Bright Line Eating at Spago

How do you stick to your Bright Lines when you’re dining out or perhaps attending a big event like a wedding? Watch my vlog this week to find out how I recently navigated a situation like this when I attended a dinner at Spago.


  1. Jill Clark


    That was awesome! I have done that but didn’t realize the reward of feeling free! I’m inspired!

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  2. Thank You


    Thank You for sharing your evening with us and how dinner was approached; good tips. This is very helpful for everyone.

    Keep doing a great Job,
    Thank You

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  3. Kristi

    This is a great vlog to listen to when my saboteur rears her ugly head!

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  4. Darri

    Simplicity at its very best Susan. Thank you for a enabling all of us the ‘how to’ regain mental clarity.

    You are quite simply one of the lovelist and best people in the world.

    Freedom comes in many guises. Thank you for uncovering this hidden route of torture and slavery perhaps not as obscene as murder and butchery but every bit as deadly and virtually sanctioned across the globe until the medical costs of caring for ‘non real food victims’ outweighs the revenue accrued for the sales and profits of this toxic industry.

    Thank you for your understated yet incredible goals.

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  5. Carla

    HAHAHA!! Susan, I can so relate to your former “foodie” thoughts as I remember those so well! Especially having scored a “perfect” 10 on your susceptibility scale recently! 😉 I’m so grateful for the re-training you’ve provided and the freedom your habits afford us to enjoy the company and the moment rather than obsessing on the food. . . you are an angel in my life!! So much love, and PS ~ saw the dress on facebook ~ you looked FABULOUS! 😉

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  6. Tasneem

    Thanks Susan, a great vlog and great timing too, I have a work meal tomorrow at Aagrah, and they do the best Indian food ever, I was thinking about crossing my bright lines and stuffing my face, but after watching your vlog I WANT to stick to my Bright Lines, so wish me look

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  7. Julia Carol

    Hi Susan! I’m one of the people who said I think Larry King is lucky to have met YOU! He’s cute, he’s ok…. YOU are the BOMB. A good bomb, if you get my drift.

    You are saving the world… one bunny slipper at a time.

    Love the Vlog! And yes, I notice that I’m actually connecting deeper with people at social functions than I used to, because I’m focusing on connection and being in my heart, rather than obsessing about the food on the table and how much of it I have or have not eaten, blah blah….


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  8. Cheryl

    Big thumbs up! While I’m not there yet, I still get so nervous but I am excited to know I will be right there someday and so relieved and happy, I will NOT have to be obsessed about food, meals and what is next — but living life happy and free! I so love you Susan and thank you for all the work you give to us Boot campers!

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  9. Carol Surban

    This just happened to me tonight. Well not the Hollywood/Larry King version, but I was out at an event that was being catered by one of our best local chefs. I let the event organizer know that I don’t eat sugar or flour and I ate around things on my plate that were not part of my program (the grains and potatoes). I enjoyed some of the most delicious, fresh and wonderfully prepared vegetables and an amazing beef tenderloin. When the dessert came out, everyone dove into theirs and interestingly enough about 60% of the table didn’t even like the dessert. It was an interesting flavor pairing that didn’t hit the mark for many. I was content and enjoyed talking with my team. The big win was also not having a post-event collapse of my program. It all felt very good, very natural and very satisfying to me. I now know that these kinds of events are no longer major challenges, challenges yes, but ones that I know what to do with and won’t derail my progress.

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  10. Stefi

    Dear Susan, REALLY REALLY LOVED THE “SPAGO VLOG” yes the content & advice is fabulous but the PURE JOY you emit is SOO uplifting!!
    LOVE YA!! ?

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  11. Gail Nurnberg

    Enjoyed your Vlog about your experience at Spagos, It has eased my mind a bit more when I have the opportunity to eat out. I will go back and watch some more of your Vlogs so I understand what your BLE is like. I am eating healthy and have lost over 34 lbs. since June of 2015. It has gotten me off of my diabetes meds, and were trying a trial run of elimination of my Blood pressure meds, so far so good. 🙂
    Thank You,

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  12. Bobbi

    What a wonderful testimony to the variety and joy in eating to feed your body well, instead of just giving in and giving up! Thank you.

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  13. Jolie Kneen

    Thank you Susan! This is brilliant! Love it!
    thanks for sharing!

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  14. Chris Child

    Love this Vlog, You hit on the golden nugget of BLE success. Retrain da brain. I’m on day 55 and made it through without crossing over the bright lines even though I buy, serve, and have to live with huge amounts of desserts. I no longer crave sugar and I think my brain has gotten the message.
    Glad you had a good time at Spagos! Thanks so much for the guidance, love, and fun! Oh, and getting me back on my meditation practice.

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  15. Bob Boyer

    I always enjoy and learn from your Vlogs. Sharing your experiences, reasoning, tips and choices with us is a great help for us in learning to successfully navigate the real world of food. Thanks, Susan!

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  16. Zora

    Susan, I loved this Vlog! I think I can finally understand the “Free” part of Happy Thin and Free. Happy comes easy to me, The thin is a process I am finally enjoying…but the FREE. I get it now. I am glad this Vlog came to me at almost 2 months into my BLE journey. I really understand how freeing it is to stay within the bright lines, and this Vlog really stated it. Thank you Susan!

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  17. Barbara

    Was dying to hear how this went! Sounds like you were able to connect with the people rather than obsesses over food! I have worked for food and travel magazines for 30 years (Gourmet Magazine when Ruth Reichl was editor to name a few) in ad sales and have always had a generous expense account. I was never overweight until I got into this business so I get it about all those choices on the menu of 5 star restaurants.

    What really rang true for me though was your coaching call comment. I travel to the Caribbean for work regularly. I am constantly confronted with food choices. I did the BLE boot camp in Oct and lost 12 pounds but the scale has not moved because I have that mentality that you were referring to when the lady asked about her vacation. I may stick to my BL as much as possible but I think ” oh I went for a run so it’s ok to not measure, or to have a drink or to have a piece of whatever” so this has slowed me down. I could be 10 pounds closer to my goal. I have 25 more to lose and although I am thrilled to be wearing a size 10, I’m not where I want to be for a final goal. It’s like I feel SO good I get overconfident and eat outside the bright lines. Then I get back on track quickly and I burn calories with spinning, running and weight training. Even my fitness trainer (who has helped me transform my body – I have always been into exercise so this is not something new I’m just starting) tells me “it’s ok to go off the program once in a while” but as your video imply a, it’s not ok. It probably puts more strain on the brain. But I see my sabateur come out when I’m on track and feeling good and hear ” a little bit off the program won’t kill you”. I guess it can really mess you up. I loved how you said that if she stays on the program while on vacation, she won’t worry about feeling bloated or how she looks in a bathing suit. I will remember this one…

    Here’s what I do sometimes. I get through a perfect eating dinner with clients then I go back to my room and look in the mini bar and sometimes grab a sugary snack because I felt deprived at the restaurant because everyone ate dessert except me. I thought fruit at dinner was a no no? So I don’t order anything except tea. ( I thought that was what you were going to say you were going to order) anyway, last week this happened at a business dinner in Miami. I ate sugar in my room after dinner alone after not eating dessert. I then slept terribly but got up and did a big bike ride along the beach before starting my next meetings for the day. It’s like the exercise gets it out of my system quickly so I feel good but of course the scale has a 3 pound up and down scenario that I have been doing for several weeks now. Thinking “oh just a little bit”. How foolish. This blog shed the light on why you have to stick with it and how much I need to shift my thinking… Thank you Susan! Wearing a size 10 and hoping to be in a 6 very comfortably by summer!

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  18. Pat

    Yay Susan! Stunning! I’m so happy for you and for me. After a 16 hour travel day to HI yesterday and bright line eating the duration and being a bright line eater as I enjoy the privilege of being in Paradise, I am happy, joyous and free today and thin in its full meaning for me, free of the obsession to binge. Your enthusiasm is a gift to me. So glad you had that awesome experience!

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  19. Susanne

    Bravo Susan!
    I am soooo happy you uploaded this vlog! I am attending a Greek wedding on Sunday and you just put my mind at ease. GOD BLESS YOU!!! I know now what to do THANK YOU-(efharisto)

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  20. Deborah Wiley

    Thank you so much for sharing this positive experience! Sticking to the bright lines truly promotes a feeling of freedom and empowerment.

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  21. nikki

    best vlog ever…what a great night for you !!!

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  22. Olga

    This was a wonderful topic with great examples! Do you have a book coming out soon that would explain BLE?

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  23. George Sabree

    First, I’m almost overwhelmed by the things you vlogged about today.
    I felt like I was sitting with you all at dinner because once upon a time in my former food mindset I would have been concentrating so hard on the desserts that I would not been able to focus on the intelligent and lively conversation swirling around me. I stopped eating donuts a couple years ago because I, for the life of me, could never just eat one. Which leads me to the cruise food mindset because it’s like you read my mind. I’ve been on four, and on each one I was at least five pounds heavier by the return to dock, then another few were gained traveling back home. But worrying about food and how much and what to eat and how I’d look and feel in my clothes and at the pool—crazy! BLE will take that pain and worry away. I now more thoroughly understand the joys of living happy thin and free.

    Second, last night on PBS Frontline, I watched ‘Chasing Heroin’ and thought about how my food addictions felt as powerful as that craving for heroin and how grateful and blessed that I accidentally found BLE and you.
    I am now in control of what I eat and when I eat and that’s very very powerful!

    Ps. Are there any nuggets of the dinner conversation you can share?

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    1. Jd

      I also caught this on PBS. I would like to know if Neurogym with Mr. Assaraf would be beneficial to some of these people. I am sure that the BLE would. I believe that a lot of kids get hooked on drugs because “sugar highs” are no longer strong enough for them so they try other substances.

      Susan, this was a great vlog and thanks for forwarding me to Mr. Assaraf’s upcoming seminars.

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  24. Ingrid

    thank you Susan for your excellent example! Very helpful!! I am about to go on vacation.

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  25. Dian Hale

    Great as always, thank you for sharing

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  26. Riva

    Two thumbs up, Susan! Very fun story. I’m guessing that celebratory is right around the very next corner.

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  27. Brenda

    Susan, I just love this blog! I suspect you will be having many many many more invitations to restaurants like Spago’s with Larry King and Voolfie… as the word gets out about BLE; you are becoming the celebrity everyone want to be near. Anyway… I love your vlogs and I love BLE… and I love that you are such an example of life on the other side of neurotic eating… and that you still follow the program after all these years… thank you thank you thank you

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  28. Ginger

    Susan, What a rock star. We used to base experiences on the food we ate. Now it’s on the experience! How great is that! In my own experience I”m finding no one else really cares what you eat or don’t eat and only you are faced with the repercussions of your choices. Thanks for additional insights. As always they have made me look inward!

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    1. Martha

      Ginger, your comments so resonate with me. How long have you been a Bright Line eater?

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  29. Alana

    Excellent! Excellent! Horaaaay! for you and Bright Line eating! You have the key to success. I send your vlog out to many and will continue to do so!
    Many Blessings,

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  30. Jody

    god, I love you! You are so sweet and so talented at doing videos! I wrote quite a while back and I haven’t watch a video in months, I’m not sure how long but I was intrigued by the subject today and driving and thinking what the heck. sure enjoyed this video! God I wish I could do your program, but there’s just absolutely no way I could afford it. I definitely struggle with addictive eating and have been going through some health challenges that have made me say no to sugar to the best of my ability lately, even experientially understanding to some extent how it is easier when I say no to ALL sugar, having absolute bright lines. But I would just love to have a community that I could go to that would be supportive to follow bright lines for myself. bless you and everything you do and God willing I may be able to do your program one day. all the best to you, Jody

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  31. Bon

    This was enjoyable and helpful. What’s interesting is that I’m anticipating that planning (ie calling the restaurant, querying the waiter) will take mental energy and time, but in fact it releases those two things. By simplifying the decision process, I find more mental energy is available for me. This is making a lot of sense to me. What’s also nice is that more and more restaurants welcome this kind of request.

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  32. Megha Nancy Buttenheim

    Susan, I find it remarkable that one month ago I had no idea who you were. Your telesummit with ALBA was my introduction to you and Bright Line Eating. I have never looked back since then. I adore your vlog; this one about SPAGO (never heard of it – I HAVE heard of Larry King – LOL!) is particularly great. To call a restaurant in advance is perfect. Being a 7 on the susceptibility scale, I am so very grateful for your open honesty, and your admission of being a (perfect) 10! No one would think I am heavy, but NO ONE has been inside my head over 5 decades. I have often, year after year, been pretty tortured about intake…. I just want you to know that this ONE person (of your tens of thousands) is changing for the better, one day at a time, thanks to you. Thank you for taking the OA principles and reworking them into a Bright Line pattern that makes total sense for me. OA was too intense and “addictive” focused for me. I only went once and then went to good ole Al-Anon instead. I am not needing to lose much weight at all, but hey: I only have those tough ten to lose anyway: But as long as I am following these Bright Lines, I feel wonderful, sane, “sober.” calm, and…more dignified, authentic, open. This is a huge spiritual event for me, this Bright Line Eating. I am a world teacher so you can rest assured that my world is already hearing about Bright Line Eating. Keep on Keeping on. The Boot Camp was out of my range but I am an honorary boot caper. Many thanks!

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  33. Lauren

    YES! A huge resounding, “YES!” I completely relate to what you shared, Susan. I have been true to my Bright Lines since October 1 (I look at it as my “sobriety” date from manic eating behavior). I have lost 42 pounds and I feel better at age 61 than I have felt in decades. I have navigated the waters of social events and mega-star restaurants and found, 1) they are so willing to accomodate dietary requests when I express that it is “medically prescribed” (by my favorite physician – Dr. Moi! And who knows me better?) 2) My evening is so much more enjoyable and relaxed when I keep my eyes on my own plate, focus on the friendships, and order some aromatic, herbal tea. I also carry some orange and/or lemon essential oil drops with me if the tea they have is not quite flavorful enough to satisfy my tastebud’s desire for “more”. Bless you, bless you, Susan, and I agree that THEY were lucky to have you in their midst.

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  34. John Assaraf

    It was such a pleasure meeting and hanging out with you Susan! Your knowledge, heart, passion and mission is amazing and YES we are aligned. I appreciate who you are in the world and the HUGE difference we we help create together in the lives of so many men and women.
    Big hugs!

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    1. Josie Colicchia

      Love your work John Assaraf. So trusting the Universe and the stars are totally aligning! SO amazing first up bootcamp BLE and Brand NEW WORLD opens up!!! Future Pacing WOW!!! It looks so good!!!!!!!!! Neurogym rocks!
      Thanks Susan for changing my chemistry and giving me a new way to play the game of Life!!!! Hugs

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      1. Mercedes (from Argentina)

        “Thanks, Susan, for changingy chemistry” YES! This is whst Susan has done to me! We love Susan.

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  35. Julia Kathleen

    I love this perspective. Eating out and social events will be BETTER when I stick to my plan. I have been a Bright Line Eater for year but have just recently faced multiple situations like you describe in the vlog. Keeping this perspective in mind is going to sharpen my game and increase my motivation to never even consider crossing the lines. Thank you!

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    1. Jan Greig

      Hi Julia
      You said you have been Bright line eating fo a year now. How long did it take you not to want the chocolate or a desert. I have been on the program 25 days and have done pretty well but still am thinking about these things ?

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  36. Sherry

    I love your HONESTY and completely candid demeanor regarding your attitudes about food consumption. Thank you always for being you.

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  37. Betty

    Susan, you are soooo right! My husband and I recently went on a two week vacation. I took my 14 little baggies of shredded wheat, almond milk and nanners for breakfast. We were mostly traveling during lunch and had broccoli, cheese and apples. ( Yes, broccoli, we toured a large vegetable farm and picked it fresh). Dinners caused me a little bit of anxiety, but I found most menus have SOMETHING that fits! I felt so awesome not gaining an ounce while on vacation, and even two days home, lost two pounds. I love BLE and you for introducing me. Thank you! Awesome Vlog!

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  38. Lorraine

    I agree, they were lucky to meet you! You ROCK!

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  39. Laurie Moore Skillings

    You said “YES!”


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  40. Lynda Hahn

    Oh Susan, this has been my most favourite VLOG so far. You hit the nail right on the head. So very glad you had much fun, you so deserve my dear. BEAUTIFUL!!

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    1. Michele Gauthier

      I can soooo relate to this!! It’s so true that us food addicts have a much better time when we stick to our bright lines! Whenever I think I’d like to have something sweet I just know that I won’t be able to focus on anything else until I’ve eaten it all so if I leave it alone I’m fine!

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    2. Taline Yacoub Berberian

      Sorry if I am commenting in the wrong place..
      I really needed to hear this. The past 3 months and the coming 3 are full of celebrations, first we had Christmas then New year then my daughter got engaged then I have 2 wedding and 2 graduation celebrations (thank God they are all good things) , but the stress of being prepared and doing them in a perfect way is making me crazy and leading me to emotional eating “sin” which made me gain 6 lb. and feel the torture later. I have your 5 steps written on a paper with me , so will work hard on them next time 1.Human connection 2. Meditation 3. Prayer 4. Gratitude 5. Service to others … And sure will be happier 🙂
      I always follow your vlogs, this one was great! thank you 🙂

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    3. Pam

      “My mind being healed” …..what a profound statement….I. LOVED. THIS. VLOG. Thank you!

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