What Is “Normal” Anyways?

What is “Normal” when it comes to food? Is it common? Is it healthy? Watch this week’s Vlog for my answer!


  1. Jakki Crosser

    I also think that a lot o people looking at media, tv, movies, celebrities, etc… it seems like there are more than those “3 people” who are able to eat and do whatever they want. It actually seems like almost everyone get to do what they want and eat what they want. That is because we don’t see the other side of people’s lives in that way. The media and ads show people celebrating and indulging all the time and it is very misleading.

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  2. Maryjane Thibodeau

    Dear Susan
    I’m enjoying your blogs very much and the program. I especially appreciate the thought of The least amount of decisions you have to make in a day the less stress you have over making a wrong decision. So saying no always to sugar and white flour is so simple. It works. I’ve been doing so well and don’t crave any more. My problem now is to choose healthy food and to eat enough. I lost three pounds in five days Good start.
    I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I’m hoping this program will help me. I also love that you have past vlogs that I can watch when I need a reminder of what I’m trying to accomplish
    I’m so excited. :-). I get excited when I see a new email from you. Thank you for a new found hope

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  3. Lynda Hahn

    I’m.ike what you said about “playing the cards we are dealt”!
    That resonated, thanks.
    Love ya, Lynda

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  4. Tasneem

    Thank you Susan I love your vlogs, they are all inspirational. I have been losing weight since I was 13, I’m a 37 year old yo yo who can’t get to grips with losing weight and keeping it off, my weight is the biggest heartbreak of my life I wake up every morning STARTING AGAIN and for no reason at all I’m eating junk by late afternoon, I just feel I’m losing the battle…HELP

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  5. S. M.

    Dear Susan, I enjoy your videos very much and look forward to them. Wish I could be part of your program.

    Sincerely, S. M.

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  6. S. M.

    Dear Susan, I enjoy your vlogs so much . I’m saddened that it’s impossible for me to be a part of your program. You are so clear and make so much sense. Keep helping people.

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  7. Graham Wallwork

    Hi Susan, really enjoy your posts. I think that some people get mixed up with what is normal and what is natural. The type of diet information you give out is a natural way to eat. The normal way has changed over the years. I grew up at a time and in a place where we had no supermarkets – and this changed the food industry entirely when they arrived. We would cut down Heart Disease and Cancers (and some say cure these diseases within weeks) if got back to ‘natural’.

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  8. Nancy

    Wow, Susan, your weekly Vlogs ALWAYS, so hit a nerve…..you, my dear, are healing a nation of abnormal eaters. So grateful for you!. I have a question: when you say no sugar, it’s pretty clear…you mean no added sugar….you don’t mean no natural fruits. I can handle that, since sugar is a processed unnatural substance. But when you say no flour, what about things like almond flour or other alternatives for baking things. I’m constantly seeing new recipes for baking with “no gluten” or “no flour” baking products. What about stone ground corn meal, sprouted grain breads (like Ezekiel). Will you never again in your life eat a muffin? Are there no recipes for making something like that without the addictive properties? Could you Vlog about this?

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    1. Sarah Arends

      I have the same questions regarding fruit and almond flour! I love my almond flour pancakes.. 😀

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      1. Karen

        I recall from either a previous Vlog or from the webinar, Susan indicated that for herself, anything that has been reduced to “flour” is excluded, but I felt like she was also saying some people may be able to enjoy “flour” that was not cereal-grain based. To my mind that would still exclude corn, oat, wheat, etc. Nut flours are an interesting concept – but because if you grind nuts they generally become butter, unless they’re defatted – they are processed in a manner that is similar to cereal grain flours by removing some of what’s natural to them and then grinding them up to the point where their origin is undetectable (i.e., they look like flour), which then puts them in the category of manufactured food. Especially if they are store-bought and you don’t know what they did to them to make them. I can’t remember if there was comment about nut butters themselves but I think they fall into the “processed” category. The ideal is to eat food that looks like it did when it was harvested and, to the point of the fruit, to consume limited portions of the OK foods.

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        1. Sarah Arends

          Thanks for the info., Karen! I appreciate it!

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  9. Steve Thayer

    I have a challenge…I am on cumadin because of blood clot issues because of a surgey and since they are reoccurring I will be on this stuff for life…I have to restrict vitamin K..(Kale, Spinach, dark leafy greens etc. I still can be careful with sugar and flour, but it does make it a bit more difficult.

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    1. Jodi

      Steve, no need to avoid the healthiest group of foods on the planet! I have read in the past that coumadin dosage can be adjusted to account for the amount of greens consumed. I just did a search and saw several articles about it. (I googled “adjust coumadin based on leafy green consumption.”)

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  10. Amanda

    Beginner Bright Line Eaters may feel deprived by not eating sugar and flour. I try to think of it like this: those who are eating sugar and flour whenever they want are most likely depriving themselves of feeling the best that they can now and of being healthy in the future. Eating sugar and flour is unhealthy, even for those who are of normal weight. Remembering this helps me resist temptation, but thanks to BLE, those temptations are now few and far between. Feeling good (mentally and physically) about eating only healthy food is my new normal. Thank you, Susan!

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  11. Teri M

    This is such a great topic, as “normal” is so transitive – I have been doing BLE since September and my new normal has led me to lose 24 lbs., and my new normal feels GREAT!! Thank you again Susan for coming into my life and showing me this new normal, I look at others now and consider them “abby normal” to quote a favorite movie, Young Frankenstein 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday if I don’t see you before then :):)

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  12. Roger

    Sounds a lot like sleep apnea. I’m on a forum that people that are having difficulties or questions about sleep apnea or therapy visit. A big complaint is “why can’t I be normal and not have to use a cpap machine while I sleep”? On the other hand, they know the answer, because they aren’t normal, and the therapy is necessary for their health.

    Life is full of challenges, different people have different challenges. For any challenge that you may have, someone else has a challenge that’s equally difficult or worse than yours. Just be happy that you’re alive and have your health (to whatever degree), and endeavor to enjoy your life while dealing with your challenges.

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  13. Stefi

    You are so cool Susan – giving , observant , philosophical & pretty . Another great vlog!! I agree with every word!! 😉

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  14. Hannah

    I have been envious of normal eaters all my life and I have been dieting all my life. To accept myself as abnormal around food has and still is difficult. Unfortunately this feeling of abnormal spills out into other areas of one’s life and you soon begin to have it affect your whole life. What you said about grieving is so true. I am grieving and have been for so many years………..grieving for a normal, or what I consider an ideal way of eating. I wish I could learn to accept my normal…between 20 and 40 pounds overweight. Each time I lose it returns. I find it more and more difficult each time,,,,,,,and the grieving gets more and more intense. Many times I just feel like giving up completely. But that does not work for long and the cycle begins again.
    Your vlogs help to give inspiration ….thank you.

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  15. Eleanor Kreis

    I happen to be one of those 3 people you mentioned as “normal” not only in this area but many other areas and that isolates me somewhat from the rest of the population. I struggle to understand why so many people can’t do what comes so natural to me when it comes to personal and life management. But when it comes to eloquence, I struggle to understand how people like you are so good at expressing themselves, and make great speeches, while I cannot, despite the many years of yearning and studying to become eloquent.

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    1. Julia Farkas

      Susan comes across natural because she has discovered her own Self which neutralizes the seed of identity in that functions as a person. When that happens you’ll find that whatever situation or environment you find yourself in, without any preparation, you’ll relate at the appropriate level, without feeling that you lose anything of your essential Being. You’ve not compromised yourself, simply because you understand that the world is going to perceive you as it does and you have no power over that. They’re going to see you the way they have always perceived you.

      And something inside you knows this and has space for that, understands that, you see? Like some people, they’ve taken a new name, and then they go and say to their family and their friends, ‘I took a name and, you know, as from this day my name it’s this, and I’m happy if you use that.’ And many people say, ‘Oh, this is very nice, very good! We’ll try and use it as often as we can. Forgive us if we forget sometimes,’ and whatever, but some people say, ‘No. As long as you’re there, I know you as this, and that’s what I’ll call you’ So you have no power. And you understand also that that is the way that society has always functioned.

      Everybody regards themselves as a person. I am a person. When we leave our home, when we get out of bed, when you step out, you sometimes unconsciously… you already present yourself as a person. So when you already accept your own personhood, then you send a kind of psychic signal to the world: I am a person! And I’m stepping out into a world presently of eight billion persons, and so it’s all very personal. And of course, people treat you like a person.

      As you discover your own divine Being, something changes, even without saying anything to anybody at all. You see? You don’t require of them that they treat you any way. Even if they call you, ‘Hello, come here, doggie. Come. Come.’ You know? It’s almost as though something becomes so innocent in it.

      Then somehow you find people say ‘I like your personality’ or’ This person, what do you think of them?’ and you don’t enjoy, and somehow in your power, you’re able to say, ‘You know what, I don’t really have any interest in that,’ and not feel strange about it, even if they do. But my feeling is that if you are comfortable in your own skin, people will be comfortable with you, even if you have to say things that are unconventional. But if you are certain in your own place… you’re not trying to promote anything, you’re not trying to demonstrate any spirituality. You’re simply being true. You see?

      You just be grounded in you, and continue like you are. But it’s not something that you do. It’s not like, ‘Today, you know, I’m really being completely nobody. I’m not a person. I’m a non-person.’ No, it’s a consequence of your seeing. It’s not an attitude you have. Truth is not an attitude. Truth is just what Is. And when you move in ‘what-is-ness,’ nobody argues with you! Nobody argues with the Truth, actually. They don’t. But they’ll argue with something pretending to be true. But with the Truth, and when you and what you say are the same, nobody argues with you. In fact, the power won’t come in them to do it. Such is the power of the Truth. And you cannot fake the Truth. You may fool a few. But it comes back on you. Just be yourself, as you find out.

      When you question what is a person, the sense ‘I’ comes, but, ‘What is I?’ And you look, in your stillness, to see what comes up. You punch in ‘I’ in your own inner Google, and what comes up? Nothing is coming up. If you go to the upper Google in your head, the attic Google, he has a lot to tell you! ‘Yes, yes, yes. You know, you are the super-consciousness. You are This, you are the Absolute.’

      But when you refer to person, what exactly do you perceive as person? Uniqueness? Conditioning?
      And yet at the same time, fundamentally, you are this unchanging awareness at the same time.

      Don’t worry about how others perceive you. In fact, it is good that life sometimes throws you out into the great sea to swim. Just swim your swim. So that you find people who treat you like a person, because that’s all they know. You see? And you, in your own universality, know perfectly, in the moment, how to deal with something. Even this is too late and too much for me to say. We don’t know how to deal with something, it somehow just unfolds in you, spontaneously.

      Do you know what a freedom it is to move into any place, unprepared? Not ‘unprepared’ like, you’re going for a job interview and you show up, and you don’t even know what you’re going for. I don’t mean ‘unprepared’ like that. I’m talking about somehow, unprepared, that you don’t need to prepare to be what you are. And in your own natural juices, whatever is required, somehow something arises that is completely appropriate to the needs of the moment, and with such freshness, that you, yourself, might be watching it or hearing it for the first time, also. This is life! This is aliveness, you see? If you are already going, and everything you do is a rehearsal, is the outcome of some rehearsal, some old tired story you are telling again for the seventeenth thousandth time?

      I’m saying these things, but I don’t want to say too much about it because it’s not a big deal. Life takes care of life. It is happening. Who are you in it? This is going to be your beautiful discovery, you see?
      But to live a life without having any fundamental expectations of anybody, this is a great freedom also.

      Then you find that you are almost totally…you’re almost unshockable. Because something inside has switched off the button of how things should be. Do you follow? If you don’t have, ‘This is how things should be,’ then your life exudes such space and freedom, that every being, even conditioned ones, they have an intuitive response, unexpected involuntary response, when they come into the presence of Presence.

      So you don’t have to go ahead of yourself, preparing things. You simply move in your own way. Something is just like that. Our inmost Being yearns, you see, for this freedom again. Not life by numbers. Somehow it just moves, or not move. Whatever the life force expresses in terms of the dynamic expressions of life, let it be there. What does it do to you? Nothing at all.
      Except somehow through the expression, your physical and dynamic expression, the joy that arises out of the heart somehow infuses your activities also, are touched by them without any technique; you don’t need technique. We don’t want somebody who’s meeting someone with any technique.

      Why you want to learn how to meet people? How to be in this type of company? This is not good.
      You’re going around, ‘No, no, yeah, yeah.’ When people talk to you, you learn how to respond practiced things.

      You’re life itself, not just living life. You are life itself, and at the same time, the witness of life. So it is good that you have to go out to be in the space where people move and have a certain dynamic-ness, and to be in this world and be comfortable also.

      You have to be comfortable in every environment. You may have to go to hell and meet Mr. Beelzebub and have a cup of Hot coffee and still be resting in your own Presence.

      Don’t think, ‘Oh, sorry I can’t go there. Eeeh.’ They don’t like people like me.’ No, no, no. Throw this out. Don’t define yourself. To define yourself is to confine yourself. This is why I say, nothing is greater than emptiness. In emptiness, All-ness is there. Every word I say to you, it is True. If you follow, you see. I don’t even ask you only to believe. Follow and see what you discover inside. To live a life without having any fundamental expectations of anybody. This is a great freedom. Our inmost Being yearns for this freedom again. Don’t get ahead of yourself preparing things, move in your own way. Whatever the life force expresses in terms of the dynamic expressions of life let it be there.

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  16. michael

    I am doing what I can to stop eating. But I don’t want to die, so I end up eating again. Its a vicious cycle but its the only one I can live with. Using the other one I would surely die. I hate my fat but cant seem to get it to leave me even though I want it to so badly. I thought about cutting my self so that I would bleed. Then I would use up fat repairing my blood loss , wound damage ect. However my doctor said if I did this he would send me to the nut house. I don’t like it there. they make me eat jelly and I really like peanuts. So I will continue with my eat stop eat life style until they come to take me away. Thanks for your advice.

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    1. Stefi

      Michael, i just Heard Susans’ vlog as im sure you just did, i hope you’re still on reading posts- listen to me. Often we eat/crave because our bodies are trying desperately to extract ( take out) nutrients in what we put in us, give yourself some self love , that you deserve, eat EAT any green veggies you like in between any bad foods( flour/sugar etc) I recommend baby steps & listen to your body. Odds are once you hit the key nutrient in let’s say kale/romaine /spinach/cabbage you will notice it getting calmer. Soon you will feel less like eating things that don’t serve you.
      I really love Susans’ work & I think you do too. So give alittle back & try the green veggies. If you never ate then , you can always chop em& throw em in a crop pot with chicken broth , carrots, celery, onion salt & pepper & a bay leaf ( optional ) & I particularly like to add some tomato sauce or even jar spaghetti sauce ( it cuts the acidity ) cook on LOW ALL NIGHT . In the morning you have a great quick meal good hot or cold anytime ( and in between your usual foods) you’ll get to feeling better & better. It happens to be my birthday today – Happy Birthday to you Michael! Be well, make us proud- You got this!!! 😉

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  17. Mary

    Just found you! Help! I get off sugar and feel so much better and then I slip and fall hard and feel crappy and start to gain weight and get depressed. I do this over and over and over. I am so sick of food (sugar) having this control over me!!

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    1. Stefi

      Mary, please be gentle on yourself, it’s a process & it’s a relatively slow one to break free from sugar – DEFINATELY add green leafy veggies as a start & read the reply I gave to Michael for a recipe/idea. 🙂

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  18. Maddie Penko

    Hey Susan,
    I really liked what you said about the grieving process. It’s pretty much like breaking up with food and also saying goodbye to our old identity. You can’t go and do the same things anymore…and you might feel a little isolated. On Maslow’s hierarchy, that feeling of belonging is one of our basic needs and some of us need that more than others. When we change our lifestyles, we also need to change our friends sometimes like you said in last week’s video. There is that period of adjustment that we all need to pull through in order to fully adjust to our new normal.
    Thanks Susan! Always insightful.
    Maddie, xo

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    1. Stefi

      Enjoyed your post Maddie- SO true!!

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      1. Mercedes

        Thank you Maddie! I´ve just taken down your phrase, “It´s saying goodbye to your old identity.” So true, so hard, so liberating.

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