2015 Goal Weight Gallery

It’s the first edition of the Bright Line Eating™ Goal Weight Gallery. 2016 is upon us, and with a fresh, shiny new year ahead, it’s worth reflecting on how far you can get in a year, when you have the right roadmap to follow. This will be the first of many, but since it’s the first, it’s pretty special. Get ready for before and after pictures at their very finest.


  1. robyn julian

    I find myself nodding in agreement to many of the 2015 success stories. My question, ” its August 2017, are these people still maintaining their weight loss? Are they still free from the food addiction?
    Thank you for your time,

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  2. Kevin Saldanha

    Thanks for sharing. Gives me hope (Nat’s story) as I too am a plantArian!

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  3. Susan

    I cried watching this…..no more putting off beginning, as of this moment I’m doing Bright Line Eating!

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    This is FANTASTIC…. This just gives me a reason to keep going. I am a BLE member, session #2 I am still 55lbs down and maintaining

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  5. Valerie Conger

    Wow! That is so motivating! Congrats to everyone! And thank you Susan for putting this whole program together and saving & changing so many lives! ?

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  6. GINA

    How do you get started with this

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  7. Lynn B

    I am intrigued by this system and the positive energy that I can hear and feel from Susan and other members of the community. I am wanting more information about the program, boot camp and the community. How can I get my hands on this? No new information is accessible on the website. I understand no flour and sugar, but I am wondering about the details of which types of sugar….for instance Erythritol and Xylitol are new comers to the market and I don’t know if those are permitted. Additionally, I enjoy a pastas made from legumes and beans, do those items come of the menu? Is there a calorie specific amount of food people on the program are eating? I just need more help to understand.

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    1. Bonnie

      Hi Lynn, I emailed the support team and was able to join the Facebook community where you can find all the information about BLE. I do want to do the bootcamp, but its not available all the time. If you join, it is around $20/month, you could ask all those questions and get answers there. 🙂

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  8. Marina

    Seriously this is my motivation video. I need the visual to keep me motivated so thank you for sharing!

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  9. Jane

    When is your next boot camp?

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  10. Gina

    Why do we need to be worried about how much somebody makes by giving such precious info that saves who knows how many thousands lives? I found this website.I sign up to get emails.First time in my life got Free Free advice . BLE help me to lower my blood sugar and weight from 321 to 241.Lower my stress level and blood pressure and etc.My health insurance yearly cost is $5.500 +$ medication+$+$+$=health care.My doctors said I will end soon and add more pills without knowing of the side effects and me as a patient will tolerate or will die

    Dear Susan you are my life saver …
    Thank you
    Thank you
    And anybody who doesn’t like can go bottom of the page and unsubscribe .What will happened 2 years later??? I will be alive.Negative sometimes helps to see the Bright Line
    Today we celebrate Christmas and is 1:39 am and I want to Thank you Susan Pierce Thompson

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    1. Stillvoice

      Okay, thanks for the tip, I will be sure to unsubscribe. Susan’s material can be found in other places for free, and I already lost 85 pounds without her help, which I have kept off for two years, so trust me, I will not miss these video programs.

      But, before I go, I have to make a few comments.

      The cost of Susan’s program is prohibitive for most people who have eating disorders. People who have eating disorders usually have multiple addictions. I have no problem personally with the cost of the program because I am a highly paid professional, nor do I have any issues with Susan’s prescriptions for weight loss. I personally would not mind paying anyone $997 if it had lasting value.

      The scientific (evidence based) fact is that of all the people who lose their weight are 98% likely to gain that weight back within two years. Does this program have any statistics that make the guarantee that once you lose your excess weight it will stay off? If this program can honestly make that claim it is worth a lot more than $997, but it cannot, and should not.

      What disturbs me about this, and other weight loss programs, is that there is very little emphasis or acknowledgement about the external factors that contribute to excessive weight gain, the overwhelming bias against fat people, the cultural mandate that one must be thin in order to be acceptable, indeed healthy, when health is a relative thing and weight loss (and our addictions) should be a personal matters – private decisions that an individual makes – not a subject for relentless judgment and public comment. The fact that what I eat is just as controversial as whether or not I had an abortion (yes, it’s that controversial, especially if you regard social media) is a real problem. I mean when women are dieting when they are in dying hospice, or gold medal boxers like Ronda Rousey are considered “fat” – this is proof enough for me that our problem isn’t obesity, but our responses to it.

      And why is wrong to be skeptical and critical of this program? I think my claims are valid arguments, based on sound philosophical reasoning and a lot of personal experience, not to mention medical training and experience (I am an R.N. and medical educator).

      I’m sorry for being so preachy, and I don’t want to discourage anyone on their personal journey toward health and wellness. However, I am on a mission to expose fat bias wherever I see it, and call it what it is.

      Thanks for commenting and the tip.

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  11. Stillvoice

    Congratulations to all winners at the weight loss game. Good for you! Now, like the liberty that Benjamin Franklin talked about centuries ago, let’s see if the winners can keep it off. And of the thousands of people who have signed up for this $1,000(US) workshop, how many percentage wize are that successful in keeping the weight off for 2 or more years? Does the Brightline eating (which is like a rip off of OA IMHO, but with fancier terminology) have any statistics to show (or, perhaps it is too early to tell) a higher percentage of people keeping their weight off after the two year mark? How long will they be able to keep the weight off? Humm?

    While I think Dr. Pierce is correct and makes a lot of sense and sure, I concur with her word. As a trained medical professional, I completely understand the psychology and physiology of weight gain, and I fundamentally agree that the SAD is really killing all of us. And further, I don’t believe in the healthy at any size bull either. I am all for anyone making an honest attempt to get fit and lean, but lean for me is not a size 6 sorry. Honestly, we can all do better jobs with taking care of our bodies, and if we did we would not have the obesity epidemic to deal with.

    And yet, and yet I find myself really angry and frustrated by these vlog posts – in fact this whole program – and I really wish they would stop coming to my inbox. I might block them if they don’t stop coming and soon.

    So what bothers me? Well for starters the fat phobic comments, the size obsession, and the fact that most of these folks are affluent and (relatively speaking in terms of the obesity epidemic) not that fat…fat…but not that fat. What bothers me is that the entire ethos of this website, this vlog, is that you can only be happy and free if you are thin and eat kale (or avoid wheat and sugar) all the time. It’s the patronizing tone that really bothers me. I know a lot of people who are fat and it’s not the fat that is making them unhappy but the oppression of fat people that is making them unhappy. I would bet any money that the less we shame fat people in this culture, the obesity epidemic will be stemmed. I also believe that our moral panic about fat people (as Dr. Paul Campos points out in his book called the The Obesity Epidemic) is a reflection, perhaps transference would be a better word, that we cannot control the absolute facts of globalized violence, climate change, and economic and life is vastly uncertain for a majority of the world’s human population onto people who are fat. Would we have less of a so-called obesity epidemic if we paid more people a decent living wage, allowed women to take paid medical leave after their pregnancies, and a mandated 35 hour work week for most workers (a reality in most European countries)? I believe we would. Take France for example.

    What bothers me about this vlog, is the whole idea that in order to be happy you must be thin and fit into some cultural ideal that people with power and affluence have determined, when in truth, happiness is an inside job. Happy people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, whether or not they are healthy is besides the point. There are a lot of happy people who are dying of cancer, and unhappy people in a state of excellent health. And, yeah, there are a lot of unhappy thin people out there just in case you were wondering. It’s all relative. Hellen Gurley Brown (who was wafer thin, by the way, and lived into her 90s) said in her book Sex and the Single Girl, that life can be hell whether your are married or single. It is what you make of life, how you interpret your experience that determines whether or not you are, can become, happy. Thin or fat, hell is still hell.

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  12. Diane

    Wonderful work by the 16 people who presented to us. Susan thank you for taking the time to bring this to us. You are #1. Hope House Diane and Bright Lifer.

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  13. Marcia

    Need more information.

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  14. Rose Martinez

    I checked the price of the boot camp and I cannot afford $997.00!

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  15. Rose Martinez

    I have checked the price of the boot camp I cannot afford $997.00 so I guess I can’t
    do this program!

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    1. Joycie

      Susan has a book coming out this year to explain it all!

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  16. Dolores

    Thank you Susan and all the people that sent in their before and after pictures and stories. You have inspired me to keep going and am looking forward to seeing my before and after pictures up the gallery in the near future.

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  17. Joanne

    That last lady showings off her arm muscles is pretty amazing!
    Id very very much like to know how that can happen without working out. Whats the food science behind muscle definition-one that doesnt include powders, whey or disgusting amounts of protein and fat.
    Thanks again and- just like with my previous commment- i will take no for an answer.
    Happy new year guys, lets make this one our best yet!

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  18. Joanne

    Great vlog, as always!
    I am really curious about what you eat. As a vegan i can see there is some correlation to what we eat- lots of green and colorful stuff etc, but i keep wonderig… how HUGE is your daily salad? Is it one or multiple salads a day? Is there a limit on fruit?
    I realise this may be a bold request on my part, as i am a non-bootcamper. But im glad i asked anyway 😀
    You are all great.thanks for pumping up my inspiration tank every week. :*

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    1. sarah

      4oz protein, 6oz cooked veg, 6oz salad, 1 tbsp fat.

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  19. Patricia

    Very hopeful and helpful.
    I would like for you to include each individual’s height. It would help me visualize- 200 pounds at five foot is very different than 200 pounds at 6 foot.
    Thank you.

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  20. Kimberly Young

    This was an amazing video and I thank you and all who participated in bring their experience to me. A Big Thank You and well done!

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  21. Pam

    WONDERFUL! This video was just the kick in the pants that I needed. I was starting to get sloppy with my BLE, but I’m back to writing down my food and no more snacking.

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  22. Rory

    This was a genius idea….what better way to demonstrate the beauty of BLE than to show the personal transformations it has made possible? I cried during the first two introductory videos (out of the four that were available prior to the October Bootcamp) because the truth you spoke about touched my soul so deeply…..and I cried during this video to see that truth realized by these beautiful people and the obvious joy their transformations have brought into their lives. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far and have a long way to go yet, but seeing this has inspired me greatly and rekindled my excitement and hope, that I too can make it all the way to goal weight and stay there, a happier and healthier person. Thank you!

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  23. Barbara

    I have been following BLE on my own by watching Susan’s weekly vlogs because I can’t afford the Boot Camp. I started in July 2015 and have lost 47lbs so far. I feel more energy than I’ve felt in a long time. BLE is fantastic!!

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  24. Teri M

    I was introduced to BLE back in August 2015 – I have been following Susan’s principles since September 1st and have lost 20 lbs!! It is so freeing to not have to worry about my food, getting it out of my life as the driver of my actions, and having it move more and move into a routine as mindless as brushing my teeth. My starting weight on September 1 was 242, I just weighed myself when I got up this morning and it is 222 – all thanks to BLE. My original goal weight was 145 – the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life; I am 5’2″, and that is the highest end of the charts for my height – I never thought I could get to the lower range, 119. I saw my dr last week and told her I have now reset my goal weight to 125, and I KNOW I can reach it now, with the BLE guidelines. Thank you Susan for your life transforming message – I send it out to all I know who struggle with food, not just weight. Happy New Year to you and all your crew!! :):)

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  25. Jeannie Greutert

    How wonderful !!!! These people are so beautiful, inside & out !!!!
    I don’t know them all but the majority have been so helpful to me personally.
    Thank you Lynn Coulston for showing me the way to BLE. There is no way that I can ever show you all of the gratitude that I feel for that huge act of kindness when I was struggling so desparately!!
    Thank you Peter & Linden & Susan Mast & Lynn (of course) for always offering an encouraging word when I was at my lowest point! I have learned so much from the gift of your knowledge & kind hearts.
    Love, love, love to you all ❤❤❤❤

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  26. jeanne

    a brilliant idea to start the new year! so very pleased for everyone in this gallery…such inspiring role models!

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  27. Toos Kossen

    Oh, still more of these courageous photo’s, I remember when I took my before photo’s, I was horrified it took me until Susan asked for after and before photo’s that I dared to look at them again. Now I have to ask my daughter to take me a nice after photo, but I wait two pounds more the last two before goal-reach. Dear ladies and gentlemen I bow deep for you!

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  28. Carole Abrahams

    The video wouldn’t play but the comments were inspiring. Thank you.

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  29. Jan Deutsch

    Dear Susan Peirce Thompson – this gallery was a wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing more successes posted after each Bootcamp. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful program. Love you so much. Jan

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  30. Sheryl Garrett

    Absolutely fabulous transformations and so inspirational! I hope to be part of this gallery during this next year.

    Thank you Susan Peirce Thompson for BLE and for your loving heart and countenance as you guide us through ending our food addiction to come out on the other side.

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  31. Sarah Arends

    Thank you for sharing! This is incredibly inspiring! Congrats to all, how exciting!

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  32. Stefi

    What a great inspiring start to 2016!!!
    Love ya Susan!! ???

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  33. Loretta Johnson

    look forward to learning about this

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  34. Cathyann Martin

    It is wonderful to see the results after all the efforts they invested.

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  35. Mary Creque

    Great way to ring in the new year! Thank you so much, Susan. I WILL be in the 2016 gallery…watch for me!

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  36. Eric Schantz

    YES!!!! And, this is just the beginning, I love you, Susan!! Happy, Thin, and Free 🙂

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  37. Pat Elst

    This is so inspiring. It makes me have hope for the first time in decades. Thank you for sharing.


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  38. LMaureenH

    Thank you, Susan and each of the 16 in the Goal-Weight Gallery. Thank you for sharing your story & for giving me these visuals of what is possible if I keep on keeping my Bright Lines! I’ve never been smaller than size 14 as an adult. Now at sz. 24, it’s hard to imagine what it will feel like or look like to get back there and beyond. These pictures help me dream & believe. I needed this at the start of the New Year to imagine where I might be in 365 days.

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    1. Jan Deutsch

      Hi LMaureen,

      If I can do it so can you – BLE is a wonderful program that will change your life. I wore size 30 pants and 4X tops – lost most of my weight with a great physician who recommended no sugar and no white flour. Then when I was maintaining @ 188.5 I was starting to slip into old habits and joined Bright Line Eating Bootcamp last February . I now wear a size 6-8 and weigh 141 pounds. I’ve never been healthier. Dreams do come true.

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  39. Emily MT

    My congratulations to all of these beautiful people who so inspire the rest of us!

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  40. Nancy Allingham

    This was an amazing video – so inspiring and encouraging. Congratulations to all of the 16 people who took part. Totally mind-blowing. I started with the October 2015 bootcamp and was doing really well and then let my addiction take over again. Today I commit to starting again at Day 1 and becoming Happy, Thin and Free. You are all showing the rest of us that it really can be done. Thank you all again and Happy New Year. Susan, you are my hero!!

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    1. Jan Deutsch

      Nancy – you can do it – Just re-zoom – no guilt no shame – You will be UNSTOPPABLE

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    2. Joycie

      Nancy, I also was in the October Bootcamp, was doing great, and then the wheels came off for me. I am re-listening to all the modules, re-zooming, re-booting, and getting back my mojo for BLE. We cannot go back ever, now that we know what we know, because we are unstoppable! Best wishes to you on your continued journey…we can do this!

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  41. Lisa

    Wonderful post Susan with stories and transformations that are made so much better by the fact that it’s not just about pounds lost but the way people’s lives are enriched in so many ways.

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  42. Karen Coghlan

    I wonder how many calories they are eating…

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    1. Lynda Hahn

      We Eat lots, no problem with the amounts of food. I didn’t “suffer” at all. 🙂
      I don’t think any one of us looks sickly as you would on many other “diets”
      This is not a diet, it’s a wonderful freeing lifestyle.

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      1. Katie

        But do you count calories? I’m really curious. I personally eat almost like what Susan described but not same results.

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  43. Sheri K

    So, so inspiring! Thank you to all of the BLE’ers in the gallery for sharing your journey with us. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough and at goal weight to be added to a gallery too. 🙂

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  44. Ela

    Dear Susan, thank you so much for this wonderful gift. It was a real treat!
    You have always found a way to encourage us to keep going forward.
    I get stronger and inspired every time I listen to you.
    Your knowledge , wisdom, positive and loving energy are priceless.
    It is a true blessing knowing you,
    I LOVE YOU and I am tremendously grateful for being in my life!

    Have a Great Year 2016!!!!

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  45. Gigi

    I can’t stop saying WOW! Wow! WOW!
    Incredible! How inspiring.
    Thank you

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  46. Catriona

    Wow, what can be said, but amazing. In rewatching SUSANS webtalk re the badly behaving brain, she mentioned that if we can’t be part of a boot camp, that there is a way to join a support group of like minded individuals. I’m in Burlington Ontario, and would love to join a support group. I started today my bright line eating program and follow Susan every vlog she sends, and am hoping my daughter and husband will join me in my endeavour. I have a son who has always been thin, he sometimes forgets to eat, until his stomach is rumbling, and I’ve struggled with losing weight and the yo yo effect, up and down since my kids were born, 38 and 41 years ago. Now that Susan has unlocked the key to successful weight loss I’m so excited!
    Thank you Susan for your insight and inspiring words.

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    1. Lynn

      I see catriona you are starting your ble today are you just eliminating flour and sugar or is there a way we can get a guideline what to do I just can’t afford boot camp Thankyou. Lynn

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    2. Angel

      The program is Food Addicts in Recovery. It is free, but if you cannot find a program near you please reply to this.

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      1. Marguerite Barnard

        I would like a copy of food addicts in recovery.

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        1. jane

          I cannt afford boot camp can I get a copy of food addicts in recovery, please email to

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      2. Debora

        There is a website, foodaddictsrecovery.com (I think) there are phone meetings many times a day that you can access from anywhere in the world. I decided to join this week, after watching the Bright Line Eating videos, because it is not in my budget now to join the Boot Camp. I have been going to a phone meeting every day, started the food plan and get a lot of support from the 12 step program!

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      3. Jo

        I hope I can get the Food Addicts in Recovery plan. Please it to jolynn130@gmail.com.

        Thank you,

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      4. Jo

        I would love the Food Addicts in Recovery plan. Please send it to jolynn130@gmail.com
        Thanks so much.

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  47. Lori Lang

    Inspiring! Fabulous! Wonderful!
    What an amazing video, for lack of more powerful words!
    So much love and admiration to all BLE members; both early, current and in the future

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  48. Sue Barb


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  49. Lynda Hahn

    So very very proud to be with such a wonderful group of the BLE community. I have to take a deep breath now this January 1st 2016 and know that this is forever. I almost envy the “newbies” and almost newbies because they have so much now, right now to look forward to. It’s so much better than winning the lottery. Like that dream you concoct in your mind at night when you are lying there feeling fat and ugly, that if you had one wish, you’d wish you could wake up the next day Happy, Thin and Free. Well, you will and it is not a dream.
    Wishing everyone the same feeling that I now have.

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  50. Linda Myers

    Congratulations to everyone who has reached their goal weight with BLE!!! You are all amazing and totally awesome!!! I look forward to becoming a member of this Goal Weight Gallery in the future!

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    1. Sandy Smith

      So encouraging! I did the BLE bootcamp in October 2015. I lost 30 pounds which unearthed a HUGE benign tumor in my abdomen. I had surgery February 1, 2016 to remove the tumor which was benign and had grown from my left ovary. A complete hysterectomy was performed on me; The surgeon found that I had ovarian cancer in my right ovary- stage one, non aggressive. So I dodged a BIG bullet; had I not had the tumor to be removed I would still have the cancer inside of me. Today I am cancer free- YAY! But I have put on 16 pounds- my surgeon told me not to diet, because I had to heal. And I’ll tell you for the the first 2-1/2 weeks I was ravenous; my body needed food for energy, So I understood why the surgeon said what he had. But it’s August and I don’t feel good. I’m back to my old tricks. I caved in , I became overwhelmed with the trauma and physical stress incurred from my surgery; I thought I was “On top of things”, took care of myself, recuperated at home, had support from friends. THEN last week I was laid off from work. Be careful what you ask for, I wanted to have more time to pursue my lifelong wish of becoming a voice over artist, and now I have all the time I need now- LOL!!! I also joined Neurogym 10 weeks ago based on a blurb you had about John Assraf because the neuroscience aspect of BLE is what made me join BLE. I’m trying to make those new neuropathways stronger and now go back on BLE knowing how good it made me felt and how successful I was doing it. Those testimonies were so encouraging! I am a procrastinator because I get so overwhelmed and my mind is overloaded and not focused. I realized that I have to simply focus on getting my foods right on BLE, and use the affirmations of Neuroscience as a secondary means of support to reinforce my goal of loosing all of the unwanted, unecessary fat on my body. Feeling hopeful, but will feel more hopeful once I’m actually doing BLE. I am now purging my kitchen and will grocery shop after that.

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