The Metric of Suffering

A few days ago, a woman who is currently 293 lbs. asked me if we could develop a special online support community for people who are coming from bigger numbers. She said she is frustrated listening to the challenges of people who have 10 or 15 pounds to lose.

In this week’s vlog, I address that concern because I think it’s a really good one.


  1. Diane

    Fascinating information and a real perspective applied. Thank you for all the information and adding your own experiences regarding perceived weight.

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  2. Nancy Forrest

    Susan: I loved this week’s Vlog. I have spoken about Bright Line Eating to so many people in my daily encounters, and the most important aspect of the new approach is how empowering it is. I appreciated your personalized message about the Susceptibility Index and the potential hurdles to overcome because I know, personality wise, if I know the challenge in advance I know I can overcome it. Thank you for your help so far.

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  3. bob

    Your Idea may be good but your marketing sucks.. I will wait for the book.

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  4. Judith

    I have been following your ideas to lose 10 lbs I can so relate to what you are saying I feel fat even though most people classify me as slim. I Struggle with occassional eating binges, I can have a packet of crisps in my larder for weeks and then one night for no reason I will eat the entire packet.

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  5. Helga

    Dear, you are beautiful with your expressive long fingers. I admire your reasoning and intelligence. Love, H

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  6. Trina

    Thanks for all the encouraging ideas on this vlog. Because of finances I wasn’t about to join the boot camp, and so for the time being, this vlog is very helpful and keeps me going each week. Just from what I learned in the videos has been a blessing in my life. It is empowering to know that I AM of worth, I DO have strength inside me. However, I can’t do this alone. The power of prayer, meditation and envisioning me being successful each day is important. God is my partner in this. I have began planning out my food each week and feeling grateful as I’m able to eat better foods that strengthen me and cleanse my body. Thanks to Susan’s message, I’ve now been educated to know what refined foods (flours and sugar) can do to my body. Because I have had willpower to say NO to other vices in my life that I know are harmful, of course, I now know I can say NO to certain foods and feel confident in doing so. I tell myself that it just isn’t worth it, or that food will make me sick!. I am loving feeling better! I have always ate healthy foods and exercised, but it was the amount I ate, and the breads (wheat/bran) that was not allowing me to lose weight. So grateful for someone forwarding me information about Bright Line Eating. It’s been an answer to prayer!

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  7. Stefi

    Can I give you a BIG HUG Susan?!?
    Another SUPER video with heart!!
    Love ya!

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  8. Eline

    Oh my goodness Susan, you are brilliant! This is the most insightful perspective on weight, body image and food relationship I have ever heard. Totally changed my thinking on the topic. Thanks!

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  9. Alexander McCarty

    I think what your missing in your suffering index is the lives of those who are affected by our eating habits: chickens, pigs, cows, fish and bees. I hope that you realize that only through a vegan lifestyle can we achieve healthy and happy bodies and peace of mind. If you don’t know about the benefits of veganism, please look them up, and I would love to see a video about it.
    Thank you.

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    1. Ailec

      Hi Alexander. I agree with you: from a medical (healt), environmental and ethical perspective vegan is the way to go. And I do believe that I in one of the videos hear Ms PirceThonson casually mention that she is in fact vegan. But the point here is that lots of people- maybe even most people- are struggling to eat even remotely healthily and they are suffering because of that. It’s not that we don’t all know we should eat more veggies. It’s that we can’t. And Susan’s unique insight is that it is because we rely on our easily depleted willpower to do so. She then devises a strategy to shift into a habit mode that will take the choice and decisions making out of every food encounter.

      This shift is far more important. Plenty of excellent doctors will tell you why and how to eat vegan (Dr Furhman and Dr Greger are two of my favorites). But they will not tell you HOW to actually make yourself do it. Susan does.

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  10. Carol

    Susan in Richmond, I was the very slender girl who dove headfirst into weight obsession at the first suggestion that I might somehow clinically be considered overweight. My reaction was so severe because I too grew up in a family of fat shamers and bigots. We had no real standing in society except being white, tall and thin, so by golly my family was going to get all the mileage out of our supposed inherent superior thinness we could. When I began to gain weight it was worse than if I had become a felon. All barrels of the family fat shaming were aimed at me. I know how painful it is when the people who are supposed to love you no matter what, are the ones inflicting the most pain and teaching you to hate yourself. It’s a new day! Best wishes!

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  11. Darlene Atkinson

    Susan, you look great, I be very grateful to look as 50% as great as you look.
    I am way over weight. Yet, I will confess, I am pretty comfortable with myself.
    Even if I am over weight, I find joy in walking about and just living. I was thin 50%
    of my life time. It just when I got 40 years of age is when the over weight happen to me.
    Susan, I grew up with veggies from a garden, then my mother died and I started eating refine and process
    foods in my 20’s Thank you for these videos, They are very encouraging. Darlene from Sacramento, CA.

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  12. Susan in Richmond

    This is another episode which hit the nail squarely on the head; thanks so very much! I took a lot away from the BLE videos and although I am perhaps not as high on the susceptibility index as some, it’s definitely there and I am very busy with food as I cook for others. I might not obsess, specifically, but the thoughts and considerations are very present. Wonderful day when I realized I would rather cook than eat, actually, and that I have probably tasted most everything in the world so I am not missing some seminal experience by foregoing foods! I have lost ~50 pounds over the past twenty years, in stages, and have kept it off. Am eating more vegetables, and more protein, and doing many of the ‘right’ things. Am now struggling with the business of treats and cheats, on which your videos shed strong light, and am trying to train myself to ask, ‘Just how much strychnine is allowable??’ when I want to break over. (Having an obese relative in the house who brings treats home despite our please not to, makes it more difficult.) But what really resonated with your statements about body dysmorphism was this: my parents taught it to me. I was always too large, too big, too round and ‘if only I were X pounds thinner.’ I was always criticized for genetics, over which I had no control. When I finally left home at 23 – a traumatic adventure – when I called home each week to check in, I was greeted, not with ‘how are you?’ but, literally, ‘What do you weigh?’ My parents are now deceased but of course their voices live here inside me. It’s a struggle, but I believe I shall prevail. I truly do appreciate your incisive comments because you are right: even though someone may look trim on the outside there’s a raging fat person looking back at her in the mirror. Absolutely top notch analysis of the misery metric! God bless you and keep you strong to do your work and take care of your family! Many thanks.

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  14. Racheal

    Thank you once again for sharing. May I plant a seed for future consideration (I know you have your hands full right now w/the new boot campers etc.)? For those of us with teenage children, esp. those soon going off to college or out into the world on their own, kids we have not taught what flour/sugar can do (because until I saw your video I honestly never thought of it like that)…could you possibly produce something geared for kids who will be making food decisions? I keep seeing that mental picture of a riverbank and keeping a dam strong so we do not let our brain activity revert to old bad habits. If we can reach kids before they have built such a deep riverbank in their eating behaviors…wow! I believe you are the kind of person who could attract and hold their interest. How great would that be if we could help our kids avoid making our mistakes, in spite of the heavily “cue oriented” environment they are surrounded by!

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  15. Smita Chaudhary

    Thank you… to have someone understand the anger, pain and loathing that we direct towards ourselves. The feeling that I am not good enough to deserve anything that is pure and noble. All this and more translates and dictates my relationship with food. I have to find the sense of purpose, worthiness and self love one more time. God bless you and your team.

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  16. Valerie Cannon

    I’m not in the bootcamp but have been really enjoying the vlogs. I am very athletic (swim, bike, run w/dog every day) and I am one of those w/food obsession that no one would guess about. I am 5’4″, consistently 125-135 and when I am on the high end of that I really suffer. Lots of guilt/shame, you’d never know it. So I am in one of the groups you’re talking about here, I’m pretty much OK w/my weight and I can basically physically do everything I love and want to do, I just really suffer in my head. Thanks for the great messages about this, really appreciate your energy in the world and I’ll continue to follow!! Blessings to you

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  17. Kelly Bigford

    By far my favorite— thank you so much for this!!!!! You’re an amazing, brilliant, and real person! Love you!!!!

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  18. Christine

    I have about 25 pounds to lose but nobody would guess that. I carry my 140 pound body well. Nobody would guess that I spend $30-$50 each binge I take, or that I exercise for two hours as hard as I can to burn off one cookie, or that I hide in my classroom at school so that no other teachers see that I’ve gained 8 pounds in 5 days, or that I dig brownies out of the trash that I desperately tried to get rid of the night before, or that I fast for days at a time before any event because I’m sure people can see that extra pudge in my face. It’s truly awful, exhausting, and unreal. People would never believe me if they knew. I don’t have hundreds to lose but have gained and lost thousands over the last twenty five years. This program is the only time I feel sane. I stick to it as much as I can, not perfect, but anything is better than the life I had.

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  19. michelle

    Do you have any thoughts on addressing this challenge:
    I am prescribed medical cbd cannabis tincture (non psycho-active type) to address ptsd manifested with ocd, gad etc. At night, it does (as with everyone) increase my appetite. Since this prescription, I have gained 20lbs. When I am not taking the cbd I tell myself all the strategies I will do when hungry after dinner. But when that time comes my arguments to myself NEVER win.
    I don’t know about going off of the cbd. First time in my life that I have 90% control of severe excessive flushing/blushing at work. And that is such relief for me and I don’t want to go back to that . Thank you for any input.

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  20. Sandy

    Love, love you and your way of delivering the message. Interestly your message is one that covers all and hits home with me as well. I too have thought when some BLEaters say they’ve reached their goal after a week; “really”? Now I understand you have made it clear. I’m low on the scale a 3, need to lose 50ish pounds. Strangely I feel like I’m 500lbs and that’s what see in the mirror when in reality I’m only 172 at 5′ 6″.
    Someday I would love to meet you, perhaps if your ever back in the San Francisco area speaking or whatever it will happen.
    Thank you, I feel your love and your words and joy fill me.

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  21. Teri M

    So, I can understand anyone having body/weight issues, no matter how much we have to lose, 10 or 100+. My question is to know WHEN you have reached your optimum body weight. The last time I was “thin” I weighed 145 lbs, 5′ 2′ and wore a size 6 with a 22 inch waist. Weight Watchers, which is what I was doing at the time told me I had to get to 120 lbs!! I was so discouraged and disheartened I quit and went on the last 26 year journey of gaining and losing weight.

    I am currently losing weight following your BLE, and have approxitmately 90 lbs to lose to get BACK to 145, but it is niggling in the background, is that the weight I should be shooting for?

    Thanks Susan, love love love your engergy, message and beautiful soul 🙂


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  22. Susan

    Susan, Thank you so much for providing insight into this complex topic!I am wondering if my experiences are unique? : I flip between THINKING that I am slim and then when I find I do not fit into my clothes or seeing photo of myself, only then realizing that I am carrying quite a lot of excess weight. Then I start loathing myself, flipping between the two modes of oh-what-the hell to oh-please-help-me and feeling I cannot do this on my own. I am disciplined in most other areas of my life but when it come to eating I do not want too many rules as I actually do not believe it is what I eat that causes my weight gain. Anybody else out there like this ? I do realize that until I can make that shift I probably will not exceed in being happy, thin and free 🙁
    I would love to attend a boot-camp in Cape Town.
    Sad, Fat and Not Happy – Susan.

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    1. Cassandra

      I am you, Oh yes! I think the same thing. The “What the Hell Effect” is so real. I vary in one aspect probably to most of the BLE people. I can eat lots of veggies and fruit. But I LOVE bread!!! And I can bake too. Well when I am hungry I drink beer. Not a lot and not all the time but at least I don’t have to bother to eat and fix food. Both- at times I can’t stand! One beer says “I’m not hungry any more- YEAH” Then It rolls down hill from there. I look in the mirror and say I don’t look bad but my clothes I just bought 3 months ago say something different.

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  23. Meg

    Awesome video, Susan! Thank you so much! So much to learn — together! So much encouragement and acceptance to offer, and so much healing to experience — together! Awe. Some.

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  24. Jayne

    thanks Susan, I think this is the core truth that sets us free and gives us compassion for others.

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  25. Kristen

    Thank you for sharing this!! I have always struggled with a 15-20 lb weight yo-yo. And it is the all-consuming, self-shaming, body dismorphic thing you are talking about. Friends have said to me, “You don’t REALLY get the struggle of weight loss though” — and my reponse has been, whether it’s 5 pounds or 100 pounds that you’re trying to lose, the struggle is REAL! Self hate is hard to live with no matter who you are. And Susan, your points just further drive this home. This is my tribe! Boot camp week 2, and I am on my way to happy, thin and free!! <3

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  26. Emily MT

    You’ve hit on a great insight, the invisibility of mental/emotional pain. Suffering often isn’t obvious.

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  27. Con

    Susan, I could feel your own anxiety over weight on this video. I so value your honesty and vulnerability. I am so thankful for having discovered you and BLE. I am sending all my love and prayers out to you!!!!!!
    God bless,

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  28. Linda

    I sometimes think that moving to Australia and the metric system has been my downfall I have reverse body dystrophia .if there is such a thing. I have felt that that I am a lot thinner than I am. When I stopped looking in mirror my self deception only grew, along with my weight.

    In my distant past I have obsessed about losing 20 pounds and now I am not obsessing, but working toward losing 100 pounds.
    The difference for me, and I imagine for a lot of us that are new BLE members who have a significant amount to lose, is that we could actually DIE if we don’t succeed. I have never tried to measure or compare any of our suffering. That seems absolutely irrelevant to me. But those of us who are morbidly obese do, in fact, have an additional factor to deal with…and you can’t put lipstick on that terrible and basic fear.

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  29. Linda

    I sometimes think that moving to Australua and the metric system has been my downfall I have reverse body dystrophin..if there is such a thing. I have felt that that I am a lot thinner than I am. When I stopped looking in mirror my self deception only grew, along with my weight.

    In my distant past I have obsessed about losing 20 pounds and now I am not obsessing, but working toward losing 100 pounds.
    The difference for me, and I imagine for a lot of us that are new BLE members who have a significant amount to lose, is that we could actually DIE if we don’t succeed. I have never tried to measure or compare any of our suffering. That seems absolutely irrelevant to me. But those of us who are morbidly obese do, in fact, have an additional factor to deal with…and you can’t put lipstick on that terrible and basic fear.

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  30. Happy Camper

    I am a 10 on the SS. I take Susan’s points, they are well made. Have you ever seen those pictures that come around on facebook, posters that have a jumble of letters, and what is the first word you see? It is supposed to be a reflection of what one is thinking about? Have you seen the Gary Larson Far Side cartoon – What we say to Dogs and What they hear? They hear “blah, blah, blah Ginger Blah, blah blah.” I only remember food based jokes! When I get onto the heart facebook site, currently all I first see and register is”…..bakery……cookies…..bagels….” those triggering words just jump into my face and consciousness; its a reflection of my food obsession; the other words in the sentence come into view later. It is bitter sweet (gosh another food reference – do you see what I mean? And now I am thinking of chocolate), so it is bitter sweet to read of people’s struggles and overcoming their addictions. Yes I get triggered, and yes I get daunted, and yes I get hopeful. I have to titrate my visits to facebook. It is kind of playing peek a boo. I figure I will eventually get to look at the facebook page more often and longer, as food is not going to go away, what has to change is my reaction to it and my triggers. I want to feel free and at ease. At the moment, I cannot view the facebook page long enough to look for official notices, so I hope they can get pinned at the top, that would help. For me, I hope to be able to scroll through facebook easily in a month.

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  31. Carol

    I was not able to join this bootcamp, but have incorporated some BLE principles into my food plan with which I am currently very successful. I can relate very well to weight becoming the sole score I kept to how fat I was. I was a stick thin child and even a very thin young adult. My relationship with food was good. I am 5’11” tall and weighed 117 lbs when I graduated from high school. In my late 20’s, I remember the day I went into a doctor’s office and I weighed 149 lbs. and was told for my height I was exactly mid-range normal for a female with a normal frame. But I have a very thin frame! OMG I was fat! My weight problem/obsession was born that day. I started trying to diet and we all know how that story ends. A decade later I truly was obese and had >50 lbs to lose. I’ve had to try to repair my relationship with food and fight my body dysmorphia. I moved to France about 2 years ago and this one little thing has helped me immensely. My scale weighs me in kgs. The seemingly huge number I was used to seeing on the scale was replaced with a much smaller one. It felt like I had instantly lost weight! Being the stereotypical American who can’t easily convert metrics in my head, somehow hearing that I only weigh 85 anything makes me feel victorious and proud. I convert it to lbs. and I see my “other” weight, but it’s too late. The weight in lbs. doesn’t make me feel fat. I’ve already won! I’m not obsessed with the scale anymore, my perceived weight is less and my shame is becoming something, as Susan said, I can rationally jujitsu my way around. I’d like another scale obsessed person to give kgs. a try. They’re the best! Good luck to everyone.

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  32. rabab

    absolutely amazing research and analytical statisitcs; love you susan,,,keep up the great work!

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  33. Birgit Peet-Bleys

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a jewel! Making this world possible for me to live in!

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  34. Genya

    Really great vlog with substantive information to chew on today. You really are a gift to this world, Susan, and are out there being totally transparent with your own history and challenges. Indeed, those are your motivations to have figured out as much as you have around this tremendously perplexing problem. I love the mental rigor that you bring to this as well. Good luck in keeping up with your 2,000 boot campers. People who are writing here: please understand that this woman must have her hands more than full just taking care, albeit with a staff, of her paying clients. I too couldn’t afford it this round, but I so appreciate being included on Susan’s weekly vlog.

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  35. JB

    So spot on as always! As someone who is slim, but stresses over a 5-pound gain and doesn’t like to show up to life over it, your words were near and dear to my heart. Hugs to the lady you referred to who is tired of all of those who don’t have the big numbers to lose. We do soooo support her and all of those like her. We cheer her on throughout her journey. Bless her.

    I request that when you publish your book, please also do an ebook in which YOU are the narrator!!! Nobody can relate all of these truths as you do. 🙂

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    1. Helen

      Brene Brown is the ‘shame’ researcher/writer/lecturer I have found to be most helpful. You can watch her TED talks or get her books, etc. Excellent resource.

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  36. Ronna Berezin

    Soooooooooo true and how perceptive of you to detail your research as well as add personal experiences that validate your thinking, I get it and agree with you , but I would go a stp furter and say that the OCD of it all extends to more than food. That shame is the backbone here may be the reason these problems are so hard to, not solve , but fix. In fact the issue of shame (humiliation,etc.) is larger than excessive or anorexic eating. Not meanining to go off topic, but i need you who is more articulate to create or build an area of study surrounding the very complex and disturbing issue of how shame affects both humans and pets. Again thanks for your genius bc it is so refreshing to know somebody out there not only cares , but thinks profoundly abot life……which is rare these days!!!

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    1. Helen

      See Brene Brown.

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  37. Deborah Summers

    Brilliant, as always!

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    1. Shanette

      Thank you for showing up and being willing to help others who are suffering. I get what you said about the overweight mindset, I have just over 40 pounds to lose and yet I would have believed the scale if it showed that I have 140 to lose, I don’t buy new clothes anymore because the size is just a higher number every time. So I wear old handed down clothes until they are much too tight or they tear. I tried to follow your advice from the bright line eating videos just to find myself eating and eating every “healthy sweet thing” in my home and still wanting fluffy, moist and sweet chocolate cake! I am living in South Africa and with the exchange rate being what it is, I really, honestly don’t have enough money to pay for the boot camp. Is there any other chance of my getting some help from you in my struggle. I tried but cannot go it alone, I am a Stay at Home mom and have no friends or family to find support from. My husband is happy eating junk the whole day and would not likely be of any assistance either. I don’t mean to burden you but I know that you are my only hope. If you would find it in your heart to assist me, I would just be eternally grateful to you. With hope.

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      1. Ilse

        Hi Shanette, I am also from South Africa. I know it is very expensive for us South Africans, but my husband and I are now on this venture since Monday 12th October and we both feel so much better and lighter already. I am so very grateful that my husband agreed to do it with me, and he is a confectioner/baker, what a challenge for him. We also save money every day on eating right, that is we are not spending on excess food. I am willing to help you in as much as I can, can you tell me which area you are from? Ilse

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  38. Lu

    The thoughtful intelligent content expressed here is beyond anything I have seen. Thank you for enlightening people on a subject that is awash with misinformation and lies. Dr Peirce your integrity, intelligence and intention to truly educate people shines. Thank you!

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  39. Linda

    Superb vlog Susan. As someone with over 100lbs to lose(again), I have occasionally felt the frustration you spoke of in today’s message; and entertained the thought of communicating the same to you or the support staff. Then I remembered something. If I walked into a 12-step program tonight, it wouldn’t be a hand-picked group. Same is true here.
    I also felt a bit isolated & put off in week #1 because some were suffering acutely over details I had worked through on my own in earlier phases of life. But this week the panic is mostly over and hope house feels much better!
    What I see myself soaking up is the reality that this is my new way of living in a world of edible products that were developed with no regard for my well being. It’s not like I didn’t know this before. I think I clung to the hope that there was some way I could still have that stuff and not overeat and watch my weight continue to climb. It’s sinking in that I CAN change my attitude about this & still be happy. And I CAN survive and thrive without cheese popcorn and chocolate peanut butter ice cream. ? I am amazed. Thank you so very much for your work and for making this possible.
    Linda Naughton

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    1. Kat

      Susan, thank you so much. Your genuine caring is a breath of fresh air. I am in the same place as Linda. I have over 100 pounds to lose , so I am learning to settle in for a long and winding journey on my Bright Line path. Yes, the realization is setting in that I can go through life without my chips and nutty bars, but am amazed as well that I can be happy and thin and free, and I can do it. Thank you for this vlog, which helped me understand some of those week#1 callers, who had only a few pounds to goal.

      This time is so easy for me. Maybe, because I finally realize I can do this. I very rarely have found support that really helped me, but, Susan, you are the real deal. Thank you, again!

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    2. Stephanie Molnar

      Thanks, Linda, for this: What I see myself soaking up is the reality that this is my new way of living in a world of edible products that were developed with no regard for my well being.

      That hit me hard. My fiance is always saying, ‘You’re not fighting yourself or your weight, you’re fighting THE MAN’ (his term for going up against systems that are corrupt and unfair). It helps me remember that it’s not my fault that this stuff is out there. And it’s not some kind of failing that I can’t “successfully consume” it. There’s absolutely no reason to (MAJOR Bright Line learning for me)! I can eat without eating (fill in the blank with favorite puffy cardboard food here).

      Thanks to Susan for the great vid, too!

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    3. Autumn

      Hi Linda, Kat, and Stephanie (and others): your shares were great. Thank you for your honesty. I also have a lot to lose, a lot. Sometimes I suffer from thinking I am smaller than I am, but face the horrible reality when I see a pic of myself or when my clothes don’t fit. Do any of you belong to Healing House? I’m interested in forming a group for those high on the Susceptibility Scale. We could also form our own group on Facebook. Good luck with everything and let me know what you think.
      Oh, and thanks Susan for realizing and experiencing that you can be at either end of the scale and feel just as down and out of control around food, regardless. I remember when I was thin that I would attend 12 Step programs but I felt less legitimacy to be there than the heave people all around me and felt they were resentful I was there, as well. Lesson learned!

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  40. Jane Peugh

    My problem is, if there is anything sweet in the house, I will eat it till it’s gone and want more. Even after gastric bypass and staying around 160lbs. It would get me when people called me a bigger girl. Now 13 yrs later I’m back to 250lb. I’m mortified. Nothing fits. I’m back in the fast stores. My shame is I’m immeasurable. I avoid friends and family, going outside, meeting new people. I have not worked in4 years because my self esteem is zero. My insurance company says they will not help me get a revision. I feel so helpless. My depression is so bad. Please help.

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    1. Barbie

      I’m so sorry reading your story I will think more about what to suggest but I know you are worth my email. Stay tune Barbie in Australia ?

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    2. Brynda

      I am so sorry for your pain. I understand. I have been there. I am on day 14 of Bright Line Eating. It really does work and really does help. I feel so much better. Can you give it a try? Set up your Bright Lines for Flour and Sugar. I had to include a bright line for Nuts as well, as I binge on them too. You are not alone. Hugs, Brynda

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    3. Beverly Alexander

      Jane, hang in there. I struggled with weight for many years.

      One thing you might add to the BLE tools is a book called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, by Caldwell Esselstyn. In the second half of the book is a bunch of easy, no-nonsense, delicious recipes, which enabled me to lose 40 lbs – and I have not fallen off that diet.

      The next phase for me was BLE, because I was still eating between meals, which is the biggest challenge for me…and still is! It is great to read all the comments and watch the videos, etc., because they help me to get back on my horse after I have fallen off. Take advantage of this wonderful community and extremely useful information.

      My current mantra is this:
      • Do I want to me this habit stronger?
      It helps me when I am tempted to eat “off-plan.” Every time we decide to eat or not eat, or what to eat, we are making a habit (good or bad) stronger.

      Although there were many animal products that I could not resist, once I became convinced that giving them up would be good for me, and once I got in the habit of eating that way, I ceased to be seriously tempted. I can now pass up greasy Italian food and deserts!!! So I do know that once I have a good habit, things become a lot easier – so I keep myself encouraged to give up the snacks, and I know that some day it will be automatic! Keep getting on your horse and making those good habits stick. Best wishes to you.

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  41. Jeanne Buckingham

    Can you please show us a picture of you when you were heavy? Thanks!!!

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    1. Emily MT

      Check out Susan’s website for before and now pictures.

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  42. Jane Peugh

    I’ve been struggling with my weight most of my life. I had gastric bypass …15 years ago. I have regained100 lbs in the past two years. My life just feel apart. After everything I have done has not helped. I need to repair my internal .

    Thank you for your web site

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    1. Margaret

      Thank you

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