Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

Why do men lose weight faster than women? Watch my vlog this week to hear my thoughts on the topic.


  1. Thank You

    Another informative vlog.

    Keep doing a great job,
    Thank You

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  2. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Thank you,Susan. God bless you.

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  3. Kelly

    Hmmm, it’s just the opposite in our household. I’ve lost 34 pounds doing BLE and hubby is much slower in the weight loss mode.

    I’ve got that metabolism that once I started to follow Brightline Eating (BLE) the weight just falls off…but when I’ve deviated (also known as “research”), weightloss slows or stops.

    Thanks for the common sense and powerful program, Miss Susan! It works and it’s getting actually fun!!

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  4. Wendy

    I wonder if women retain more body fat because they need to protect a fetus (now or in the future). Just a thought.

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  5. Jim Sheff

    Great blog why men lose weight faster, my wonderful wife and I are 3 weeks into a sugar-busters 5wk class and as you say I’m pulling out ahead. Thanks for your work I really enjoy it.Jimmy

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  6. Bev

    No matter what, my husband is thin. He can eat any amount of chocolate or anything else and it is very hard for him to put on weight. On the contrary, I am quite the opposite. I can be quite careful about my intake, and though it is much less then he eats I still have a hard time losing weight. But I do have an answer to why this is. It is because everything he eats is going to my body and what I eat is going to his body! Yes, I am joking, but it does seem that way. ?

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  7. Diana

    I’m so enjoying hearing you talk about weight loss. I missed the last part of your recent webinar. Can I catch up.? Thank you for your inspiration. I’m determined to beat this food addiction.

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  8. Stefi

    Thanks Susan, this knowledge makes the effort easier & not to be as angry at my guy haha

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