excess portions off my plate immediately and put them in the box for another meal. Sometimes I take them home, sometimes I offer them to a homeless person who is asking for donations.
    I find getting the excess off my plate is critical as I was well trained to clean my plate before I could be excused from the table as a child and I am always uncomfortable wasting food.

    Thank you for all you do. I enjoy your blogs!

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    1. Deb M

      I really like your strategy!

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  66. Sharon

    Hi Susan,
    Happy fasting. Why am I not surprised ou are Bahai’ I have met so many wonderful people that are of this faith.
    I want to wish you best of luck with this. Watching your vlogs, and reading you emails have been so helpful to me.
    Thanks you for your intimate shares, they are profound. I am very proud of the work you do and the struggles you are so good to share with us.
    May your prayers be answered.

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  67. Valerie

    Susan, Sorry you’re having this struggle. Just know that everyone from BLE loves you, appreciates your honesty, and we all struggle. My prayers will be added to yours. God Bless, be well.

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  68. Linda Hoyt

    Susan, you are precious to me in your honest, integrity, authenticity and vulnerability. Opening up to the world like this could not have been easy for you, but I pray it will produce GREAT power and results not only in your life but in the lives of others. It is because of who you are that my life has been transformed by Bright Line Eating. I am so thankful for you and all that you have shared about how to get happy, thin and free. You are frequently in my prayers for health, stamina, strength and bucket loads of personal joy in the moments when you get to let down with your family and friends. God bless you!

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  69. Ronna Berezin

    OCD is in my opinion the major disorder – across all areas! That your struggle appears to you at this time is basically not tooo different than when you were a drug addict! The same psychologiclal forces are at work. You need to be perfect and if not in your eyes you covertly punish yourself. Where the OCD comes in is that it and everything for that matter is not enough. It is like trying to fill a huge box with sand , but it never fills up bc of the hole ( you can’t see ) in the bottom. Which brings me to my unauthorized advice. Look deeper into the hole, and , instead of seeking authority for an answer search yourself until you are quiet and calm enough to see the light. Parallel: a person in a bird cage banging his/ her arms on the bars…head pointed in the same direction while in the back of the cage the door is open! Meditate on this. ( If I sound harsh or judgemental it is bc I think you are worth the effort it took me to be entirely honest …in my remarks. Annnnnnd I am very old ! You are young.

    Reply ·
  70. Bob

    Your honesty and your vulnerability are so helpful in showing us we’re not alone in our struggles. I find that your experiences and strategies really lift me up and help me to push ahead to be successful. Thank you! 😉

    Reply ·
  71. Janice Hague

    Susan, you inspire me so much when you talk about your struggles. Your honesty helps me more than you can know. I do relate to you except my very hard bright line is sugar. I am definitely going to be praying for you as well as myself. You are unstoppable and I am so blessed to be part of your life

    Reply ·
  72. Sue Narten

    You are so brave. You don’t just quietly enter the arena, you leap in having dropped all of your armor at the door and gather our hearts in with your vulnerability, honesty, realness and courage. I am so moved by your commitment to keep bringing your full authentic self to this journey. You so inspire me and call me to become more of who I really am. Thank you for continuing to be so real. I’m so very happy to be part of your growing tribe. We’ve got your back! Much love.

    Reply ·
  73. Rita

    Hello Susan
    Thank you for having the courage and vulnerability to share with us. I know you did not ask for ideas or suggestions and I will be so bold as to refer you to EFT (Emotional Freedom Tehnique) commonly called Tapping . It has been around for quite a while but its efficacy is now being confirmed by the scientific community. It is used to eliminate all manner of fear, anger, stress, anxiety etc. It’s my go to when my monkey mind is sending me over the edge.
    It can be utilized with your prayers to expand their depth and clarity. You tube has multiple videos on EFT. I particularly like Carol Look’so style of coaching /counseling and Dr. David Feinstein explains what happens physiologicaly in the human body and brain when tapping is done even for a few minutes. Holding the Bright Line for you as you do for all of us . Looking forward to hearing your report in June

    Reply ·
  74. Carol

    WOW! Susan. I love this vlog. You are human:)))) I love that you are going to work at getting to the bottom of this eating out issue. I am in the January BC and I can tell you when I stopped eating out, the weight came off. I think that there are way too many triggers in restaurants. The smells alone will increase my appetite beyond what I know is right for me. I have reached goal weight and am looking to drop about 5 more. I know that I won’t reach goal if I am in restaurants more than once a week. That’s just me. I have you in my intentions to have a beautiful, enlightening and prayerful fast. I believe that you will straighten out this BL for yourself and for the tribe. I love you and all that you have accomplished and done for us.

    Reply ·
  75. Val Silver

    Hi Susan,
    I really appreciate you sharing your vulnerability and opening yourself to accountability – to difficult and brave things to do! I love the idea of bright lines and you are inspiring me to give it a go.

    Reply ·
  76. Mary Montanye

    I absolutely adore you! You are so real, so honest, and allow yourself to be so vulnerable. That’s why you are my mentor (since 8 weeks ago). Can’t wait to meet you in San Diego and give you a big hug. The one thing I can say is that you have taught us to be unstoppable because you yourself are unstoppable. Thank you for being you.

    Reply ·
  77. Jen

    You are so amazing. Your honesty and integrity and faith. Thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration today.

    Reply ·
  78. Christina

    I think it’s really important that you shared your struggle because it helps everyone to understand that they are not alone. It’s OK to struggle and to not be perfect as long as we recognize when we need to make improvements and adjust. I also believe that God allows us to struggle sometimes to keep us humble and mindful of the fact that we are not perfect and that we should not expect perfection in ourselves or in others. It helps us to stay in touch with how others are feeling, and this allows us to be of better service to them. In short, we’re all in this together. I also think it helps to remind us that we really are not doing this by ourselves. There is divine help, and we should call on it every day.

    Reply ·
  79. Susan

    Wow! extremely powerful heart felt expression of what many of us are going through. However my hat off
    to you dear Susan that you have given Up Sugar, Salt and Flour. I am struggling with this myself. I like the idea
    of Fasting it feels like you have a stronger connection to Spirit. I will begin this tomorrow since I just had a snack.
    It’s easy for me in the morning to begin a Fast, Prayer and Meditation. I will Pray for us all just to bring more light to the earth and ourselves. Tons of Love and Light

    Reply ·
  80. Linda Jurevic

    Dearest Susan,

    I am in the current boot camp.

    All I can write is that I thank God that you are so lovably human.

    As Haffiz wrote “the place where you are right now , God circled on the map for you.”

    You are a brilliant teacher because you continue to learn, and, most importantly, you share how and what you have learned.

    Much love being sent your way,

    Reply ·
  81. Julie

    Hey, Susan ~ you’re great. Grace happens. Huge support.

    Reply ·
  82. Sharon

    Dear Susan, Thank you SO much for this most sincere and totally authentic vlog posting. Although I do not have the luxury of being able to join your BootCamp, I do try to follow your principles and feel thankful every day to have found my way to you somehow. For those of us who struggle every day with exactly what you speak of here, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the vulnerability you’ve shared with us. You are an inspiration and an example of how sharing our stories can be so helpful in lifting others up. I feel blessed to know you.

    Reply ·
  83. Naomi

    Something told me I had to make time in my busy day to listen to this vlog in particular. And of course it is incredibly relevant for me. As I listened to you I started thinking about doing the same thing, right along with you. I started thinking about just bringing mindfulness to my portion sizes. And bam I noticed the internal resistance and fear come up. I don’t know what is at the root of my fear of even the idea of controlling my portions but you have given me the inspiration to start looking into that. I am going to do it with EFT as that is my go-to modality. I am going to start tapping on this fear and resistance that I feel and maybe I will even look at your video again and tap as I feel it come up in response. To tell you the truth I feel scared just thinking about working on this aspect of my eating. So that is what I will start tapping on! I’ll let you know how it goes and thank you for your continued inspiration and motivation and insight.

    Reply ·
    1. Rita

      You go girl. Tapping is my GoTo as well. Tapping out fear and tapping in ease and surrender to a Higher Power.
      Rita in Alberta Canada

      Reply ·
  84. Maggie Diamond

    This life is such a continuously crazy roller coaster ride, isn’t it? Sit back, strap yourself in, keep your arms and legs inside the car. ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!

    Reply ·
  85. Beth Allen

    Susan, this is for you only. I would like to address some of the things you seem to be having issues with, but I don’t want it on an open network. If you would contact me directly, I truly believe I could give you some suggestions that would be highly beneficial. I was a sever food addict (not drugs, but believe there is a very strong hunger connection between food and drug addiction) and have concored the cravings with much effort and total recognition of what works, what doesn’t and why. I think the WHY is the most important thing. Please contact me, I KNOW I can help with THE ANSWER. Beth Allen

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

      Hey Beth,

      Probably the easiest thing is for you to email me at and mention that I asked for your email; my team will pass it along to me.

      Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!


      Reply ·
  86. karen Rostagno

    Love your total honesty and humility.
    It is so refreshing that you put yourself right out there and are so real.
    That willingness to be vulnerable sets up a magical connection with everyone.
    There is an anxiety that needs to be removed around the quantities and once done it will be a total freedom.
    I have been down that road and know how good it feels now that the anxiety is gone.
    So glad I am participating on this Bright Line feels like a gift.
    Thank you,

    Reply ·
  87. Isabel Anderson

    You’ve always been honest, sincere and real with us ! We expect nothing less. We are with you & support your commitment.

    Reply ·
  88. Kelli

    Hi Susan… sending you my love and support as you take on this challenge in your own BLE journey. You are unstoppable and you will find the perfect solution that works for you. Thank you for letting us lend our support to you too.

    Reply ·
  89. Sharyl

    Thank you for all you do for all of us. It might have started at Spaggo’s? If I were ever able to go there I
    would want to eat more vegetables too – especially the way you described them. Thank you for always being
    so open with us. I think the fast came just at the right time for you. You are in my thoughts and know that I
    appreciate everything you have done for me!!!

    Reply ·
  90. Elizabeth

    You go, girl! You can do this.

    Reply ·
  91. Linden Morris Delrio

    Hey Susan!

    You are a beloved friend and I can very much relate to today’s Vlog. I loved what you said about continuing to strategize and work on the restaurant quantities issue. It’s so true; we just never know when the “magic” will move in and one more thing in our lives is healed or conversely, there may be a longer more protracted period of getting something to move to where we would much prefer it to be.

    I do know that willingness is key and you have that in spades!

    Ahhhh if life were only seamless. I guess at the end of the day what I take from your tender and precious and most vulnerable comments is the following: I know my goals were two-fold when BLE picked me up and transported me to another dimension of personal evolution. My first goal was to get the weight off. Done and dusted. My second goal was to have a measure of peace that frankly, I never ever had before my personal food revolution occured in BLE. I have been gifted with that as well, though the waves of serenity are sometimes more like crashing storm surge on my worse days. Although that still beats the tsunami of what I had before BLE came along .

    I am still within my goal weight range but am at the high end and finding little will to move my scale number to my personal sweet spot, where I feel my best. I’m on board with you Susan. We just keep working the issue til we don’t need to anymore…and if it comes up again we do the same. Connection is so important. It’s in our human connection that we realize we are not alone. I know how fully you realize the power of community! We understand as well as feel so very much supported, loved and accepted in Bright Line Eating Community.

    I know you feel all of that from me, as I do from you.

    You have got this because you have us!

    And so the circle expands and grows!

    I am grateful you came into my life

    Love you so much

    Reply ·
  92. Rose

    Thank you. Your honesty is truly inspiring – I have laughed and cried listening to you. Thank you for being human and always striving for more.

    Reply ·
  93. George Sabree

    Your honesty floors me! I send best wishes and success waves your way.
    And speaking of eating out. My wife and I walked a length of Jacksonville Beach this morning, then had brunch.
    I did something unimaginable to me last year. I advised the waitstaff that I don’t do flour and refined sugar. They were thoroughly accommodating.
    I had fresh fruit instead of fries, salmon instead of Canadian bacon and egg whites instead of the yokes.
    My wife looked at me like I had a third eye and people a table over made a comment, but that’s ok.
    I fed my heart, not my stomach and felt so good!
    You Go!!

    Reply ·
  94. MichelleBno

    Nothing but love and admiration for you. Keeping it real, one day at a time.

    Reply ·
  95. Jeanne

    Beautiful. I love your honesty and open heart in carrying out your “business”, which happens to be intrinsically linked to your life. Sending you love and support in your endeavor.

    Reply ·
    1. Melissa

      So love your honesty, transparency, and choice of words! I’ve been on a journey of trying to manage my dysfunctional relationship with food and body for 43 years. In the last 5, I have found more and more peace, knowledge, and power – and YET, and STILL – I too struggle the most with quantity. I’m just as good at inhaling pumpkin seeds and salad as I can be cookies, popcorn, or booze. I’ve thought about this struggle often, so want to share a few thoughts. I suspect that since you’ve launched yourself into a larger realm of exposure, you are eating in restaurants more. Isn’t it interesting how God allows us to beat our heads against the walls we need? For me, quantity represents freedom – even though it leads to just the opposite. It feeds my addictive nature and the part of me that has used food to self-nurture, self-medicate, and simultaneously deny-self for 43 years. That’s a deep rut in my brain and frankly, I recognize that I’m not ready to let it go, but continue to wrestle with it, in awareness, one moment at a time. Blessings.

      Reply ·
  96. Betty

    I have no doubt, Susan, you will conquer this demon! ((HUGS))

    Reply ·
  97. Lori Murray

    Hi Susan, loved your vlog today! I am in the current boot camp. I so appreciate your honesty and forthrightness. I just figured you got this all nailed down, no prob. I appreciate seeing your process in action. I find it inspiring and wish you well on your conscious portions while eating out. All the best and nice humility 🙂 Lori

    Reply ·
  98. Patricia Visser

    Oh Susan, you are such a darling. I love your honesty and your integrity. You know you just did what we say everyday: “…..I testify, at this moment to my powerlessness and to Thy Might …..”
    Love you!


    Reply ·
  99. barry anderson

    Hi Susan

    Love it how you keep it real and honest.

    go well, barry

    Reply ·
  100. Becky Cushing

    Thank you Susan for your honesty and efforts to help others with eating and life challenges. I am here in the Philippines on a mission for another 4 months and have had to adapt and come up with my own ideas that have helped me with eating in another culture with limited availability of some familiar things and lots of rice ( usually white is served) and being able to try new fruits and fish and having to plan for boat rides to a larger island of more food availability. I liked your insights on fasting , which is something I do on a regular basis and mindfulness, prayer, and support of others. I have referred some friends who struggle to your site and may continue to do so. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your ideas on Halloween and children and your transformation. Thanks for what you are doing, and your sincerity in sharing – Becky

    Reply ·
  101. Willa Klyne

    Thank you for sharing that, Susan! Prayer definitely helps.

    Reply ·
  102. Pat

    May peace and love abound in you. Of course it’s about the food till it’s not about the food. Being vulnerable tells me you have trust. I believe this kind of trust is the continued bridge to wholeness. All is well. Thx for sharing.

    Reply ·
  103. Emily Neblock

    Thank you for your openhearted honesty.
    I feel reassured by watching this video that the world contains the kind of people I would like to know… People who are transparent, and who seek self betterment and self change. I would like to propose this for you: specific, achievable goals around your restaurant practices, combined with brazen, ridiculous confidence in yourself and arms-flung-wide open-hearted surrender and trust in your path. You are exactly where you need to be. Maybe you know all this. I would suggest to develop a keenness of sense for when you have crossed that threshold from ridiculous brazen confidence and trust over into the realm of sorta-doubts and struggle mentality.
    And I would like to point you to this video which is an introduction to Bentinho Massaro’s teachings on abundance, positive mind, and creating the life you desire.

    Reply ·
  104. Yolanda

    So honest and sincere. Gives hope to so many of us. Thank you Susan.

    Reply ·
  105. Lisa Phillips

    Thank you Susan for your humble honesty. What a wonderful way to bring added awareness and attention to the issue of quantities within the context of Bright Line Eating. I’m a “quantities gal” and 8 on the susceptibility scale and I expect to learn so much from your journey in this area. Looking forward to learning how it went come early June. Hugs to you!

    Reply ·
  106. Christie

    Excellent blog. Love your authenticity, vulnerability and overall excellence.

    Reply ·
  107. josie

    Love your honesty. Its so heartwarming. Gotcha back and understanding completely the need for accountability.
    The Universe is listening!! Loving your continual shifting and learning on this journey of continual growth. We never stop the adjustments and the amazing learnings even when incredibly painful they is such amazing bright light that shines to guide. Thanks for the amazing trust ! Allows us to do the same. May the next 19 days be filled with peace and enlightenment. Love and hugs xxx

    Reply ·
  108. Gail Altschuler

    Hi Susan. Great presentation. A couple of thoughts about what contributes to the challenge. Once you start eating certain foods, foods carefully crafted to be irresistible, it can be hard to stop. You’ve been so busy and expansive these past few months. Remember that cortisol is a storage hormone. It’s hard to imagine being as busy as you’ve been and not having cortisol be out of balance, too. Be gentle with yourself, gentle and rigorous is a good combination. I love watching you hand it over, too. Good luck.

    Reply ·
  109. jane middleton

    Wow. Thank you for being so authentic. Sending you support and good thoughts.

    P.S. And thank you for Bright Line Eating! I think you may have actually cracked this thing for me.

    Reply ·
  110. Christa Krideras

    Always showing your human side SPT. Very humbling and encouraging. It just proves that none of us are perfect but we can always strive to be better!! Love to you!

    Reply ·
  111. Bernice

    Thanks for being so vulnerable in sharing your challenge and engaging us as a way of helping you be accountable for doing something about it. This week’s vlog was heart felt and heart touching. Sending positive thoughts your way.

    Reply ·
  112. Catriona

    Hi Susan, I’ve been trying to live by my mantra, knowledge is powerful, but only if you use it, and I admit I have great days, weeks and then I fall off my bright line eating goals, gain a few pounds and start again, and portion size is my downfall when eating out. So. Know your struggles, but your weekly blogs help me so much, do please keep them coming, you are so iniring

    Reply ·

    Do what you can and be open to let your HP do what you cant

    Reply ·
    1. Gloria

      Susan, Thank You for your honesty really needed to hear that. I fight and lose so often but don’t want to give up. Nice to know people like you struggle also. This came when I needed it most. Thanks Again,Gloria

      Reply ·
    2. Dalia-Faith

      ?Appreciate this Vlog: today was a low intake day that became a gads o M&Ms day..?then a day of Gentleness & Start again. So really loved this Vlog! Needed to hear it.. Needed to reflect on how I could have embraced the choices that were made today!! Well, day had a good start.. But a weak late afternoon.

      Reply ·
    3. Tom Rice

      Thank you for being human.

      Reply ·
      1. Suzan

        I learn from you every day; you never disappoint… With respect and admiration, thank you!

        Reply ·
    4. Brenda

      Susan, Just watched your vlog and I wish I had words want to thank you for being so vulnerable. I really appreciate your honesty. For some reason today I’m watching the clock because I want to eat my dinner now… it started about an hour ago at about 2 in the afternoon.

      So what I did is go to the Facebook community and started reading and commenting… and found a few folks who were also watching the clock. If I didn’t have this community, and you as the ‘leader’ I am almost certain I would have wiggled my way into food. The good news is that I’m waiting until 5 tonight. And for today, it’s one hour at a time (not one day)…

      Also, I love that you shared with us from a truthful place; when you share like this it gives me permission to be human too.

      One of the ‘spiritual principles’ is teaching others wisdom. And it’s wonderful when the people you teach come back to support you when you ‘forget.’ Please know that I’m supporting you in my prayers.

      One of my teachers cautions that the higher you go, the louder the saboteur voice gets. It’s almost like ‘it’ wants you to trip up. I’ll pray for you and whatever is blocking your success in restaurant eating.

      Happy Fasting.

      Reply ·
    5. Karen

      Honesty is so important. Thank you for that. Have you tried tapping. Check out with Nick and Jessica Ortner.

      Reply ·
    6. Bev

      Thank You Susan for being so open with us. Your honesty with yourself is inspiring to me, something I need
      to be with myself. Through you I am also reminded that I am a food addict today and always, and I Love when you say you need food to live, but we don’t need That food! Thank you for being our mentor.
      Bev B.

      Reply ·
    7. Karen

      Susan, I found this blog topic very interesting. I generally fast for Lent by giving up some food that I really like. it’s usually candy and/or dessert. I started this year, a little late since I hadn’t realized Lent had started already, but have found it more difficult to give up all the “treats” this year. Not sure why, but I tend to “blame” my weakness on living in Vietnam right now. I also bake a lot of treats for the kids at school – a baker should always taste her goods first. I like the idea of fasting from sundown to sunset. The hardest time for me is late at night and I get the “munchies”. For me, it’s about just saying NO! Thanks for the refreshing insight on fasting. Karen

      Reply ·
    8. Maryjane Thibodeau

      Thankyou for your humility and honesty. “For all things I have the strength through the one who gives me power.” Philippians 4:13. I have a feeling you’re going to do just fine. You will accomplish your goals.

      Reply ·
    9. Pam

      Totally agree that restaurant eating is challenging. Traveling so eating out 1-2 meal s a day. We have found creating non restaurant meals part of each day to be balancing. Have done that for decade s when traveling. Own salad dressing seems to help me a lot as less inflammation or ask for just vinegar and on the side. I wonder if you are eating more soy while traveling and impact your thyroid or something else you are allergic to.
      I find dandelion or whole grapefruit help me clean up some issues like that.

      Reply ·
    10. Sharon

      Susan you really came clean on this, which will only improve your chances of success. Prayer is a very powerful tool. I find myself tapping into it more lately. I look forward to you sharing your outcome in 3 months. Thank you so much for these Vlog’s, they are truly very helpful.
      Love Sharon D

      Reply ·
    11. Lisa

      Yesterday, I shared the same concerns on FB with Harvest House group! Your vlog is so helpful! Thank you for your honest, raw and vulnerable challenge!
      The only bright line that is getting fuzzy now and then and mostly if I am eating out, is the ‘quantities’ bright line. I called myself out on not being honest with myself about how much I was eating. Not to mention you have no idea how much hidden fat and salt is in the food you didn’t prepare for yourself. (Of course you know that!)
      There is such power in your honesty, which is what I felt by sharing with my group as well!
      I am committing to measuring when I have to go out to eat and even eating my own food before I go out. Also, trying to make plans other then going out, like cooking for my guests so I know I will be getting exactly what I need for dinner. I actually did this last week and my guests thought it was a 5 star restaurant quality – then I ate my correct portion size and did not have any of the bread that my guests were having.
      Thank you again for all you do to help us be the best us we can be! And when we are years down the road being happy, thin and free, we will know what it takes to stay on this journey. Like you’ve said “It’s not a straight line.”
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Hugs – Lisa

      Reply ·
    12. Julie

      Susan, your just amazing and you can do this. What would be your advice if someone came to you with this problem? Listen to your advice, it’s sound and doable. So yes you can do this. Split yourself into the student and the therapist and work together. Thanks for being human, you are soo inspiring.

      Reply ·
    13. Azita K.

      Bless you for your honesty!
      You know, the best teachers are the ones that really understand and have mastered what they are wanting to teach their students, so if you haven’t really experienced to struggle with something yourself, and consequently overcome it , you won’t bring the same ability to help others! So your struggle will help you help more people, which really makes it a blessing in disguise<3
      Also, what is particularly challenging with food addiction (contrary to other addictions), is that you can't cut it out permanently, because you need food to survive and thrive, so you have to continue to deal with it.
      I can really understand why this "bright line" is the most difficult, because as human beings we need sometimes where we can JUST RELAX! To let go of the control that we usually have, and JUST RELAX! In my opinion, this generally brings balance to life (like we need a holiday once in awhile ), and is a GOOD THING to do. The problem usually comes if we find excuses to make everyday a holiday or a party (I know this one!), then we are moving down the road to potential disaster.
      Now, honestly, I don't really know how it is to be a food addict! Most of my life I have been on the low susceptibility scale, which has only changed in recent years due to the stress of my current life situation, but I have been an incredibly addicted smoker (a 10), that has managed to quit completely exactly 15 years ago. It now incredibly takes less than zero effort for me to avoid it, but I can't imagine how I would do if smoking still was a part of my everyday life, so I take my hat off for everyone and really honor all of you that have this addiction and have found a way to deal with it!<3
      So, in essence, I am saying that on a general basis I would think it mentally healthy to be able to relax the size of a dinner portion if you are out to eat once in a while, but I don't really know if it is possible to do when you are a food addict?
      I hope this reply contributes something to the discussion, and that I haven't been rambling too much 😀 <3!

      Reply ·
    14. Esmarie

      Hallo Susan, Thank you for this weekly vlog… thank you for your honesty… Thank you for being human. Thank you… This makes me feel less than a failure when i struggle with any of my bright lines. Knowing that we all struggle together makes it more bearable and helps me not to be too hard on myself and knowing that we’re all human. Would love to hear the feedback in 3 months’ time. Love, Esmarie

      Reply ·
    15. Diane Kurz

      Your willingness to show us your deepest struggles so we can be better is very much appreciated and an inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Reply ·
    16. Kathy

      Well done Susan. I admire your openness in sharing your personal blips with us all. Funnily enough I´ve noticed my normally stable weight creeping up this year – like you, nothing drastic but at some level I was becoming aware that it´s time to do something about it and you just gave me the inspiration to face the facts (those evening beers:) and head back in a better direction.

      Reply ·
    17. Ellen

      Thank you, Susan, for sharing your struggles in your Blog. I am struggling also. I have only been on Bright Line Eating for only15 days now, but I have followed the program religiously, and have only lost 2 pounds. I haven’t eaten out, I weigh and measure, and even have continued my normal exercise regime, because I normally do that. I really thought that after investing in this program, (with money I didn’t really have to spend) that I would see better results. I am very discouraged right now.

      Reply ·
      1. Barbara

        Keep your BLE. It will pay off. I am in your same starting group. Keep believing it will work. You are worth the effort. The process is just beginning. Be patient with yourself. Hugs to you.

        Reply ·
    18. Theresa malein

      Thank you Susan for your honesty and wise words. It is good to know that even the ‘experts’ struggle sometimes. I also have a bit of a blip sometimes when eating out, and I’m going to follow your example and be far more mindful and aware of what I’m eating when eating in restaurants. I know the healthy choices are usually there, but as yet, I’m not very good at sticking with them – the ‘ I deserve a treat’ voice kicks in and I get side tracked. Trouble is I usually regret it afterwards! So I will take your lead, and monitor much more closely how I’m getting on over the next three months, and hopefully, when you come back to us on this, I will be able to report that I am far more in control! I will pray for strength for myself , and for you, and for everyone who finds themselves in this situation. Thank you again –


      Reply ·
    19. Monica

      You were so honest and authentic! I think this vlog hit me the most – sometimes we need to surrender to our higher power, ask for help, seek accountability partners, and be CONSCIOUS when we are most susceptible.
      Thanks for being a great role model.

      Reply ·
    20. Jam Brown

      Susan I truly appreciate your honesty in sharing the struggle. Might I suggest you meditate on why the restaurant is so challenging and consider that it might be something other than just wanting to blindly take in a little more in the portions than you usually allow yourself. For me I can tell you without having tried Bright Line Eating that I’d be embarrassed in a public setting to be weighing my portions. And I AM NOT a person who ordinarily minds a little attention for doing something others are not. But in this case it’s a sore spot for the weight I’ve been living with for most of my life. Doing that in a restaurant would be like a giant waving flag pointing to me and announcing that I have no self control and must be portioned out or else I’ll go off the rails. Or worse, that I’m a thick girl and am struggling with it. I don’t want to be that person, I’d rather either eat a little more out or mentally decide to halve the portion to be sure I’m under the 4oz. I really hope I can join your next bootcamp. Truly I am at a point where I wish I could just wake up free of the 50lbs that live with me but I’m forever breaking up with. It’s like Fatal Attraction, it just won’t be ignored LOL Best of luck on your fast and in deciphering the key to help with your “opportunity’ 🙂 Lots of love and gratitude for YOU! Jam

      Reply ·
    21. Cathy

      I am blown away by the honesty of this video. Unusual to see pure honesty. Really beautiful. Remember to love and accept yourself RIGHT NOW exactly as you are. Weird thing about change, accepting yourself is the first step. When you release all those obstacles that prevent you from truly accepting and loving yourself now, the change will come without struggle. Prayer is a good idea; don’t forget to listen for & be open to the beautiful answer you will receive.

      Reply ·
    22. Michelle

      I’ve been on vacation for 5 days and am eating out a lot! What I LOVE about BLE is knowing exactly how much to eat and when. I LOVE the schedule and structure! It serves me well and gives me control where I had lost it! Now, I’m going out to dinner tonight – I struggle with ordering foods I can’t separate and weigh! I think I’m getting enough, not too much but I can’t be sure! So – tonight and for the rest of my vaca, I will order foods I can weigh and manage. Thanks for being ‘real!’

      Reply ·
    23. Eleanor

      Be gentle and kind with yourself and you will work through this trial. Blessings to you and I look forward to hearing your results in June. Big hugs!

      Reply ·
    24. Carolyn

      Hi Susan. I know that you have endorsed John Assaraft’s program on brain training. Have you tried it? Has it stopped emotional cravings? Bright lines feels so restrictive, which just makes me want to resist and prove that it doesn’t have to be that way. I did Bright Lines for 2 months and lost 10 lbs and felt great. Then Christmas hit and one party that was “bring your favorite dessert”. Since then, I’ve gained 20 lbs and feel like crap again. There has to be a middle ground that allows spontaneity and fun and doesn’t let loose the monster program in my brain that is craving freedom to eat whatever I want. Does John Assaraft’s program really help stop the struggle? Can anything, short of a lobotomy, re-write the programs in our heads that have been there since we put them in place early in development. Emotional eating is the biggest piece missing from Bright Lines. Praying doesn’t work for me, I want to re-wire my brain to be normal. I didn’t ask for my money back but I know that Bright Lines is just not going to work for me. I want a middle way.

      Reply ·
    25. phyllis

      Thank you I don’t fell alone anymore love your email I have been fighting with food all my life thank you have a great day

      Reply ·
    26. Linda Smith

      Oh Susan,

      Bless your heart! I’m just sending you lots of love. I bet you’re just processing some residual “stuff” and sometimes we just don’t need to know the “whys”. I’m betting it will pass.

      Love for all you do and are doing!


      Reply ·
    27. Dalia

      When I misstep at BLE, the sweetest step is forgiveness. Sweeter than sugar. Sweeter than self judgements ; to err is human. To forgive Divine. Gentleness, gentleness. Like wings of Light brushing over me, & encouraging forward.
      My heart is over poring with Grace, may it pore through the cracks of that presumed unrelenting challenge & like a dandelion bring its sunny flower into the sunshine. To any one facing struggle or a worth while challenge ; may you find kindness in unexpected faces & or places.

      Reply ·
    28. Michela

      It takes a lot to be as honest as you are in front of the eye of all the people that follow you and look up at you. I have a lot of respect for you for confessing your weakness.
      Maybe you can try to measure your portions with your fists when you are at restaurants: that can give you at least a general idea of how much you are eating.
      Good luck with your challenge and thank you for inspiring all of us.

      Reply ·
    29. Lyn

      You are such an inspiration. So open and honest. I’m struggling atm with a chronic pain condition (amongst other things) so I watch your videos looking for answers as exercise is difficult or near impossible. I am not working because of my health so I really appreciate the FREE advice I’m receiving. You are making such a difference with my motivation factor. Thank you so much. Keep on being YOU.

      Reply ·
    30. Kristi

      Add my voice to the sea of voices before me! Thank you for the gifts you give us everyday. This vlog is inspiring me to get back on the success plan. I love you.

      Reply ·
    31. Anita

      Hey Susan

      Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty. It’s a life long journey and sometimes a real tussle ensues; but you show up every time and so it helps me stay honest too and show up for myself.

      Looking forward to seeing you succeed – again!

      Reply ·
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