How To Have A Bright Line Eating Thanksgiving

Check out my vlog this week to hear how you can navigate Thanksgiving while sticking to your Bright Lines!


  1. Stefi

    THANK YOU FOR A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO of Thanksgiving Well wishes Susan- you are GORGEOUS & your daughters & neice are GORGEOUS LITTLE LADIES?

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  2. Judith Duvall

    Susan and BLE Participants, I watched this video three days after Thanksgiving, and I think I might have already received this message via ESP. Why? Because that’s exactly how I approached the Thanksgiving family feast held at my home this year. I agreed (with minimal resistance this year) to let other family members bring dishes and I would only do the turkey, dressing, gravy, drinks and condiments. Usually, I do it all except veggie snack trays/dip. As I did the food prep and smelled those familiar aromas that go back as far as memory, I used the method taught me by a wonderful Shaman in NM: Every breath we breathe in is a blessing from The Creator, and every breath out is a Thank You. My gratitude list was long, of course, as is the list of most of us, and it gave me such a feeling of completion that ideas of food I’d miss seemed absolutely trivial. I managed to serve myself exactly what I would have eaten on a regular BLE lunch day, skip all the desserts and enjoy conversation with my precious family without anyone noticing my sparse portions or skipping of desserts. I realized they were all enjoying their own feast and visiting with one another. I will never be able to find the exact words to convey my deep gratitude for the “discovery” of something so obvious as taking really good care of myself and eating sensibly. Obviously, I needed the discipline and assistance offered by this program. The “scientist” part of me relishes the research/survey part of the program, knowing that the results will ultimately help many find the real Center of themselves and live a Happy, Thin, and Free life. Happy Holidays to all. A wise teacher once told me that if you say only one prayer, let it be “Thank You.”

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  3. Jenny van Saarloos

    OOOhhh Susan…..
    What a gorgeous video of you with 2 of your daughters & niece!!
    It is truly wonderful that you share so much of yourself & your beautiful family.
    You are so authentic & your message absolutely true.
    I will certainly concentrate on being of service when we celebrate our Christmas in the heat in Perth!
    So true, the importance of connecting with our friends & loved ones for whom we are so grateful.
    Am sure you had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by your loving family & the important people in your life!

    You are truly an inspirational teacher; I have been totally ‘caught’ by your enthusiasm, never-ending energy & integrity.
    You give 200% + more in every presentation, coaching call, video, blog, email, FB comment etc .
    You are such a gifted facilitator in sharing your knowledge, expertise & skills; you ensure all content is delivered clearly & expressively, so it is easily understood & you provide such a vast array of tools to ensure success!
    I am so grateful for you coming into my life & showing me a whole new way of living with BLE.
    I am already keen to share my new found Freedom with food with my sons & family & friends.
    I trusted your understanding of the whole process & was confident that I would become Thin;
    I have released 10lbs of body clutter in just 6wks, ( something I’ve never been able to do before!)
    I am thrilled with my success & so grateful for all your support, caring & love.
    I am on a new pathway of Happiness….
    Thank YOU Susan for being so generous & sharing your journey & YOUR Secrets to Success; enabling people around the World to share in being, Happy, Thin & Free!!!
    Sending you much love & many hugs Jenny xxx

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  4. Adam Luckey

    This is great. It really puts things into proper perspective. No longer are the holidays focused on food but relationships… That is way more valuable than stuffing our faces! haha. Thanks Susan for good advice and wisdom!

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  5. Debe

    Susan you are such an inspiration. I didn’t sign up for the boot camp but I get excited when I see a new vlog is out. Thank you! It’s especially wonderful to have you now with the holidays, just knowing you and the other BLErs are there is helping me. Your family is a beautiful as you are!
    🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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  6. Candace

    Thank you for your inspiration! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you give each week. So valuable and so appreciated. With gratitude, Candace

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  7. Lynn

    First, I want to thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving message and your wonderful family with us. It is somehow reassuring to know that you are REAL, and thus relate to what many of us are enduring, managing and loving with your BLE Program. For me, we have been invited to another family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. My Husband and I do not know them at all, but it is important to their daughter and our son that we be there, and so we will. I have thought today how I will handle this, and your suggestions about Gratitude and Service are just what my thoughts have been. I will help where I can, and get to know this family that means so much to my son, and know our day will be wonderful. I feel confident that I CAN DO IT, and I am thankful that you have given me the tools to do so. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. All the best! Lynn

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  8. Eric Schantz

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too, Susan!! 🙂 Hope to see you again soon.

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  9. Maddie Penko

    Hey Susan,

    What you said about how we confuse what brings us together totally resonated with me. It’s so true that we seem to hold food responsible for those feel-good moments and learn to associate food with joy or warmth or happiness. My friends and I like to get together over a few drinks and appetizers but I’m thinking we’d talk all the same if we went for a walk around our trails here in Ontario.

    Happy Thanks Giving Susan!
    and BTW your girls are absolutely precious!

    Maddie xo

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  10. carol

    Hey Susan, since I have seen your Bright Line eating I just dove right into it from September, I could not join the booth camp, but I am almost at my goal weight of 150 lbs I drop 30 lbs Thanks a million this Thanksgiving I am truly thankful.

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  11. Maureen Dagle

    Well your family is beautiful- Happy Thankgiving to you too. I just realized if I can just eat to stay alive and not associate great feelings, comfort and habits to food- I can do this. I was at a restraraunt with friends and the only thing that I found acceptable was a double order of steamed broccoli. Needless to say my friends where like you poor kid. I was like -are you kidding. I am so lucky because now it is not about the food it’s about hanging with you!!

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  12. Kathy

    Susan, am wishing you and your wonderful Family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    That goes for all of you in the US. We all have so much to be thankful for!

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  13. Joni

    Lovely little video. thanks. I, too, have much to be thankful for and I like to pass it on. Have a great day and a great life. Joni

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  14. Jennifer E

    Happy Thanksgiving Susan! Your girls are adorable! Loved this video and it is a great reminder about focusing on the people and connections during the holidays instead of the food. xoxo

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  15. Alexandra Ward

    I found what you said interesting however I don’t think that I could do it. I have one big cup of tea in the morning with 3 brown sugar lumps. When I’ve tried it without the sugar lumps my tongue swells and I feel quite sick. Then I get a headache. I do not like chocolate or biscuits or cakes.i prefer vegetables And berry fruits. I have one cup of fresh coffee a day again with 3 sugar lumps. I drink a lot of water.i sleep well and I do have maple syrup in my porridge. I can manage without bread and potatoes and I do not eat pasta. I was always slim and have three grown up children . However I am now slightly overweight. I have had a hip replacement and partial knee replacement so physical exercise is limited due to pain for which I have had to take Morphine capsules morning and Eve. I should be grateful for your advice. Alexandra Ward.

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    1. Joseph

      Alexandra, I think it’s probably a great mistake to associate the absence of sugar with a swollen tongue. Did a physician tell you that? Regardless, “after this” does not mean “because of this”. Sugar is poison Alexandra.
      Joseph in Merida

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      1. jarka

        Alexandra – I think you have to cut down the sugar in your tea, bit by bit. Worked for me years ago. Used to have 2 spoons, cut down by a half spoon every 2 weeks or so, eventually to zero. Taste takes some time to adjust. Then, when I tried 2 spoons again, I spat it out. 😉

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      2. Stefi

        You give good advice Joseph – Hablas Español?

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  16. Shirley J.

    Susan, thanks for all that you do. Your BLE has totally changed my recovery. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you, your family and to all Bright Line eaters and supporters- every where.
    God bless.

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  17. Patricia Smith

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. As I Canadian I have already celebrated however I did make a plan earlier in the year with friends to join them for tomorrow. In fact, I immediately started scheming about how I would reward myself for being such a good BLE’er. Luckily the BookEnd process put a quick stop to that so I will be sharing my Bookend with all after tomorrow’s meal. Yes, there will be incredible food and I will concentrate on my BLE share and the rest of the energy on the friends. Thank you for helping me to walk through the world.

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    1. LisaR

      What is the Bookend process?

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  18. Lori Lang

    Lovely video! It truly touched my heart as well as sending a much needed message!
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on the BLE Team!
    Lori Johnson Lang

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  19. Sherry

    Hi Susan, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole Family!! I hope you have a blessed day, Thank you for giving me the very first BLE Thanksgiving. My family is completely on board for tomorrow. We had to make quite a few changes for our dinner this year. Looking forward to Happy,Healthy day.

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  20. Fleur

    A very warm and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your gorgeous girls and family, thank you for that very touching video.

    Your warmth and openness always amazes me Susan and what you have achieved bringing BLE to us all over the world is what I call SERVICE with the biggest smile. A huge thank you. Saying that, I am fearful of Christmas and all the festivities ahead, but you are a great teacher and hopefully this pupil won’t let herself and you down.
    With love and warmest wishes.

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  21. Rosa-Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

    Dear Susan:

    You sound terrific and very logical and intelligent! I appreciate your blogs. I am a 62 yr old obese woman who as well as being only 5ft 1in weigh 208pounds and suffer from a bad lower back, have psoriasis, and big Breasts (54G) and also have sleep apnea and chronic, swelling lower leg Lymphedema. I really need help with the lower leg lymphedema. Can you help me with some guidelines on how to help me get rid of my chronically swollen lower leg Lymphedema. Can you please share with your followers and readers (whether all the time or just now and then) some tips or ways to combat getting swollen legs and ankles. This is so hard for me.

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    1. Rosa-Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

      I am waiting for Dr.Pierce’s reply and any other replies from her readers that are approved by her first will be appreciated as well. Thank you so much!

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      1. Joseph

        Hi Rosa! Dr. Peirce is probably with family now and may have not read your question. I hope you know that Dr. Peirce isn’t a physician. She has a Ph.D. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences, a post doc in Psychology. She’s an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of Eating — the basis and guidepost for Bright Line Eating.
        Although your question should be addressed to a physician, there is ample evidence that getting your weight down, way down, should help with your leg problem. Bright Line Eating should help you get there. Another is to eliminate as much as you can inflammatory foods — dairy, flesh, and eggs — and eat lots of vegetables, legumes, grains and fruit — i.e., Plant Based Whole Foods.
        Joseph in Merida

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        1. Joni

          Yes, Joseph, I am not a medical doctor either but in 2009 I was even heavier than Shoshana and shorter. I dropped much of the weight (Still more to go and now it is harder, as I am on a plateau) but I am now gluten, soy, corn, sugar, MSG, dairy free vegetarian and so much better and do not have swelling legs and only ankles if I am on a long road trip and do not get out and walk often enough. the first thing is to drop much of that weight, not easy, I know, and eat NO refined foods or bad oils. Study out your diet and then stick to it. The sugar was the hardest to give up but over 4 years ago I finally beat that one too, and now I am not even interested in that poison and do not even feel hard done by. I am thankful for my many blessings. Joni Oh yes, I am now 84

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          1. Joseph

            84? Wow! That’s such a great success story Joni.
            Joseph in Merida

      2. Stefi

        Dear Rosa -Shoshana,
        I am also not a physician but I started in Oct a protocol like Joseph replied to you & am down 14 lbs thus far from 208 and also 5’2″ – . So much has to do with inflammation from often a seemingly silent reaction to foods. From experience I can tell you the skin problems you say you have – I had years ago & I learned it’s partly from leaky gut. Try having bone broth often, no gluten especially from wheat, and eat as much green leafy vegetables as you want. I even chop & add to a vegan protein shake. Susan is a great inspiration & im sure wishes you well as do I. Also I heard in another site the connection to problems in the lymphatic system as an imbalance (need) of potassium. Food sources always best to start & I’ve had 2 bilateral vein ligations for varicose veins & want another but in the mean time good quality compression pantyhose is very useful to aid circulation. BEST WISHES 🙂

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  22. Sharon

    Happy a Thanks Giving! It a wonderful Journey!

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  23. Nancy

    From Kailua, on the island of O’ahu, mahalo to you, Susan, and all the wonderful people of Heart House who have made this journey a powerful learning experience while on the road to happy, thin, and free. Being unfettered from the bonds of unhealthy food obsession has made me appreciate so much more in my life with a new found clarity and calmness. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  24. Birgit Peet-Bleys

    Thanksgiving is not in our Dutch culture as a special occasion but I want to give super great special THANKS to You Susan for giving me my life and my hope for a normal fit and usefull life back!
    I’m not Thin yet but very Happy and Free since the beginning of October when I heard you explain what to do. I did it, am dooing it and will stay on the “Bright light path”!
    Thank you Thank you!!!
    With love from Holland Happy Thanks giving!

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  25. Jayne

    Thank you, Susan. I have been dreading Thanksgiving because I know I have to decide whether I’m really serious about this as a new and permanent way of life or if this is just another “diet” to be toyed with. I want this to be permanent…and I am afraid. Yes, I’m afraid. Right now I’m telling myself this is just one exception to the holidays…just this one Thanksgiving I’m going to stay within the Bright Lines. And I’m praying, with all my heart I am strong enough, committed enough and courageous enough for just that one day. *sigh*

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    1. Kathy

      Jayne, you said it…its just one day! Hold on to that, be proud of all you have accomplished thus far and remember, it’s abut the people, our families and friends…not all about the food. All the best to you!!
      You CAN do it! You ARE strong enough, committed enough and courageous enough!!! What a golden opportunity for you to prove this to yourself 🙂

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  26. Elizabeth Schnugh

    To Susan and all my North American BLE friends!

    A Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I acknowledge that this time can be VERY challenging for some and I hold you in my heart. <3

    With a big ful moon warm hug from Greece!

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  27. Julia Carol

    Thanks to you, Susan, and to Bright Line Eating, I am going to have the Happiest Thanksgiving I have had as an adult! I am so grateful for this program… I’m down 43 pounds from June 5… and not missing sugar or flour one bit. Sending you and your family a big hug and lots of undying appreciation.

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