Putting the “Happy” in Happy, Thin, and Free

Watch this week’s vlog to hear the science behind the “Happy” part of becoming Happy, Thin, and Free.


  1. Anne

    Susan – this topic was a real eye opener for me. I have been solid on BLE since 1/1/16. I ate an unusual amount of sugar during the holidays, but am not much of a sugar eater the rest of the year. I was a wine drinker and flour eater. Obsessively. My major surprise, along with the 12 pounds lost since 1/1, is that I am so positive and unusually happy. I even received some bad news about job prospects and it simply rolled off my back. Before BLE I would have camped out on the sofa eating cheese and crackers and drinking wine, then spiraled into a not pretty place. I am, therefore, proof of what you say here about the “Happy” part. Such a surprise to me. Thank you for your help.

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  2. Shereen

    Hi Suzan.. we’re waiting for your new baby .. your book! you are carrying it .. you are the mother.. May universe shower you with blessing and energy to write the book..

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  3. Catriona

    Susan, omegas 3&6 are a great subject choice. Thank you for the clarification. I have my whole life taken fish oil supplements. My mother started me on them when I was little as I didn’t like food much, and was very thin, until my children came along. Amazing how something that I disliked doing in my youth, (eating)’ has become my whole existence now. I talk food, diet, and the pros and cons of what to eat, non stop. I’m sure my family are sick of hearing me, and I’m heavier than I’ve been my whole life. Perhaps this fixation with talking about my weight, if I slipped, what diet I’m about to start, again, is a form of depression or anxiety. I’m offering excuses for my failures, before someone else mentions to me that I’ve put on weight. Can you address this phenomenon in one of your blogs. I’m trying very hard to follow your plan, and have discovered I love salads and veggies again, and eating has become more pleasurable, because I’m not offering excuses all the time, that I’ve cheated. Thanks for all your insight.

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  4. Stefi

    What an inspirational vlog! I wish SO bad one day to meet you Susan just to say thanks , perhaps a hug if you’re inclined 🙂
    This weekend in fact I had that touch of sugar push the anger to the forefront – it’s a clear signal it’s to be taken out for good ( I’m a 9) & just makes me wonder how many days in my past were truly a ” rough day” or was it the sugar?? Love your passion- NO ! Please YOU write your book when you’re able to – I don’t think anyone could do it justice!!

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  5. George Sabree

    No more Oreos, no more ice cream, no more crackers and donuts and bread; not now, not ever!
    I discovered BLE accidentally in early December and have been off the f and s since the new year.
    But please explain the susceptibility scale (I’m 8) and more about how the food industry high jacked our hunger. Thanks.

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  6. Sally

    Thank you Susan for telling me that you were able to stop taking all your anti depressants. I want to get off mine as well as I feel cheated when I can’t even cry when someone I love dies. I must be on too much. Even if I can’t get off all of it, I want to reduce how much I take. Thanks, again!

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  7. Ginger Nelson

    Susan, these vlogs are one of my most favorite parts of BLE. So informative! I can hardly wait for the book. I know it will be just great. We are so blessed. You are listed so many times in my gratitude book. Thank you, thank you!

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  8. Mike Broderick


    What is your opinion of doing a juicing diet? I watched a documentary called “Fat Sick and nearly dead”. It detailed the 60 days he went on a strict green juice diet for 60 days and lost like 80lbs. I realize after this that one would have to still modify their diet like you describe but do you have any warnings or precautions or is this nonsense?

    Mike Broderick

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    1. Eve

      Mike – in one of Susan’s previous vlogs (or was it in a webinar?) she said that juicing is not the best idea if you are higher on the susceptibility scale. And that was due to the fact that juicing destroys the fiber that would naturally prevent an insulin spike (and people higher on the scale are very sensitive to that, which is exactly why they shouldn’t eat sugar or flour). So she recommended that you just eat the whole fruit/vegetable and avoid anything that is too processed. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Eve

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  9. Samantha Agar

    Thank you for this! I’ve already given up flour and sugar though I can’t do a boot camp right now. I’m seeing immediate changes and what a relief to hear that the negative self-talk might lessen as I move forward! I’m going to show this to my nine year-old son, too, who has a lot of the same anxiety/depression symptoms I’ve lived with for decades.

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  10. Jennifer Green

    I really enjoyed listening to BLOG…I plan on changing my diet. I just started exercising with a friend. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar, PTSD, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. Coming off sugar is very difficult. I’ve done it before. Many years ago I went to OA (Overeaters Anonomys ), that was their plan to help our addiction to certain foods. I did it for almost 2 years..I’m hoping I can do the same here. Should I just stop eating sugar and flour or should it, or can I tirate a little over a certain duration? Thanks…

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  11. Sharon

    Another wonderful VLOG! Still waiting for sustained Happy, but I am getting the Thin and Free down. 6 months of BLE and 33 pounds lighter. Thank you for your insights.

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  12. Riva

    Great follow up to your talk last night in NYC which I which I was privileged to attend. I missed signing up for this round of boot camp, but have been sugar- and flour-free + 3 meals a day since Jan 4 — only 10 days and I’m feeling emotionally (mentally & spiritually too) 100% better AND the clothes are already looser. All of which spells H-A-P-P-Y.

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  13. Linda

    Thanks so much for being there for us. I’m so thankful for modern technology that I am able to see and hear your blog.
    You are a jewel.

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  14. Pat Elst

    Wonderful VLOG! Indeed, write the book when you can. You are the mentor and expert. Thank you for all that you do. It’s turning my life around.

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  15. Judy

    Although I’ve only lost 5 lbs. , I know why. But giving up the refined sugar has already begun to change my life. I will work on portion reduction next. I have at least 50 lbs. to lose, and I’m committed to that, one pound at a time. But the thing I first noticed was the withdrawal from sugar. Not fun. But on about the 11th day of not eating sugar, my energy level and ability to focus suddenly kicked in like never before in my life! I struggle with a life-time of clinical depression, and I’m not used to having this much energy and focus. I am so excited with the progress I’m making getting my house deep-cleaned, errands taken care of, and just a sense of well-being. I have a diagnosis of diabetes, and my doctor has always said to listen to my body. I stopped taking the Metformin when I felt my blood sugar was getting low, and I felt even better. I don’t have this down yet, as I struggle with binge eating. But I will keep at it until I I get it figured out. Overeaters Anonymous is an option for me, and I plan to start going soon. Thank you for the major part of this to get me jump-started, Susan. Going off refined sugar/flour is such a big thing for me. All of your information makes sense. I especially appreciate the information about the brain science you share.

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    1. Eve

      Judy – I will keep my fingers crossed for you from across the Atlantic. Love and hugs to you 🙂 Eve

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  16. Lorraine

    Great Vlog! Really love that you bring the science into it and deeply appreciate your courage to share you own story. I’ve just started BLE and feel deeply that it will set me free. I’m already experiencing increased happiness. Thin is on it’s way!

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  17. Jusnita

    Does artificial sugar do the same

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  18. Beth

    Great vlog! Lots of wonderful information as always.

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  19. Julia Carol

    As always I loved this Vlog, Susan… you give so much good information (backed by both science and experience), and you know how to take the complicated and make it simple to understand. Your passion is contagious… and most of all, you’re telling it like it IS! I’m now down 46 pounds since June 5, 2015 because of your whole program… not just the Bright Line Eating food plan, but the entire program.

    You’re a precious gift to the world… oxoxox

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  20. Lucu

    LOVE your vlog!! I check my Wednesday email every hour looking for it. PLEASE write your book! YOU. Don’t give it away. We only look up to you Susan. Can’t wait for the book you are destined to write!

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  21. Jeannie Greutert

    Twisted thinking after sugar? Oh YES!!!!
    It really sent me down a HUGE rabbit hole this holiday season!!
    Thankfully, I’m back on track and HAPPY!!

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