43,000 Pounds

2015 has been such a wild ride! Watch the final vlog of the year to hear me sum it all up!


  1. Marie McGrath

    I would like to sign up for the Jan 1 Bright Lines Eating Bootcamp. How do I do that?

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  2. Shirley j

    You’ve helped me to radically change my life. I have shed 8 pounds and gained a wealth of information about me and my relationship w/food and others. Without your wisdom, I would most likely still be in the dark – groping and hoping for yet another diet or surefire plan. Thanks for caring enough to share. I pray blessings for you and your family and continued success in all things. Lots of love and a very Happy New Year to you and BLEaters every where.

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  3. Barb

    Hi, Susan! I’m twelve pounds of that 43,000! But I lost an incalculable amount of suffering around the issue of food, too. That’s the real gift here.

    And this message–the one about how do we want to show up in the world –came on a day when I was really struggling. Thanks for reminding me of why I’m doing this. Thanks for reminding me that this is all so much more than food and weight –that it’s about showing up in the world in the way I was meant to be. It’s about fulfilling my destiny and reaching my potential.

    So much love to you. 2016 is going to be the best year yet and I hope that all of your dreams are fulfilled in the best and biggest way possible.


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  4. Marian

    Dear Susan, Are you ging to repeat today’s webinar, which will start three hours from now, when we Europeans will be soundly asleep (I hope). Your webinar is airing at two o’clock in the night, what a pity.
    I hope, though, that it will be very successful (which I don’t doubt) and I wish you all the best in 2016. Go further spreading the word, we are eagerly waiting for additional info. You are very inspiring! Marian

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  5. Stefi

    Happy 2016 to you Susan & the Bright Line Eating world!!!

    I LOVE your work & guidance & am grateful for your vlogs that I receive 😉

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  6. Catriona

    Hi Susan, although I can’t afford to join your boot camp, you have inspired me so, so much. I’m committed to bright line eating, and as I have a grandchild arriving in June 2016, I am committed to being my best self in order to play with and enjoy my grandchild, without huffing and puffing my way through life. I’m committed to losing 50 pounds, and with you’re continued vlogs I’m confident I’ll meet my goals. My challenge is in figuring out how much, vegetable, meat and fruit I should be measuring for my three meals, but I suppose you can’t give that info away. I’m waiting with bated breath for you to release your book. I’m sure it will sell millions of copies, just in North America alone. Thank you again for your inspiring words. May you and your family have a happy and healthy new year

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    1. Sandra

      In the webinar, Susan mentioned using the Food Addicts Anonymous food plan as an example of an eating plan. You can find one on their website.

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  7. Mary

    I’m excited to have a happy, thin and free 2016. I’ve signed up for your bootcamp and I’m ready and so very willing. Thank you for all you do!

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  8. janice schultz

    Hi Susan,
    I think YOU are AMAZING and what you are doing for people struggling with food is AMAZING!!!
    FINALLY a program that makes complete sense for someone like me who is a sugar binger and often feels out of control.I started your program three days ago and plan on doing this without the help of your bootcamp as financially im unable to .
    Susan is there an online community for those of us doing it on our own who could benefit from the support of others???
    Thank you so much and I plan on spreading the word about you and BLE.

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    1. Peter v


      Shoot an e-mail to support@brightlineeating.com to learn more about online community support for folks like yourself.

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  9. Pat

    So happy to wake up this morning and get out of bed with a skip in my step. BLE is a gift. In 2016 I want to show up for myself, husband,, grand daughter, and whomever else comes into my life, and be all I can be authentically and in a life-giving way.

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  10. Laurie

    I am not doing a boot camp, but I expect to have a Bright Line Eating transformation early 2016! I am a follower of Jesus, and self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. The rebellious side of me often wants to overeat, usually sugar and flour, and I go ahead and do it, hurting myself. When God says “don’t” , he intends “don’t hurt yourself”. Putting up that bright line will help me war against my “enemy within”.
    God has given you a gift, Susan. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

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  11. Ewa Weber

    Thank you for the powerful message. I just wanted to note that the benefit of BLE is there not only for us (the humans), but also for the entire planet. So not only will there be grandmas and grandpas around to see their grandchildren get married, but with the change of food we put into our mouths, there will also be far less burden on our beautiful Earth (less pollution, less inhumane practices, less medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies, etc.). So every one of the 43,000 pounds is worth its weigh in gold!

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    1. Mariah Ajji

      I agree completely, Ewa. My vision is also world-embracing. This movement that is global has ramifications not just to the individual, but also to the families and communities, and then when we bring our clarity, honesty, and integrity into the institutions where we work and serve, all levels of human interactions can benefit, as does precious planet Earth as you point out. It is no small matter to underscore one’s life with such fundamental health and awareness, building unity as we go.
      Huge love and very best personal new year ever to us all!

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      1. Ewa Weber

        Thank you, Marijah! Love and peace to everyone out there

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