How to Deal with Weight Loss Plateaus

When losing weight, people will sometimes experience small periods of time where their weight loss stalls, called plateaus. Watch this week’s vlog to hear my advice on how to deal with them.


  1. Ashley

    As a recovering food addict, I find it difficult to see such a strong weight focus in the bootcamp groups. It just screams of diet mentality and it can be triggering at times.

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  2. Char Loving

    Sooooo helpful. Thank you! I had searched this topic(so handy) in our FB BLE Bootcamp this morning which also was a weatlh of information. And someone had posted the link to the vlog. Thank you.

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  3. Rose M. Goggins

    I have been on maintenance for about 1 month and am gradually adding foods as permitted. Can I used air popped popcorn as a grain?

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  4. Pauline Brousseau

    Thank you pretty lady with the sparkling eyes. You always say just what I want to hear. I have 3 daughters who are loosing weight right along with me. We have a little support group all our own. We will be toasting you with soda water and lemon (in a pretty glass) when we travel to Ireland on mothers day. P.S. My daughter Judy is with you in San Diego as I type. Can’t wait for her return with news of her exiting week-end.

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  5. Suzanne C

    Susan I read and watch everything you offer. I cannot wait to be part of a boot camp. I have two questions, first, with a tight budget I want to be able to make sure when a spot opens for me at a boot camp and I’m invited to attend, I can afford to sign up. Could you clarify what the costs are so I can be sure I’m continuing to set aside the right amount to meet that goal? Second, when you say no flour and no sugar, what does that mean in specific, is it literal? And how do you deal w holidays and eating what others have prepared which might include a light sauce or other ingredients containing some flour or sugar? I’m not talking about munching down donuts or monkey bread, I’m talking a light sauce on a chicken breast or a crumb topping on a veggie dish when out someplace where it would be impolite to ask for a different preparation.

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  6. Melissa

    Thanks, Susan! I’ve had 9 pounds to go since August 2015, with some ups and downs since then. I’ve really been stuck since February.

    But. . . today is my first day on your site, so I’m not a bright line eater yet. (I “met” you from a distance at PLF Live last October). I am hoping your plan will get me across that finish line. I’ve read several of the books you recommend. Can’t wait to see how you pull it all together.

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  7. Csilla

    Thanks Susan! It’s great to hear that!!!?

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  8. Tracy

    We Love Dorinda in HH she is super supportive, Thank You Dorinda and thank you Susan for talking about this.
    This program is life altering xx

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  9. Thank You

    Thank You helpful as always.

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  10. Sharon

    Good and helpful video. I still think its interesting she doesn’t encourage cardio exercise at this point. If someone is only experiencing 2 lb weight loss over 30 days certainly exercise would help.

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  11. Marianne

    Thank you Susan! This is so timely! I needed to hear this!
    Your vlogs & blogs are very inspiring and encouraging!
    I always learning something new from information.


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  12. Tori Kelly

    Thanks for the encouragement and reality check. Experience with every kind of diet has helped me to think of plateaus as kind of a necessary “time-out” period for the body to re-calibrate after periods of weight loss(es). Don’t know how scientific this idea is, but it takes the pressure off knowing that my body is a lot more intelligent than I am and I can trust it to do what it needs to do when I’m taking care of myself. And it is so much fun when the weight loss begins again! Best wishes…

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  13. Carol Ann

    Just what I needed to hear today Susan, thank you. I’ve been weighing in once/week and not seeing much progress and getting discouraged. So, I’m going to try the weighing in once a month instead and make a few changes in my food plan and see how that goes. Have to say I don’t miss sugar and flour. I’ll just keep on plugging away……..

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  14. Linda Hargan

    Great blog as usual. Are whole grains like air popped popcorn and organic steel cut oats ok on Bright Line Eating? Couldn’t do bootcamp right now (hope to next time!) but do want to try eliminating flour and sugar–and general guidelines for foodplan would be really helpful. THANKS

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  15. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Thank you , Susan! whenever I tink there is nothing more you can teach me, here you come, with another piece of news. You always find an explanation that inspires and gives us strength to go on. God bless you. (I´m on my day 84. I´ve lost 16 pounds already. First time in 20 years, after trying every single day. This is a miracle.)

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  17. carol

    Thank you Susan for this week’s topic for the blog and it is so timely as it’s exactly where I am so your response is very encouraging and timely. Will go and post in the support community right now.

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  18. Esmarie

    Morning Susan, you look so refreshed! 😀 Love the vlog and love you top – beautiful as you are. Have a great day!

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  19. Ana

    Thank you for your email. My english is not god yet and I´m searching wich are the 12 steps to loose weight but I didn´t find. You say that is very important don´t eat sugar and flavors, is only it? But I read also that is very important to despite the food….
    I was searching more information in spanish but I dind´t find.
    Please, Where could I every information to loose weight?
    Kind Regards.

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  20. Stefi

    Another winning vlog Susan! I feel it’s great to see weight come off but to stay off its the long haul & I didn’t spontaneously put on 80lbs so it’s good to hear this today? Very pretty dress/blouse too!!?

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  21. Sheila

    Wonderful vlog, Susan. I joined the October 2015 Boot Camp and have had a slow but steady weight loss. I used to be upset because I wasn’t losing as quickly as I thought I should. It came on gradually and is leaving gradually. Because I’m older (76 y.y.) I think it’s actually better to lose more slowly. I’ve even accepted that the wrinkles are okay because I’m Happy and Free and soon to be Thin!

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  22. jeannie russell

    Susan you are so real and natural on the screen !
    I feel as though you are talking to me in person –
    full of care, compassion, and authenticity.
    Thank you, dear Susan. You re a doll !!!!!

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  23. Ginny

    Great timing on this message! I started Bright Line Eating early January and have lost 16 pounds of 40 that I want to lose. That’s probably a pretty good pace of change, but I wonder about the times when I’m just going up and down the same 2 pounds.

    If I think I’m eating something outside the bright lines, I cut it out again and the weight loss starts moving again. Sometimes I think it will be necessary to reduce calories as I weigh less but, for now, I have decided to consider it normal and not worry about it.

    Your comparison of how we gain weight is very apt– thank you!

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  24. Bambi Rogers

    Thank you….this plateau info is a very valuable mot not becoming frustrated and the TRUST COMPONENT essential to staying on track.
    Thank you again. I love love the science of it all .

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  25. Sharon

    Fantastic! Just what I needed to hear! Thanks

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  26. esther pearlman

    I heard that magnisiam is good for heart beat. How high/low should the heart beat> What about how many vitamins or vegetables / fruit should one have to get their magnetism up/

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    1. dominique mellinger

      There are a lot of musicians in my family (on stage or taking big exams) and also some pretty stressed people so we more or less all take D Stress Booster (from Synergia laboratoire). I order it online at Pharma discount. Our micro-nutritionist recommends 1 stick / 20 kg of weight / Day . So if you weigh 80 kg you’ll have to take 1 stick three times a day towards the end of your meal and the fourth one whenever you want (for example, dissolved in a little bottle of water, all along the day). You can feel the D stressing effect very fast.
      Usually after two weeks you’ll feel a huge difference because you have replenished your magnesium level. It is then time to take gradually less, diminishing the number of sticks you take.
      One has to dilute a stick in a glass of not cold water (the powder dissolves better), but not in a hot drink that would destroy the B vitamins that are associated to the magnesium. There is also a dash of arginine and taurine. Nothing to worry about, like in energy drinks, all the vitamins and nutrients are associated to give the best results. I am a mother of four and everyone around me uses D Stress Booster, I am not a health professional, retired from teaching in secondary schools. I hope this will help.

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  27. Riad

    in Jordan, we are a community following Raja Batarseh abstinence program,
    we do not weigh ourselfs but once every 40 days

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  28. Steve Lanzo


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  29. Deborah Genovesi

    I’ve noticed this to be exactly true about how I lose weight. It’s slow. slow, slow, then a little chunk falls off, slow, slow, another little chunk. Good to know this is normal!

    BTW, Susan, love your blouse in this one. That neckline is stunning!

    Thanks for all the great info every week. It seems to always come at just the time I need it too!

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  30. Sherri Healey

    It is amazing how you say exactly what I need to hear! Thank you so much as I have been struggling with what I thought was a plateau, but now realize thanks to you that I am just fine and slowly but surely I am moving in the right direction.

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    1. Susanne

      Thank you Susan. Your timing couldn’t be better. I am soooo grateful for this vlog. Now I feel motivated again!!!

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