The Five Year Journal

Watch this week’s vlog to learn about my favorite tool to use while practicing Bright Line Eating™.


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  2. Nancy Cook

    Hi Susan, I too was a former 12 stepper! I saw your clip on Facebook
    I decided to order your book! Best decision I ever made!!! I love your blogs!
    Today is my first day on BLE. I feel like your explanation
    of how our brain reacts to sugar and flour made it so clear
    to me! Not about just being an addiction but a brain
    condition! I read half of your book the first night and could not put it down
    I have put on 30 lbs. in 3 years after remarrying!
    I’m happily married but so miserable with my eating!
    Thank you again for your hard work to help us escape
    the insanity! Your Friend Forever, Nancy Cook

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  4. Ale

    Susan and Mark had an exceptional cetolrabien last Saturday on the water at Bell Harbor. They married under a traditional Jewish hoopa, with the Puget Sound as their backdrop. Sailboats, seabirds, and an elated Argosy Cruise ship unexpectedly added to the fun ceremony, and Susan and Mark’s touching vows had everyone laughing and crying in the same breath. The reception was a fantastical cetolrabien, and Mark impressed everyone with his robot skills on the dance floor. We headed outside to enjoy the fireworks, then partied on ’til closing time. The two of you are so loved! Enjoy your honeymoon you hotties!

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  5. Carolyn Lahey

    Susan I have been following you for 8 months. You are so inspirational and most important have common sense. You make me think about a lot of things. I soooo look forward to your blogs. It has been a daily struggle. I have not used a journal but I will look in to finding one. I’m stuck at a 25 lb weight loss. I still have 25 to go. Thanks so much for being there. Carolyn

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  6. Valeri Marsh

    Thank you for another wonderful vlog. Does anyone have tips on how to be as efficient as possible, without losing integrity, on the various journaling that BLE entails? I’ve got my food log where I commit food, gratitude entries throughout the day, nightly checklists, and now I would like to do a 5-year journal. They are all valuable, but it feels like too much.

    How can I combine all of these efficiently and effectively?

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  7. Smita

    Season’s greetings to you and all your loved ones.
    Listening to you is as comforting as a cup of hot tea on a rainy Monday morning 🙂
    I keep journaling but it was usually to vent out my feelings or to put my goals on paper. I found that the entries served as a memory keeper for me . The next five years are going to be eventful and I want to remember all as years go by……so, here is my new year resolution of starting a daily diary !!!

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  8. Linda

    Susan, I have been struggling with food since a child. My dad used to tell me that I lived to not eat to live. I know your solution is the answer but I have a hard time. I think the journal would be amazing. I really admire you and get a lot of comfort and motivation from you. I really enjoy your blog. Can’t afford the boot camp right now but hope soon I can. Thank you for caring. Linda

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  9. Stefi

    Thanks Susan, although I love writing I find myself hmmm… Shall we call it… LAZY? Haha
    I too find myself not writing routinely a journal, rather in my head which can be selective memory but I believe 90% is laziness. Other than washing my face & brushing my teeth before bed, I do little else BUT you’ve exuded such joy on journaling I think I’ll try harder!!

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  10. Katherine

    However one remembers their past or maybe you don’t want to remember but whatever, Susan is just soooo awesome and I respect every idea she tells us.
    An admiration that is worth blogging!
    Susan may you continue to be successful in all your five year jounals and may you keep your positive attituded on life!

    Thank you for all of your effort,

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  11. Lisa

    Carolyn, I am exactly like that as well. It has always been a struggle for me to write in a journal. I’m not sure why, but it does not give me pleasure. I wish I could get over it because I would actually love to look back over the five years, but I just can’t seem to write it down.

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  12. Carolyn

    I have never enjoyed journaling. For me, it is difficult to put my thoughts on paper. I process things more internally and it doesn’t bring me joy to try to write in a journal. Is anyone else like this?

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    Dear Susan

    How can we save your vlogs. please advise

    Happy Holidays


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    1. Dan

      There is an archive of the vlogs in the upper right of the page. Click on the month and you’ll see them listed by date and subject.

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  14. Sarah


    Are you able to tell me how you use your scales? How do you know how much to measure of what?

    Thank you,

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  15. Judy Rosenfeld

    I also used to write in a journal every night…one of my journals was also for 5 years…..wonderful memories to look back on?
    So respect your opinion and clear viewpoint on bright line eating.
    I was also a 40 a day smoker….could only give it up after many failed attempts….by using the bright line technique…….but I didn’t have a name for it….I just new I could never have another cigarette ever.
    Thankyou for explaining why sugar and flour can be eliminated and still eat healthy food…I was anorexic when I was 13…I am now 57 years old and comfortable in my body for the first time
    Sincerest thanks xo?????

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    1. Stefi

      Very nice & inspiring Judy Rosenfeld!!!
      Congrats on finding your way!!! ????

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      1. Judy

        Thankyou for your kind response Stefi xo

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  16. Lisa


    Thanks for this. I found it very helpful and inspirational, and just ordered a five year diary.

    I’m on your list but not a part of the boot camp, as I have been eating in a similar fashion for years, but like your approach and am a student (amateur) of cognitive science myself.

    Within the past year, I have had tremendous shifts and healing and look forward to recording all the changes in the coming years. Even the thought of a five year diary would have seemed difficult, if not hopeless, a couple of years ago. I was too sick, in pain, depressed, and occasionally suicidal for it to seem like a worthwhile or doable thing. As I have gotten better, stronger, healthier, and happier, I have been journaling and writing quite a bit. But this just shifts it into a whole new gear of thinking about, planning, and looking forward to the next five years.

    So thank you for providing a way to really see the shifts that have already happened, and to think about and record what’s coming next.

    A deep bow of gratitude to you — Lisa

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  17. Pat Mesenchuk

    I can’t find a five year diary anywhere . It would be awesome if you could produce one for Bright Line Eating!

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    1. Jean

      I found the 5 year journal on

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      1. Pat

        Oh? When I checked they said they were out of stock and didn’t know when or if they would have it again?

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        1. Sheryl

          I just ordered and received it from Amazon as well. Additionally I bought a 5-year Gratitude Journal at the same time.

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